Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on November 5, 1941 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 5, 1941
Page 3
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I Wednesday, November 5, 1941 STERLING DAILY GAZ.ETTE, STERLING. ILLINOIS Boy Pleads Guilty •to Robbery; Erie Man One of Victims Youth Caught in New Mexico When He Tries To Sell Diamond Ring <*d !<W per rent r«£«. for perfect «»*t*i: Maxtrte Allen, Jean Alien. •Joann*' Morw, Dnrothv Near. Dors»:d Phnntr and ,Timmy Kin jRalzesberger Books | All in Public Library; Display III. Authors v Anna Ra!7^«h»rRPT are tired In n di c play In the room of the StPrllnR H- Mont.. arre.Med a* A'.H-ITITTK. N* M . when HP tr.^d m c "" a diamond ring belonsine 'o Char>.« M'ie.«.*e nf Erie, pleaded K'!H >r '" th» cir":: 1 ctrart at Oalen« Ti^da-.- to rharg- «* of armed robber.- wr:i a ,-inncT- win weapon in ronnp'-'ion with an awauit Sent. 2*. The robbery nrr-jrreri mRi F«M Dubuqtie, when w:th 3 mm!>air. r >n he held up John C. Wr.;'niore. wife and <*>n. of l^rv^'^. Wi* . and Charlea Mue.w of F>ir. tnofc thp Whttmore n»r. $100 m ca^h and a tun polo coat bf'onginR to thp younger Wrtltmore. Muewse concealed B diamond ring _v behind the rear *eat raOiion. When "Robertson trlpd to sell the ring, appraised at 11,250. for W in Albuquerque, he wn* captured. JTi* comp«n- ton mudc a getaway. Robertson »-M returned to Galena, wa* indicted Monday, and Tuesday came Into f court and pleaded siiilty. Judsse George C. Dixon, who i* presiding at Oalena. will pronounce sentence thin afternoon. State'* Attornpy Donald M. Eaton alleged that Robertson and his companion broke out of thr guard house at Camp McCoy, Sparta. Wl.v. Sept. n. atde m station wagon, ran out of garollne near Ea.«it Dubuque. 111., •nd were picked up 07 Whitmore. hi* wife, hl« »on. and Chnrle* Muwwe. The prosecutor charged that Robertson and hi* companion robbed their benefactors near East Dubuque. Report of Como School For Hit Second Month The follo'wlnir pupils at Como had perfect attendance for October: Joanne Monc, Dorothy Near, Je«n Alltn, OportP Diwengpr, Dmrren HouH. Donald. ShonU. Mnrlene e, Jimmy Kindle, Paul How*. Menald J4y*ra. Donna Myer*. Doug- lM Rouw. Maxlne Allen, Betty Hoffman and Albert Hunter. Tht cl«M with the hlghent per- ewttet* of attendance wm* the aee- oad grude. In the bi-monthly ex- I •miiwtionc two puplli made aver- rt to and abovt. They were Hou«e and Donald Stutzke. i« an eminent rnildrpn'"; author And •iv'ov wn« thr s junker Vvforr «PV- '•Tn'i eirnip 1 - of jieop> of thl"! city. Tlif 'I;|P.<- on di | :j>!a\' include ".Ja.<;- minp "Cnm^l Bells." "Donkey B^sd^ n;id "Ail Hassan of HRrna- rlan " Although the la*? mentioned '•x>rvk i- rot as new ns some of her oMiT 1 - it Rives a very Rood idea of trip !an<l of Persia, and nn ex- pe':!« < nt picture of the art of niR weavinR This hof>k is Illustratecl hv All Akhnr, n nntl\r of Hamadan, Persia, who is one of the be«t known nvxiern exponents of Persian vt. Thp tvpe of art Is quite distinctive and the lurk of perspective will be. noticeable at onre. Thi* IR the first of a series of exhibits of book* featuring Illinois authors that in being planned by the library. The original religion of .Japan was called "Shintoism. Mission Week to Open Next Sunday Morning Af the Sf. Mary Church Tliom».« Coff'y, o M. I . and R»v. OTald KPn'alv. O. M I . op^n R wf-k'* miwi'tn on Novrmh^r 5. in P f Man' Roth pTi* 1 . 1 *." h«vp h^Ti fr tramrd for thu« *"rk I>irniR t))f mu^io-n thp rr.^-^-ff- on Siinda'^ will !v n' thP u.^ial ho-irs. 6. 7:30, ? find 11. On wprkday.i th* mawp* *\\\ h* at S:.V1, 7, and B. Throughout th» T,-?pk evpnine d p - \otion.< will b'Rin at 7:30. A nil.viion affords an pxtraovdi- narv occasion for rpnewms and .itrpnRthpninR ?hp spiritual life of a Christian It is a rourw of srr- mon,<; on the pfprnal truth* and thp importunrp nf Mivntion. lu oh- JectivM arr tn rippprn thp rPliRiou. 1 ; ronvirtionA of the faithful; to arouw thp I'.ikpaann to fervor; to enroiiraRp dp«rv>ndent Mnners to makr thpir pparp with Ood: to reclaim throe who have strayed away from the practic* of their reliRion; and to offer the saving truth* of Chri*t to all who are eager and hunRenng to hear them. In *hort. a mlMion brinRn home the truth of "What doth it profit a man to Bain the whole world If he suffer the loss of hi* ,*oul?" The nil&sion has a mr^aRe for all. o the n««<5s and of each snd *Tf»ry individual who mar attend it. In these, distractinf men *rf evrxwpd to *n ep(- of rr'-t.^.vne.v; and and Page Three I in material car^s to the exclusion of th* one Brest thing in life, the ravine of the ' the priest* of JBt. MarT ! si 1 -'} any othT*. who | .*o. to !>e present iwn.^h and ai may d**-«ire To at p»rh dav .« ma.v »nd p-.-rnin f-jrthrr PThm'^r of this opi>^r':; w SPi^JP^ HHI^HMB HIHHHHB ^BBW ^^BPD ^^^^P ^^^^^^^^P ^^W(j^^ -^^^^^^^^s HRHMRiM^^ wBBKi ^mp^HB 8BH EMM wB™ wlPJDBHB ^^HP^ •HBBHI^Ji WWflJ^F ANli BE CONVINCED SEAHS SAVE YOU MONEY! All are devo?lon/i. 'o avail th 'v of Rrsro rn dp- to the welfare of j JUTMr souls. rp.T.Tnherine. ' Brho?d j (now i.« ttr- a.-rrptahle tinr 1 : ^hokl | no-v is th<- rim' 1 of salvation." vo'e n^xt *-e*k THE n .Assirrr.i* Am Beware Coughs from That On CreomulKion relieves promptly because it goes right to thfi seat o! the trouble to help loose.n and expel perm laden phlegm, and aid nature to aoothe and heal raw, tender. Inflamed bronchial mucoue membranes. Tell your druggist to sejl you a bottle of CreomulRion with the understanding you must like the way tt quickly allay* the cough or yw*_»« to have your money back. /^ CREOMULSION for Court*!, QiMt Coldi, Alien, John Hey, Luis Mae! Frit*ch and Donna Myers. j sy—morning—the—children! I Tteited the denUl clinic at the roll- j •eumand the fol!om-ing m-ere a ward - OLORIA AND IARIARA IRIWSTIR \ Popular twins of stao* and screen nJUBUOETS HP FRONT Don't let the prk« lort MACKINAW Coot $4.95 Kxreptlonally warm and good looking. Rturdr double breasted eoat that will give old man winter a battle for many •*•- icma. All wool nary blue mel- ton. Fanry pinch back. FINGERTIP ~ Coat $6.95 Daahtng, new ftngerttft mo4el (hat looks dollar* more than It* low price. Tailor**! of r»- proMnsed wool. Rayon yoke lining. Fall 36-Inch length. Teal *r brown. JACKET $O.9 8 SPORTS BACK 71% re-«Md wool. tt% vtr- gta WMl. Tailored In fa- vwiU eoaaaek atyl*. Slide faftt«ner ta front ha* a«- leinatlc leek. Zip elgar- ette aoeket ha« himldor Iming. Faahionabto aperto Iwck, SWEATER JACKETS Excellent sweater In eyery way. V- aeck style. Two pocket* PLAID SHIRT 98c Ala* plain eol- ara. Bvttosi front style, two—pockets. Well made ia every way. PARTS $1.29 Made ef good .grade covert r loth. Well •sa4e. r«ll atae. overall paato. Triple stltchoi •aaswa. f Ig*. poekela, j TNI MlLOIl BfTfla-TASTINO COOLIt-fMOKINO CIOARIITI Long eervkc li-ssase canton flannel glovea. KnU- STURDY MI 79c waterproof g»nntsfte with of split MV* WINTER WEIGHT UNION SUITS MEN'S OOTTON UNION SUITS Good fltUng rlb-knH cotton Mtto, l««g «r abort ataorea. tongtk. Stock •» Aakte I0{ WM! UiiM SiHt i$LOO NMVJ G«HM SiRs Long aleerea ankle length, ribbed c«ff« akleta. Big 26$ WM! Uii»i Sito S1.79 M% wool Mki tl% cotton. L*«g alMrea and ankle length. Fin* workmanship. MBTS SOCIS fatUnss tJie well «reeac4 • •N likes. Qvalily that wears well. Part rayen and Stylo Hots $1.19 to $3.25 Brighten •• yow fall s«H or top coat with a new hat from Sear*. And beet o* all yov don't pay a laxvry price t r M* jHMtf nUTMUMI • W% lift alMih, amov w rate, those stvrdy high ten* will hoop yew feet contfortohle. Ott U**ta| covhlne «ijiini. Drnl Msiod VMM. STOBDIMESS and COMFORT *•»•> NevhM toe aMkes IhU Meeker oxford e«peek%a> popnlar. Oooi- yoar w«>lt eonstriM- lien. lUkow heel. LEATHER SMI sewei •aMsd Good aerrlw a -^ ™ SJ1B **j***^*~ *7^~" ^r f^L e^B'O' -. .' RB» SEARS.ROEBUCK AND CO HEN'S WtU SMC at uicvnr

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