The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on October 16, 1974 · Page 27
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 27

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 16, 1974
Page 27
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EDITORIAL jcWlnfteabouWbedow , „• UMr wed Brttoria County Drainage District, whfcb has Uln dwtnant for nv« yean since theetst tteat Leffajatore authorized it » Sfcecifkally, fee MOt Legislature which convenes this coming January atarid either abofish the dbtrict or amend it w that the district would, if ever activated, be governed by people who live in the dbtrict. For those who came in late, this district is the reswft of a bill that was submitted In tin. Ibe Facto did not then have a reaktent reporter m Austin watching lor legislation spedfkaUy affecting fee county. Therefore the bill wasn't known to many, and neither was the committee bearing. . By sheer cotnddeoce, a Facts newsman was in the Capitol on the day of the bearing, noted its scheduled time, and attended. Only Oammtttioner Joe Brigance and a lew others, mostly members of one family, were present. The legislative end of the district, then, was not a matter of Initiative on the part of those who would be served by the district Up to that point, it was apparently the work of a smaB group. Had the contents of the bill been knowa in advance, there would undoubtedly have been a strong move throughout the district to alter •an obviously unacceptable provision ;~ making Commhsionen Court the .governing body. ! It's purely a matter of improper representation. For at least the next four yean, a majority of change OomralHkKwnt Govtt will ttv* *wt Ot OMI Bra* Beyond that Urn*, the two pttdocta which now. tacfcKte land matt of the Brasos are Wtejy to have a voting majority on the other side ot the river. That mean* the district could havenoreaident on the court and would tie subject to "taxation without rtprewouUoa" Drainage dominated campaign dteeuutkm in this year's primaries. The problem is widespread west of the Braios. Development will make it more so. The 19W bUI abolished two smaller drainage districts, *o that the Weat Bratoria County district to now the only means for getting anything done. Any kind of relief will be expensive. What's really needed » generalized improvement, working by priority under a master plan that avoids one drainage project becoming a drainage problem elsewhere. This kind of work is going to invohre some really important money. As kng as UK present district is on the books, there'* alw»y» the chance mat a further ejection (a tax proposal such as has been defeated in ttie past) might be timed «o that a fight vote might carry it. it would simpfy be a move toward good government tl some concerned group — such as the city councils or chambers of commerce - wouki request aa amendment to the bill The only really necessary change b to require that all member* at the governing board must live west of the Brazos River. Voters cook! then handle any other problem m the bUI or district. JIM BISHOP: REPORTER Dedication to duty could be catching [patee tamm with lUw «..». „,,—."way*. « requires more fcourage taaa a oi|fat foofijW. tnt crime fc crime. The Fort UadenWe FoBee ; Department to Florida bas ordend its 1 vice sojBad cops to go "aB the way" when ( fee* raid mttnge partorv Itwofc down to ual fc««l *» ««**«» U* to* t uo, wgoUib* tint- .,'. Tfc* departwMit ta*yer; Uvtae. *tio may haw ntsM! about ttw munfcr* and tbr »JCO ifatfte I fire The men to btoe are prepared to Uce : • to(e worse ton death to uphold the * saaetity of Fort Laoderdaie. ' TfeeeynfcissMretosay. "Aw. comeoft I tt. Don't they have say other crime down I there?" AH cities do. Fort UukrdaJ*. at jj£ * "" !les4stosptrttedfi«aal i the mospspm refer to as "riots." ' to addfttoB. the receni FBI crime report. wWeb couples Fort Laaderdate , with Broward County, Fbu displays aa »«inhwyi»arcfH««rtei*».«»« l IB Fort UaJtrttok (U»T rurn (real a loul <* (brre op ta « •» a* pant M day* trvtnr catt* H "*fc»»THtt)«" So IhtnkiBg. eburcdtem*. rurrf can <£M«rce Aad >*«, > . bdir»e~;* my w»pic«B» eater* «wr- (acrs ami 1 (car Uul prrtiapi he tu» w reftHM lo brbrr* Urine »y«. "We »»»« » »wJ r«*»«« la to&rv* 0»l d«enf b » concerted *««rt by vanous erfaAftfd crime fifum n> takeover afl UK «MM»C» putrton m Fort UoOerOaie. and maybe ntrs Bni»*r«J Coooty Ant. vilk or(>att«<i tmrx come* open pewtttuiMn, ** ! Far e*amp*e. there were ill charge* of { ••riefa^MMlaatfMenW ' ^" I rape*, not to mention ~ ~ » nd 9JBS thefts. These are pretty Ugh #git» for Bnvard Coaoty. with a pnputattoa of 1MJU*. However, it was draws to the of the Fort UaudenW* cops OrgaaiMdaMw. M I andentoAd U. M the Mafia U Use «« Torrio-Uieiaflo group to more* to on U tn«*»»fN parlors, or rf they CM hatefc a erimtaal conspiracy •tele letting t mbdwm Uwy arc bu«*d, broke, fumbed The? h*d their own private m«**ro*r*. And, lo keep it moral, ntotl <*' k nr«er i dwnay, parlors They tauwd, to tour that forcow girls were a* remiss to atmood cream or sore Quile properly. Oe city lalhm were •unoed. Mcrdtaisiy, they passed aa ordinance vftlcfe. aecordtog to O^eat reporter U«n Sttto of lk« Pami tto^ld. proMWs yampensittnB far ths loach ofprinto parts. ia« **«ftto ran to tte Suor«» Court to ask for a ruttog OB wtidi art privato parts and wfek* may to pubbc. , , Thi total eeurt* bacMd ttonrttot. tte retnfcwa giris couW not woexe aeccftod ao n«pey. Tto is a 4«jicsu poiat bKaosa prw U. rehwe n«»ry iT" «*»««»*•[• ip*«for aB wheabs taM, Say Comment and Opinion Africa: Kissinger's « first secret 'tilt' JAC* ***««* Axvmnnu ted <*»*rw* «* Htert***, •* f*j»* MM* tea**** «w* Itowy **<«»•«»*' A CONSERVATIVE VIEW Ttw noa to ctwrfB U the Farter Itaraodm" a a iagfcly moral character named iMcctivf LMmenaia Joseph TertaQMM* IB Fort laodrrdale. be IS csM of the vie* «*d MMfigMce untu. one of tte meM encnaoUnfl coupttng of dyttes one could imagine "If we stand idly by," Trrta*** *»y»-we're aidtaf and atettiag organued crime' Noooe »uod» idly in a ttUHMt* parlor. Comemiy, I ngnl Ma reference to M« men as "o>demner sg«nl* " the tiawtooafli'f prabiem k» Itot some of Us OMM are aurned Whw art noted for mkw>0>r»UfldJng duly. "We a*k ttom if ibere will be r*pmw*i«« to Uieir tern* We and, tf «». «re find wmttMdy else " Thai»lair eno«|ti But theav I fosf. At went • «tcp toa tor. "Wives know their bu*bs«ai haw * j<4» lado," ltos#y» "It's s dirty Job at times, but someone has te do it" Aii hail. Fort UwfenW*. curvy aiMSMse « ouigat bring I «opi vtn sflfljm ouaiL It's Congress' ugly baby now I) *** Kf*M**«r*'* ftr* to* "«»* ' Us* H.«W»*»* afiymito- *««* «* «M««f tottw bw«« ?**»»*»* *» f"' *< »r»ftr* rf U* Butt*? to***-* Allttt*., «H» waanrt* «*» ****** ***** *fc«M and «*«««* «* »**«***» *» -Jt***wiM *««**,» * tan* *»* **' t* (V»!ili«x t>K WfBt* !!*}<«« Us* ««*. drufcued A bttte puatcjrd <mfa4lm*nt J«*«•- Am#»i«»« »(*» *•*«*> «a *«*»« *» "A Ji !Sc , lrJU«i«sn. FqtMer **t Ba*nO ******* '' tn it WSH* WA ft* tft'ttM W itfcMtm* W» «»«« few tttafaff Vtffftj *" at ?**«*«» IMF (IK b«<[* wfew *>»« - t)e<!«4i ttne*. »»d UK dtort wenfl *«««mt to mm-fe ,,^ mi ^,.; Mr r ' ' ' ' ' Jrtli IS* ** 6* fat! *»t*it|fetiM * ~ Stv >»** fti* ' t&ntai " i«- site »(rt»«.iW* " '=i* "Ford'* to.u». H » t»* ytr <«tt capttal (P cm i» to br f «-*»MUf«, CBO*rt; > •» *41 rtwttt* tl. II n Uu». oi cwirw. Itut :-v jt ktnawtuf jitii to -Bhr IS» »JB»fei» w«» 8W *»**»». |*«»t*tj * *««** t"* »•**«»» thai Oltk*. tfcc ii ronum Sa (tatBtn* »n/U«t«w., •< fcurt **»«* *•*«. yowl puttr tuct*. I! W» tnd^rC (or ft*** r > "> n. *« Mr r » In*** 'Tlw ttart? «i»M 4 «nt*S '"« prnfiaj tfutt <B<l»tr»B. |»* tenipfi' ieip *« '. t !UW m* 18 fcj-i oe» tor KfHprn, USwit «««int «e*<nwnnrf} UUM MW tw tto***. JM R*trt«K»r'* i-ti op yw«i»VT, tw can't ««<* Wifl OwKrcm UA* Hl««tn* *JJl Wfew ie U!* wwfcfctj S4(.Si'.«f4«it «>< « » «-r Ji M*% *« «* tR* it t* tfn*!. a< tiht I'nrd f?.A. "BUDDY" SCOTT THE WOr?r7Y CLINIC Church can also be battleground Sweet way to say something bitter i'* )«wr ctourtfe I'd be *arpriaed rf »<* • «««*« Uwf* nan* faflu to floaUng anwnd fhurvh ** oat wtotfc few* «•» . II that were in*e. ft wwM to rwt to Imd w» l»»t <««M r*«e * cle*« tail rt hcateh 1* a (bereft »fJ*c*»t*rt uart* are 1 I prefer lo »ay thai U » wtwr* apprtnciKr MUM* »n umUriA-UwinaUng don I TASK MW tJ»»tt» <i . »*«l «>,«»* •**«****. " fa* •*« t««n with IMK» IB l«« •» 044 •4* hj *bo MM I* mr got <ft«trM<A «..„ a» I wrtt* ii»» «*jn» r«w«»- memtiog wboktome pnacipie* <* ttwrt of my own ideate Kacb of «* wry human and mtnakt»proat : wilb ito harmony I heard Iwn Wtkkai Uancibtog ~ «*• «» i««ral Html f# hut* bt«0 Veu muM Iw«nt *»«»actlwi bte<*t en aaraaaf "' tw* And to *» «H precision * IIA wtoea lb«y ma«*t4 B«* Owl ,1'm almW, will cwllewe W be only a • wittl f eople wfcc. don I tpdmtawt tfcai Ux Tte aatf M wwa a*4 pu* X (tad! ' prrtept it vtfl haw aert fe«» ««• to tto* •»• tort - it* ing <*uf eft aBk'CeiJ)*' Or, THi B«tAZ05PO«T FACTS trtnf- the fore? of evil *cwd Iifc« tar V to to onto to m* »«w Inw H* W. tfRprwfet taftww*. '**** fato*. toteMMnftM iMMW''Kf MWM fcftf WJ PNWMfcS 4MK ^^,j^^ff«^ ibe frank «se«)ic»pb«y<lMtog»cal to (ir (act, t»«* a»t« *» ite «« , wtr* oft** bfc^pewiW by being Mtoctow a«d loo Inaa! r»*Uy MHuisl tom*, tl* "Worry, *a* «»«i«g dtoaw* brt wry «» It* »** *iw «r, »*f> M* patiUwi UMI t* WM»U> <ft«j * 14 U a«y o« t» Trtbwoe gfcdUily bawtod ahSHl Swaii to |rta< »a wrti 0m M* MI ttw mw *«* »» ' ra ^ -""''*• *" UM It off color an »»y ntm . ,\^^L.,_\^,-^..., ..

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