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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 12, 1859
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t^S^M"^SS^y^i^yK^S"'^j..'J.*. S. _\. ..il_. f "ft-ffy.^Wj^i-^-gft^g^^^^ •ww.obliged =to>walt »t aichlaSxd'fef aJbother ing reoommended by every o»e'« fcvorite con-" 3&ffiaS4rtfe»*fe fwawfe Anothw,milB, Irom-itosMo post, wai runln mll« were » *£ if^i <?* j'iVJ Vi» on wigbns, on JSOJWB* on EOboorn Oity.apd n«Br. where,he iiredjlt is •§•- NUMBER 243 do. do. do. »d»r»...,. s,-ee Iwert...., 8,00 Swerts..., 4,00 ' 3d he fefl^pn the, track, an3.8lep^.^ He ;n»et his deiihltls-supposed by thessstern i^_^ » *-_•_*-•, *_»*•». ^.-L.t_t. fc —- "*" J. *3 \+ a"* *** » JV ipassed ttat' point =, the track, BO much mangiea;thaUie ooald not- ^the TOftteifiVaB^Vfor MganTtaiia batter/^i * j)»a ^owMtte'nia^i.Toimdiforsowe time^ daring him (o .fight, caUinjf'hf m nnprejty, names, eto. r ^l^;7nat^M/prteawtnM-ceased to*6 rirtnous, ;wn^f•St^SeedWwM tapped owd tbi head wlthVlbifcof **tick£a6a satis I, who was fiUpiira $|&__ , ftnd ten p^ffl., a oonconise oT "of two or three londrad ng'naaio'of the ifwiftgha ^0rQed.'U*> line-Wpweeaskd to -. _, l^t^tJ^Wfrion of the &>dy and i^lnjJ^ton^bfjEEe pfocfpal streets/attract- Ijmnctaltentlgn as, well as comment, JLrriy- aaediately nnder tha large lanip, spinning along infJitthe-plitoe 4«igna£ed forhnrial, th4 oody >Var ihesmooth track, at the rate of * milein faafeaibalfiSd" -W'ttr modern' manner^ by a ikty sewJBa^^ras tie Most exhilaiatinjf style j thorough jpstofte*****. oamphenai andlamid of the monrali^j the I all that remained of whatojMjajkmstBntttL excitement °an3 gossip, was soon 1i&aahej}. ss *'i?ith three groans! for the deceased, *kd : &ae'inore for the Independent Republic of Munasha, the crowd dispersed.— jaftattfeMtwenfthe principle topic ! "--~l»Injrdi)pre<»ted~by one por- •-. , Otir Coicmouz&'sOmoi, K __ Contract Dej«rtmentj, JatylO,'lS39. f * P r »P«"'» HH ** recelTed-at thlsoffla until. J* ftUUy, July 16th,*t lOtf A.H^ rorgMdlng Walker street *nd UdewtDn to the establlsbed xrade; north sidewalk, between 1st and 616 »fenuBrepair(d,»na ' aljtofor pfiDilneoonh sidewalk fcomlrt»venue to. the' wettUoeof Walker* Point Addition. In,the 8th Ward, of tbe City of Milwaukee. . • E.L'll.'QASDlSEBtComptro'ler. SPBOIAI. NOTICES DK. to blind and ohokeone;"* «lear and extended view ofthe oonn^y4b»Bgh ^cJT'm passed— rosiing'throngh,*the.itr »)»lfte>'than many biids fly, with'thesatisfa'tv iipn of knowing that all "was as safe as an ej ' kept by tJ. S, QARWNEKt <JO., street » 8A.K. 850j, THEHMOJCmt. * BP.SU Bff" Far Telegraph and tee fourth Pagt.' _ ' e would like and oan certainly '• hold oar oats." • Thfr Post-Master at Co., Minn., was recently arrested fa ing letters Iron the mail. «®-Damaged goods wfll be sold at Hood's auction, room, ihia morning at lo o'clock, from propeller Rocket. Ined |5, aS he certafairy was ^oUty^of jan as- wait* The plidntifwas then brought up for disorderly conduct, and Jinsd $6,rwbioa he g that-Jndge ^ ,wasa nice man toj/ine " «noh fellows see .the" Judge vrmgb. oat justice to !&• Kw Rmw»iikee.Jr«ivhas opened a reg;. Ister, in whicli is keptlb**ames,,*ges, yeaw *t thebnsiness, elb., of printers wishing work. . ^ fteqQent.vpplicttUone from both printers^and pnHishera,* And* intend hereafter - """* ' " " -----_•«» ~~ ~ — JQr m «• ••"•^ r »-"«*<*i-'<v«* *'*• *«»• «blMV ™i^Y^Sra^tornothlng.» Hie Htw W the profrie- OF FIBS.—Last night about eleven p'clock^tije firemen were an out for en alarm of fire in the 3d Ward. ' ' *®» Editors oan keep a seeret, and "the request of a correspondent to keep a new discovery from the world, we shall do, of course. Croley, of the Kockford Daily says that pretty girls never cry when kissed. Our experience • Croley'e, exactly - with Mrs. We wish some Janesvaie one would send the a pint ot ink. that Charley fiolt might print his paper with color enough to have it read, easier than it does. -. loo bot to wock, top hot to think, Too hot to travel rowid, «lr, Bat not too hot to take a diliA- At eardjoet^*- •* dKS^tSr. * The Mayor of .Galena has ottered * reward of $500 for the apprehension and conviction of any person or persons engaged in v the recent crime of arson committed in that city. «@-Capt. Qossick, of Kacine, in rescuing some ladies from *n enraged cow the other day, was severely^ored in the side, (breaking several of his ribs,) by the Infuriated animal * ' 'TWO" .— i®» Street sprinkling is so great a nuisance that we see but little of it. Where water is to be used for navigation, medicinal and manufacturing purposes, His not right to spfll it dl overthe^streetsl Mrs. Croleygetsa-gooff many things ia her department, that jfe.can't well answer. Uow, fihe'wlshes to know if "fll thfrproprietorsare Sons of Malta 1" AU Ihe proprietors of who, or 'what, Mr«. "Croligy 7 ' Yon must be more particular in'your questions; cease to enquire as to whatseCTet societies we Belong to^ndnot stand out about trifles/ pert engineer and grr»l truck conld .make .ihlngs, and-thai we were going "some," was Decidedly fine. I 'Only'think »fjl». A mile a minute I r Shooting around i corners—through cnts-Wer em- "baikmeu'ts, past houses, barns, men, trees, farms, fields of grass and grain, flocks and ierds, stamps and ponds, r over enlverU and bridges, and on toward the golden ennset— ^ow the iron bored coughed, and" shook, and Shrieked at times, as If to warn its living bar- dim of a hundred souls that they were Hearing ihe sunset «/^i!i with" the-same ftightfol speed} Howlt panted and seemed to straggle to break loose from tha control of him who jo easily held it In check. A mile a minute? and thereby the little window stood the driver of the iron racer, whose foojd is wood and water, in hid <oneok ,sl>irt—his cool panta buokl«a,£bont-thff waist—Juajjtnll cap, down close on hia bead; with one band on the lever, the. other on the whistle cord; bis keen, opol, practiced eye reaching far ahead on the track, ready to eonnd the alarm and check e speed at-lhe .sight 6f danger. There Is conre tipn -of thj4-oommtmifcr, and appUnded by others. VJ" 1 , : -'- !/ The celebration of the eighty-third'anniver- sary ofour JNationaIJndeBendenoepass9d]gffin an acceptable manner. The weather being favorable, the old and young turned ont ia fall numbers to snjoy themselves!" In Hie morning the blood-siained flag, which done service in theHexicai NOTICE, . ; ' Cm Co»»r»6ifii»'3 OFUCS, i Oontrict Department, Jury. It, 1859. f T UB Common Oonndl by resolatlonof July 7,1859, iarlnit adopted the recommendation of the Street Commissioners of thai Tth Ward, K is Qrdersd: i SB»»lots,blockre,:tn-tn* TthWa^d of the CiUof Mllwantee be,and & hereby declared* public nuisance Sff* t \',f 1J 5? ot *tni to be abated within ten daya from tbcimbllcallon of this natlee I accordance with the es- Bi^eof theEn«teeer; on fihs In.the office of tne City OemptroIIer;-;,. .... . .,.: * tlVDers or agents of the abor« describftd lot 2, Hock 78i are hereby notified to abate tha unisince thrrnoa, »Hh'n ten day* from date, or the Steeet Commission- erf of the Seventh Ward win cause the sane to be done and charged to laid lot, according to law. frli-dgt ' g. L'H. aASDINER, Comptroller. , , 8TATJ8 OP WISCONSIN, Coart, Milwaukee CooctT, A.jtt.B«conand At'rid B. Hewitt, : against QuyS. Sale- Execution. federal salute. B T virtue of an eiecutlon Issued from said Court la tha above entitled action to tat directed and delivered against tie personal and... real property of tha ab«ie named defendant, I hits seized and levied on tbs following real estat* to wit; ' j i "All tha right, title and Interest of the said 0ay . 'B.IMeln »ndto theland known and described aa follows : TRe cast forty feet of city lot uumber eighteen, In block nnmber fifty-three, In the Third Ward, of the City^of MUwgatee, County of HHwaukse and State of Wisconsin, which interest ot the saU Gny 8. Oal>," I shall expose for sale and sell at the Pojt-Offlce, lit tba City of Milwaukee, on SATUBDAT, THB STTH DAT OP ADOD3T, 1859, at the'honr of 3 p. M.,of that day, to satisfy said eiecation, together srith the «xpeo- ••••••,.••--"•-.• * .. Dated Sheriff's Office, Milwaukee, July 11, 1S59. E.Ml«niiB,l , A. i LANG WORTHY, - f ' '" ' ' gheriHMII.Co.,WU. •'•'• noticed two or three penons la thr street yesterday, with summer clothes on. Oaa of oar merchant tailors says he has disposed of three pair of white linen pants-this year! Very ''prompt on ohange"Ts!the weathef. «®~Drr«isriojr.—The afternoon train on the La Crosse road yesterday was three bows behind time, owing to a failure of the pump oa the engine, when thirty miles this side of is something wonderful about a steam eBgtno. Aj triumph of mind over matlerVof man over the elements,' we never could aodount for- No sieed ao v fest, no horse BO strong, none so devilish, as it were, in its nature, or so nn. manageable by others than those bred to the business, lu this/and none so 'easily managed as this ponderous engine, when once the secret is learnpd. A touch of the finger of that keen eyed man at the window 'would call forth a scream like that supposed to continually re. sound in hades. Another touch, and it became quiet—its' heated breathing subsiding into respirations soft as the purring of a kitten. Touch it Another pnll at again, and off like a rocket.— -Last night * party of Irish undertook to "hom" a new married couple in the Third Ward- Alxrai a hundred performers were out, with old bells, pails, pans, and jingling Instruments Crosse. t5riHrA.TBiCAV-ATXKACTiOHB.— Market Ball Theatre was well filled lajrt night to wit. ness three first rate : pl ays, in two of which the beautifnl and talented actress, Mrs.~lelghton r and the droll, mirth-pro voting genius, Dillon, made their first appearance. The Company is equal to the'best ever in tQlwankee, and if onr citizens wish to see ^some good acting, they •honld drop in, by aU means. ^Themana««is!«e.» «•«"?'•* ~r«™ioiUer tonoh, a feather *re deserving gwrtcBedit^—^wn**ifflrortB to n ¥ )re tnMI Jt °» n ^a^j and high heavenward jnoiiiV-anrtfaUfcee with amusement, and fy *^' ^ beautiful and complicated machine- should be liberally supported. Their bill to- T, oftttt dealing death to him who knows not night is a capital one. , when to over-drive or over-feed. ,. So ordinary man is fit to be an engineer.— Hi; must be cool and prudent. Should know th ) principle governing tbe steed in his charge. HA should be* sober man, that he may l«at all times'responsible for, and careful of, He souls in his keeping. A neglect of a second to sound the warning, may bring death to all on board. He should be a competent man, and Deceive good pay. He not only rides with his ownlife in tbe hand that grasps the lever, bfct the lives of all on board are clasped wttfc his. Taere hare been cowards filling tbe engineer's b<rth, and then? have been heroes there, great aa ever fell.' at the cannon's month. A s, lot instance, he who did hia best to avert tbe terrible calamity at Desjardint, whose whistle promptly called the brakes toclose, and whose Bpul mounted upward on the bat shrill shriek from the throat of himself and of his engine, . ,-.,„—, „ „ _. _. when the body and engine plunged benaath graceM aiimothef^n handle* good-natured th « »«te« forty feet from sight-to be fonnd N baby, and wm«howBome*rtentifioi>roje«ting|* ftenrwd ' liandil1 h * nd ' ly.nus- ing such a noise that a policeman was Bent for. -H« arrested onr of tie party, when an attempt was made to resoue the musician, in which ati tmpt the policeman was stmckon the head with a stone, cutting a severe wound. Two or three of. the party were arrested, and will have their trial this morning. ' • ' 19* TEX BrtWAiD MATCH.—To-night, the friendsx>f billiards will have a treat at Albany Hall, (commencing at 8 o'clock^, 'witnessing ihe contest for a purse of f MO and- the championship of the Stale, between Coon, of Ea- rtne, «n3 Parker, of Janesvlllel Both are «pert players, can handle the one r, was hoisted and reositted a At 9 a. m, the Good Templars paraded OE^^reets, with martial mnsje', and proceeded to Neenah to escort tbe respooted Lodges froai that place and Appleton. - Later in the-momSng a large delegation 'from Oshkosh arrivad, and forming la one procession, proceeded W the Island, where an excellent dinner awaiied them. Eere the day was pessed most pleacijntly, in tbe reading if the Itecla radon of Independence, an oration and numerous speechso and toasts Later in the day the brothers ac4 sisters distinguished themselves by surrounding a lager beer stand, and* requesting the: owner thereof to leave, bag-and baggage. Ha being decidedly averse to ail ftach arrangemesta, peremptorily refused. Crinoline was indignant and with one shout, exclaimed: "poysl yonder castle t oar enerny, is entrenched; to die in a noble cans* (a to emulate our'ancestors, who fought and bled on Bunker Hflll On to the charge 1" " The for tress was taken, the enemy put hondu con?te, and tbe assailants remained masters of the field. At tfas close of the engagement it was officially reported that five heads were missing, several black bottles, and the ground drenched with—beer. [..Cheer upon cheer rent thiaif at the signal of success. This finished the pro- gramme, for which they afisru**'*"**'* 1 "* 1>I * 0 .gnaw*" 1 ""v ooiiars, and doubtless oonsiSer- "ed It cheap! The appearance of thd Good Templars elJoited mcch admiration from tor citizens, aad onr sister towns need not be ashamed of J her representatives to Menjeha July 4th. 1 ' . i' The parade of the " Odds and Ends,? 1 *as on? of the etents of the day. Their grotesque appearance ofibrded much fun for the people. NOTICE, • : •-••• Crrr Coxmouza'aOrncz,'} - :^ Contract Bepartment, July 7, 18S9. f following is m schedule of lota fronting on Mar- Ji. shall street, from Blddla to Dlvlilon streets, In the 7th Ward. of the City of Milwaukee, and ehowlng.the •monafwhlch each Jot will be benefited by graveling said street, according to the plan «nd estimate of the City Engineer,' assessment at follows : • • W. A. ME7ERS, -. : , VICTOR SCHCLTE, Street Conualsiloners. Block, tot. S3 S do S .,. Biocfc. Lot. BtnefiU. 09 do do do do do .do ia 33 30 da 1 J . 8 4 5 6 J2 U 10 9. 8 7 1 o 3, 4 S1.S5 do do da do . do do do do do do 41,00 31,63 do do do do do 104 do do do do do do da 9 19 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 Benefits. 31,65 do do do do 73,00 61,65 do do do - do do do CELIBE iTID VIRinroQE AND tlVER fltLS. \r£T A singn'ar combination, tint very effsctaal, *g the following will show: • - . •• ••-•._:.'••.'... ' •" Haw Yosz, November 20, 1353. Kcowlhf?, from rtpejlence, the vahjaole qualities of •J>r. M 'lanf! Ye,nttfug« and liter PUin t prepared by J lemlas Bros. PlttsbBrgh, I have for sometime back considered It my doty, and tnajle- It my business, to mate tho*e articlea known whereTer I went among my friends. A short time ago I became acquainted with the case of > yousg girt, who teemed to be troubled with watnw add liver compjMn^ at the aamo time and had been suffering for somfj two' months. Throtr»h my persnulon she purchased one bottle of Dr. Lant,'* fermtfuye, and one boa! of iiter Pills, which she took according to directions. .The result was, aba passed a large quantity of worms, anil thinks that one box more ofjthc PUls will restore her to p:rfect health. Hernaiaeand residence can bo learned by calling on E.L.Jheall, Draggiat, cotaer cf Hat g dr and Menroe streets. ' $Sf Pnri-hascrs will be careful to ask] far DR. JTtANE'3 CEr.EBBATED VERMIFUaS, msWactur- ed by,»L£lIJNa DE03. of Pittsburgh, Pa. All other Vermifuges In comparison are worthless. Dt. H'Lane's genuine Vermifage.also his celebrated tlverJPilla, can now be had at all respectable drag stores. Nons without tht tig nature of [2] jeU-diwlm H.EMISGT BROS. NOTICE. « .i. « CITT COS«PTBOU.S»' ; I'o^ica, i Conlrtact Department, Ml]., July 9, isjj. f mBS following I* i schedule of lots fronting on lha J. E ali*y running north ana sooth through Mock 13 : u Sherman's addition, sn.l block.5, in t!ic Sl«h Warrt of the city ofHUwaulrto, 3hon»], g the amonnt of benefit i to each lot by gradings-jlii jlley lothe establish TH!" assortment us follows: " "' 1 EIUJ3T HE3ZKR, CAUL BC3ACK, Street Commissioner. . la Sherman's Addition. J3IIc. Lot. StfneUtj. DKBH.l J'Y. Thin is a complaint very common, especially among female!, ffooftand's German Bitten never fails to core thta disease. The system, under 1 Hi use, Is restored' to Its'original strength and Tlgor; the appetite becomes good, thfi spirits become cheerful, and in. body »ad mind you fed the fail restoration of health. For sale by druggists and dealers In medicines everywhere, *t 73 cents per bottle. dlwlmo •13 •in 43 •I 1 3 13 4.'! 13 13 In Block 5. 10,'JIJ 32,01) •1,00 10,08 M.33 5.1,00 14,00 12,01] 12,0(5 i'-',i>; ItJ.IjtJ Jj3-a3t. . S. L'n. OAK'UISan., Comptrolle E.L>a.GA£DlN£B, fjyl3-d3tl Comptroller. ., Contract Department, Jaly 10^ 18JJ. J CJEALED proposals *U1 b» received at this office until O Friday, July 15, atIOi~x., for grading WtshCog- ton itrett and sidewalks, and planking the sidewalks from 4th avenue to the Test line ot Walkers Point Addition, 8th Hard. . Jyl2-d*t E, L'S. QABPIMH, Comptroller. NOTICE;.. ClTT CO»PTEOLLia'!i OlTICB, I • Contract Department, July 7,1359. ( mHE Common Council by resolution of June 20ih, JL having adopted the recommendation of the Street Commissioners of Dtb Ward, It la ordered : . That the following named and deicribed lota in the 9ln Ward of the City of Milwaukee be, and tha same is hereby declared public nuisances the same ordered to be abated within twenty daya from the publication of this notice, according to the .estimato on, file In the office of the City Comptroller, viz : Lots 5, 4,3 and 2, block 113: lots 1 and 3, block III), Kntelarid'a Addition; lots 17, 13 and 14, block 13; lot 4, block 4; lot 4, block 8, In Vliet'j Addition; lot 7, block 9; lot I, block I; lota 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, block 97; lot 1. block 91, in Planltinton Addition; lots l,3,'.t, 5[ 0, T, 9,10, 11 and 14. Owners and agents of the above described property are hereby notified to abate said nuisances wlihln twenty dajs from tnis data or the Street Commlsalon- cra'of the 9th Ward wiH cause the same to be done and chsrged to the respective lots or part of Isu, according to laor. jyjlS-dSt E. L'H. SARDINES, Comptroller. n's, NOTICE- _ i Crrr CiiOTTnoLLsa's Omcs, | Contract Department, Milwaukee, June ;, 1SE9.' f T 3Z following Is a schedule of loU frontiu? Qn thi- Ull-y running Sorth and 2oulli, fhrouuh Moric, i n theatx'h Ward, anil through block i;!, In dhprnrm'i adJltionin the Sixth Ward of the City of Mihi-'i'u];,... showing the amount which *ach lot will !u bc-ncQtM b • grading said alley to the established'grade, ,js>(-j/ment M follows: £BX2T HSItZSR, ' CHA1U3S BL'SACK, Street Commissioner-?. lu Sherman'} Aildltlon. Blk. Lot. Benefits. 14,00 13,60 13,60 3,33 ItJ.CG 23,60 4,00 23,33 5 5 5 43 43 43 43 43 Jy9-d3t Blk. lot. Be'llti. 5' 3 W 13 Yonra, is,, ONTONAQOK; VEET DDSri.—tpraveliag by raitwad is now rery 4nsty and dirty indeed. Scat, dust, perspiration, and at times « little bftof sour t«mper f causes the faces of some passengers, to look rather forbidding. white woman at Eacine, the Bonsort of a negro, took poison lite otbir day ' to " scare her old man," and came near dying. A physician barely" saved her life, bnt not till she was scared worse than was the negro. • i - ^tt ^ t®- There is a lady In Bofialo whotnitsin front of the residence of Iwr debtor every day, in the hope of compelling him by thisjmbUc manner of dnnning him, to pay np. She *t. tracts large andiencee, and never gets Bred of repeating her story. of halta, neqnal io Pielin'jj. Tickets |I. t A large number wfll be here from neighboring cities—the friends of each player confident of Bnocsas. -Jtfly 11.— A. , : , , „ * ~John Crowley, 'dllsbrderly* fined $2 _ ", Boyle, rlolatfag lleenBe^law: $25. 'Committea to Jail for W day* In debnlt Wfaen riding on the oars, think of theengt- neer— tha man worth more to progren than half the divines this side of toe Heaven they point toward. man who point toward. Think of that little carries the life of all hia passengers in his left hand, as a boy wbnld carry a bird's nest, and vfroaofraeiical Tcnouledge but fe«j ,of ns can •comprehend. _. - --,—, by a gentleman ..^^^o u , cinity of iemonwier, that the mall po* Is m- [ingtoacQSMlderable extent among tbe *n- Jians In that section.— JfonttlULedger. t&~ Th j 'dredge, Oov. Seymour, kvery much improving the channel of the river, below this village. Boats and barges can Von from here to Berlin in nearly half tbe tisae that it now requires when tha dredge has passed through tne channel.— Monltllo ' ' • .•'. CjiT-Couratou ra'3 Orncc, I Contract Dtpirtnect, July 10,13:}. ( S EALED proposals will be ret etred st this oQce until Friday July loth, 1SB9, at 11 A. u.for grading 6th s,venne and sidewalks and plaoilag tbe tidewalls from *th arcnns to the west line of Walkers Point Addition, In the 8t& ard. City of Uilwankee. E. L'H. QABDIHEB, Comptroller. «» * Bust.— We learn on good authority that the Templars "wad an" ' Contervalor. 0021 - t- STATS OP WISCONSIN, -. Circuit Court, Milwaukee County. { Alonzo Potter, against Joaathan Taylor, Ichabod Smith, The faraers'and Millers' Bank and George W. Peckham. Foreclosure. E Tlrtue of and pursuant to a. joagnMnt-renJered in lid Court, In the aboye entitled action, dated October J, 1558, 1 shall eipose for sale and sell at Public Auction, at the Post-Ofllce, In the City of Slllwaukte. on Saturday, the Zd day of July* 1329. at the boor of 3 r. it., of that day, the following described mortgaged premises or so much thereof as may be necessary to raise the amount of said judgment, interests and costs, together with the expenses of sale, to wit : M I<ot o amber t«o [2J.15 block numbered eighty- seven [87], In the Pourth .Ward of the City of Milwaukee, In Ihe County of Milwaukee ar.J StsUe of Wisconsin." Dated Sher!fl"«,0ffice, Mjiwsnkee, April 1, laM. Bioir* i CODES, ! A. J. LANOWOKTUV, K'EsAtt'ys. f SheriSMil. Co.,Wis. aprl-3m»lin2w TUT The abore tale Is hereby postponed to ?atui~- day.thsJthday of July, the sane plice and time of day. Dated Sheriff's Office, UUwaukee, July 2, 192:). A.J.LASOWOKTHT, Iy3 aiertff Mil. Cj., Wis. NOTICE. CITT Courraou.Ea'3 Omci; I Contract Department, June 21, 13C9. ) T HE following is a schedule cf lota fronting on the following itreeta In the Slith Wurd of ihe city of Milwaukee, as follows : ' On Fifth street, from Vliet to Cberry jtrtut OnHizth » On Fifth " " Galena to 'Sherman ur.'et Qn Sixth " •« " - Walnut •• On Fourth " « " " Sherman Oa Cherry " " Fifth to 3Uth ABd showing the 'amount which each lot Till be benefited by graveling tha street In-front of jime, iocnrdin< to the plan 01 the City Engineer. ERNST HESZES, Blk. 27 £. L'H. BAltDINSH, Coipptrollnr! J NOTXCJB:. ClTY CdMPIKOLtiS 3 0??!C!', I Contract Department, Milonulier.-, June 17, ",'J. j T HE following is a3chuaalc' of loli frontln-in Vlv-t Ursct, from 3rd street >.o Tth 3tr t -et, m tho Oth >v,i r 'i of ihe City of Milwaukee, and also showing the imuiint which each lot Bill be benofltteJ by sr-iv-llina t-v i street 13 per plan of the City Engineer, w follow iiUNar HK.UZEH C.Via BC3ACU, Street Coinmissioniir'!. BlocU. 8* 48 -'3 f,ot. 15 11 12 U lij 1 2 11 1- . 30,00 50 00 50.00 50,00 lo%l!8 m'.tJti I8,Ii5 50,00 50,00 50,00 IG.uti Block. !8 IIS II (I* ICG 117 117 177 117 117 177 Lot. I II 12 11 14 • 15 Iii 1 J i t Beneilt 30,1)11 Street Commisjioneru. Lot-* on FIty street. Lot. B'ts. •> ;i; ; u 1 50 00 'i "10 fi 7 w 11 1 4 5 00,00 50,00 Id/fl 4o. £U,UO 40 Jo do Jo ' 10 n 18,00 Jo Ju do do =0,1)0 1C, (A Jo Jo Jo Jo. Jo' On Fifth street In Sheraia's AJdition. 41 41 41 i ,— Dan Sickles accepted an iQTitation tadelirer an oration oa IndSpeDd- oace Day at Piennont. We don't know .which to admire the most, the good Benae of Piermont, or the impudence of thaprator.— Bobart Modan, »ame«ffenc«; fined ?25. Timothy garage, same offlbnoe; fined $25. Leopold Hepp, same oftenoe v ; fined $25. -Jtoind*6h»Br;*oe8,H.Pell, fienry JaneLonis, ; keepfeg.ahonBeofilI-£ame, "The Jai7'Medto«^>liett the defendants were «lea«ed on their own 'feoogniMnces to appear wlanerer'wanted.' " ' " ~ •> JWr^Qnffl*TlUHaB'Beeeher become one of-the editors t>f the Jfas» f We noticed some ««*«*« «f i|» fe, Sandiy morning's Jssue on "S»Wtnaltam,« vUfc-iffxaatd^to the Wen* as editorial J ^ Let'a charge Pomeroy with hav- ingstolen It and see if he won!t say. ,"wrltten JbjJHLWard J3eeoher»— a iatb* V " ' " —free Democrat. CookJOoh. AITB Hoas.—A meeting will be held at Albany Hall nn Wednesday evening to talk up what is to be done with the cattle and swine now running at large in this city,— "Root hog or die," will he the warery, and the loose cattle will find that they haVe ft "horn or two to much" in the streets. . T J^>MAK SHOT.—Last Satnrday night -a cyprian In Chicago" shot a mart with a 1 " piiloi, because he'would not leave the^doar when^an*^ ordered him to.' She shot through the door and through his band. We never knew before. ^ . that Chicago had any of this class witMn terj "J 14 ^ 111 o'epttftB Breastworlor-and *rjf wrify limits. ,. ,, """ " - - - - Any fool," but the one who wrote the above. would knowj Ward Beecherdeolines Siritual ^ite «sthignished-- onlyp«son>e*Hiifw-«i'.*ittart enough to 'ge Bxrarrx WAED Hifln SCHOOI,.— The annual examinations at this excellent school commenced yesterday morning-. They will conttnfae through to-day" and to-morrow. These exercises have not been prepared es. penally for the public, being somewhat of the nature of a test of proficiency sufficient for' advancement. Nevertheless, the Principal ex. tends an invitation to all who:may Lava an Interest In the canse of education, and es- peei^Uy In, tbe cause in Milwaukee, to be presjint. j _ ., Tne examinations are both written and oral. former is conducted by the assistants, whatever pupils pass a good examination The and in it jare sent to the Principal with a certificate E., TO plump strawberry into ayard wherea aloe old •Shanghai rooster* to get ft, and aeaaowtfnlolr he picks it np, and, fartylng « to **'«»& *|Sj£ call the hens tepio chare H with him, or take tt all, while,** dwatesfcis^I *iotc£»tiwo' S^eo higher. an. Chkkensmw like ottler folks, the laa, while tbe prodww 4* -Mttf af»Me« with the— little chjolw. r.*,: I •"> ~ ' The President has commuted the sentence of G W. Plmninerirho wwio-faawj^ttojnost popular oagKinesBT been executed at -Boston on the m,^'mf. aemWeot of Ltog ' tiny and murder on the ship Jnnipr, io:4m- —- * " '^^ r .prisonmentforWe. From what we loensmH on'the subject we infer that thls"w^on>f the President is right M»d_wlll meet era! approval. * ' - to-one , , ^ on to tl at eSect, and if they pass a orediUbleoral exit nnalion before htm he adds bis slgnatnre, and they are then regarded, as! qualified for promotion.''These exercises bebg of a gen* ulneoharaolef, and in tended to secure a proper clasilflcatlon of the school, will, on this'ac- count, be more Interesting than examinations exclusively intended for the pnblld. The lat- ter'i» an exhibition, the former an examination T|ie certiftoates are only awarded to those who may obtain s standing of at least 90 per In both examinations'. This standing is not only "upon the proficiency of the pupfl in the psrtjpnlar study, Jrat "in the col- -_ ««b«re.—A young man byjtae name of JoaSs, son of 0. B. Jones of Menaifca, had two of bis fingers accidentally cut Sffi by oneofthecfrcnlar^awsin Smith's pall factory, one' day last Weak.XjfojwAa^onjw- voter. i > " i,,,, j ' «®»BoDt FODHP.—The body of'Jchn Stone who WSB drowned in Lake HTinneb"a^ a few weeks ateee, by the upsetting of tho Corner Pigeon, was found on the bnach of ihe lake near the covp, by Mr. Rica on the (ourth inst. From fppearanoes tha body had wash ed ashore sereral days previous.— Vontenator J ^••M 1 ^^ M ^ J J_^ — ^^j^. .-We saw a . s of very handioma wfnter wheat at the coubt- togjoom of looker 4J3tewart, on Saturday. - WMbon8 i sale Is hereby further postponed to Saturday, the ICth day of July, 1S53, at th» same place and time of d&y. Dated Ehellff's OEc;, UUwaukee, July 9, 15; 9 A. J. LANGWORIHY, JylO _ Sheriff Milwaukee Co., Wia. THE 6KE1T ENtlLlSH HEMEM, • sm JAMES -CLARKE'S Celebrated Female Pilis. Prepared from a prfieription of Sir J. Clake, M. Dp Phytieinn Extraordinary to tht Queen. This laTaluable medicine Isunfaillnylnthe cure of all these ^alnfol »nd dangerous diseases to which tte female cpnatltattaij Usnbject. It oodsratcs alleicess aniIre(EOTe«»nobitractIon», and'* speedy cure may be r:ll jd on. i TO OZARUIED tABIES It H p^eullarly soiled. It win, In a short time, bring en the monlhly period with regularity. boh bottle, price One Dollar, besuathe Qo»ernment Stamp of Great Brltaini to preyeat counterfeits. UsttafiOlOuHtld not be tatenby females during &e FUlSTTSSESlllONJSS P/ Pregnancy, ai Ony art nrt to Mn$nn Mltearrlagt, tut at any e>O«r i "s 4 Lola 6 10 II 1 do Jo Jo Jo • Jo JD Sixth street I5.GU 4- 10 10 10 •ja Fourth 16,66 Jo Jo 50.0D Jo do county, W it.« n, «n « looked as tBough it would be ready to ouMn wndays. Some complaint has been majtajiy sft - Hldge in winter wheat We trust that the fearg jare ne«riy groundless. It is well understood tbatit takes bnt little to mafe» tne larmers croak — Kacint Journal. r. P,hil. Hoyne has returned from Ihe East faring jjompletel arrangements for ihe Bxpedition of, the Sons of Malta. He siyi Tjs '*«» may be r|>m >MI * « Philadelphia alone. Theoooks for the enrolment or names are now open at the Tremont House and Richmond House ng np wjth the names of our iw i^japkte going with tht^fam- 411es.— O&ieaaa Tribune. , NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. thsBsck and Limbs, Patlgne on slight exertion, Palpl- UUon if the Heart, Hysterics, and Whites, these Pills wfll effect a core when all other means have failed, and althonijh a powerful remedy, do not contain Iron, calomel, ttitaony, or any thing hnrtral toi the constitution. Pun airecuons in thepamphUtirounJ each package which thctald bj carefully preserved. . •' Sole .Lgent far the Onlted States »nd?Cana4a, JOB H08E8, (L«t«t. C. ialdwin 4 Co. , .i.5: Bi r 1 ' 00 ftaj* ftWtage'ilampi enclosed to any an- tnorlMd Agent, wfll Insure • bottle, containing over 50 plus, b]f retorn mall. ' . . ... • For side by; QEEEN 4 BUTTON.' • 0. HARUINQtON. j. BOSWOKTHASOMS, <l*w J.M.A1COTT. Oa Fourth street in Shermaa'i Addition. 42 1 18,i5l5 43 2 4-2 4 do . 40 :l 42 S Jo 43 ,j 42 3 do . « T -•42 9 do 41 10 Lota on Cherry street, 27 1 W.6G :ii ii 27 a do 28 12 "tt 3 do 35 13 27 4 do 26 14 27 5 do 'JO 15 '-'T 0 J. 'H 13 16,80 16,56 18,65 lo Jo 16,06 Jo >0,00 lli,66 Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo 10.CC do Jo 16,60 do Jo Jo Jo do jy-J-iJt !f. L'H. QA2DINE2, Comptroll-r NOTICE CITT CoapTBOLLEa'i OFPICZ, , Contrsct Department, Milwaukee, June IS, 1SJD. C T HZ tollowlnff is a-schedule of lou fronting in 7i li- aut street, from -3rd to" 7th street) in :he''i:h TVirJ of th"! Olty of MilJvnuSee, inci aiso 3howin;j the amount which each lo' will be bonefltted by .;rareil:n,' wnl itreet to Che iridth or 12 feet -is per alaa of th" Cilv r'li- b'lne-jr. • " 2XSST HSSZ-orc, Block. Lot. Iff 10 S Basest*. So.OO Jo Jj Jo lo Jo 3trc*? Block. •S3 lul Jo Jo Jn Lot Bcneut ^' A il,,-,T,Q s , ,s , .iok. ::,. X, ! A.iauion .' i!. L'ii, OARDDifiB. Comptroller. 1216] SHERIFF'S SALE. STATE Off WISCON3IX, | Circuit Court, MII»aukee County, f Clayton Harrington, 1 i ..SP?' 0 " f-Jodgmenl and Sale. Mechanics Jacob Risline. ) Lien., I N VIRTnE of and pursuant to s judgment rendered T 'V^-SS"? 111 '^ abo^e entitled action, dated benefltlcU Oy <r»lle, is folln- Block. Jo .lo Jo Jo iQ !S Jo eiluleof lotj rrtmslnsr -3. llu. t in.l b!u,- e uih VVvr-1 •>! [h.. '.'it ICOTlDt -viliciR --IWh u.J -ilieyg to !)te -,'^t. BttNST I1SKZ3R. C.13L BC3ACK, Block. Lot. ii. • Lo4. Benoflu. Lots OQ Sorth anil South i Jll,J;t J7 4 74,00 lo > i3,33 Jo 14 123.J3 lo East ind Wen alley ,i ^ 222^53 >7 North , 33,33 129,3-3 100,33 l iouth illey 2? Jn Jo la UH8S AND WATER POWERS, 490,000 ACRES Clioiee Farming and Pine Lands. S June SO,- 1S39, I shall Expose for sale and sell at Public Auction, at the Post OlSce, in the City of Mil- »iuSee,ion Satnrday, the 2OtIi day of Au- ^nstt ISId, »t the hoar of 2 p.« of that d»y, funn- •nt to Chapter 153 of the Revised Statutes' entitled "Of the Lien of llMhanlca and others," the following Je- scr.bcd property, to wit: "A certain building situated on the north east Kalf of lot No. one (1) In block one hundred and ninety-eight (193), in the First .Ward, of theCity of.MilwanJtee, County of Jlilwauieo i and State of Wisconsin, and also alt the right. : title iudi Interest tSe said defendant liad in and ;. to the said northeast half of lot No. one (1), In block-one hundred, and nine-eight, in tha ' i F'r«t w, r a, P f it,,. City of Milwaukee, on the ,^ .IStlnUy rfMay.iSM." ;A Sheriff's Office, Milwaukee, July 9, 1359. iLia « Hicscox, r A. J. LANQWOSTHT, "~ "" j .Sheriff Mil. Co, Wia. NOTION. T HE Assessment LUt for tha seTeral Wards, of the : thb City of Milwaukee, will bo open for the examination of the taxable Inhabllanta thereof, at the Common Council Room, at 9 o'clock ju *., on the following- day for the several: Wards j respectively to wit: ; For the First Ward, on the fifth day of July neat. For the Second Ward, on the sixth, day of July next 'For the Thlri Ward, on theseventh day of Jaly next For the Fourth Ward, on the eighth day of July next. . For the Fifth Ward,-on the nlntH day of July next" For the Sixth Ward, on the eleventh day of July next. For tha Seventh Ward, on the twelfth day of Jul next. 1 t: ? Ca ? lgo tnm the Olen I*Udj la that State, are' now offered ' ' HA1.LJ : tB«w>oni-W*li«r» ^a.t-.-i^a 1 " 1 *L£t** e * fffZ f syntax, style of pen*. ihowhowsB-j as how sue- f classes undergo them, we wdl men'tion Out « class of twelve wen examined six hours yesterday by ihe Principal for final epprprilj a,nd of them eleven -cams np to the BStlt um THll __.._-«_.. wv MONTaOMKBlrr payed, Hie tonibaih-An Object of Interest, _ BTTHB ana Wisconsin ImprovempAt Co. At lay Prices, on Ubersl Term* of Credit, »n3 In large or fmaB (juatltles to suit purchasers. TJSE FAKMINQ j THE PINE LANDS timber and theiTlclnltyotlogglng »tre»nu WATKH POWERS. a Eutera Is twelfth day of July the thirteenth day of July For the Sjnth Ward, on the fourteenth day of July For the Eighth Ward, on next. nexU And the City ind Ward Assessors will make such necessary addition to such llsta and correct the same, bv changes In valuation, or description. J ,-„.,. 8KO. COGSWaiL, Jei22-dlOt City Asaesaor, City of Milwaukee. BOOKS. rpHESEW AND THE! OLD ; .Or Calirornia and India JL In romantic aspects, by.Q. W. Palmer. M. D. Mosaics, by the author of Salad for tha Solitary A Bachelor's Story, by Oliver Bunce. Life of General Havelock, by J. T. Headlcy. Tha Convalescent, by N. P. Willis. b 5h«,SparroTrgraM Papers; or. Living In the Country, JostBecelved. Forsileby ,.„. . TESRT4CLSAVSK, • I* 12 -. '. 1ST East Water St. Jo ilo do 29 Jo •13 lu no Jo do do III do do do W 44 « 44 44 JJ9-J41 13 North aadSouth llley bloci 4 243,(i(j 23 LU ' M.58 J 0 13 Eajt nod- West ijley in ~> 243,00 ilS '} 1 IS3,DS J 0 lo Xorth ind South alley in : 6, OS -23 I W.OO lo > 46,«) Jo •• I 4 ?-?? Jo 3 I .42',38 do 7* Sorth and South alley in 45,'Gtf ?j T i 39,60. do ] 5 East ind West alley i a l'G,tiG -29 i 55,00 do lil North al'.ey ia Hi) j Jo ,; yi.yo jo ^ T4,CS do .s South aiiey in 10,33 IIG t5 iJ,S3 do 16 33,33 Jo J SIMO Jo 10 East anil West uley ia i5I,fiii 2S y 44,M 16 io Alley in 133,33 4 171,33 4 J 23.33 ' 5.1)0 171,33 In Sheraian'3 1 9,33 •t :JO,ou 5 5S,3S I23,'a3 , lllsy iu. Ii. L'H. GARDINER, Comptro'll- 54,00 ffU.o'S' I-'I.JJ NOTICE. Contract Department, June "i, ISfjf J- following is i schedule of loin fronting nn tt „,. ~7™ ~~ ~ -^"^-^mv ut luta tron ,s« a " e .y runniD S °orth anrl south tbrouxh tie 6th Ward, ami through. Mock 43, In Sh-. h block ° ount ^rhlch ea '«n ERNST HSRZKIt ' CxiaL HC3ACK, s ,. Strrct Commissioner.!. Description of property. ; sioci. Lot. ^ ovnvte lo theWater Powers owned by lht» Compiny. Thes Hill IHjUens are utasted dlmtely along iid« u "ATOlage <| carcsttt, ' ' TS ; ?Att.t)«*OOEAT MiSTKis Oug DAMAGED * GOODS. 'ATP «« v -*- TOa . MofljA—B^asaJeetted* fcw'dnyaago'by 1jH7 r "£'; »«%•* He»5'« A^»n Booms, R 0 J* fh^dtemnOHt.^ Pfltoore Ad. fflffiZ^S^Tj&gSJSig *i^tf tiftt »• it i.. jH_r^A.»^>* ^ dftM* .«^ .^. . uAm&ffid vaAdi i^Mim pMiHAll^ii QAI*W» *~ l^ ^ recUyto cUyt For rarther_ > talbrin»t!oii», enquire of EOBERT Agent of Trustees, • or. DANIIX O. ** ^vu •» «UCHVU 9 ><ttCK< _ fwrnProptller Bocket. faJcFofUrr*. SereuOMn. . J.HOQD, AoetloBtsr.- - .10 «ayl9: .. , i ContraitPep»rtmeBt,Jaly 9th, 18S9, f o PoaM< *fil b« rweiTed at this offlce na- ttt Thiriday, July Mth, 1859, at Ift A. n. foV grading f°* ff*I!i toK «»<W««i«d portloni of Rlrer street, anl [for pltajtfcg th« sldewal^mnd paving tha gntteraon «aia MKM from iOdelu*. to Dlnsloo street to the Tti WardofaoOityofMIlraukee. -••• . - Jj-dtt j B.t'H.QjmDINBB, Comptroller.' OrnaaJ >>7 resolution adopted Jtfy f, the Filtoor* Admin- conceded afl that' th jnwwnted lo it by the Grand Jury, jthe allow' "' *' '" ^ ^ A. Monroe, arraigned for kBd; The 1L Indictment for perjury^'I ' W. H^ODW-AIT, Ooapan,-. Agent, [ 1? Wliconiln St., Mil., Wl» EAGLE STEAM FOUNDRY, ! . " — Juro— • ' WORKS & SEUCOmn, Propnetora. No*. 298,398, 3OO,30S and 301 S'l^ WATEK STKKK J Tiro blocks below the L» Crosae H. B. ' SMJfOTACTBM . •'' , fITHBneit monthly meeting of the St. Georm'iSo- JL cletar yin bo heUIon the elevtnth day of Julj next. 4^,bt ng the Celtiratlon of Americaojndepend- «v r~ .... .. "-., . • - ,. -.^v > '.. • --vo.: CmrOounEOUJDi'a Ornci, - • > Contract Department, Jury 9th, 1SS». f ! BALED jproposalj will be rtcelverf at this office until ' o'elock at •ecoraance.Wth the plw *nd r! ~~ntroU«i^ (sfflce. -• " — fAHDIKEB, Comptroller., j QRIST * SAW MILLS, ' LISH aHAFTINQ, ' HILL GKABl.N'0, HOSaSTOWJEUS' 1 . jpitii Damtre MACHINES, .... BBIDOE, KAILBOAD ' md STEAMBOAT CASTINGS, '•>••-, IRON OOLOMNS, ' . lor Bnildlng», 'mod every variety of Job Work, la tie belt manner, anil on the most liberal term*. The- attention of Mill-owners and owaon at Waterpower, It parucolar!? colled to Ore WATER WHEEL, ** r tte , IBOrt P° W8rftl1 . durable ami eco- u " ented -no* liable to get out of . Ic9tor ^"kw"". and using less to th« ; power produced than any market. A descriptive circular fan. , free of charge. In Shermja's Addition, In Shcrman'j Addition, 5 5 (3 43 » « J3 43 « •ts - 1 4 3 3 U (', 7 10 I 4 5 Befteilu. M,;.)t.) la.dii il9 '£f> 13,00 3,33 -t,cJO r-.',ut •S!,00 23,tfi> ' 3,3S •»,U(J io;us 2S.33 S3jOO er. Contract D.parlmenvMS^'S???^"^ CJS.4XED proposals >m 08 t^ t ,~^-, ' t ,.', "~ „' ' & HI. July 18th, at Itt o'clock i U ^ offlWl uu ' the est 4 bll»hcd (trade tho street *nV,u» » '^'">S to lot 5, block 43,3rd Ward MJ^ ! a ? m m oarblng the-same. ' ' J aUo for P'anltlng ASSOUTJJKTK'r FUKNITUKE AT new new Churry, Black tr Bureaua r Wash staud *c. Also Z.oUog Sale posltlYo. 10 olil aprl O. 'O. JAVA r ojj»ilty,» i»fcZ« the bm la ihe ci , - • --. HCSN4 CKOS ity,«t BTTS. Maplo Beadstt-ada. Waahstands, Ta"]w .-, ..u' 1 '" " l *~ 1 "- " Terms caah. J. HOOD, Auctioneer. NOTICE . rt« *" 'f""" 0 ". and by tha canine of !fi,> tgagor, twill sell by auction to tho highest an , best bidder, at tho itUooa of Jlobartr Batoijrhlse, tie Fourth W;lM of ">• d 'y of «:IWH«- .«. J MI £«u water itreet. m *n oro ' ° a at, jm 1359, lha following Uescrlbcirliit of property to iris- 1 Pigeon Hole Tabla. IBarCoimtoranU Shelvi. I Bed Btcds,« Table., 30 Chalrj, 2 Cook 3toveJ, 4 PaVl Sto vis, 6 Wasb-staads, Ba»ln«, Pitchers, 13 .Urn Uui-' and i variaty o/ other, chattla property. ^r-"'. ' A" McCOUitlO ,• ' -t j- .i 1 *-! ' * :> -. _.Srt

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