Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on July 30, 1898 · Page 2
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 2

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 30, 1898
Page 2
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, STEELF: A. E D I T O R S A N O PROPRIF.IOHS S''-."! J».DAY MOtfN NC. J ' J L V r,-i£ J N . O N C D , T O f , o V V Tli?is) M seldom oca ,1 ;i! m ill is'rntioi; t l i t «li: .ul-i · · ;. - i»i ia-nlv 1 i"!" '""' I" ' 1 ' 1." ,«, |(-," ' l l - l l : t l i : i t two i V t h l V p l l ' l l l i . ' t 1 i past ti'\\ n i i I SOB ' U l r l l s ' l i ( 1 !l\ T;|(i ! i'.-- !iM'U- ,.i;;oi' ijui",timi \ \ i t l i , u Tim i i- .iH i u » ll i t s -t PHI: SCHLEY TESTIMONIAL. Tin i.ujveiiK'iit i n a u - t i i r a t e i l sit a ' ' i i U . ! ' · m i ' f - L i n y ul C u u i b u r l u u d ie- · c i i i h . lu M ' f u r u H testimonial t'oi 'oimmidore Winfielil Scott Rehloy, v Jl h.ivo tlio l i r a i t y c-.o-opoi.itinn of ·.il M.-uylanders, and popular sub- i - r i p t i o n s will not bo lacking to so( uro a proper tiibute of approcia- t i u u of i In- Loro of Santiago. Tlio in :u i n i'i- ol proceeding in this. i u i t - ici- .n the t o w n s of the State is the i t p p o m t u u - n l of the Mayors thereof to t a k e charge of the work. The mayors a p p o i n t committees to sol i c i t subscriptions, aud it' the towu ' i r i M ' t m n v . i t u i i - j a s u i u i - i - i e r k | l, e :i c o u n t y seat, tho c o m m i t t e e bo r .i:.u i in.- o v t - i M i - i · ! i'" i poor j ,. P l ,oi!ited w i l l be expected to havo i t ' H i - u t t h a t n t . - .11 ^ r . i i . i n c i - | ii,,. v i ! ru ol all parts of tlio county, h a t tlio -- h u m p s v:ii; tlu tusth. The elToU to in.ikf a. irood suit' tor a b - id CHM- f n ! l c l u m s y and ni;utiMi'.' j:.i''Mi i ^ t e i i c i i - s sti 1 li - M I hi ,,., .. t,,£._ K.vt'ii[it' s i k- 'In, m i i ' l l J L'. v H I S . It p( I S l s i b 111 -...lyiljp t l l i V t :i h ; 1 ' i n t r o d u c e d n\ H H e p u l i h o a u Spruit-*!', p.isscd 'JY ,i l i u n i i b l i c a n l e g i s i a t u i e and sisrn»d by .1 lli-publi (.·au Uovornor, WH-. a l)«motral'c scl.iribe to rob tue ta.\paycis ot t h e i r n i f i i i - j . ui the-·..\iin j t o n n u c t i o n it says tlu! Demot'i iis tri-.u f Fmce tho conur.i^sioiiets to a p p o i n t a c l e r k , when it is k n o w n to the ijeneial puL- iic, :ind eortainly to the editor ot' the ! r !,i(,ii. t h a t g e n t l e m e n of tho loyal iti clo-«o t o u c h w i t h t h e i, and of whom they ·sought'l, \veiv ot o p i n i o n t h a t Mi. W h i t b y could not sicirept tho clerkship to the commKsioiieis 1111 dei the new law, w i t h o u t i n v a l i d a t jtiir his position at. Bounty tieasnrei Jit. Whitby did refuse to jeopardiz bis office uf treasurer by accepting :in a p p o i n t m e n t for the making- o vhieh there was disputed a u t h o i i t y It is likewise k n o w n to the editoi o the Union that there were no Demo cratic applicants for the clerkship but there were several Republican v.'bo were figuring foi the place; , faclfetroufHy e o u f i v t n a t o r y o l : the sup position that the c o m m U s i o u p i b ex peered to appoint. The K c p n b l i cans havo ended in this m a t t e r , afte 11 si'eat deal of circumlocution, jusi where tboy bogiin, and the more fair-minded of them are not dis pleased t h a t Treasurer Whitby 'wil have the f u l l office of c o u n t y treas urer and clerk to tlio c o u n t y coiu- misioncis as it stood w h e n ho waf elected to it--salary and ;ill--whiei is all t h a t 3Ir. W h i t l i y lias ever eon, tended foi, my and a i l s t a t e m e n t s , to the central3' n o t w i t h s t a n d i n g . On a par iii In this is, I hi.- story of tin- l'ninn that the trustees of (!;· J«KI vcre c-ajolt-d by Dei\io'i;it.- i n t o ap- I d i n t i n g 3lr. Ailub.-itid m-cix-cr for a n o t h e r y o a t . The p l a i n l.ict.s are tint t i i o » p p r i i i t i n e t i f u a s m a d o n p o n Mr. Allab.iud\ u c o r d last ynar. It is siiuply nonsense to s.j.y t l i a t the trustees did not k n o w the a p p l i c a n t s for the- position. The p a r t y lash had no" beflii applied, h o w e v e r , as it afterwsmls w.u., to make tiiein revoke t h e a p p o i n t m e n t I J t t u h t l f i tIi- h listens w o u l d h.ivu boen m t i c i i nioii- c o i t i f o i t a b l e if t i w y had u o t bi't-n made to s t u l i f y thomsclve.s in such a p i c a y n u u affair. Oiu offciiso in t h u m a t t e r is t h a r we nuiasnred the- trustees aooording ti th«;ii seeming; and they didn'r corao up to it. It was not the .fight of t h u Democrats and if there is any f u n e r a l in it it will not be thoirs. Tiio greatest kindness, w c.iu Jo the uilitor of the 1'iion--and wn w i l l do i t , uiitah*- there is urgcut need to the c o n t r a r y -- w i l l be to r o f i A m f i o m b n u g i ' j g t o iiublie view t l i f n a r r o w ness of bis political vision and tho uavelt-ssnesri with w h i c h he presents, as alleged atguinents. statements t h a t are self-refuted. WAR CLOUDS LOWER. i i \ c o p t other incorporated t o w n s t h e r e i n . Each local c o m m i t t e e w i l l t i e t o ! m i n e for itself its method of a i ' l i n t r the project. We aro not in- Prof. E. B e n j a m i n Andrew-,, an e m i n e n t educator, in a reeenf lecture on "European Politics, 1 ' before the Monoua Lake Assembly, pie- dicted a. great European w.u in the n oar f u t u r e and that tlio United States would be dragged i n t o it. "You may ask what force in Europe preserves poace in Europe,'' he said. "This peace force is tho money power, the gieat financiers whoe interests are outtrely opposed to war. There are larpe umnbeis. of people, intelligent, t h o u g h t f u l people Vno bc-liovo that a general war would kill off ouou^h of the laboring people to solve t h e labor question. Those w h o wore left could be paid iaiger waives and live on a higher plane. It is intere.sting- to consider which nation of Europe will be benefited most by a i,' 6 " 0 TM! European wai. That n a t i o n u n - doubtedly would bo Groat liritian. She has the navy, the men aud tho money. England is far butter situated in Jinancial way.s for war thcin any other Ennipcan power. Tho prebeut frieudlnid-ss tit' Great Britian toward tho I'nitod States, I believe to be sinci-ie. and not expressed for tho p u i p o a f o' iuakin^ capital o u t oi us. \Ve ^ l i o u l d res- P'md to t h i b S M i t m i f n t . [icsidos tho tier, of blood, ·.·:· woniil I ,- w i s e to have n p o w e r f u l , U i y i n case ot friction w i t h finyoiLui l£iuoj can piwcr. We shall piobably bo cum]ii:lled to lake a place i.i the- M'ttloinent ot the Easlein question. Th'-io ato many people w h o i u s i s t tJial we shall koop n p the role of the h e r m i t nation: that we m u s t keop aloof fioin the world. In my j u d g m e n t , there is no uhoici! hot'oro t h e American nation. Whether wi- wish to " r n o t , » we must tako oui plaee among the powers of the woild. The United States may be dragged i n t o Uu; company of f h e p o w e f f i b y thr heisls or _t.ike i t j place v o l u u t a i i l y and call to the world: "Hon- is Jonathan; ho is sis feet two; Le has hajj come to stay; ho -waits to bo counted; you must re_ckiju with him." ( " i n u d a-^ to w h e t h e r Mayor Barry A. Ko". of this place, has been iu- ·01 mod of his appointment, or what Ins -iction will be in the matter, but i 1 is sate to say that with the h u n i ! reds of Schley admirers hereabout Donton will give a good account of herself. The names of all contrihu- tois, with postoffice addresses, will be I'ompilod in a book giving a history of the movement, which is to accompany the testimonial. Tho people of Maryland can not add an iota to the well-won fame ot'Commo- doio Schloy, but they can and will show to the outside world that they appreciate it to the full. SPANISH AS SOLDIERS. Scribuer's Magazine says the Spanish soldiers are not to be dis- pised A writer on our first fights says: "It is the Cuban idea to belittle, in every possible manner, every arm of the Spanish service. Cavalrymen can not ride. Artil- letists can not find the range. Infantrymen can not march or shoot. Tlioir arms are antiquated and their heait is not in the flght. A Cuban scout told me that if a Spanish cavalryman galloped his horse he would fall off; if any of the Spanish army heard a gun-shot they would r u n away. My observations have not f o u n d this to be a fact, however, and T do not think too much dependence should be placed upon the piojudiced word of the over-enthusiastic patriot from cross the gulf. The time that we spent on the Cuban eo,ust showed the Spaniards to be very alert, and ready for attack. They have an excellent signal-ser- vu-o both with wires and with heliograph aud Hags. The intelligence of our movements was evidently conveyed by this service each day, as the movement of troops indicated. Batteries have been placed at every pot where a ship could be lauded. A n y t h i n g but a landing in force lie cxtieinity of folly." EDITORIAL NOTES. \ - OLD BURYING GROUNDS (Jol. Prenllss I n t r i i i h a m , a t a l u i i t i i l Talbot author, has in pru-, a book in w h i c h m a n y people i n oar nMsrh- kioriiifr county of Talbnt. .-ind olst.i- whorp, w i l l bo intori'sti ii Tin- tit!. 1 is "Land of Legond.-uy L o u , " and it will embrace h i s t o i y , ti.ulmons, many intorostmp oai!-, b i o i ^ i a p h j , c. Tho m a n i i L i o a n d oustoiijs A Kastciu Shoiemcn ' f t h e 1'ui;; ajrs' will be one of t i n i i i i ' - r o s u u g t h e m i ^ from Auld L.u^; S - I K Follow in;.is an extract Lio"i , :. adv.ii-ce pio"* of a chapter · u ''Old Buiyiiit; Grounds:" "Just w h y l a u i i l y jriai'cy.ii'd 1 - 'vorc almost i n v a r i a b l y in f u l l sipht of, and floso to M-o i l w ^ l l i n n ; liouse of tho l i v i n g i.s not r.isily o\- plained. Some assoit th-it it was a desire of the living to ha\ e ihoii loved dead near them, while otheis say that iu the olden time it was to protect tho graves from I n d i a n des- poilation, or the bodies being- u n - earthed by the wild animal?. Whatever t h o m o t i v e the l.tnnly i-Mirying grounds of t h e Smith .lie strangely near tho habitation of the living. In many eases here in Talbot tlio dead aro inearthed close up to tho mansion, or quite w i t h i n a stone's t h r o w of the broad piazzas upon which the families are wont to gather ou summer evenings. These lostiug places of those who have gone bc-foro, under tho eye of tho living, seem a constant reminder that man's span of life was of short duration, and he, too, must soon go into the shadows of the Great Beyond. In New England, aud the Middle States, the early settlers lived close together, the farms were not large, and a community had one burial place, there seldom being family burying grounds ou a home estate. But in the South it was different and every plantation and farm, with rare exceptions, had its graveyard. In Maryland, on the Eastern Shore, and particularly iu Talbot.these family b u r y i n g grounds were a feature of every country home. Though there have boen perhaps fewer changes heie in Talbot of proprietorship of estates, so many remaining in the hands of deceud- ants of the first American ancestors, yet a n u m b e r have changed ownership, and the bones of the dead went with tho land, so to speak. Tho change of owners meant also neglect of the b u r y i n g ground ou the estate; for new comers, unconnected by kindred ties with the doad, cared little, if anything, to keep the sacred spot iu good condition: foi death i.s sacred, and h u m a n ashes sanctify earth if anything does " VI 7 A1*.- \21 TL^KSS'H PHI I \I)LL -- \. .I'.u'U.iy, Ju! 25, 183S Stoic d f-« S - t u u K i y .uteinoona i!iirin: tilt' M i i n m u . ,V\(Mi'- s u i i i i i K - i shoes. New, styli-sli -slws i!ij* to I'tiaianti.L 1 will- prices /Ft f }l "- arc scaiccly above And h a l f . We bought all they had--took the stock on hand from three ·Uneiiain slioenukei.s whose ag- giegsite business ii ten million dol- Ltis a y e a t . At our retail price there is'nearly 835,000 worth. Yet that is only about a third of one per cent, of the yearly v o l u m e uf their though you held a b u n d l e d apples ind gave a t h i r d ot one apple away. Too little ror t h e m to w o r r y over--a most f o i t u n a l t 1 year brin;^ so l i t t l e los.s at the season's clear-up. But it means eighteen thousand (1«,000) pairs ot men's seasonable shoes to be sold--:it 81.90 a pair, instead of $3 and 84. Stylish and seasonable shoes-of these five sorts of leather-tan color willow iMlfskin tan color Russia ailtbkln brown kidskin kidsk-m tan color ludskin Hiere are bulldog toes and bng- lish and London and Boston toes to choose from--yes, and some of the plain wide Lomfoi table French toe shape. The shoes are all welted--which means to you a perfectly smooth foot rest and shoes that can have new soles sewed on when needed. S3 and S4 shoes at 81.90. We don't feel like selling these in [juantities, even to storekeepers who offer the retail price. The a d v a n - tage is for our eveiyday, all-the- year-round shoe customers, and for new-comers who shall become all- the-year-round customers of a store that sells shoes so well. John Wanamaker. Ifnll Tbree Great f\ i d-S u n) nr) e r Clearance It s l i m b wo wore clearing out the odd lots and broken sines in Suuiinm goodb. This annual sale is an eagerly lookod-t'or event, for it's a great means ot baving on just the ngbt goods, the popular clothes, i . t i i t i m o when their iiscl illness ' is ;i.t it'.s height. Wo'll close ontthisweek our stock of Summer Cassimcre, Cheviot, Wor ^tod and Fancy Mixture Suits that sold up to $15.00 -- choice of auy for $7.5O. Suits wo made-to-ordor, but for .soino reason ov other worn uncalled for, worth up to $25, will bo included in these gioat sales at $11. The bal.mcoof our Men's Pointed and Square Too Shoes, arc grouped into two price divisions, Fine Calf, Vici Russets and Tan Shoes, we sold for $3, w i l l go at $$1.5O. Those we sold u p to $;" w i l l go at $2.5O. Hetlur lie * | r , t o i UICIL -.hoes lnr- ;,-a.iis. nuil there . lrt - only luu hundred odd nnir, ML CLEARING OUT SALE! For Ihi; next thirty iluv-.. to nniki- room t'ov the caiiniii',' -IM-OH, 1 w i l l otlbv nt GREATLY R E D U C E D VR1CES tiluiiil We've taken our Men's *l-7ri and 2.00 Belgium Split Braid Yacht, Soft _^ Brim Sailor and Mackinaw Hats, and made a special price ou nil of $1.2,1. Oui Men's 75c and $L Rough ·Tniiibo Druid Sailors and Mackinaw H«ts will go at 4Sc. O t h e r department? are fooling the keen k n i f o ot this Clearance Sale, so that there's hardly anything you need but can be had for ranch below regular prices. ChildreiTs Clothing, Hals and Shoes. Men's I'liriiislinigs and Underucar. Uicyclc Clothes, Hntb, Shots and llo'-e. Bnthinj? Suits nnd Trunks. W i t h a unanimity seldom noted h« Democrats of the First Congtob- inu;.I district are asking for the joniiuation of Col. John Walter Smith, of Worcester, and it is said will undoubtedly be the nominee- Flo has said he would make the race t the party called for him. The uanifest harmony throughout the hstnct presages the restoration of he First to the Democratic strong- lokls. The Democracy carried the lis-h-iot with Senator Thomas A. Smith as a candidate for comptroller t year by fifteen hundred major- ly, aud-in the coming congressional ht wo ought to do better still. Uness all signs fail, the Eastern Shoio's iext Congressman will be Col. John Walter Smith. Popalar interest will be greatly in- .reased in our national game -- base- all -- if a recently-proposed method f scoi ing shall be adopted. It is to omit the runs by quarters: First JHSO, one-quarter and each' of the t h o r bases one-quarter. This ar- angement will be in line with pitch- rs, as they do now, getting credit or the number of men struck out, is it would then coat the pitcher ne-fourth of a run to throw four balls wild of the plate. It not in- requently happens that a club loses .11 the benefit from a two-base hit r stolon base because of poor bat- Lug following. Adopt the quarter- onnting rule and let every player o stand on the merit of his play- Air. Julius A. Johnson died Monlay morning, at his residence in V u b u r n , N. Y., aged seventy-three ·ears. Mr. Johnson was the founder f the Easton Ledger, and is doubt- u^b lomumbered by many of the :uwspapor fraternity on the peuin- ula. those who were in the business n t h e seventies, as a clever writer nd a genial gentleman. At the ime of. his death be was still in the arnoss, being editor and proprietor £ C'ayiiga County Independent. It is estimated that the Jews of tho United States n u m b e r about 1,200,000 although| that may be somewhat iu excess. Although in common with the great mass of the population they prefer the cities, t l u - y are found scattered iu every section from Bangor to tho Klondike, aud their synagogues, which woic a novelty a few decades ago, *.ive in places like New York, Philu- delphia, Charleston, Savannah aud R i c h m o n d , can be met everywhere. Representative Barber has sent tho name of Joseph H. White, Republican, to the President for appointment as postmaster at Easton, Aul., to succeed Clement R. Leonard, Democrat, appointed by President Cleveland, whose commission will o.xpiio August 8. Persons troubled with diarrhoea will be interested in tue experiouco of Mr. W. M. Bush, clerk of Hoto! Dorrance, Providence, R. I. Ho says: "For several yoais ! h i v e be«u almost a constant sufferer t'loni diarrhoea, the t r ^ q u o n t attacks completely prostrah nr me and rcndei- ing me u n f i t for my dutio-* at f h i s hotel. About two yuars ago :i traveling salesman k i u d l y yave me ;i small bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhcva Remedy. Much to my surprise aud delight its effects were immediate. Whenever I felt symptoms of the disease I would fortify myself against the attack with a few doses of this valuable remedy. The result has been very satisfactory and almost complete relief from tho .ilTliction." For sale by W. E.' Brown, Dentou; Hugh Duffey, Hillsboio, 11. .7. Colston, Ridgely. Our baby has boen c o n t i n u a l l y troubled with colic and choleia in- fantuin since his birth, and all that we could do for him did not seem to give more than temporary rolief, until we tried Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. Since giving that remedy he has not been troubled. We want to give you this testimonial as an evidence of our gratitude, not that you need it to advertise your meritorious remedy.--G. M. LAW, Kookuk, Iowa. For sale by W. E. Brown, Denton; Hugh Dnffey, Hillsboro: R. J. Colston, Ridgely. $3,500 WORTH OF CARRIAGES, Uenrbonis, Spnulio mul Farm Wagoite, Farm Implement-. Pious, LKrio\\ii, Corn Harvester*, M a n u r e Spi-radr-r^, Wheel Itn^cs, nnd lino Disc Il.urcw- u i t h the Litest tniprtnorucnlb. Covois niui 1'ly Xct 1 -. 47 SETS OF LIGHT BUGGY HARHESS Al'l'I V A.T W. H. MURPHY'S Warehouse and Store-Rooms, Farming-ton, Dol. DIED. JOPP.--On July 22nd, of consumption, Charles W. F. Jopp, aged 40 years, 1 month and 22 days. In' torment in Denton Cemetery. He leaves a wife and one child. JOHN II. C. LKGO, SOLICITOR-IN-U1IAJ.-CEKY, L'KXTKB'V 11.1 K, Order Nisi. John H. C. i-egg, A«igne«, v^. William M. Dny and Wife. Moitgagii s . In the Circuit Court foi Caroline CounU. In Equity. No. 021. Ordered on this I J t h day of July, 1808, that the salu of tlio ibnl estate- mentioned nnd described in the moit^ugu iioiji W. M. Day nnd wife to JaniCB T. ""Wood, dr.ted tho 28th day of May, 1878, ami iv- corded in Lihor J. AV. '['., No. 40, Mm 182, etc., a land i coord book for Cnroliin- county, Msryland, nnd a^-i^nr-d bv niunse iissigtimcnts to John II. C. Lugg, mid made hy John H. C. Legg, iisjaigneL', and reported in this cause, be ratified and t in- lirmed, unless cause to thu contrary W shown on or befoie I ho Kith dav af aup- tcmber, 1898. piovidud n cup\ "f tins w- dcr be inserted in some nowi-paper printed in Caroline county, ilniyhnul, uiicc in cncli of tbree siuoc«si\o \\f-eU? bulon- Iho loth day of Augu*l m\t Tho report statc= tlii' iiiioiint of . ilu s lo hs §2,000.00. CHAKLKS \V. J10RBS, C'li-i-k True copy--Tiiht · CHAELKS \V. IICiBUS, Cloib. DISEASES OF THE SKIM. The intense itching and smarting incident to eczema, tetter, Bait-rheum, nnu other diseases of the skin is insUintly allayed by applying Chamberlain's Eje and Skin Ointment. Many very bad casts havo been permanently cured by it. It is equally efficient for itching piles nnd a favorite remedy for fioro nipples; chapped hunds, chilblains, frost bite.-«, and cliirmic soie eyes. For sale by druggisis nt 25 cents per box. TryDr. Cady's Condition Powders, they ire just what :i horee needs when in bad conili you. Tonic, blood purilici .iiul vermifuge. Examiners' Notice. We, the undersigned, having been appointed by the county commissioners of Caroline county to examine nnd, if found necessary, lay dovn a new public road in the Eighth Election District, beginning at 01 near Bcachamp's Bridge, on the rond lending from Willislon to Concord, and r u n n i n g through the lands of Mrs. Elizabeth .Headlamp, Wilh.irn P. Liden, and between the lands of 13 M. Gaiey and W. C. Andicw, until it intersi'e.ts tlio county nidd leading from Two Johns to Jones' Cornet, hereby give notice that wo will meet nt «nid place of beginning at 9 o'clock .1. in., on MONDAY, S E P T E M B E R 5th, 18£i8, to execute our commission. Tho county surveyor w i l l please attend without further notice. JOSEPH l'\ ROOF, SAMUEL T. NOURTS, WILLIAM T. LORD, J u l y 30, 1898. Examiner?. PUBLIC SALE --OF-REAL ESTATE, By v i i t u u of competent authority the undersigned will ell at public Mile, at Ridgely, Maryland, on Saturday, the 13th oi August, 18U8, between the hours of 1 und 3 o'clock p in. the following real estate to wit: All that farm, tractor part of a tract of land situated in the Second election district of Caroline county, Maiylnnd, on the public ICJ.H! leading fiom Gicensborough to liridgctoxtn, nnd ,-ibout one and a-lmlf miles from the latter place, adjoining the hinds (Intely) of the hoir- of Wm, M. Day, the land.-- of Boone Loockurmnn and others, k n o w n a- the "Alonzo Clark Farm, ' and r outlining 222 ACRES OF LAND, more or ]f-s. This land i- of superior quality, hiu on it TWO SETS OF BUILDINGS, in ordiimiy icpaii, Well located «-. to railroad ti.inspoitation.ocbools, churches, etc., and w i l l be oll'cied in thiee Inicts -- 76 ucrcs, 85 fieros and 61 aoios lospcctivcly -according to a plat In be exhibited on tho day of sale, nnd thi-i, us ;i v. huh-, nnd will be Mild in whit-lii-MM u n \ it brings the ino't money. · VKRMS OF SALK "When you're in Baltimore make Oehm's Acme Hall your headquarters. Ladies' Waiting, Retiring and "Writing Booms; Men's Smoking and Waiting Booms Free, no matter whether you're a customer or not; meet your friends at Oehm's. Parcels checked free, and every accommodation and comfort is cordially extended to you. Oehm's Acme Hal] Baltimore Charles Sts,, BALTIMORE, MD, All C.u Ijinnh P.i^s Our Door. TWO T WO months yet to wear Months Serge Suits and at the little For Serge prices we have on them you Suits . Kan get more ·style, co'i-^oit and wear out of them than in any suit you buy. ^7.50 #10, $ i 2 . 5 o a n d £15. We have sold more of them this season than ever. All sizes--regulars, stouts and slims. Double-breasted Coat Suits in young men's sizes, $8, £10, $12.50 and $15. Boys' size in single breasted coat suits, sizes 15 to 19 years, long trousers, $6.50 $7.50 and #10. Double- breasted coat suits $S and $10. Boys' Knee Pant Suits in Dark Blue Serge $4, $5 and $6, sizes 8 to 16 years. Odd Trousers, all sizes, in Blue Serge. Closed evenings 6 except Saturday. . JAS, T, MULLIN SONS, Clothing Sixth and Hats, Market, Shoes, Wilmington. JOB PRINTING -- Midi AS -- ir-\ N];IULLS. CIUCULAHS, f l M N h l J I I . I ^ , C L U C U I j A K S , I! i N D I i t M ^ . ( U H f i n . A K S , l i A N D J H I . L S , ( U I U ' U I . A I I S , H A N D l i f L L S . jn day oi . sale and thu balniiLC in four equal aniuial mst:ilments, the dofei red pay men U to hear interest nnd U be seemed to Llie sui^faction of tho un- dcrbigncd B. E. HILL, 200 Equitable Building, Jialtimou 1 , Md., Allorney for the Owner. BSiT'Phit can be teen .ind information given at tho ollice ol Lhwi-. i: W»r, attorneys, Den ton, M'l. Notice- All pcriont wlw liuvu icp.'ur work in inj shop urc requested to call for it before tho IGlli dny of August next, 01 it will bo sold on Unit dny, :it public unction, to pnv chnrgcs. MOSES GOTTLIEB. , JJ1LL1IEAUS, I S I L L I t E A D K , J i l L L U E A U K , BILLHEADS, L K G A L FORMS, L K O A L FORMS, LK«AL FORMS, LEGAL FORMS, LKOAL FORMS CARDS, CARDS CARDS, CARDS, CARDS, TICKETS, TICKETS, TICKETS, TICKETS, TICKETS, ANll A I.I. K I N D * Of PLAIN AND FANCY PLAIN AND FANCY PLAIN AND FANCY PLAIN AND FANCY PLAIN AND FANCY JOB "WORK JOB WORK JOB WORK JOB WORK JOB WORK KXKCUTED WITH NEATNESS AND DISPATCH NEATNESS AND DISPATCH NEATNESS AND DISPATCH CARRIAGES, HARNESS, LAP DUSTERS, Galvanized and Tared Felt ROOFING FURNITURE Headquarters for Drive-well Material, Plows, "Wheelwright nnd Blacksmith Supplies, Uuild- iilg Hnrdwnrc; Uiuriiigi', "VVn^on, C:irl:ind Plow I[iirno=s Pnints HTK! Oils, Timvnrc, Ilnrno'.* and Shoe Lc.Uhoi, "\Vnshing Machines, lioll Lai-ins;, :uul WITH SOOD5! I hnvp :i Invgc stock of B;ubcd "VVivc (!nble Wire Hucluhoijj and Itibbon Pon- cing, I'oulti ^ W ptl i rig, c t l L G K M A N 11AKV1SY, ille. ltd. Order Nisi, Edwin II. Brown, Tiu^tee, Assignee, vs. Robert 15 Roberts, Moitgagor In tho Ciicuit Court foi Caiolinu County In Equity. Ordered this Otb day of July, 1S')3, that tho sale made and reported in tho nbovc case of the mortgaged real estate by Edwin H. Brown, Trustee, Assignee of ilort- jageo bo finally ratified and confirmed, unless cause to the contrary thcicof be shown on or before the 10th day of Sop- ;cmbor, 1898, provided n copy of this order be inserted in some newspaper, printed and published in Caroline County, Maryland once in each of three successive weeks before the Oth day of August, 1898. Tho report suites the amount of sale* to be §400.00 CHARLES W. HOBBS, Clerk. True Copy--Test- CHARLES W. HOBBS, Clork. D-3®MIN^R tmf \i\J BiirS SUlf 6 HMt d'A\ CLEARING OUT fi. ^it^Jl'.i.':' ·' -si »u , · ,-·· if' Ay "S E ~yi-5}' 'ij-'T 1 '-^--^^- --·,'-· All Siimmt-r Goods must go at some uric-j We don't tend to carry money on all n- e yard. Now is your oh nice to save Dry Goods, Notions, Mailings, Men's ad Boy's Clothing. Gi-i,/iiains ami ioc __ f u s t t h i n k of all o; tlu- best Percales, F; Madras Cloths that sold for i2£ and i=,c--ai! ^o lor and a big lol to b-j s-l(i ai Sc. Cilico.-s, be -I goods, in black nd white, jLjray ?.nd blue, worth 6 and ; --.\'i - for 50. Light calicoes for /]c. All of our Summer Organdies reduced--^ctfoods for soc-- 2oc goods for 150 o;oods for 12^0. We have placed on a Bargain Counter Hundreds ol yards of goods all to be sold for SG. Come and get first pick. See our 290 Table Linens, and 59 and 750 ones : cannot duplicate them for same money. Hundreds of yards of all- wool dress goods to be sold at 250. worth double to weai. This includes blue, black, green and red all-wool serg-es, and a handsome lot of mixed dress goods, all go for 25c. All of of our i5c dress goods to be sold for ioc, SPECIAL BARGAINS In Mohairs in green and brown, worth 650:, to close, 490; and one piece of gray worth £1.00 for ;5c to close, and black^ positively the best we ever had, all go during this sale, $1.00 kind now 750 ; 850 kind now 6oc; 650 kind now 5oc kind now 37^c. Now is your time to buy bargains in Silks. Best plain black China silk, worth 75c to close at 55c. Name your own price on fancy silks. All of our guaranteed kid gloves in tan, brown, black and white, worth $[.25, during this sale only 98c. See our a9c and soc corsets. P. N. Corsets (or 50, 85c and £1.00. Ferris waist only 6oc. CLOTHING! CLOTHING! Just think over 500 suits to select from. See our $4.00 and $4-50 suits reduced to $'2 98 to close. A special bargain suit for $7.5oin men's during this sale. Look, all of our $5.00 pants in black, all-wool clay worsted to close out at $2.50, and all of our best tailor-made pants worth $5.00 and $6.00, all go for $3.50 to close. Bicycle suits and pants, crash suits for men, boys and children. Clothing for everybody. Suits from 75c to $18.00. Pants 250 to $6.00, all reduced to close out. We are positively giving the biggest shirt bargains ever' offered in Easton. Have you seen our 4gc shirts? Only a few of those $1.25 form last season, reduced to 6gc to close. See our $i .00 shirts. Just opened the latest thing in this line. Link cuffs only 150. If you are looking for bargains in dress goods, clothing, notions, etc. Call and see us, no trouble but a pleasure to show you. Just opened up a lot of Piques in white, blue and pink, all for i5c. Goods must go to make room for Fall stock. Ready-Made Skirts and ready-made, Waists at Your Own Prices, to close out. T H E B A K f J A l N C M V K K S . J. C. GODWIN CO., EASTON, MD, Jf^'Don't forget tho A n n u a l II. P. Sunday School rkoursion to Ocean City, August 17th, IS'JS. . YOUR V/HEAT | -«»a«- ^ See Our Agents, Who Are Prepared to Pay Highest Market Prices on Delivery. ' P H GOT.T 1 W H DENNY. S. N. SMITH, JR., Wye Station, Willoue-hby, .Q. A. E. R. 4$f EUGENE LYNCH, $ W. H. ANDERSON, ·ili? H. C. HOBBS, ffi W. R. PETERS, Downos, Denton, Hobbs, Hickman, |[ M. L. BLANCHARD. Blanchard, Greenwood, Ellendale, Milton, Lewes, W. S. LORD, J. CULVER, CUSTIS BURTON, E. W. INGRAM, ^ju Grain also received, on Storage in Elevator, Queens- · j^ town, and negotiable Receipt issued, covered by Insur- M'J ance. Particulars furnished ou application to i %5* ^ f WILLIS! M , CONN,] Manager For j WM, HOPPS CO. 1 W QUEENSTOWN, MD. J ( BALTIMORE, MD. i 1 For Rent for 1899, Storehouse nnd dwelling at Fowling 'reek, Mel. A good business stnndiuid n good condition. Apply to CHAS.i\ WILLIS. ISO Hanover, St, Unltinioro, Md. Money to Loan, n sums of SSOO und upward. Ajijily to LEWIS WEST," Denton, Md. R. B.BON D, DEALER IN ^^ral ^icrei} WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, FOR THE NEXT TWO WEEKS for Spot For Sale, One Plnuor nnd Hfnlchcr, romplotc. Prieo low mid terms, eiisy. Apply to S. 1'. BJtOWN. " 30 li lliukiniin, Dol. I will continue to sell all Proprietary Modicinos at Prices which prevailed before the war tax was imposed. Hood's Sarsaparilla, 85c. Pierce's Pellets, 20c. Mrs. Pinkham's Medicines, 85c. Pierce's Golden Discovery Favorite Prescription, 85c. Chamberlain's Preparations at tho old Prices. Quinine Pills, 5c. a dozen; 25c. a hundred. Wo biij only Uio Best Medicines that can bo boiiglit :il sxny price. Try.* Glass of R«fr«sl)li)g Soi tbese Hot Days. W. E. BROWN, DRUGGIST, DENTON, MD. §f §·§· if == IV A Will give all the benefit of f 1 large purchases for |f I CASH! | 4 GASH PAID FOR E©GS. M HOUSE UHLER, -- DEALERS IS-- ® SEASONED PfNE (ORIGINAL GROWTH) Framing Sawed to Correct Sizes; Shingles; Laths; Flooring; Siding; Lime; Hair; Cement, Etc, AT OUR COAL YARD, AT THE RAILROAD STATION, Will be kept on hand a supply of First-Class Morea Stove Coal. It is (he best! Farmers are informed that we furnish Kerr Bros.' Wrightsville Land Lime. Now -is the tinte to give yonr order. Satisfaction guaranteed. 'IWSPAPKRflRCHIVf

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