The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 21, 1916 · Page 1
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 1

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 21, 1916
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Constitution. VOLUME XXIX. 4 Pages. WO . 1. AUTO TURNED IHEAffi KKL/LY CESAR, liAfH EUNICE WOKLEY AT H O S i ' l T A l , THEGliSTiAN STMTS GREAT MEETINS H O W A R D . ; REV. ROBERTS Mll.H'F.iUin ! CEILLICOTiJS, MISSOURI, TUESDAY, NOV. 21, 1916 DAILY EDITION, 5c FIRST SiCRJFON MONDAY Clionis ^ Orsanizcd, Directed by Jfj-t,. Chainbtrs Interest Growing. yesterday and filled h. s ent at the C t in the b e g i » oft Don Hhu-kljiu-n, Fourth Member oi tho Party, Was Thrown Cle.ii- of tho -Car--Was, Uiiiiijiii-cd. Kelly Cesar, E u u i c e Worley and Laura Howard are at tho h o s p i t a l j E e v . R o b e l t s suffering trom injuries received late I Chilhcoth u v t u 11, Monday when a Ford road-ter i n , ap , which they were r i d i n g t u r n e d o v e r - i a s about five miles southeast ot j es Ol - s p e c l al r the city on the South Wheel- i Mr?. Chambers ing road. Don B l a c k b u r n , the i o u r t h ' w h o ha member of the party, was t h r o w n ' clear of the car and escaped u n i n j u r ed. One of the rear wheels ot the '-ai caught m a rut in the road and threw the car completely a r o u n d , o v e r t u r n , ing it. Cesar and tho t w o g.rls were caught b e n e a t h the burn was th the accident. John M a n n i n g , a well known farmer, rc=idini; in ;: : c J a c k s n i p e neighborhood, w h o w a s r e t u r n - overlaoard near the northern entrance of Unimak Pass, November 3 4 , and was drowned. U'ilsoii's Jless-agre is. Ready. Washington, Nov.~.21 -- P r e s i d e n t Wilson practically/ completed his next i --'· · annual message to Congress today, j T'L"I.l,Ri OCT OF T : I E NEW and plans to put the finishing touches ro_Y H A R I S O K THIS on it tomorrow. It will be devoted x ,,,,,.,, ,. v almost entirely to domestic matters " ' "'' mmim us SECOND mm is ot a ser- His sister, em, Iowa, aas, c h a r g e ol t h e rius.c d u r i n g the meetings, proceeded him and as"- sisted in the servioe, b o t h Sunday morning and evening. The house was, w e l l tilled at both .services Sund^., and the solos of Mrs. l l o b e r » and Mrs C h a m b e r s were especially h e l p f u l . A good representation ot the church and will deal primarily with, legisla- t i v e questions recommended by Congress previously and not finally settled. The principal items in the message are understood to be railroad legislation to meet the situation create.! by the threatened railroad strike la«t August,- a measure to allow American exporters to t o r m c o m m o n selling agencies a b r o a d ; conservation b i l l s ; a c o r r u p t practice measure, and the Porto Rico Bill. I Will !'as-s the Hocks AVhero tile Former Resident Killed. Accident Ocrurml About, J:3O ' v Tlii'i Afternoon. New L o n d o n , Conn , Nov. 21 Tim G e r m a n sub-sea merchanDii.m. Deutschlaiid made her second start for her h o m e port in B r e m e n a( 2 35 o'clock this aJternoou, escorted by two lugs which a c c o m p a n i e d her to tho t h r e e mile limit at the end of s o u n d . The a c c o m p a n y i n g cheer-, telegram I 0 1 ' h o r motherslup, tbe Willebad's that one of the bullets hit the wind. shield. J. A. Clouser, ex-chief of police, n as recalled t o the witness stand today and testified that he gave his consent to c'ean the floors of the McDaniol home, but that he certainl/ not give McDaniel authority to d i d b u r n any movaJble articles in the room where Mrs. McDaniel was m u r - dered. Clouser's testimony was said to be d a m a g i n g to tbe d e f e n d a n t in that II showed an u n u s u a l desire on the p a r t of the defendant t o burn the bed clothing ot tho m u r d e r e d woman's bed. The character of E. E. Gard, one of the principle witnesses for the de- 'ensc, was attacked by the state today. The state attempted to prove :hat Gard was ten jmles away front he place 1 he claims to have been on STEWART REFUSED NEW TRIAL, APPEALS :he night of the murder. The defense scored a shot before noon when a state's w i t n e s s stated CASE TAKEN TO THE SUPREME COURT, BOND $10,000. Was Convicted of the Miu-der of Cai-l Sclilohohni--Sow With Parents at O.meron. CALIEOM OFFICIALLY TO WILSON UK 3000 REPUBUCAX STATB CENTRAL COMMITTEE CONCEDES THIS AMOUXl'. Living^ Official and Seina-Officini Returns Show the President's. Jjeal Is 3,418. a'rtvn^raf fe* t E f r ' m i TM m **^ *TM t e d *ev. ^^ ics wore out of the way he p r e a c h e d an excellent s e r m o n especially to i c h r i s t l a n People, "Ye shall boar mur-h ing homo f r o m C h i l l i c o t h e h e a r d I f r u l t - a T l d s h o w e d h(w , ,, ,, ,, ,...' someone calling for help djiva t h e ' road as he was t u r n i n g f r o m Ui^ main road to go to h i s h o m e He found the three u n d e r the car. W i t h the assistance of others who soon I soon tulnlled in the lite of the Jer- 1 usalem c h u r c h w h e r e P e f r preached m and t h i e o t h o u s a n d souls were they at the scene of the a c c i d e n t were r e m o v e d t r o m b e n e a t u I that on the night of the m u r d e r , Mc- tho p o i n t of her no«e t u r n i n g tov.'ai'l n c s d a y a f t e r n o o n . ty. Later they moved to this city U l l t u " e t c the f r u i t a g e o f , t h e i r devotion, j where they operated a d r u g store f o i T h e spirit that a n i m a t e d t h e ciples of Jesus m that m e e t m Billy and his f a t h e r , J. W. G r a v e s , , e ope " U I a ntic and w i t h the f u g f o r m e r l y f a r m e d in Livingston c o u n . | T a l b e r t a l o n S side, soon headed i n l o d i s - l a number of years. A b o u t filteeu | irresistible. The p r e a c h i n g the car and placed in the M a n n i n g 11vora ol p e t e r , vas a l s o m ^ ^ wa-- of tho a u t o m o b i l e and hurried to the hospital in t h i s city, where it was f o u n d b o t h Ibones in the Cesai r u l - becaus e it was b a c k e d these spirit filled live.. sar boy's r i g h t h,ow prayer for a c l » I i n , t e t h i n leg were broken between the kneej t l . U i S S unity ot n u r p o s e into a c h u r c h and ankle, the Howard girl's | There is no g P a ^ ^ thigh was oroken and the Worley , can dosire t h a u t h ( J r P d p m ] ) t l o n E.rl was i n j u r e d a b o u t the head ana t h e i r f r i e n ds. He spoke years ago they w e n t to O k l a h o m a City where Billy was associated with his father in the .lifmber business Billy has c o n t i n u e d the busines since his f a t h e r ' s death, Several years ago. He was not married. Judge A. B. Davis in the Living, ston c o u n t y circuit court late Monday overru'ed the motion of the attorney for W. C. Stewart for a new trial and the case was taken to the Supreme court. ^Stewart's bond was fixed at $10,000 and was signed by i father, R. C. Stewart, his attorney. S. J. Miller and J. A. Livingstone. Stewart was convicted by a j u r y at the September term of court of the murder»of Carl Schlobohrn, a student in the Chillicothe Business College I » y trailed Pre».*. San Francisco, Cal., Nov. 21.--Ths republican' state central committee today established that President Wilson's plurality in Caliiornia will be in excess ot 3400. This estimate is based on tabulations by them of the official returns from fifty counties and semi-official returns from eight others. They set the figures at 3,416. Sylvester Mo- Atee, secretary of the committee, declared unofficially that this was mere, and was sentenced to ten years in ly an approximate estimate but he tbe penitentiary. The murder was I believed it to be close to the final committed in Stewart's office on the I official returns. McAtee also declar- C. B. C. NOTES Eevival Growing in Interest. Two conversions last n i g h t and a f h o open s e a Several m o m b e i s ot the Dcutsch- l a n d ' s crew c a m e on deck and waved t h e i r hats to the ci ew or the Willehad a s she s t a r t e d on her h o m e w a i d way in earnest. Capt Koemg s m i l e d as he stood at his s h i p ' s side w a v i n r ; to the crowd. A g i e i t c r o w d ' l : n e d j the shore and waved"goodbye to t h « merchantman. Thero was no secrecy i n c i d e n t to t h e D c u t s c h l a n d ' s d e p a r t u r e Of u n u s u a l interest have been our Chapel exercises ot late. Last Friday we had with us Evangelist Cole and Rev. Clark Today the student body I en |oyed hearing Rev. Rixey. Chapel visitors this m o r n i n g were Mr. Oliver ence oi practically even- officei d i t i o n that m u s t needs, cry out to all second floor of the Wallbrunn building on the night of July 6, 1910. j Stewart's plea in the trial was self- defense. ' ' The case attracted a great deal of attention at the time and d u r i n g the trial the court room was crowded. Stewart and his father, wh o were here Monday afternoon at the hearing, returned to Cameron Monday, night where Stewart is now living with his family. of tho Kansas City Oliver Typewriter Company's Oflice, and Miss Ida M a d d u x of Brcckenridge, who is vis- tifled to the government before November 30, a s required under the law. _ Wilson Klectors in California Safe. i t m g her sister, Mrs. E. T. Johnson, I s u t o m o b i l e from the west side o f ' New York, Nov. 21.--"San Fran.-: ed that he was convinced that there would be no chance of a. split in the California electoral vote, altho he believed there would be a considerable difference between the electors getting the highest and those getting the lowest number of votes. Meanwhile, Secretary of State Jordan at Sacramento is rushing the official tally of votes from the various counties in order tp have them "finished and cer- In the case of Carmon Oxford, Oklahoma young man who took an! the c h u r c h . Tho evangelist was i n - ting along as well as could be expected. The car, which was d r i v e n by the Blackburn boy, was slightly damaged. It seems a miracle t h a t the f o u r were not killed. The car was goin.; at a rate of twenty miles an h o u r i ,.i,,. 1 = t : _ _ ,,.,, , , ,vhen the accident- happened. Th,.)^^ "^^ """^ During ;the day t u m o r s w e r e f l y m p , ; l t | t h a t t h e s u b m a r i n e m i g h t sail a t a n y time. At 2 - 1 0 o'clock. 1w n t u g s reported at the p i e r as ready to go to, j sea and tho crowd soon l i n e d tho i ^ shore. At 2 -10 o ' c l o c k Hie D e u t s c - l i I n n u pnsscd Ft. T r u m b u l l a n d head- Harry L. Keller and James Price, . I r , Telegraphy students leave f o r Topeka, Kansas today in response to a c a l l f r o m the Santa Fe. Vickery Savage enjoyed a visit yes- erda.v f r o m his mother, wh o lives a; r _ , cd f o r the sound. f o r m a l l y greeted bv these men in th" mon was t h a t Jesus was able to h e a l j T h o s u b m a r i n e will past, the Rac" I rocks whero she c o l l i d e d w i t h tho pastor's s t u d y b e l o r e t h e meehn opened. Mrs. C l u m b e r s s a n g very tellingly the b e a u t i f u l h y m n , "Nobody Told .Me of Jesus." She is an enthusiastic leader and a d e v o u t even the leper. ·y Prof Turner led a great c h o i us ana tll ° SooU Jl '" ir°ndi-y a b o u t 4 : T f c A y o u n g ' ° ' c l o c k 'l llb a l l e r n o o n , j u d g i n g I r o m party was driving west and a f t e r tho accident the car was iacir.g east turned completely over, tho f o u r wheels s p i n n i n g in the air. According to school a u t h o r i t i e s t h p chorus was unusna:iv and c'.oso before 0 . 0 0 o'clock. the music was very fine, ladies q u a r t e t composed of Lucile Johnson, Cecil Miller,, Mary Thompson and Mrs. Edgar Reynolds sang a special selection t h a t was m u c h en- The large for a week night. The meet-1 joyed by the congregation. .Miss Rosa mg will begin each e v e n i n g at 7 --3 0 j Randall- accompanied on the organ I B r o t h e r Harper, pastor of the First Macon P r e s i d e n t Moore made a h u r r i e J t r i p yesterday to St. Joseph. B. F. Clayton and wife spent twD days last week visiting Mrs. Clay. I o n ' s brothers. Edgar and Estyl Evans at Marshall, Mo., and witnesesd the the square and d r o v e it to Lucerne where he remained f o r t\vo days, ret u r n i n g to Chillicothe with the car. Cisco count completed. All California electors absolutely safe." The foregoing telegram, was receiv- the case was dismissed by the state ed this afternoon by Vance'C. Mc- upon recommendation of the p r o s - ' C o r m i c k , chairman of the Democratic ecuting witness a f t e r the father o t l national committee, from Gavin 'Methe y o u n g man paid all costs and ex--Nab, Democratic committeeman f r o m penses of locating the car. California. PLEASANT RIDGE. the speed m a i n t a i n e d w h e n she c l e a r , ed the harbor. Five men perished when t h e b i g s u b m a r i n e p l u n g e d i n l o the tug and it is assumed t h a i Capt. i ^ th ' K o e n i g decided n o t to pa=s t h r u ' these rocks a g a i n f t n m h t T h e s u b i n a i - i u e will be able (o clear the C. B. C.'s Missouri Valley College Foot Ball game. Addle Maharg was calling (3n friends in Chillicothe Saturday. · Mrs. Tom Treon was called Fridav evening to be at the bedside of her D u r a m W h i t e was called yesterday | m o t h e r in Chillicothe, who is quite The s u b j e c t of Rev Roberts,' sor- ,, , mon t o n i g h t will be "The Door Was -esar boy was excused for the a f t e r . | s l l u t , A1] are c o r d i a l l v u ; v l t e d Don on account of sickness and the ' ," ither three played "liookej" f r o m .chool, taking the a u t o m o b i l e ride unbeknown to t h e i r parents. WILSON'S MESSAGE TO Tho \VonJier. Unsettled weather tonight with rain east and south portions. Colder west and centra! portions. Wedties- j d a y partly cloudy. Colder southeast and east cestral portion. M. E. Church, led in the P l a y e r j u s b e f o r e the evangelist began preach- r o c l 6 bcfo'ro n i g h t a n d then w i l l h a v u L , J t h e benefit of n i g h t f a l l t o r h e r d a s n Tonight the theme of the sermon w i l l be 'Honey in the Carcass.' The evangelist'mvited all who liked sweet things tOK be sure and come. I o u t s i d e the t h f e e m i l e l i m i t The D e u t s c h l a n d c o n s u m e d 17 d a y s on her last voyage to t h i s conn try. to his home at Bosworth, Mo., owing illness of his father. Chas. Tully, a telegraphy student of two years ago, paid us a visit yesterday. Mr. Tully is manager of the Western Union office at Chadrou, Nebraska. ill. Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Hawkins of Halo were visiting f r i e n d s near Sampsel the last of the week. 'Miss Hazel Long of Hale was vis- i t i n g Ora, Leta and Addie Maharg irom Friday until Sunday evening. Ivan Lawrence and Ordell W i l l i a m s Millie Donohue spent Saturday i two of our last year students, re-en-, i - i g h t with Maye Mansfield and* also I tercel school yesterday. attended church at Central Chapel THE DOCUMENT 'W IU5AJDY FOR THE 1'IUNTK Railroad Problem Will Be Te.ilt With at length in the New Message. Poplar J?!uil' Man Missing. Poplar B l u f f , Mo., Nov 21.--B-.i(By Robert J. Bender ) - Iorcl B u r n e t - assistant cashiez ol (.he Washington, D. C., Nov. 21 ._ A ' Farmers' s - ivln ss Bank ol Poplar call to American business to meet the 1 B l u f t '' ls mlssm S- Neither the bank, unprecedented trade c o n d i t i o n s a f t e r ! h i s r a m »y n o r h l s friends, Inn e ro- Addresse1 Students. ReV George C. Rixey addressed the . I students at the C h i l l i c o t h e Business Miller Funeral WcdjiesOay. I College this morning, selecting as his The f u n e r a l ot the late J. P/Milldr | Lext '^ naTS de P° sltai i TMy life wit'.i t'he Lord, Jesus Christ," a selection from the writings o E r the Apostle Paul. Rev. Rixey r e f e r r e d to the care and p r e c a u t i o n one exercises in the selection of a depository ior one'« f u n d s , considering tho character of tho officials and the l o o k i n g into the financial strength of the b a n k i n g institution. All the more c a r e l u l a n d p a i n s t a k i n g should be the i n v e s t m e n t of one's l i f e and c h a r a c t e r was the lesson of Rev. Rixey. Lives of pleasure were likened to an i n v e s t m e n t in WfflETBEMME New students who have enrolled f h i s week are Ira Ridge, Greens- b n r g , Mo.; H. C. Johnson, Thayer, Mo.; F R Jones, Vienna, Mo.,; and W. Briskey, Dodge City, Kas. S a t u r d a j night. George and Scott Walker we/e calling on Mr. and Mrs. Andy Walker in Chillicothe Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. John French and two HUGHES IS NOT PREPAR. ING A MESSAGE OP CON. GRATULATIOJf TO W1XSOX aiy UnKoil Pr_-i.».) Lakewood, N: J., Nov. 21.-^Chas. E. Hughes, thus his secretary today said that the report published today that he was preparing a telegram of congratulation to be sent to the president is without foundation. Hughes' secretary declared that no thought was being given to the preparation of such a telegram. w-ill be held irom the r e s i d e n c e ou SOOX 141-:i'Wednesday m o r n i n g at 10 30, Rev i W a r r e n P. Clank of the F u s t B a p t i s t 1 c h u r c h c o n d u c t i n g tho services. Int e r m e n t will be in Eclgew-ood e tei y. the war, will be the keynote of President Wilson's message to congress Tuesday, Dec. 5th. The p r e s i d e n t is completing the message todaj and expects to soon have it ready tor the printe.-. President Wilson believes t h a t the country's industries can do ceived word of him tor more than two m o u t h s . He d e p a r t e d on his vacation September 0 and lias, not been seen since. ^ Bar Saturday X i ^ h t JJiiyinjr. Wichita. Kas.. Nov. 21.--At a n a \ - | meeting of tho R e t a i l M e r c h a n t s ' Ai=- imum amount of work only when the | soolaiion hero today i t v. as d e c i d e d industries unrest is o v e r c o m e . His j ' b a t atter J a n u a r y 1 stores will bo message is" expected to emnhaizi. | c ' Oie( l a t G ' ^ 0 o'clock every e v e n i n a , this in an appeal to tho employer I including Saturday. This w i l l remove j and employee for more co-operation 1 ^ ichita f r o m tbe ranks ot the ' S a t - j and more confidence in each other' urday n i g h t towns." The step w a s ] and less tendancy to class feeling. In I taken in the intc-rcst ot v,-o. this connection tho president plans | l n e n to render it impossible to call st'-ikes · of all kinds. He will urge the com-1 ' M.u-celir.o Coming. oil or mining stock, an i n v e s t m e n t sooner or later to end i n d i s a p p o i n t - ment. In such a manner, er illustrated his address and drove home the truths he wished to leave with the student b o d y The application being made in banking t e r m s , tho a d d r e s s was folowed with u n u s - ual interest by the big student b o d y and was greatly enjoyed by thme. THAT IS A i ' O I X T T f l U STAT1-I \VlljTJ TRY TO BSTAUUSif Moss rtjid iiei- JJani'liter SJave :; "Material" Reason I ( 'or \Vis-hinft · McUaniel's Ciiuvictum. -That Miss G'oldena Kinyon, a recent pen I daughters, Lenore and Helen were art student has accepted a position in I visiting Dave Donohue and family Kansas City with the Kraf ton Art' Sunday. Cs | Fred Walker was visiting his broth Fay Jones, a pen art student of j or rear Sampsel the first of the week. G. A. Alnutt and daughter were trading in Chillicothe Saturday. two years ago, has now Accepted a position as Commercial artist for the Kansas City Motion Picture company Will Morris, who has been in Canada the last three weeks, returned liMn? Monday. Jim Morgan at a salary of $25 per week. OEKMAJf SUBMARINE SINKS A GRECIAN STEASIID 1 !. drove to Wheeling Saturday and attended the show. | Paul Boucher, Frank Morgan and («· Uiiii.-ii PI-C-.O I Miss Amanda Treon and Addle Ma- Athens, Nov. 21.--A German sub- harg attended church at Lock Springs ( l l . v U n l d - i t 1'res-O SL. Joseph, Mo., f.'or. 21 the three McDan'el c h i l d r e n * , ^ i ^ , n , ., ,, , m a r i n e torpedoed the Greek steamer FYirHv ni"-ht- inri c*Tt l l r ^o V drugged, is the icason t h e v did riot sta] . ti · - - - ·- ' 5 n i 0 n t and baturday (By United Prei».) New York, Nov. 21. -- Chairman Wilcox of the Republican National Committee today declared that he has not conceded the election of President Wilson nor was there a telegram of congratulation in course of preparation, so far a she knew. MISSOURI HOT IS CONSIDERED WORLD'S GREATEST ATHLETE a w a k e n w h e n their m o i J i e r , Mrs. l i a i - riett IMoss McDaniol was m u r d e r e d pletion of his p r o g r a m o u t l i n e d in his last message to h a n d l e such sltua- The llarceline High school eleven c'y tho local High School elev^-l-jjv t i o n s as the recent t h r e a t e n e d r a i l - l e n ou the C. B. C. a t h l e t i c field Fri- the road strike of the railroad b r o t h e r - 1 day a f t e r n o o n The AtarceZino team GOVERNMENT ATTORNEY WANTS QUICK ACTION. I Uy U n i t o r t Press.) Kansas City, Mo., Nov. 2 1 . -- A f t o i - ney Frank Hargerman, acting as a special consul for the Federal government, filed action in the c o u r t h e r e this a f t e r n o o n for i m m e d i a t e action ^ ' t i n an a d j o i n i n g room on the n i g h t of j July 14th, will bo the c o n t e n t i o n o the state in its case a g a i n , t the tor- mer c o u n t y prosecutor, Oscar D McDaniel todav. D e t e c t i v e s e.'.ily today testified that M c D a u i e l r c L u s e d to give them aid in c l e a r i n g up tho m y s t e f s , a d d i n g to the circu'ast i n t i a l evidence against h i m The d e f e n s e a d m i t t e d today that they w i l l attempt to prove ( h i t Mrs. Lute H Moss and Miss Aileeii .Moss, All of the passengers and Lizzie Simmons went to Quincy crew except three were saved. Petrograd, Nov. 21.--Under German pressure the Rumanians have lotired to Filiash, a c c o r d i n g to the Russian war office s t a t e m e n t issued here this a f t e r n o o n (By United 1'roMH.) L o n d o n , Nov. 2 1 -- A wireless dispatch i r o m B u c h a r e s t today said that it is r u m o r e d in the R u m a n i a n capitol that Gen. Von Falkenhayn has mother and sister ot tho miu-dero 1 i been recalled as commander ot the woman, have a material i n t e r e s t in I G e r m a n operations in Transylvania the case o t h e r than ^ I Monday w i t h Mr. Henshaw to call on i her friends. Mrs. A. Morgan is visiting her brother, Dan Shumate, in Larned, Kansas. A crewd of y o u n g folks gathered at the home of. Mrs. Jas. Vantant on last Friday evening and enjoyed themselves in playing games and other amusements. Those who were present were Paul Boucher, Frank and Scott Walker, Derias Treon, Gladys, Viola and Oakland Alnutt, Millie Donohue and Amanda Treon. Frank Walker is spending the Supreme court on the suit of hoods. He believes t h a t the railroa 1 problem is as important a d o n i p s t i c issue as confronts the c o u n t r y an \ the president will urge cor.TM::e.-:s to has been playing good foot Jail t h i Jlisosuri-Oklahoma and Gulf, i their sister and d a u g h t e r :a s e e k i n g to convict Oscar McDaniel. When before the oourtrooji crowd J today was exhibited the nightgown love f o r | and is being replaced iby von Mack- ilroad w h i c h is in the h a n d s o£ the receivers. The receivers a few d a y s season and tl,» Linn c o u n t y boys no ago brought action in the Federal d o u b t \\iil give the l o c a l s a good last game. The local tram had a c-a court designed to d e f e a t the Adam. give its most careful consideration scheduled with the Bethany h i g h to possible legislation w h i c h will a i J ! school te-un there Friday and Beth, the transportation system to e x p a n d ! any cancelled the same, so M a r c e l i n e son Eight h o u r c o n s t i t u t i o n a l i t y . law, attacking its and improve t o meet the a d d i t i o n a l stress under which they w i l l be plac ed .at the close of the war. Abroad also, f o u n d a t i o n s must be j laid tor commercial t r a d e u p h e a v a l s , the president Ibelieves. was secured f c r here. Left Xome. Alaska. Frozen I n . Seattle, Wash . Nov. 21.--The 1m. ers V i c t o r i a and V m a t i l l a . the l a ^ t He will urge I vessels to l e a v e Nome, arrived in congress to act i m m e d i a t e l y on leg-1 Seattle today with five h u n d r e d p a s - | t h e coast islation along the lines of the Webb 1 sengers. 1 m i l l i o n dollar m g o l d 1 ANOTHER LINER REPORTED w o r n by M i s McDaniol on the n i g b t of the k i l l i n g , a d a i n t y h l m j b ; t of lace suggesting r e f i n e m e n t , covered w i t h blood spots, McDauiel sat motionless and s h o w e d no sign of leel- ing -ny interest in the ease. The de- fenclant sits with a half smoked cigar Robert I. (Bob) Simpson of Bos ; ^ worth, Mo., a senior in -the College of Agriculture in the University of ,, Missouri has clinched hi sclaim to the title of the World's greatest athlete by his performance in the recent Swedish games at Stockholm and Christiania. He competed eleven times in hurdle events, sprints, and broad jumps, winning four firsts, f o u r seconds and three thirds and placing in every event he entered. He was a member of the American relay team, which won all of the seven races in which it competed. Ha lead all of the five American athletes wh 0 made the trip. Simpson will resume his work in the University at the beginning of the second semester. In addition to his athletics, he is also prominent in student activities. week w i t h Mr. and Mrs. -Andj r Walk.) A Fearless Physician Such a physician recently remarked:--"The wonderful power of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound over diseases of women is not because' l i t is a stimulent, not because it is a r in Chillicothe. Oliver Mansfield and son, euscn who is now in Dolbrudja. _ Mackensen's place, the dispatch said, I . ^-u*ni .1. r. A , ' ' were m Chillicothe Saturday it was reported that the Germans will put Gen. Ludendorff's. Paul and bought them a new Shevrolet car. KANSAS CITY HAS GREATEST BANK INCREASE IN YEARS (Uy Unlli-i! Pn-»«.) Kansas City, Mo , Nov. 21.--Deposits in Kansas City banks have in. IX DI?TK3SS AT SEA. bill, which would have permitted ! bullion and shipments of tin ore and £aid American exports to organize without i furs. Fifteen hundred people \veie!" -- _! fear of the anti-trust laws. I entering in Xome, which (By "United fr:-*.*. Washington, Xov. 21 -- The Mai- lory liner Lampasas is m d. stress off Brunswick, Ga., on Simond's bar and uard Tampa Is r u s h i n g to asslscance , wireless dispatches Sewing Machines. Some extra good ones for sale at closed in by the ice. Segard Jacobson, a mining opera- Sewing wanted after Nov. S3. Will sew in honio s by day or hour. Exper. creased nearly $ 3 5 , 0 0 0 , 0 0 0 in the last ten weeks, making the largest expansion that ever occurred here between his l i p s and c o n s t a n t l y gives adviee to his attorneys, and aside trom t h i s hir n i i ^ l l t bo taken for a mere spectator, not one of the p r i n c i - i w i t h i n a similar period. pies of the case j Tb -e seven largest banks Mrs D a g m a r K r u c k e r = a i d bv thr j S J . 0 0 0 , 0 0 0 state t 0 be "the w o m a n ' in the ca^e, j ot a 3' e ' lr J h a s c n ' i r e l y l e c o ^ C ' - c d f r u m a n tack of n e r v o u s n e s s aii'i i~, i x n e c t e d to testity for the state tho l a t t e i p a r t ol toe week. gained Faye Krouse went to Carlow with ( h e r sister-in-law, Mrs. Frank Krouse ' and returned home Wednesday evening. Mr. and 'Mrs. Bill Wilson and son, Russel and Leta Maharg, Bertie Wilson went to Chula Sunday on a visit. Mrs. Raymond Litton of Lock Springs is visiting her mother, Mrs. Walter Minnick . Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Richards palliative, but simply because it contains the very elements needed to tone up the female system and j strengthen the depleted organism." Of course that is so, otherwise i t could not succeed as it has. C o m p a r e d with figures w e r e calling on friends near Samp- L _ ! s t r i k i n g the gain is still more sel last Saturday, almost sensational. The in- I crease since November 10th, 1915 in ' n i l the Kansas City banks is close to ' 1,90,000,000. The present total is Sam Townsend, a police detective, testified that a hole in,.in? McDaniel automobile was not like that made br a bargain. Phone 1?6 or 577 20-6 .. ,. ,. , . . , |3Iexican border patrol scheme afteri a bullet. The defendant has claimed tor in the Nome district, who was a , ,,, IT- on ·* '~ . Ijenced. Phone 1492.W. 2O-3 that ho was fired on by thugs aud noc^icTi o-dt- nn Hir* T rnotilln Pdprian J ' nearly $249,000,000. COMPTROLLER OF CURRENCY CALLS FOR BANK CONDITIONS Poultry Fanciers Meet. There will be a meeting of the N. W. Mo. Poultry Fanciers Association at the office of Norman Jarvis at 7:30 Thursday evening. Business of Importance. 'L. M. W. Otl, Sec'y. Attention O. E. S. The Eastern Star will meet in regular session tonight at 7:30, o'clock. A\\ officers and members requested to be present. Business of importance. Vicitors are always welcome. Mrs. X G. Beard,* W. M. r!y Unltt-il Pri'»w. Washington, Nov. 21.--The Comp- pasesnger on ths Umatilla, FOR RENT--Furnished home with troller of Currency today issued a modern conveniences. Inquire at i call for the condition of National 408 E. Jackson St. or phone 939. i banks at the close of business on Fri- I FOR RENT---Furnished rooms in modern house, 3 blocks of square. ) 21-3 day, Nov. 17th. Paone 923. It WANTED'--Students to tafee care of. Phone 958. 21-6 MEWSPAPEJRl

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