Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 26, 1950 · Page 12
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 12

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 26, 1950
Page 12
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 26,19iO ALTON EVfiNINO TfitfiGSAPtt PAQfi Stubblefield, Cawtnaugh Head Macoupin Political Parties CAttLtNVlLLE. April 26.—In separate county conventions of the Republican and Democratic committees Monday night, -E. W. Stub- blefleld at Brighton was re-named chairman of the Republicans, and Larry Cavanaugh of Glllesple was elected chairman of the Demo* crats. The latter succeeds Sam Carney jr., of Carllnvllle, who was not a candidate for re-election, BS he did hot file tor precinct com- mltteeman. Cavaftnugh's name was the only one placed In nomination. The GOP convention elected John, D. McMillan of South $tand- ard, vice chairman; Clem Brines of Mount Olive, treasurer, and A. C. Kttrz, Carllnvllle, secretary. In addition to Cavanaugh, the Democratic committee elected the following other officers: Percy O. Angelo of Palmyra, vice president; Joseph Rlzzle of Staunton and Benld, treasurer, and J. E. Wenzel, Sawyervllle, secretary. The following are the Republican delegates and alternates to the state convention: E. M. Stubblefield, Bertha Fleker, Roy Arnold, Lulu Stead, Emll Blumenroth, William Sanders, Matt Katlch, Lewis Rlnaker, Clem Brines, W. D. jOllworth, W. H. Whltfield. Fred C. Fleker, John McMillan, Herbert 3 Lohmar, William E. Boyd, L. P. Post, Ray Peart, Violet flower- ton, L. M. Harlan, Divle Davis, C. E. Nlghbert. Alternates—William Roblson, Denby R. Boring, Walter J. Wenner, Paul H. Balding, Wnrd Harris, I. K. Juergensmeyer, George Ashley, Larry Schanf, Virgil Imel, Denis A. McGrady, William H. Hasse, Carl Scheller, Waller Bienke, Mrs. Elmer Clark, June Butler, Mrs. Frank Mlllrr sr., Judge L. K. Wllhlte, John T. Harding, Harold Morrison, Armln C. Kurz and Clarence FlUh. Democratic delegates and alternates to the state convention were chosen as follows: delegates—W. E. Cavanaugh, M. F. Seyfrlt, Tim Donnelly, Sam Carney jr., J. E. Wenzel, J. W. Rlzzie, Robert Clark, Mrs. Edith Monscheln, Joe Val- oNo, C. M. Crist, John Kolzman, John Koval. Alternates—W. L. Schmlft, Harold Bott, Max Bertagnolli, Percy Angelo, Terry Lair, Fred Mayer sr., Russell Sexton, A, C. groves, Mrs. Nell Stewart, Robert Fritz, John Drier, Harold Sims. READ TELEGRAPH WANT ADS 5668 Sales Tax Notices Sent CHICAGO, April 26, t* — The state served delinquency notices on 5668 Cook County merchant* today In the largest single move ever made by the revenue department to force retailers to pay their sales taxes on time. Ernest C. Marohn, acting state revenue director, estimated the delinquent merchants owe about $200,000 In taxes on their January sales which should have been turned river to the state by Feb. *S. Mftrohn said the merchants are liable for a 10 percent, penalty which can be raised to 25 percent if they fall to answer delinquency notices. He said another 2905 merchants had missed the Feb. 15 deadline, but have since paid their taxes In full. Today's action followed coniple* lion of a department report—the first of Its kind—on February payments of the retailers' sales lax. The report covered 53,151 merchants in the county. Marohn said (his Is the beginning of a concerted drive to enforce prompt payment of the '2 percent state tax on gross snles by retailers. He added thai a similar report on downs!ate retailers will ne finished later this week. II Is expect- Refresh... add zest to the hour m- il lither way... *0M ImJl-tnarki mtan iht lame Ihinf. BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY CFTIIE COCA-COI.A COMPANY BY COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY OF ALTON, ILLINOIS O 1950, Th« Coco-Cola Company * W v s •• « ' ROXANA HIGH THESPIANS — Center of ihc attention in this scene from the Roxana High School Thespian play "BiR Heat tod Herberl" is Robert Hubbarcl Others, left to right, are Donna Key, Bill Bumbeaugh, Maurice Toner, standing, and Barbara Haidesty. The play will be shown at 8 , today. * Rainbow Assembly Will Be Initiated at Medora Saturday MKDORA.—Saturday, a Rainbow for Girls Assembly will bo instituted at Medora High School. The afternoon session starts at 3 o'clock and will be open to Masons and Eastern Stars only. At this session the Assembly will be instituted and the new members Initiated. The evening session will be at 7:30 p. m., nl which time installation of officers will tnl<e place. This session is open to- the public. Grand Worthy Advisor June Hunter, Anlioch, III., and Supreme Deputy Mary F. Abl, East St. Louis, will be here for both sessions. The Alton Assembly of Rainbow Girls will stage the work at; both sessions. There will be 40 in the group. A polluck supper will be held at 6 p. m. in the basement ot the Methodist Church. The officers-elect are as follows: Worthy advisor, Patty Wilton, Medora; associate worthy advisor, Norms Joan Maple, Medora; charity, Shirley Gross, Medora; hope, ed to uncover several thousand additional delinquents, he said. AT GARRETT'S msm CONSISTS • £" Double Pointed Steel' Scissors • 6" Case Hardened Utility, Scissors • 7 !/2" Case Hardened Barber Shears COME EARLY FREE DELIVERY OPEN FRIDAYS WE GIVE AND REDEEM EAGLE STAMPS FURNITURE CO, fOUftTH & 5WE ST. PH, 2'1878 NEW ACCOUNTS WELCOME I Lola Harlan, Medora; fflllh, Loin Chandler, Medora; recorder, Virginia Bruns Reno, Medora; treasurer, Lois Ann Waggoner, Piasa; chaplain, Patsy Kwin, Medora; drill lender, .To Ann Rllchey, Medora; love, Connie Meyers, Shipman; religion, Alice Jean Hunt, Plnsa; nature, Julia Knola Sawyer, Shipmnn; Immortality, Carol Virginia Boll, Brighton; Fidelity, Carol Fenslermnn, Chesterfield; patriotism, Jrt Ann Stevens, Piasa; service, Mary KnUiryn Warner, Brighton; confidential observer, Tholma Young, Piasa. Outer observer, Shirley Smith, Medora; musician, Phyllis Warren, Medora; choir director, Virginia Chism, Medora; mother advisor, Rose Orth, Medora; associate advisor, Wylma Dodge, Medffra; choir, Glenda Harlan, Naomi Warner, Kdwina Ewln, Christine Wayman, Elaine Burko, Lela Bowker, Delores Ann Maple, Kay Hnrlnn, Medora, and Thelma Duckels, Shirley Hcyen, Chesterfield. Birth of Son MEDORA.—Mr. and Mrs. Harold Wilton, Palmyra, are the parents of n son, born Friday at Boyd Memorial Hospilal, Cnrrolllon. The weighed eight potihdi Mid pine ounces and was named Roger Harold. The father Is a son of Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Wilton, Medorft. RNA to Mcnt MEDORA.-*-Arbor VlUkc Cntnp, Royal Neighbors of America, wm meet Thursday evening at 8 o'clock at the homo erf Mrs. J. F, Shields. ItlHhday tllntwf MRDORA.—Mr. and Mrs. Joseph' Klrsch entertained Sunday With a birthday dinner honoring Klrsch'8 mrtther, Mrs. Mary Klrsch, Greenfield. Present besides the honored guest were Mrs. Thomas Plogger, Rockbrldge; Mrs, Wilbur Glllesple and eMldWfl, FajflttlJ Mt. ftnd Mrs. John Kitsch, Godfrey; Mr. and Mrs. Roy Armstrong, Kemper, and Mr. and MM. Joseph Klrsch and family. Attend Meetlnt* MEDORA.—Everett Clark, pastor ot Kemper Baptist Church, and the following young people attended the Baptist Youth Assembly at Decatur Sunday: Everett Clark, Tommy Ruyle, Bud Roberts, Darroll Walters, Norrls Elliott, and Miss Doris Rltchey. Mrs. Roy Walters, Mrs. Russell Plogger, Mrs. Clifford Tfltoer, Mrs. Christopher Ryan, Mrs. Monroe Elliott, Mrs. J; L. Tober, and Mrs. Tomffi? fttttff 6! Knrt ynur hn| wnlrr prnhlrm<; with n stiff:, rirpnnilnhln AUTOMATIC i't Broadway 201 K. Broadway Dial 8*8811 It's tint for Phillips 66 Double Check Service COOUNO SYSTtM pendable Phillip* 66 Gear Oils and Creases. And he'll see .that your engine get* lubrication pint protection with PhilJipi 66 Premium Motor Oil. Get Philllpi 66 Double-Check Service at any station where you <>ec the familiar orange and black I'hillip* 66 Shield— today 1 H OW long has it been since your car waa checked for the twelve points listed above? 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