Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on April 23, 1936 · Page 5
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 5

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 23, 1936
Page 5
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APRI& 28,1936 THE LENOX TIME TABLE. LENOX: ^EQ WAr '•• •* ' ^ 1_^1L.- "^ '• ,1 . . ,_ _' „„.! Mrs. Keith Murry o lame Monday evening and I at the H. A. Stephenson [Monday night and Tues- Hi. Murry is employed by led Muflual Insurance Co Moines, and has charge agents for the company. to Mr. and Mrs. Horace ,g, Tuesday, ApV-'il 21, a The young man has been Lynn Meredith. i Denhart of Diagonal was ler guest at the C. E. Dix- ne Tuesday. MILLS STORE lean-up sale on all Spring (Coats and Print Dresses. hineless Permanent Wav_ [Machines, No Electricity. Beauty Shop. Belle Deaver returned Sunday from a two weeks t the home of her daugh- |d son-in-law, Mr. and Henry Besco, near Con- It your Red Star Feed at ids Produce. I Wm. Barrans and Mrs. Barrans and children fed Wednesday evening of feek from a few days visit lie former's daughter and IURS., APRIL 23 50 DANCE paranteed Good Music PSION: ' 25c & lOc family, Dr. and Mrs. C. B. McGrath, at Lincoln, Nebr. —Get your Red Star Feed at Reynolds' Produce. Mrs. J. H Barber left this morning for Macon, Mo., where she will visit with her aunt, Mrs. Marcia Taylor. Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Ethington of Council Bluffs were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Francis Folcey, Sunday. Mrs. Ething. ton and Mrs. Folcey are sisters. Mrs. Milo Fleming, Mrs. E. E. Caven, Mrs. Rupe, Mrs. L. F. Ridgeway and Rev. Thomas I^elly were in Greenfield last Thursday attending a District invention of the Woman's foreign Missionary society of the Methodist church. Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Everett and children of Minneapolis, Minn., came last Thursday, for a visit with Mrs. Everett's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dave Wilson. Miss Janice Dougan of Maryville, Mo., spent the week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Dougan. Mrs. Ola Abbitt and sons John Harlan and Raymond, and Mrs. 'ohn Keith were all-day busi- less visitors in Shenandoah las I, Saturday. L. H. Andrews and little granddaughter were in Lenox Sunday, calling on friends. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Ethington <and Mr. and Mrs. Dick Ethington of Des Moines were call, ing on friends in Lenox last Sunday. Miss Genevieve Maharry of Maryville, Mo., visited over the week end with her parents, Mi', and Mrs. Frank Maharry. Rev. and Mrs. L. T. Knotter, Warren Eckles, Mrs. Finn Gray, Mrs. Wm. Barrans and Mr. and Mrs. Ed Gordon were, in Bedford Tuesday attending a meet, ing of the Presbytery and Pres- byterial, of the Presbyterian church. , Miss Louise Landes of Newton, la., and Mrs. August Luyben and .d Claude Dixon. Miss Helen Jobe of Atlantic is spending the week with her mother and brother, Mrs. Lin nie Jobe and son Paul. How Much Ought a Husband or Wife Forgive? Two interesting recent cases discussed in The American Weekly, the magazine distributed with next j Sunday's Chicago Herald and I Examiner. | Conway Taylor of Kirksville, 'Mo., was a supper and over | night guest of Mr. and Mrs. -Robert Barr Monday night. Mr! | Taylor is a former Mercer Center boy and is now a traveling ; salesman for a wholesale undertaking company. —Get your Red Star Feed at Reynolds Produce. from " DPS a IT AT TODAY'S BARGAIN 1936, Iowa homes, farms and business prop- fr will pay approximately $88,100,000.00 in real estate »», as compared with $50,050,164 collected from this Nrce in 1915 ... an increase of 76%. Nay Iowa pays a 2% sales tax which wasn't in ffect in 1915 ... a 100% increase. o a stiff State Income Tax ... a 100% increase 3c per gallon State Gasoline Tax, plus Ic per gallon jedcral gasoline tax ... a 100% increase. four electric company absorbs and pays 3% ,edcral tax on your gross bill for Electricity. In addition, lou pay 2% State Sales tax on your bills for electric, gas, 'lephone and water service . . . plus graduated Federal ixcs on long distance calls and telegrams. AH new taxes 1 rccen t years ... all 100% increases. Numerous other taxes ... State and Federal ... re soaring, and the end apparently is not in sight. lectric Rates 49% Lower ince 1923, residential electric rates throughout >e territory served by this company bare been redmeed '•verage of 49%.* widential customers in communities we serve V w average electric bill of slightly less than 8c per day. Uectricity is cheap. Why not use more of it for fj* r lighting . . . cooking . . . refrigeration and other Fawn conveniences? ^SOUTHERN UTILITIES j Wm. Saturday evening | Monies where he iweek with his daughter" ; Glen Brady. Mr. and Mrs. Anson Gold of i Conway were visitors Sunday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Earle Beadel. Mr. Gold is a brother of Mrs. Beadel. | Mr. and Mrs. Jay E. Hughes returned Monday evening from Kansas City, Mo., where Mr Hughes had been attending a District Manager's meeting for !the Bankers Life.Company. i Mrs. C. L. Sealy, who has been j quite ill with flu, is now feeling jmuch better and is able to be I up and about the house. j Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Douglas and Mrs. Olive Mclntyre visited in the Fred Moon home at Corning Sunday. Mrs. Jennie Preston, who has ,been at Excelsior Springs, Mo., I for treatment for the past few weeks, visited here from Sunday until Wednesday. —Get your Red Star Feed at Reynolds Produce. Mr. and Mrs. K. U. Parker and Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Bricker "vis_ ited in Walnut Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Harold Meade and family and Mr. and Mrs. Glen Bryant and son of Red Oak spent Sunday at'the home of Mr. and Mrs.-i'Grant Bryant. Mr. and Mrs. Me'adfe' will leave next week for their, new home in the state of Washington. D. F. J. Norman of Des Moines -visited in Lenox Sunday. Mrs. Jennie Preston, who, with her parents; Mr. and Mrs. Fife of Conway, have been spending a few weeks at Excelsior Springs, Mo., was at her tiome for a few days, returned to Excelsior Springs Wednesday fcionning, accompanied by hear son, Dickie. —Get your Red Star Feed at Reynolds Produce. Mrs. Joe Boltinghouse, who las been ill for several months, LS at this time in a very critical condition. Mrs. H. C. Killion went to Des Moines the first of the week and is visiting Mrs. Foster Agnew. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Holben .were called to Des Moines Sun- jday by the illness of their dau- |ghter, Mrs. A. L. Higbee, who [was taken to the hospital for ' observation. The Eastern Star May party will be held this year on Friday, May 8, as the district group meeting is May 1, at Osceola. Mrs. Will Johnson has been ill for the past two weeks, with the flu. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Bailey of Diagonal spent Sunday with Mrs. Bailey's parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Clute. Machineless Permanent Wav_ es. No Machines, No Electricity. Bricker Beauty Shop. h£re Friday, calling on people in a1« political cam paign, before Primary election June 1. Cecil Smith and his sister Hazel, of Diagonal, spent Thurs day here with their sister and mother, Mrs. John Smith. Mrs Smith is here spending a fev. days at the home of her daughter, Crs. Clyde McArthur. Mrs. Lydia Filbert spent Monday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Earl Shaffer. Sharpsburg School Notes Work is progressing on the ; new gymnasium going up in the I space east of the high school | building. About 10 men are at i work under the supervision of ! Lloyd Kinney. i The faculty and workmen are taking every precaution to prevent accidents while the new gymnasium is being constructed. Mrs. Rutledge has asked all pupils to play on the west and south sides of the school build. • ing. Also the pupils are re_ quested not to come to the school ground before 8:30 a.m., since teachers are not asked to j be on duty until this time. We i wish to have our patrons cooperate with us so we may prevent any casualty. Pupils have also been asked not to come to j the school ground to play even- lings or Saturdays. j Mrs. Fred Blood taught in the ; Primary room Tuesday, April 14. .Miss,-Muriel Waterman attended the funeral of Mr. McFee held at the First Prcsbyteriai church at Creston. Kathryn Hardisty has drop ped from the Primary room, du to illness. Mrs. Rutledge gave the si? weeks tests in the upper gradt room last week while Miss Howes attended the Inter-State Spelling Contest at Sioux City where she had a student, Alice .Fickess, entered. Pupils in the' primary room making 100 percent in spelling last week were: Grade 2, Dorothy Mae Selders Grade 3, Marilyn Pennebaker Grade 4, Mary Louise Cundy Ruby Fickess, Hazel Loraine Ed- Nvards, Howard-Jjahn. , ' . Kathryn Hegwpod represent^6. Sharpsbur$««ki the 'final county declamatory contest at Blockton, Monday evening. The Senior class play, "Keep, ing Up Appearances," will be presented at the Presbyterian church, Friday evening, May 1, at 8:00 o'clock. The Seniors received the proofs for their senior class pic_ tures on Saturday. Coach, Dahlgreji entered six men in the Waubonsie Conference track meet held at New Market last Friday afternoon. Sharpsburg tied for third place in thje meet. Lowell Baker broke the conference record for the discus, throwing it 94 feet 4 inches. Upper grade pupils having perfect spelling grades last week iiiiiimiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiMiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiii School (Continued from page one) iiimiiiimmimiiiiiiimimiimiiiiiim |Fifth G,rade Our geography lessons hiave been about Japan and to make it more interesting we made some Japanese posters for art. We have been learning the proper way to tell a story for language. Margaretta Boone and Ted Knotter were absent this week. There were nine A's in spell- ng. Following are the new officers: Keep library flle, Marilou Huf- lagel. Water flowers, Enid Barnes, James Calvin. Gather up papers, Bob Manoe. Pass out books, Ted Knotter, Dean Roe, June Caldwell. Erase blackboards, David Mil- T, Bob Gray. Take up books, Jean Teats- A'orth, Margretta Boone, Don. Id Krohmer. Inspect desks, Charles Brown, /ivian Moore. Hold cloakroom doqr.s, Rose lary Schaub, Raymond Abbitt. Pa^s out papers, Doris Jean Icier, Paul Ethington. Doorkeepers, Louctta Smith, ohn Harlan Abbitt. Sixth Grade Mrs. Clark Barteau and daughter Janice were visitors last week. We made safety posters in art that we think will be very use ful. Gleniia Mae -and Paul Frame have moved to the country. There were fourteen A's in spelling this week. Seventh Grade The seventh and eighth grade are having a contest to see who can draw the best picture to send to the Veteran's home. The students of this grade are mak_ ing rabbit posters in art. In history we are ..studying about Jackson, and ; in V geography 1 we are studying^South. America. "" ' •'•' Eighth Grade This grade has been studying the various types of business letters for English. ,They have been studying the small grains in agriculture. Prairie Star Events (Read the Ads) were: Grade 7, Vivian Bull, Ellen Snott. Grade 8, Alice Fickess, Dora Marie Grimm, Mildred Penne- iaker, Maynard Stogdill. A meeting of all Sharpsburg light school alumni will be held t the schoolhouse Monday ev- ning, April 27, at 8:00 o'clock. .n to be present to help or- anize an alumni association. ttit tu. Ur of groas revenue increased available to Lenox when it has been adopted by Sharpsburff Mr. and Mrs. D. M. McArthur were called to West Point, HI., Saturday morning to the bedside of her sister, who is very ill. Mrs. Bert Perdew visited Thursday and Friday at the home of Rev. and Mrs. A. S. Hutchinson. Mr. and Mis. G. W. Campain spent Sunday evening at the' Jesse Henderson home Mrs. Ira Pfander of near Blocktpn visited here with her. mother; Mrs. Je^sse Dresner, oae day last week. Harold McArthtif spent Frt- here with hi Wayne Hamblln. had the mis. fortune to have a load ofhay wagon consumed by'*$flre jwbodjrftft-it Be<Jtord yi&tii»^ii$f8sBf alter, noon.' ' '" v *" •*•''•**•• Dean Whipple is busy digging the drain ditch at the school BLOCKADE NERVE & BLOOD CHANNELS Question: How is it that the body is so liable to "bad mechanics?" ! Answer: Because the f more complex and delicate the machine, the more liable it is to disorder. Again, all the processes of life—conception, birth, growth, maintenance and repair, thought, reproduction—are ordained by Nature and momentarily proceed upon the following conditions: (1) A free, uninterrupted nerve connection which in some mysterious way distributes impulses, connecting the brain, the cerebrospinal nervous system, and the vegetative nervous system with all the cells of the body much as copper conduits connect the parts to run "machinery hall." (2) A free, unimpeded blood and lymph supply which, in a way not easy to understand, bears food materials to every cellof the body and sweeps away its waste products into the body's .sewage for elimination. Inasmuch as both these conditions are absolutely essential every hour of life for the perfectly normal operations that maintain health, it is easy to figure out how faulty mechanics- bringing strain and sometimes severe obstruction to bear locally upon either of these twin systems, the nerves or the circulation — must blockade vital force, establish local famine, stagnate and pollute tissue-sewage, and at length, if not corrected, disintegrate the organism. Thus do we fall victims to faulty adjust* ment within pur bodies. Dr. M. J. Sluss tpBOfrf Mr. and Mrs. Ira Campbel . were called to Pennsylvanic : Tuesday, by the death of Mrs Campbell's brother, Ira Bald. : win.) They were accompaniec on the trip by Wayne Wilson. Mr. ^ and Mrs. Beiffc Shawler and Vina Lee were Sunday visit ' ors in the W. H. Leach home. Leland Campbell and family visited in the Gus Olson home I in Lenox Sunday. 1 Friends of this community were sorry to hear of the death of Mrs. F. M. Leach of Prescott. Mrs. Leach was a pioneer of Adair and Adams counties and spent all of her life in Iowa with the exception of a few years in Missouri and Oklahoma. They were residents of this locality about .twenty years ago, living on the Evans farm. Mrs. Leach was the mother of Wesley Leach of this community. She also leaves three other sons, Melvin, Snmuel and Francis, and three daughters, Mrs. Emma Purely, Mrs. Pearl Living&rsi and Mrs. John Warbingtdn. Her husband F. M. Leach, also survives. Those attend ing the funeral of Mrs. Leach in Prescott Friday, were: Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Leach, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Chandler and son, Mr. and Mrs. Ira Campbell, Mrs. Artie Morley, Mrs. Ray Hewitt and Mrs. Chas Hewitt. , " Bill Sickles of Lenox was calling on Prairie Star friends last Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hewitt and family and Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Hewitt and daughter visited in the Orville Shawler home Sunday. Mrs. Dorothy Strange visited Sunday at the Chas. Hewitt home. Alviri Leach called at the W. H. Leach -home Monday afternoon. Mrs. Artie Morley and Harley called at the Lester Dotson home near Prescott, Friday- morning. Insert Your '• • •'!' • • am Adi in The Lenox Time-Table for Quick Results GREASING IS NOT A SIDE LINE WITH US 7c have a hoist, the necessary Suns and a complete line of illerent Greases to do a real job. . Don't iiegle|i this part of the service on ya^kr czjr. It will save you money oft repair bills. We also have , the equipment to put graphite grease in enclosed springs. . ^ , ^. Give us a trial. Money refund, eel if you are not satisfied. ROLL SERVICE STATION VERN and ALLIE Our Grocery Department supplies you Dependable Merchandise, JERSEY CREAM FLOUR, Makes G0OD bread I:L ___>!: OAT MEAL, quick or regular, 5 Ib. bag RICE, fancy Blue Rose, 4 pounds BANANAS, 4 pounds ONION SETS, red or white, 1 nound _ DRIFT SOAP POWDER, large pkg., with 14c pkg., for Ic extra __ MUSTARD, quart jar CHILI CON CARNE, 3 cans . BRIARDALE CORNFLAKES, thick flake, 2 large pkgs. _. with NO SKIPS NO CROWDING ' JOHN DEERE NO, 999 CORN PLANTER The John Deere No. 999 Corn Planter makes, hit-and-miss" planting a thing of the past. It drops th<? correct number of kernels in the Mil for the biggest yields. No skips-no er*w<Miur! Plants two, three or four kernels to thfc hlfi* You can change the count simply by shifting a foot lever. Drilling distances chanf** ^ as easily. With or without tongue trui tor hitch, safety fertilizer attachment attachment available. Cowie in, U 1 r* =1 | I ?* •< I It ,<t 2 j. j !)

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