The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 17, 1966 · Page 16
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 16

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 17, 1966
Page 16
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u Thursday, March 17, {966 Our World Today * Icfeh pattee «Mt expect My tftmlHi •* St. Patrick'* *te*t. T*e toy at iralaad's itet h*« ah*»v* beea mOMr to lze)a»d. cotn- to «efefct»tt<MM i* New V*rtc mm* Be**o*. h*t police »re a* frdfo beeMMe of n»*Jo»- «il«t extpemtate wfco taut week Mew flie lop oH ike m-ioot Neteo* BBOiuuneat !• downtown • Worried •t MiMiMtppl officials bnpo*e ti(kt security o* ca*npu« c*» tbe «ve of *a appearance by Se*. Robert F. Kennedy, who played * major rote in ending the university'* ceatury . old •CKrccmttoa policy. • Member* ot the Catholic Church have bees, approved lor formal membership IB the Texa* Coeacil of Churches. La*t year, tor the first time. Catholic observers sat in on- otaeiaHy et council sesatoo*. • Engineers urge rapid development ot the regional Dallaa - Fort Worth airport, predicting that we will reach SJ nUIUec passengers by 19SO. five year* earlier than originally believed. • President Johnson meets with top State and Defense JDepartment advisers tonight on the crisis In the Western Alliance over President Charles de Gaulle's moves to poll France oat ot the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. • A jetliner with 60 passengers landed safely in Mem - phis. Tean.. Wednesday s».tt<T a collision with a $ack which tore a 12-inch hole in a wing. Hospital Admitted to Gulf Coast: Miss Gloria Sanford, 40X!6 Cedar Bavou - Lynchburg, Room 324. Connie and Susan Robbins, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. John Robbins, Baytown, Room 120. Michael Wallace, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Wallace, 14 Alva. Room 105. Willie Draper, 318 Harvey, in Koom 132. Mrs. Sarah Downs, Dayton, in Room 111. Mrs. Catherine Bernard, Crosby, Room 12S. Carl Harrison, Houston Room 23JL Mrs, Willie Brewer, 1214 Willow, Room 220. Duran Lee, 2301 Garth, Room 202. Admitted to San Jacinto Meth odist: Mrs. Ruth Dill, Highlands, in Room 312. Mrs. Jirnmye Martin, 2508 W. JElvinta, Room 250. James W. Cole, Channelview, Room 351, Marie Richards, Highlands, in Room 318. Mrs. Ruth McNulty, Houston. ICU. Mrs. Annabell Rockwell, Baytown, Room 222. Van Dicker-son, 2106 Florida, ICU. James R. Minix, Houston, in Room 216. Mrs. Barbara Wright, 9 E. Ix>bit. Room 320. Mrs. Velma Thompson, Chan- neJview,' Room 320. : New Arrivals: Mr. and Mrs. John S. Berge. 1900 Richardson, a daughter born March 1 Tat San Jacinto. Chamber Speaker To Tell About United Gas Plant Free Movie Passes Appear In These Columns Want Ad Rates UNC PKR 3AT Cord of Thanks 15. Work Wanted 23. Sendees Ottered 31. Articles For Sale . 31. Articles For Sale 35. Good Eating 43-A. Waterfront Prop. Dvyt -- THIS If A 4 UNE AD. mi SU* <o> Mtt 1 *m.- 1SJN Mr tut * dey*. jtut tar "" 18 PT. ax a Boc* at 12 PT. Sam* MM* «* X CARD OF THANKS AMD IN MEMOR1AM » c*nK «*r Ua« MINIMUM CHARGE S1.M CONTRACT RATES ON REQUEST rHE CLASSIFIED AD DEPARTMENT IS OPEN DAILY FROM I A_M_ UNTIL 5 PJM. AND UNTIL NOON ON SATURDAY. AU ctanlnea «£> •peeor under tteJr prcper cicsiilicolom and Toe Bay- MWB Son r*«cm* ttte rlgnt ta doss- fr •** *du ml od»- NOTICE « *rm mast »• «lv*o bctor* Ifte scc- VNl Insvrtun or claims tar refund •r ucNMlwi will DM M For Best Results Uw ttw •cenomlcal t eoy rote. When ya« 9*t results, cancel ttae ad ood b« cbergcd «rty f»r tne number e< days tlwl ttw ad actuoily ran. AOs ptaceO bef«r* S BJ". appear In In TM Saytown Sun me tollewlna day. Classified Department GEORGE C. OABMEY IA-1 PAINTING AND DECORATING. FREE ESTIMATES — Plenty References We woma HKe t» ew«s our oj>p<e-; r. T. SHIRLEY, cterion tor tne many kindnesses. a«om>- j 582-5042. io« o< our kwed one. l^^-™,A soecioi "Tfxni. You" to tt» doctore *"'•"*'• and nurses at San Jocintr MettxxSist Hoi- < BABY SITTING — la my name, days. Mial. IC_ Unl». MOCKS eaison. and me j Ages S up. Old Boytown area. ALL KINDS — Carpentry, cabinet work. Ma let too sirxriL Cell , Service Corps. Mrs. Georoe E. Oabaey 5cns one rom*t»*3 iCal SS3-39M. MRS. AOOLPH DLOVHY— We wish to then* ow j SABY S.'TTING — I in my home, doy or ntoht. 3 monffla to i years o! cae. S83-5C&. Mends,! CABINET AND CARPENTRY WORK— , •>eignbors ewid retenves for their kind , Expertiy done. Free estimates. 3ee<2s. tne aiwndonce of rood, Horol gifts | Coii SS3-JCS8. __ COXDS of sympottiy received curing <j tne Uiness and at it*& loss ot one. SPECIAL THANKS To Rev. and Mrs.:. S. J. Davis, Jr. 003 Rev. and Mrs. Dan CHILD CARE — Infants lo J years. ; child, one yeer 01 •fcsme. .»vlng care age or Adoiph Olovhy Mrs. Ivy Smith Herbert Diouhy ExperieRced mature woman in private home. Reasonable rotes, 583-2558. Monuments-Lots j CANDY CANE NURSERY 11 mfonts to 10 years. New Nursery. K'n-J :nte!!iM«! lovina cafe. Hot MeaU. Preschool instruction, 6 O.m. to 6 p,m. 5SV SAN JACINTO MEMORIAL PARK—Two spaces. Let 10, Fieid of Honor. S2SO- Phcne 583-!26«. CHILD CARE — la my borne, any hours, Oid BayJo«nn area- ReaionaO^e weekly or hourly rates; references. 5S3-5296. CLAWSON, JOHNNY Q. — TO S. Jtk. Mr. Clcwsan._&e our guest to attend the showing of " ' ing ot t ad at t* aarntssions. COKE BOX, Scale*. SUeer, Ice House, toe- Crustier. Air Compressor. 533-1332. CULPEPPER'S 'EAST TEXAS YAMS — weovii free, 9*»-' JJ^'^^^.^JSItyTTrt*- SrT CALL US MOW FOR YOUR HOME Mo- oernucJion needs. No down pcyments- Eesy -nontbly twins. IDEAL HOME IMPROVEMENT CO. T04 N. Alexonder Or.. 582-S1Z7 CAN YOU STOP IN TIME? Bi9 or well cor, don't risk on accident. Const-it o specialist in complete wheel and brake work. CLARK'S WHEEL S. BRAK.E SERVICE, 2«0 Maricer. oeo-i con benches. 2 loader bock coalrs. $125.; 582-4948. J ShoWrOOm j ROBERTS BROASTED CHICKEN HOUSE ' fire&KJce. Boyfront :ot ', jnowrotrlll ^ food ^ ony occxs!ff ,_ picnics, fishine' r-n-t. Houston FA 3-S2Z1 ! trips, sonants. For toss »efvice, cc'i' > ELECTROLUX VACUUM CLEANER*. ( Used 3-Piece Bedroom Suite Soles ond Service. Floor polishers, rug I used Full Size Mattress $19.75 i i shompooer. free demonstrations. johnj Use< Platform Rocker- New i _~ Pelrasn. 5!7 Harvev. Upholstery S34.«5j 36. Used - 11V* if* H.WVMTT - lilCTW 1 xjistery -..._...- S34.05J Insurance 45. Lots For Sale SIZE HEAVILY WOODED FURNITURE — O ***** «K* Merr.ff *»• uo^-istefy I£?.9S; " "" "" ! .. , , .. T E S1ZE HEAVILY WOOC H°° ! ^^ J A i ^r? X s£ ; "S!Sn VeSia?ato?l 0s ' d a!ond Oesk *£5 HAVING DIFFICULTY IN OBTAINING iSoM=SIT£S - Cecor Bayou Pork "^ £J5 2£' f^'^^L^ S; Sk Use<i f'SWol't Automctlc Washer..S79.95 AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE?? i s^oia'oer Rood "aved streets. utJ* odds ond ends, for camphouse. S*0. SS3- c , G1 _ ENM W HITE INS. AGENCY SCxJei homes. (Office otjite). JEFF *^1 -»^lrt V,<«^L«* 5B2-ilS2 FLEMING. REALTOR, SK-7ZB and NEW BEAUTY AND STYLISHNESS lor Cold Sooe"" your old turniture wtien KIRK.INDALC j co ndit:on. Door sToro^e, S?5- 533-3166. UPHOLSTERY, Hwv. J*, reooes It. Quick, to* cost service. Phone 532-74S4. ROOFING SPECIALIST — Composition and wood. References furnished. Phone 583-1047. ROACHES? — t-Rooms and garase. STS » Also. Commerciol. Bonded OTOJ Licensed. Ail types exterminalina, fluarcntfred. FURNITURE - APPLIANCES WANTED (On My Way with CaJi) GRAVES DISCOUNT FURNITURE 319 N. Main 533-2321 FOR SALE — Reasonable; sofa; china cabinet; white maple buffet; yeilow for- mica >ab!e and 4 ctxslrs; 564-8534. 2410 Market NEW-USED FURNITURE 39- Business Opportunity IJO HARVEY'S PEST CONTROL. Ph, SK9SS6J ^ ApAGg SAL£ _ Bo!)y ., ew . adu>t c, o tn-j • /.., ASHWORTH'S CORNER GROCERY — j 5 JxltS I Owner retirsno. Buiujing, land and fix-} Martin Senour-s 'provincial Kits. Cover; tares. 814 W old finish, no varnish remover neces-i'f °' • • sory. ihl7J't C.WA <4 OC | NICE BUSINESS *^-~-> IFOR SALS nas. E<«» terms. ! V.cCANDLESS. SO-«>». A 1 !' ftoin. Price' $6.9» . . . <ncl | LA PORTE — 1J5 X 135 Ft. lot loc hurry, it v.-o.-'t !ast lon^. j aa,-}ronl Asdit.on. r~. X. Sralter. 566-722! or 5tt-5C6C. HUSHES REALTY, 533-2739 or SM- SHEPHERD'S TV For Fait Expert Service Your Zenith Dealer—Car. Radio, TV j Ing. toys, range, household ana ba&v I 'items, camera eaulpment. Thvrs., Fri..I Sot.. 1SO1 Rictiordson Lone. !j GRAVES FURNITURE WAREHOUSE j Bunk Beds and Bunkles J 45.001 it I I tiOme Lumber E Texas Avenue. I LUTHER LEA, •«JOLANDSR ROAD—Cedar Bar»« Pact. ; Ove.- ; -;-ocre wooced cxnw lot. ^ Eauity ouy. owiie SSS-8M1 SONGWRITERS - MUSICIANS — Lead! Set B-jnk Beds and Bun TRI-CITY MONUMENT CO. —Granite, ] , NTER , O R - EXTERIOR PAINTING — sheets, styling. Can before 3 p.m. or after! Nice Srorkllne Baby Bed marble, branie monuments, orowe nx>'R-! Pcrt . , ime worS[ Free estimates. i 8 p.m.. 58?-?137.i OK eefondM.erritt Ronoe ers. Cemeterv wort Ter-T-s no c=rry!p.j j c charoes. Market at W. Main, next ?c ?eooi« State 6O.-.R, S82-G02. Francis, 72. e. Aron. TREE TRIMMING SERVICE — -! Free estimates- i Phone 5. Personals WHITE SPACE INCREASES READERSHIP . TRACTOR WORK — Dirt - worn, Post i Holes, Mowing. Plowing. Discing, Free Estimates. Eorl C. Weaver, Highlands. 'Good TV (Two Cushion Couch" S 21.50 S Ft. Chest Freezer S <7.50 • YOU CAN OO IT! — Make a million ; ; delicts irt This frn~ business known as . i S:rri S S«pcir Shoo, 1205 N. Fifttl ST.. ir- ; 1 foe heart of Boyrow^. Sens many types: ; c* famous b r ar!as of motors, Icwnmovr-: ot pcrts, r.ew cno • _ . .. to repair. Oversized; »-50jBAYTOWN TRAILER RENTALS, 5S1-5415; workshop,. Nice 3-Oedroem home irsclua-. Trucks For Rent Equipped with hydraulic lift sates 47. Houses For Sale I Coil Bed Springs —. S 5.00, »*/ r- it /-^ , LJ-i l_ . ers. Co.-Tl?te sloe* Lea Both Tua .„ IliSCj We bell OuSTOm Hitches lusssi. Plenty of tools BARGAIN HUNTERS FOX.T - Dedroofns, 2 full ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS . t^itorrrxitJon on alcoholism. ! if you have a drinkins problem, cali SSJ-5700 or 5S3-3723. TYPEWRITERS — Office machines, cash (Next to Kilgore Ready-Mix} i-Pi.-e Chrorte Dinette .......... S 115o Good 3-Piece Watntrt Bedroom i S35.00J ed. Owner retiring to his fcriri. Drive t today. ta*e a look. Talk to ,V.r. SJTSS or ; T^^rj 5 call Eddie fcr other jnfo--rrtctiOn. This • 'P:~~^~\ s cGeorge WWtoker. Suite . LlkeNew G.E. Refriaerator ..... S135.00I JU W. Main OLD PELLY 533^713' THRIFT SHOP aedl won't last iorva. SDD!E COX. Reel- ^t-o 1 " ASSOcfAT="s ER SeALTORS. 583-7343 tor, 544-73! or 566-SCteO. 5""^ __ ~ ' 582-8323 582-8324 , „ — .cos. otnamenw; iron. EDWIN ARABIE. 411 Bolster, 5K-W59. SISTER RAINBOW Reader — Adviser Coll for ccpointment. . 11S35 Spencer Mwy.. Lc Porte. GA 1-W03! HAP py HOUSE DAY NURSERY — Stole! Look for the Indian Head SiBn In front. • t !ceni e. workina mothers enroll your chnu i yard. i now ir. acy cere nursery. Cell 5S3-2SB7 for j ^^^ j ooointrnent. - resisters. Soles or-d Service. Factory G ARAGE SALE — Best Yet! Toys, furni- j l>J1 ° t J' e Bookcase E i — ;::: HONDA. 1964 — Trail TO. windshield, gun j Three Peice Sect., Bed ConiDlete Lost and Found IMAINTAINER — For lease, with opera- j I4<a OH-.-« ' tor. S5.00 per hour. 5S2-2i34 coys, 5E3-I229J TAX SERVICE — NOTARY SERVICE : as lew as $10 itemized: as low cs $« JAMES DUVALL ^^ Lodge Notices ».P.O. ELKS NO. IMt, regular meeting ol 8 p.m., Thursday. March 17, 1964. James F. Ferrei, Exalted Ruler Henry U SocSk jr., secy. STATED COMMUNICATION of Goose Creek Loose No. 1192. A. F. and A, M.. Thursday. March 17, 1966, 7:00 p.m. in the Goose Creek Masonic hall. All members and visiting brethren corcually Invited to W. J. Harris. W.M. E. E. WaijQft, Secy. dog with leather tached. Answers to name of Remodel or Bulid CO.'AMERCIAL . . . RESIDENTIAL icgers. i • OEMS 5B2-72S4. ! • CABINETS ! • BATHS SEWING — Specializing !n ctuldrens' j . FORMICA HONDA, 1964 — Trail TO. windshield, casr. saddle baas. 600 miles, 5325. *S36! Scse Circle, 566-3639. i HOUSESOLD GOODS ! Ail or Pan. i See ot 621 Harold Lane. I •JACK'S PARTS AND SUPPLY — Auto; ! pcrts, supplies toots. ; I jock Russell. Owner. 201 East Texas, ] i Phone 582-3164. | | INSURANCE CAREER $79.55! Farmers Insurance 149.95 i Group X39.95 A iaro , muiriple line ins-jronce company , AMELIA, iso- — 3-Bearoomi. carpet. c*a- : :rc! best, find e'ectr:c 2'^i:t-in Kitchen. j Pne^e S5--90S4. | ADJOINING NEW HIGH SCHOOL — 111 B*:<view Drue, o real opportunity 1o 701 N. Highway m Formerly Hollaway's Grocery SS2-52U 31-B Building Material Belonos to son wno is on his way !3 j C ; o . nina M rs. John CoUins. 1605 Wilburn j . ALUMINUM SIDING Viet Nam. Please cal! 5S2-97<7. ! drive. 5S3-5325. LOST DOG — German Shepherd, block a-id white, answers to "Lody-B", Lakewood area. Call 566-7511 or 5*6-7030. 10. Help Wanted ALL - AROUND COOK EDED - 16. Apartments For Rent - DRIVEWAYS I COMPLETE REMODELING SERVICE ! 5 YEARS TO PAY I C. G. "Rocky" Roquemore i 1604 Wriaht Blvd. 5E2-917; ALL BUILDING MATERIAL NEEDS ' 40. Real Estate Wanted KEAUTIFUL CEOAR BAYOU — 3» seat* St . fine neirjfioarftood lor trte younoiten. KEEP carpet cteoning proOlems small—j See us for oil your remodeling or.d Suild- j use Blue Lustre well - fo - woil. Rent' '"0. estimates Free. NO i MING DO.VN.i eiectrlc shcmpocxrr SI. BAYTOV.-N HARO-i-P '= 5 years to pay ,..„_. w j eiectrlc shcmpooer WARE. J125 Market. 583-SOSZ ! " SAYTOWN BUILDERS SUPPLY i_ =.,_- r,,, : fifM Location. 315 v.'. Nairo, Oia Gra^ ; 5:rL,, .',' J - •' i K,- r*^ •<?-.,^ ce^ t^."a : f^"."^'i. i_ou-'s 406 .'.'.orket. Sc-.-tcwr;. like new insice, o^rrsized 2 bedroom •same. Vo-j w.:i line !t. WeSking cusMna •o school IOC X 165 ft. sot. Two bearing i o«an tr«%. Price S?^JO with oood locn JJOHN M. SHEARER AND ASSOCIATES : a.oiiauie. EDDIE COX, R«lll»:. S46-72Z1 8ARKELY SQUARE TOWNHOUSE Electric Motor Repairs KENJWORE SEWING MACHINE. S47.7S; i Lbr. Co. Yard. 582-7623. ^ps-PA^s^n- v^™^™™^^lj^\z^zr^ - ' i insulation. roofino. S.Sins, S.25 each. ; ^Jr'J 1 " W1TH _ " S ,^ = LIKE NEW FRIGIDAiRE REFRIGER-j Can be seen at The Baytowr, Sun, 1301 i GET SUPER SERVICE CALLED MEETING Goose Creek Lodge No. A. F. and A. M., Thursday. March 17, 1966, at 7:<5 p.m. For the purpose of honoring Goose Creek Assembly No. 8Q. Order of Rainbow for girls. Family friends cordially invited to attend. W. J. Harris, W_M. E E- Waugh, Secy. 1-A Special Notices I WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE — For any tJefcfs tnctHTed by anyone other than myself, CarlTon A. Porter Jr. MRS. KARL w. OPRYSHEJC condldcie for Position No. 1 in the School Trustee HI eel ion, invites Interested persons to call Ct her NEW NUMBER S2-S045. SANDERS CAKE SHOP — WEDDING SPECIALISTS, Catering service, roono- rnmed napkins. we<Idinc Invitations, de boofcs. Open 9 a.m. to 6 jxjn., 1611 Jones Rd.. Highlands. 426-251?. LIKE A LETTER FROM HOME, A subscript-on to The Baytown Sun is thoysnl- fut. Inexpensive ond win be appreciated day after doy- Start your subscription today to your favorite servicemen or student away ct school. Just call The Sun circulation department, 5B2-B3QZ ORDER SUN PHOTOS orders for reprinls cf pictures mode by Baytown Sun photographers by calling 532-8302 or writing to The Sun at P.O. Box 90, Baylown. The pictures are S2 for each first print, up To SX10 inches In size, and SI for each additional print from the same neoative- Slandard sizes are 8X10, 5X7, and 3ViX5 inches. CLASSIFIED ADS TRY SUN LEGAL NOTICE CITY OF BAYTOWN NOTICE TO BIDDERS Sealed bids in duplicate will be received by the City Clerk of the City of Baytown unlll 2:00 p.m. ThursoVjy, March 2«, 1966, and all bids wilt be opened and pubBdy read in me City Council Chamber at 2:15 p.m, on that date for: 'AVING WILLOW AVENUE FROM THE S.P.L. OF OAKWOOD ANNEX NO. 2 TO THE N.P.L OF OAKWOOD ANNEX NO. 2: PAVING YUPON AVENUS FROM THE S.P L. OF OAK.WOOD ANNEX TO THE N.P.L. OF OAKWOOO ANNEX; PAVING OAK AVENUE FROM THE S P.L. OF OAXWOOO ADDITION TO THE N P.L. OF OAKLAWN ADDITION- PAVING JOHNSON STREET FROM THE A'.P.L. OF WILLOW AVENUE TO THE W P.L. OF OAKLAWN ADDITION; PAVING STOWE STREET FROM THE W.P.L. OF YUPON AVENUE TO THE W.P.L. OF OAKLAWN ADDITION: PAVING 3OOKERTES STREET FROM THE W P.!_ OF YUPON AVENUE TO W.P.L. OF OAKLAWN ADDITION; PAVING TURNER STREET FROM THE W.P.L. OF YUPON AVENUE TO THE W.P.L. OF OAKWOOD ADDITION; AND PAV- !lNG CARVER STREET FROM THE Trip np«7 TlnitPrT ("Irjc Pinolino! W.P.L. OF YUPON AVENUE TO THE ... n y w ^ nuea *->as Pipeline W _ P-L _ o = OAKWOOD ADDITION. facility in Baytown will be de- P | 0ns , specifications and oil necessary Scribed Friday at the Baytown information may be obtained from the of; " . _ J , J , fice of Busch Engineering Co-npany, 1107 Chamber of Commerce luncheon Fieetwood Drive. Baytown. Texas. s;d| der's Bona. Certified or Cashier's Check In an cmcunt eaual to 10 per cent of tt>e meeting at Holiday Inn. total base bid. must ctxompony each proposal. The City reserves the rlcht to re!ect any °" y bld Deemed EIver . clty Cler1t The speaker will be A. H. Weil of Shreveport, La., who is gasoline superintendent of „..„,..„.„ line plants for United Gas Pipe-! "NO 'oiian"deBosit"is reauir«i of bona sde lino Trip r>TT>r><«:<: Il<;pr1 hv fh» Bav!no cwTctors. A deposit of VO per line, me process usea oy mei srt i5 reauired of an others. new facilitj' in Baytown will be j Dated: March 9. i**6 one of the newest in the nation, Chamber President Perry Britton said. The plant, costing in excess of 5600,000. is being constructed east of Highway 146 and south of Interstate 10 by the Fluor Corp. Britton pointed out the new facility will mark "another first in Baytown's industrial development." Accompanying the speaker will be Houston representatives of the company. LEGAL NOTICE broil and fry 1 tie: RES-1 532-7035. Cost Luxury ond Convenience I Rewinding, any kind, size. Modem equip- Swimmintt pool; central air, BCTio, car- ment. Qualified mechanics. MASSEY Cisftwcsher, refrigerator, disposal, i ELECTRIC, SO S. Pruett. SKJ-TBl. furnished unfurnished; utiil-' 1215 Park at Decker Dr., .-areeting; TAURANT, Decker Drive. COOK — Wanted dependable short o.-deri d. COUNTRY CLUB MANOR 3500 Decker Drive. Section I FREE RENT SONUS DON'T MOVE-IMPROVE Free planning and decorating service. ATOR — Porcelain Insice and our. Ccn be j X1eT>oricl Drive. seen at 1206 Dele after 5:30 p.m. or cal! 5S2-22S5. EASY TERMS ON ALL REMODELING : j LUMBER AND HARDWARE | SPARKY BOND. Realtor S Mam 5S2-S2J8 irs onrj Sundays. 533-4378 or Wc-775! BARNES, 3I» — Wooster Forced ta «« du- to military service. No Eauity, os- Sarr-o payments ot 5*5 month. 3-SeO- 'oo.-^s. b-^tn. ilv'ms room, Icrae kltcften, ...-e^-ed oorcti. ctttsched ooraoe. laroe storcce room. SSJ-i**' after 3:30 p.m. ! BEVERLY REALTY, » S. .ASHBEL volt, slip ring motor; one 1-hp, 3-phase, 22J-volt induction motor. Phone Bill Hart-nan. ot 582-8302 or write Box 90, Boy- town. YOU LUMBER CO j ' HOME REMODELING : ree estimates. JWE WANT YOUR LISTINGS . ,.1/i.t,.- groCTCHjs _. iSX V.1LES =RO.'.-. BAYTOWN 20 mln- cook for ni3tit shift. Must be experienced.! | an d 2-bedroorn furnished and unfurnlsh- j Apply Palms Grill. 3 to 5 p.m. '-' •- "'—' '• "'" r™.!*""-**- 11. Female Help Wanted I ed ooartments; electric Kitchens; air con. j °J|J^1 dstlonUg; draperies and swimmms pool, i <r-\n"r/-\K I ni 111 n»cnc Phone 566-3613 J MORTON BUILDERS BLUEBONN6T APARTMENTS 4J4-331J f New 1-bedroom furr.istied apartments, air conditioned, utilities paid, weekly — mot-rials Expen work Discount! NEW LEFT HANDED GOLF CLUBS -New ideos; reHable cor-.trcctors. Rooms, kitSSS, dens, baths.jl. irons. 2 woods. &a 3 . SO. Also, used CURSY LUMBER. 532-S2S1. DOMESTIC —Latin or colored woman j monthly rales. Hwy. 146. 582-6917. for general housework and cooking. 10:30 GA1LLARO 303 N — Cleon furnished a.m. thru the evening meal. Must have eBar , ment suitable for 1 or 2 oaults. Ap- own transportation. r -« ""•" «• »-"<•- "" -— . 566-3215. . otter 6 p.m., ply 303-A. HOUSEKEEPER WANTED — To deal apartments. Apply Bluebonnet Apart ments. 1500 Alexander. -JONES, 309 N. — Nice air conditioned m furnished bachelor apartment. Also, nice -i furnished 4-roorrts. bath, adults, no pets. bills paid. Apply 307 N. Janes. 24. Soil - Fertilizer BLACKTOPPING — Landscaping, excavating and mowina. Parking lots and driveway repairs. j. H. Berry, 533-4993. LVN'S and RN'S — SCH.LUNB. 10. - Fumi ls paid, SoO TX>nth. JOHN TOP SOIL — FILL DIRT — SHELL — *" ^ All shifts, good salary. Apply In person 1^^ RS AL_TY. S32-6517. . SHEAR- Red Bluff Rd. WEAVER, 110 — At Wooster. Nice large Air condl- LVN — WUh health card, one doy per U-room furnished apartTnent. Air week, in rest home. Apply in person, j Honed, garcce, bills pale, 566-5423. Rest Home, 3400 Dorris. No phone TOP COMMISSION « PER CENT Luiier Cosmetics. Hours at your corwen-j lence. Dart or full ti-ne. Collect CA 4-0733 | PART-TIME DOMESTIC HELP — Approximately 2 hours daily, own .ranspor- tation and references. 532-9923 arter 3 WHITE HOUSEKEEPER — Unencumbered, under 40, to live In ana aid in care of our two teenage daucritsrs. Private air conditioned room o-.a ccth with TV telephone furnished. SOTW domestic work aiding full-time colored maid in 12th year o: employment. Must have driver's license. New stotionwogon for house- Keeping. and limited private use. Call collect FE 6-4117, or wriie Box 729, Liberty, for appointment. 12. Male Help Wanted NEW APARTMENTS Wickersheimer Manor S10 Williams St. 1 and 2 Bedroom Units Furnished or Unfurnished Utilities Optional Individual Air/Heat Covered Paved Parking Near Churches, School, Shopping SE3-1127 SS2-MS2 GRAYWOOD ARMS One and Two-bedroom Apartments Furnished end Unfurnished From S99JO UTILITIES PAID FREE USE OF LAUNDRY EQUIPMENT 582-6434 1305 Memorial Drive SS2-5S35 17. Houses For Rent ARBOR, 235 — 2 Bedroom house, attached aerate, 220 wiring. Phone 533-S563. TOP SOIL, FILL SAND, SHELL Dump Truck for Rent 201 Avenue 26. Plants - Seeds PINK INDIAN HAWTHORNE — Gal. cans, S2.79; fruit ond pecan trees, S2JO op Also, sood selection of rose bushes in 5-gal. cans. SMITH BARROW GARDENS. B307 Thompson Rd. ^26-3215. SHAD6, FRUIT TREES — Thousands In containers Figs. Grapes. J. Persimmons. Strawberry. Berry Vines. Roses, Cacti, Hedae. Bamboo. Large Citrus and Dwarfs. Pink Lo. Phlox. Camellias, Azaleas. vines, Everareen and R. Shrubs, Thousands. Let us quote you by the Doz. 25. 50 and 100 lots. Largest selection in Texas. Lawn Ornaments. Rare Plqnfs, Trooicals. Orchids, Weepino Cherry and Mulberry. Tree Wisterias. Ground covers. Yuccas, all kinds. Aioe vera plants, violets and pecan trees. _ Cha-inelview Nurseries — Florist 16501 Market St. Road. Channelviev* A-l TELEVISION TECHNICIAN —Must he experienced in color and black and white. Oa not apply unless qualified. See _ double "araae with pit No bills i" "Clem". Kovar Color TV Center. 221 E. • month. Apply 1105 N, Fourth. £' Texas Ave. Us7ji7i3 t 1 . TRUCK LOAD BALLED AND BURLAP Japanese Yew sl-50 and S 6.50 Pfirzers S100 ond S 3.50 Spirea (Bride Wreath) -. S1.00 and S 2.00 Pampas Grass S 3.00 > _ r. .. .:— « 2.00 1SS2-6273. APPLIANCE SALESMAN WANTED -To j 8AYWAY DRIVE . «25Vi, - 4 ^^^./ 33^.- ^ ^^-in t . LlvVooks" Si-"" °nd S10.00 Room fur-! Sycamore - S 5.00 plus fits. Appiy in person. Mr. Wclmsley. 623 W. Texas. beck porch.! DAVIS NURSERY »11 Decker Dr., 566-8011 ASSISTANT COOK — Male, age 18-24, experience necessary. Must speck Spams Apply in person, Monterey House. CROW RD. £ — 3-bedroom 2 - baths, rent or lease, BARBER WANTED — Park Street Barber Shop. 503 Park St. Salary guaranteed. _ I CEDAR BAYOU RD., 2217 — Jennische i Addition, 2-Cedroom furnished house. By the week, all bills paid. Call 533-5427. DEFEE, 201 E. — 3-BeaYoom house, newlv decorated. SSO. GENERAL MAINTENANCE MAN —For 5s:-5222;" of ter 6. Ssi«241. »,rp:>n. c » pe r.«..« ..«. ..^cesscr,- 'but de-j ELM. 1611 — 3 rooms and batti.compl|t| slrable. Apply In person, Humphrey Air- ly redecorated, aaraoe, wasn noose, SJ5 port. N. Main. "" r ~""" month. 553-2066. 28. Pets - Supplies COMETS, 10 cents — Shubunkins and Fans. S.M; Calicos and Moors. S.30; Tropical Fish and Supplies. GREENWOOD'S PET SHOP. BOS S. Main. 426-2537. FREE KITTEN — Full blood Persian. Light grey color. See at 200 Scon Street. FOR SALE — 3 ma:e, 2 female cocker HANDY MAN - YARD MAN WANTED- GRANTHAM. « -*Mdro.m. be able Apply 3008 W. Main. bodied. central heat, beautiful fence. Cail 552- j 13317. after 5 P.m. USED CAR PORTER WANTED — ! 1NWOOD DRIVE, 310 — HOUSE FOR Used Cars, 6O3 vv. Texcs. THAS-FELTON FO R D.| LEASE; 3 bedrooms. 2 j FREE PUPPIES — 2 Months old. Med. ium size breed. 3 males and 4 females. Phone 532-5768. WANTED — Two new car salesmei ond j 5 Moin. cne used car salesman. Good opportunity i 553-4373 or for right man. S« Mr. Moroon at I . THAD" FELTON FORD. ! heat and air. 2-ccr oaroge. all brick, like I new. S550. SPARKY BOND, Realtor, 9O7 FREE — SmoU lovable ihuahua. to Sundays, j |, e ,' son pj-yjnj. fQr tfl ' is od . 533-2253. JLINDBERG, lip? — Ur,furnisJ>ed 2-6ed-1 soord i n a. POODLE GROOMING — WANTED — Experienced appliance ser- p n<;r . e SS2-96 ! room house vrfith oarooe, 560. service. The Baytown Su". WRIGHT. 509 — Unfurnished 2-bed- WE ARE SEEKING 2 Aggressive Sales Trainees For future monogement positions. If you fee) you can auaJify. and wont higher earnings — APPLY — Room 204 — Groystone 3ldg. 1209 OecJcer Dr. 5S3-ZBO See Jim Hord or Jim Borcel 10 — 11 DAILY ! 'oom house, centra; heat, cir cr>~ditioners, id-ape-ics. S»0 month. KEYSTONE REALITY, SS3-3'm. ^____ . . CLAIR LAC KENNELS. 1300 Clear Lake. Highlands, 426-3355 evenings and weekends. 29. Livestock - Supplies APPALOOSA AT STUD — Guaranteed ncjht handed set, 5 irons, 3 woods, bag, 520. Phone 566-8S3S. ••JEW FURNITURE FOR OLD is what a. Day's Upholstery job gives you; fabric j 3609 Market St.. 552-8255. ^i- Plastic. Auto and boat upholsterinc a specialty, _D_AY'S UPHOLSTERY. 504 N. AlutTlinUm JWE WANT YOUR LISTING MAHOGANY PANELING — 1 X S Fl. \ Cc:l "Jake" Rulter Rec 1 ^- preiinlshed, ec. 53,39; untinishea, ec. S3.55 ! i«. Ashbel, Baytcwn^ ,exo BRITTON CRAVENS LUMBER CO.. i ''83-4062 er nignts g^-SOSr. Main, 553-3030. I NELL'S FRAME SHOP CUSTOM FRAMING - ART GALLERY Paintings by Artists 12 909 N. Commerce SB2~!053 Made to order. Old screens rewired, j GULF COAST BLIND S. SCREEN CO. 4606 Bcywcy Dr., Baytown, 546-581] j S O ^i|°rUrSc? SS5 _ ^_, ~ ^ *-*«s ! HU" V.B""S !" J» E. — Sound, older hom« ' with 2-&edroc-r,s, 2 baths, and Jaroe oen. f^t I A TC All DC A I TV ' '--• tne necrt cf Be/town within walking CHAItAU KtALIT id.stance of everytnino. m „ Mrs Molone. Realtor, 160) Norcille ! BEVERLY REALTY CO. 5EM/S1 5S3-37S2 or 544-5404 offer t p.m. , 5aS-S?72 niahts. Acme Realty T. W. WluKS, REALTOR BEYOND YOUR PREAMS BUT WITHIN YOUR GRASP ONE SET EACH — Grolier Encyclopedia,! and Americana Encyclopedia. All for S200. j 4) , 3 y» )n . . . .. 533-1688. PLYWOOD ;602 Porfi ' S82-6I3S • MAPLFWOOD. In beautiful Groy- interior Exterior ! Prospects To Buy Your Home. ^-^ • , ne - roorolB< j In!o mese lovely We Need Your Listing PARTIN'S USED FURNITURE 17-ln. Silvertone Portable TV Dixie Apartment Range 4x3 — \% In. |«8 — « in. . I4XS — H In S4.9S Ux3 — »i In. J3.7» IMPERF6CT U.S? 55.15 S4.13 Unfinished Bookcases, 33x40-ln. ... S!1.95i J ,„ K c Mahogany Bed. Curved Foot *"-» £5 ~ Hi i." u • LIST WiTH ! STEWART REALTY ; 18 N. Ashbel Mahogany 10-Ft. V/esiingnouse Late Model Refrigerator With Across Top Freezer Htae-A-Bed. with Sea'.y Mattress. Foam Pillows. Worn but usable . S25.00 3 Odd Chest of Drawers S10 and Up t24 Vi. Main OLD PELLY 4x8 — *i In. Mahogany .. «S — *i In. Birch S12?i il!.S?i .S17.95! 42. Acreage For Sale V-GROOVE PANELING 4x8 — W In. Fir Unfinished S 2.57] | ~ C inMnhooanv Prennlihed S 349! ACREAGE - S miles south of Cleveland.: * - \ 'ft.^gTr.Tin^hed^ 5 5.75 j W MI .5; to « =c-e tracts. Can Oeve-; nome's ere the wonderful features found • ; n exci^stve C'-'Sto^n Dutit Savell homes. ! E.ery mciern device to moXe your life i-.o-e e-Movable the spac.ousne» ' -r='j ere took^na for. Livvnj raoT.. separate : din-is room, 3 lovely bedrooms. 2 barra. i — r, s.-eoKlast areas. Pius aouble oaraoe i 0 n taroe ic!s. YOU CAN BUY ONE OF | THESE HOMES TODAY. : QUALITY DOES NOT COST, IT PAYS. UAN SAVELL. BUILDER. 5EJ-72W. Latex Point," Ij" Colors, Gai. $ 2.25 j ARCH g R RD." — Near H~ Main, edge of PORTABLE WELDING MACHINE — , —--. •- ;•_., .- . , , ,. ZM amp Lincoln welder on trailer. white and Colors, Gal I in , B A-l condition, xawiol. Crosby, ttey or Att'C Stairway Heavy Duty *"-».,«,„, BY APPOINTMENT — J-Bedrwm trick -r.r !n" '^w price of S10.350. Priced well " 1x12 Cedar, Per 100 j Plastic Counter Top, Per Sq. Ft. Sll-501 2 or rr*ore acres, pcved L.CW tcxes. _ 'low "value. CLORE REALTY, 532-5520, one. _: , ec -' : BEAUTIFUL IMMACULATE veori aia. si?.5«>. PRINTING DONE QUICKLY, when pro-jis or 30 Lo. Felt," Per Roll S 1.S5! APPROXIMATELY 3 acre; In city limits.: ^•'y.'.-"' mised. and done rlghli Co,, MA - j Channe [ v , ew DisCOUnt | ^""'laS" jS'^itt,!" iSwTllHv | $£?£' ™$ ioc^T o^or^ THERNE'S, 533-1718, oil your Targe or s-nall, for auallty work. RANGE — 30-ln. Frlgidaire in perfect condition, time-bake oven, soeed-heat | lt '- ai burner. 583-3329. 1 Lumber Yard SHOULD SELL 12 x 9 Ft. Linoleum Rug Net Dip. Per Gol New Minnow Traps New Post Hole " " OUR PRICEJ CURBY LUMBER SHEETROCK: Sheetrocy. COMMERCE GL 2-71^!i=0"R ACRES - Frontage North Moin.. t£•; I ;PF?VI- eniraicc to new high school. ^- " . . . Good re**-t or commerdcl YSORN JOHNSON. INC. 2231 Marxet. 51.65 _ __ _ 12.951 Save 30 Per [GRiFFITH REALTY, 53?-23Jy er M3-lt33 : COUNTRY CLUB OAKS ill — Burnin» [HIGHLANDS REALTY CO. U'--?^ti?-"*Brlck C ^e^lind "?ou7 bed- I NORTHEAST of Hianicnds. =.5 acrts !crd : ;•' >•-;_""'^, ' i SARALLA P.O.. 10 to 60 ceres. OH or part ; ' °~^,^.*^; i A. vv. HA-VLM. Realtor. 1!S S. ,v.o.n ij r 4j.';i;y' '; ' DASi" 5AV 1 laces. Out) TO choose from. 3U1LDER. practical !„«,«»• whvf« ___ i LIBERTY COUNTY — 505 Acr«. rice ol- j _ aici rice New Shower Stall . Good Used CerJor Chest $19.JO| New Patio Liahts . .S 3.951 New Garden Push Plows S 8.95| JACK HEARD FURNITURE CO. 12 W. Defee, Baylown, 582-S96Z COLBY, 1703 — 3-oedrpcm brick. oo»* 1 ^HA loan ovc-lab!e. :T E !eEMc!ie SS3-185?. Sheley Lumber Co. 2209 MarXft St. 583-1745 'NUMEROUS SMALL ACREAG • INGS — Half Acre Up. Cc:: Joy desks with chcirs. SSO set; desk with chair, SIOQ; 566-771 secmaria^ 31-C. Musical Instruments j ml executive! mmmm^^mf^mmmtmammt^mm^mma^mi^af 17 ceres Cocsta: { SPECIAL GRAND PIANO — Kohier and Campbell, i Of TRAILER — Utility custom mode. Steel • wclued at SI OGO New felts and strings, i^r supported panel sides, steel over fra-Tie. new finish Will sell for £500. Cail Sa>U19. ['zi Will se'i or trade. 5S2-7210. e-or .-eo-or. ; FLEETWOOD. «O« — Beautiful 5.NC - Archer j; '^-^^''fil,^'—'" 1 ' ' & * <: " . ; 1 full txilhs, DjiVt-ir, kitcheri. -rr'l or >.,^i or TVS — 17-ln. Philco, S20; portables from S27.45; others, 529.95 one" up. Shop repairs. WORLD TV. 583-1438. A»-39«t u •.--, . ~j*. . , |w .. ng a _,,, •),„,„,, room central heat Lowery Piano, rental applies To purchase -rice. CHET'S PIANO CO., 200 E. TIRES — Four new Goodyear custom, nylon tubeless whitewal! tires. Tv^o 6501 X 13, two 700 X 13. S25 each. 533-1693. 32. Articles For Rent TELEVISION — 23 In. G.E. Console. Like new. S9S.50, !er-ns. 552-7977 after 6 p.m. Joe Cafes. BEDROOM House, one ocrelair. 2 cor aaraoe. Good loan available. ground., Aii_ utilities ava,:=b!e. MC-! l^gjTa'" jOHNSON.~NC.! V I20| V Mantei; — .— .— IS5M7S4. . ^^ . i^- f .^.u & - i r .*^ r ~- t ,'i'* loacy tor rurtner [...or^.c-ic. Dean Kir.s ana Son Rec^-/ 566-5061 or S66-73SJ. iSPARKY sez . TRUCKS FOR RENT — Drive yourself' TAKE A TRAMP IN THE WOO! Eauipped with hydraulic lift gates: The tramp will have a good time Up to 50^ OFF on MUFFLERS Up to 70% OFF on Shock absorbers Spin - on filters, all cars, SI.96 WATSON'S. 3207 Minnesota. 533-3S7i IN THE WOODS hydraulic lift gates: The tramp will have a good time and -' ace , (new trucks) Lcca! ond one-*oy. 210". j you'll see the prettiest 1 Worket. 582-5315. i 10-ACRE TRACT i BAYTOWN RENTALS i (Next to Kil-jore's Ready-Mix) HUMBLE 411 E. — This home has manr features the* you ere looking for. It has a !c-5e iivinc reor~\ with a realistic fire- Jdroorr.s CTX3 a bath that could Fenced DAN USED WOODEN WINDOWS — 1C in all.! _,. , ... _ three diMertnt sizes, will sell seporot»ry i p ower Tools, Power Post Hole Diggers i ou , Terms. or together. 531-2817. I . _ - - .. - RENTALS [you ever sow. It adjoins both Creekwood r;,^ 503 ^ ^fj °^^'l,S^ >! '^f^ Cilgore's Ready-Mix) : and Ridgewood Adcitians. i ^"-r*^,*" " R .rj."A^^ CBT "ritg' — ! OFF DEAD SND N. PRUETT : s~vSuL. BJItQgR. 5S2-.- ~ff. POP RFNIT ! Tnis iarld is unr "ITicted and could have HIGHLANDS — 102 Inwood. 3 bedroom*. TWIN. >vl-l^l 0 varje ty of uses. Owner has priced it ,-,,- ecj :, v . S7 7 monthly Call for appoint- Reducing Equipment ! below most larger tracts located farther ; -,„-,. -^-28!7 Floor Solders and Polishers : cDADl/V Dr~\Klr< D^ .li .JAMES. 4W w. — Wanting distance ta , -ro^r-rr-o uu«, ,- i Sewer Cleaning Equipment | brAKK-T EVJINU, KealTOP ; town, all or ;k, pr.ced J2JJOO. For other GAROEN TRACTOR — With Zr, v.owers. Tillers, Edgers, Hedge Trimmers; „- s Mcin Dicrt sjl-SIM i information roil Etidie. APPOINTMENT - • ' Nights ond Sundays 5S3J873, 544-775! ;ONLY. EDOiS COX. Realtor. 566-7721 or Inch mower and electric starter. . See at SMALL ENGINE SERVICE, Crosby-Huff-nan, Rood, Crosby. , Tow Bars and Car Tops Fans, Ladders, Chain Saws Rug Shampoo Machines •V BELTS AND PULLEYS for : refri'ger- i Televisions stars, air conditioners, pumps, coTtpres- i Camp Trailers sor"s, washers, cttic a^id window fens, i 3,000 belts In stoct,. V.ASSEY ELECTRIC-! "E, S. Pruett. 5E3-rTM. i ACRES — ACRES — ACRES - 1 Sc*.5060. ""*"• "Travel Trailers r3artS Rd, 22 acres, iust minutes from j LOOK WHAT S500 WILL MOVE YOU IN- Utilify Trailers ' aaytown. I TO — no-r.e with two laroe txO- Trucks HIGHWAY 90 — f ocrss with hignvay I _=f"^ 5 dm^o rco_-i and t5e-i. natural fire- We Rent Most " "" (ron '° 5t " crosby - to^color colt. •'Have trailer. Will Trcvcl". WANT To BUY _ Used sheet metal (tin),! j WOOSTER — Unfurnished s-rooms and bath with gcarae, S45 -7x>nth. i Phone S6«-SC47. 5B3-33A5. Walker Realty ! BAYSHORE OR, 134 — Large bride 3- i bedroo-n, 2 1J 3 baths, central air and: ' heat, den, fireplace, fenced yard, pier, i HOGS — Three com - fed hogs for sate. Ph. MI. Belvieu. 495-3439. MEAT SOLD FOR FREEZER — Pick your com f?d cclf from our feed lot. Alsc custom siauchtering ond cutting. BROWN SAUSAGE CO., SIS 6. Wallisvllle Rd., .26-3815 used lumber (2x-4's and 2x&'sl. WANTED — Someo-* In this area with! ooed credit to take over payrne-ts 01 : late model Singer. Does everything. sl.25j week or 5*9.95 cash. Free home trail. Houston UN 9-3376. i $175 on 1-year lease. -I5A&-5277 M17 Boywoy Dr. | TWO GENTLE RIDING MARES — For i sale. Will breed to registered Appaloosa 1 stallion. Phone 533-3K4. NOTICE TO BIDDERS Sealed bids In duplicate will be received by the City Clerk of the City of Boytown until *:00 p.m.. Wednesday. Marctl 23. 1966 for: FURNISHING AND DELIVERING ALL OF THE CITIES REQUIREMENTS FOR LIQUID CHLORINE FOR A PERIOD OF! ONE YEAR FROM DATE OF AWARD-i NG O Sid i, specifications and other ne- j cessory Information may b* obtained f r om i the office of Purchasina Agent. City Hall. Young Man For gun and reel repair. Reliable old Texas Firm WiH Train Write Box 2187 Core The Baylown Sun Route Man Needed 18. Bedrooms - Board I 30-A. Will Trade AT CREGER HOTEL and opartmerus. j FORD. 1*6- Will sell or trade (or li you pet good beds, gas heat, tub or show, -t house ..gler. __. good beds. OOL baths; suiet. homelike. No drunks £?-2326. GOOD FOOD SERVED FAMILY STYLE I Reasonable Rates I TYRES HOTEL ! 330! Minnesota Articles For Sale ACCORDIONS — New 574 up. Used. 135 'GILLETTE, 170! — Nicely furnished Bed-1 ao New Guitars. $16.50 up. Accordion in- Bidder-;"Borid "cerrffTed I Man with selling ability helpful. You can j room, private berth, walk-in c'.oset. in ouiet 5 truct;on. Beo.nner instruments jurnished. or "Ceshier's Check Is not reauir'ed on this! earn 5800 and up per month. See mana- i home. X5O. Apply some. BAYTOWN aer, 219 E. Republic. Foremost DOTUS, i <t>< __ 1 _^ -p _^ ——— ,^__ n «. — „__„ ni7. Sovtovm, Texas. Food Bid Contractors Awarded By Schools A total of 53,354.81 in food bids for the Baytown School District cafeterias was awarded four companies at the last school board meeting. TTie board accepted the recommended best low bids on 74 items. Bids awarded were Food Service Company. $497.11; Sewall 4 Company, $213.46; Henke Jc PUlot. $1,327.70; and Lyons Supply Company, $1,316.54. Dog Is Found THE DOG that bit a 10-year-old boy. W. C Stanaland. was found, the boy's mother, Mrs. Chanwood Stanaland, said. The boy had been bitten by the dog early Friday near Lamar Ele-i fnentary School. The outillc Is Invited to attend the bid ooenlng beolnnino at 4:00 D.-n., Morcti 23. 19M. AH bids will be opened, publicly read cr»d tabulated for presentation to rhe City Council tor Its consideration of the next regmar meeting following the oomino Trie City Council shall have tne rlgnt to relect any or all bias. Edoo Oliver, City ClerK City of Baytown Bid No. 643-J LEGAL NOTICE 3 to 5 Mo*, thru Friday. 10101 BAY AREA BOULEVARD Halfway between LaPorte and SeoSrook. 1 mile west of Highway 1« WANTED- JOURNEYMEN WELDERS AnL' II I I LflJ i 19. Business Rentals BARBER SHOP IN MONT BEUVIEU — For lease or rent. CaH after 4:30 p.m., Viroil Carliie, -495-3653. I OFFICE SPACE ON DEFEE STREET— i AVAILABLE FOR RENT I Apply Abe Rosenzweia, 563-1703. softer 7 p.m., 5«S-58!B. ACCORDION CENTER, 553- AIR CONDITIONERS — Two H.OOO BTU, used less than 3 months. 1149.94 each. S87-8SJT. APPLIANCES — RCA Whirlpool ice- maker refrigerator; Gibson electric range, wringer type Maytag washer, 21- In. RCA toble TV. Coll 424-2779. APPLIANCES — Maytag gas dryer, like new, 575; Kenmore automatic washer, porcelain, reconditioned, s&; Fngidoire refrigerator - freezer combination, SAS; I small Westlnghouse refrigerator, 560; Free CfTY OF BAYTOWN NOTICE TO BIDDERS Seeled b«s In duollccte win be received ay ttse CltY Clerx of the City of Boytown until 2:00 p.m. Thursday. March 24, 1966. and all bids wll; be aoenetf and pubHcly read Vi the City Council Chomoer ot 2:15 D.m. on mot oofe for: PAVING ALABAMA STREET FROM THE NORTH PROPERTY LINE OF MISSOURI STREET TO THE SOUTH PROPERTY LINE OF DURAIH FERRY ROAD Plans, specifications and all necessary Information may be obtained from the office of Bosch EnoJneerlng Company, 1107 Ffeetvrood Drive. Bovl»wn. Texas. Bidder's Bond. Certified or Cashier's Check In an amount eauo) to 10 o*r cent of me total base bid, mosl occomponv each pro- OOHl. The atv reserve* ffw rlgtit to relect any and all bids or to accept any IXd deemed advantageous to ft. No Dion deposit Is required of born fide paving contractors. A deposit of WO per set Is reaulred of oil others. Doted: March 9. ;WA ECno Oliver, City Clerk for aluminum ond steel. also j GPAYSTONE^u • LDi NG- "^ Decker ^i' ^fl^'rvrcaH 'sB-Sl-T wanted. New shop. Excellent workins con- Orlve. Ullra-modern in coovenience and Sitions. i service. Apply Room 3K; S82-S23S. Offenhauser Co. Boyport Division o* Shaffer Tool Works HA 4-1241 WAREHOUSE FACILITIES AVAILABLE — 6.000 so. ft. at 7.13 E. Texas Ave. Krysor.e Realty Co., 583-3111. 14- Employment NOTIC6 Designations os to sex In our Heto Wonted and co?umnj are made only (I) To Indicate bona fide or cupatfonol qucHfleattors for employment which an employer regards as reasonably necessary to th^ normal operation of Ms business or enterprise, or (2) as a convenience to our reader to let them know which positions the advertiser believes wouW be of more Interest to one sex then the other because of the wor* Involved. Such designations shall not b* token to Indicate thct any Odver- t!$*r Intends or practices any unlawful preference, limitation, specification or dlscrlmtoatton employment practice*. 40 X 30 Ft. SUILDING — Will remodel to suit tenant. 7t$ N. Mom, Apply GrotxmVs, 801 Warn, Phone 533-2463. N. 20. Wanted To Rent WANT TO LEASE —Moderate size fenced ocsfures m Boytown oreo. S87-08Z 23. Services Offered ADDITIONS. FOUNDATIONS LEVELED. Remodeling. Lifetime Tec'lor siding. For estimates, 58Z-9JS7, J. R. ATTIC FAN — M-In. attic fan, motor, automatic grill, US. 206 Chancier, S83-2411. ADDING MACHINES - CASH REGISTERS - TYPEWRITERS. Sales. Rentals, Service. All makes, electric and manual BLOOM SALES, 330S Market, SS3-232S. ARISNS GARDEN TILLERS AND RID ING VOWERS. Reo ond Sentry Mowers LYNCHBURG FEED AND HDW. ]W Market — 426J1!?. AS ALWAYS— Your supplier of Needle Work and Crcfts. Me DONALD NEEDLE ARTS Bob Smittl Rood, 183-1272. ANTIQUE CHINA CLOSET — Corner cab- net, glass fro"t, mlrrorj. *13S. 16922 Ave: A.. GL 2-7422, Channelview. BRASS IRON BEDSTEAD — Matching vanity and stool. Coll after 4:45 weekdays, all Saturday. 582-8051. DINING TABLE — Maple. 60 X 38 In., SI5. S66-8413. YARD SALE — Mon., Mar. 21 through i Wed., Mar. 23, 9 to 5. Clothing, shoes, j novelties, party cvess and some furniture. 310 E. Rcoublic. ! Everything BAYTOWN RENTALS Next to Kilaore Ready Mix 2101 Morket — 537-5315 NEED IT?? — RENT IT'! Chemicai Sprayers UNITED RENT-ALLS Pruett and Peorce. 5S3-S019 McDonald & Herbert i s:oce. centra! heot, cir conditioning. Nice crr-.y !cf plenty cf trees. Real coo- nier ,t :o vvooster shoppinc, schools, end RI'FF^TH REALTY. 552-20J? or 5B3-va3. Nights ; 5S3-M77; LEISURE COTTAGE SPARKY SSZ . . . BREAK A LEG 1-Bedroom wlHl i screened D^rrh. II .595. 16108 Hiahway 73. ': Col! c-L 2-1072, Singer Auto Zig-Zag | 33. Sporting Goods ! and you can hoc to the Gull Coasl Hospi- LARGE ENOUGH TO ENTERTAIN — i tal from this strategic Sraii enouoh to marntoin. 3-Bedrooms. i T-, ACRES ON GARTH ROAO :2 so:ris , electric kitchen Duilt-ins. formal ! Ideal for almost any business us«. Realis- ,j; r(n3 rocm j tically priced ond on terms. .HUGHES REALTY, 533-273? or jSj-4591. | SPARKY BOND, Realtor !^u!n>p ' 907 S Moin W2-83+S Two !t>- the pri i Nights and weekends 583-4S7S or 544-7751 ; DIANA, clean as ,—^ . _^^— . ^o-'-.'? with nice 2- UMd only 4 months. Makes buttonholes, sews on buttons, many fancy pattens I without attachments. 5 year guarantee. I 30 AT RIG —14 ft. Hollywood bnot. 1942 j H.,™— •• - homei ,-nod-l. 40 hp oH - electric Johnson. Little; Here's o tract of land thot deserves STOP The Presses! 557.00 Cash or 15.90 per month. Free ho -iol. hp u.. - . - .. j Dude tilt - frailer, extra clean. 583-1209, | j see 212 Lone Dr. an EXTRA! of one. 3113 IN- whistu;. 3-bedroom i-bedroom oarcoe opart- Will last 100 years. Nice shod* i ;rc«. Near oil schools. Price S9J03. 1 Good loon available. tEDCHE COX, fteal- ; tar. 56»-777'_or 566-5060. I v.ONT BELVIEU — 7-Room house wltd NEW Singer ZIG-ZAG ONLY S99.95 • ——iso Acres froriing on J roods, close to: SS.'.',.."'j"l ,ij'' ,TI,, B.iSi«i i BOAT RIG — 1765, 18 ft. Storcraft with 1 u.S StMI. You'll never fine 1 a belter: ^""-^ " J .•—». .vurn DCIVICU. ^^ 1 '65. 60 hp Evinrude motor, b;g whe-1 trail-; investment. Call todoy lor more informo-; HIGHLANDS NICE 4-BEDROOM HOME. ! er, 2-way radio, compass, tachometer, j tion. ! =HA APPROVED. $375 Down. Dea-i King and Son Realty 544-5041 Of S4*-7M« itSe pu-np. speedcrneter, IS ft. s.nrirrp.: I trawl, sleeps 2. S1.7?5. i26-30S7 after 6:301 I p.m. and weekends. • ^ BOAT RIG — 1« ft. wooden boot, bigisPARXY SEZ . . . wheel trailer, twin Evinrude electric start] HOTTEST SPOT IN SAYTOWN motors. SS50. 5B3-3726 or See 2003 Florida. [ <o Acres, 1,759 Ft. on Garth Rood south Bt * er ftOO<J Dtm '' mi " jsv Hendrick. J2A-<5iO or !PONDEROSA SOLO OUT!' ' -.vetch for nfr^ homes under construction, i JOE AYLOR, Builder ond Developer, I 5«-7?i4. BOAT RIG — 1« Ft. mahogany plywood,i -_ _ r.ts\s n/^\Ktr\ n li 35 hp Evinrude Lork_«lec1ric Start motor.) SPARKY BOND, Realtor co-ntro's. big wheel trailer. In excellent 1.37 5 Moin p° h ±I'°iL,T,?, DrlCe<1 ior "«««»«'« «"«-|N.«hT,- a,d weekend WE DO NOT SELL OUR MERCHANDISE THROUGH DEALERS IN THE HOUSTON OR BAYTOWN AREA. FREE HOME DEMONSTRATION The Singer Co. 318 W. Texas 583-2400 Singer Automatic Zig Zag Desk, mokes buttonholes, lews on buttons, tlo-.'S oil fancy cestgns. wauM like reliable party to take up paynwnts ot $4.30 month, or pay oft low balance ot $41 JO. Phone 5SJ-8735. MOUNTAIN VALLEY WATER JOHN R. MARTIN. 32] E. Jack, 582-StK We Rent Televisions 42-A. Out Of TOWT1 GOLF CLUBS — Doug Ford Signature, S irons, 2 woods. Will trade for rifle or shotgun of equal value. 582-7210. CUN REPAIRS — Custom Barreled Actions. Douglas or Apex Imperial Barrels,! EURLESON COUNTY, SNOOK, Precision Chambered. ''" " " HUNTERS' DEN 604 E. Jock, Baytown. Texas HOLZAEPFEL GUN SHOP Scope and sight mounting; reblucing, reflnlshinc. Military Spo.'teriiina. 108 W. Cleveland. SS2-5V33, 582-7U2. PLUMWOOD SECTION III NEW BRIC< HOMES — In most cctv .. _ . vcni'it locotion m Bo- r town. Near schools, 582-8248 - churches, playground, shopping. NelahDor- 566-7751 i hood is OUiCt, no Through streets. Unique i d**si^ns. 3-t>edroo-ns. 2 boths 7^ar oar- __p_>:c^>. COM KENNETH KRASOFr, Builder. I 160! Norcille. 582-6417. fEXAS— REAL BARGAIN FOR YOU Two-bedrooms, carpeting, new 2-ton air conditioning. Cyclone fenced. Sic 307 Sch'l'tna. shewn by appointment. Call 1 172 acres n«r Coiicse Station. FronMoe-. two roods; 2 lafces; two barns; barbecue: house Cross-fenced for oars. S240 acre. ! SPECIAL — SPECIAL — SPECIAL ' — - - - I Coll Clem Kovor. 582-7438 or 58*^744. HOUSE ON DAY LAKE I Cal! Mrs VV. W. Dales in Dayton ICL 8-2S1S. _____ MERCURY, 1941 — 4 door hardtop, load-iLOT, 75 X 150 FT. — In Harvest Acres ed, extra clean, sell for S750 or trade (or boating rig of equal value. 103 Wildrose, PICK UP CAMPER — Fits narrow or wide standard bed. sliding windows, 545. 566-SJS5. TRAILER — Two-wheel trofler, for horse or anything else. SI 10. 3201 Iowa. 1965 Mobile Scout Thl% Immaculate camper was used only < times. Sleeps six, has all the extras. See it now it won't be her« long. Only $895 Dan Hutcnins Motor Co. Hlwoy 1« at Texa* 582-7158 , . ot Splenoora, 5,100. Cali 532-2586 after )J 1517 Lindberg Waikma distance to Robert E. Lee high school. Clean as o whistle 2-becfroom home. Nice wooded lot. HARD TO BEI IEVE—SJ.750, i300 down. iSO month, NO c'osma cost. Cali Eddie day or nl^it. EDDIE COX, Renltor. 566-7221 or . NEAR JACKSONVILLE — 4 miles east of Nerhes River in Cherokee County, 25 acres, S100 acre, 5W-677?. Retirement? WANTED NEW OWNER To fiil this cute little home with love and core. 2-bcdrooms. separate dinlno room, oversized family room, beautifully landscaped yard. Plenty paper shell pecan trees. Wolklno distance to schools, ond churches, shop&sna. Good loan available, ... . orlcc 17.850. ZM E. Sterling, heart of BOY- Nice cafe near Lake Murvall In East Tex-1 ! = w n- P-S- All alumtnum sldlno, no pair* as. Three acres o» land, nice «-room :n " 43. Business Property GRAVES DISCOUNT FURNITURE—Jl» N. Main, 50X12S n. lot. Bulldlnq with living quarters, good business location for most anything. Price reduced for quick sale. Bank financing available. WE HAVE HOMES THAT CAN BE BOUGHT WITH A SMALL OR NO DOWN PAYMENT. Priced from J7.000 to *14^ 000. SHORTY THARP REALTY, 564-7010. 6319 Ba'/way Drive, wnrfiTrrr Trrmnrr TWO lunjmiii brick homes for sale, 1100 down, MS monthly, Hcludino faxes ond Insurance. Also frame house, J100 clown, S75 nvwiKv ly pavmenls. Coll Houston 713-MO 8-0345,

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