The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 17, 1914 · Page 6
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 6

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, July 17, 1914
Page 6
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Page Six T H E D E C A T T R H S V I W Friday Evening, July 17, 1914. Public School Head Has Important Work Ahead. WILSON AT ST. PAUL New Text Book to be Adopted in Local Schools. Superintendent Engleman hearfl no little favorable comment on the work of Miss Mabel Schmachtenberger of Da- catur, who resigned from her place as critic teacher In the State normal school there at the end of last jcars term The faculty united In the opinion that the Decatur joung Tioman was the best critic teacher e\er em ployed In the school and uni\ersal re- tret Tvas -\oiced at her resignation he has returned home and as set has tormed no definite plans for the fut u r e Superintendent T O Engleman of the Deratur school's returned from a two -weeks sta^ in the north Thursday n zht to find the usual after \ a cation -^cumulation of w o r k w h i c h ho expects w i 1 c h a i n him to hlq desk until t i e o p e n i n g of school in September \lthoush no appointments w ero made to the openings In the loco-1 ttachiPE force the superintendent in tenitncd man\ candidates and expects to have the ·Ndcancios filled soon KLACES TO PE FIIMD Pla^ * remaining to be filled are those- of supervisor of inteimediate ft ades \acated In the resignation of Miss Jenkins music supervisor super visoj: of penmanship one \acancy in the language teachirs force In the h gh school and that of minual train ing teacher The last Is especlalli hard to fill is a change in the course next -\ear makes it ne^essarj to secure a teacher w h o is competent In tin smithing ornamental iron work and wood work Mr Ensleimn has two teachers in view for this pla n e and expects to close with one of them -oon NETS TFVT BOOK As one result of attendance on the Kational Educational congress In St Paul Mr Engleman will recommend the adoption of a "Riverside series reader text took for Decatur schools next v ears of which Jlisa Jenkins i«s joint author The book w a « hischK recommended at the big meetirg ·WILSON THERE Amone; oth«*r educ^tois who attend ed the t PTU! meet nc w a ^ fnrmer Superintendent "n iison of the I atui schools now in charge of those in Topeka !Mr \\il=on expressed his sat« isfaction in his pre ent position to the Decatur suoer ntendent and c ent his icgards to friends here Mr Dngl J *nans trip was pleas ant one After meeting hosts of old friends in St. Pa il he mid t short tour of Wisconsin stopping in La Crossp and other cities w h e r e he is known ard where he combed the mar ket for new teachers H° was forced lo turn down three imitations for institute w o k one in Wisconsin, ona in Tndiina ind one m Illinois because affairs in Decatii 1 - de-nan' attention Cntli thf opening of school LIKED DDC^TI R GIRL rwr nc: his stav in La Crosse "ft is GIVEN SURPRISE BY CONGREGATION BBT E. S. Long anil Wife 11siteil 1T First U. B. Membens. Rev E S Long pastor of the First Lnited Brethren chuich and his w i f e were pnen a surprise bj a large num ber of the members of their congregation Thursday evening at their home The occasion was a complete surpiioe as neither Mr nor Mrs Long had any Uea that it was to take, place The v i=itors said thej gathered to show their appreciation of the work of tha pistor and his w i f e m connection w i t h the- church The evening was soent enjo'vablj by nil who w e i e present Ice cream and take wera served Talks were made bj Mrs y Trierwiler and Philip Kayser and Ee\ and Mrs S E Long 165 ATTEND* SARGENT PICNIC Two Hay %\ neons and Other \ chicle* I sea to Carry People to rnrk One hundred and sixty-f He people attended the picnic of the Sargent chapel Sunday school Thursday a f t e r noon -and evening at Nelson p a i k T w o hav wagons and other v e h i c l e s w e r e used to take tha people to the pat k In the afternoon there were a number of races for amusement The r e t i i n to the city was made at S oclock EAST PARK PICNIC The weather interfered with the a* tendance at the picnic of the East Park Baptist Sunday school at Falrv lew- park One wagon lo id of people w e n t out and others went on the car bup- per was served In the pavilion The Dicnlc was an enjovible one to those who did attend DUNNE IS URGED FOR HIGH COURT Lewln to Present jo\ernor*s Qualifications. "tt a^hlngton D C JuU 17--Senator T Hamilton Tj«wis ha^ notlf ed Presi dent "U il^on that i\ hen the n lection o f appointing- a successor to trie late A« ^ociate Justice Lurton of the United states Supreme Court K reached by the president he desire^ an o p p o r t u n i t y to present the name of Oo\ernT Dunne of Illinois for the- place Senator I/euls hs pointed out to the president that Illincls has no cabinet member no diplonntir representatn P of the first class and no other official in the administration in keeping with t h f rink of the state The president has promt«ed to hear Senatoi L^-ft is T\ hen the question Is taken up 51 ""· Sugar 25c Only Sold With Churnedwell ft tf 1 "in Sugar -uch as this is today vOIiee CinU 1 Co. quoted at nearly 5c Ib. wholesale Lemonade Syrups Large r6j£UicH* 2oc siz fi ^ . makes 15 Lorena Brand glassde rinkl c ° 01 ISc Churnedwell Butterine OISLY Always good--takes the place of butter Ib. Crackers Regular lOc grade, fresh and '"7JL.^» crisp . . § 2 v, Milk Tall cans, good quality, worth lOc, t I "5"C 0 £ Coffee Loretta brand, finest drink; fit for a kmg's ta- QA« ble, Ib Ol/t, Mustard 3 bottles, 1 A cut to . 1UL Corn Flakes Quaker brand, lOc size f package O C Navy Beans cut to, K pound . . OC- Starch Best gloss, "| Af» 3 pounds JLvfC^ Apricots CUt to Q£fc/» 2 pounds OOC , Prunes California, worth 13c; as long -| ft _ as thev last JLJLtL Baked Beans Frisco beans. 3-lb can, fine Q quality Ol/ G-raham Crackers Regular 18c -J f\ pound . . JLvf v/ Lard Extra ij Q _ good, Ib I-OC Mixed Cakes regular 15c grade, fresh, 1 f|/» pound . . AUC Red Kidney Beans Extra fine quality, worth lOc, D _ cut to Ov Wash Blue Worth 8c, to close out, lot, Q ,, bottle . OC Cheese Brick, extra -j O^, fine, by cake JLOi/ Teas Fancy mixed, regular 60c J fH n seller 4«C Ammonia Pint /!« bottle TJcC Phone Bell 430 Auto 1418 Loretta Stamps, \sk frfr them 226 East Dldorado, Decatur. "HESE PRICES GOOD SATURDAY AND MONDAY ONLY Prudence, Louise and Miriam are Entertained. The Swain triplets. Prudence Loul'e and Miriam of Mt Pulaski, are In the city ^siting their grandparents Dr and Mrs S H Swain 226 'West Deca tur street The triplet^ are now in their el^enth ^ear, having passed their tenth With day the nineteenth day of last December Dr Will Swaig of Mt Pulaski is their father and their mother died when they weie only three jears old .Mrs S H Swain gave a children s porch partv Wednesday afternoon in honoi of the triplets Those present w e n Lna Arnold ilelva and Louise N-iglc Helen Martha and Ivatherlne Scurlock. Alleen and Grace Bowling Edna and Margaret Pel er, Eleanor and Man Correlne WaUmsley and Eveljn Cox The children had B delightful time pia%ing games all afternoon and they were ««\efl with fee cream and cake for refreshments v LITTLE GIRLS RECEIVE SHOCK V hen Llslitnlne Strikes Tree Under ·« lilch Thcr Took Shelter Neither Pearl Bnerton, as«d fifteen nor her younger sister Lucile was ·sennit mjurea w h e n a bolt pf light mns «t iclv the tree under tvhich the^ had ^0 ght shelter Thursday m o r n i n g Pearl receded a shock and a fc" burn's on tne hack and other pirts of her bod^ but was ibte to « t tip ^hur!da^ e M n i n c Both little sir s -11 e Impi n ingr and no s n rio"us effect^ re c^pecteJ Thej ll\e it 1"35 N o r t h Huron a'tcnue GAVE SALAD DISH TO MRS. DOWNEY The Ladles Aid society of the Third United Brethren church at its meeting Thursday afternoon presented a salad dish to Mrs C H Bovtnej as this was the 'ast time she met with the society The Downe\s are moving to Michigan Mr Downe\ has alreaflj gone to their new home The meeting Thursday was held at the home of Mrs Ed Downev "SIAMESE TWINS" ARE CUT APART Fnrl«« ^urgeonB Separate Slutern M ho \\ ere Joined Bnck to Back Pi"is Jtlly 17--The two si ter^ u h o we ? born Ma\ "2 joined togethe 1 ick to McK be ng united In thf I n m i re gan ivere cut apait j e s t e i d ^ i h o operation "na^ p ^ i f o i m d I-\ Pr Alit, not TSS sted by Dr C \\ Du Boi chet rh f-t su geon of the Amu lean I" 10 Pitai T h e most delicite pait of the o x n tion wa^ the di^rrtion of tl P inte^ tin - w h i c h at one roi it ^ pre imtPil for a space of an. inch -\nd i quartei Secretary Says T. R.'a Ambition Thwarted. Lincoln I\sb, Jan 17--In a long signed statement in the current Issue c E the Commoner about to be published, becre^ary T\ j Brsan vigorously at tai-ks Colonel Roose\elt for his criticisms of the administration and promises to pay irore when the ex-president becomes xnort specific on the foreign \ olics N E E D NOT BE FEAKED In part he s,as E\ President Roosevelt has commenced his attack upon Piesldent ^ U- «on s admin!s*ration but if his first speech is a n j indication of ^vhat is to come it is an attack that need not be feared Thos» who listen to him and reid T^hat he -ass w ill not overlook the fart that 1 o h°s a double reason for being dissatisfied with the present administration The fir; reason is fo md m the fact that H 'was Presio«.nt "Alisons pro- gressi%eness that seilcl Roosevelt B fate in tha la=t campa gn 1C the Democratic c o n v e i t i o n had follow ed the eample of the Ci ica^o c o n v e n t i o n and nominated a reac l o i a i v , Roosevelt might ha.\Q been el^^ted but instead oC c h o o ^ i n T a r o T r t f o n i i v the con\ pntton Let this 5e cake of soap make your washing eatier BEACH'S SOAP Just let Peosta soak the dirt out, Peosta takes good care of your clothes- makes them wear longer made the selection from among the pro- gr°ssive candidates before th« convention, and as a result democracy cirne ROOSEVELT CAN T FORGIVE "The Democratid party hae made good and It Is now so progressive that thereis no room for another progrressl e party. The ex-president 1» not quick tt forsive those who thwarted Wa ambition and he has this grlevanc* against the president ' THE GREATEST DOLLARS BBMI^Mg^HiMi^MaBMMBBMHMBMMBMHfMH^MBMi Saving Event of the Season / ~» Our Annual July Sale of URNITURE Don't fail to attend if you need anything in furniture July Clearance July Clearance July Clearance HSGEBHARTG- Prices Shoved Uncommonly Low On RESS ,THE LOTS AND BY SATURDAY m$HT. 300 Brand Our Second Floor Chief Makes An Unusually Good Buy in Beautiful Summer Dresses . THE MANUFACTURERS COMES 300 BRAND NEW SUMMER WASH DRESSES FOR THIS SALE. THESE DRESSES ARH THE M iw SUMMER STYLES AND ARE WONDERFUL VALUES. THEY HAVE BEEN ASSORTED INTO THREB SPEoE SAM FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY AT PRICES THAT SHOULD MOVE EVERY ONE OUT Dresses Less Than Half Goes on Sale Friday For the First Time LOT1 Values up to $7.50 This lot consists of lawns and voiles in all the new Summer styles. They come in all colors and white, and have silk girdles. This lot sold regularly up to ?7 50. Choice LOT 2 Values up to $10.00 Included in this lot are crepes, lawns and voiles, in all colors and white, in tunic and ruffled effects in all the newest Summer styles. yalues up to $10.00. Choice LOTS Values up to $12.50 This lot includes China and Jar3 ar.eae silk dresses, also messahra skirts with lace waists. They! come in tunic effects and ara luffled trimmed and are color* and white. $12.50 values, choice $4.95 JULY CLEARANCE OF HOSIERY AND UNDERWEAR sfien's Fine Lisle Hose 2for25c f Men's fine lisle hose, in all colors including black, all sizes, will be sold this sale at 2 for Ladies' Union Suits 25c 600 ladies' fine union suits, sleeveless, low neck and loose knee, nicely trimmed, will be sold Friday and Saturday at Men's Union.Suits 50c Men's union suits in athletic or- talbnggan mesh, sleeveless and' knee length or short _sleeves and ankle length, Friday" and Saturday ..... ..... Ladies' White Silk Lisle Hose 3 for $1.00 Children's White Hose 2 for 25c Ladies fine white silk lisle hose, 600 pairs of children's white full fashioned, a hose worth 50c; hose, all sizes, made of superior this sale 35c, fl?1 AA quality yam, on **~ or 3 foi sale at 2 for. U Lt^J\,*lWi 25c Children's Union Suits 25c Ladies 'Fine Vests 2 for 25c One case of children's union suits 800 ladies' fine vests with V that are made of excellent qual- neck or round neck, sleeveless ity yarn well made, will be sold and nicely trimmed. This spe- at tllP =;rn Cla ] price of 25C at cial on sale 2 for. 25c Embroidery Sale 35c Embroidery 19c 2,TKM) yards of fine corset cov3 er embroidery, 18 inches wida and 18-inch swiss and cambriS flouncing that sell at 25c, can) be bought, 1 Q/»! this sale, at.%.-.-,-..-.. J.UCJ BOc and 76c Flouncings 39o Fine swiss and_prgandy flounc-« ings, come 18-in. wide. 20 dif^* ferent patterns to select frorn^ that sell at 50c, v this sale Ni-M'SPAPFRl

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