The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 5, 1971 · Page 36
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 36

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 5, 1971
Page 36
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Ice Fishing: "**. ,», - - few rcpol of the taw, • Ort»t t,j»V,cn arc cnjoymf tamcthmj different: the bcM Ukc ipftinj *° yc*f». (which wh»k family snfkrt rfforttewJy o*w trote* of f/wcn lake «uf*cc) awl (he rt&irfJi at the nearly ckooutcd Uic IrcKit pojwUlwn both Jup- p»ly amvtd-alrocHt at the t»mc lime. ftottcii *pot» include Lake M»ch»(pn'» Grand Travtnc Bay (where angkrt take upwanlt of 1 ,300 trout of a winter'* Sunday). a«d Munniftg and Kcwecnaw bay-i, the latter near I,' A rue. Mtch. Wwcontin toowmobtlcni arc finding that ice trout (moit under five-pound* ) abound around the Cornucopia and A pottle ttlamU. Ijie Superior U a favorite mowmobito angling area. too. "Nam* the place." vouches a veteran ice angler, "and If you punch a hole at the right »pot and fah it right, you'll get your Uwrc of frozen fighter*." Ice angler) abide by three rule*: (t) Fuh in relatively thai- low (often, only 15- (o 20-foot deep) water, preferably near known weed bed*: (2) Keep your bait or lure within one to three feet off the bottom; (3) Keep moving. If 10 minutes' flihing through one hole fails to get result*, move (something only snowmobile™ cnn do without fuss or bother). Punch a new hole nnd try agnin. "Jigging" and "Tip-up" rig* arc the preferred gear— nnd methods —for ice angling. In jigging, you let your lure drop to the bottom, then tnkc in line enough to lift it two to three feet, and begin an up-down pumping motion. On Ihc upstroke, your bait rises. On the downitrokc, it flutters toward the bottom.' It'» here that fish, at- I5>c haj(, L'utally on ftcut upvuokc you «e« the book, A "tifwip" t» an unaHauJcd xr-fitJunf rif, uu«Uy fitted with an underwater reel and, a looj; pcde with a flag on rt. When a fbh UL«t the bail, the rtg *» irtpjxd— tamnf (he a*|pote, wh»ch t» rju- blc a k*>g wa>i acrou (he toe. In liafc* where KS anjicn may »c( numcroui Up-upt. a ungtc «now- may aHctxJ many o( ciflj (Uj to flaj to haul in the prwct ooce they're hookcJ. Bc»J bait* and lutct depend on wha( you're ft*lung for-and where, Ixjcal >port>nf good* deafer* have the a/uwtr*. A«k them. \VTuJc the u«*aJ~5»onn». mm now v cut bait of luro—work in many pla<ea. «oo>c »pccic« arc finicky cat«r». And changeable one*, too. Great Lake trout once were ravenou* for deep-water chub minnow*. Today"* newly planted breed like *hallowcr water and have a Uiic for thaltow-watcr tmdt and aJcwivc*. "Spudding" kc hole* can be done the «{uick. cffortJom way with a powered auger, or the harder way-with hand tools. Some fishermen even use chain *awx. But often only power auger* work—tuch as on tome of Alaska'* hot spou. where the ice frcercs -M) inches thick. You can fW> »urpri»ingly warm in makeshift shelter tents (tomctimc* draped over your snowmobile). Skd-fowed shelters also make welcomed warming places for the kids. You need, as well, to take along snowmobile common sense. For long forays to isolated lakes, don't go it alone. Invite along another tnowmobilc fishing family. Take extra gasoline, the usual emergency supplies (extra spark plugs, quick-fix took, drive belts, etc), a change of warm clothing for every family member—and snowshocs. If in doubt about the ice's strength, inquire locally before you set out. If still in doubt, punch n test hole, and more of them as you progress from shore —just to play it M/C. Ice nine inches thick is normally enough to sustain even a heavily loaded snowmobile. With n little luck, you'll cntch your supper—nnd fish to spare. And like most snowmobiling families, you'll be hooked for the winter—on ice fishing. D For this week's "What In The World!" nnd "Quips & Quotes," sec page 19. Family WtMv. Diembrrf, I97t NOT SOLO IN STORES! Htm StarCnst it CaMfmte Party (Its* art wait** t*j DlttCT-W- MMU If )M CMM tay tktw FINEST FIRST atUUlY Part* H*w to stwts. yw wnM m OM a »afr ir »«t! OF CALIF OR NitA. PANTY HOSE The Fit-Perfect ~ Panty Hose That Makes All Others Obsolete! COMPARE THESE SPECIAL FIHEST R«ST QIHUTT! of CMiierai* fMtr HOI* tr* mtot br tawnca't i*«n»f *" l; NOT ttcentft, Imooilt. irrt laliri or FEATURES! Tfcey're COMFORTlBtB poll >t roar ton or MM «f «n IMtftl m ms thtm ptfHctly <H« mwytMut to WOT mitfobtl Tbtfn tor TtlRV Tl IMC' **>*" f" ' M ' •*"/ <"«*• llk * * <Mnt IBBf bLinU. t^at ^^ ^ £^, ^ ^^ _ "Wl u(. Hit. wrlntl* or «w»l Thnw'r* ^HFFQI rolir '"* lsok i«»*'i*r. Nt« may IB onccn: jt»e™«t oi c»iifonrt» 100% njtoo It M toft tad lUtttttnt for tmy oeutloii! Th»tt I ICTT EKffltkxulty lOMfwutf sit! W>lk or IIICJ UWI. fmt g^i ((,^,,1 j^,,, REUINTHCI* SHAPE — •aai iftrr *tt*> You SHOT AT HOIK lM cnm*. wlllnc for clMto—WI OEUVOt BT You don't pi? for nltf itor» rtnt* mt altHn at »tor» clnktl FAST SAME DAf SERVICE 21& d 5^i: FREE PANTY HOSE COUPON-MAIL TODAY OROEIt YOUR FAVORITE StwCmt SNAOC NERt Ih» Vtry B«» Cojll You Uu — DIRECT BY MAIL NATIONAL HEADQUARTERS 3159 REDHIU AVt. COSTA MESA, CMIF. 9M2ft D Yes, please send m« ORDER YOUR sin HERE tote ..i, -/ » sn " jo*" "•'lit ««ttdt tint ihown to« JW-cr«»« a FREE pair of $2.50 ^',,,7. Mltc i in* n«t i*f«.r u». .- CHECK ONE Value New StirCrest of •• CHECK ONE Ctlifomla Panty Hose - ° SMAU, «-io". s-r-- 9o-i» n». without risk or obligation. D MEDIUM, 3-y-»•»••— uo-iw ibi O "WC" >''"- S'to"— 130-teo i»». Q I <m onclount SOc lor Poitif* A lundllrif, (No illmet plu»> uMir OM fRCC My.inroup Q 14-19 Q 20-2) Q HW» O<Woronr PAIR PER PERSONA Q Mlu (pluu print plainly) 28» O Mr» Mall 'p,Cowtlt*t»<r.>'WlSt*rCi«tPr«*«t»(itCallrornl», Inc. No poitlon ot this " >4«*tttMM«t CM b» npiodBCTit wttkaM our ntpiiuttt *rllttn jn/mUjlon.

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