The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 16, 1923 · Page 14
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 14

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 16, 1923
Page 14
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MONDAY, JULY 16, 1923 THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. PAGE FIFTEEN. FOR »A.L6—MISCELLANEOUS It When you irro aerlously HI, whom do you employ? When you nm:d local o.dvlca you neck tho best.. When you wish to hmke a snlo of possibly all you have earned and accumulated of several yoara' hard work, whom will you employ to •ell It? (A salesman who known valuo f .nd Is In tho business). Vhono 2081 lutchlnson at Davy's 6xpense. 18 C-25t Affcer-hniveat UH I CB are ffow oclng dated. Earliest -sales are best. I work With any reputable auctioneer and am aa close to you a-H your phone where you can talk to mo without coat. Reference, any "past customer. Off too phone 65 BterHns my exponas. E. E, Potter. Ifl 37-25t , BOTTTER. UWLK AHO W SWEET CKM Golden West Creamery, II East Fourth IS 28-25t FOR KAf.l-:—Men's geod Shoos (or 14 S4.G0, ft. 98, {5.50, $«.r .0, {U.76 to J7.7.V Men's Oxfords for }5.r.0, Mrn's work Shorn fa. SO, $L'.3S and $3.r,u. Comer Com •nercu Co., 17-13 North Walnut. 18 18 -4t VOH BALK—ll. P. Nelson'piano, cheap three dozen fruit Jars, 5tle it duzciH two tuba and washboard. .Hoc each; Keonomy gas ranee, Koo'l as new, $75. All my Turn! turn at reawtmabie prices. Call after ° p.m. at 414 East Twelfth street, phone 8247J. 18 1(1-18 PmMnc Salle Four miles south of Hutchinson, one mile north of r-ilmer: Horses, cattle, hogs, chicken*, farm mlplements; one o'clock p .m., Thursday, July 1U. U. 11. Seofleld. 18 12-18 FOR KALE—Ilarguln In Jlmind Oak coal nunr.e, larii'e B I ZC,' good condition, reservoir and warming oven; very cheap If sold at onco. West A or call 2201. W 18 l!i-4t FOR SA1 .K— ChilUrnii'j! play Oxfords, 8% to 11V4 tor $1.60 pair; 12 to 2, ?>7S •pair. Comer Commerce Co., 17-19 North Walnut. 18 Kl-4t HKES FOrt SAU3 Fifty 10-tiaine, gooi* painted beehives, 83 old hives with hooey boxes nn, 57 each; the new swarms, Sii each. 1'viee Is less than the empty hives cost. W. It. Avery, Cloverdule, Ilutchinson,/ Kan. 18 3.-18 FOf» SALE—MISOELUAHIOU8 (CoM'd) CALL 1I08W tor all klnfl» of cakes, plcnla lunches and refreshments orders. IS 18-7;1« FOll 'SALE—Combination gas and coal cook stove, dining tablo. Phono 1439J, IS 18-4t 1'Qll SA 1,15—Oouch and ft new drop-leaf kitchen table. Phono H169W. IS 12-It Fort HA1 .K—Plokllne cucumbers and fresh eggs. Phone 3671J. 18 12-0t FOR MALE—I.*rge reed cheap, 1261J East Ninth. baby bug-gy, 18 U-4t MAGAZINE subscriptions. Mrs. lna Kllus. 817 Kant Fourth. •* It St-15t FOR RENT—Kleotn* day. Phono MO. aeennrs, 11 per . u a-ut FOB BALK— Misses' brown, patent-trim, flat hei-1 Oxfords for |3.7« pair. Comer. Commerce Co., 17-19 North Walnut, 18 12-4t Foil SALE—Finest toy poodle »10. l'hone 854J. In city, 18 12 -4t FOH good homo mads v plos call 3011J. Mrs. Salmon. , IS 7-26t FOR SALE—New' vlctrola. North Adams. Inquire 121 18 10-10 OlUiMBS taken for salt-rlslnit bread. 721 East Second. laia -Gtf AUTOMOBIt-ES^ 'OonW>^ WANT TO 8BLL CA It7 Then list It with us. Wo sell them; no storage. Sillers Motor Exchange, ojjpo site Convention Hall. 82 12-2tt FOK HALE—Studobalcer, six-cylinder, Bcven-paseenger touring car. It runs ovory day. A bargain for F. II. Cost, 010 East A. H-4t — PARTS 1 tear them up and sell the parts; all maltcs. .1. K. Johnson, IS BouUi Washington. »S 18-2St WANTED to buy—Car; or will trade baby KuvnTl piano, player or used straight piano. II. CI. Fillips, loll North Walnut. 22 12-0t FOR BALE—Farts of 88 Overland car first C I BBS shape. Call at Vtnl Dry Cleaners, phono 994, 22 13-4t FOH bargains In used cars, go to SUfars Motor Exchange, opposite Convent'on Hall. . ;.M li-2« FOR KALE or trade—Hudson special racing, car. Fred Louts, 223 East B. 22.7-18 FOR SALE—Ford commercial budy. A. It Johnson, 16 South Washington. 22 9-st FOR KALE—ChavTolct couiie In'- Al condition. See Bunto Coal Co. 22 6-0t FOR SA1.15—Auto trailers. J. 115 South Walnut. L. Ward, 22 (i-2Bt FOR SALE— Dry goods boxes, all sizes. Phone 1095. IS 18-4t. EXPERT piano tunlus;. . Company.. Jenkins Muslo Ig I-26t NEW electric 2263 W. washer for sale. Phone IS 13-4t FOllO roads-ter for sale, -cheap. Phone 2623W. " 18 1S-U STEVt'NS' pleaee. Studio - • Photographs th»t 18 t>2«t FOR KALE—Electric fan. Phono 2679. 18 14-2t FOR SALE—Crown bicycle. Phono 1283. IS 14-lt ^^NO-llCE—MISCELLANEOUt 1* Vulcanizing, RotrtadlnB. Let us tako care of your tiro troubles. United States and Para Bell Tires. • Phono 397. 304 South Main. Hutchinson, Kan. 13 2-261 Illrd's Art-Craft rooflnir, made to apply over old wood shingles. Beautiful, durable, and fireproof. GUARANTEED Sold by IL J„ WMf!® LamsslWir C©„ Phone 66.^ 101 West Sherman. is a*-»«, Aon i© Salvai^® SPairte fcfr al! loaKea of enrs. used tires, radiators, elcetric rnuipln--rit ut nil kinds. KAUNKS Al.TO SllI'1'l.V ''H. 22-24 West Sherman. I'boue. 1632.. .IS 13-251 C5 LAV1X<; White Wyomiotto ben.H, $1 eayli; aho floe large vuimg coekeiei;*, 11 .35 each. Mrs. O. Q, Lestor, li.K.l.i No. 1, Partridge, Kan.' IS 16-21 FOR SAI.l:-~Ladies' black kid 1-strap L'l.mfurt Siipperd for $2 50, $2.'JS and X3.r,J). Comer Commerce Co., 17-I'.i North Walnut. l;i 1.1-lt Mrs. lna Klies, phone 2728, 817 East Fourth. 18 2-2M for cooX Hove, heating stove, fireplace and furnace. Vazgy Plantation. IS la-21»t NOTICE Oaa ^vtrnerB raiaotl nn<3 aajusterl, save 50% on your gas bill. Now 1« tho time to get your furJiaco rcjiairctl. All Work Euaruittt'Gil. Phono 40.W. Murrla it Mortiin, Htuvo and Xuruaoa yxperis. 19 17-25t ' WK FIT CJLASSR3 THAT FIT lftVj Ua«t St\erman; over Catea, 1» 2«-25t Opto:n£itriaL, R-yea tefcttiii— Ulaeiat flttea. North Main, over Jonc* Sboe Sto^. _1» i-m EARN EXTRA SFEND1NCJ MONEY Or BELLING THE NEWS AFTER 4 P.M. EACH EVENING. 10O STARTS YOU. Al'l'LT TO MK. ORAQO, NEWS C'la'ICL. 19 13-26t FOR SALE— Asto trauere. 116 South Walltut. J. L. War.l, 22 2-2bt [Ilk futi, nicely dreased, ^liono a your order. S»114 C% Fr®dniic<D Co. 18 East Third, nhone 77S. 13 27-251 RINGLET Darrod Rocks. Cocksrel! hea>l- Ing pens sired by grand champion oH Chicago Cmiseum. Eggs. S6 for 15; farm flock, J6.50 por 100. All Hogan tested. C. A. Boyle, Burrton, Kan. 23 a 28-lot FOR SALE—Thoroughbred Ba-red Hook eggs, II setting. Phone 3059, 413 East A. " Z3 7-J6t ARE your chicks dyln(7 tsave thorn with "Dlnrho," Weeaner's Drug. 23 7-25t FOR SALE—Baby chickens, 16 cent! each. Phono 2505. 23 5:ll-09t FOR SALF, -Laying hens, North Woodard. 80c each. 319 23 H-1S FOR SALE— Nico fries. 007 East First. 23 ll-4t FOR SALE—CITY PROPERTY , 3M©dlvs™ H@ IMI© Owner has a trie ay" modern, alx-room cottage, hartlwuod [lc>om, huilL-)n rtyi- turrs, Ktantling oak in ovcry rouiu, pipii- letis furnaco, has nice nhade and Iruit trL-'M, t -.lose to st:hool "-and" clofie LO far line. Owner 1^ leaving the oity. Thin- ia an id";il homo or rental properly. Address T-S3, tare News for full particular*. , M 4-16 GROTTO CIRCUS IS BEING ADVERTISED Several Car Loads of Prophets 'and Others Visiting Good Many Towns. \ About ten car loads of Grotto prov'i- otB-nnd others arr> touiiriE tho country northeast, east and eoutlionat of Hntchlnaon today, atlvortlslug the coming Grotto circus, to brThelil hers July 28 to August 4. Tho cars loft here a little ilxstore 9 o'clock this morning, loaded with inou au<l women for tho day's outing. Tliey oxjtect to bo back homo late In the afternoon, after a full, day of publlcity makliig. Ttio Grotto calliope la tho feature attraction for the trlppcra. It 1 B to make In every town along the way, to draw the crowds and to let everyone know that •when a calliope is heard It means "Grotto Circus." A Busy Drive. Koith Zeigler Is In charge of the trip today and he has one planned that will keep the folks on the move. From IIuUMuson they went to Me- dorn, then on to lluhler, then .to. In- nian and Moundridge. They expeiNoU to have their noon lunch at and spend some time there. After Moup.drldgc they go on to Newton, to ilalstead, Burrton, then south to Ml. ilnpo and to Haven on the way back homo. .'Interest In tho Queen. There is a va.'it amount of Interest lu the nomination and election of a queen for the circus. There is a prl/.e of $300 in gold for the winning lady, $125 for the second host and $75 for tho girl receiving -the third largest vote. There arc a halt doscn candidates and their friends are all at work, busy every minute -1 tho time. Tickets arc selling rapidly for the circus, these -being sold at 10 cents. There is much talk of the souvenirs to be given away each night of tho seven nights of the circus. The suuventr is a Ford sedan and someone is to take \>no with him every night of tho circus season. Letter From Editor. Iu reply to a letter sent by s Bert Snyder, monarch ot Cyrus Grotto, to M. Reynolds, editor of tho Mt. Hope Clarion, Mr. Snyder has received tho following letter from the neighboring editor: "Mr. Uort Snyder, "Hutchinson, Kas., "Cyrus Grotto Committee "Dent- Sir:—Wo are sending yon an issue ot our paper containing schedule of your proposed good fellowshlp»trlp' to your neighboring towns, which you Bent us July 10, "Wo shall hn ploasetf to meet your official car when It comes to our city and we are sure that our people will welcome you heartily; many of whom no doubt will attend your good show, "You ask us to advise you If thero 1 B anything special that your caravan might do to add to the entertainment and hrtereirt of ouYselven and our people. We think'tho musical program as proposed will bo highly satisfactory, and as for ourselves, It would add most to our enjoyment, personal ly, If you could just kindly assure us of one of your little souvenirs, our Ford is getting a trifle rusty. "At any rato we shall bo glad to see you and your committee Monday, 10th. We are vcrv truly, "THE MT. IlOPK CLAH'ION, ".M. Reynolds." Lunch at Moundridge. John Blrchfle.ld telephoned from -MmiiulrldRo at inwn today that the "huiK -h" was a half hour ahead of tho srhednlo and was having a warm reception everywhere. "It's the biggest thing that has come to town in many a day," one Moundrtdgo man stilted. Tho party was having its lunch there. After Moundridge they were to go to Xc'.vton, then Halstead. about 3:30 and lUtrrton, about 4, whore others will join tho party from 'Hutchinson, and go on the remainder of the trip to Mr. Hope and Haven, then home. "Everyone Is on tho job wherover tho calfiopo plays," ItircUtield telephoned. "It draws the crowds, the saruo at Medor.i, Uuhlrjr and Inman." The Grotto circus Is getting a lot of good advertising out of tho trip and it will bo the meann'ot many coming hero during the seven nights of tho show. GERMAN LEADERS DISCUSS RUHR CRIS© Vifdtinu cards, proyraina, social and vM>mnu;ri ijil pvtntlnt? "for tnost; who yaiv." Wt -iU Printing Co., phone 4UL\ . i'J o-zt»t ;i M'ont i-'irsl. LAWN mowers sharpened; culled for and delivered. 1* West A. phone 1707. l'J U :l (t-20t STOl'J Thinkr Why throw away your old furr.Ume when we can make it good ao now? U«pairlUR &nt\ U'lholatcrlnfr a *s>e- claltj. Tune*try ordered* I >*XT ,ian Kuyiit- turti Co., G08 Morth Main nt,;t>et, iiliou^ 67». 19 27-301 RltlMlNUTUN Salt-a and Bervice—ltem- ington Typowiltfr Co., 24 Went Fhs. f phono 402. B. A. lCiut^ul, Balo«man. 13 4-251 Kxtra prooti muhw \v«iKhint; front 1.2G0 to l ,?.ii(f, fiv.> to ttoven yt'iu'u old: hovi'en, cows, hog::, niaohiiM 'ry, ; thi'co mil '-'S ottHt, "i iun-th ut Stortiiit*, July 19, one p.m. Willta M. i:dcar. 12. Jbl, I'otti.-r, aiH-.tiniM-ciV- 18 34-18 FOK KAIJK—LadifH* bla«:k kid Oxfords, with mlUtaj-y riibbe-r-tai) heels, for 54, J4.f>U, 55.50 to ?G.i )t), pari payment down, balance S"e wstefc. Comer Coraiiieroo Co., 17 -10 N'nilh Walnut. 18 n-4t P() ii S A LK — I .a d 1 e a' al e « v e 1 (' sa ail It .-Sweaters for 53.75. lilou-ses *3.jri. ir>.7i>. Comer Comineveu Co., 17-li) North Walnut. IS U-4t si CON D-H AN IJ UK KIUCJ Ki: A TOUS of al) kinds st hargalna. Also u»od furnlturo, repaklng and uj>hol8iering * specialty. HUyard FurnUuru Co., 510 North Main, phono 163. 18 2-35t ,®B1 Grain htxly and cab: ready to run; priced right for quick sale. C. W. Gainbel, Nit'kerHun, Kan. IS VZ-IH I'pil SAI J IC —Buya" long Pants »3.60 up, part payment down, balance 60c week. Youths' long pants Suits $1 week. Conner Coiiuuorcu Co. 17-iy North Walnut. 18 13-4t BIcrilNNING July 16. we will nuu\k«?l our baby mill: No. 85 at lCverutts' store on ElHHt Kourth instead of Frank Huttlc's irrouury, 18 14-4t FOU SAI^E—Furniture, moves ano rug* Kuld OB c.F,ay payments. Mitchell Furnl­ turo Co., 422 South Main street. 18 27-30t FOR HALE—-Threshlnj? rip In good shape; in field now. ThU outnt can be hoiuiht on very liberal terms: will coiiKider any good K.uurlty. Thos. Hayl, R.V.D. No. 1. Itutehiuaon. 1813-17 >P01t • SALK — Seven-Joot WcCorlnick binder. Also sung plow. Ed Annadown, lillmer Station,' phono 212 Darlow. " 18 27-16 IS' will ho The News tefKpMonn number after July 11. Jwst fall 4400 and ask for the rlusKifled adv«rtlsinfr depuriment If von hnv anything to sell, want to be anything, v. ant help or want a position. Want arls get results. Ii) 10-a5t Having purcltaseci a residence, I will ofTbr .for salo at a reul sacrifice price, choit'o building site at 100 Crescent lUvd. Complete plans and HpticifWiuiions Tor $10,000 Uoino on- tJoiKil with purolinsor: Xir. G. R. (luge. FOH «A l AC- -N .'W five-ro.iin, rn..dern l>un«alo\v with built-m features. ?o...00; ml^ht i-onBid(*r build Inn h'.t'.\ Snap hi tiKht-yoom house itrrangrvd for roor-iera or apart ni'jnta, fli .'wntown dihtrliM , two blttck . e.a«l MAlu Bti et-tj 5'i ( l'ou. it. C. OlOTTKR, lleaitor, Phono Zdit; Ilea. 1771'. 38y B North Main. 2 4 14 --It FOK SALE or tradti--lIu« , hiH"a>"'ii residence, I 'ieveii renins, ..n tV'ePt Twelfth, elrktly tundern, up-l»t-dal.:, will trade for smaller n yUleui.e. Address F. J. HoaK, lil8 Jiaat Eighth street. Lamed, Kat\. ^4 14-251 DO YOU WISH TO SHLL? List your property wi th UH. CAKKY REAL ESTATE INV. CO. 413 N. Main, Phone 24 21-2&1 DR. HULL, a foot specialist la with Dr. Nichols at 223 liawt Bucond. Broken arches treated succeMfuHy. Phono 2013 tor appointment, 19 4-2&t I aU .'ST sell quick—Beautiful, sis-room home strictly modern, full two-romn basemenl, livlne ioont across front, «a- raKt, liatf block of North Main, barPKln. Phono ISOti. ^4 i:i-4t FINANCIAL I>0 you want your money to earn yon j2 % net'.' In vi«tm«it bt-Jt No. 1 security. Address, K-G!J, News. on city iiomyii; iunjs terms on monthly payment psati. Farm loans. THK, K.LNKKL AGKNCY Phono State Exctianifo Bank Hldff. * 23 2-2i.t RKLTA.H Hi ]japerine at a rt '-asonabh! price. Famirfteton j'e.siflenre phuni; 491*' J. At ufllcc Saturdav and Moiuhi v 1'h'iiif 2017. Jaw. White, 21Vj bkw.t Sherman. Hi i;j FA lilt ionna, 5^ Interest, low commla- i !on, Newiln-Maiming Loan Co., 11 Noth Mt .ln. 2d 2-2f>c FAP.M and city loans, lowest rates and commission; A'rtte or call for fuji details. J. N. Bailey & Son. 23 2-36t MONEY erty; to loan on farm anil ettv —ask aicKat'hteOi £3 CITY loans. Ne-wlln-Manning llVa North Mali.. Loan .&•„ 29 2-25; for pickles. Phono asOOlt. t'iardens, South Hutchinson. Falrvlew 18 5-3Bt EYESIGHT; conserve It. Get the fact* a bo u t your ey es. Dr. Dai land, 2 4 hi North Main. 19 lG-2ftt FOll SALE—A six-room, pood lump, with Kiiri'L'* 1 ami chicken house, well located, at. extremely low price. Phone 4121W or 1*72. -J4 13-4t FOIl SALE—Stx-room bungalow on East Fourth, $500 cash and terms to suit. Inciuire 403 East E, phone 1211. 24'J-tit LOST, STRAYED OPl STOLEN M STUA VEI) or stolen —One brown horse mule three years old, one black marc mure two years old, ony-3'oung gray mule, i one bay hurt;-. Notify Walter .Miller, n.>m.*> J box S8, iiurrtoti, Kan. NOTICE to all realtors—My place at 621 North Monroe Is off the market. Arthur II. Cowles. 13 10-18 PROPERTY to sell or will trade for Ford car and part ca-sh, balance on monthly Payments. Call In evening, 741 East F. 24 mw y-i i FOIl SALE, to settle estate—Good Tome on North Plum street priced low. eaay terma. Phono 4121W or 972. 24 VA-it FOOT troubles. J. H. Showers, chiropodist, 1U East A, phono 2030. .19 I4-25t J. H, SHOWERS, cUlropodlBt, I^i~Easi~AT Phone 2025. 10 3-361 WANTJCD— Furniture to repaid, refinioh or upholster. Call 1413. 1& I8-30t FOrt real garbage service, phone Sanltarv Garbage Company, 39 ip. 10 25-25C HIOIIICST prices paid for men'is clothing. Phono 777. 19 2-26t WANTED—Ml StjELL AN EOUB 20 SEW1NCJI machine repair worK; guar* *iuerd; country or city; examination free; repair all makes. Family manufacturing hcmstltchers » specialty. Phone 3643. J. C. Lynch. 20.-Z4t 7WA NTKn—Ladies to see the black kid, patent-trim, military heel, one-strap Pumps for J4 pair. Corner Commerce Co.. 17-19 North Walnut. *" 4 13-4t FOR SALE—12-20 Twin City tractor, good shape; will take HOI-HPS or mules. Thos. Rayl, K.F.D. No. 1, Hutchinson. 18 12-17 Phone 3214, 826 East Fourth, IL Burlon. Mrs. W. 18 12-4t ^ JOIN THE BOYS' BAND. ^ Wo have full lino of band instruments •old on easy terms. Rorabangh-Wlley Dry Goods Store. 18 stt H-4t FOR SALU—Milk cow, Jersey and Ouern- Hoy, four years old, firm class in every respect. 700 West Sherman. 18 14-16 WE sell Storm King famous plastic roof cement for leaky roofs. L, J. White Lumber Co., phono (15. • IS 8-25t FOH SALIC—Blackhorrles, 17%c at farm. Order by phone 236-11 or write N. P. Wiley, Burrton, Kan. 18 12-4t JPOIt BALE —Small grocery and market, fin« location, good business. Phone 122 lor particular*. 18 12-4t COMBINATION EBJI and coal rang-©, root oondltloni four-foot oak porch »0« ICast Fifth. i •winr, 18 16-4t HEGI8 TEB.E D Jsrat/ cattle; en lira hard for iftlo; bust blood llntta. at*n Kr.der, M*wton r Kan. U U-7IU <JOOD ttaw. WJ or truapsitkt; Chemicalf .J. BUNFLOWEK PIlOKUCffi Wo call for poultry anywhere; pal markat pries. Phons Jiti, m Buutfi Maln.^ / . 20 2-25t aEWlNO machine .cleaning, overhauling; work g-uaranteed. J. F. Ban man. phonn <70. ^ J(TZ-2it WANTED TO IUY WANTED to buy—Second-hana furniture and tugs; highest prloes. Johnson Furnlturo Co., 118 Soc ',4 Main. 81 2 -Mt WA.NT13D—A chain Drcnm corn seeder ondbaler. B. A. Threllteld, Nlckci-son, Kan. 21 a 30-7:21 HAVE buyers for small homo. What have you? Phone 692. W. R. Solden. 21 13-4t HIOHICST pices pa« tor men's cait-oM clothing ana shoes. Phon, 1H8J. II 2-J6I I1IGII15ST prices paW for men's ololhlnE. Phono 777. 21 0-2Bt HIGH1S8T prices poW for men's clothing. Phone 777. tl i-2St AUTOMOBILE* Wau&ift A Car lor your summer vacation? Find lust LUe oar you are looking tor through th, want ads In The Nsws. I« yoii can't fln« It there, a little awl win find H for you. Call nuinbor M00. News classified depart- ^aent. J2 J7-UI Vanyard piston rlog, will soon pay for themselves in saving ot oil and gas. Try our repah* work. , t ,WT HAJTCB AUTO BKBVICB Hi Bast SeOond, phone Tei. M 0 -lot FOft SAI J K-— Five-room bungalow and vacant lot. Phone 2&S7. 24 28-25t FOU SALE—Modern blx-room h'hiae with Karaye and other ln-provemtntH. Inquire at 616 Kant Sixth. 21 27-25t FOR SALE or—Six-room house- clone to Bchuol, newly papered and palnt.-d. l'hone 12i'SlV. . 21 1.1-Gt SELL your house. by phoning 22T8 attl-r 8:30 any tore noon. You will find buyer •'• - "•'"- - T iy foro- 2i 11-3U-. FOH SALTC—KoomlnKhousu lnoptrsitlon 10U F.uut Fourth. 21 li;-St FOU • -quick aale- Cttll 2201J. -Hiirfraiu in pru/"'j-ty. 24 la-it FOR SALE—REAL ESTATE Well improved furma In b<-Kt rarmlnu district In Oklahoma. All of tho farmo arc partly brokn; Iwilanco Is pasture laud. Wo have Boma tluit are located near Hood thrivlnff town with jjood a'-hu,!w. Good neighborhoods and clone neighiioia. Clood erop3 on the places this year. Address A-C9, care of Nowu and receive full particulars. 26 10-16 FOlt SALE—Helinfiulalinient on 610-acro, Unproved homeetead within three miles of town. Would consider Ford car truck at cash value. Write Lester W. Huston, Caddoa, Colo. 25 7-nt FOH BALE—160 acres, well improved wheat farm on a crop payment plan. Six miles from county scat. H. D. Frlesen bo* 174, Meade, Kan. 26 10-l2t FOR BALI'V-J075 lot Evergreen Terrace. West 20th, 1750. Address Mr». Efflie A. Nunbaum. 1725V4 Whitley avenue, Holleywood, Calif. 26 16-4t MONEY to loan on real estate; N —«,k McNaghten) SS I-Jtf WALL PAPER. PAINTING, ETC. 20 VOR first-class paper hanging and papefT reasonable, prices, call 1. A. Utter, phone 1292J, 1018 East Eleventh, 26 2-2it WALL paper, Ic per aouble roll or bolt and up; 2t>c per bolt far hanging. Phone 1J63J. JS7-Jst WALL paper, io per aouble nil or bolt and up; tto per holt for hanging. Phone IKBSJ. 1,7-|§{ PAPER hanging and painting. Let ns shew you new samples. Call 2U4W, 1 • II lu-Mt WA.Nij uri vucruit lets. I'lVuno a :iKf> IVenidenl Ebcrt. left, and Chancellor Cuno, lenvlnjf the museum. This mom recent photo from Germany shown President llbert and Chancellor Cuno leaving tho Merlin muticum lifter a length? coii!\'n?nco on the (It-ve'loinni-nts in tho Kuhr. Tho situation growG more ncill.'. SEES GOOD WILL FOR AUSTRALIAN PRODUCTS guitar, sang many of th* ohHtm« Bongrt and tho crowd siuToed to oujoy thti music ImmrMtsch-. New Commissioner in- U. Would Develop Market for His Country's Surplus, LOST— mil fold at Carey lake or between there and town, containing dealer's license card, Colorado hunting ami fish- nff license, Finder return Lo News lor reward. 80 1(5-17 VALUABLE posjteasions easily ano quickly returned to losers. Lost and found column Is most efficient medlun, for return of lost prcr-exty. Use News lost and found column. LOST, southeast Hutchinson, Hockaday trail-Traveling bag containing ladv's pparel. Ruturn 225 East Sevonth. Heward. 30 14-10 T^OST— Doubletree and m?ckyokc, east of Main strt-et. Call 1400 North I^u-ralne. Arthur Chappml, yj l\',-2l LOST--()no golden brown Pit bulldoji, female, ears and tail clipped. Reward Phuiu- T.02. 30 i3-4 t LOS'i^-L'unch of keya, leather koy"lioltli-r. Reward. C. Ii. Itimpert, U07 Bhtir- n*.:m. 1(0 li-n; IXfST or strayed- Call 30K2.I. -Two email red BUSINESS PHOPERTV 33 HOTEr ^S— 110 -rooms, $2Q.000; 60 rooms $16,000: 35 rooms, J8,&00; 2^ ronn.u $r ,,00l); 20 rooms, $3,000. E, t.\.ltrane Brokerage Co., 221 .4 North Main. 31! i,V2t. BUILDINGS, lots, commercial arid long torm lea3es; —ask McNaghten; • First Nutlonel building. 33 2-25t Every day you will find a bifi ptassified want ad list, and these items are of absorbing Interest. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY 1BUJSHKESS FTOIPEMTY Small business In fairly larea town. Solng good business. Thriving town. Bmall capital will handle. Oood reason for •elling, For information, address U-«5, GARB NEWS, I 13-21 BU8INE88 OPPORTUNITY MIUINOH tBKVICg HABTlf Messenger, phone. Us. " stasssafer. ph»a» 2864. Jasal- Mll-Mt • UBBDPAaTS FOR TOUR CAR Atrtp Wrvcyaf AStl Co uo«— M '-»»»lswnt u« asm few keets savpUeai, Wpuld you like to have the opportunity of establishing a business that pays you excess profits? We have An opportunity for the right party to establish a good. H ying business In. a growing town: ex- Bent opportunity for a hustW; must ve small capital and^ps a real business man,. For fuQ parUcmlsxs, aMnss we Ji«*». •*" ; - ' ..... .. -, i .El»i£ii4S?:„,"" •• " — U «-» Mrs. Ireno Hunt <jr was tho eurst, for several days of Mrs. F. J. Glenn of Newton. Edwin Qrovier luin (rone to Dodgo City to visit lmi uncle and aunt, Mr. and MrH. Harry (trovior. Mr. and Mrs. Hurry Tmlor of Newton spent yoaterilav here the guesta of Mr, ami Mrs. J. Jl". llolcowh. Vf. ^f. Kirkhiu'C nini family have ... turned from apemllne. a^wo^k'a vacation at. Is'lckerb'on with relatives. Amlsell nufils or near Stafford ra Iiavin^ a sale of his farm stock and will move hi* family to Ilutchliiaon. Fred Creenleaf. formerly of' Dodge City, is now a fe -tloial meat sunerviBor stationed at the Chit-ago Mock yanla. Herman K>»«I>IH IUIK leased the Holyrood (lajeltn from Mcilotiulcl IJruco and will puhlislt il licgiunlus at oace. Mr .i. C'ttai'lt'rf l .nv.-i'lleu and daiiKlitcr, Kntherlno were the week-end KUOSUS of relativoa and returned home today. Will and Sam Ashcvaft of Ijittlo Kiver have I:een Kiven the contract to move u large school builtl'mjr at l'ltn- porin. The meeting- or the .lieritllan Hiph- wtiy As-toeiatioit which wr,.^ to have been held July 111 at Saltan, lias been .postponed. Mr. aaid Mrs. Joe Han/, are moving to IJucklin the l'lrut of the month to go on it farm uoar there which they hnvt3 rented. Mr. and Mrs. I. I.. Stone, who \ movod hero from Lyons a few rtayu ago have purchased properly at Lyons j and are moving huek. "Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Freeman are tho parents of a little daughter burn this morning. iMr. Freeman la porter at the First National bank. Mrs. Effle Shepherd and sons, Marion and Jim of Sylvia were here Sunday. Jim went lo Larned where he will work for the Santa Fe. Oliver MeCowan of Isabel has purchased tho Interests of Ora Manny iu tho (ioiden Ilule Oil Company and will tako charge the first of August. Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Thompson and Mrs. Dolllo Smith were hero yesterday on their way to Wichlia where Mr. Thompson will attend the Wheat drawers' meeting. Mrs. Will If. Hobuiay and her mother, Mrs. Mary Duncan are iu Wichita visiting a aister a.i'l daughter, Mrs. U. A. liryan, nncl^ having Wis Duncan's eyes Heated. Mlisa Tearl 'Martin, nursmir specialist of the Kansas State Agricultural college has promised to attend the Pratt county^ agricultural ijirlH' camp at Turkey creek in August. Jesso (Iraber nntl his -wife have taken over the P. H. 0 ruber and Son firm at Pretty Prairie mul tho firm name will henceforth bo known tis the Graber Morcaiittlo Co. W. J. Duval has returned from In- Uianapolis, Intl., where ho has bsen at- tmidliig the meeting of tho board of control ot the Insurance department of tho Knights of Pythias lodge. Miss Leona MiUor who visits often with Mr. au-d Mrs. F. J. Hakorkom will teach next winter at Perry. &b,e is aulto a gifted musician und had classes at Haven for some tlmo. Edward Burl Major, a tanner Uv ing pear Lyons, who moved to Canada alter bo was of age, having btien born in Rica county, ia having to apply for naturalization, papers in order to bo- come an American citlitn onco agalu. Mrs. Emma Smith and «on Marlon of Nlcknreon who wont to Puyallup, Wash., -wrlto back, tliey aro enjoying tha country b.ugoJy. Marion Is picking 'berrlOB and Mrs. Bmith la checking «*nd crating thorn. Tliey eipect to gaip "eight or ten tona of berries before the season la over. Washington, July 16V Donald Mnc- kinnou, new commissioner for Australia to the U. S,, wtio has just taken up his new dalles, will center hi., efforts on developing markets lor the surplus prutUicfiou of his country, iu inleri-stln^ Amor! can capital in col- ton and tobacco growing ami farm activities la his country and in promoting good will lu general between the two nations. MacKinnon sec- coeds Sir "Mark Sheldon in chnrgc ot Australian at fairs in Washington. Sir Mark Shnl- den resigned in December, ffomiOAMex..^ Blll< .. B ^uj.-h tiro0 tliere lias .been no Australian commissioner in the I'. 'S. During th" war Maehlnnon made a record for efficiency as remrnon- wealth director for vecriiitini,'. lie lint- been atte'/ney [;etieva'. and minister of lauds in the slate of Victoria. .'ts>. way at one, time iu the i. hoesemah tie business. The new commissioner is a titron:' advocate of tin.' l'h)Klish-sp"nking en ton. lie is opposed to the pr'»j.-'c; which will be discussed at lie: nc-.i imperial conference in Uomlon lo f;l'" separate diplemaiic vepresentaLion ii: Washington (o the Jlritish rlominioii. 1 and assorts that it is his beli-'t' that tho best inierests of ttte e[ii|/ire alei tilo dominions would be served by th: discussion of fill diplomatic matters through the lirilish embassy in Washington. STILL ENJOY OLD SONGS. Large Crowd Gathered to Here Blind Couple Sing That people still enjoy bearing the old songs was proven Saturday t vhon'a crowd of about 100 people were gathered at file corner of Second and Main Stros. ts listentuu to til* playing of a couple, of blind itinerant ^musicians. The musicians-, one of whom .played n violin -while the other' played u AUSTRALIA SENDS NEW TRADE ENVOY Graduated at 17. Chicago: Blcbard Loeb, of Chicago, U1, 1M the youngest member of the graduating clans from the University ot Michigan, thla year. Loeb l» only 17 jreira old. . Donald Markiniion. Donald ntackinnon now is in America to look nfler Australian a-ada interests. He succeeds Sir Mark Sheltion, who returned t& Australia some time ae.o. THE DAILY RECORD Deeds. T. L. Ktune tn J. M HUH 1 1 .ind e 21) ft, (if), 4lh uvc e:\..» 11. \V. Firiehl to ''h.i.rU-.- U} Sliernui.n st. w-ist. ihitf Hohl.. Jot ^7 , Hutchinson. i 'i 'tevsou, lut lin^on. Miirrlaae Licenses. «a Franklin C -rt.', SLaffiiiil,, 1$; I'ier- }'., Suitrnnl, l'J. a Baratow, 1 hiti-idiiuon, "iej.;al nK""i •Mbcth E. Itowe. UutrlildMoit, "lecal Card of Thanks. Wo wish to tJmiik our frfonda and nolf;hborrf fr>r th':!;- kiiiun <i !',n Uuriug [lie iliiuiri.i and dfuth of mir deur l>oy, \)ulc t and b*:cui*iinl fUtynl offering. Mr. and Mra. Bislortt ftisiminger Clifton lOfi-iuiini '.tT Mi,ldrt:i! KisimSn^cr Uoylu Kl;-jijniu ;;i .;r. EX-KAISER'S BRIDE CN MORNING RIDE, BUT FORMER WAR LORD ISN'T WITfl ITER Prioceaa Bcrmto* M A her daughter out fur ride at Ueern. Prlncoss HenuinB takes her daugb-i Kaiser W.ihe'.-.t, }>, i'„.;,i \v ter Joitt for a lnorninK ride at i)«'.n ! Ion leisy chopp!:-:.' wood 01 castlo Instead of bar hushaa-J, t-x- 1 tik>!u>g'lo gtt a»ay.

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