Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on April 23, 1936 · Page 4
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 4

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 23, 1936
Page 4
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THE LENQX'f IM1MBLE.: cairn r mmis Mrs 1 . Mafgliret Wurster, Ml&a'sutited 'IB "the present officers Edna Schultz, Mrs. Delia Walker being reelected. Thursday, April 23 Thursday Girls are meeting this afternoon at Hotel Lenox. Hostesses are Miss Berta Sanders and Mrs. O. L. Davis. will be held In May at home of Betty Black, at which time the girls will study the making of different types of curtains. Reporter, Merle Ferguson. Wedding Announced and Mrs. Adaline Wright. Coffee committee, W. H. Madden, John Porter, LaVern Bush, Ben Walter and W. E. Richard. Waiters on children's table, Mrs. Bertha Maharry, Mrs. Amanda Kennedy, Mrs. Wilma Lewis, Mrs. Kathrine Walter, Roland Walter, Mrs. Alice Lockhart, Mrs. Dorothy Walter and Orville Walter. Waiters on adult table, Mrs. Pearl KUlion, Mrs. Glea Poin- Mrs. Phil Ridgeway gave an interesting paper on "Arbor Lodge," a park near Nebraska City, Nebr. The News Outline was presented by Mrs. Clark Barteau. A few games of Rook were en_ joyed during the social hour. Pot luck refreshments, plan- The Woman's Relief Corps is 6. The marriage took with meeting this afternoon at the country home of Mrs. Mary i , . T , ,, Hayes. A sack lunch will be!? la . ce * fc Kennett, _ Mo., served. Bring thimble as there j' will be sewing to do. Miss Mearle Bcadel, daughter (dexter, Mrs. Jess Dey Ermand, of Mr. and Mrs. Earle Beadel, j J. H. Barber and Fred Childs. was united in marriage to Henry Elliott of San Antonio, Texas, Mearle was born and raised ! in Lenox and graduated with Ice cream committee, Verlin Swceley, Frank Maharry and Ben Wurster. Table committee, O. P. Arnold, Bill Dey Ermand and Herman Holben. Mrs. Edna Decorating committee, Florence Richard, Mrs. __ The American^egion Auxil- the class of 1932 - For the iary will meet at the Legion hall j 15 montns sne nad been making Madden and Mrs. Bessie Penne- this evening. Hostesses will be her nome with her sister and Mrs. Clark Barteau and Mrs. brother-in.law, Mr. and Mrs. J. Maud Reynolds. Members arei°- Bvers of Fort Smith, urged to bring carpet rags. i and U P to the time of her j riage she was employed by Dr. C. S. Bungart of that city. Friday, April 24 The Altar 'society will meet! baker. May pole committee, W. C. Lewis, W. H. Cash and W. W. Walker. Prairie Gem Mr. and Mrs, Frank Nelson and family were Shenandoah visitors Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Orr and family were Sunday afternoon callers at the Carl Herbst home Bert Hinshaw was a Bedford visitor Saturday. A dinner was held Sunday at ned by the social committee, .."• ""7 „ WUM neia Bunaa y ac WPVP xorwri «of »(•«,•) 0 fltvia the Carl Herbst home in honor were served cafeteria style. M. E. CHURCH Thomas Kelly, Pastor 10:00 a. m. Sunday School 11:00 a. m. Morning Worship 7:00 p. m. Epworth League 8:00 p. m. Evening Worship At the morning worship service the pastor will preach on | "God's Greatness." In the ev. ening the sermon subject will be "Denying or Renouncing." We extend unto you a cordial Treats for children committee, . ¥ :. e *™™ u ™ 3 Mrs. Mary Sweeley, Mrs. Clara invitatlon to attend our services. Elliott was attended by Barber and Mrs. Belle Walter. at Hotel Lenox this afternoon j hel ' twin sister, Mrs. J. O. Byers Refreshments were served by at 2 o'clock. Hostesses are Mrs.' as matron of honor. Mrs. El- Lee Boylan and Mrs. Robert; hott was dressed in a black Ambro.se of Kent, and Mrs. War- tailored suit, and the groom ren Riggs and Mrs. May Miller wore brown. Mrs. Byers wore of Lenox. i a hand knit suit of yellow and ; blue. Mr. and Mrs. Elliott were The Aid Society of the Church ' congratulated by a host of of Christ meets this afternoon | friends in Kennett, Mo., and of Mrs. J. W. Walter and Mrs. W. H. Madden. with Mrs. I. G. Randels. The G. V. C. Ladies will en_ piness. tertain their husbands at Hotel i Fort Smith, Ark., wishing them : both a wedded life full of hap- Lenox this evening at 7 o'clock. Tuesday, April 28 The Dorcas Society of the Presbyterian church will meet at the home of Mrs. L. T. Knotter. Mrs. A. I. Gray will be assisting hostess. Mrs. Carmichael Pleasantly Surprised Mrs. J. R. Carmichael of Lenox was pleasantly surprised on her eighty-first birthday at her home last Sunday, April 19. Those present were her sister, Mrs. William Sharr, eighty-four years of age, of Pickering;-Mo., Who spent all of last week .with her sister; William Sharr of Dickering, Md,, son _and wifje, Mr. and Mrs. Homer Carmichael of Maryville, Mo.; daughter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Lambley of Conway, son, N. L. Ctyrmichael of Ltjnox^ Others present were Mr. and Mrs. Aus_ tin Sharr and children Lora Madge and son Manford of Hopkins, Mo., Mrs. Mary Hollenshe, Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Latinier, of Pickering, Mo., Mr. and Mrs. John Lambley of Conway, and niece, Miss Alfaretta Latimer of Pickering, Mo., who is staying with her aunt. Rhoda Baker Hostess To 4-H Club A second 4_H meeting held Friday evening at was the home of the president, Rhoda Baker. Three new members, Thelma Harvey, Ruby and Dor-^ othy Gray, were taken into the club. The new officers were in_ stalled and a name, "The Merry Maids," was selected as the title. Other matters were straightened up and we soon hope to get started on the work of Home Furnishing. The next meeting Entertained j L. F. G. Club Mrs. Leo Hale and Mrs. Harry Haynes entertained the L. F. G. club at Hotel Lenox last Friday night. Invited guests were Mrs. Claude Dixon, Mrs. Randall Haynes, Mrs. Flora Donaldson, Mrs. Joe Probasco, Mrs. Wayne Hale and Mrs. Clark Barteau. Roll call was answered by naming a favorite picture star and one of his pictures. The program consisted of a short sketch of the life of Shirley Temple by Bernice Kilby. A poem, "The Ruriaway" by .Edgar Guestj was read'-?, bj Tom Lockhart. Six tables of bridge were played with Miss May Kilby winning high score and Mrs. Wayne Hale high guest score. Lunch was served by the hostesses. O. E. S. May Party Friday, May 8th Salome Chapter O. E. S. held its stated meeting "in'the Masonic hall Tuesday evening. Twenty-seven merribers were present. The date of the district group meeting Friday, May 1st, was announced to be held at Osceola. Salome Chapter will be represented by the Worthy Matron, Mrs. Nellie Bryant, Mar_ shal, Mrs. Ben Wurster, pianist Mrs. Claude Dixon; Mrs. O. E Bricker will sing. Friday, May 8, was the date set for the annual Eastern Star May Party. The following committees were appointed by the Worthy Matron: Program committee, Mrs. Amy Cash, Mrs. Esther Dixon, Mrs. Arlie Arnold and Mrs. Irba Huff; dinner committee, Mrs. Metta Porter, Mrs. Mary Gary, Mrs. Ethel Bricker, Harmony Heading Circle Mrs Grant Bryant was hostess at the meeting of the Har_ rriony Reading Circle, Wednesday afternoon. Ten members responded to roll call by giving Flower Hints. Following the business meeting the following program was given: A poem, "Old Fashioned Flowers," read by Mrs. Faith Reed; a poem, "The Children's Hour," read by Mrs. Alfie McKernon; Mrs. Carrie Bruington read an article, "Why Should They Die"; a sketch, "Souvenirs" was read by Mrs. Grant Bryant. Refreshments were served by the hostess. Birthday Dinner At Litteer Home Mr. and Mrs. C. Cj. Litteer, south of Lenox, entertained at dinner Sunday in honor of the birthdays of Mr. Litteer's er, Mrs. Lyle Litteer of Conway, and their daughter, Mrs. George Barrans 'and little daughter, Wilma Ann Barrans, whose birthdays occurred within a few days of each other. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Litteer 'of Conway, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Sanborn of Conway, Mrs. Wm. Barrans, Mr. and Mrs. Will Smith, Miss Inez Amburn and Mr. and Mrs. George Barrans and Billie and Wilma Ann, of Lenox. iiiiiiiniiiiiimm HEALTH IN YOUR GRASP •* u Th u wa ? to goo<1 |health is °Pen to you as it has been to thousands of others. You have m your grasp the key to enjoyment in living. Ihere is no reason why you should be ill- no reason why you should take medicine to keep going; no reason why you should not be enjoy- of v «, Ch t?P ra F tic . wiU do all tjiese things for you. This scientific method of healing dimin- » ates pressure on the nerves and brin|s about £ a ^ 10n ' Jt Permits you to rest. It permits the body organs to do their.work thus popping «P a sluggish system. When the body organs lV *** pperly nature takes scientific health Astern, It is the modern, 8 X-ray aitd Ne^urocalometer Service Dr E R Pennebakcr ;CHIROPEACTOR QWc* 9 K^ck* We* «| Presbyterian Missionary Society The Presbyterian Missionary Society was held at the church last Thursday afternoon. Miss Linnie Heath conducted the de_ votional period. The topics for general discussion by all members were "The American Indians." "Japan" was the foreign topic. , For all of the ills of man God has given but one cure, the per. son and work of Jesus Christ. —T. K. FRISCILLA. The Priscilla Circle will meet in the church Thursday afternoon, April 23. The refreshments will be served by a sack lunch. SOCIAL. UNION. The Social Union will meet in the chufch on Friday afternoon, April 24. Mrs. Hofer, Mrs. Donaldson and Mrs. McGrew will be the hos- z Looking- Forward Sunday, May 3rd. This Sunday will be observed as Thank Offering Sunday for the Women's Foreign Missionary Society. Sunday, May 10th. Mothers Day. Why not plan to pay tribute to your mother by attending the church services on Mother's Day? UNITED PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH NOTES Rev. W. A. Thompson Bible School, 10 a.m. Preaching, 11:00 a.m., 8 p.m. Senior y.P.C.U. 7 p.m. Leader tuSille Fattig. • A situation arises which will make it necessary for the pastor to be away this Sabbath day. Consequently there will be no preaching services in the church either morning or in the evening. However the regular services of the Bible School and Young People will be held as usual. A group of our young people are going to the United Presby_ terian church in Clearfield this sabbath evening to take charge of the evening service. Four talks will be given by the fol_ lowing young , people: Grace Clipton. Hal Dean Moyle, Wayne McFee and Robert Bennison. Two vocal numbers will be sung and a solo by Phyllis Copeland. of the birthdays of Verlee Gordon and Lulu Stoaks. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Chester Boyer, Dwain and Leta, Mr and Mrs. Earl Gordon, Darold : Verlee and Russel, Mr. and Mrs, Andrew Stoaks, Vernonr, Donald, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Preston Norman, Carol and Lowell, and Mrs. Jennie Stoaks. Nina and Thelma Nelson visited Sunday afternoon at the Lee Smith home in Lenox. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Harvey and family were dinner guests Sunday at the Clyde Owens home. Mr. and Mrs. George Ferguson and family were shopping in Creston Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Eberle and Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Eberle and family spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Leach. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Round and family visited Sunday in Missouri with the Theodore Reith family. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Nelson and family were dinner guests Sunday with Mrs. Becherer, in Lenox. Mrs. Basil Mathis spent Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. Geo. Ferguson, jr. Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Black and sons spent Friday evening at the Geo. Ferguson home. IS OFTEN BOUGHT, SOLD. THROUGH TIME TABLE WANT ADS! TRY IT! A solo by Joan Clipson. should be very proud of U. P. Missionary Society Met Mrs. O. D. Tyler was hostess to the meeting of the Woman's Missionary society Thursday afternoon. Devotionals were conducted by Mrs. Mclntyre. The program study, "Pioneer Missionaries of Egypt." Each member -took part in the discussion with Mrs. Joe Tedford as leader. Invited guests were Mrs. F. M. Clute and Mrs. J. T. Lemon of Fairfax, Okla., who is a guest at the Clute home. Light refreshments were served by the hostess. Meeting of Chapter FW, P. E. O. Mrs. T. J. Killion was hostess to the regular meeting of Chapter FW, P. E. O., Thursday ev. ening, April 16. Twenty-one members were present. Mrs. R. K. McGee of Osceola was a guest of the chapter. New Inventions was given in response to roll call. Miss Anna Turner read a paper, "A Jour, ney to the Land of the Moon." Mrs. Roland Walter read a paper, "The Shopper, How He B,e- haves arid Why?" Refreshments were served t>y the hostess. The next meeting, April 30, will be at the home of Mrs. H. C. Killion. Meeting of M. F. C. Ladies Mrs, Mary Leckliter was hoa. ess at the meeting of the M. F. C. Ladies Wednesday afternoon at the home of her daughter, Mrs. l|ai Shus. • iV-Vi; We the work and loyalty of the young people of the church. The young people are having a party Thursday night at the home of Mrs. Moyle. At our last party there were twenty-five in attendance and this time we are urging all the young people of the church to be present. The Preacher Says: One of the things which needs to be guarded against in these revolutionary days is the secularization of the church. It does not dignify the church to convert it into a playhouse or a social organization or a house of merchandise.. Christ's action in the purging of the Temple has significant bearing upon the modern tendency toward the secularization of the church., The church is' in this world to j redeem and sanctify the individual. The faithful discharge of this high function will cer- tanily result in the glorification of the 'church which in the highest sense is the Body of Christ. CHURCH OF CHRIST I. G. Randels, pastor 10:15, Church School 11:00, Morning Worship 7:00 Christian Endeavor 8:00, Evening, Service. Our Sunday evening iservice will present a tableau In three parts showing a < setting and S? home. When the Bible is intro- jduce'd in this home pf unsavory, unwholesome Atmosphere a marvelous transformation is wrought. The topic of the sermon that goes with the tableau Is "Who Is Boss at Your House?" Bring your whole family and pome. ,• •>• j.. The Ladies'iAld ; wi] a cordial invitation is extended. The Thursday Girls will hold their meeting on Thursday at the hotel, with MLss Bertie San 7 ders and MfsYt>r" - L. r '-pavis as hostesses. • '•••.;•• PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Rev. L. T. Knotter, pastor Sunday School, 10 a.m. Morning Worship, 11 a.m. There will be, a meeting , of officers and teachers of the Sunday School this Friday evening at the manse. ALFALFA "FARMS ANOTHER FARM" AGENT EXPLAIN Alfalfa virtually ''falrm's another farm," says Robt. M. Davie, county agent, in discussing its value as a soil building legume. Through alfalfa's growth, nitrogen not only is obtained from the air and stored in its root; and tips, but also the deep root system penetrates the subsoil and brings up plant food that would otherwise never be available to ordinary crops. Numerous questions on how to obtain a stand of alfalfa are being received by Mr. Davie from farmers introducing it in,o their crop rotations this ipring or increasing alfalfa acreage to qualify for payments under the new farm program. The legume, at the same time, leaves soils in better physical :ondition by opening the subsoil so it can be penetrated more easily by the roots of other ;rops. The extensive roots furnish a arge amount of humus or or_ janic matter to the soil when •hey decay. For alfalfa to ac_ .ually increase the fertility of •he farm, it LS important that he crop be fed on the farm, the nanure saved and returned to he fields. Although there is no best ime to seed alfalfa, more and nore Iowa farmers are seeding ho crop in the spring with a mall grain nurse crop. A nurse crop is necessary to teep down the weeds in a spring ceding, says Mr. Davie, From to 8 pecks of early oats per ere will give good results. Af- er the nurse crop is in and cov- red, broadcast the alfalfa and over by harrowing. Use of a oiler of culti-packer is help- ul in obtaining a stand. A weedy piece of land, cantons Mr. Davie, should not be eeded to alfalfa in the spring, s the nurse crop may not be ble to keep down the weeds ufficiently to give the alfalfa a atisfactory start. The amount of alfalfa to sow aries with the condition of the oil, the seed and method of ceding. Under ideal conditions 0 pounds may be sufficient, while under average conditions 5 pounds per acre will likely Ive a thicker and more even tand. ' *•;.;_ •*•• The nurse crop should b> cut before it matures. Pasturing the small nurse crop is apparently a satisfactory procedure, favoring alfalfa seedings. advance, six mnnW half of foregoing h 5 cents. e ' Many Jly'are due to a lack, the soil. To determia a particular field i s de suggested that 23, ofl samples of soil be taken« ligh, low, and average ™ the field. Farmers m ™ -hem tested at the O ffi| county agent, or by , " Subsection of the l owa ural Experiment station" Alfalfa sown on well,' fields that have been n ind limed often f a j] s Ifalfa bacteria are not T,' f these bacteria are not 1 -oil they must be innocultion before grow succsessfully. alfalfa seedy Details regarding s , falfa are contained u State College Extension „, "Alfalfa in Iowa." which"! obtained from the county agent or f rom tension Service, Ame, office clj the] ON PARADJ You are on parade wh,_. you dress up and go out for! afternoon or evening party, J natter how you look youij pearance causes comment. everything is right the coniw s the kind you would Ukn hear. Y1 Have your hair rouf own individuality imfe commenting will be farorab!^] THELMA'Sl BEAUTY SHOP Phone 19 for appointmtoil i 9, x 11, letterhead size, boxed of 500 sheets WHITE BOND, 16 lb., 0< porpe.ol.per^xof YELLOW SCRATCH ~— - ~ for typewrite box t for typewriter, fil »sh, best Sl.Slj $1.01 n i- -•.:.•

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