The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on October 16, 1974 · Page 25
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 25

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 16, 1974
Page 25
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J! ' i MWWBY Parents show wrong attitude By Abigail Van Buron * ten* «• (**>*» 1»**» DKAR ABBY; Our daughter, wham m «U Betty, i* «, * ttoQett gradoat* and hn wrtw gtww tur a moment'* worry—utitQno*. Betty want* to marry Ron. a 34<yt*r-«ld coBcce nrefe*wr who has o*ed LSD of! and on for three years. She »eJd Kon promised to gi«» up drugs three months ago and she ia aw* ht wiB keep his promise. (Betty i ha* never uaed drags.} f Belly'* doctor advised her not to risk having children | beeaww of her fiat**'* history with LSD. K» »K* munttn to , remain ehfldkww or ad«X. Naturally, thi» hurt* u* dr«fit,r ? We think Betty should wait and make Ron prov* tumsett before marrying him. So far w* hav« avoided mating him, which has mad* Betty very cool and distant to u* We don't want, to attend her weddta*. let atone fo»* the hffllor it. Are we wron*? BRTn"S PAHRNTS DEAR PARENTS: Yea. I oua •aderataad y««r tancvra awl heartache *x«r the fart that yaw daaghlifr h*» rfco»«i eaWt amd fa eettHM to eaake her own dwfaioB* rtght or I PAMIKIXE.VK- Pmldrw Kara chwAtoDefia Broom, Jw^r Kratmn, Jaa ThoflMMa and B«iy ilolta*, ail m*mbm «rf Deft* D*|U Dcfu 8or«r*J. tor harirm th* brat autndanw at the PmhtdffAr m««ti(ig» tot y*ar TJ*t money «iH be MIM to ife« Trt tWia tod for bookj for coJfc*e tttranc*. . NVhat tto ytvu *«>•'; Do 1 ««m any ol th* n»««r I th* h«xt»*h«>Jd «U0w«nc» he giv«* (IMF, e* pot? M«H Ro«. U wtt lase*«v* your rrUtiootttjp with B*«j taMiiiMiililj Dart foot Uw hffl tor a ««tdfa« if yw» *»*• «Mt t^ bM (k •tlmd. If* Mtinijr poaaihfa that Roa wtU ata? dnam. 1 h«pt an. TMa* paUUv*. DEAR ABBY: Evwy litrw t buy my busfaand a «>!t. hi* mother says to me ia front ol company. "You dUn'i buv him anythinjt. U *aJ hou«hl and paid for with MIS ^ D»: \H UONDKR1NU: Yoa an jt« R«<, " a fax You Mr, I havt n«vcr worked outskl* the howw, but I am >W chiidrcti. and I luwp a dmn Howie >nd cnufc (Mais and I'vr mad* lh» chiWim » rkxh^i -»^ <nr 1>K \R AUHY; Pi«tt«« doo I thttnt tfcift a <m#MTTing tin,T«u*f ti * no )tA» I'm * guy m pnitnxttF vrrv. v«v ct)tv«fwni«u«ty T>*y ittuw nhft*. j/u! pimpie are *hmi)p* m«km« f»«4« V<HI n«rti * bfj " Mtrnvvn,, the tacl in. my unuwaUr tafj(* -» -[ttH tnf aipyl** .S->fral >m?< *«o I HRK! that mMhmtii ** fwvait -!««l th*« Iwtrtr* ««« *dvM«t to pull oa <u< (h«-n wiMihi pfi'iftKV, Itnd «fc*i» tnfiUiit eettitt rvml> I ii-nvtufwir n.ri* lhai wh*« I «•»» d kid (i •>mf» (jf*)ri t had a K« the f wvuki «(>(ff«c)<>tip it if t Nivo ti> ft«t my Mpfifeo twtk !» tj it** ponnibir DKAR NKU' T«« »«qnt«iibnM: Ctt«*r Ifcnn *Uit luv ltm (W lun* lfc« prvtmninai* mrfkofty rmawcwl by tiMlk Mf](*CM» a B«ofc4»«» BHV B-»t No, Taking applications for new LVN class MRS. HANDY CAKONER. itami Urird (rom Wl. »*. iMarcd MCtotly wttb a bridal «b*w«r »the bom* o< Mrt Tbmay Wood. Step? HcBo*. With her *rt ttve hwtrKKs, Mrs. Jama Bertratn. Mrv Wood. Mrs. David Si w*. Mr* Mck Urttte and Mis. Wayne Staatcnt The Cardnm VCR marrttd Sep. I* w PtwacoU. KU She is Us* <feo£>ter of Mr. tad Mrs, Adrian Stewart o< PenucoU and be is the MB of Mr and Wr» John Cardnrr c4 Lak« SlwirrvU wl» Wtr iot«twi«i in becoming a port o4 f* wcotwl Vwr4ltoodl ,V vt,V*S> <to» at Collegf thould mike that tottcrntt kjw«o «§ MWCI M pwwifcir. xtottfjgg la Or W U WcAVtaiKhr. Dean »t -•«?< «r« ttfctaf *A wh» *r» i»t«y««ttd m *Bt*rw* (Ate rnotiint oww carwt j*v«rM» u» contact w* now w Uwt aB «'^ej- WAMDESER 00 i .« Foot Luxury r, ..a new plain toe slipon that brings you luxurious comfort you'll appreciate more with every wearing. Sleek, classic design, with decorative if$ef? strap aiKl hi«Wen «tnter gore, Full leather Iini4, CusWoned inner^oles. And crafted in Nettleton's exclusive loaf lex' C0rt5truct.on for lightweight flexibility. can tw UA«n rar* «f," a* «dd«d "tl It «*r pfcw» W ghr* <u» adajMRwrsi «ju» (o 18 *h» arc tatoTMtMt to January, l«i" TJ* tint tVN cUaia ww» ttartcd to J»ttu»ry. i«7i IN* Uww wfeo tampWt* Ih* pregpr»n «tB tw W J*a»*M7 I*TV May* Btticfatf. R.H. ««J C«&t Jaa». fLH. if» ttw C«IW«*'* I.V.H TJauaa* ia Auwfcd rtM«r«am!t aunt DMT arm pno^nuii CM h<r oMaloaQ 07 tootactiag Or McAktxaadwr Ur and Mr* Sirt* Raatwck o( Uka JackuMt Mflounn U» btrth olUwir *w M t>rt U at Braiotport Community IfaafiUJ H* w«Ht»««l aaa* Mr and Mn vri»aw P Nkhoh of Frwport aMtounc* ihabwthof l)Mir»«agaO<4 13 at BraiMpMl C<mmtt«i]r lio»pttaL tfe w«g*ad aura pound*, right wrf an* half M/ »fldK« Gary L Day o< AngietiM awouoce Uw Wrtli of Uwtr aoo on Oct It at Braiixoori Commyaily llotpiUl H* weighed etftttf |ie?»ty^j||. ft fiUOinH^ - *" r State Farm test ill the best car Insurance wwsw»^^^ ^ffp » ^pwm^^ffj t«MMt •* W» W •*"*» •M) pr«l«MM ttiaf Fa»m R.E.FRAWKUN SA FRANKUH wj5^88^S*** W7-2425 ^ Bottom lloliar IDiscountCenter M b *• MlMf H iiu KISSES IIIU 26M747 rO> TOUK • »• CMOT •in i inunml KISSES 93 e VW 83 HALLOWEEN CANDLES ttartiiMn i WTTttl SWEET TMTS :* u COSTUMES *r tun $151 DATNCIL UKM i uufl 12 «. CEKTERflECE I DECOWTIOMS WTt^w^P^wP^^^r WlW w^w BEADS 94 LUT1U LOTION I 11 WWi $149 SOOPE CWSULES * m ui uun mm KIT ZIP LAND ^fr ^Tene^^P^BII^^I^^ KOUMTTL ML LIQUID 12 M. OOLOONE •' ;,*, « > - . ,* *•• , r ,' *«,,-*', r-5 M, * ti " •AfiSM».-S » J ,-.. ... ! ? ™.,. ./«&,A r rf?t. J -,,r....':,.

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