The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on July 10, 1859 · Page 4
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 4

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 10, 1859
Page 4
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BT TELE8S Jfo. 1 nominal at VOffi gpBtai : iiM i,10&l,SO. Three of Oonin'»«lei«ien:.w«ire , The ferar at Havana wag very light.' Sugars had advanced l&raL c \ MolMiM TTM unchanged. Exchange was .tending aowawwd. •" CAST ^ •*" " QCIBIO, The NovJaSootian sailed at 10 *.m. wifli IS? passengers for Liverpool. ' .. Weather fine. John W. Uadurwood wae *.., Junes. Dominated for Oongrav In tho Sth.dljrtriet, .In the place pf Wright, decUnsd, -? V ' - ' - : J. W. Dadenrood Homlnntoa Monooxxsr, ALA., Jnl/9. There ware time-fires here on Thursday. A carriage tad wagon factory, belonging to Fountain & Abbott were deslroyedj the adjoining building and resideno« of Alex. Thalwell wae sJso also consumed, together with stables, good Jfo. 1 at W»;.l,«» do No. at twyen option aUbtxtveek latl,00. do So, I at9& «0«lo:«b»»o r '. J -"JL\. "\'X ftunur, July 8. «W dodo at 7^0; lOOdo extr« white winter Whitewa- water MOli at7^Q. doting dnll. WHKAT-^rlcM nnchanged, market aeHw" at the first but clowd dufl, 'Receipts 7«4bni; no 8alesJ60bns whltt winter (foot tot) «flf« spetof at 1,15; 100 do So. 3 at 76; «00 do Ho. 1 at extra at 1.1B; S63 do eboloe exte*-»o.l »t 1.12*5 4^0046 No. 4EO and negro hotues oendiarr. : It was the work of an Sn- Qnlok A priVete letter ftom E. Stuart, JEs^.. agent of the New Tort Associated Press at Liver. pool, received by the steamer Hongtuian yesterday, says the great advantage of the Farther Point station, was clearly demonstrated on the arrival -of the steamer Hungarfan.which ti«nki to your liberal supply- of news from tt»t station, was In possession of the*ffiwt t>f fte news taken out by the steamer North Briton, to the short space iof, 18 tlays after the swd news left this Point— ^ feat without •parallel. Tbe iDdla Bobber Case. BiMDffOBE, July 9. The great India rnbber case of Horace H. Is now - -v-» T ^ S> Cire »»it Conrt, in this «ity, before Judge Giles. This oase, with others Involving the B»me itsne, it now undergoing s final tearing before going to the Sapreme Court of the U. 8., on the claim of the plaintiff to the exclusive right tomB&Q&eture sod sell what is technloallr known «a woven elaetio India rubber goods. A prpllminurT injunction had previonsly been granted in *'l the cases in this district,, . and the argnmant now pending is to hare * i permanent injunction issued, wholly restrain-) • ing the defendants from the Tending of vnlcan-' • ised rnhher goods. A strong arraj of legal- talent la engaged on l»th sides. Honey Matter*. N«w TOE.K, July 9. the close of the week brings with it the first indication of the relaxation in the meney market, expected after ihe heavy payments incident to the first of July, had been provided fer the tendency to increase ease, however, ie.aot decided enough to «S>ct materially the rates of aiBoount; it xnanifens itself chiefly in the negotiations of call loam. The abatement in the gold export seems to have con. tributedto thaftaxr tavfty ancl itorjtemporary iFire and a halt percent has been accepted to-day on first class securities. The ruling • figure i». she per cent., *t which tenders are more numerous than early in the week. On paper the rates for long dates a» folly sustained, and in most cases, rather more.deairs- ' tie lists may be had at 7 per«ent., white short bills are still acaree, and go readily at 6a6 1-2 .per.cent. ••"• : ' /, '•: '.: ' • : .-. ' '.; |The Bremen for Sonthampton to-day, took' in epecie $690,643. ...-.:' A telegram from Philadelphia this morning, to Thompson/Bros., -reports "that the notes of the Bank of Xawrenoe,' Pennsylvania, are thrown out ;: ; . \ ••••• --'• • •"'•• •-. • ; /' : .'_ A five per cent, dividend is announced today, by the Cleveland^ Columbus & Cincinna- toE. K.Co., payable August 1st, at the office of Oie U.S. Trnst Company. i Business on the. corn exchange has been more active this week, being influenced' in * 'great measure by the exciting' European •war news. >.;.- . ~~ ••.','..:•'.••..'.. .•••'!-.. The fluotaations in breadstnfb have -been quite eudaen at times; especially in flour, but at the close, the dull accounts from Liverpool »eem to have a corresponding effect hera^ ',• Speculation in pro visions have received little or no enconragement froni 'Liverpool advices, and the general tendency of the market bag been downward, with only occasional buoyancy. .' The business in produce hag bean stimulated almost entirely by the home demand-; the shipping inquiry being quite suspended. The Pacific Mail Steamship Company com-" pietad the purchase of the Collins steamtru, rig: the Adriatic, Baltic and Atlantic. It is the Intention of the Company to ran these boats, oa the completion of their contract with M. 0. Roberts, to Aspinwall, via- Panama railroad, in connection with their line on the Parffio. . ' " At this stage of the report, the line gave out between Chicago and Inis dty. do*o. HonfrSvate terms,' Total ules ' " " ,. Wool has been In only moderate receipt darlnjthe" week, «nd at the ' close the Jharket vas lets active for nne. The prlnolpal traffic 'Jbu been in the coonfty, wheradeaiers have gone to secure ihe best loU,«nd turn ptldonUonnlybetterprteaithaiiTiaTe ruled ntheeity. H>« bluest reported flpires, whieh we have bad, were W cents, tor choice lots, which Is much lower than Jos been paid in tije wuotrjr, Prices thus far have ranged considerably above those oT last year, and the wool has also teen better. j - - innexed-are the sales for wch day of the week ! l TCBDi.T-but IttUe'oBertng. Sales 88 Jbs TuH Wood at 40e; 200 dp X to fan blood at 3%; 80 do X blood at T»l»-or muMett litormav r «rk H«raM .anloanoet «i an toportaijt item or neiri, «i» lnWllr«oo* lironilrl by the TaMeri bblof*. »«er«'aod'cooUiiatd'droag»it ia Bonthern' SijtaU, which wa» injortnr tie .wheat «n)p_Wlenil7, ac4*ldf: "IfJhUbeio.Jt ta themortimportantCTeBt ttat ba> happened-for ""»*, too. OooUieniEunla tttte (T*a| c^mptutor of 41* Dnllrt 65»te»_ tathe Brit- $&|cratena)rV*tt. IngooiHeMOMUwejportorgraln ftwn Odi-aia and otter Sota'aa Blact BeaporUihoold «w, ; aJ Oe«re*aiuime, •bvut^lpog^no biuhels, ain» t«nUu» of whlcVare wheatr It wa> ihe itoppaj* of «U* watt' ifioppV; tif- thi Crimean war, whJth Gaued. flour to*dr»Dce to 110 and tli a tarrd in tUtjcoBntry. ;If a baa tarv«t oct'ur in Southern Bni.-< «ia,thif year, the retoltwJlbetbeaanie. MARINE RECORD. fort of mtwaukee...... r:,..-..... July 0. NOT4OK.. , ! Orrr COHpiaolika'a Omci, t , _ OontraekDepartment, Mil., July B, 1859. f fflHE following k a sciedale' of 'iot*:; and part X lot* V J. IB the norl Ward, Olty of Mflw»nkee, whlrt hive *e«n declared paWl« nnlssnceo lar ' and , v pcslle each lot IjUnamoaot *>{ benefits, whtch Ipl win , derive by bileg filled sttfflrtent to -abate the nolsanct. >»ld Lot. 3 ' » JOHNMoQaATH, !' •' FBAKOIS McOOIl UfOKi • BtreetOtminlnioaen. Block. Benefits. '.'• 25 5 , Oonptr<«ler, NOTIOK. fjlHS Conunon,0oiujell by retolatlon of June 24, 1&59 nT_ , ™*»*>P«Mttie recommeadatlon of thegtr»e« 0»mmUilon»ri of the 6th Ward, It la ordered: 'ABBIV8H. y »teboyg»n, 80 cords vo'oi, ndrii^. a, o, $» bbii applet, 84 b« IpkgiM Ooffliigwoo(> F Btair QaseUe, BaUln, Tiro Elrtri. • Benr Undine, Thompton,M»nlto«roc, 66 a .lumber, *9 m 1 lath. Prop Catena, Stede, Chicago. - fitmr OlereUnl, DoBgal, GntnU p» T en. .g W.Ljw|ij.8»«etIan«, O«ir«g9, 88 bn lurch, 2 r i 403bbl»«4lt. ^ 1 Prop M»yflo wer, Lmg'ey . Ohto go. fltarCHtyorCltTelaad, Bqaler, Grand H»venl6toni i -max. Bchr Toledo, 8s7e!»nd, Maikegoo, 68m lumber, 10m * . dUolei.' • ' 32. Ibs. steady. Secelpts by^all 6.WO ' SIX; 500 do foil do at 4% 800 do XdodoatSO; 80 do common do at 32; ZTTdo X -to 3,' do mt87)i. Total «»!M 1^07 Ibs; average price 8TX.J TBrasDir-steady. Secelpt»V10.1bB. Bales 800 U» X to % blood at STK; 86 do common to X»* SIX; ISO Otto,MaaUt«, 75mlum. ,tES. ' 8«eny, Cblcmgo, 4*qr bbli bwr, »3 moo, . , Prop Banter, Dlckoon, Chlcigo. ' |Wir City of CUeTtland, Bijuler, t-wmi Haveo. Prop OrknUl, Brlggt, Chicago. fitmr OweUe, Butlln,- Two Wren, 68 dry Udei^lS bbl» lien manure, 1 bbl oU. Prop Galena, Weele, BaBUo, 1 pVgi sundries. Schr Belle, Edwardg, Manltowoc, S mill ttonei. Prop Mayflower, Ungley, Buffalo, 8 bbli eggt, 2 b»t» JMd, 80S hbl flour, 184 btpa wqoat, 4.^1 brick, 6 ktgi butter, 26cuk» »»he», 61 bell fitb, 130 biles hldej aod ikiai, 1 bbl oil. fitmr Olereland, Doogtl, firaad Hsven. Bchr Toledo, B»rel»nJ, Musktgon, Sbbli beer,»ton> shorts* ofto. Wty of Ua*a6kee, he paded to W>e eslaWUbed «, e 'f°!£ r<u y ** the «*J»ate of the dty Englnetr, uifit« in the office of the City Comptroller: * Owneni or a«re«» of property «ll«at«d.ontheibo,Ve i make the laid Impraio- . .,_.. -_.— _„ ™i^-»n *- M«j8 jfoni tbu ustc or thfi 6t» Commlj»lon«r«ttihtf«ta J?ardwUl ca'aw the mne-to |«4oBe and charged to the rrapecUTaloU.UccwdlBg . NOTICE. ; , „ . - Cor CoarracLua's Ornoz, {-' Contract Dep»rtmsnt,Mllw»akee, July «,I859.. I s FlinB following Cs a schedule ot lota In the 3rd W»rJ, «. TOy of SUlFsakee,thst will b« benefittea by grid- Ing to the established gr»d», BuQilo street from JMk- soa street to B«Mh street and sldewslks, to grsde to established grade knd plsnked and cnrb sidewsUs, tc. ^ , JOHN MoQEAIH, i t. McOORUIOK. ; ' Street CommmisUcners. Blook. Benefits. Lot. Bloat. BeneStt. 79 , S86^0 fi i 7» 23^0 , T» 183,80 1 > SO 14S9,d'> 79 .28^0 g, 84 927^7 Hlrsm 8. Tramball and e ido UNITED STATES IttARSIJAt'S SAfcE Aodreir JTohmon, - q John Heceiaey, Eobert^ell, **'"•" ' " " IrUheU.S.DistrictCour Jnrtrlct of Witcoruln. _. , vs. In admiralty. TheBc lOonefCharley Hib. bard, % bca<>, tackle, apparel had farnttare. J;X virtue of a writ of VeaditIoQl$xpona», Issued ou JLV ot «od nndtr the teal of UiesDIatrlot t'oart at tb United Btatts for the District df Wlsconato, I nail ez posa ifor! sale ana seU at Public' Auction, to the bights and;bej< bidder, for caih» on Monday, the eleventh da cf July, 1859, at two o'clock In the afternoon, on boir or«e Pijhooner Charley Hlbbard-, lying In theMllwaa ke*;t lr«r, South of the Onelda.»treet bridge, at thefoo of flielda itreet, In the City of Milwaukee, in ihe sat District^ the said Schooner Chirfey Hibbarfl, her boat** ctt , te j fpparel and furniture, aa >ha now llts, con denvnedjatthe'eait of'Andrew Johnjon »bd others. Ifarthal'j Office, Mllw ukee, June !9.1855. M. J. T305IAS, OiS. Marsha Lot. c 8 fi jyi-d3t E.L'H. OARBPTEa, OomptroHoL do common to X at SI; 189 do full .blood at 40; 100 d X to X blood at n^SSX; »15 do X to Jf Wocd at 8TX 26S30 X Wood »t 815ft S40 -do toil blood at a». Tola «ale§ 8^17 Iba; arerige price ST. j . , * FBTOir—KeeelpU light,, Shipments 78 bale*. Sales 100 Ibs ^ blood at 80; « do JC at 88*; 29 do X at 8T- 200 do «< blood at 88*,' 884 do X do, very clear.'atJS. Total .ales 738 Ibs. ATeraseprtceSS. IttUwsuKee Wbolecale market. aiTCXDAT ETIKIRO, July 9. FBEGHTB—very dull; rates nnchangid. Konr to BoffiloIS; to New York by ran 60; ty.steam on lake """; wheat to Buffalo 4; to Oairegofljfj no new charters. FLOTJB—market.dull and aepremetl. H«celptal25 bbb; no shipment*, Tried unchanged- at 5,W(g5,75 for eprinf eitra. • BTE rLpPB—«teaay at 6,OP. WHEAT— m-Tlet opened ijuletiy and closed very^ull an! depressed K«eIpU 8XST but; no riUpmenti.— 8%!ei S.OOO bi b Ho. 1 »t 1,12^; 125 do uhlte winter at 1,20, 2.«Wdo Ko. 1 deliverable one week from to^lay r.t92, 600 :oNo. 1 »tai, 63 do milling at 1,10; 81 do do 1,15; 2tif>do white winter 1,20; 450 do extra white wlnterat 1,30; 890 do good No.l at 95; 45 0 do extra 1,10; 1,000 do No. 1 at 90. Total fialei 5,879 bus. EVis—nominally onchanged at 1,00® 1,05. Receipts 86 bus. OATS—steady. Eocdpto 977 bus. "Bales200fcta«t COKN-rteadybattiBletatTSrar shellea. Receipts 589 bus. OOEN MEAL- higher. Bolted 1^0; onboltod J,G2X- B1EIET—lnactive»t45@50'. Kecelpts 1H bns. POTATOES—aeclinlnB In price and quality.' Eecelpts Ught; tellln? st60@60 for commanj 60@75 for'.but kinds; markiet closed flat., • •" , • . BUTTEE—market supplied and trade dull. Firkin I0@12; rolll!@U. Eeceipta 700 Iba. . *G68—plenty and lower, alow of ealf atScby the this. ..' .',.,. .,:. ,. .:.. ; . -.. - ... . : .•: BEAks— duilat 50@75. •-- • -•':•?' . . .•'•";-• SAL*—InePOdnrpplyatl^S. ; WHI8KEV—quiet at 2U ; >• HIDES—firmer. -Receipts S.€S7 Ibs. Green 7@8; QreenBalled 8@!>; Dry MtelS; Dry flint trimmedl6@ BTEAWBERPIEa—per bdi 9,00. FHDIt-Apples * bbl6^H)a7,00; Dried Applies $ K> 10&11; Ohampagne Cider fj gall. 25c; entrants, Zante ^ * WaiZ^r Citron, I«f horn 25®2S; Cnn- berries ? bu—; Dates ^ B>;8®10c;'lemons $ /'box COMMERCIAI.. CBO. OODFEBT, ZDITOK. WEEKLY BBVIKW. OFHCE OF IOX DAILT NTWB, i . Milwaukee, July 9,1569. { — EtDDorroa or EICEASOE^— Financial matters har* been snLTonn daring Ihe week. Currency rather tight sod erclange steady at 2 percent— At )bi meeUng of tie b»nkers on the 7th U was resolved to Uke some measures to oblige those country banks who hare refused to come Into toe general »rrmnge- ments f^r the rrfemi'tlon of their Issues In this city, to doso,Boitofth*bask»-haTe already complied. The rates of exchange are-to be reduced on Monday to 1J; percent. ;'Oranges ¥ boz C^0®6^0; Peaches, "dried nnpared ^ a lOaiic; do' pared 20®26c; Prunes, kcg, : ^lblO@l3c-,Baislns, cluster, It E 8,25; do layer SDGAE—Loafjdouble refined,12; Crushed, do refined 10X; Crushed Ao O »JC; Powdered do 16Jf; Powdered do O MJf i reflnei whit* 0 9X; ^o do OO 9)4; do yeHow A 5; do do B 8%; Email Loaf do 0 10^. PROVISIONS—steady. Beef mess $10012; Pork prime oess, $16; Pork, mess, $18©18,CO; 18; Shoulders, smoked, Beef Iiai2^; Tallow 11. Ys38iL8 AjRirto onr is J KTOO»K.— the Cleveland B erold ' ujt letters have been received In that city announcing the arrival at Oort.lreland, of the shaoners 1. F. Warner and B. B. Barman which left Detroit about the 10th of May. ^Ihe ttarner arrived June 17th, having made the trip from Quebec wlthlm twenty-one days. On the 19th, the Human arrived- •fter a run of twenty-three day?, which is also a very quick trip. .These ves el ;ar« the first which had arrived In Europe from the lakes this season. The cargo of the Warner has been sold la atesgro*, and a return trip, of Scotch p<g Iron engagid for Cleveland, ;Bh» will sail on return «s.speedlly>as possible.. The cargoof the Hjuioan would probably be sold laUverpool, Amrrso ir BOTALO, 7ni.— PropeOer j Potomac, Qeb- hard;'ftom Mllwankee, 200 bbls flour, 85 bales rags. CLuaxD.— Propeller Mendort, Spencer, Chicago. JUBUM DISABUSS ox iit« BcpEEion.— The Onions- gon Miiter says that iht schooner Coaster went uhori In a gale recently on tha South £hore of Preiqne Isle, and was totally wrecked: Sh* belonged to Wfflard* Day;'" Most of her cargo was saved. Th*. steamer Ecsolatlon, p!jlng on-Ui? Ontonagon Elver; in parting down the Grand Rapids with a load of copper, struck a rock and stove a bole hcsin hell so that She sank In a few ntlnni c i. • She was got Into an eddy a short way below the lUpids, where she lay with her stern submerged and" her bow in tbje« feet water* US* The f allowing is a list tt Vessels which passed Petrol t yesterday: ; ; ; : i • BoondTJp— Propeller* •Uontgoaery,Tpnng America, Michigan, Plttsbargb, Forcrt Queentscboonerf Eobert Emmett, Bnmboldt, Forest , I yiph, Whittle Bea, W. H. •erritt, Welland Canal, tone Star, AndtTer,-; Bound Doyrn— Propeller Daaotab; hark LioUl; Brig Aim*; schooners Patrick lenry. Northern BcUt, J. p. .Tracy; aonshiB«,w«tchrai, Hew Undon, Crevofa, Oov Hunt.! ' ' .', .. . ::.'.;:..; . „;' eaPTte sshooncr Theodore Perry aad schooner Three Bells arehelng reatted .and. painted at Jones' Shipyard preparatory to the fall busiaess. ; Ptosmua EOOXST AiBviu.— The propeller. Eocktt Cspt. Elce, of the KewTork Tork Ce&tral Ballrmd line, rWr ashore In the thick fog on Norii Point, about four oVIdck thli morning. Ehc was on her ; wayup iritha full cargo of mrrchandke for this port and Chicago, with iron an I other heavy freight on deck.— The tteam log Tift and No ter have 'bten engaged dnr- Ir.p ih» il»y tf 1th tcotrs Ink ng off hw cargo and bringing It iij; ffihen tjie sleam pump will be put to work and she will be pulled off and brought In. Most, If not all, of the cargo will be saved. . She lies a few rods from the beach with a hole stove in her hnll and has about nine feet of .water in her hold. There' were several pauengers aboard, who were brought in thli morning all safe. As the .westher la fair shewlQ donbUessbe got off spetdlly, and the das age shortly repaired. • NOTICE, Orrr CoupiEoi , Coatrict Department, July 8,1853 OKALED propoMls will be received at this offic IO Monday, July 11, at 111. a., for abttlng lh« nuisance on lot 5, block 48, Third Ward, according to the estimate of the Olty Engineer. Jy8-d3t E L'fl. GARDINER, Comptroller.' BOAKDINa. ' fllWO gentlemen with their ladies' can be accommb- JL dated with first class board at '< .326 MAIN STREET, ' ; Second do or Berth of Onleda; also five or fix pintle- men can have rooms, and fiom six to ten day boarders can be accommodated on reasonable terms. je28-dlm MBS. WILLIAilgQN. COJRNEK LOT FOB SAL,£1.~ A VERY desirable lot of land, comer of Lyon and Marshall street, In the First Ward of the Cftybf Milwaukee, will be'sold at a great sacilace. For terms apply to No. 327-Maln street. " : Iy6-dtf l STATES MARSHAL'S ^AlLE James Buchanan, • I. .f : : vs. The; Prppelltr or Steamboat 8eneca,|her engines, mschlne- In Admir*lity. ry, boats, tackle, apparel and lurnltnee. ; ; B T Virtue of a writ of Tunilitlonl" eiponai Issue out of and under the set! of the District Court o the United States for the District of -Wisconsin, I»ha expose fur sale and sell at Public Auction to the hlghes bidder lor cash', on board of the said propeller o steamboat genecj, Ijing at Superior in said djjtrlct, o Friday, the eighth dsy of July, 1859, at four o'clool I the aftetnoon, the propeller or steamboat Seneca, he engines; machinery, boats, tackle, apparel and furui tura, as;she now lies in the harbor qf Superior, In th Cquntj of Douglas, in s»ld District of Wisconsin, con detDned at the tuit of James Buchanan. -- • Marshal's office, Milwaukee, W,-s.7June IB, 1S09. JCa-dgt M. J. TUOSIAS, D. S. Marshal. NOTICE. i • . . Crrr CoMiTBou.Ea'3 Orric», I •;. • Contjact Dvpartosect, Mil., July 1,1359. f T H< fohowlDg dtacribed: lou ia the 2nd Ward, o the,City of Milwaukee, by resolution of the Com men Council, adopted June 27, ISM, were declared public .nnliances by reason of filth aud stagnant water thereon, andnaltl nuisances ordered to be abated with In 20 days from this date, via: Lot 9, block 162; lots 2, S,!', 14,15 and 18, block 163 IcU 4 arid B, block 45; lot 14, block 42; lot 4, block SS lots4,6i 7, S # 8,10 anil 13, block 3f; lota 9,10,11,1: and 18, block 44;; lot 10, block 43; lot 1, r 73 ft of 2, 5 6 and E 33 ft of ff&llt cf 13 and 1C, block 46; S 20 ft o lot C mid lot 8. block 36; Ion 2, 8, 9,10, 3 % of 11,13 and M.block 117;Wl«) ft oMot 2; w 100 ft of 3,7,11 and N 10 Tc of lot 15, Intlcck 35. ' 0«rneri and agents i f the above describe^ proper y are hereby notlflol ta abate said nuisance* within tha tlmename I above or the Street Commissioners of the 2 J Ward, W'U cause the same 1 lo be done and charged to the rtspective lots accordinf; fo law jyl flflt I. l-'lt.UAlU»lSEtt, Comp'iolle ABIG^ILEOFGOODS For a Small Pile of Money* ' OALI/ANI> EXAMINE BUTTON'S? Clothing Establislimeiit; WE WilALI, MQTICE TO CONTIt ACTORS. i' , i CtTT OOMPTBOLI.H'3 OrilCI, I , ••;. Contract Departfiient, June 80,1S59, j A LL proposals for city work must bo directed to the nude-signed, and particular care taken to state upon the envelope the Ward In which such work IS lo cated, and the nature of the work to be let. j«30-010t E L'H. OABUINEE, Comptroller. s Louta Sugar (/iircd I AM coDBtaatly receiving a supply of these eelebra ted Haou, the b»t In the United £iate*. Those «b< ovecooa ihlngtln mj Hoe would do well to call and examine |my itotlc. mayis! JOHN W. LEDTABD. Grocer and Wine Dealer, 161 East Water street. je29 LOST Oti STOL.KN. j following Stieet Commissioners Certificate* 11- JL sued and payable to Panlel Keller: ' • \ Lot 1, Block 29, 5th Ward, No. 29», dated 1S5C, I10T.«I " 1, " -S>, . : i " No. 152, ' « i, — «5.. •-.;:•• . NO. 10, "1, "25, ;> •• No. 150, "11, " 29, i » NO.M9, ". 1, '. 31, i •• No. 2S8, " 2, RtOkZif, Sih Hard, No. 101, , 125,00 "5, "11, "M, "1. 33 .31, -32 S2, 82, 32, No. IDS, No. C9, No. T5, , No. T6, No. 100, No. 77, No. 6, No. 6, No. 6!9, 42,® 16,60 ; .1S59,- 20,09 S2.CC •20.00 sos,oo M.CO The snbicriberfwiald warn persons from porcbasinjr or nefotlaUngsry of theaboie menCoccd Ccrtlncatcs as payment Is stepped. The person having them will receive a reward of (C by returning them to this office or to • ••': DANIEL KELLEB; ; Corner of Cook and Walker ttretti, Sib Wanl. : jyl-dlw ; BY TELEGRAPH. Hams ll^JJZ; Dried . OOFPCE3-SL, Domingo lljf Q,12; Lagnlre Mwactio Bio J»T» lfi®ISj Bochi OTAS— Tonag Hystn 80^75; Black Olong Gunpowder 4fcat5; Imperial 45300. . JPffia-Whlte Fish W tbb 4,00®4,BO; Dry Co4 ewf4,- 78^8,75; Mackerel, Urge bbl.22,00; Mackaral Ho. 1 U Ike jayrket IsmTlttle more animated to dsy and the Btrodctnflii . J*e market has been rather quiet during the week, wittlllttrece^tSKiaconieqnenay light sales of Eonr «««!»•*. Ftiees have not T»He4 much Jrom the a«ur««th.ppBfln fc •BmMsTlH*&&aa*f. active day to the wheat trade, when the market rtlffened ap •omewhat, said sttnetlnng <rrtr 10,«» bos chWed fcsadt; bat,tb« tnreUnas of tht markel was onlfV temporary fit,and wassucceedod by flu' same sluggish ««Bag to the cloM.wllh small sales at the same figure* , TerylltUe tatoj off««4, «n*Teryllia« disposition on the part of boyeu to ts*« bold. , The receipts «ndaal<» during tte wn*«r»fB7agBt. ' **•• '•"•r droopinf at the • O»ti»odOoTiili»Tebe«n pretty stt»dy«lC;notaiions, »«a saoderato receipt* and transtctlons. The demand tor tSMsahrinir morty forliome supply, they *re not so IWblft*«wtMte, • * Bpiut Barley are *caroe sud net much soaght •me, n^sntmj tht latttr, Oa ftieat «re pnttymnch k**et««n'atclinlng daring ihe wf*V«Jad tf Mi««t SnttKt^e^h.TtbeenlogoodiiQH.lytaiweekaiMl iitUitdlou't^iiXibaT* • ratbsr downward teadancy. Bwlatttrolterliigfreelj-atSt. «»JWlo»liO«.«b}« wUljJiewtht netlpusf ftonrand gtataJijrBaUroadforanweikJ , Hantatlpn" «ia 00; Sugar Bonie -BO&eS; Common .SjTop iO ; OoJOcn Byrnp tBJJSS. ^ WOOL— Moderately Mttve; qaaltty Inferior. Keceipts 60C4 Ibs. ' SUes «00 Ibt K blood at 3*>f,. 200 do unwashed to fair SSasSj S2T do )f blooi 50; 287 do X do IB2do^floS5. IU do^doSO; OTaoJ^doS!!. Total sales 3^78 tta. Arerage price 84. J.IVE BTOCE-. Iowa. Beef Cattle 2,25®%GQ per cwt; Hogs«^0afi^09, per c*t; Sleep 1,7582,09 per •head; lambs J,sai,50 per bead." IA7MBEB— Oomtnoh boards (10,00; joists and scantling, nnder 20 feet $10,00; do 29 to 22 feet $12,00; do 24 feet 116; common siding $10; 2d clear-do »18; clear siding (IB; common flooring dressed $15; 2d flooring dressed $18; clear flooring Pressed $23; undressed $20; clear boards $30; 2d boards 22; 8d 'do $18; clear IV, IK, and 12 loch plank (83; 2d^o do $252.30; 34 do (20 pickets* $10; lath (8®8K; warratted shingles 2,TE(2> £00; No.ldo2,BOS3,7Ii. LEATHEB— Sole Bpanlsh CO; Oak ,81«ngbter 81; Oak Crop Si® 35; Harness 33; Bridle 87(223; French Calf 1,00(^1,15; French Sip VOiSl.OO. - • • BAUroaa ntattent. n< MO.WAOIH A Mtssrasun Hiaaoiu.— York Sarkei. .; ; : •' ;'.••'• •• - K«» To«,JuIy 8. FLOOR— market very heavy arid iO@25i! lower; said 4,100 bbls at 6.404J&85 for sa»«rftne state; 5^0® 6.20 for; extra state; 6,43^.6,90 for snperfin^ western; G,0»®6^0 for common to good extra western; 6,00(2)0,85 for old; 6,5030,00 for fresh groond roncd, hoop Ohio— closing heary. ETE FLOTJK— 4^4,75. WHEAT— 4oH iand drooplnr, sales 8,000 bus at 1,10 tor Un. clnb; 1,50@1,53; red western; I,75@I,78 for Awhile Ky. BTE-Bteady; sales 1,900 bos at 8S@89. BASLET— datl and onchanged. sales 2€j)00 tm> at 79 for old mlxod' western In'store; 90 for new. OATS— «teaay 44@!9 for state; <fl@52 for Canadian: 03WEGO HABSKT. > Oawiao, July 8. . FLOUfi— itotly; sales 500 bbls fi@o\25 from Jill. club wheat; 6,50 from red Ind; 7,25 for white do and MIoh. WHEAT— la moderate demand; sales 6,000 bos whlU BonlhernIlK-1,50 mod 8,000 bos Mil. clob »nd mixed CANAL I'iEiaHIS— dull and nnchaugad. TFauted to Parchase. ~ THK adTf.tlser withes to, pnrohase a Boose and Lot pleasantly heated In the Seventh Ward. A median size 1 Boose on i Lot 30 by 120 feet to an alley would answer (he pni; • <\ Addrtu.Drawer 449 with location said pace. , JyS-lw NOTICK I S HEREBY jtlTen that a meetiag or the Stockholders In the Swedes Iron Company, will be he d at iu of flee In the City of Slllwsoke^ on Tuesday, the second day_of August next, at 2 o'clock p. u., tar the purpose of «lccUni?D!rectors for tht ensuing year, in pursuance of a Stockholder's call, and of a resolution of the Board of Directors of said Company. ' H. COW1E3, Secretary. , June 2J, 1559. Je29-dosw4ir BUTTER. I WOULD call the attention of Famlles to inyselec tions o.- CHOICE BUTTEK. 1 am daily receiving by Eipreis, choice lots of Batter from the best Dairies In the Stste, which for quality and flavor Is unsurpasaed. Prices always to correspond with tho "market rates," and quality warranted. Orders solicited and sent to all pirts of the city free. JOHN W. LEDYARD, ^ - Grocer sfd Wine Dealer, m»y2' 161 East Water street. "ContractDepartment,July7,1869.'f ' 'pHE Ooramon CfiOncIl, by resolntton, of June 20th 1_ 1S59, having Adopted the recoismenjatlon of the Street Commlsslooers of Che Cth Ward, it Is ordered: • That Harmann • street from Third «reet togcrenth street, In the Cth: Ward, be graded to the established grade and the sidewalks curbed and pi&oied. , ' Osmen or agents of property on IJis abore nunci street sa e hereby notified to nstc said Improvements within twentj-two 'dajrs'from this date, or the £treel CommlstiuOers of the oih Ward will cacse the sime to be done.and charged to the respective lou accorJlng- tolaw. i>: E. L'H.-GARDI.SIiRJ . . JT7-dCt f ' "-:?•• ''•••' -'••••• ' pomptrollerTi . i " '.' Crrr CoKnaoiin's OFFICE, ~'-l '' Contract D|tpartment, Mil., July 7, 1513. !j i T HE Common CoUncll, by resolution June -0, 1S53, having adopted the recommendation' of the Street Commissioners of the Cth War ', it Is ordered : : That a sewer be constructed through block 23, in the 6tb.Ward.or the City of Milwaukee, m accordance with the plan and speeliicaUons of the City Engineer, on Ble In the office of the City Comptroller.. : Omen or agents ! of property situated in the abora named b lock- are he«by notiBed to construe: : the above sewer within: twenty-two days from date*, or the Street Commissioners of, the Cth Ward will cause said work to be done, and charted to the respective lots, according to law. Jy7-dCt _ _ jjy^.JJAJlplSj-ll. CociptroUer, ; " ' " '"" " ''".'• , '\ •' • Cm CourrsoLua's Ornce, I Contract Department, Mllwankee, July 7, !Si3. f ! T UE Common Cooncil, by resolution of Juae 20, Kl'J, having adopted the rccommcsdsUonof the Street Oommlarioners of the Cth Ward, it Is ordered : , ' that the north and south alley In block 29, In the Ctb Ward, be graded to the established grade, according to the estimate of the City Comptroller. • . ! '', Owners or agents 'of propeny situated on saldciiey are hereby ncslfled io make said Improvement within twenty-two diyifrdm this dale, or the Etreet Commis- sloncn'ofthe 6th Hard will cause the lame to be done. and charged to the respective lotr-, according to lav. ; jy7-dCt ;E. L'H. QARDISEB, Comptroller. | ; . iiSlOTIOK. ~~ P.- Teams and Men Wanted. TEAMS aod 200 Men Wanted to work 04 the Chicago tad Northwestern Eailroad, abont to miles from this city. Enquire of Mr. Jas. Porter, Cllnton su, Walkers Point. jy$-<ttt*. < J. MDLLINS. ' NOTICE 1 8 hereby given, that the Ordinance ia relation to Dogs running at large without being secnrely max. Eled, will be strictly enforced on and after Monday next, thellthofJnly. Milwaukee, JalJ 7,1859.* ' j . WM.BEOK, Chief of Police. PiT* City papers please copy three tlmee. . j>S BEEK SALOON r »J*Is Boar, 2^40 bus wheat; 589 iocam; 559 do oats; 1M do barley; 28 do rye; 5 do potatoes; S bbli eggs; 700 Ibi tatter; i,6« do hides; 6,064 dowo6!;8^80Jo«un. toes; » ton* itonp « Hr «? bo* wheat; 41» do oau; » Mis flour, .«« ton. pig Iro^lWdotjaa^lttiakikl PtartaAes;« sacks wool} 59dojimeng{lfl«iHo»drti«t»;.j6/»8 Ibs hides; 7,096 do-mnartes. ,, " ' - ' ' . «monno«sthetn«isferof»c«*»i of «o»fromUs«to lake over tods road. Tie machinery lorthe transfer seems to work well. -_18,7BO-*u» were unloaded from theachoonerrarnhanibetween Toesday.and by eighth, sf, the train was cnjto.way tlown.StoJbBHkiZ estimates that when the machinery wae in jood worldng order a cargo may Wtinloadea at lake Jtrle and pot afloat la another ^essel on l<ak« Ontario In twelve hoor>. -- , Trade QaAM a BTXIH *» KvnUJ) — *befollowlngls * stat»- meiit of the grain In store at tuttalo: Jan. 81, Wises, London , .K. AJe, Congress WftWr,»o^*o.,jn.t received br lanj' '»^3 , J.«.AitOOTt. ve lots, accordlM to law. ' ^ «.VH.?ABMBffll, - City Comptroller *blpBient»<rf floor and whe«t ------ - — - --can gatti«, report to ^rather "TT. «~p«w»»«"?««onanor ttrest,iroin,fie««» •*£*??'•«' *«*.««« atartbaa^l from L,oS ,Handi mnd ( r»c* r Sore for sate Jorjaleoy Tn, : 157 last Water strett. ^ *»•• v-^--' "-- I- •"•-"" * ' riT,,^ ;..*. AND BII^tlABU UOOJITt ' ISO Ea«t Water Street. A VASIETY of Dishes prepared at all Dears, tot Lunches or Suppers, couiisling of , HEATS, SAfiDINEB, ' ' . . - flOfLEDttSS, OTBTKBS,*c, Musical Entertsinmtnt evi -y Saturday evening, d fnltftahe; free- ci,.) i Contract Depsrtment, Milwaukee, July 7, '59. f ! *"JiHE Common ciincll by resolution adbpteS'Jund 20, JL 1859, having :' adopted the recommendation of the Street Comm'ssloners of the Cth Wild, it Is or* dcred : . • • |- - / . ' That the £cst and; West ailey In block 23, in tha'Clh Ward of the Olty of Milwaukee, be graded tothces; labllshed grade, antfin accordance with tho estimate ol the City .Engineer da file In the office of the City Oompi troller. . ; -..- ij,. -:- .:...-.--.-..,,'• i i .Owners or agent* of properly on said street are hereby notified to mare said improvements within twenty! two. days from d»t«, or the Street Commissioners; of ihcSth Ward will .canse . the same to be done and charged to the respective lots, according to law. i - ' Jy7-d6t, . E. L'H. OARD1NKB, Comptroller. '-.. NOTICE. Crrr Co«rraou.Ea':i Orric*, I Contract Department, July 7, I3i9. f T HE ComEOa Council by resolution of Jane 28,1359^ having adopted the reeommi-ndatloa of the Street CommilBlonen of the Cth Ward, It is ordered : That Harmann itreet from 2J street cast to Dnbbard street, in the Cth Ward, b« graded to the established trade tn accordance with the estimate of the City Engineer, on mt-»,k. «ai«» of Ihe City Comptroller. Owners or agents of propel ty limited . n in* »bove named street, are hereby notifled to make the said improvements within twenty two days from date or the Street Gommtsjioners of the 6th Ward will csuie the lam* to be done and charged lo the respective lots, according to law. jyS-det E.L'H. QAEDJSER. Comptroller. CITT CostCTEO(j.Ea'3 Orncj,» Contract Department, July 7,1SS9. / S EALED propoials will be re'eivedai this office until Saturtlay July 9,15S9, at 10 A. « , for abating the nuisance oirLot 1, block 85, and lot C, bloci «, scsord- Ipgto the estimate of the City Engineer, oa file In Ui* office of the City Comp 1 roller. JyS-dtt E. L'H. OaRDLNEH, Comptroller. NOTICED T UB Board of Hevtew of the City of Milwaukee, will meet at Common Council Room, at 9 o'clock i. v., MB the Ifith day of July insL^or the purpose of hearing objections of parties or persons deeming tbtmjelves aggrieved by the Assessment of the taxable property In said city for the year, 1859, and after the hearing the parti?*; will make inch alteration as juitlce and equity require; and supply omissions and equalize the Aueu- ment Lists as to tde several Wards or any part or por- tloa thereof, and will continue .from day to day until their datits shall be completed. Mi]«-»nker, July 2, ISA;). JS»-Jl« HEIlilAS L. PAGE, Mayor. B Y A V T H O it I T V . Of iheCondition of the Mutual Jnstirancc Cunpwiy, of liuffilo, on tor 3d of February, 1S19. Made to the Secretary of Htate, Wisconsin, pursuant to the Stit- ntes of U »t Slate. BiX« A>D LOCiTIOS; I. The name or the Company is 77>t Mutual tiuttr- ! anc* Company of Buffalo. Located In BilfTalo, Btate ofNew Hoik. T . - : . .. < ; I. CiPITlU i 1 . The amout of authorized capital .. ;... 3. The amount paid up..... 4. II. 1st. Cash oa hand. 2d. In the hinds of and due - from acenls t others 3d. No real estate, 4th. Bouds held by the Do. 7s. 1. M. S. R. R. bonds, 12/XW 2. Toledo, .Norwalk ACIeve. bonds.. 4^)00 3. iN. I. E. E. bonds, 8,000 PATENT MEDICINES. •DB. HOOFLASD'S GERMAN BITTEES, ASD . DR. HOOFJL.4arD»S BALSAMIC CORDIAL, The great standard medicines of the present aye, have acquired their yreat popularity only through years of trial.. Unbounded satisfaction is rendered by them in all cases; and the people have pronounced them worthy. Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Jaundice, Debility of the Xerytfns System, Diseases or the; "Kidneys, and all diseases arising from a di,*o'r'<l:<rf<l liver or weakness of the stomach and Jiyestin organs, are speedily and permanently cured li;j the GERMAN BITTERS. . The Balsamic Cordial //«* acquirrl a reputation surpassing that of an;/3imi!,ir reparation extant. It icitl cure, wiTHory KAIL. tht most severe and long-standinn Cough, Cold, or Hoarseness. BroucliitU. Influenza, Croup, Pneumonia, Incipient Consumption, and has performed the most astonishing irir,.< ever knotcn of Confirmed Consumption. A few doses will alsa at once ch?ric and cure the most seven Diarrhoea /ir(.r.W<n// from COLD w THE BOWELU. These medicines are prepared by Dr. C. M JACKSON &"Co., yb. 418 Arch Str,-tt. /'•'•„'•.•- delphia, Pa., and are sold by druijgi.:i.i ", • dealers ia medicines ecerytehtrf. at 7". per bottle. The riynaturt off. M. .)>. K-.I- will be on the outside irra'pptr of men /j. •//!,• f tn the Almanac published arutaailit ; . / •• proprietors, called EVEBTBODV'.'I AMI \\-\you will find testimony and comm^rj. /,//<.<• notices from all parts af Ihe .-I'tintry. /' ,'. Almanacs are given aimy by till our ,;.,--'i/.C. HARRINGTON, in.I H, BOSWOBTQ * SOS3, Agent) for HootTlnd'a German Bitters, Milwaukee. M3SDICA3J, 1) K . J O H N Tl'fi O constltntiona by- Aid, S O !"> e S;wt,hai opcneu; vr " Uce at SB Mar.Tct Kiuaru, :i>. >i ' near Oncidii nt., Mii'v:ink''c, 1: the treatment ,iad ocirc- of fvcrj .- specie ')f Private Disrwo uilh ; out thtM:aiM>f mercery, Th-» in Ttortumt'.' thould be pttrfaninr : 1 "." iwlectlnii his physirhm, 33. it Is -i- '^•i-'initTnlable, yet iucomrover' '-•;': fact, tint many jyphilltlc p'Xk-;. .,'. ".try ni;i<tf> mHLTftolt! with ruiut-l mal-trciitniiml from inotpBricn.;?i physicians In geniral gruiitlue ; for It in i generally conceded by thir- Ix.'jt syrhiln Kr » r ,hcrj, :l>a the study and management of tlifse cuniplaintinhonM en;;rnE3 the whole- time of tlioso ulio wouM be i-.nmpi.- tent and successful in their treatment nml cur". Tit,; Inexperienced ;r..Ti<r;il practitioner having m-ithur t-\,~ portualty anr litre to mnku Mcuelf aaUicier.tly <ict|ii.-iiiH- ed witli their pathology, commonly punuesoiio ny.iturr. of treatment, in most cases m:ikin:; 'in indiscriminate nae of ihe antiquated and danxeroua weapon, .Mercury .More c'.iatioo, however, should tjsuacd by the syphil tlnpatleuv in conaultini;. nomln;il physicians of the i.i Tertiainn'class, a.1 olne-tcnl!.; of them .ira irapostcn who assume French and other- mmus and arc without any claimj to medical SlnoTvleJi<o. Thc3e knavish rascals infest all lar.cocitiea, and by meaiu of theirlyian advertisements and poat.'r.?, ^!icy induce she unwary t.i enter their 1'cUir Funk ahopj, ai=il rinraercifully fleec-i acd poiorm them ^vith mercury: Persons livisi^ at a distance- in the country are mori spy to be duped by the lyin^' u^tice^ of qu-.tcka than cltiaecs. Dr." J. TETOMSO.-* has rert-iv"-.! medical inalructlon from hla father, Dr. Wnj. Thonuonj of Chicago, [illnolg, who has practiced over 30 years, ind mad«: cures after the failurcnof the best Fhyaiciani in Europe. Dr. T. would respectfully advise the pul-llo not to be duped by the ^'Periodical Pill" humbug, I ut tipi>ly at once to a physician who can treat inch cases ieientiilcally and juccesa- fully. Spermatorrhoea or rfemlnal SinisMonH, the ctihj-:- quence of-self abuse, tr&v.od Tith complete TaccAjii without the"-uaeof murderous inatrumenta. All diaenacJl "ncidental t,, it-males trotted with succest The new Prench Sliield recently inv^nt«:l in P.ina, onatantly on hand. The Cnfortmiat,- Ma:i"i Guide can be had by ad-jresslni,' Dr. Wm. Thrmnon, Chicago, lHina:9,Bn.t r 12 cent", OF THE-AGE. .-,J 3. KSKNSD7, of tloabury, h.U ' i./-JsL of our .-ommon pastur,- *'.--d.) KVKKV THE MVEn INVIGOR ATOR! PREPARED BY DR. SANFORD, Compound Entirely from fil'MS, ~TS ONE of the beat Partitive and U»er L now before the public. These Gum* remove; all caorblbor bad matter, rora.the system, ripply- 1 M^ t{Z5o/er« Jforb- ng ia their fclace a; -.. ipreventive of ( healthy flow of bUe,ln- ! O ' ^-' - vlgorattoff the itoraach,' amlng, focul to digest: well, purtfyinff i A «;' lood t giving tone andf ealth to the whole ma-' hinery, removing the; -ause of the disease—-j a radical cure., tn attack* are ; •ored, and, what u bet- .er. prevented hy the oc- ^uioa&l use of the Liver TVTtjroratoT. dose after eatinz' 3 su-Ccient to relieve :!'c: tomach ftn*l prevent tti* ooJ from rLiin/ and curing. ~ - - " i Only «ra« doa.' fore re*:rin,r, pr i One dose often r»peat» :ed i> a snre cury for . ;ed to throw oat ^i L system the effects •raeilicine after a lo jncfcness. t One omae takeu , \tfft itnctlCG r em o v ^s • color from th-r'ikm. One ihsse taken » *ho tl;ne before eatir. K - nv v'/y&r to ttie tppeti OnJy one dusc taken ai night, loosens thel*owel_- iDtlv, and cures Cos-' 'O^e dr^e teien after' Lchcitit will cure Dytt- OL.'' .-ose of two tea roocfalj will always re-. Onl\ •-•-•* 'lo** luine- aile •dZ* 1 x'i u*d tf ar d ; y in i - ' t -->r. j geai well. ; One dose,often r^^^at- ed,cures ijhronit) £>i t ir- ;r,iotfl in iu worst Turin, jwh.$e Swnmer ft n <t (B&iotl Complaint* yield jalciost to the first''dose, j A few bottles wlU car? . Ltropxy by ^exciting th» absorbents. We take pleasure ID ru roraaeodln:* this m .cine u i pr*vuniiv- i« ''Fffver, and all 1 i.-s wuh It op- certainty. »re W L I!- DS. SANFORJ}, Propnetor, No. ar.. Retailed by ill Drnggiols. jjl W ;i^ 10 testify to i iler'ul Tlrtnea. pga BI?TTLSL BroaJ* h*i -Ural ij^ tie fja.i 'i-.t-t i Two bottl&j raoatb. Ons to Lhree plea on the f-i^ KINO OK HtFMOK 720M mla rtown to a common' Fimpk' Q over -m.'cn ;mntfre*l .;^30J, ami UJT- -no c'l^-i, cuLii ihunrier ^iiranr. 1I_ TWO ynf th-^ ciouin f:,r--j to kmj if F.r 0"i- LO '. tilt eye.] Sci-i-1 of r ty 13 (3<en. N I K '* J ' Iain li.lU A:HS> I^ -:l:3 trusses 7<m, .izid TV-I o.' -.ha; y , ar . hirLrtii! it -:oni.i:»iU, , tn.l /..-i: HoTd also, hy JUUN RIO, SetaJ. Slllwaai=e , ^ j TREATMENT 19,000 •- : .fi Crrr CokpTBOtua'a Ornoi, i , \ Contract Department, Milwaukee^ July 7, '59 f ; T HE Ooxmcn Coancll, by resolution of Juae 20th; 1819, oaring adopted the rccommecdtlon of the Btrett Commissioner! of the Sixth Ward, It Is ordered : That Sixteenth" street, from Walnut to kHE CUB of fresh Smoke.) Uolibut, rectircJ by K» tfebltl HDHH * OH08BY. 'i VENISON HAMS. CJOKI cholc* Tenlson Bams at .HTJKN * CBOSBy*. / j 3MOKK£> SAIiMON. /^IHOIOB Hinokei Salmon R{ »»«T , . SYUUP.' '<i«ce article tor Bock- HDMH 4 OEOBBT'B. i NEW P. B, Kaaj«Dbyflrstli«»tIN>mBafllsto,»t L>OTH T3BJISHE8. A OOMPLiTK sod ZreKAnt aatortadttttf aad American Hair ttd Tooli Brushes, graded and graTelesl to the established graSrf the aide- walks planked and ' gutters pared In accordance vrlth; the estimate of tse City Engineer on file lathe City; Comptroller's office; ;j : : "'• -', Ovoers or agents of property interested In the aboT<s ImproTMnents are hereby notified- to make the same within twenty-two ({ays from this date or the Street; Commissioners of ltd Sixth Ward wilt cause said work to be done and charged to the respecUre lots according lolaw^---- --• /:••* .'••;'•-•• : . .'•-•• ;• i JyT-dot .E.'VH. GARDINER, Comptroller. ' >4I 21 MA1» pt\THK SKAT- OF WAii; PRICE '.TWjHNO'y-FiyK C'EJVTf). i . i. 1UEW Map of Nonharn and Central Italy', showiag' lit the : Seat »f the; War, Position of the Armies etc., to which is attached a small Map of Europe-rail for 25: cents.; . ... '•••!-.• ' '•-'•'-." ''• -II AUo, A Coe.Map-of the Theatre of the European! War, with Portraits of the BuUra In Europe, etc.,—price 30 cents, at . I ;• . 8TMCKLAND 4 GO'S. A je22 : ; "> :\i~ , ..'... IMEist Water Street.- Great Wood & Hay Emporinni! ' TBB BIQET^toAEKl*. IN WIEOON8IN. j TON8 Extra Baled Hay, 6,000 Coris Seuoned Wood, each delivered to order in qnantttles . cheap, 4 at corner West -Water and Clybourtx «r^«- Office with J^abbett A Breed. 4. £tocks: JU. tf. 6s 10,000^' 'worth.... 10,481 50!1 iff. S. to 5,000 iworth ...;....... 9,15580, 8. N. York 6s 6,«0 i - do Cs 19,600 .iworth 26,903 75 ' • 46,54 5. Debts due to the Co. secured by mortgage on nn- cncumbered real estate, Worth double the amount . of mortgage •'per schedule" bearing? per cent. Interest., lltj,63* 19 6. Debts otherwise secured by stocks, mortgage* and Insurance scrip of this and other companies, and interest on same 84,913 T4 7. UebU for premiums, cou- " listing of bills receivable, 35,32Jh;3 8. Alt other securities and claims due the Co., salva- 'sei, vessels, Ac S0,651 87 ' 9. Personal propertrowned " ' n by the Co, Bteam Tug, • : - . Pumps.ic ., 20,63071 Total Assets.....; 494,53569 , i : '•"{'. III. IJiBIUTfl?. . [ S. The amount of liabilities- due t? banks and other . Creditor:. None, except- -- t» ing what Is contained in : No. 10. - ; ,6. Losses adjusted and doe. Nace. . 7. do do and not due. None.: & Losses 1 unadjusted. Supposed to be at the extent about!., • i :9. Losses in suspense. Same • asNoiS. . . -- . / . 10. All other claims against , • the company, individual balances, unclaimed dividends, and redemption of Dcrlp nncilled for,...... Total Liabilities /,...... • i .'.' i : '.' " -^T-' The greatest amount Insured In one risk. 78 jeSO S.H.LiMBEBTOS.i NOTIOJB. „ , O lS Pure French Urandy. vM»iw» Wtoev Hative flr Cordial Gin, London ContractDepja^« l C»nLT > My 8 T > 18w'' Ii ' OosActt by resolution of Jane 20th, E wupted »e reoonunendaUon of the Street us* of tt»«th War*, It Is ordered: •—•-ml Mat alley to block. 89, In the 6th . ,.„«..>:« --i—- of $F Uw » nke *t.l>e graded to the e»- ItoSiietr ""«? * ec< * fllDllt w the Tertlmate «f 4be Olty 4 Ow-aers or ajtntst m above rtm^Hhfd p-o-»ertyare Ithln twen* 11. The greatest amount Insured In one risk. $5,000, of fire risks Is'the usual limit; but In some cases of short, risks 410,000. On vessels and cargois $15,000 Is the usual limit. Including both. 12. Gross amount of premiums received in State of Wlsoonsln for the current year, ending February 8,1*09, $B3,5S. ' 13. Thooaarket valne'of Us stock. , The' Company his no stockholders; the scrip Issued on tha Mutual plan by IU charier-constitutes its capital and the Tales) of scrip varies according to Us priority of Issue. 1 .-•••_•,.• -•••• 14. D|Tidend,.7 per cent oa Its outstanding scrip. 15. The charter ai act of Incorportlon of saldUompa- i n». .Bentherewith. .••> '•', ! JAMEa C. EVAS3, President. A. A.SdSTAraiOT*, Secretary. j '- STATE -OJT \TISOOMSiN, I SfiCKETAKY'SOHaCE, I > i - M*oiso», May 81,1359. f j Satlsfactory.evldence having been furnished to me that the outuU Insurance Company of Baffilij, being iisnlMumjJce incorporated by the fitate of New York, i hav'lrjg ctrmpJIcd with the requirement of section one of I An Act entitled "An ac* u regulate Irji urance Compa- "Weinottacorported by. t(i» etat«of Wlswnsln,!' ap- 3>roTed Much 17.1859, and having also p*ld Into the BtateTrstuury the Buraof three per cent, on th* grass amount o? premiums received in the St«te of Wlscon- .gin far ttij year ISIS, us per report of jjld Company.— Wow, ttwiefore, In pursuance of the act aforesaid, 1, David W. Jonet, gecrjetary of State of the State of WU- 'consto, de hereby certify that W. f. Hufd, of Mllwaa- j e«,tf hebedcly atrthoriiJd by said-Company, row ,'^akericks, receivepremtnais andlraasact the-bo-taea pf ad Insurance Agent for said Corapuny In Uiis Sute, ,fiom fhl» date,ia«u the firstday of January, i860, ' In witness whereof, I hare hereunto »et m; hand May, 1889^ i • Confidential Medical A T the Buffalo Private Hospital—established for ih cure of Syphilis, Seminal TVeikneas and the iccre nurmltles of Youth and Mitari-.y, by Dr AMOS ON, Buffala, N. T. Office, corner o! Mam and Qua reett, (cp iuiT3.) ^ A MOST aCIENTIFIC INVENTION. Aa instrumtnt for the cura of Genital Debility, f pcturnal Emissions, more properly knows as Semin; eikness, 4c.—can ba permanently cured in froi rteen days to two months by the oso of thl« injtrumen hen-used conjointly with medicines. T00NG MSS TAKE PAETICTJLAK SO_|ICE. Dr. AMOS & SON take pleasure in anndanclng ihi they have invented a moat important Instrument fo the cure of the above ilideases. I: baa" been sobjecte to a test l/y the most eminent physicians In Locdo-j Paris, Philadelphia and New Torlc; it has been declare the only useful Instrument-«ver Invented for the cm of Seminal Weakness, or any disease of the genital or pans, caused l.y the secrH habit of youth. Price te: dollars by mall Dr express. A CUHE WARRANTED. Dr. AMOS 4 SON have devoted their attention ei clnsively to this peculiar claaj of maladies, and th rtllef they have consequently been enabled to rende their fellow creatures, la fally testified and jrratefull acknoTle.lged by convalescent patients and other dally arriving in town from all parts of ths country fo the express, purpose only of consultations, while the! eiertior.j have been crowned with the most signal ad vantajM; yet from what they Hive experienced in en quiring into the causes of those infectious complaints (from I'iKir most simple condition to that of the mos dangi-rus and ii.veterate,) they hava sJways enter taine.l -lie possibility of their invention and lernonai and llk;in» invirisbly found'that tha most horribl and ma-iiinaut forma of disease cnuM almost invariably bs trace.I to one of th? following causes:, Ignorance neglect, cr the ill effects of unskillful s/nd Imprope treatment; therefore, Ds. AJIOS * Sos havo succeeder in-discovoring, In the selection of their remedies, safe, effectual and cautious course; omitting all com bination of remedies which bear tin equivocal charac ter, as well as those whose premature or injudicious ap plication might btt productive of bad consequences in the bands of private Individuals. In short, the lauda ble end of their remedies is the lessening of a jrea mass of human misery by the alleviation, relief am prevention of those grievous afflictions that ars to reality the secret foes of life, and which, while they s extensively surround as, call aloud for our skill ani interference in their extermination. COUNTRY INVALIDS. Parlous in any part ofthe world may be successfully treated by forwarding a correct detail of their case with arcmittance for Medicines, ±c. Address Or. AMOS A SON,,corner Main and Quay itreet, Buffalo. N. Y. ANGUS SMITH & CO., Storage, Forwardiiig& Commi.ssioi MKKOHANTS. ' ' . Proprietors of the LAHCE ELEVATOR WAKEIIOUSE, At the terminus of tho Milwaukee It JIUslailppi and tha Milwaukee, Watertown t Banboo Valley Railroads. (47" Liberal advances made on property In store, or for shipment to Eastern Markets.^j- oct23-dtf MIJLWAUKKK BAZAAK. G.QELORME&OUEiMTlN 159 East Water Street, NEXT i)OOR TO MESSRS. BRADFORD BBC'S. Fancy Ooodj, Toys, Willow Wire and YaRlcee Nations Also, Embroidery Goods and Zephyr Worsted. my2i) __. • - . . APER WAREHOUSE! liaufovd,BIackmarr& Co., & CO.) UXREI30N, Connected with HAKRISON* HANFOKD & CO., CO7ASOOA FALLS,. J-......OBW. H AVE opened at 5 Albany Block, Michigan street, op poslteNewhall House, a large stock of ; Boot, Neva, Cover, Colored aud Envelope- Papers Also, ledger Papen, flat Caps, Zolia ' fast. Letter and-ffati fapert, ^i?l U ^ 3 °, I<1 1*? 7 IOT ' . Canrt »"t additions wil ^JS^ti 0 to ««<"* to uieet the wants of the trade. Kay Printers and olhera are invited to call »nd ei- mlue our stock and prices. . » pr W A PIHST Floor 3L suitable for Parlor and Bedrosin adjoining — --- a gentleman and wife, anil several ooms for single gentlemen, can b« had, together with, oard, by applying at 320 Jefferson St. A few day oarders can aljalbe accommodated.^ je!9 IJTS3 H an POSK, goodaruc^n^rej , for sale. C3OOK WANTED. GOOD one Immediately, at 261 Main street. r% i- 3 i:j m the side, -.f tin- nek, p_i:n uf t .-ijul:inty uf 'Jia bo^e ^' of JLie-ijedyShe p3i-j-:». oi poc.r wtn:it'a rJi-ir ..-(.-.\ to Liucr^ .> ( ,r aoigiltor doca nnt kr.i - 'i; your dind Miat -fonil ;'r-:v.:n*.lon 13 better ih;\n a, uouu'd > -' both ihe prav^ntatr.-o ind the -T " injury. osin truly, r- "i i r'uiinr:, m.J U.M~-,- r**' 1 -'.->- ; tln:.:^iat.j -v^rvTfi^f". ,.;•)' -rr- 131.; AD. 11 ill ED JJiADLAi Ever ivorij by liiugs or Eiaperurs. A 3EACTIFUL HEAD O? TI.HK A DE-U-TlFUL UEAO (>F II Uil A BEAUTIFUL HEAD OiT UAIJt A BEAUTIFUL HEAD OP HA1K. NATURE'S O'.VN O!l.N'll!i.\r N.ITC3E'S 0\V\N Oa^'AilS.NT XATUHS'S OWN OUNAJIEST SATCKK'S OWX O!5.N.i«3\T CAN UK PKJidEKVEJ 1N?ALUBJ.V ' ' UA.N B!i I'KESKKVED INFALLIBLY CAN BE PlUiSEKVSD INKALLIBLY C\.N BK PKESERVSD LN^ALLIBLY UOTU TUE IfSOttTU A.\D ('i)LOR aern TUK (iitowTU AND COLO.I. Bl.'fll VilK CiiiOWTlI AND COlOll . iioru MIK i;r;oWui ».v> c-nioit TO mE GHKATEST .Ui:' TO TlIS OliSATla; 1 A(J.<. TO TlIS GHEATKST A(iK. TO T1IS Q2KATMT AC,S. BV CSISR WU<J[;'S HAIR 1)Y CS1.NO WUOU'S UAlli liY C.-ING WOOD'S UAlli liY LSIMG WOOD'S H.ilii ltK.-TOIl.VTIV IT ALSO RESTORKS GRAY UAfR " IT ALSO REHTOKhd GRAY UVI3. IT ALcO RESTORES GRAY HA!<<. IT AL?O RiitTOHE:! (iilAV QAIII. TO ITS NATURAL GOLOa TO ITS NATUI1AL COLOR. TO 1T3 NATURAL (JOLOil. PREVENTSflTS PALill.... ° ' ' v l • ''AL CLILO ; ;. i'RiVENTS' ITS PALLiSo. PliKVt7<T3 IT? FALU.M, PREVESTi" ITS ?ALLIN«T. COVKHS TUK BALD IK-'iO COVERS TUB JiALi) il K AD •-OVSH3 TI7H UALO UKAD cov;.;a.3 TUK BALD UKAL- f UiSKS T1IK SCALP FROM ALL DJ3EA3FS. KttKES T112 SCALP FROM ALU.DI3KASK.S FttSKS THE SCALP ?HOM ALL DISKVSKs' FREES THK SCALP FKOM VLL DISFASK- 1 ' SOLD UY ALL DUCtiGIdTS."" SOLI) BY ALL DllCGGliiTU, SOLD BY ALL DIIUGGIST*. SOLD i)"i ALL DRC(3ttISi>. A»D BV 0. J. 7>'OOD t CO 1 . AND !SY O. J. IVOt'L) A L'O. AND BY O. si. ",VOOD j CO. A.NO 11Y O. J. WOOD ,t Ct). 114 11A3KXT ST., ST. -r.oriA 114 MARKET ST., 3T. LOUIS. 114 MARKET ST., 3T. LOCIH. 1U MA3KST 3T., 3T.4l.Otn3. AND.JK UHOADWAY, N y A.\D ai'J BROADWAY, ' ' ta^TOK vl'IVK , AND S12 BS.).\.D\V\7 N Y' <Ni> 31U BSOADWAY, N' Y' The Kutoratlvu' ispiuun in Dottle:! of ;! ...^ arse, medium, anil jmall; tho small holJs V, a i>in* '-.-j retails for one dollar per bnttio; the im'tliura -loUU it ,-ast twcntji per cent, more In proporii...n the -miiii o dollara per bottle; tiio !ar n " lottle. . ' ' :' 1). J. WOOD i CO., Proprietor?. STJ i Sold by C. HAjiaiiiGTON'aQ.l ill ad Enuoy (ioods DoaStra. ' ,,Ws ^ for . r ' J. ST'OOATU WALL 3. -J. .U 31 tV. PAP.E t: .S'1'KJU-riT, iwrni.r'Zii.«6» is Paper' Eaiigings, Wisdow SUadas, &c, Competect wortmt)n«nt tu all p.iris oJ the City ,tn i Chantry (or Decuratiai; i»nd Piper il:m)Mig in ill ila ranches, ail worS ivarrantcil. . fob^S Jans w. oiitv WALUCB piirr. OAKY & PKATT, Vttorucy* aa<1 CorauMOllar-* a.t i,aiv« Offlee ia Vouns'3 Block, Cornur Jl.iiu An J ',Vls- conshi street, MILWAUKEE, ..feb-'MlUm WISCOK3Iji KiKA-T . Tho bent asiortment o( tho Jlnest , SHrcr \Varo, Jowolry aad 1?\VNOY OOODS ?er brought tu MUwjukoa. Joat tha thin j for Holl »ypri).iejit3. Jaat rsctlveJ TPIV c!«ap fur cash MAt.-.OS 4 iCOlIlii,' lieol? ' 'JOlSuat W»tgr struct, SlUwsukee, Wis. [\HS! place to ony Qrocer1cs;l3 at A •' , 44-— L. -' -tr.

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