Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on July 30, 1898 · Page 1
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 1

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 30, 1898
Page 1
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^r^:---"*'-!!': ~ » 4?^% ^--:j/M^..-= A Family Newspaper;--Devoted to Local and General Intelligence, Agriculture tmd^ft fc jDEitTTOiisr, .n ;^ ~- ,3C,' Ar:: n?r, in Advance. r 3Q. 1398. 3STO, 41, T!,II| '.J«i Hill!' j! i[mnii|i!Wi,i. (m;i.:!ii,i ,|,n; i|m$ !i.i[ii!| I'll ilmlifiii'i! iMiiliiiIiiiinilinla-ti V\V::r among riding 1 veais ago. and has maintained if'; place to t'n's day of bicycle excellence. T i- 'is rc;uH has been brought about by ihc ur-c oi the be-U material, the employment of the most skilful mechanics ^and the application of such improvements as i.he years have developed. It has kept pace with most active competitor, not alone in material and make, but in the more important matter ol price. The 1898 prices are as iollows: Mode./ t i [Track Racer] #100 Moc'.el 33 anU 34 - 75 Model 31 and 32 - - 6« AVo arc prepared to supply your wnnts in tlio Clothing Line nt Piii-os Vlnt ^ ill sur- From FACTORY to CONSUMER. .Model 35 ·'10 -o- FS.KD S Agent, DEXTOM, MARYLAND. ^ CRASH SUITS, $2,00 (Coiit. Pants nod V-ot.) CRASH PANTS, 30c THIN STRIPED COATSr35c MEN'S SUITS, $1,75 to $10 BOYS' SUITS VERY CHEAP SHOES buys this,'exact) Rattan Rooker. tlie largest eiao ever made; per dozen, $14.OO. . Our new 1J3-fCX pngo cataloguo · Fur- nff Fur- ( niturc. Drapo- rJef, Crockery, / Halr Carriages, Kefrigeratora, ( Stoves, Lamps,' ^ I _ Pictures, Mir- £\ row. Bedding, etc.. Is yours for tho *J J U l I I j - ^ t OtVM ·* J U M i U X.UK ^ U W Special supplements just *s- also free, write to-day. CARPET CATALOGUE in lltho lashing. _ ' sued are also free. /\ u in IVicr with us I THE B, C, BIBB STOVE CO,, 107 IO9 Light Street, BALTIMORE, MD. HEATING STOVES, Cook Stovp?, Gns, Oil imdGnsolinoStoves, Hollow-ware, e. FIRE-PLACE HEATERS. FURNACES. RANGES. Men's fine Shoes Kimn ,?1.00 up. Ladies' Fine Shoes 'rite to-dt 9 CAKPET CATALOGUE in - graphed colors is also mailed free. ·^ Write for it. If you wish aRtnplcs, J send So. stamp. Matting samples also mailed for Sc. All CnrpctH SCAV cfl free thin month tuid freipfit paid on go purchases and « ver. $7.45 buys n made-to-your-mcns^ nro All-Wool Cheviot Suit, exprcssago prepaid to your station. Write for frdo catalogue and samples. Address (exactly as below), ' JUL,IUS Dept. 909. BALTIMORE, MD. i- rOl"JLfi^ iht'i, u ! c \ f - ' '*'· f i« OF IT^LY. lono the 3ovcrl hcnvoii M('li, ii' . Rho fl)«" ii hoc. rn o'er i-s, h'rfb as t'to sun ubovc luok. o lovu-- to I-o nlono Hie loverl A!!nt''.l -3 .on ;i rm t' c ·, -vy c' 111 L Tho voiy ,'' '-it W:*'.l irn' miiLr Oil, U \V I Hi r-i" Ami · ii (\" ' i 1.111(511 lch of C- o-i v j livcl in i_l 11 jr thnt I find HI , . v-ltJl tlio h no slum l)0]-ont;i Tln'iu wii's nothing but to ivpori ho«' UMitei-. htoorl to ill 1 V/jlbiir'i, tbo 3U pi mlcjigtlGUu, which I did, and another ongiuo .^Vaf- Lent into St. Piiiicrmj tft v/oVhtttlsy tisuu. Jl was about 20 mm- ntw^pist- 1 whan he bu-.tlcl ba;k lutv. tlio y.ud, folio »vc.l by a daijyei little in- div-idii-il cairyiiig a black b'lg in his hand Tbo hintill, foircty eyes und clot cniyppt 1 !; i r of t'.u l.i*le:'(jave him .; ! tu ') c\.p'i..r"u\) IH 3i t Mt IK- It didn't tit ib-' · · ( · i '·» )|i«- I ' l l O till'T 0 - v i n e , !r--i/ to JHJ . it nn.l ipridL lovor, I chin -\v!il!«nv rtnr Ami « ' ' £ 11 s-n trill :t · ·· i i o wr I'h 1 -tijr!,(Hl v)i.if l' iri 1 u p v i r "] ' I ! , · · '·Vi'3'uui'i was, coii- by ·(i, Rob^cmi 1 " h-j to wberu I w:i- roady ! 1 , i 1 '. ycu In. 1 HH fiOIIiplPtlTi r wiiiit to oo;i) From 75c. up. Manufacturer; of tho celobnilcd -EMERALD, STONEWALL. AND TIltGINIA :.: coosc STOVSS. ALSO Of Hie populur Sheet-Iron Stoves A i r Tii-lit TRILBY AND , W I L D P I R L . FOK SAJJ5 .UY MD , I T0 TUNIS' MILLS, TALBOT COUNTY, MD,, .MANUFACTURERS AND DEALE11S IN ALL KINDS OF- LAWNS, OUGANDIKS, FAUSTINES, INDIA LINENS, IJlnck antl White. CALICOES Sf GINGHAMS All 5c. a yard. HnU, Oaps, SKirtsTUiKlorwoar, Notions ol nil Icincls, Tinwnro and Agateware. Glass Tinnblcrs, 24c a doxen. Jolly G-IHSSPS, 2-lc. n doxon. Come und sco our Dinner find Toa Sols. Double «i'i«of 100 pieces, S8. R.n.COl_LINS DBNTON, MD. THE SPOT GASH STORE. . A LARGE ASSORTMENT . \r) Our SPRING Jupe 30, Did You Read Ii? We told you that in, going over stocli ive would find some f articles for the Bargaii? Counter We have coinplled our worh, (i;ud there- are quite a nu of articles Ihtd be sold B 'vol. 1 lll 'Kl )llg. With M :i:i 'i ' Doj-oiid th r "no W i t h .-so mi i IL -- J ; i.,; 1 .us s!-»hl]«,-, trro'vl'n, % n. idn i !!')\vui(T rh'.r, ·:;ui!, r I mi, bmt'l f o i o \ p r . fi .-lymoii-K 111 Academy. .Lumb r an uildin Material. on navigable Money by Masing Direct from Manulacters, Shipments made direct by vessel to all points ' water; to inland points by rail. Earth, Carolim Pine 5 Our Specialty! WE DEFY COBPETITIOH IH CYPRESS SBIUGLES/ Saw Mill Daily Capacity, 20,000 feet. Plaining Mill Daily Capacity, 40,000 feet. A "Well Solooted Stock of HATS AND CAPS. All tlie Latest Styles in Derbies and Straw Goods. DRESS QQQDS. All-Wool Serges, from 32c. to fiOc. Mohnirs and Henriettas, from 32c. to 70c. Novelty Suitings, all-wool, from 2Ce. up. I hal {j')Jio of? ''ntj- ODO lay Qiul wns sitting comfortably at homo discussing n pipo of Tobacco and thu' ovonijifr pupur wliou there Kinio u griitlcninn to tho door asking 1. ^7r Rob.s.n -iVdG in -that's me, t,ir. A.s we wpnu't usually f.ivorcd %,'ith uvc i m.Jiy vj-itors I h.ul beon sitting in m -^liu-c slccvi-s, and o;i!y jusl brtfl time lo slai) on my coat and malic myself u littk inoru prCFeut- nblo before tJ;o wife .jhowri Kim in "Good ovomupr, Mr. fioL.-on," ho sind \riicu she hiicl go:io ont ,if«in and cjoscci tho door. "You ilrl\o tho midday oxpress. 1'iom St. Paucrtus us fat i;, Leicostoi, don't yon-- the fn.rn.ous Paris exhibition 'engine, if I remember rightly?" "Comwt hi both partlculois, sir," I rcpliod, woiiilormg v.-lmt this beginning would Ij.icl up (o "SIio's a good engine, Mr Roboa*" "Not a viuuljt about that, sir." "To FAy nothing of bur driver, ch?" Ho was a fr, y.jui'ffinh man, anc'i a r a ^\lu. 1: sftitl plainly 1 ;·) do "V, r h,it, 7ov.', . couM ^i. in Uxc way of iiir yi,n, I u yen; tii'j : lin 1 11 \i-tl 1.1V \ f) '-.s [ bolter t', u;- bat "Lis the ii Wtill, . Tills- ti.iiu nc'itMud o.'i that tmin ho ii'jcii-ucl, with a laagh pls-.-'L nf ! (.'ki A Great Variety in Children's Men's nnd "Women's SHOES A Good, Solid, Liulics' Slioo for SI. STATE AGENTS FOE 1y-', .MS Ira - '. SS^Correspondence solicited. Orders promptly filled. . ' / H Y G I E N E ICE. - : · '. 0 "'. THE SEASON FOR ICE IS HERE. ~ - . . THE DISTILLED WA TER ICE IS HERE '·: liET EVERYBODY PATRONIZE THE ICE DEALER. Our remnant p'dv at 5e a, yard has been quite an attraction. this week. Old price. S to Ific a yard. 10c - 1 lc A Large Stock of Men's Youths' and Boys' CLOTHING nt Very Low Prices. Fninitiire, Glass and Qneensware. In fact anything the public nifty need in our lino, at popnlnr pricns.J ( a Special Mixture for Potiilaos and Tomatoes, n Hock, Bono and Pisb Mixture foi 1 Berries. Wo are scllins tho ADRIAN OE PL ATT Plntfurm Bindon,, Mowers, Rtikos, Etc., which arc Guaranteed in every respect. ,, . , ,,' .-,; -Place your ortlois aed let tho Ice Wagon stop at your door each morn' ""ing and tlclivcc you just w h n t you want. It only costs you ' " " G33.e-3aal£ Qent por Po-aaad, and tho saving in the use of it will be runny times that amount. Don't ,. forgot lo leave your orders at once with Towers, the loo Do.iler. e 'i verec i on Saturday Evening for Sunday, wishing k-e ou Sunday can secure it by going to the Factory, ' LAWRENCE B. TOWERS. ANDKKSONTOWN. MD. THE Undertaker and Funeral Director Coopei-'. 1 - Ions experience in " aiul all the oilier branches of his pro.- Tondor absolutely eertiin the pTopfirpertormancc o liih duty iu nil mutters inU-bste-to hiscare. All cjjlls. -either V^J' or "'S 1 * 1 ' Main streot, opposite Brown's new dm;; stoic. l n klll " ;! y nnsworod. , llcsi- \ Eyee Examined Free of Charge. Headache Caused by Eye-Sf iin, JVInny porsons whoso eyes nnd hond nre con- ^Btnntly'.iehing have no idcft what relief scien- "tificnlly-fltted glasses will give. Clumsily adjusted glasses will nlmost invariably increase tho trouble for which they nro worn, and' in somo cases 'Tiiay lead to irrecoverable blindness. Our ability to adjust glasses safely nnd correctly ia beyond question. T. W. SMITH, Ridgely, Md. FOUR COURSES OF INSTRUCTION: Agrlcultnral, Mechanical, Scientific, and Classical. Men's Linon Collars, '.I for 2fc. Sailor Hats, Iioveiing's Coffee, Table Oil Cloth, - I5c Cbild's Tan Shoes, will) T i p , size 2 to 5, - - - '- JG Best Apron Gingham, 8c. kind, ! c Very Good Apvoii Giugham, 5c Over 1000 yds. Shirt Waist Goods, Just Opened, - - -5c Life-Size Picture, Fi'nnie wonli $1.50, IS, 15 and 12c. Lawui, very protty, will niako up nice, sacrifice price, 10 and Sc. Lawns, 5c Coine and see as. We can quote,, low prices on all goods. We buy 'butter, chickens and eggs. R. S. Crew, Denton's Cash Dealer do \-ouUi s^vl 1:1 "Veil, V'Ji ( -t ':olf yon 1-01 Jd ifioult question tj on t!i. circum- L O T suppnso, ('0 miles 11:1 :l uy r you i i\ r.jv v'"l iirrv? "lioi-,ii!i' ' t' )1 10 P_. I Oil kCO'iV o'clock i* «nd how sht-'b y ' l U ' v i i;i»t to i«'«r;vl t hi g- ntltiu.iii is i'. dewctivt- Yard, ami thi'i^'s a mnu who h.!..- to be (.'nuplit hefo_o ho ( scts t" Livoi'pcx)!, if it'a posbiblo to do it Now, yon know what to no Cover tho Rrp«!id a--, fii^t as you can; 1SCS) c.ji go if you U-t lioi out J^on't £p;ir.' hfi I'll wire tao line to bo yi-ii ii-id." i'hODiuiitLS iaurwo Icit tho shed on on.ij i.t ttui iiwvit iiicu'orablc joutni-ys it lids OM r 3jc;eii )jiy lot to C(t!io. Ilnli pasG 1' Tho expre.ii, th;u ib to say, hiul an hour uud a hn)f'» sfirt, or, doductiiiff Bttipp !*;(--s ut btrttioijb, fcny 7o niinnl^s. And, coo, Iu i)^0 mile--, und tho train i c.-^li' booked ut Boinothiitj; liko 50 jiiles mi lioiir. To ho t.r.«:osful, wo BJioulri Jiavo to fii r or.igo jnoro tliau u mile f ininnto for cho entire dihtiiuco. I opened the regulator and off wo Btorted. It vas not possible to nttaiTi much fapccd, of coun.e, uutil wo wore well clear of tho metropolis, und dui- ing thfjf time chi? dulecttvo plied mo with c io-tioiiR. I learned ixwiuthinij 1 in i^ilurn ,il»o. "Lyt's toe," IiosaM, "you're tho lu-in jcivvc tho lal'ormfttion about K;i- /·4rv, ciyii't you.' A gveat pit} tlw 1 ; i lidn 1 " foiao straight fu i;s. T)io^ ict. in'opltj Jtiive made a flnu bTuii'lo it; tno!( tho tiling entirely iuto thuir VVTIL haiu].^. thiiilrinf?,, I Mipposc, to havo ull riiu (rodit, aud thou they lot him s 1 '.? through thi'ir itiigcrK. When they u-, know; t.ho, of cov.rpu,_ being veil ou iN- way to Livuipool by thiit ol Ench clcpnrtntont suppliod with the most modern nnd (ipprovcd nppnralus. Priicticnl work omplr.isiKed in nil depart nionts. Uradimtcs (|ii!ilififid to enter upon their life'a work «t onco Now -Science Hall will bo completed nnd equipped by tho Fall Opening. Pincticnl Iftboratorios for Hie Departments of Entomology, Pathology, Agriculture, Horticulture," Biography, Physics nml Engineering. Boarding Department supplied with all modern improvements. JNcw bath rooms arid closets in nn annex in Iho main building. Stenm hoat nnd gns, bookc, room, ibent, light, wushing. boiml, medical attention $154.00 for scholastic year. $5.00 caution money on entrance. $0.00 for material for each laboratory. Payments made qnar- torly. A ISOpngo uatnlogne, giving full particulars, sent on application. Daily sanitary inspection by physician to College. - Attention is ctilled to the · short 1 course often weeks in Agriculture. .Particulars sent on application. Term commences September 14th. Enrly application necessary for admittance. E. W. SILVESTER, President M. A. C. Money to Loan, in sums of §600 nnd upward. Apply ,to LEWIS WEST, Dcnton, Md, "Vo!l -- ry""]!y, but i; all aii I Kiirt hcfore." Hi- could sre tlmt I M'.is not inclined to da 1 - U3"- tin (Kirntiun and elianged fcho subject. "Ahl Well, I mustn't take up youv timo wif's idle ^n"hims. Lot's como to businosrt. You'io not iLi-ich man, jVtr. Robsoii, and I d:ui say a conplo of £10 notes would bo acceptable?" "To nobody moro to, sir, if they're to bn como by honestly." "Good; that's how I like to hear a man Whai i called to cc you about is -bis: I havo to go down to Liverpool bj tho midday tomorrow, bnt for corton ivn?or.s I';n Anxious not to bo seen nt St. Pancnn You sco I'm fraulc with you Kow, this is whnfe I havo to propoi-o: Pull tho train up for a msauto at !-ORJO quiot litclo spot vlioro I can join it -.uiobsi;r T ort--;-av Heiidon--and thos) Uvu 'loaisers 1 that I ppoko of ai-o yours. Mi': 1 "\Ybv.t do you ssiy?" "Son-j, i=h-. but 16 can't bo done. Tho bubo 1 - u mptirj? enough, but"-- "('i it i woi'i tisat I novel 1 employ, Mr Roh'-on. fSupp'/te wo H!iy £80. Whou K a l i x ' - b -- ) i ' n i --or -- alioin--I didn't in (end tbar, but tii-rp, (ho cat's out of 11 a ' : -K uov V.s, you uoctlu't lool:sO!.itoir.i-lKd. I'miCalfr-s-slo"- Now you 'oio / ^ h I ^ i*! 1 to kviVL- London quietly. Como, snail v;e say £30 and £10 for Iho (Tin id.';" I shook my head. "No? 1'irty, tlirn? I'm pioparcd to pay Londsoin-'ly, yju sie,"he added, evi- clontly b'ilieviijy my hesitation, to be a matter o ? cupidity. "No, sir. It's no pood Fifty pounds is £50 to me, poodnos 1 , only knows, but tho thing's impossible. No, it's no use your pressing inc. I won't do it, nnd HiaS'K flat, 11 ! wild, bringing uiy fisfe down on tho tabii- with an emphatic thnmp^ s Ho siieuied conhideiably erbstfiillou at nud w.illud r.p and down tho room Hcveuil tiini-, inuttering to liintoclt. J uuif^lib bud: ovpiosbinn.s as "coulonndodly .nvkv/wd--nnifcC riilub. thi.t bout--iaijLOsibl(. to loavu bel'oro 12, "and then s'tddi nly ho =oeiucd to recollect hiuiieli and apolo r ':rx-d. "Pardou my htapidiry, 3 T r. Eobfion. I forgot lor tho moment Look iioio, you'ro a man of discretion. It' you can't do that other little f.ivor tor mo, at any rate you tan hold your tongue " J t'clt a scrap of yapor plaucd in my hand, and tt second later lie had opened tho door \\i gono. It happened bo quickly that I had no litno to say anything. 1 saw that it was iv £10 pound note I held. This, then, was Iho price of my silence, but I felt far fioiG ciiaifortabio about it Probably you rccollr-ct tho Knlocsaky series of inVl-o . , kt nity, j ou must hivvo j,.'. . ol f bi'!tt st" t!"i tinic. I had--e 1 · , j j b o d y ii .'1---'id ti-K ! 'U'bt of nil wab ilii- i R.f-t dunii/?, n t.tcod capture in ):! L ,id ii'ijliffhr ot a l"i of bonds and valuable ( eui i K* on th. ii way B.uil: of If nil men woro built nliko tnilors might concede a point to tlio clothior. . But ns no two men fire exactly similnr Clothing mndc to order is the only u n y to obtain a perfect flt. It is our aim to maUo Clothing ll...t is satisfuctory, in quality, lit, and workm in- ship. By giving strict nttonlioii to tlio measuring nnd cutting wo obtain results that nro plensing to our patrons IMI, EASTON, - - MAKYLANO, to the ! 1; J u.I Plain 1 }- my duty 'VMS to iui'urm Iho'au- thontiit-," .ind .sptvrijh, too, ii I wished tluj info umlion to bi ol' uny service. I put my hat on straight away aud kuv- ricd to tho aasi^cst polico station, und -,vhon I i-iid got lid of wy tjlo I brcath- "d uiraiii more ireely. U'h«u I got dowi to tlio shed nest day to licit over nay engiiio boforo starting yut, I found n defective bolt in one of tho rods. It was not a big thing to ropnir, but it would tuhe just long enough to provont us from being ready to work Iho midday, and so I should not see tho nri-est of Kaloczsky of tor all. I guossed tout tho detectives would bo with tho train, on tho lookout, you see. It wns strtmgo I hadn't noticed tho flaw when wo .put tho engine uway tho previous night, buf thero ifc was now uu- V So that WJH (he cxplanutlon 1 ni ^-y I'l-ntlfiinau's prcsenoe ou tho engine. He g Denied m H. mighty hurry too. Wo had l^ot fairly out into thu country now, uud bih orders woro, "Let her fly." And fly wo did. If ever engine traveled well, mine did that day. Wo did tlio 60 miles to Slmrnbrobk bummit in a level 00 minutes, including a signal check tip- prorichiug Luton--the only one, by tho way, throughout tho journey--and the big pull up the bank." Two minutes for water at Kottering, and onco again we sped northward. / r "Mr. Welbnrn said something about passing the express at Marple," I heard him shouting in my ear above tho din of tho lattling wheels and the roar of tho w ind as wo cut tbrongh the air. "Can wo do it, do yon think?" "Well, we might and run through tLo direct lino while it stands in the station. Then you could bo waiting on tlio platform at Liverpool when ifc camo iu," I shouted back. "Aye, that's it--that's tho thing," he said eagerly. "Try it" I wr koiiod .Tun to put on moro coal. Jim T,\,IS my lireman. Bnt what a task! Tho espies was duo at Mnrplo at 4:15, and it was :ii\v live minutes to' 9. !Si jJity iiiiuuto.1 for 105 miles, part of It over i-omo of tho worst running lino on tho \vholo system I It \V;-H protty straightforward to Derby, aud wo t.-.hly Hew. I had to go on tho fronr'fioveial tunes for oiling purposes, iiud ar. tlio tciiinc speed it was no light tasJc. Deioy, fl:35! \Vo raced through thaf station, with its pile of ht nlquarter buildings, with nothing more than a loud shriek of the whistle--probably tho first und oyly time it has been treated with such scant ceiemouy. Finty mhuvtes for 48 miles t Now for tho t-.if] of win. Tho 1853 class is not i-ojr-idi'iid thi j bosr for t'ao heavy line I t c ^ M - j i ))or!'y .uui Manchester, at. a yuli^, Mil hho buckled Jo tho task gal- lantl). Tlio detectivo i-cpt uryiug u.s to go fasriT, fasti'i 1 · Ji"i ^'luvoled away at the cod; t hi-wive!* grosmed nnd creuk- i-d, I'K' ti lupliitr gre\\ liot to our itet, mid the ongino-jVjyc-d from fildo to sido like -i draiK("i mini as wu flow round tho muous cu-vcs tuvl ovt-i tho poiutb and cio'isiutrs 'n- I-UUUM wo were :u -, tnim^l aud thi* :u-xt oaM'vgiiig ]nst long onough to catch a flcoLiup glinsp,s3 of some Derbyhlnvo d:il "Slmll wo do it, do you think?" tho detective shouted. I nodded. I was watciinig tlio wator gaitse. The supply Viu, ^c.-r.(.ng low--in fuct, we .should havo to scop at Kowaley to replenish it.' IIo fjiinuccd «b T conveyed tho intel- liguin " to him. but it was iuov!tal«la U owe. ·?;/, v.'u only lost a, couple of mia- p U s o r 3 o and wwe toon teai-ii:g down !hi 1 J ( ;il» Foivht baiik. It had li.'on rt ha id iir,ht, but we hud pivx-tically won Eujno signal check should ·nutoh the victory i;luio.;( Lueidly thorc was none. Witli ··, U'mniph.ixvt cvo\v of tho whlbtlo wo ivin tluonjih MurpJii whilo tho DS- Iiresh unltjudi'd barrowfuls of IngRot^s ut tho platform. The detective fairly dunced with do- light. "Jftobsou, my boy, my congratulations. Shalco hands," I did sp, and ho loft a sovereign in it. When wo got to Liverpool, tho same ceremony was enacted with Jim, nud thtm ho left us to make his arrangements. It was fivo minutes past 6, a quarter of an hour before tho ordinary train \vcss dne. We hart clono tho distance of 220 miles iu 3 hours and 35 minutes. * · · · * · · Wo looked/about, but coulfl see nothing of tho detective. Tho oxprostt had arrived and been shunted away again I.I..JM V T TM weit up to a litfelo kuoi of pnr'ci-f. who wore standing about, nii't nsj'jcd n 'luettioii of one of them. The man tr.iiied round -with a loud leugh, and said to his companions: "Blow me if thero isn't another at it now. Aro you all Kaloczsky mad to-' si" Why, what do you mean?" asked Jbn in surprise. 1 ' Well, you 're tlie third. Two fellows '·ame down by tho midday from London, lud commenced to fly around and ask a thousand questions about this Kalocz- iky. Blow Kaloc/.yky, I say." "Who were they? Do you know?" "Oh, detectives, they said, but I don't know. They're in tho station master's oJTice now." .Tun and I proceeded to tho station muster's office We began to smell n rat, Suro enough, two men were thero, but no signs ef our late companion. I requested permission to interrupt their convei hatiou and told them what I "S\:e« (jugiuol Lpft London at half j j j t r I ' \Vhat aio yon talking about? We'ro the only detectives who left Sv.o(land Yaid thi.-, morning, aud wo c.inin by tho midday, lialoczsky was to tiiivcl by it, w'o were told, but ho never lunucl ux " "Vv'vili, I've bionght another detective, I tell you," I answered, "or somo one w.'io said he was a detective. So now yon know." "What sort of a man wos he?" asked tho other. I fancy ho began to hove a 6iu;pioion of the truth. "Short, close cropped hair, sandy whiskers and eyes liko a ferret's^" I *G plied laconically. "Kalotttshy himself,'by oil that's sa- cvotfl My man, you've been iustrumeu- t-.'l iu imisting the biggest rogue in Eug- Inud to scajia" Ho nil lit d out his watch angrily. "Six o'clock. YDS, ho's now on board t)icK(-\ York liner aud just half an hour awuy from Liverpool, and by the tir;i" wo could get after him it \vonld bi- u s clcss. Goodby, Mr. Bobson, I congratnjuto you. He's fooled yon all around." Atid t.o It was. Somo timo after I got a letter bearing the Now York postmark. It ran .something after thia fash* ion: DRAK WK. UOBSON--1 (Jure say you've dto- cuwrud Lj tltit. ho-.v youlnivo boon taken in. I juubt ask your pnrdon, but really it vfae the only methcxl J ETUVT of crTcoting my escape without u yowl deal jf trouble. The Botitlo- nun who called ut your house tho night pro- vloits ID your lomarkjible ran to Liverpool, u^on whloli J must mnow my congratulntloni? md tlioiil.-3, woa ono of my assistants. Ho sp- IKW* to l.uvo i»lnycd his part \ury cupnbl;. At oily riito, things turned out" just on I hnd anticipated. Jn a flt of n«htcous indigantlon you rotii'-txl to linve onytlimg to do with tho seta inu find rushod olf to Scotluud Yurd v/itli uur pruclans uifornuitlon. I think between a^ui. pvl the detectives on u very nice falbo hcont Tiiu llttlo mlshiip which occurred to youv siiporb ingine, you might be Intereited ir I.iiow)in5, WHS llko^iso tho result of my fcicthnairbt I told my young man to nseor- t.iin ngpioxlmntoly how long it would tafco yua to run fioin London to W\uipool and tiuicil my nrransfoinuutsaccordlngly. The de- t(jctl\eu calmly reposing in tho oxprosd little fioflglit thivt tlio mail thoy were in search of ·wus licJiiml, not in front. Nor hud you the k'Jiot fusplolou that your companion wan your oWigcfl KALOCXSKY. P S --Hod I rejilly traveled by l.lio ordinary train, you hcv, I should lutvo missed the boat. As it WUM 1 caught it nicely. Adieu. --London Tit-Bits. CURRENCY IN WEST AFRICA. Uses of Dccrukln. Side by side with the illicit skin hunting and its resultant trade in skins Cor tanning thero is a" genuine demand in Caanda for deerskin for garments. Its main use is. for leggings and moccasins 60 be worn with suowshoes or without suowshoes in winter. The moccasins are sold in great numbers and nothing quite so comfortable has yet been devised as footgear in tho dry Canadian snows. Their softness prevents the straps of the s:iowshocs from galling the feet, and the leather is both porous and warm. It is not tunned, but "Bhamoyed,'| the process which all races, civilized or savage, use when preparing wild beasts' skins for use as clothes other than boots. But tho finest of all these soft leathers ere tho deerskins used for gloves. Nothing is quite equal to this material for the purpose, and when genuine it is the most expensive of any. Reindeer skin, f;).llo\v deer skin aud that of the fawns ol many of the American species tte uped. "Elk" gloves are not deerskin at all, but mi imitation. Much of the deer- Bkiu is made into "white leather" in the «uno way that parchment, sheepskin aud vellum tiro prepared for special purposes. Tho whito buckskin is used for leather brooches and military gloves, all military tailoring being of tho moet ex- pcnsivo material.--London Spectator. Renuty. .. Beauty la not ou accident of things. It pertains to their essence; it'pervades the wido r.mgo of creation, and wherever it in impaired or banished we have in tint met fcho proof of tho moral disorder whwh distrusts the world. Eeject, thi refore, the- false philosophy of those who will usk what does it matter, provided a thing bo useful, whether it bo bountiful or not.--Gladstone. Nt-vi lik-a* About San JOBO Scale. Professor V T obstor of tho Ohio station is reported a advancing the idea that Japan is tho home of the Sun Josa scalo, and that It has not been destructive thoic as in other countries because it is kept i:i check by some native parasite. Professor Webster is planning a trip to Japan to ascertain if his ideas are correct, in which case it would be an eosy nrittor to import luid Lireed tho Japanese paiasitu onumy and turn it loose upon Lho pv.ili! in this country. Neu-a aud Kotea. Complettt fertilizer is one which con- laius the thieo essential fertilizing con- stituonta--that is, nitrogen, phosphoric ,\cid and potach. Don't lot tlio teams saffcr for want of water Tho wonderfully fluo quality of Eng- lisli Wiltsliiro bacon has been ascribed (o tho fact that the hogs in that district are fattcuod'ou whey oud barley meal. Crown gall of tho peach is a disease {line lias recently coniojuto^prdhiinence, especially on nursery stock. Among tho newer varieties of asparagus the Mammoth Whito and Colombian have met with favor. Some of the experiment stations ore working ou the problem of how to reduce tho great amount of hard hand labor required in thinning sugar beets. A successful solution would nieau runoh to sugar beet culture. Only Covfllo Shells luid Slavrx Arc Xlu"i Kit ]3ualiicB*. The only reeogui;:cd curroucy iu Kauo tuid throughout tho greater part of tho vrcst African hinterland consists of cowrie shells and slaves. Near tho coast .300 cowrie shells represent tlie value of an English penny. lu the 1 far interior the value of a shell is doubled. Evcii hero 10 shillings' worth of money weighs 100 pounds,. Cowrie shells nro indeed a porlcct; caricature of what a currency should bo, lacking es they do tho three characteristics which, according to political economists, a medium of exchange should possess--namely, intrinsic value, Fear- city and portability. Whero any larger amount is concerned than cau easily Bo paid in shells, slaves nro usod as the medium of exchange. A sort of feudal system prevail* throughout tho greater part of west Africa, the smaller towns paying ;i:mi:;!l tribute to the larger. Thus Knno bis · upward of 200 towns which pay to its king, while it in turn pijt trib-n- to Sokoto .Nearly tho whole of t.^; tribute is paid in slaves. Were slavery suddenly abolished tin* wholo system of government would b · disorganized, and ifc would be impo-sihln for most of the towns to find any otiu · currency in which to pay. \Vhat obvi onsly needs to bo done is to introduce a regular coinage. This can only be dour- by tho presence in largely increased numbers of Europeans iu the couiuiy, by whose means miy coin which nn^h j be thought desirable would' soon obtuLi a circulation The only coin which is at present icc- ognized iu the interior is the Min-ia' Theresa dollar. This coin, which 13 made in Vienna aud bears ditto 1780, if- nuurafactored exclusively for exjorti tc central Africa, It contains about 2 shillings' woith of silver, aud its purchasing valno in the Sudan variet from I! shillings to 4s. Od. It will pass m.any of tho larger towns, but not, as n rule, in the country districts. The wholesale introduction of this or of any similar com, which can, howo\ · er, only be effected pari pas^u with tho general extension of European influence, would greatly decrease the difficulties connected with the abolition of^ftbo slave trade. As tna case is now, ,vhen a well to do native sets out ou a journey of any length ho calculates before- . hand tho proGablo expense, and rake;) a corresponding number of slaves. ' TUCFC · ho turns into cowrie shells at tho various markets which be passes on h:s route. The valno of a t,lc,v( varies irom 100,000 to 300,000 shells, or from £3 t-o £9. Thcsoaio choavorage market pricoi,. Slaves sold by private arruugonieiit and whobO character is known often fetch much higher prices. The Euglish traveler who objects QJI priuciplo to uccupting slayt-a in piymcal of a- dobs i.s often snbjeoted to seriou.-- iiiconveaiience in coiisequeiiee. One native king to whom I had sold srnne rolls of silk became iiideb / t«l-to4si'S£o" tbo extent of 750,000 cowries. As 1 refused to receive payment iu slaves I had lo wait altogether tvvo niohthe in ordoT"ro extract what w:vs due t» mo/'uml IsnaJly- left the neighborhood 111 Idespair, when many thousands of shells were still owing. - - . '-, Tlie only advantage, as 'far as I could see, which tho native derives trom the nso of tho cowrie shells as moiiijy is tl-o unlimited opportunities which it affords him for cheating the white rann. Tho latter, who has seldom cither time or patience to count his money, is compiled to accept from 10 to 25 per cent l«vs. than what tho native "professes to pay. --Contemporary Review. - , = . latitude *nd Virtue. . Even persons who allow themselves a good deal of latitude at" homo are' sensible of enlargement oi their point of view in tho change in their geographical position. If they conio south of tho tropic of Cancer, they are likely to low some of their prejudices if they do not take up a now line of conduct 1 cawfut suppose that tho character is changed by passing an imaginary lino, *·* it must bo that tho change of latitude temporarily affects conduct. How otherwise does it happen that -a man who in ^' New England would not think of staying away from tho morning service or . of dodging the contribution box no sooner crosses the tropic of Cancer than bis conscience permits him to take iu a bullfight andalboa cockfight on Sunday;! Is not tho Southern Cross as restrain^!? as tlie Northern Cros? It would FPCIII not Would tho same effect be pro;lurc,l upon a man if he traveled north msw-ud of south? The experiment might easily be tried, and it could bo settled whether n imm's virtue isgeograpbical or personal. If ho found that oil going north his goodness increased and his moral stamina havd- ened, and that as he moved south liis conscience apologized for his inclinations, ho conld establish a definite ketilo of virtue, marked by degrees of north mid south latitude. And in oriter to know what sort oi a man ho any given moment be would only need to consult the terrestrial map. If the traveler thinks this a fanciful theory, thi-u he must invent uuothei to account for his aboirations.--Charles Dudley Warner in Harper's Magazine. Slc»b«e'» Valley. V- The deepest valley in tha gulf of Moxico is named "Sigsbeu's deep," iit- or its discoverer, und the scientific uame of Sigsbeia mumiina is given to one of the rarest species _ of deep sea fauna. It was Sigsbee, too,' who discovered near tho Morro light, not far from the spot where tho Maine now h^, many bcautiiul speeimenb of tho pcu- tacrini, or so.-, lilies, and who, while i:i command of the Blake, placed ut t.ho disposal ot scientific investigators the first extensive- collection of ibis ancients" genus. Thns has Captain Sigsbco associated his name with the harbor of Havana both by hGiouiiilio investigations . and by exhibition of the highest qualities of command.--Galvostoii Itfows. The Art of TnllOuff Back. "I hardly know how to answer yongS.' ·aid she when tho widower proposed. "I would-not let that worry mp," eaid ho soothingly. "That is something . a woman learns perfectly soon after marriage. "--Cincinnati Enquirer. . ' wifo'i Impossible. · Pruyu--Why, arcu.'t your gowns of the latest style J' . Brobson--Of course not I ' That urom- iu \vas never puuctvtal in herJifoJ--· -f. -*.

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