The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 3, 1975 · Page 9
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 9

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 3, 1975
Page 9
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.7 in s< it - i | fir pk !utr ,«!,«>••» <• A!J ate- mcrhtx-Jt in «•/ !Jn- f<-«.Tl-,!;-, frjrat^l ;.V AAAA alS Af*lj V< Vi -!l!»tn J >^i. Scxrii J<«jf, M H'.^^.ri Skjh'rf n «rr«- tint te&mrn a.ixt wrtcf; i. J. tt.'jiAi; «J» ctach tj !htr 1r*f Iratn rtfjhl phrfo, rweivr<J in»me «f,tutitin as DM- dbttnt'l'i nitwi HaluaMr player n.«!rr <i«u»t»«l !J»r Hue* 10 ; a« ()»<• t«-.»in » j (W> > ard» ru* hi riff and 1975 25-AAAA All-District Team it it Trim,.. i. J,-.«->t.v<"JjV S.. )<J-r, Ii<i«U<- •"K i Vjni»-. •> lAj-:knr VMi H»i Urn v^jrw-tt**.- IUl {ii;> '.-:«,»!r HJI t.:r-a-< » r 4.'-1 ;••!••, 1 i *f y^ 1A ^:>-»S j. /.JKi, * J. v^iW- (l>' ! ir-r^st s.-i'i; .i'-. MH Ui..,4' iljv » ;!> Sr S; J: Jr S.' J* Vsif Stv* :* K.i ' nrr JU» Mf-»rr*lVin K!) i;<-r a !»>»«-,vr. (US Hv.:w> »;•.».,! ft)l 'A i il! 'A its. • .>--.'.!•- 1 jrit t .•.-.-. l!'*'i 'A, 1 ', I.,;- Jf M'.kr JU'I < :!». VT f«-,:-. -iV.,.; '•.- |*J--».«r«', .' f /•»*. te •«•- 'ij'ir.' i \S. J.s'T «»ir-- jflii «,t > i;. .-V A wandering mind and problem feet M> (rrt »rr < i*i-'S Hint (.IIT-< Uw> f!itj>.( .'«V'«' '•<•« iv ,»i [itj! 1 . .l!i 'ji^fv (f r>,«-( I IKK Tll> «i>iili<-«n • l^r op «i !h<- fr.>;rr, W'«;t*' Ihri^fitti l)w i thr««- ju.r* .'( »••» 'i.t ,» *!iil»l!^;i-. (!•»••!• t-i ,» l« 1^-! * , .ill il ijiiil» .)u*t .i liitSr 1,'f.Ko KN lilt H^: ^i! r.ijtht .»l*1 imw tJu- ktupid < r.imsr de t«'t«i!r l! Uwmid t»- ,1 >:<«»! rare l» ver i! •*<• I'.itrh ; an th<- :< > .4. .1 '.ilr irf !>•> -*.i!rr 1 <-«* M»ak,dl up to ttw &!•«•»•» Wh> i» il (•'»'! > an !><"«•.'«' *|tcn ktur* i,tn f IV^-Hn't m.»ke wnw .sj'lir "» T Ml i* frujwt 1 hr lip h,v* tiniken "(»'r< .>nil r\en the InVuxl ti> Iriwen im l»« *ui»-» »lwre il )ui> Uvu lic.tkiti lf> «liit)}>ii'.f; Ui! liunili lnritdi<^ wm I (ju<t. either r'wt .ire .iiiiHv<.t niutili Hloi'k;. af tee I'ray (or Jones outlasts, Continued Irom Cage8> (|uatler Joiv* liroke a M> 30 . tJilsuxi iuui lirtvn leading UH- way until they had Mrrtched it mil to ,1 fc.VSi* adviintvige by half lime Although th« HUC.S (ought gamely on in Itve Mvwid lulf. y never got vulhin eight ptunts of Jones u» the visitors rrnle out their lead until Fiekls and stretchfd out the advanuge with a flurry of (xnnU at the end of the game "I 711(111.111 the tench played real well." said Midtilelon "He shuffled guy* in ami out of there pretty regularly and I thought wme gu>i> who haven't had a chaiK-i! lo play much came in and did a good job " In the Junior var»il> game prior lo the varsity encounter, Joi** ot-fealed tine ilrauKWood CiraU-s, 70 58 A DAVID MII-KS was ihc leading scorer for Hraioswood ^kith 21 pwnts vk tule Mike Drannon addi>d another 10, Tht- Hue* will next see action when they travel to Houston Thursday lo begin competition in the lough. 16- tfum >Spnng Cbftsic BHA/OSVUMH> will play SVeslbury 'Hiui'sday night m the opening round of tlte tournament Ui which and Spring Branch are co (uvorites t-. i .r- f. "i ut rx-r K, li'.£.?,W"i* '•ri !p.< K Hi«1fj<") Kiij 1J! !>n-.Jii»,<.>lffcrf Ul Star* KM.wr; U* Ju^i-iJHw.'ripi iit < 'la/rr* rT *? i.i! l»rfiB;» Noi!;'. Jif .> ;/ '» :t tt* U KS « a.'n I. » i r, -ar !»!l Wa'K. Kr HH ^lj!-:Hr.. ! AlinVnitwJr.j K i. 34,CUK-.W. .', OH K-! < i!!-.{» V«M.i Jtr-A ;/)»•*•< .Sr Sr Jf Jr s^ .Sr Sr Jr Jr Jr Sf .V Sr Jr Jr Jr Jr Jr *»f J? v * Jr i'H 'ifi*' !(„?•.!;<•• \ n I.'*:* Sf !»ll Hr,;>'-<- T J • •< •; l^.-n.u >r HolMrfjhlr \lrnUun !'r'.!;. l,,Air.4r St Mri«M>»j!»3. Ki ' srr.jwi Sr Kr<h f{<«1r«r) lt!scJi* jj.r;u>r Sr M>kr W tt!;f*a < ,ii)»,iri Jr :«i Jr !»»,*. r.) ;. <t'NV;«i Sf ^VJA 1 V A* I ' £d Holder M> r!* hi r«r .ind Mwrr '*.i* IK»I in < "oi<!.r.«ln Ifvcu ii>ki (>»•«!! ;h.ii iinir Sitti''^ >m t t'f>tTif ' i ni,-THix|C irli .1 n;(*ir;Um iVmn* !r.i:l I c.'in'! MTk: S !K«.H«"» fUtioriRK or. Irnien icrixuni Th<n wi inv» 4 «»itrr(.ill on the smsli cn-ck hiis fm/rn into .1 vuil frf K'tclcJi TT* air »» sucniidt htirt* to brt-ath And fis-t ;>r»- *Jiiold i! Kur (A io .Tim o them in thr Mirrupv Take it C4i<> (>>rsr So M*iiir:i in<ivr-» \f( my Inurn Ict-t dit- in pcaif .»IH| !t..i( tinir I stv>! iSo <f.;. ks »n .1 (.urn I'ximl Ju>t 3 ki<1 Urn In- i>n U«- pond l);uk«. t lltxit Ui tank So »lnp off ,»iv() go .ilu-r tfiein \i \\ t KvmS H-4UU-.I liv lUli Unr fi-r! H.Ur !<ft turn to n, r >» h<-n place*) in ice I!ut 1 got th*- duck* and liwn that diy in thr Ntvhff> Hivor tmttorn when the hip t"»>u> nave up the ghnxt two nsiU-s from the truck. ;in(i thn-rt' vM'rc .sliujgh* tucrwui ami t:»ay(5ttlls to «• ajr Ami thi- |vi in i» MI bar! (htit !hc lh(¥i(jht of huildintf a (irf and r.wivluui then\ Ivack to ltd' sc<-im ilkc tht- most •Mi><>oriuji UUHJ^IH in it* Morid K\( II sTKIStin^tng. (Vtniful .u'hnij; I. tiling Uitx-fc.» nt pain ami placing thVni ixx> in front oi (he other Never iTuikc it But 1 did And iw* ihev'ri 1 acrunts again Maybe they got frc&t- lulli-n »ne i>( llw«.e many, many tintes Mayho I Nhould .1 iko'lur it you can »!<•! nviirnn^ fruMtHU' |.ik<> uhen tl»e temperature dropi U-lou. a certain point, (eel re ft ww Move your to*>s That 11 help Slump the bottom of the tilmd •••st l SK MK. Charlie Dtiln'l mean to frighten you 1 alu.i\» stomp my (wl \»hi"i they frei'xe, just to nee if Uwy'n* still alive " .Nliiyt*' I khtHild wear ninre &ocks Naw That ha&n't hfljwd he/ore Muytn- I should tr>' those electnc jobs Nau t'rubahly tkhoi'k mysi'K standing in all this water MayU 1 I ought lo quit duck hunting At least on cold days WATVil'KM. On the right and low! 1*1 Van come lliey've got the spread spotted Wings s«t. Just a little lovter, that's it Safety off Kase up Take the one on the left Suing, pull, Hit' They're flaring Lift, swing, pull. Hit! Charlie got the other one. It's Falling Dog's on llu; way out ( HUM IK your fe*t cold'" "Sure Ain't tlwy always'" « harlin-. In s ^n to the hmisp " '•Wei. let's give 'em juai a litUe ioii^u I u~a*> <• just beguuuitg to liy • I'M AKUK. you remind me of someone " Skinner MVP, Bryan coach of the year liravMwoort quarterback Hobby Skinner was n»rm*J most valuable player ami Huccowtfr coach L 7, Bryan was picked coach of the year in tbfi 1975 Dintrict 2&-AAAA all district team .Sklnrwr was also o flrM team pick at Quarterback, learmniitfis Jimmy Tubb* 'center*. Chris Hasco (lineman), Tommy Wicker (tight end) and Ttrn Spoowrnore 'running back) on the offensive first team Lineman Scott Jon**, end \xtrn Turner and IWpnsiw back Andy McWiUfamn were fir»l team picks for (hf Hue* on tf»e defensive unit. lineman FJoug Beraon, and running back Steve t'atton were nwond (earn pick* for the BUCK on Offcnw while line mm Kwitvslh McC'une, John Foote and Alan Williams all ret'eivwJ mention on the defensive second ti.*am fk-fensive back Tommy Horn received honorable mention notice, bringing tJn» total number of Hue ptacfr* lu IS <•>$!! first team. &ix second team and one honorable mention In addition Tubtn, lia»co. Wicker. .Skinner, Sp/xjnemore and MrWilliam* were unanimous f/ic-ki at uV-ir pout ton* other unanimous piekji included Stroman offert«.ive Itiwman Kyl<- Martin l.amar defensive lineman Walter K ante I, Victoria defensive lineman I-/"** Harnard. Strom an fV-fetwi\f lineman Jr»hn Green, Stroman 'V/cmive back J'/hn Thoma* an<l Kl Campo offensive ti»rk .Sum Hod On f>ri»t team h*Ut-lion)>. Stroman and Victoria trailed the Hues with seven apiece, Kl 'Viinprj and I>amar each tad (t.ree and < 'alhtwn and Hay City had <>rve each In total wlertiotict. Victoria had 12, Slroman and Hay fity each had II. Campo had 10. I .a mar had nine and < .•lijjf.ujr. fiat! wven Mrwn v '.j-Si-« !inn .11 " (isrh irf I)>e year was 'TMji!i-«l !o ius djrwtinK !?»*• Hue* to a lo 2 M-avjfi muni and a tx-rth ;M Ox- M"fc«rf!.il pi.'tytiils so what was ^uppwiwJ !<.> U- J f''i;tj'ii'-ii.'.>; >r.!.' l',r>.)(.•• fi-ii»ff) r;"* sUtrxU .'it 647 ! in MX >e-ar\ ;it BrviM<','*i»v) IK;ring !/ir- time, lirazwMc**! Jwis won the «EO., OECEMWEB J. WI FKECPORf. TEXAJ TheVfcacts .~" Oports 2S-AAAA district title every year **Jt one Bryan is the only coach Bra z/» wood ha* had since the .school opened in 1%'J Skinner was the total off<-n<-/- leader for the Hues with n» Yards in 12 (,'arne* He was a double threat a* hi* total came from f/A yards ruMiing and se.1 yards SfKy/M-rnon.' -*as th«- leading rusher for (he Hues with li!8 yard's on w't carrjr-s for a 5 '( per carry average. Wk-ker was the Btw-n ieadini- revftiver »ith eight catches lor Zii yards and an witotawling 29.0 yards per catch average Shippers... •(•'.-ig-f! prov«l t/j (*• the K» porter* KoNerts •*;!* !J»c leading with 18 pcnntjt whjle had IS points Knc •*tth 24 points while Kic-hard White had n and Holar.d Milburn Ttw Kxj.)«1jer* wd! next n^jrir^ into action Knd.av nif^' when Texas <.';Sy \'tij!.» tka7ankpcirt (or a 7 30 p ni c'jntctt -*i'.h the to pla> at 6 r •" r HUNT HARDWARE UWSOR XUHIS > MlAWl 24S PUfllibon Dr. LAJl£ (K) PRO6L£m... spring oork /t shape rx>f.wo!ly Individual Hair Designs For Men and Women LUCAS BARBER-STYLIST l« >. 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