The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 21, 1973 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 21, 1973
Page 1
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The family daily paper of Brazoria County THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS Ow WlJi \rn. So n it (>•«* WHAT to read «H.\T I*!* TO PRODUCE PVC Chemical p/anf locates on 332 * S t 3 *iJ ;!.«': t.K,«'t'f. -J Sky and Sea \i p. t «•» !*-u!.« -.# LH«- «, <lV'•(«!•«•*.? *x t^\ft •><••: «..<• v '!i* * 7<-.j.f,i'is» J. t»*.{» r.f..-,T««fl".!K,- -,l.'i-! IS K» ?• V ^j, : ,^ JfJE; *t Rain floods Angleton for second time 5 5 ft V: v < I i t * 4 ; ' 1; '.5f.. •'.l-^t'l «.^.U 5 ¥ t i't . ( vtC:l ^ viilt> viK'tmt^. J";i. s.iicii ^ f.vt'-'i} «ili <• ;< sr-fij. i *» ! ta * *fid a ia«ts In ;.':•< ':'ffi--' ntf. f I.JKI! «.;•», '.St i.;((.i;-i..fR iJ One h/fch remains ; T 'JiK»ljTi4 -;i! t W: i^.t li'.sr. 1 :. J'V. t • s 'HU^Kffil <K|f.iSit«9 S±: .A.»l£^T<X )' -.1! '; \«:ift l^ '.< '..!K 7".ifci tin fijftt; '.r' »*> ;.;."-. it» :U l > vO *K i,t;7'i'v't3 in » t* fit •l.i.Ji-UJj. Atn:i-^.'(r«i 1C crrrt J ' •?.-•<•>: ..•? 3 -•- r i i i > &Hrr&o«B Afi^^f hii J U'lfir 3! Uar <rf i ixwvr t! IK' C>-pfe»» i j jjrr.b M ! <^"-1 ".JtroajEii * »f Nof likely to split Brazoria s.t ,> {i!i«;!t<euS;it>£ mlfc if i! si! VU W-ft xSAa SSI * *i'|t!-J '.*..»5 MHMR sets admission goal '*§• Vt. BP College sets proposed budget A: lilt, H,-* II * sruLU',* {of :he Wrs T< itJ i«".i-r s t HtM»-t« 2 UX hilA sad t la tor J H .Uciv.c. prrs.]4est << tht ,* 1 *. t r^w *-* "i" .r'^-:p. ,- r.~t.f.'it'.t ; i <i»!\-»->.105 UHUH. )> t'l s|'M I i r. ( > i i !> * » B r '•:•• Cji '-fi ttitt r«<r«vf as sncftivf in the t¥75-?< Madt^K w tfaf op«T»tK*s •»n<3 tr.isracniacf o! the !>ui!(Sir,j ind gro-jn-di, in ! *i* frtt. ihiJ the to usd pasiagv. btinr) funotture. co*tinsenc«ned nptoc** arnd !Ura rvcul The iS7iT< term -JsUI find tt» coiicge r*«i«r4 a mwek'* »T»»t Irwn t&ctntwn of U>e Southern Association C«cnnutu« so »n be j-dtiod to tral pcrtka <-V the budget to fover cip<n»«s utiscii will be mcumd In MkiitKn to ccaUr^MC} luraii m tpmnfttii ir*ii the borfj(Tt calls (or an mi t.'.t'.i l-:«r ««irr>r n! if. tbr Vx^i '.ii tv-li.j tttf f«*.» I LJ's real heritage J AKK Ui 10 T\VI«<H «< U- * le fiij *** «fe»t> <4 Ife* twin Uil tti ft) Jaycees launch Operation Identification Oprrat*m tdrtvlUK'atMo. a number o< bW|!l*»'>c^ ifi the Hratotporl are*, tt l?v U» • ' firy; *iU t* bcsd -\: >fjr » tw on Mcc*i»> Au* li it «iVq[-c A «iv<:«i?p»ng - m !uai» hat N* •ftai Bo for Kia>cf rersovaijetn thj! tfcc !or \<-irt> aii c< the »1S.*» us (or It* tuch tlcn.i at tupp!ir«. «|urpcri<T.!. (unulunr, lra»rJ and cx^S««« Uiliptwa. Other anticipated tacrrextvu *rt> *\peeie«S for ii txia'. aod fnx>! i«-,ul (of oceactc in id Dr JjcJuon praustxl the viort pu; :r.!o tbe preparation o( Has >ejtr j bu4g« b> J»«k UATU, Ut»iftfs» nvarugw, Dr W A B4». twc pr««iwiJ and dn-jn. ami iXber member* of the >t4(( jrj the He Mtt! r>e (cil tt wu Uve rux^t bwi^et hthad worked oo m U yean to an Aiinurustr •»!!•> e Kill*. Vtfang the new *» mill be ttrJ4 at 7 fi tn on !>*• IhtrxJ TtsaxU) rarfc «nanih in to «*»* tuf adwt it «a.i ii« j.k\i that mrtnbm IMC fni'4'yfaffJ la a mrcitnct ^ the attwf Bill P«T-)I vciv*l«fi«l to t* »ith the lr> *d4itu»n to the pr«»«tv*Uan U the natural t«-aut> and rchancrm«A< </ puhitc properties, the i;timmtntoo'i duiie* purvhatcd t») Uw club &Krrorot in all \vAxv M the artv». a«\-«\tiRit to Twn CorteKseiflu. pirvjec* Tts«%< '.*>& tnav t« without ciurige to In i<4J:t;jr, to saUr l»> the btartS U tn Nt»> the budget < U»c CTf JliiX; Q< fixe f»«Uon Pruett named to new school post Mr* BHBBV V to o( the tUue the ttvi a«>'» Park.* «nrf In « dttiwmg to the cipiralwn datet city'* gr*>'r)<nj» tutlun the boat* WM « ttw HurtwUt . at thf «hU Harbor board to meet KHKKWJBT Huer Hafb«r Navigation at a pm to di*cut* Olbcr Itcio* btlorc lite include purcUsw o< a ptrl'up truck, and bid* oo operating «ipcn*c* (MT (be out U ma) engrave their Te»»* dri*er'» hcenw 1 number itthtch tt * permanently a.ui^ncO numlx-f and > traceable* on tbelt prone Hfin* Mtrft a* tcJcMswo «•»*. guru, etc WhMt (be perwo rrtuna the tool to the pobcv >u:xxi they Mill be ikiurd tav ii<x<U wtacb inaj be pUced oo lh« (runt and tack door* c4 t«udcncc trtiormtn »c«iti« them that itvmt have been marked »ith Plummer sane, to stand trial L Pruett. pf«s«eUy tpecval a&calion couo^eW. *A> named prtoapAl c< the special education school Tuesday night b> the Braiosport Bo4rd o( Maik i'luuvnvrr la be i-vci;ui|; jiirr t'v.j!o> luu twurs ti it*- driaiviitil i> vW.ilxHctii to Wiixl trul I1um«j«-. it r««ir«l nc* Cur(co»««U4 Mid that thu pUn la de<«r burgian *«* begun m Mooterrey. C«W.. o« a MyfjjealHO (r«ut tiw trucl oi police there and luu tocn in th»t ili> Co (Variant! bs a gr^i*! jur) (or Uvrnf City lake J«duwo orgAiuMMl tbi* week under t«c»* »i«a «i ft pew wdtoanw Appoialwl ownxUen *t«, frwn tell, fUU Pom. UU*tu Owimw C. F Scivictwr. Out Jaduon. I^HIk Kiccke. SUMO Farmer, »ixl Stiaruo Kill* lx« Wuchcr. as |wtt» ana rwcrMUao director. U abe « awmb«r U (be The J*>x-««» expect to tew the vibrator* availabk in «boul V) day* and «U1 MMMUQCC UH eitaci dale u MOD a* U u known. ' u; M AtxHt S«pl U, )»« Use JtlunlAni i» ctargod uitn Uitui^ tu» ui/r. tut'lilc. i<> 'wrtiung iuJ taaUnii her a biwit Utt . Piunuuer *4» w- to the 1'nnKt u the lint to be turned to Uw at* t> -created adnu!Uilr«li\e poat and wtll rrpart to Special Educated Utrector J B A resident of l'ru«it u niamed and u the lather oi octe chtid, a son Lynn. \»tvo rixrctly graduated (ram Brauta-Mwd lligb Scfacwl Pruetl boids a BS diegnw Irucu Soullj*est Texas State Tt^cher* Coikgt, ME (ram l-inur Sute aai has dotw post gradual* w«rk at Tei*» Ai.1 ui adnuniAUaUoo H« cam* ui the BiSO m 1971 (rum Yidor lcdep«ndent Sctou! Diatnct wtwrv be bad been employed sinc« 1W u * vUv»roou» teacber. study activity director ut Ktcoe* and a» vocational and entned 4 ftarot shop, wai an insurance agent and *orkeii for a paper mill He hoWs cUrcienun and high school certification, professional counselor, provisional meatally retarded, prolriiianal edurcattaaai dodgnotittciaa iad pro(ei*ioaal administrator Prior la hii term wttis Uw Vtdor ifcctwub. be Uughl at T«lt ami ikattmoot.

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