Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on March 3, 1959 · Page 9
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 9

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 3, 1959
Page 9
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litirk *W^^ * l aairt purely pay ols, Yeaf THE PAMPA DAILY fUESDAYj MARCH 3, 1950 Harvesters Leave For Austin Tourney; Cagers Are Confident in Final Practice h« an«w«r«d, two tall boy*, don't know If we cnn hold two boy* that big." Just to prove you're dealing with an old established firm, we haVe a memory book that dates back to Colleen Moore wearing bangs, running boards, parking space and Eugene permanents for the ladies. And we seem to remember past state schoolboy basketball tournaments and the multitude of people which they ve lured inside the aged bricks of Gregory Gymnasium. There has hardlv ever been enough room to go around, especially, . forth* big Saturday tourney finals. But it's never been so ™ could have gotten .omebody bad that folks from all over the state had to bring two bar-, ,,^ have )md worKom ociore ie m Amun ley loaves and four fishes with them and to set up camp In- , * hem » tne flnft , rhe team ]eft at g;80 th|| morn sitie old Gregory to watch their home heroes exhibit their By ftfelJ OftttkJS Unify Nfi»i SjWfla "Coach," we nald, "It looks like you should have been down in Aualln thin morning to nip for your team," "Sure look* that way," replied "What do you know About Mil by, Cot>ch?J> w« "For o "they've 6-10 and McNeely, "I sure hated to draw) Those snatches of convernaUen Mllby in the ftr*t round. I wish took place Monday afternoon on the basketball court, After the relaxed, and In a joking Mertdty Afternoon after the HarvMter* wofkdui. McNeely talked easily and readily ns he and the reporter took turns shooting at ths basket. apparent he wasn't worried side 'dead fompetilor in a verier*. Th^y worked in smooth- . about them. Hl« concern was onl.yjgamc, 1,^'the court jester during' ly, hit their shots, and looked good . that of ftny dornpetent coarh who ?e»pecU a worthy opponent. The name feeling of relaxed con- practice; and he kept '<?m smiling on defense. during Monday's practice. Even the serious-minded At one point, Winborn, all alone Basketball purist couldn't bl»rn« ' ftdence was evident on the Har-!on the court while the rest of the 'the cagers for a alight easing off Harvesters finished their workout before leaving for The Harvester coach, usually ft.venter squad throughout Monday's^spuad was taking a break, drove>ftfir the great Odessa victory, serlou* man When it comes to [workout. U wasn't A cocky kind'in under the basket and made a ! But it WHS obvious that Monday"'* talking basketball, had good rea-iof confidence, Just the natural as-.shot, son for hi* Cheerful and jocularj«urane* of a squad which knows! "Look -at that:" He said "I jollity could have been ended at ilhe drop of a hat. wares. way," - 3 , "Maybe to," shot hack McNeely, Sure they've been packed and stacked inside old Greg- half serious and half in jest, "but ... . i _ . * j i_ i _ t.ui <*!•> r«i *4» * •>/•** ilrl rt vnlrvHa Hi if • 4u.**•« u <* f i . « tu<*t v> tt**t «Vi in/v last attitude. Just three days ago his jit has beaten the bast team irs! crammed one against an all-slat-1 Thursday, and perhaps for a team tore to shreds the previous- faced It was a relaxed kind of' e ,. r coaches, players, and the'short time Tuesday and Wednes- ly unbeaten Odessa Bronchos, 73.!confidence, but not a >----••• ] No Reserved Seats, Ma'm There seems to be some slight confusion as to the obtaining of state tournament tickets for the_ Harvesters' Friday night and Saturday games, been chewing the rag Smong other things, about getUng into Gregory Gymnasium on the Texas U, campus early for the Friday and Saturday cage sessions, lest them not be enough seats to go around As we were tardily driving 10 ^ pointed Ollt tnat there were work yesterday morn we caught a' reBervad g eftt8i which is true, slim portion on that noble radio | except for tne prega gcoop it's show KPDN phpes out, "DIs, Dat, first "sauatter's rights" phpes out, "Ois, L>ar| flrgt - come flrgt "squatter's rights mid Da Other." Isn't that t"ej al the state mee t each and every show where you get your enter tainmcnt between gulps of food, soft burps, and mild moulh-swish• o^ of coffee? 'Or does that come lafar? '" year j Terry Culley were confident, com-j tall men was genuine, but It wa ing. They'll stop somewhere along the way tonight, and arrive in TV --.-.. . . Austin Wednesday afternoon. OrV Until' VOU thought *his brick gilts WOUld explode, bUtjthat's better than "finishing! McNeely and assistant coach nffver has it been so bad that flocks of disappointed visitors fourth," ""-—• "••» — *-«-•-» — were turned back at the portals. This is all contrary to reports you may pick up on the streets today, about there not being enough tickets to go aroundkt Austin. . , Let hot one Harvester hoop fan stay home because he s afraid there won't be a seat for him at the state meet this weekend. 86, in a manner to convince any-kind. one doubting the Harvesters' ability. , , boastingi few spectators all roared at the;day, it will be back to work fft I jibe aimed at Coyle Winborn .'earnest. And it won't be ftny The Harvesters took care of (Craig's brother), who was nam-'laughing matter for Milby when business, as usual, Monday, but ! ed to the all-state team. jthe Houston team takes the court MeNeely'i concern with Mllby'simixed a little horseplay with their! Despite the horseplay, however,'against the Harvesters Friday At * * * * * * * * Jeffs Tall...But That's About All! The fern caller, however, Implied that the Dnily News said Sunday reserved tickets could be obtained by contacting Austin. She was (First of a three-part series outlining the general strength and weaknesses of the three Clnss AAAA basketball teams blocking Pnmpft's bid for a second straight and fourth in history stain championship. Today's Installment deals with the Thomas Jefferson High Rebels of Dallas). By RIOK PEZDIRTZ Dally News Editor Anyway, a kind lady phoned in{ pro )3 a biy referring to n paragraph "They're really big, and they've the program (they do things our C0 |umn of Sunday which that every day I guess) and chal- , encO uraged Pampa folks wanting lenged "Don't you read your to notify Gregory Gym. ""ampa, Daily News?" Silver-tonsiled Warren Hasse and j was anything about "reserved his stabiemate, Charlie Cross, had!seats" mentioned. The Ticket Dodge We talked long distance with an i "well, you've been down there be- oM Austin buddy, Bob Halford, last'fore, and probably whoever wrote Friday, and he informed tickets i that In Sunday's paper hasn't." got a fancy 33-3 won-lost record, but they're awaully slow afoot." That's the way Bill Morgan, school- However, nowhere In our column I boy sports writer for the Dallas were on sale itiul coulil he reserv ed by notifying'Gregory Gym or for This tired old wrili»r, although [; *havl»K stuffed a st«t« meet the press, hasn't been to one tournament at been to three. Morning News, verbally pictured Dallas Jefferson. The Rebels, who tangle with Martin High's Tigers nt 9:2R p.m. Friday after the Pampa vs. Houston Mllby 8:05 4-A opener, use their good height to every advantage, but the big one in this in. croasingly offensive minded game of basketball. That Is to simply state, the Rebs don't score much, Take their two playoff games for instance, Jefferson slipped past an equally tall team, Poly of Fort Worth, in bl-dlgtrlct, 37-32 (Pampa had 46 at the half against Odessa Saturday night). And then the Red and Blue clad warriors of Coach Arch Porter skimmed by Garland for the 5th time thlg season, before 6,000 fans last Friday night, +5 • 43. In the low-scoring Poly game, the score was only 2810 with but nine minutes left in the game, "Yeah, you might say they really get with it on defense. That's the only way they've attained such success this season," Morgan commented. The Big D scribe opined that the Rebs had only two solid college cage prospects, 6-2 forward, Dave Somerville and 8-4 center, Paul Thompson. Somerville will carry a 13.5 p«r gams scoring average into the hi* office. You"fFe«T"B0b tant sports publicist at Texas t'ni-;state --basketball vwsity, and therefore happens to | Austin . . . he'* know what it it is he's talking about. Tickets can be reserved ladies and gents, but not for reserv. This will be our fourth and we're tickled all shades of pink lo tell Charlie and Warren It'll be the seats. Gregory Oym seats 7,800 first time we've had a "home nn'd we're told no $4 tickets 6ver|team" lo excitedly root for ... the that number will be sold. Single;other times we wsre merely an In- session ducats ar« peddled, how-|terestnd gpeclator. ever. I ^° keep th« words flying between Our Oklahoma friend, Charles;gulps kids, »nd h«re'» hoping the Cross, made some mention on the Trendex Rating boys are kind this radio »how to his boss, .Hasse, that, month! More On 'Beautiful Balance' ALL SENIOR TEAM 'B' All-Staters Are High Scorers United I'ret** International my Walker of Masonic Home. . L ,„ , Also on the second team were An all-senior outfit with a phe- Je Blackwell of Scranton, Ger- nomenal scoring potential of lH.3j aJd Poe of Evant and ^^^ points per game makes up tha! Knotti of K ennedale. Walker was Covle'* also had 2^ once, 23 once, i Texns s P° rls Wrile ' -s Assn. Class thg Qn , jun , OJ , on eRher team - id alt.btrtta a,.hr\f\1 l\^tf Hoctb»tKntl ... ,, .. , , . ,, B al|.,tate achooJboy basketball It would seem we've been help- ini the ATftT stock pretty solidly ! 22 e, n twice, and 19 for /our Oia p«»t two week* or so. | games. Two 18's, a pair of 13'« and. team announced today. included: Sunday wti talked witli United ' a. season low of I i give tne big guy ! Jim Womack. a 5-10 guard from | o*cnr Bronniman, Press International sports editor, j 411 points ami a neat 17.6 perlHawley, was the only repeater gillie Otholt, Toyah; The honorable mention list also Adrian; Thomas File, in Dallas and he said he, Igame average to pack with his'from last yenr'n mythical team ; Hobbs, Vega; John I,everett, God •wasn't surprised to see Pampa duds for the state meet. land his fabulous 31-point scoring |i ey . Malcom Basham, Venus; back in the state tournament a» Mack Uyne, the underrated 6-5 average halped tha 180-pound j Kenneth Miller, Kyle: Perry thf only undefeated team in the | pivot man has been high five times West Texan to ba the top vote- jSultemeier, Johnson City; Don «i»te It's a pleasant winning habit land Bob Gindorf has been high getter on the team. H« polled 86 Teague, McAdoo; George Scott, *.' ' . i*»' - -• » • "* *** *» nrt«*(hl* II* nstintm xr«_«t. /7.•)**!-. th'a Harveaters have up ther« Isn't man on four occasions, Layne's 26 it th« season high for any Harves- of a possible 115 points. North Zulch. Tlie remainder of the first teamj of I it,' 1 asked K<1. More than pleasant. Ed, it's hi. ter while flindorf twice hit 22, (included 6-4 Marshall Proctor larioi». Pampa's not being at thejCharlia Minor and Craig Winborn ^ingleville, 6-2 Bobby Williams of *tai9 cage meet this year with the | both wer« high men once, each;Bryson. «•! Nicky Wllion of Lipan typa club they have would hav«|with 19, while Joe Timma uank llland 8-3 Wilson Whltmire of Slldell. been an earth shaking thing with all at Amarillo against Tascosa Jn aj proctor polled 80 points and the significance of a hangnail in airewrve role to snare high honors boasts a 25-point average; Wil- nudist camp. I ones. Hams got 71 points and a 24-polnt We'va pa'achecl before of Ihe Big i Back to th« ring-ring game, wq average HS well as 18 rebounds 2-A All-Star Team Picked state meet while Thompson owns an even U.O mark. Somerville, rat' ed an excellent rebounder, lugs around Impressive press clippings. He's been all-district three years, as a soph, junior and this year as a senior. The talented forward had a 18.3 scoring average in District 8-AAAA'south zone play. Thomas Jefferson whipped undefeated through A 4-A's south which consists of Hlllcrest, Bryan Adams, Samuell and Woodrow Wilson, the club Pampa booted in their first game of the state tourney laat year, 70-58. The Rebs clipped Adamson twice to snare the district title after the Leopards had won the south zone diadem, Behind Somerville and Thompson, the Rebels grid quarterback last fall, 6-0 George Seay ha* an 8.9 per game average while the other two starters aren't even averaging over 5 points per tilt. Pete Houck, who stands a lofty 8-7 has only a 4.3 per game scoring mark while 6-0 Jerry Wnd« hris a average. Houck jumps on/Her for the Rebs and plays buck on the ba»e line as a forward. Tommy Lea at 6-1 with a. 7.0 average and Tommy Bailey, regular halfback last fall, are the top Jeff lubi. Common opponents with Pampa, the Rcbs have licked Denton twice, a.s did Pampa, but fell to Odessa 88-60 in ths semi-final* of the big 32-team Cotton Bowl Tournament in Dallas. The other two Jefferson losses were absorbed in the Houston Invitational tournament by a pair of outfits that didn't make it out of their own district, Houston Davis, 68-61, and Jesse Jones, 8246. Th< Rebel* »re making their first appearance at the »tate tournament and have been rated slight favorite* over Martin High of Laredo in their first game, j Jefferson'* reserve depth isn't j too tough »coring-wi«e, but it's i like the starting lineup in one! respect , . . tall as an East Texas! pine. If he so choose*, Coach Porter can floor a starting quint that tip* the rafters at 8-8. Right now the Dallas hardwood workout. Craig Winborn, who's a the Harvesters were still the Har-;S:05 p.m., in Austin. OOH, WHAT THEY'RE SAYING KOBESTSON WOULD OO LUELU TO -&HUT OUT DIM CONCENTRATE Oscar Robertson Leads UPI All-America By NOKMAN MILL Kit United Prpss International NEW YORK i UPI i ertson of Cincinnati. P °' nt SC ° ringr "mail jOnly basketball talents, led the today for the popularity of !•« 9 nuraoted by team choice of 81 per cent of the Wilt Chumberlmn of Kansas hint voter* Boozer polled 769 per season. 'cent: West 731 per cent ftnd Hen- HovvHI St-coru! llli;hi">( nor. 87.2 per cent, Hoyt-ll, the fl-foot-7 center who average represents |ed .Mississippi State to the South- part of his variori eastem Conference i Immpionshln, Oscar Rob. whose 33.6-' .seniors; Robertson and West are voting was 19«9 United Press WhlU Deer, Clai p «nclon, mentor Is willing to swap off some In t e ; national A ir-Amerka (earn of that height for a couple real' w(lh , recnrd popu i ar itv. hot »hootlng good "little" men. About like 6-4 Chalo Molino of La- Named with Robertson by the redo no doubt. That'* the kid who d 'rect vote of 290 uports writers tnd (hits SO point* In leexllng the Tigers ' and r a d j o - T V broadcaster* ter. the He second highest vote-fret- was n firnt 01 second rireen'd big beautiful b a 1 a n c e, |M»o talked with Joel Carrol of lhe; per game; Wilson averaged SOJLefors each placed two men on! to their 83-88 quarter-finali verdict throughout the nation wen;: Bail- Didja realize six Pampa player*;Houston Chtonicla yesterday a n d| poln(s ant j rt,- ew 70 points, and the lu-man 2-A all-district basket-!Saturday night in San Antonio over a V Howell of Mississippi State have at one time or another j he lays Coach Hal Lambert at iwhitemire polled 88 point* and, hall team, picked by the. coaches, through 29 victories lhi» season jMHby hag tha highest respect forjboaHted a 14.3-polnt average, iroyped off the covul «» Individual \ Pampa arid Clifton McNeely, but] Th e second team aluo had its high point man? jthttt he told hi* kid* upon learning i high scorers with two 28-point-per Coyle Winborn, the all • Mater !of their formidable first roundlgame players In Robert Mann ofi an "<j Ronnie with 'the almost archlesg jump-shot ;foe . . . "Them Harvesters can be!p r airie Valley (Noconai and Jim.j team f 0r has been high individual in 18 of beat." those 29 contests, hooping in 25 j Ain't that what Odessa thought uvice for his one-game top mark.; too? The champion White Deer Bucks placed Jeff Bearden, their scoring leader at 20 plus per game, Cade. Making wera high the scor- Southwest Hon. Mention Kleven players from the Poulli- Auitin McCallum. Bob Boozer of Kansas State. Jerry west received hon<nab|i' mention You might call the Jeffer*on-Laredo meeting the "long- and the Don Henium uf short" of the stale schoolboy meet.' el " Uon H » (1 H«imon are (Tomorrow 1 * CITY HQWUNd I.EAtiUK Team W I. W J Mf-Cathem 4 King 4 Q( M Your Laundry 3 1 30 Cabot Office 3 1 28 Parkway Pr. Sp. 1 3 U Malcolm Hinkl« t 1 28 Pampa Wrhi. 31 22", 10 U 10 17 Tedder Wins At-Chicago [Duenkel , Carmic. 8 1 22 18 Thompnon Fence 3 3 22 18 Tex Evsn» Buick i j 31 is C*M TV 1 J 21 19 Gate Valve 6hop 4 0 21 19 Bob Hudson Ins. 2 2 20 20 Kempa Humble 2 2 20 20 17'- 3 !Northern Nat. Oas ? 'jj 18 22 I TV Appliance Ctr. l J 16 24 JKPDN 23 18 24 ; Cabot Shop i » 14'^ 25>i Utility Oil Go. 2 2 12 28 Rock Specialty 04 8 32 Miami Lbr. Co. 04 7 33 Game: Cabot Of. ?Fete Tickets iGoing Fast Serte*: C«bot Of. j High Team fite, 933 Hig-h Team fice, »744 High Individual Qam«: G. Gray, 245 High Individual Sen**: H. Musgrave. 630 CHUCAGO Wayne Tedder, long; a favorite of boxing: fan* in the Panhandle area, won hii iirst fight Monday in the National Golden Glove* tournament. Tedder, a Borftr bo*er fighting; as Ihe Texas lightweight, knocked out Art Htirnandez of Omaha, after taking ti beating in the firm two round*. Johnny Claunch o/ Pampa «nd.._ . . ,. Carl McClur* of Duma* ar, S -:he<J- ;CKK) form fire» annually. ' uled tonight. Met'lure, the Ttxa» jlietvywelght champ, fought saver- 'al times for Pampa, this year. ,C';aunch, a nativ* ctf Pampa, i* T«xaa lijjtit-heavy chaijip. and Ticket* lo the appreciation banquet are go. Ing brUkly, according to Chamber of Commerce manager H«Kj Worley. He w»ril- ed that »piu-« at the banquet I* limited, and that anyone winding to get 4 ticket khould do *o *oon. Ticket* to the banquet, which will be held March 16 In the high school cafeteria, are on »«le »t the Chamber of CoiniiiL-rci- fur $1.50. Kpeaker at the banquet will be Bob Roger*, the highly fcurretkful ha»keth«|l coHi'li of Tevaa A**f College, ftogert' nquad played ti>e rule of tpoller In the. ycitr, bcttdn^ tlit? leader tbr«« time* uud breaking 8MUV 4t-«»niB home win- Pee Wee Tilts Are Postponed Tli* United Slates aveiafes 176,-;* gi es h4ve u 13-7 record. B. Moguire, Jr., Attorney me Keniovtl of hU O(flm iu Wuile 818 Hu*» Buildiux IBXHl ing Liu'oy Miller, and Harry rloaU with Price. Clarendon men placing on Tiger*.) the squad were Kenney Hotuden — and W. N. Elam. Placing one man each on the ! 10-man team were Panhandle, I Memphis, McLean, and Canadian. Larry Fo«ter made the grade for Panhandle; Coy We*t placed for Memphis; Mural Hill wa* picked from McLean, and Merland Clapper of Canadian made the a 1 I- stv squad. 11l(< H-eek', Kiwani, - OptimUt Receiving honorable mention |MM> Wft| , , g<lKue garnM have teen were two ^STiite Deer p 1 a y e r *, 'p^^nad. (( WM announced Oil, Jackla Burps and Qllii Knight, mornl(lf b) , Johl) g c hooliieldj anc) one playtr each from Lefors, i(mgvie %t«tiitlcUn. ! Panhandle, and Clarendon. j T h« gume* were nwitpoiiwl to Tommy Johnson of runnerup , Mow p i aieri ,,,4 |j, Blr r-M . t -nts w Ufors received honora)We men.; aUend ,„„ » la te touma m e n t. Clif- lion, as did Harley Hager of Pan- ton MeNeely, Harvester coach, I* handle and Jimmy Johnson of { dj m .t or O f the pe« wee program. Clarendon. j -p^g j >etj wee igagu^ ^1^ kched- —" juled to end this week, but will now ihave three game* to make up when (liny resume* next week. of We»t Virginia, und little for Ihe Ail-American b;iMl Hob- ..eain. Thiry an' l.eiw Hill. Tr-xss U|n*aleis T,., ]i ; BJ-'by J,iin.-s. SMI', II K. ;from la*l year'n tuani. Kn ntifr, TCI': .Im- Kelly, New •orie* ln*tnllnient The 6-font-ft Robertson, current- Mo.jco Siaic; Jun Mirlit. Noith Mnrtin High ly leading the nntion in .iconn',- Texas State for the second cimseciilive »<M»on,' l>erri''l Nippt'H IV\MS ("nns- |received a total of 279 firnt-ltrnm rum; Bill Pri<-f, New Mexico vote*, three for stei-ond and was ?ta'.r: Clyde Hhmlcn. Ar knn.-;is: pa«*ed up on only eight ballots. (U-rry Srhrocdor. Colormin; Ron He thu* wft* nanie'1 on an nil- 'Sim-cns'in. Texas ("'hnsiiari. » n <1 time high of 87.2 per cerit of ilie'.Max Williams, Southern Metho- votes cast, topping the old lecord riist. juniors with another season of eligibility remainig to college and likely Olympic fflory. as well as setting themselves up for lucrative professjonul offers. Hennon, Ihe 5-fost-9 mite who averaged 23.7 points dining a dismal Pitt season, V.'DH thi.' fifth position on the niyll;i''al trrini by an extremely narrow vote over Johnny Cox of Keniucky. Hennon huii li'fi iiist-tf.tni votes nncl B9 for xfi.nnl: Cox rt'i i.ivcul 108 votes fi>i the In sit. te;iiii uiiif 8ti fm secoinl. INCOMKT.YX SUKVICK In Vunr UDIIIH nr Minn BOB RATLIFF 1534 Hamilton MO 6.330S it eaU The .Vew» AU». WRESTLING Sot. March 7 8:30 P.M. Top 0' Texcu Sportsman's Club MATCH POKV Fl'NK—BQR VS IKON MlHfc^-Hl'14-UO % out of S f»JJ»^-l hour SECOND KVENT VS. TON A TOMAH 'I out of 8 fall*— 4ft QUA. Dory Fuoi V«. BuiUiog 1 t'ttil 40 on ««!» st M-r in P rice? • ' • to ° the quality car with built-in «aviflgs— '59. Save marv than »vwr on fir»t tout, on gaa. Higlwait reside, too. Knjoy Pcrsonalizc>d Comfort: individual sectjojiai »of« front seau. See your Rambler dealer. RAMgLER AMERICAN P.»i... CtYPf JONAS MOTOR COMPANY N.

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