Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on August 3, 1987 · Page 9
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 9

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Monday, August 3, 1987
Page 9
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-THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL Sean Penn jailed in a small town MONDAY, AUGUST 3,1W7- 9 BRIDGEPORT, Calif. (AP) — The best-kept celebrity secret of recent days ended when authorities confirmed that actor Sean Perm is doing time in Mono County Jail, cooking his own meals and working out in the exercise yard. "Sean Perm is here," sheriff's dispatcher Maureen Hier said Sunday. "He's been very cooperative. He's very nice. We haven't had any problems." Jailer Al Fry said Perm checked in it 8 p.m. Friday and has been passing the time by working out in the exercise yard, watching television and reading. "I believe it's a script, but I'm not sure," he said. Peim, 26, is serving a 60-day sentence for punching a movie extra who tried to take his picture on the set of his latest movie, "Colors," for reckless driving while on probation, and for belting another man he thought tried to kiss his wife, pop star Madonna. The Mono County Jail normally houses about 16 prisoners in its six cells, Fry said, most of them held for such misdemeanors as drunk- nessness or burglary. Ten other people were jailed Sunday along with the actor. Perm is not penned alone. He's sharing a six-person cell with three other inmates, Fry said. Reporters from far and wide have been calling to confirm Perm's presence since Saturday, when a radio station in nearby Mammoth Lakes began broadcasting the story. Hier said Penn is expected to serve his entire sentence at Mono County Jail. Perm's attorney had won the actor the right to serve the sentence in installments, so the actor could fulfill film obligations. Authorities allowed Penn to pay about $50 a night to serve his sentence in a small, out-of-the way slammer, rather than in the more crowded Los Angeles County Central Jail. Perm's whereabouts had been a closely-guarded secret Both his attorney, Howard Weitzman, and the prosecutor in the case, Deputy City Attorney Alice Hand, refused to reveal where the star of "Fast Times at Ridgemont High," "The Falcon and the Snowman" and "Bad Boys" would be jailed. Supermarket strike threatened in L.A. LOS ANGELES (AP) — Union leaders are asking 60,000 supermarket clerks in Southern California to strike at six big market chains after contract talks broke down. Talks between the United Food and Commercial Workers and the Food Employers Council ended without agreement at 7 p.m. Sunday, despite the efforts of federal mediator Frank Allen. Union spokesman Dan Swinton said leaders would recommend that the clerks reject the store's final offer, which calls for a three-year wage freeze sweetened by a $500 lump sum payment each year. The offer also contains job classification changes the union has labeled unacceptable. A walkout would affect more than 800 supermarkets from San Luis Obispo to the Mexican border and from the coast to Arizona. "It is a bitter disappointment that after many meeting ->ver a long period of time we were unable to reach an equitable solution to the problems in this industry," Swinton said. Swinton had previously described the offer by the Food Employers Council as "ludicrous." However, David Willauer, spokesman for the markets, blasted the union for making its announcement before the council had presented its final offer in writing. "This is a demonstration of arrogance and irresponsibility on the pan of these unions," Willauer said. "What's disappointing is (the union's) unwillingness to negotiate a fair and reasonable contract" The Food Employers Council is negotiating on behalf of the Vons, Stater Bros., Lucky, Safeway, Ralphs, and Albertson's grocery store chains. The union is negotiating separately with several other chains, including Alpha Beta, Hughes, and Boys Markets. The Hughes chain has extended its contract with for 30 days, and has agreed to abide by any agreement eventually reached between the union and the Food Employers Council. The supermarkets were last struck in 1985 when meat cutters and truck drivers walked out. The clerks, who earn between $7.50 and hour and $12.50 and hour, last Struck in 1978. The current three-year contract expired at 12:01 ajn. Monday. Strike authorization votes were scheduled for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Ex-basketball player turns his life around COMPTON, Calif. (AP) — Kevin Ross was angry and frustrated last month when he created a spectacle by hurling furniture from an eighth-floor room of a Chicago hotel. That anger has now tamed to hope. Ross' troubles first came to national attention in 1982 when it became known he had spent four years at Creighton University in Nebraska on a basketball scholarship and had to return to grade school to learn to read. His life seemed to be turning around when, under the tutelage of teacher Marva Collins at Chicago's Westside Preparatory School, he progressed from a second-grade to a Izth-grade reading level in nine months. But when his schooling was through, Ross could not find steady work. After driving limousines, mopping floors and making a try at attending Roosevelt University in Chicago, he ran into a dead end. Angry and frustrated, he went on a rampage at a Chicago Holiday Inn. "I just couldn't seem lo get where I was going," the 28-year- old Ross said in a recent interview. It was Ms. Collins who talked him out of the hotel room, and with •her help and that of a California developer, a judge agreed to let Ross take a job here, working to help keep minority children keep out of trouble. "We're going to clean this place up," he said of the housing projects neighboring a vacant acre of land where Ms. Collins will set up another school. JOURNAL CLASSIFIED 468-0123 PUBLIC NOTICE DEFAULT UND6R A DEED OF TRUST, SEPTEMBER 27, 1«78. UNLESS YOU TAKE ACTION TO PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY, IT MAY BE SOLO AT A PUBLIC SALE. IF YOU NEED AN EXPLANATION OF THE NATURE OF THE PRO- :EEDING AGAINST YOU, YOU SHOULD CONTACT A NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE NO. 111*72 On SEPTEMBER M, 1*7, at 11:00 A.M., at THE EAST ENTRANCE TO FIRST AMERICAN TITLE LOCATED . STATE STREET In the City of UKIAH, County DdciNO, State of California, CALIFORNIA RECONVEYANCE COMPANY, a California Corporation a* duly appointed Trustee under that certain Deed of Tfutt executed by JOHN L. RANKIN AND JACQUELINE R. RANKIN, HUSBAND AND WIFE, AND LEILA E. RANKIN, AN UNMARRIED WOMAN at truttort, recorded on SEPTEMBER 2>, 1«i, a* Inttru- "J«»t N0.211W m Book 1173, Paoe2M, of Official Record* of MENDOCINO County, State of California, under the power of Mle therein contained, will Mil at public auction to the highest bidder for cash, or check as described below, payable at the time of sale In lawful money of the United States of America, without warranty express or Implied as to title, use, possession or encumbrances, all right, title and Interest now held by It as such Trustee In' and to the following described property situated In the aforesaid County and State, to wit: EXHIBIT "A" PARCELONE: COMMENCING at the Northwest corner of the lands of Lark D. Anderson et ux, as described In the deed recorded December 29, mi. Book SIS, Page 344, Mendoclno County Records; thence South along the West line of said Anderson land 373.0 feet; thence East along the line of Ander- SOT), 245.0 feet; thence South IN feet to the Southwest corner of the lands of Herbert L. Phillips, Jr. et ux, as described In the deed recorded December 30,IMe, Book 731, Page 237, Mendoclno County Records, said Southwest corner being the point of beginning of this description; thence East along the South line of said Phillips land and the Easterly extension of said South line 459.57 feet, more or less, to the East line of said Anderson land; thence South along the East line of said Anderson land'lM feet to the Southeast corner thereof; thence West along the South line of said Anderson land 459.57 feet to the Southwest corner thereof; thence North IN feet to the point of beginning. PARCEL TWO: A non-exclusive easement as an appurtenance to the parcel of land described as Parcel One above or any portion thereof for use as an easement for road purposes over the following described strip of land. BEGINNING at the Northwest corner of the parcel of land described In the deed excepted by Chester 0. Me- Cornell et ux, to Truman J. Tatum et ux, dated April 25, 19*1, recorded June 29, 19*1, Book 571, Page 45* " PUBLIC NOTICE STATEMENT OF ABANDONMENT OF USE OF FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME The following person* have abandoned me utt of the Iictlttau* buftlfWM name latter Home* at iltl s. state- fetter Home* Realty 2t«iS.$i»te, PUBLIC NOTICE Ukiah,CA 9*412 LethaActWnwm 21*1 S. State, Ukl»h,CA»S4i2 Duloln Don Actklnson 21*1 S. State. This Butlnes* we* conducted by Duloln t> Letha Actklnion. PUBLIC NOTICE doclno County Records; thence Easterly along the North line of said Tatum land, 245 feet to the Northeast corner thereof; thence continuing Eaiterly parallel with the South line of the land detcrlbed In the deed executed by Bill A. Green et ux to Lark D. wx, dated December 21, IMI, recorded December 2f, INI, Book 5*5, Page 3U, Mendoclno County Record*, a distance of 250 feet; thence Northerly parallel with the Weit line of the above mentioned Anderson land a distance qf 40 feet; thence Westerly parallel with the South line of said Anderson land and the *ald Tatum land, a dlitance of 495 feet, more or lesa, to the West line of said Anderson land; thence Southerly along tald West line 40 feet to the point PARCELTHREE: A non-exclusive easement a* an appurtenance to the parcel of land described as Parcel One above or any portion thereof for use es an easement for road purpose* over me following described strip of land : BEGINNING at a point on the South Una of the land of Herbert L. Phillip*, Jr., et ux, as described In 'deed recorded December 30, 19M, Book 731, Page 237, Men- doclno County Records, said point being 15 feet West of the Southeast corner; thence Northerly parallel to the Eait line of Phillips land IN feet to the North line of Phillip* land; thence Easterly along the North line of Phillip* land and It* prolongation 30 feet; thence Southerly parallel to the East line of Phillips land 188 feet; thence Westerly 30 feet to the point of beginning. The total amount of the unpaid principal balance, Interest thereon, together with reasonably estimated co*ts, expenses and advance* at the time of the initial publication of thl* Notice are $65,226.24. Currently dated Cashiers Checks or Certified Checks payable to the Trustee or bidder are acceptable to Trustee provided proper Identification Is available. From Information which the Trustee deems reliable, but for which Trustee makes no representation or warranty, Mini Market HACK OVII *|,HI IIANII WITH YOU CLAIIIFKI Al! RATES ANNOUNCEMENT- 1 NOTICES 2 PERSONAL, 3 LOST* FOUND 4 CARD OF THANKS 5 IN MEMORIANS 6 MEETINGS * EVENTS 7 TRAVEL OPPORTUNITIES GENERAL MERCHANDISF 40 NEW t USED EQUIPMENT 41 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS 4 2 BOATS 43 BUILDING SUPPLIES 44 FURNITURE 45 WANTED TO BUY 46 APPLIANCES 4 7 ANTIQUES 48 MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE 4 9 GAR AGE SALES EMPLOYMENT 10 INSTRUCTION 11 EMPLOYMENT WANTED 12 HELP WANTED 13 SALES HELP WANTED 14 CHILD CARE FARM MARKET 50 PETS/SUPPLIES 51 LIVESTOCK 5 2 FARM EQUIPMENT 53 FEED/PASTURE SUPPLIES 54 EQUIPMENT RENTALS 5 5 PRODUCE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES 20 SERVICES OFFERED 21 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES 22 MONEY TO LOAN 23 MONEY WANTED 24 INVESTMENTS 25 BUSINESS RENTALS TRAI ITATION 60 AVIATION 6 1 PRODUCE 62 REC VEH/CAMPINO 63 MOTORCYCLES AUTO TIRES/ 64 ACCESSORIES 6 5 AUTO SERVICE 67 CARS/TRUCKS WANTED 68 AUTO EXCHANGE • TRUCKS FOR SALE CARS FOR SALE 30 APTS UNFURNISHED 31 APTS FURNISHED 3 2 DUPLEXES 33 HOMES UNFURNISHED 3 4 HOMES FURNISHED 3 5 ROOMS FOR RENT 36 RESTHOMES 37 WANTED TO RENT 38 WANTED TO SHARE RENT 39 MOBILES « SPACES categories continued. REAL ESTATE 70 REAL ESTATE EXCHANGE 71 REAL ESTATE WANTED 72 MOBILE HOMES FOR SALE 73 MOBILE HOMES WITH LAND 74 INCOME PROPERTY 7 5 RANCHES 76 LOTS/ACREAGE 7 7 REAL ESTATE US! IDT '1.00/DAY Check this out! 4 lines 15 dtp. 115.00. Ads must be (Mid in adnnce. You mejiet a retate if you cancel jour id before 15 days. Let classified help you buy or sell. MIORRAfl 4 lines, 5 times, $4.00.1500. Mnhmffl total all items. Items must be priced in sd. Eich additional line $1.00. No adjustment for earl; cancellation. Cash in advance required. VaMH^Pini^M Rv^Fan* 4 lines, 7 times, $2.00. (6 times in Journal, 1 time in B.C.) $100. Max. toW. COPT ACCOTANCI The Daily Journal reserves the rifht to edit or withhold publication and may exercise its discretion in acceptance or classillotion of any and all adwrtttini. New Family Want Ads, corrections and cancellations before 4:30 p.m. the day before publication, Tues-Fri. Sunday pMfcation, Friday 4:30 p.m. and Monday publication: Friday at 4:30 p.m. also. Credit is extended to persons within the Jour- nil's circulation area with a listini in the phone book. Bills ire payable when rendered. Otrt of town ads and some classifications are payable in advance. When placing your want ad always ask for the ad to be repeated back to you. Check your id for any errors the FIRST DAY. TtaDiHyJottrnel will b*s responsible foe only OM incorrect rtinf- tion and no pester extent than the coat of the space occupied. MALA MO Rates for the Dial-A-Pro are monthly. Any id runninf less thin one month will be bMtad tke refular earned rate. Chanfes are nude on Tuesdays. Deadline: Monday 4:30 p.m. All ads published in Friday's Journal are automatically inserted in the Mendo-Lake Buyers Guide. Family rates include Buyers Guide. Commercial accounts are chaffed. FAMILY I COMMERCIAL RATE CARDS AVAILABLE OH REQUEST OUR HELPFUL COURTEOUS ADVISORS ARE AT YOUR SERVICE MOH-FRI 8-5 Journal CLASSIFIED 468-0123 PUBLIC NOTICE ttw street address(es) or other common designation of the above described property Is: 2100 ANDERSON LANE REDWOOD VALLEY, CA. 95470 Said property Is being sold for the purpose of paying the obligations secured by said Deed of Trust Including fees and expenses of the Trustee and of Sale. Dated JULY 16,1987 PUBLIC NOTICE CALIFORNIA RECONVEYANCE COMPANY, as said Trustee By Suzanne Kelly /s/Suzanne Kelly — Executive Vice President Address of Trustee: 9451 Corbln Avenue Northrldge, California 91328 Telephone No. (818) 701-2575 7-27,8-3,10,19(7 "We're going to get to the parents and talk to the drug dealers to get rid of these drugs," he said. "I want to talk to these kids, showing them the fun things, like teaching them to read... "When a kid can pick up a book and read, that is God's great gift on Earth." Ms. Collins was convinced to recreate her Chicago school in Compton by developer Bill Dawson, who in 1980 became the first developer in 50 years to undertake large residential development in this suburb on Los Angeles' south side. With his wife and general contractor, Sonia Sonju, he took the crime-ridden Park Village area and built a subdivision of 300 homes as well as replacement housing for tenants that had lived on the site. Dawson donated the land for the school and has raised $300,000 toward it. He plans to raise $1 million more. "We've got a community of 3,500 in these developments and we estimate 1,000 of those are kids.... You get to see (he kids around here, you gel to know them, and you start to worry about them. My wife especially, she's much closer to the kids than I am," he said. "Here's a city where the test scores are very, very low, people are struggling with unemployment. I Lake that as a challenge. Building the school is one way for us to work on the social aspects of what's going on here." Ross is eager lo share his experience with those children. /s/Duloln Actklnson /*/LetheActkin*on This »teternent was filed with the County Clerk of MENDOCINO County on July t», 1W7. File No. 17-0212 Statutory Filing Fee-M.W 7-20, 27, 8-3, 10, 1987 Please piecelhe following Classified ed in the Uklah Dally Journal for times. Enclosed is S to pay for this ad. LINE1 LINE 2 LINE} LINE* LINES LINE 6 LINE 7 LINES LINE 9 LINE10 » - .-> / t 1. FILL OUT YOUR AD WITH ONE CHARACTER PER BOX. EACH LINE HAS 25 BOXES. 2. LEAVE AN OPEN SPACE BETWEEN EACH WORD. 3. USE ONE SPACE FOR PUNCTUATION MARKS, NAME SENIOR CITIZEN 5 tim*>» 4 lin»«/$4°° $500 maximum total all Items. Items must be priced In ad. Each additional line $V. No adjustment for early cancellation. SUPER BUY 14tinte>s4line>s/$15" This I* our best rate, but your ad has to be paid for In advance. You may get a rebate if you cancel your ad before 15 days. For Commercial Rates please refer to rate card. Th*M are for Private Party Advertisers ONLY! BARGAIN BU t 7 tlm*>» 4 lin*>*/S2" $100 maximum total for all Items. Items must be priced In ad. Copy plus $2 must b* mailed or delivered to the Journal, 590 S. School St., P.O. Box 749, Uklah. Absolutely no phone call* gr credit sales will be allow** on this very special otter. ADDRESS CITY _ STATE ZIP- CHECK CilPIT CAtO NUMICI . CtEDIT CARD NAME EXP.OATE. MAIL or BRING YOUR AD TO: UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL 590 S, School St. or P.O. Box 74»^UKJAH^CAJS4J2

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