The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 5, 1971 · Page 35
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 35

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 5, 1971
Page 35
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Ask Them Yourself Ww« ta> Mk. * (ana** B-nWO .. , LMM««OI* *»».. H*» r***. M. T tta.1. »« FOR WILLIAM A. MOVERS, Before yov were Fmidefftiat pnm secretary to Jjfmdam B. Jofauon, yow fca*f a rourna&m fcodk- grtMsfati. Wo*»Jo! yoti odctae a Pmidcnl to pick a fKofemicmal journal** at a pram secretary?—Mr*. Kathleen Mooney, Elmere, 2V.Y. • Td faoaaroend to ray PresJaVnt in the future that tic do not pat professional journalists to that job. A» pm* secre- Jie «0 paw. «o -t*rt J«» tio bwle*. T)x> pt«*« fievtw Irt «Hm> tsOrh ?«« to » Be. trot thing to A> i« 'wo, h-wSS", out the WWxkwr. Some {west .»«*»**««•» in -(he <U»l honest wjjh tlw prcw. In ihp « $ a t*a»* *«J tkffcKs*a!«<ly laanp hrtcrrtajine can erf t!jplatrs*Cf. »'« f»T». fOU SEN. VBfKf U. JACKSON of Waking** Do yoa agree with Senator Modrie's optnkm lh«t the s rf * Negro on a PlrcMiicntial ticket woold hurt the tkfat?— Mr. Walter E. Dflloo, Wwiiinictoo. D.C • NX After aO, Sen. Edward BnxJcc was ejected in M«*o- <Jimt«t. a state with a tvo percent blade popoUbon at the tfiODG* 1 would consider au faces wbeu uMXAiitg my running FOR rJJCZJ&KTn UOffTCQMMr, *<" <4 you will hnar <!. My »<U-i<;r <n v«i »hi«:. cojoy il-l«t twrvtr <j»«ti! be- TO JOASVA XAXNES, aetow mdauAor of -7*« D«xitxn~ Too fcave been in many navies and tefevnion plays and wjJUcu wveni soocctsfiil booio. Wnldb |E>w you more ykmufv affin K or writing?—*. Eugene, Utka, N.T. • Botb-fcecame they balance each other. Writing is very looefy. Acting js -very sociaL In writing, you foccood or fail «oi>. In acting, S you «ooceed, you really have to share that with the writer, director, cast and crew. And. if you fail theoretically you have other people with whom to (hare tbebkme. FOH FKTE ROZKUJi. Co******** Xatmet Can w« expect to «cc furlitcr cnp»n«wti at (tw l«j«ei>c in lix> next decade?— At Wood. Detroit. Mich. • I woukl think (Kat within the ncit itrcMio we will probably go to 32 (aura. When ooo onntjcicrs (f«i in a liltlo over 10 yrarK profcnional forXhall ha* Rnop fttxn 12 (o 2/1 team*. It takes btllc imagination to cnviiign rii mart: Ixo'ng acidcvl. But it will not be in the imrrxxiialr futurr. FOR COT LOMBAKDO, band leader What do you think is the reason for the renewed interest in the mosicof the 40*i and 50"i among the yoong and the old? —M. Airownmth, Alameda, Calif. • People, especially the young, are tired of being loners. They're looking for togetherness. They want to talk with each other again, dance with each other again. Hard rode is on the way out, and the appreciation for pretty mclodia and ' i as played by the big bands is on the way in. Like everything ebe, music has its cycles. FOR DIN A MERRIU*. at*n» Mext nctrcsw* today teem to have to make the deciuon at tome time as to whether or not they'll po*c in the nude. How do you feel about th*t?—Mr*. J. Hamilton, Rtrming- ham, Aia. • I would never appear mule. 1 want my children to ho able to sec anything tn which t appear. No, I certainly woukl not. It woukl only upset them. FOR DAVT JONES, **&r, Jormcrty vxth The Monte* What has happened to your group? Are yoa stfll performing?—Susie Smith, Chicago, HI. • I recently completed a tour of England and the United State* and had a hit with my first solo recording, "Rainy Jane," on Bell Records. Micky Dolenz is continuing hit career as an actor. Peter Tork is a record producer and Mike Nesmith tours with his own band. FOR RKP, WILBUR D. AHJXS, Artumw Your friend* «re continually urging you to become * nominee for President in 1072. How do you fe*J about thb?— D. S. Stoddard, Hot Spring*. Ark. • No one cotikf help but Ira hriftftrcd ami flattered. Hut the Committee on Ways and Means on which I have the honor to serve M Cliahmnn has kept mo and the other members W) occupied this year that wo have had little opportunity to think about political matters. FOR HOWARD COSELL, tportxxuter Ton «eem to be appearing in nonsports movies and TV shows. If yon could make it big away from sports, would you leave die sports world?—A. Adams, Atlantic City, NJ. • I'm doing all this because of the reaction to "Bananas," the Woody ASen movie. When Woody asked me to do a walk-on in his £fan, I thought it would be great I'm a frustrated actor, anyway. Tve played some summer stock. Too, I thought die public was ready to accept the fact that a man can be in sports and do other things. If I could swing out of sports and maintain my income, I'd consider it. .1971 LEONARD S. DA VI DOW. Chmlrmin MORTON FRANK, fnoldwil MM! PubUi W. PAGE THOMPSON. V.P.. Advtrtfi/n* Olr.clor Adnrtlflng Hgr.: Don.ld M. Huttord; AIMK. Adv.rtlilng M«r.: Robtrt J. Chrl«(l«n; M»r*»(ln< Olnctor; Sid L»y»f»ty; N«* York S«l«« Mgr.; OwiM S. Wra«; Adv. Mrr.: RutMtl L. Spark*; Ch'»(O S«l«« Hgr.: la* fmtr, Jr,' DtlroH S»l«t Ufr.: fcch»rd T. flynn; South«rn Adv. M«r.: SUrvvn J. Ahmuty filiation*: Rob«rt D. Carrwy «n LM Dili, V.P.I und Co-Dlrtctor*: RolMnrt H. M»rrlotl. Thomn H. aN«ll. M«nj«>ri N*wtp»p*r S«rv/c*«: Promotion. Rob*rt Bantor; Marchandlclnic. Carol* Vllar MORT PERSKY. V.P,. UHottn Chl«f REYNOLDS OOOSON, Umn,,int Editor JOHN E. DAVIDSON. Art DJrrclor Warn,n't falter: MO3ALYN ABRCVAYA Food Editor: MELANIE DC PROFT Ai«ocl<t« Cdllort: Hal Landon. Tarry Scha«rt«l; P»ar Oppanh«lrnar f Wall Coait Art: Malan Hamlllon. Layout; Oforla Briar, Pjcfura* Production: MaltMtima Zlpptlch. Olracter; Francla Folty. utntgtn Martin Stalnhandtar, Coafdtmttor Editorial 4 AoVartlalnc Haadquarlaru 641 Lailnirton Ava, N*w York, N.Y. 10022 « 1971, FAMILY WEEKLY, INC All rmarvad You ara Invltad to mall your qua«f/onc or comma/if* about any malarial In Family Waafcly. VYrlla lo Sarv/ea Cd/tor. Family W»*Hy, Ml La«ln«ton Avanua. N«w York, N.Y, J0022.

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