Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on April 23, 1936 · Page 3
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 3

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 23, 1936
Page 3
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manAY. APRIL 23,1936 THE LENOX TIME TABLE. LENOX, IOWA V [earfield Events James Paul jcTsmith, oldest daugh. . Mr. and Mrs. Lee Smith k Lenox, died at the Gen- [ospital in Des Moines on day evening at 8 o'clock age of 24 years, 9 months \1 days. wa s born near Clearfleld, Ided here until her mar- She attended the rural Jls and the Clearfleld high was married to James >f Des Moines on Decem- 1934. To them was born i a few weeks ago. viving her are James Paul [infant son, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Mabel, Claud, Vir- and Given Lee Smith, L Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Prit- Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Gus- js. Glair Wood, Mr. and Bert Wood, and many other ves and friends. re was a short service at D. Smith home in Leio;c, by, April 12, at 2:30. Rev. fHutchman conducted this Interment was in the field cemetery. |. Paul was a niece of A. I. ' of Mount Ayr. Mrs. Jane Scott |e Short, daughter of John Slizabeth Short, was born istowel, Ontario, Canada, he, 1858 and died April 14, |at the age of 78 years, 1 and 28 days. I came with her parents to 1 county, Iowa, at the age the family settling on a farm near Merle Junction. She was married Sept. 27, 1897 to George Scott. They made their home hi Nebraska for all bu six months of the five years until his death in the spring of 1902. She then moved to Lenox where she and her mother lived together until the latter's death in October, 1913. She was converted and united with the Methodist church in early womanhood. Her faith and devotion to Christ was lived out In kindness of spirit and abundance of loving deeds all through the years. She is survived by three sis. ters and two brothers. One sis. ter, Mrs. Maggie Hughes, having died In 1898. The surviving ones are Mrs. Abbie McClintock of Brookings, S. Dak.; Mrs. Emma Selle rof Sumner, Wash.; Mrs. Libby Kimball of Swatara, Minn.; Will Short of Con way, and John Short of Lenox. Besides these she leaves a large number of nephews and nieces, who with their children, hold precious memories of her and mourn the absence of one who .oved them greatly. Funeral services were held at ;he Crew funeral home in Clear- field Methodist ch charge. Interment Conway cemetery husband. field. Mrs. Will Johns home from an extended visit in Hutchison, Kansas, last Thurs day. She cared for her mothe until her death, then her siste became quite 111 and she cared for her. Mrs. Mary Hadden and Mr and Mrs. Ben Jensen came over from Erira, 1'owja, Friday and spent the afternoon with friends. Mrs. Hadden Ls rea well. Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Haltom of Creston spent Sunday afternoon and evening at the home of her brother, F. R. Heyer and wife. Mr. and Mrs. McQuigg and .wo daughters and a son and ;helr grandson, Leroy Mosber. ber of Grant City, Mo., spent Sunday with their daughter, Mrs. Rachel Mosberger at the R. Heyer home. Mrs. Mos. berger is the mother of Leroy Mosberger. Mrs. Merrill Bailey of near diagonal was severely butrned Saturday evening when a gaso- ine iron exploded. She was burned about the face, hands ind arms. She is the daughter- n-law of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. 3ailey. Mr. and Mrs. Ferman Steward and two sons, M. D. and Richard m, the Rev. f the Clear- irch having was in the beside her Is and Mrs. ces of Mrs. ig in Clear- 3 returned C4J..LIA UWl/ OVJJ.1O, AVA. ±J . iA-llVl XblUIlcll U, Lee, spent Sunday at the home of his brother, F. P. Steward and family. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Laughhead of Leon spent Sunday with her mother, Mrs. Jesse Clayton. Mr. and Mrs. Don Masters and son of Mapleton, Iowa came Saturday evening and spent Sunday with her mother, Mrs. Stella Witter and her aunt, Mrs. isue Mr Cres Vz r will motr r. A d al Phill f tl ecor oretta Murdock. Mr. and Mrsf Leonard Witter are still here from the east. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Brown and son Billy and Elmo Brown, came down from Des Moines Saturday night and spent Sunday with relatives. Mrs. Lucy Carlson and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Brown and son were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Beatty. Mrs. Myrtle Green and daughter Phyllis have moved from Clarlnda to their former home here In Clearfleld. Ralph Franklin of Hardln, Montana spent a few days last week with his sister, Mrs. Belle Anderson. Mr. and Mrs. Gene Baxter and son Norman were Des Moines visitors last week. Mr. and Mrs. Gene Baxjter, VIrs. Clem Ruby, Mrs. F. P. Steward and Miss Sylvia Lane attended the funeral of Mrs. Sam Hall in Benton last Tues_ day. Mrs. Hall was^an aunt of Mrs. Gene Baxter. Mrs. Alva Splcer of Diagonal Stringtown The four room house on the David S. David farm north of Strlngtown was moved last week to the Chas. Wray farm and will replace the Rev. Oolyn home that was burned last winter. Ham Purdum of Creston spent the past two weeks at the home of his daughter, Mrs. H. M. Bush. Mrs. Roy Bush and Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Black visited Sunday at the Donahue home north of Talmadge. , Lester, Harold and Sarah Bundlett entertained the fol* lowing guests Friday night at a party: Grace Verlee and Jeanne Saunders, Bernice and Earl Douglas, Burton Ambrose, Lyle an Edwin Bush, Leonard and Kenneth Morris, Leo Evans, Ralph Crow, Eugene Swartz and Allen Pine. Salad and cake were served. Howard Bush and Earl Brown had telephones installed in their homes last week. They are both Durant last Thursday to attend the funeral of an old friend. Mrs. Frankie Miller entertained the Pinocle club of Corning at her home last Wednesday. Those present were Mrs. Lillian Anderson, Mrs. Leatha Adams, Mrs. Ethel Pennebakef, Mrs. HJelen Ouderdick, Mrs. Edythe Chance, rMs. Masrjery Phillips of Corning and Mrs. Cressie Foster of Creston. One o'clock luncheon was served. ing most effective the county agent says you should remem_ ber to spray the inside portions and tops of the trees so thoroughly that when spraying is completed every leaf and frail, Is entirely covered with spray- material. ind her daughter, Mrs. Elmer onm !: he I 5. enfc , line , leller and son of Detroit, Mich., pent last Tuesday and Wednes. day with their daughter and ister, Mrs. Francis Wahl. Mr. and Mrs. John Wiley of are the parents of a 1/2 pound girl, born April 6. She The Grant Center school house burned to the ground last Thursday night about eleven o'clock. Everything was a total loss. Claudine Rimmer is the teacher. Chub Brown of Prescott spent vill be known as Janice Jo. The part of last week afc the Joe nother was Miss Bernice Brun- Brown home. Mrs. W. F Walters of Brooks spent Friday and Saturday of last week with her daughte|r, A birthday dinner was enjoy- at the home of Mr. and Mrs. hillip Cooper Sunday In honor Mrs - Howard Bush their little son Jackie Roe's econd birthday. A large birth- 'irsi in pulling economy • • • ORLD'S THRIFTIEST HIGH-PQWEBED TRUCKS I N TRUCKS, it's pulling power that counts . .. and the new Chevrolets for 1936 have the greatest pulling power of any trucks in the entire low-price range I Moreover, they give you this greater pulling power with the lowest gas and oil costs, lowest maintenance costs and maximum all-round economy! They are the world's thriftiest high-powered trucks; and the whole secret of their extra pulling power, extra thrift, extra safety and dependability is the fact that they have a combination of features not found in any other low-priced truck. These new Chevroleta alone have a High-Compression Valve-in-Head Six-Cylinder Engine, the most efficient engine built for all-round duty . . . a Full-Floating Rear Axle of maximum ruggedhess and reliability ... New Perfected Hydraulic Brakes, giving the quickest, safest, "straightline" stops.,. and New Full-Trimmed De Luxe Cab for driver comfort, with clear-vision instrument panel for safe control. See or phone your Chevrolet dealer for a thorough demonstration— today! CHEVROLET MOTOR COMPANY. DETROIT. MICHIGAN GENERAL MOTORS INSTALLMENT PLAN- MONTHLY PAYMENTS TO SUIT YOUR PURSE CHEVROLET TRUCKS Mrs. Anna Moeller went to day cake was the center of at- tractio nalong with a bountiful dinner. Those present to enjoy the day were his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Cooper, Mi 1 , and Mrs. Rolley R. Bailey, Mr. and Mrs. Allan Rood and children Jimmie and Virginia, Mr. and Mrs. Dean Clark and daughter Barbara, M. Z. Bailey, Beverly, Dickie and Charlerie and Miss Vada Blain. J. D. Barrans attended the funeral of Mr. Shaw in Lenox, Sunday. Family Dinner A family dinner was held at the home of Mrs. James Crew Sunday, in honor of her young, est son, Fred Crew, whose home is in Benton, Ark. He had not been home for some time. Those present were Mrs. Jas. Crew, Mrs. Wood, Fred Crew, Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Crew and children, Robert and Virginia Nell of Diagonal, Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Crew and son Morton, Mrs. J. D. Barrans and children Helen, J. C. and Barbara, and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ewalt and son Mil. lard Lee, all of Clearfield. Triangular Track Meet Clearfleld won the Annual Triangular meet Friday afternoon, April 17, on their home track, scoring 50 points. Lenox was second with 34 points and Prescott was third with 34 points. Haye.s oi 'Lenox with 19 points was the Irish point man. Ewalt of Clearfield with 16 3-4 was second and Wooclside of Clearfield with IG points wa.s third. TIME TO SPRAY CLUSTER BUD SPRAY ON TAYLOR COUNTY ORCHARDS The first or cluster bud sprays for apples should be applied in Taylor county orchards just asi soon as most of the buds have' separated in the cluster and when the flower buds show pink and before the blossom is open, during the week of April 20, according to the county agent, Robt. M. Davie, who has just sent a notice to this effect to Taylor county fruit growers. The cluster bud spray Is very important and should be applied thoroughly in order to control apple scab, curculio and chewing insects. When you finish the apple trees use the same spray on gooseberries, blac rasp, berries and currants. Spray plums and pears a few days earlier since they will bloom sooner than apples, said Mr. Davie. Lead arsenate is used in the cluster bud spray since certain leaf insects often damage the young leaves before blossoming time. The cluster bud spray consists of: l l / 2 pounds of lead arsenate plus 5 quarts of liquid lime sulphur (or 4V 2 to 5 pounds of the dry form) to 50 gallons of water. In order to make your spray. I have some batteries left over from winter and to dispose of them I am putting them down to rock bottom prices and will make a fair allowance on your old battery. Fleming BATTERY SHOP I The Lenox Time-Table Add NEW PERFECTED HYDRAULIC BHAKEi equalized for quick, unswerrinf, ''straight line" stops HEW FULL-TRIMMED DELUXE CAB with clear-vision instrument panel for safe control NEW HIGH-COMPRESSION VALVE- IN-HEAD ENGINE with increased horsepower, increased torque, greater economy in gas and oil A group of ladies attended Missionary Convention ;oi r the Methodist church in Creston laJSjt Friday. Those ;attcnding were Mrs. W. C. Henn, Mrs. L. H. Andrews, Mrs. Robert Berg, Mrs Alice Lyddon, Mrs. Will Hoffmeister, Mrs. Clyde Cooper, Mrs. H. O. Calkin, Mrs. Amy Townsend, Mrs. Frank Bladon and Miss Marie Bennett. Mrs. A. S. Conaway, Mrs. F. J. Anderson, Mrs. Nelle Ander. son, Mrs. John Bailey, Mrs. C. B. Parslow and Mrs. W. C. Henn attended a meeting of the Missionary Society in Greenfield, Thursday. FULL-FLOATING HEAR AXLE with barrel type wheel bearings on Ij^a-ton models ,,^- : 7GHE.VROI.ET/ fOI ECONOMICAL TBANSPOBTMIM ENOX MILLER CHEVROLET CO, IOWA Dependable Service AT Moore's ALWAYS Send your laundry to us and see 'how dependable the service really is! Every bundle wasted individually—fine linens given expert handling. Moore's Laundry Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Bill Dey Ermand, Agent Telephone 96 i. N HAWKEYE LUMBER CO. W. C. Lewis, Mgr. Telephone 78 1935's AMAZING DISCOVERY I TWO POUND FRIERS IN 8 WEEKS LAYERS IN 14 WEEKS DEATH LOSS REDUCED TO A MINIMUM WITH J E R M I T E A careful survey conducted by the Tim Lake Laboratories, disclosed the amazing facts that many of the JERMTTE users produced two pound friers in eight wteeks, laytjrs in fourteen weeks, and they had the lowest death loss in their history. JERMITE, a liquid to be used hi the drinking water, is compounded especially for the care and raising of baby chicks, producing sturdier growth, higher vitality, and con. tiuued health. USE JERMITE FOR SIXTY DAYS Check your results carefully. Compare this year's, record with that of last year's, If JERMITE has no* produced heV. ter results, return the label together with the sales sttp from your dealer, and the Tim Lake Laboratories will refund your purchase price. JERMITE IS GOOD FROM THE CHICK TO THE HEN SPECIAL CHICK OFFER: A regular $2.50 gallon of JERMITE for only $1.75 with this coupon Protect Your Baby Chicks Against Colds With Blu V Spray For. Sale By Tyler Pharmacy, Lenox Tim Lake Products. Inc., Des. Moines, Iowa

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