The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 20, 1916 · Page 7
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 7

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Monday, November 20, 1916
Page 7
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and ha.ppness have been essentials to the well'being- of the human race since creation. Naturally, health 13 sought by everyone--thousands suffering from blood maladies, are giving thanks to the wonderful rcenlts obtained through S. S. 3. Beiter Quality-Larger Quantity refreshed condition THE CHILLICOTHE DAILY CONSTITUTION, ARE PLANNING! MONDAY, NOV. 20, 1916. SIATECENJENNIAl lSI's I O O T H J J I R T H I A V RKU luc; CI-XKUliATIOX !HJstoi-Jciij iiuciet.v'.s Coimnitte of One Thousand Eminent .\lissourians AVi.ll Jicel This Week to Je- velopo Ideas i'or Memorial. PAINS IN SIDE AND BACK How Mrs. Kelly Suffered ana How She was Cured. TEACHLEKS T.HE FOP. SCHOOLS Uric Acid Poisoning! I (By J. L. McBreln.) The rural schools or the United | The most eminent physicians recog"-" States are in sore need o£ b e t t e r ; n ' [K c 'hat uric acid stored up in the qualified teachers. At least one-! system ls t n o c;lUEe of rheumatism. : "' ' ' ' nric acid poison is present the I system i: i thai this Burlington, Wis.--"I was very irregular, and had pains in my side and back, but To a greater degree ;than you have ever before experienced will the daily brushing of . your teeth become a a pleasure if you use this truly delicious and refreshing antiseptic ·(dentifrice. It will g-ive you a new [meaning of the word "quality" ."as applied to tooth paste both as ; ,Regards its cleansing and whiten- properties and the delightfully which it im- ests decay, makes the giuns firm i.-^. - ' T i e 'i tralli 5f s , acidit y and keeps tfce viute and beautiful Csolumbia, Mo., Nov. 20.--Setting in. m o t i o n the second stage of development oE Missouri/a centennial celebration wall be the task of delegates to the m e e t i n g of the State Historical Society's c o m m i t t e e of one thousand in lOaisas City Friday. Representatives at large of the state's eminent members of the 111 county.e'en. »eimia] committees, state delegates ,3Bd -representatives of vocational, ed- 'jicaiJcmal, industrial, f r a t e r n a l , patriotic and r e l i g i o u s societies will make tliegatheriug significant in Missouri history. "The experience of the I n d i a n a centennial c o m m i t t e e , ' " said Col. B.'. M. White of Mexico, p r e s i d e n t of the State Historical Society, "which 'be-1 t h i r d of the r u r a l teachers f o r uie in lhe j o i n t S j n l u s c l e S i ,, n _. _ c o u n t r y at large have n o p r o f e s s i o n a l ] e x p e r i m e n t i n g and analysis at the training. The average scholarship Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute of this class of untrained t e a c h e r s ' i n l iu t' ral °. N. Y., Dr. Pierce discov- is l i t t l e more t h a n an e i g h t h grade ; f, re ? t com ]' inatl 'on of native remedies ,,,,,,,, , . ,,,, B " 1 5 -jthat he called Auuric -- which drives education. There are 2 1 2 , 0 0 0 one. after t a k i n g , Lydia E. Pinkham's ; teacher rural schools in V e g e t a b l e Compound Tablets and using two bottles of the Sanative Wash I am fully convinced | that I am entirely cured of these troubles, arid feel better It ly is conservative, e to say t h a t there are 'al teachers in this c o u n t y an e l e m e n t a r y education out the uric acid from the system. the U n i t e d , and in this way the pain, swellin 70,001 there-' Llrlt ^ iuftammation subside. If you ire a sufferer from r h e u m a t i s m , backache, pains here or there, you u r ith on-1 c an obtain Anuric at any drug store and no | and get relief from the pains and ills KANSAS crrr WOMAN. Kansas City, 'Mo.--"Several years ago I was cured by taking Dr. Pier- ce'sFavorite Prescription. At tha.t time I suffered with bea r i n g- down pains, was nervous and tired all the time. Just three, bot.-' tles of 'Prescription' cured me entirely and I have been in splendid health -ever since."--Mrs. S J. MUNDAY, 3503 b!. lSth Street. Kansas City. · Mo.--"Six months ago rheumatism settled in my left arm and shoulder. Long before that I realized that my kidneys were not-' professional training. There is .one ; brought about by u r i c acid: or send | in good working order. Dr. Pierce's State in the Union that ha s over "Dr. Pierce lOc. for trial package An- all 'over. I know ! your remedies have j done me worlds of uric many times more potent than 000 teachers, with only a seventh-1 fuh'ia., eliminates uric acid as hot grade education and no professional, water melts sugar. A short trial will training, in charge of its r u r a l schools ! convince you. _ good and I hope every sufferin'gwoman I t h i s year - There are several State ~"-------- Anuric has certainly done wonders. The pain has altogether left mn a.nd my kidneys have cleaned up in. great shape."--Mrs. E. G. HAYES, 3612 'independence Avenue. this class by the thousands and many States that count there are their rural teachers in this class by I thn hundreds. will give them a trial."--Mrs. ANNA I t h a t number their rural teachers KELLY, 710 Chestnut Street, Burlington, Wis. The many convincing testimonials constantly published in the newspapers ought to be proof enough to women who i , tv , ..... , suffer from those distressing ills pecu- I Anoth er third of the rural teach- liar to their sex that LydiaE. Pinkham'a j ers ot tlle United States have only a Vegetable Compound is the medicine | limited a m o u n t of professional train- theyneed. j n g and on an average their scholar- This good old root and herb remedy has proved unequalled for these ship is not above the tenth grade, that is, a two-year high school edu- sail work m 1015 and had only eigh ful ills- it contains what is needwTta =-"um «=uu- teen months to perfect its plans, w i l l restore woman's health and strength I Cat '° n bey °" d tlle eis ' lth srade ' T h e r e not be repealed in Missouri. A fitting lf there is any _ ,, ,, ,, * ' | "° at l ^ 7 ° ' 0 0 0 teach ^ " *" larger tube of better tooth paste today and Your money back Sf you rnouii a glad surprise. RICE ALLEN Proprietors "The San-Tox Drug-Store" Phone 552 708 Washington St. PREPAREDNESS THE QUESTION THAT IS AGITATING THE PUBLIC MIND IS, "TO BE" OR NOT TO BE." "We know that the fanners must be prepared in order to raise a crop. . s We liave been preparing- them for the last 28 years and are s t i l l at the old stand -waiting for more. OUR, PIUOICS. Q U A L I T Y OF GOODS and COURTESY OF TREATMKNT SPEAK FOB THEMSELVES. "CASH" is our slogan. We talk it and believe in it. The merchant that sells on time to Tom, Dick and Harry is compelled lo add to the "price in. order to take care of the losses. · - Our Lines of SEEDS, BUGGIES and FARM MACHINERY ASE THE BEST THE MARKET CAN PRODUCE and OU5, PRICES--WELL COME IN AND SEE. 1I.COMPANY Think of t»he Telephone Let your telephone save you the worry and inconvenience \vhich is often occasioned by shopping clurin,? these clays. Cultivate the h a h i t of "shopping lr r phone"--it's quick, convenient and satisfactory in every -way. When you phone us an order yon may be sure of the same careful service as if you visited our store in person. CALL ONE - ONE in clniars or other drug store when you need anythin, goods. Call ·when you have an emerg-euey "quick delivery." Call when you have a prescription to be compounded. need--and ask for RYBURN'S PHARMACY "THE SERVICE STORE" EL B. HOGAN WILL BE IN CHILLICOTHE ALL THIS WEEK : NEXT WEEK AND EVERY WEEK IN THE YEAR TO TAKE YOUR MEASURE FOR A TAILOR-MADE SUIT. Not an ordered suit, made in a factory the sams as ready-made, and called Tailor-made, but a Tailor- Made One that is made in ChiUieothe. Fit, cloth and everything- about it guaranteed to give satisfaction. . It will cost you' no more to have your suit made in Chillicothe than it will to send to some Chicago house and g-et a factory-made suit. SEE H. B. HOGAN AND GET HIS PRICES. CHAPEL FREE--NIGHT PHONE 44 3O1; DAY 397 F. A. MEINERSHAGEN SON UNDERTAKERS and FUNERAL DIRECTORS H. L. KECKE, Licensed E ibalmer. CHAS. GIBBS, Asst, memorial to the state's centennial will take much preparation. "Missouri's story is a fascinating tale. It covers tvv 0 centuries ot_ar.- tivity. Her national influence is measured by her Bentoii, Barton, Donfiphan, Blair, Shurz and scores of o'ttier sons. Her place in literature is made permanent by a Mark Twain and a Eugene Field. "Proper observation of the occasion calls for state-wide celebrations! IK several cities. In addition, each! ·county should hold a celebration o f j its own. The anniversary should be s 0 well observed school children need no longer be ignorant of outstanding incidents in the state's history. "JPage'ants will visualize events of I £tre past. Literature, accurate and I.Vroperlj- written, should be produc- j ed for its present and future worth. The meeting of the committee of one thousand in Kansas City will have all these details to work out." "'iMissouri became a state Wednesday, July i n , 1820," said Walter B. Stevens of St. Louis in an address concerning the celebration of the state's one h u n d r e d t h birthday. "However, the centennial should co memorate a period of months rather than a single day. The events from 1817 to 1S21 in Missouri's struggle for statehood all should bear an important part. From an investigation extending over seven years, Floyd C. Shoemaker, secretary oE the State Historical Society, has gathered data for the observance of the period." The sessions oE the committee will i he at the Hotel Muehlcbach and at the Commercial Club. Colonel White will preside and Mayor Edwards anl Capt. John Barber White, president of the Missouri Valley Historical Society, will welcome the delegates. Col. Jay L. Torry of Fruitville will respond. Addresses will be. made by George A. Mahan of Hanni'bal, E. W. Stevens of St. Louie and others, live W. P. Borland of Kansas City, Theodore Gary of Macon, Walter B. Stevens of St. Louie and others. any peculiarity in your case requiring special advice, write the Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co. (confidential), Lynn, Mass., for free advice. When You Have Saved $50 the question arises, "How shall I invest i t ? " There is no better way t h a n in a Certificate of Deposit in The Citizens National Bank of ChiUieothe, whose resources of $850,000.00 give you assurance of absolute safety Our Ctrl!firm PS cif P o p o s l l n re Issued in s u m s of $r0 .iml upwards. They boar i n t o r r - s t at Lho rate oC " per cont. anrl are renewable at t b o enri o f t w e l v e m o n f - l i s Tf y o u w a n t s e c u r i t y f o r y o u r snv- insrs a n d n b s p n c e of all e x p e n s e or w n r r y i n e i d e n l ' to mort^a^es. b o n d s , stocks, etc.. DOtTELY PROVES. Chiliicothe Readers Ciiu No Tjonj^er Doubt the Evidence. This Chillicothe citizen testified long ago. Told of quick relief--o£ undoubted beSeflt. . ,, .The facts are now confirmed. Such testimony is complete--the evidence conclusive. It forms convincing proof of mer, it. J. H. Dyer, prop: lunch room, Clay 'and Locust streets, Chillicothe, says: *'I had been a sufferer from severe kidney complaint and bladder disease for over six years. I couldn't find a medicine that would relieve the trouble until I used Dean's Kidney Pills. I had an irritating kidney weakness and my hack was lame, sore and weak. I had pains across the small of my back and kidneys, too. ' I got Doan's Kidney Pills at Clark's Drug Store and they correct, eel the trouble." (Statement given Dec. 15, 1011.) KEEPS DOAN'S ON" HAND On"'July 3, 1916, Mr. Dyer said: "I always keep Doan's Kidney Pills on hand and use them when necessary. I never fail to get the desired benefit." Price 50c, at all dealers. Don't simply ask for a kidney remedy--get Doan's Kidney Pills--tlie same that Mr. Dyer has twice publicly recommended. Foster-Mil'burn Co., Props. Buffalo, N. Y. GE'I ri3 DH3 POSIT n n k . i n I b i s s l r o n K T b e c e r t i r i e n l e s are r e a r l i l y n e g o t i able and os c o l l a t e r a l s e c u r i t y are u n e x c e l l e d . F o r _ t l i o s e who h a v e saver! some m o n e y a n r l desire a r e g u l a r income, free from tbe ;mnoyn.nce and w o r r y o f o t h e r f o r m s o f I n v e s t - m e n t , wo s t r o n p - l y r e c o m m e n d our C e r l i i l c u t e of Deposit THE CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK Member Federal Reserve Bank 17. S. DEPOSITARY class. A majority of the r e m a i n i n g one. third o£ the rural teachers of our country have on the average only, a four-year high school education which includes from one to two years attendance at a State normal school in teacher-training high schools, or several summer terms at summer schools j for teachers. These are the conditions that face us in the q u a l i f i c a t i o n s of our rural teachers. The problem that con. fronts us is now to improve these conditions. It is the purpose of the Bureau of Education to issue a series of talks in an effort to show the country how to solve this most important problem in American education today. The fact that we have ever 150,00 teachers w i t h o u t adequate preparations for their work i enough to arouse, the public min-1: on this question to such a degree that w i t h i n the next decade we shall have n, sufficient n u m b e r of" teachers with adequate training for every rural school in Hie United States. MEN PKEL TFHRD, TOO "While much is said about tired women it must be remembered t h a i men also pay the penalty of ov^r. work. Wlieu the kidneys are weak, inactive or sluggish, when one faels tired out and miserable, has the "blues," lacks energy and a m b i t i o n , Foley Kidney Pills are tonic and strengthening. They act quickly. Sold everywhere. DONTF L£7 THIS THIS--AND PIVE CEXTS! DON'T MISS THIS. 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JESS HASTON NORTH SIDE SQUAKE Over Heger's Restaurant. Iron and Steel Work I am now prepared to do all kinds of IKON and STEEL WORK--such as Steel Stir- ways, Fire Escapes, Side Walk Grates, Truss Bods. Steel Eoad Drags, double, single or tripple, Boiler, Engine, Machine Work L. D. ASHER General Blacksmithing and Repair Estimates Cheerfully Given 411 South Locust Street SAVE THAT SUMMER SUIT; T H I S W I N T E R JS TO l i E ' K K A L SlirjJ Chicago, Nov. 20.--Chicago is to have a mild w i n t e r if the woodcraft or veteran Jackson Park policemen lias led them arigi\t. TLieir prognostications are based on the f o l l o w i n g : Migratory birds were a month late in starting their southward flight. Bark on the trees is vthin ant] light. Crickets aoid grasshoppers remained in the grass later than usual. Covering on buds on the bushes is light. Moles, up to last week, were moving around under the sod. while earthworms showed that they hail not yet sought winter quarters by coming to the surface after rains'. Notice, JJi'idgo Contractors. Notice is hereby given that sealed proposals will be received at my office, until 12:00 o'clock noon, Saturday, December 9th, 1916, for Ihe construction of seven re-inforced coYi. crete bridges. Also for the grading of what is known as the Haynes hill. I reserve the right to reject any and all bids. JO BROADDUS, nlSwtddl Bridge Commissioner. BABY HAD TVHOOPINO COUfiH Mrs. Sam C, Small, Clayton, N. M . writes: "My'grandson had whooping cough when he was three m o n t h s old. We used Foley's Honey and Tar a.nd I believe it saved his lite. He is now big and fat." Foley's Honey and Tar is a fine t h i n g to have j in the house for whooping cough, croup, coughs, colds. Sold everywhere. Auction Sale Dates. I have made arrangements with the Scruby Bros. G. T. Co. to handle my sale dates. 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Brookshier, Cashier ~~ CHILLICOTHE, MISSOURI Public Sale Having decided lo go south for the 1/enefH of my health, and desiring to rent my farm 1 will sell at Public auction at tbe old Moss Farm in Sprin^hill, the Hollowing property, on Thursday, Nov. 23, 1916 HOKS15S--'·! black mare, 12 years old; 1 black mare 11 years old; 1 · black mare S years old; L black mare 4 years o l d ; 1 hlacjc filley 2 years old; 1. roan yearling, ami 2 roan suckling colts, good matches. (JATTI/K--Three black and 1 ret! cows, all giving milk; Z black yearling heifers, 1 late spring calf. FARSriXO I.MPJjK.MKNTS, HTC.--Two wagons; 2 spring wagons; i buggy, 1 McCormick Mower; 1 .sulkey rake; 1 bull rake; 1 disc harrow; one 1-l-in. b r e a k i n g p l o w ; 1 lister; 2 riding cultivators; 1 corn planter with new w i r e ; 1 smoothing h a r r o w ; 2 sets double work harness; 1 set double Buggy Harness; 1 set Single Harness; 1 saddle; 1 McCormick -binder. A-bout 2,000 feet n a t i v e lumber. GKAIX A N D HAY--300 shocks fodder with corn on; about 200 bu. Corn in crib; 4 tons Baled Hay. TERMS MADE KNOWN ON DAY OF SALE. SALE BJSGINS 10 A. LUNCH SERVED BY LADIES OF SPRINO'HILL CHURCH M. A. MOSS, Owner M. COD. WM. MAST, Auctioneer CHARLEY RAULIE, Clerk.. TOO THE HURT OUT OF HER BACK M. W. LITTON EXCLUSIVE FUJfERAL- LIVERY Special Call made for Parties arid Bulls. Phone 343. i Mrs. Anna Byrd, Tuscumtaia, Ala., -writes: "I was down with ray back so I could not stand up more tlids half the time. Foley Kidney Pills | took all ol the hurt out. "Rheu matic- pains, swollen ankles, backache, stiff joints and sleep disturbing bladder ailments indicate disordered kidneys and bladder trouble. Sold everywhere. Children Cry FOR FLETCHER'S A S TO R ! Public Sale! I will rell at public auction on my farm 3 miles northwest of Chilllcotlie, opposite the Olive Branch Church, the following property, on FRIDAY, Nov. 24,16 ! in;.?.D OF HOUSES AXI 3ZAKKS--1 brown mare, 9 years old, wt. 1200 pou'iJr-: 1 mare 3 years old, wt. 1100 pounds; 1 black horse, S years old, wr. "'i.UO pounds; 1 black horse, S years old, wt. 1100 pounds, good sadler; 1 black horse, 0 years old, wt. 1000 pounds; 1 black horse, 8 years old, wt. 105.0 pounds; 1 bay horse, 9 years old, w t. 1200 pounds; 1 bay horse, 9 years old, wt. 1200 pounds, 1 colt, 2 years old. j2 I! HAD OF CATTLE--25 Shorthorn milk cows, from 3 to 6 years old; 24 lierul Polled Angus lieifers ana springers, 2 lo 3 years old; 25 head Shorthorn and Hereford calves, wt. 300 to 500 pounds; 15 head of Polled Angus calve=-, wt. 300 to -100 pounds; 1 registered Shorthorn bull, 2 years old, wt. about 3 4 0 0 pounds; 1 registered Polled Angus bull, 4 years old, wt. about 1800 pounds. Pedigrees will be furnished. 3 KI3AI OF HOGS--1 registered Duroc boar, extra quality; 2 sows to (arrow :'n spring. iMijj:arE.\Ts, HAUNKSS.-K'EED AXD GRAIN--i disc; 2 harrows; 4 farm wag-i/nt; Z new grain beds; 1 bug'gy; 1 riding plow; 1 surrey; 3 cultivators; 3 breaking piows; 6 sets work harness; 1 set buggy harness, and many other articles too n u m e r o u s to mentions. About 70 tons extra good silage; about 20 tons baled hay; about 25 acres corn in shock. Terms made known on day or sale. Lunch served on ground. Sale to commence at 10 a. m. Dr, K. S, Piatt, Owner COL. A, -W. CIES, Auctioneer COL. D. B. RODGERS, Auctioneer HELPING H U N G R Y HOGS Lots of folks t h i n k t h a t a lio.c? likes dirt. So does a baby l i k e candy, and a boy mince pic, but Raw]ins says too much, is not good for them. It is a mistake to think that mud mixed with a LOR'S feed is sood for him. A concrete or hoard feeding floor will pay for iiself in feed saved and .double in ho.a; h e a l t h . If yon lerant the riafht material RING UP R A W L I N S AT THE SAUNDERS-TURNER LUMBER CO. PHONE 347 rSPAPERf rSPAPERf

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