Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on July 23, 1898 · Page 4
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 4

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 23, 1898
Page 4
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MELVIN. STEELE i JOHNSON, EDITORS A N D P H O P K 1 C T O R 5 . SATURDAY MORNING, JULY 2J.. 1898. GROWING THE BEST. p to ito view »f Stri»wb«»rry Oul- furo- V,.lu3ll« A nrlutic 1 *. ' .1 vrtti-r iii Couutiy Goiitl'ji: uii, from \v^'«:Ii rlio iVluMTii'ions aru ropvxxUKxd, con_«ieutiug upon tho lurgu uunibor of farmers who grow strawborriet. as a sort of tide issue iud persist in buying their pl.M'.cs. u£ -jOino neighbor who has him l MSf-li' rf s mo o!t" l o i v r ' i l c r or . - ts -:. ··)· .. lecjult. in is inixturo of ha't'udozoii !·· vir!0 ( it!-5 IIL 1 -is m u u y or moiv .v svudhujiP, g.-iot 1 ., Ijsul ami iiidis-'cr u'uiulythe lutcor, uiid jvt xwvoj'ci {*, fruis arc eou.sUiutly ^n.uiLl:'^g w pixce^ and saying tlia 1 it dotsiioi JUY to assorr thoii 1 berries -- cloubtlcn!- toc*uso there cuu bo littlo choice in buch n mixture. It is certainly no more diiiicult to grow the best varieties -- which assured - THE CURCULIO. Be D or a 1 ) en o: n; IIHASDYW1NE. IT are what tho public wants--than flu 1 infuior sorts. It is mie rhat thci best v.uioties, furnished by ropntable nnr- 'derymeii, are more expenbive in llrst ros-t than ihoso from tho neighbors, but tho diligence iii cost is certainly lost in the difference in price obtained for tho first ~ciop. ICo grower over properly ti*tt»l tho vulno of htrawberrios a* u money crop until lie plaufed tln b-=t vnrletic! foi hi:; market, grew them properly and marketed them attractively. As far as possible, 1 keep" varieties separate hi boxing and crating, and have fonnd ttmt many of my customers soon become familiar with the form, color or flavor of certaiu varieties and want them throughout tho reason. As I havo fertilized The iiuporleot blossoms of Bubach .No 5 with the pollen from the perfect blossoms of Sharplessi, it requires borne care iu picking to Itcep the varieties separate, but as the two sorts arc about of o, size and color it does not make *' much difference I have, however, separate plantations of Sharplots, Gundy, .Michel's Early and other perfect blossom sorts, aud this fruit wo never mix. In selecting perfect blossomed sorts with which to fertilize the pistillate varieties, I endeavor to use varieties as similar in form and size as possible and, of ccnree, those blossoming about the same tiaie. In this way if they become mixed In picking tho work of assorting is not so great. I havo grown Brandy-wine for th'e second Reason, and on moderately heavy soil, somewhat sandy, it has fulfilled Us promise of last year. It ia a berry of largo size, firm, aolid und of good form, flavor good, but the first fruitiugs wort- spoiled in flavor by copious rains. Tho color is rich scarlet and very attractive; plaut. enormously productive. It has enough good points to entitle it to a place among our best- varieties. - Marshall is a first class variety for home use or nearby market. It is very large and of good flavor, but with me a shy tearer. The plant is a strong grower and foliage luxuriant It should uofc ba shipped, as tho fruit is not biifficiont- ly firm. After Eeveral seasons' experience with, t'ae Tiiubroll I consider it ouo of the bsst if not the best latt. b'»rc I have arceng a doaeii- varieties The berry it bc-iritiful in color, of large sixe. with flavor excelling that of any variety we grow, quality simply unsurpassed. ·LfAHSIIALL. plants enormously productive. As a ehipping variety for distant markets it is superior to any other, standing up and looking fresh after being in transit two days. The blossoms are pistillate, and wo use Gaudy as a fertilizer, though Braiidywiue will doubtless do quite as ivell In blossom fertilization I have obtained the best results by making every third row of bisexual sorts In setting a iplantation of pistillate varieties. This method is preferable to mixing the varieties iu the row and enables me to carry out more closely my plan of pack- but one variety in box. and-crate. . A P*lnt For Peach Trees. 1 Commenting upon a wash of hydraulic cement and ekimmilk, recommended as a protection against borers in peach trees, a correspondent of The Rural Now Yorker says: I have no doubt that the treatment is good, but I have'used for several years past a wash less expensive to make and apply, and which 1 think equally or more effective. Slake lime to the consistency of good mixed paint end to each pailful of about two gallons add one quart of raw linseed oil, which will thoroughly mix by a few minutes' stirring. With this paint the trees, where there is danger of borers entering. For applying I use a painter's round dust brush. I generally apply the paint about June 1, aud it will remain a perfect ·anting until heavy rains in October or ifcTovember. Tool Fur SorupUijt Trees. The sketch shows what Tho Country Gentleman calls the best tool for removing moss and lichens from tree trunks A TREE TRUNK CLEANER. --viz, an old spade or hoe blade cut in the form of an equilateral triangle and firmly fastened _to -a handle 10 to 18 inches long. American oak and blacb waliint woods find an increasing European mar- kct, a fapt worthy of nc'te by tboEe interested in forestry. ' NrWSPAPF.RfllCfilVE® ,,_ ,,, This Tnsact Has Not Vet Discovered the Jr.p.inene Varieties of tho Plum. The chief enemy of the plum is tho insect t'ureulio, and its ravages, for ·awhile ravised a cessation of planting this truit in many sections, but with a little -Utentiou, such as all fruits will tcqniio, horious trouble can be avoided irad pi'ifoct Iruit had. Perhaps tho old- ir,t plan for ridding tho trees of the pest it-- to violently jar tho trees with a small, padded log from time to time after tho leaves have appeared, when the inswjct. would first appear. A sheet aiTiiiged beneath tho trees catches tho insecrs that fall by tho jarring, and they are rl ras collected and destroyed. At this ueriod the mature insect, in tho foiii- of a beetle, is at work feeding on rhol.«svos. If let alone, the real dc- s rut!ion is begun as tho fruit is sot, vhon eggs are deposited therein in great u umbers--it is said at the rate of ten a clay by each female. . ' · Sveii in small, private orchards it is row being found advantageous to resort to ' h - pj-m.ving of all fruit trees, and by Liivu- u ^i'll be found equally convcn- u-iu- m iihe this method of destroying theso insects. A solution of the well known bordeaux mixture and diluted ·'lii-ii grron would be effective in this c.iso uiid would at tho same time act upon auy fungus that might be present. \Ctmv 01 our private gardens lack tho pluvu, ouo of the most delicious family fruits, merely because of this little difficulty, which is really not as great as is usually considered. To this advice about xnnbatiug the onrculio, Median's Monthly adds: The advent of tho Japanese varieties, which hare not thus far boon found out by the ourculio, has, to i degree, lent encouragement to the jlnnt'.T, but there are some of the old «n lyrics that could not be well replaced, uul u will be found profitable to give a little care to them rather than sacrifice tin-it- good qualities. Slopping Calve* In the Field. For slopping small calves stanchions may be constructed in the field similar to that shown in a figure here reproduced from Rural Now Yorker, which describes it as follows: The sill may bo of one piece of 6 by 6, or it may bo of two pieces of 2 by 6 with tho upright pieces fastened between similar to the way shown at tho top. If n 6 by 6 be used, mortices will have to be made in which to pnt the lower end of tho vertical pieces. Piece No. 1 is securely fastened at both ends. No. 2 is secured at tho bottom by means of a peg, and the top is free to swing back, making an opening through which the calf can put his head to the pall. It can then be A CALF FEEEIKO STANCHION. brought into position and secured by means of a peg at the top or by-means of a drop which shall fit into the shoulder shown at the top. "When tho calves ore small, the opening liotweeii Nos. 1 and 2 should bo four inches. As the calves tjrow and it becomes necessary to enlarge the space at tho bottom, bore another hole through the sill at the base of No. 2, so that it 2011 lio set back five inches from No. 1. Tho fastenings at the top may also be arranged so that the space between uprights uiuy be enlarged to accommodate the growth' of the animal Upright pieces Nos. 3 and 6 should be nailed to tbe trout of the horizontal pieces so that Htey will not interfere with the fceo swing of Nos. 2 and 5. New and Notes. Apples, sliced and dried without ro- moviug the seeds or skins, find a good nmrket at Nantes, France. Many of them come from California and ore sold at a profit. A United States consular report says the eastern and middle states could certainly ship such fruit by slow freight via St. Nazaire at u good advantage. The English and European market for American cheese is reported aa improving. American red clover and alfalfa seed Imvo been practically excluded from An stria-Hungary for the alleged reason that they are infested with dodder; in reality, because the rapidly growing amount of importations has alarmed tho authorities there. The imports of wheat received at Marseilles, 'France, from ports in tho United States during tho months of January imd February, 1898, show a total of 971,216 bushels of 60 pounds, against none received from the United States in the same mouths of 1807. Of the cotton imported into Spain during 1891-5, 75.21 per cent, measured in value, came from the United States, the stun paid for it · averaging $11,830,544 per annum. Leaf tobacco imported into Spain during the same period was 21.58 per cent and $1,151,795 per ttuuum. These are our two most im- portuut agricultural exports to that country. According to the final report for 1897 of tho department of agriculture, there was only one extensive and clearly defined section of the country where the potato crop was not to a large extent a failure, and that was the Pacin« coast. The rye crop of 1897 was among the largest found in the records of the department ot agriculture. A Cheap and Handy Hcnlunue. The form of henhouse shown in the cross section given here is coming to be very common everywhere that hens are kept in quantities. It is tho cheapest form that can be built and can be extended to any length. Such a house onght to have a walk, so that much ol the work can be done without going into the pens. Many give up the walk or CBoaawcnoN OF HENHOUSE. passageway because it takes needec room out of the peas. Tho walk is on tho highest side of the building. Ele- vnto it 3 8 inches and have two stops down into each pen. The fowls can then have all the floor spaco. Above all, whatever else you do, build your henhouse large enough for a human being of average aize to move around in comfortably.--Farm Journal CURE ALL YOUR P«IHS WITH Pain-Killer. A Medicine Chest in tUelf. Simple, Safe *nd Quick Cure for SJCRAMPS, DIARRHOEA, COUGHS,? COLDS. RHEUMATISM, NEURALGIA. f 25 and 5O cent Bottles. | BEWARE OF IMITATIONS- J |j BUY ONLY THE GENUINE.| 4 PERRY DAVIS' | PROFESSIONAL CARDS. 7T UBERT C. TOWERS, ATTOKNKY-AT-I.A \V Denton, Maryland. T. BOYER, CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER, N. "XIII. TJ11WAKI SI. NO1SL.K. LAND SURVEYOR, Work done in any purl of tho comity at short notice. Olinrrcs v u r v icasonable. QSCAR CLARK. Atto r ney-a t-Ln xv t DENTON, rviAUYLANl). Collections and nil professional business iromptly attended lo. TTfTILMER EMORY, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, C E N T H K V J L L K , Ml) "Will practice also in Caroline, Talbot uul Kent county. TIT ALKX. IIUTSOK, * ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, DENTON, MAKVl.ASI). "Will prnetiee is the courts of Caroline uul ailjarent counties. fTl PLINY FISHER, A TTORNE Y-A I'-LA If, DENTON, MD. All business entrusted to my care will receive prompt attention. Collection of claims a specialty. TTAHVEY L. COOPER. ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, DENTON, MARYLAND. Close attention will be given to nil business entrusted to my care. PERCY DUNNING, CONSTABLE AND COLLECTOR, DENTON, MAKSftAND Reference Demon National Bank. JOHN W. CLARK, JR. ·A-ia.ctiom.eer, Box 65. De»jtoi», Will sell property in Caroline or any of ike adjoining counties. IKNRV R. LEWIS. WII.LAKD K. \\EST LEWIS ffi WEST, ATTORNEYS-AT-LA W, DENTON, MD. "Will practice in the Courts of Caroline Talbot and Queen Anne counties. DK. ENOCH GEORGIA DK. P. R. GEORGE JTISHER, Physicians, Surgeons Gynecologists, DBNTON, MARYLAND. Office at residence of Dr. Enoch George, Main Street. JAMES SWANN. BKPRESENT1NU The Best Life Fire Insurance. DENTON, MARYLAND. WM. H. DBWKESE. FRKD K. OW.KNfc DETVEESB OWENS, Attorneys -ai- La v, DENTON, SiD. Office in tho Court House. Mortgages foreclosed,estates settled line prompt attention given to all business cu trusted to us. "Will practice) in tho State nnd Fedora Court. WM. H. DKWEKSK, State's Attorney foi Cnrolino countv. PAINTER AND DECORATOR, . . DENTON, MD. Has had ten years' experience in the cities of 'Wilmington, Philadelphia nnd New York, and is now ready to make contracts and guarantees skillful -work, fair prices nnd entire satisfaction DRS. W. T. L. D. KELLEY - '.DENTISTS: -MAIN OFFICE: EASTON, . Will praotica at Preston on Mondays Denton on Tuesdays; Federalsburg, sec ond and fourth Thursdays; Bust- N Market, first and third Thursdays. Best work guaranteed. Gas administer ed. DR. ANN A GOING REGISTERED PHYSICIAN, Twenty-five years' experience. Specialist in Diseases of Women lonly. Private Sanitarium oMngli 'repute. Absolute privacy afforded. Female Regulative Pills 12.00 per bos. Advice by mail. I603EAST BDLTIMORE STREET, BALTIMORE, MD. Vegetable Compound for Female Complaints, $1 Wives without Children consult me %4*ILLIAM E. GBEENLEY'S BARBER SHOP, (Steivarl Building, next door Brick Jfotel First-class furniture nnd appliances, anc competent workmen insures satisfactory service to all customers. Popular prices £1. BARNES, PRACTICAL BLACKSMITH HORSE-SHOER, DENTON, MD. I shall constantly ktep on hand a ful assortment of Iron andSteol-for all kinds of Farm and Wagon Work. 'I can furnish you all sixes of new wheels nnd axles and best classes of horse-shoes at short notice. I guarantee all material .and work at lowest prices to suit tho hard times. Shop on Third St., opposite Livery St bio. Give mo a trial. JOHN'J.BARNES. Money to Loan, SIS.OOO to loan on mortgage in sums o §1,000 or* more. Any legal business at tended to. Apply to VlLMER EMORY, Attorney ut Law, North Fayetto Sts. Baltimore, Md. B, KINNAMON A f u l l lino of fresh coafoetioiiory ilways 011 hand, at REASONABLE PRICES. EM 3, ETC. TJ H A V E A N I C E IGB EBAM T IN SEASON. Ladies' anil children's patronage, solicited, aud the children especially looked after. Lowney's Chocolates a Specialty. Also a f u l l l i n o of CIGARS AND TOBACCO on hand at The Old Bakery. Fresb Groceries. FAYING restocked ruy GROCERY DEPARTMENT, I .1111 now prepared to supply my customers aud the public generally with everything in that line, fresh and o!' iiio best quality- /1 nnnA J l MEATS. /I COl-'I'-liK iflnrtSfl TOMATOES irOM'HCTK UU11UOU J I'ojijj, -' '1 KAS. Notioi75, Ribbons AND Drey? Triirjrrjinq?. My stock of the latter is very complete, and my lady friends w i l l do well to call and examine my troods before going elsewhere. Spool Silks, Cotton, Gloves anil Hosiery, and iu fact a general line o£ Notions Drop ia and see the stock. Oysters and Ice Cream, For a good Oyster Stew give us a call. Ice Cream will also be served in season. Any quantity supplied for family use when desired. at short notice. . JULIA DAY, Successor to JaiDss ParK. BUILDERS TAKE NOTICE I HAVli FOR SAT,K AT DENTON BRIDGE 250,000 CYPRESS CEDAR DIFFERENT GRADES. TRICES TO SUIT. -»*·' Z. T. HlITGiEINSON. Order Nisi. In tlio mnttcr of the sale of tho llcnl Es tiile of Sylvester Smith, deceased. In the Orphans' Comt of Caroline county Ordered this 5tli dny of July; 1808, thn tlio sale of tlio reiil estate of Sylvester Smith, deceived, mentioned in these pro pcodings, miidu and reported hy Thomas A. Smith, Executor, be mtiilcd nnd con firmed, unless cause to the contrary there of bo shown on or before the first day o Sc]Ucmbcr next, provided a copy of this older be inseitcd in sonic newspaper print- pd in Caroline county, once in cneli o three successive weeks, before the 31st daj of July, 18!J8, noit. The report stutos the amount of sales to be SIS,7213 65, JOHN A.SIGLEK, J. B.OBKELL, A. R. WKIGHT, Judges of the Orphans' Court of Cnro- Jine county. True copy--Test: EOBT. J. JUMP, Kegister of Wills for Caroline county. Examiners' Notice. We, tho undersigned, having been ap pointed by tho county commissioners o Caroline county to examine and, if th public convenience roqiiiics it, lo lay down a now public road in tiie Third election district of Enid Caroline county, to begii at or near Edward "W. Ucal's lands and tc run across said lands to intersect the pice of new road lately built b\ Charles Alur phey, known as the Nutllo nnd JSenl TOIIG hereby give notice that we will meet n said point of beginning on TUUUSDAY AUGUST 4th, 1898, nt 0 o'clock, a. m. for the purpose of executing our commis sion. Tlio county surveyor will plcnse nt tend without further notice. THOMAS L. CHAFFINCH, WILLIAM F. LIDKN, T. FRED GAREY, july2-tdm. Examiners. Frank C. Bolton. 13-3=^3:. Lee B. Eolton BOLTON BROS PAINTS, OILS AND GLASS. PRIZE MEDAL S, 1 ^ PAINTS b« Farpily Machinery Oils, Tar, Oiikuni and Pitch ENGINEERS', MACHINISTS, Steamship and Railway Supplies 418, 420, 422, 424 2. PEATT ST., TREES (P PLANTS The leading varieties of Apple, Peach, Pear, Plum, Cherries, Small Fruita, etc., for sale by A. G. GELLETLY CO., WILLISTON, MD. Professional Notice, I beg to (announce to my friends ant patrons that I havo placed a 'phone in my office, and am in constant communication with all points on the Dorchester niu : Queen A n n c s lines. "Very respectfully,* GE'O. F. GALLOWAY,M. D. Night call, 1. Dny cnil, Central Office Fedbralsburg. A Pleased Customer is The Best Advertisement. A liUle money docs the busincbs hero, mil our unsurpassed lino of NEW GOODS s ready for your inspection. "Why look jlscwhere whon you ciin buy just what on want in the way ef Men's, Boys' and Youth's Clothing, lints, Caps, Shoos nnd the most modern uttoriis in Shirts, Collais nnd Neckwear t prices much LOWER THAN THE LOWEST. We also carry a full nnd complete line of 1'ry GomK HI Ihc 1'Ucst iluaigii= and colors, u- well a- a. very Urge assortment oflulio.- Dress Skirts f which arc made of nnd durable naterial. ·will (ft vhi Hi is season wt'/i Bargains. We will end i/as season with Bargains. Vile, n iH-i'l (i aiutlun i'. our lino n .·all will io'i\ ]· ··(· .-on. YOU Kb MK DA!»C. A IN*, TUBAL1IK5R3 BAWAffl STORE, 3D, E^IljZ3;T-E3 T 3Prop. KlDGiiLY, Mi). DOORS BLINDS H I TUP OT ALL II 01 WIL A GOOD STOCK JjUi WILL BB POUND G O O D CHEAP Cot tMs out f or Future Reference, Buy Your H O R S E S AT KING'S MARYLAND SALE BARN, AUCTION SALES Monday. Wednesday and Friday Throughout the your. We dofil in nil kinds, from the very best to the very cheapest. 400 HEAD of Horses, Mures nnd Mules, always on Iisind. Visit us, it -will pny you. PRIVATE SALES EVE11Y DAY. FUI.I. LINK OF Orrlges, Dyton?, Buj- JAMES KING, Prop'r, 6,8,10,12,14 16 H. HIGH STBEET, Itiltiinoro St., one squnro from Bul- Street bridge. BALTIMOKK, MD Near Bait tiinore ·PAINT SOLD UNDER GUARANTKB. OXUAI.OOST LESS THAV«1.2PBRl£U --OF-- Jl L l\lllJU \J\J\J UJt Boots, Shoes, Hats, Gaps, Etc., --AT-J. M. BBAVEN'S, ' HILLSBORO, MD. Larqe StocK of GROCERIES AND QUEENSWARE You can. also find at the k U M B E R Y A R D Pull supply of all kinds of Lumber. Sawing and Planing done at short notice. Ceiling, Flooring, Shingles, Laths, Doors, Windows, Etc., always on hand. S. SCON, ONDERTAKERSEMBALMERS AND FDMRAL DIRECTORS, W. E; BROflF, - - DENTOH, MD., SOLE AGENT. DENTON, MARYLAND. Twenty years of experience enables us to insure entire satisfaction in every particular. Our shops are fully supplied with needed material, and first-class workmanship is guaranteed. TO THB PUBLIC! 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Hence tlio victory 1 Columbia All-Steel Hay Rakes and Tedders are constructor in a way that you have two new rakes for the price of one. Osborne Columbia Spring-Tooth and Disc Harrows arc the only ones made with double lovers. Don't forget that I am headquarters for all lines of Machinery, CarrUges, etc., at lowest prices. TONS OF B I N D E R TWINE. Also havo three second-hand Dcer- ing Binders for sale cheap. Will guarantee them in every way to do first-class work or'no sale. Give me n call. H. M. THOMPSON, HILLSBORO, MD. J. O. TAYLOR WITH -, o, FRUIT AND PRODUCE COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 1/3= East Cam-den St. REFERENCES: Traders' National B.itik of 15 d ti moro; Fa-si National Bank of Slownrtstown, Pa. Branch ut Stowartstown, Pa. T. H. EVANS COMPANY,' FRUIT AND PRODUCE COMMISSION MERCHANTS, No. 214 Light Street, Baltimore, Maryland, 8@f°Fruits nnd Vcgetnblos; XEfxrvliir.'! Peaches and Sweet Potatoes. Wheeler Transportation Line DAILY STEAMERS FOR Gieat ChoptanK, Trappe and TucUtioe Rivers. On nnd nftev Sliiy 223, 1808, steamers will Icdvo Pier 0 Light Street "Wharf daily cvcept Sundays nt 0 p. m., for Oxford, Trappe, Cambridge, Chancellor's, Sccrntnry, Clark's, Ch'optank, Lloyd's, Dover Bridge, Kingston, McCarly's, Ganoy's, TodU's, 'Towers', "Willistbn, Tuckuhpc Bridge, Koese's, Coward's, Covey's, Hillsboro and Queen Anne. Arriving at Oxford the follovringinorn- ing in time for connection with the Delaware Chesapeake R. R.. and :il Cambridge with tlio Cambridge Scaford It. E. Returning will leave IlilUboro Mon- 'days, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays at 10 r,. in.; Covey's 10.30; Coward's "ll; Williston 1 p. m.; Gnney's 1.30; McCarty's '2; Kingston 2.15; Dover Bridge 2.30; Medfoid's (Clioptunk) 4; Clnrk's 4.15; Secretary, 5; Cambridge 7; Trnppo 8.30 and Oxford 10, stopping ftl intermediate landings, arriving in Baltimore early the following mornings. SUNDAY STKAMKII FOR BALTIMORE. Steamer will leave for Baltimore on Sundays as follows. "Wayman's, 4 30 a. m.; Covey's, 0.00, Coward's", 5.15; Williston, 6.30; *Ganey's, (i.-lo; Kingston, 7.15; Dover Bridge, 7.30; Choplniik, 8.30; Secretary, 9.30; Cambridge, 10.M); Trappe, 11.45; Oxford, 1.00 p. ni"., arriMn? in Baltimore at G 00 p. m., the same day Freight received u n t i l 5 30 p.m.daily for nil landings. E. E. WHEELER, Agent, Pier5 Light St.. Baltimore. B. B. COUEK, Agent at Williston. Chester River Steamboat Comp'y Change of Schedule. Beginning June 1st, 1897, tho stonmcr Emma A. Ford, will leave Chestcrtown at 7.00 a. in., daily, except Sunday, stop- pine at Rolph's, Booker's, Quaker Neck, and Qucfiiistown. Leave Qunenstown at 8 45 n. In , arriving in Baltimore about 11.15. Returning, leave Baltunoro'nt 3.15 p. m., arriving at Qiieenstown at 5.45, and Chestertoivn at 7.30. Steamer B. S. Ford will leave Cenlre- villu daily, except Sunday, at 7.00 a. m., stopping at landings on Corsica river, Bo- ijle's, Jackson Creek, and Kent Island, :ind arriving in Baltimore at 11.00 a. in. Returning, leave Baltimore at 3.30 p. m., arriving at Centrevillo at 7.30 p. in. Steamer Gratitude will leave Rock Hall daily, except Sunday, at 8.00 a. m., arriving in Baltimore at 10.15. Returning, leave Baltimore at 4.00 p. in., arriving ftt Rock Hall at 6.15. GKO. WAUFIKI.D, President, J. E. TAYLOR, General Agent. QUEEN ANNE'S RAILROAD CO, SCIIKDULE IN SFFKCT APRIL. 23,1S5S. Eastward. |BALTO.FERRY| Westward. Lcav P. M. COO Ar'i v P.M. 7 45 Leave P. 31. 320 Arrive P. M. 0 ) 0 BALTIMORE TO QUEENST'N. Arrive A. M. 1045 Leave. A. M. 800 A iv A.M. 1045 Lcftv. A.M. 800 Railroad Division. Leav P. M. 625 f 6 3 1 f G 3 8 F G 4 4 AC 51 653 f 655 650 f 702 7 0 7 7 16 723 f 7 2 7 f 7 3 1 737 f 741 f 7 4 7 f 7 5 6 75$ f S O O 811 f819 f 8 2 2 f 8 2 6 830 P.M. Leave A. M. 835 f S 4 3 '852 901 9 13 916 922 92C f 0 3 5 965 1005 no 10 f i o i e K 10 26 f ! 0 4 J f 10 48 f ! 0 5 4 Cll 15 f l l 24 1130 fll 38 -11 4) fll 45 1150 A.M. STATIONS. Queonstown Bloomingdalc Wye Mi'.ls Wiiloughby D C June. Queen Anne Hilltboro' Downcs Tuukahoc Duntoti Hohbs Hicknimi Adamsville Blanchard Greenwood Owens Banning ' Dupnlv Ellcnda'lc Wolfe Milton Whitesboro, Drawbridge, Burton, Lowes. Arrive A. M 755 f 7 6 0 f 7 4 3 f 7 3 7 A 7 29 7 2 7 f 7 2 5 721 f 7 19 712 701 654 f 6 5 0 f 6 4 G 640 f 6 32 f 6 2 8 f 0 2 4 618 f 6 0 6 ' 600 f552 f 5 4 0 f 0 4 5 ' 5 4 0 A. M. Arrv. P.M. 600 f51 542 036 523 521 5 16 f 5 1 3 505 ·450 439 f 4 3 3 f4'28 E420 f 37 f353 f 3 4 9 343 f330 320 f312 309 f 30Si 300 P.M. CONNECTIONS. "A" connects at D. C. Junction for points on the Delaware Chesapeake .Railway--Enstou and Oxford. "R" connects at Greenwood with Dcla- wnro Division of the Philadelphia, Wilmington Unltimorc Kailroad. "U" connects nt Ellendnle with tho Delaware, Maryland, Virginia Railroad FOll Georgetown. Sunday only, boat leaves Baltimore at 9.00 a. in., nnd Qiwcnstown at 6.30. a. m. and 4.80 p. in. Douglass House REHOBOTH CITY, DEL. OPEN JUNE lOth. This Hotel is situated 100 feet from ocean front, and ono-fourtb of a inilo from Rohoboth Bay, in the roar. Good Bathing, Sunning, Pishing Boating. . Special rates for Juno and September. Free Hack. Bar attached. WM..M. JEFFERSON, PROPRIETOR. I. W. TROXKL, Gen. Slanngcr. 0. C. WALLKR, Gen. Fr't Pass. Agt. Is your Home, Furniture, Grain, Lin Stock, or otter Property Insured Agaiost Loss by FIREORLIGHTNINGP If not, if you will apply to one of the you can obtain insurance at low rates. The Company is Mutual, and you will only pay what the insurance costs, as any amount in Eiccss of Cos! Willbe Returned in Dividends or at termination of policy. WM. DENNY, Secretary. R. PLUMMEK, Agent, Grccnslxwo. J. B. FLETCHER, '" Preston. -IWSPAPKR!

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