The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on July 10, 1859 · Page 3
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 3

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 10, 1859
Page 3
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THE DA4H BUSINESS DIRECTORS Tbe f olio wmgLlA of Business Hoaswaca KAnnfao- tutqt ^BUbiUtamenU lire among tt« best and most —.rBinent IB aiMrr«pe*Uve lines of tmsttttM. £&i Benry iWiedecken & 1 ' ijj ARCHITECT & SUPERINTENDENT, Ralis and SptdfloaHoMJor ISAAC GAS A* STEAM PITE JSO-S&I list ITA*!* CTMOT, ' always ou band, «la *fAB Jl3t TortmtnltVfttlmner.M abort notice * RULERS old established cad prompt t <t '- • AND N. li GrlilS'VrVOLl} Os 00.,., 1 ?f AT^Iim'j^UCWTitr^TlfliiN*^'AN P ^3EEIm)&lCS*fl" BOOTS, (SHOES • ASI» GAITERS, MASON STRE&'JP, Oppoiite.the talker Honae. xaySl » f- >• « i ; Opposite American Hen*e KIT From facts narrated by himself. 'Jo«t received by maylo *"~—--—*-. — . " .- Rehback's Lead Pcuciis, ' "*" " Boot <k Shoe Store NO. « ''EAST WATER JOHN ^HEI^ JCEH8 ahrayi on nand good cortommade Boot* and flhoei. ^ ' cidetoord«r in the lalert style and warranted to (rive •tHafacOon. - , „» it "_ '.,- .. JDR(T«C!I8T, ' Olan, Hasjortr»ct!lTedafnU«npplyo Celebrated ITnTonSroirlu <fannfactared at- CBevelaitd, Hew Yorfc->, entirely by vena, tt«omtoi in perfect -order, ibles me to teB at low rate*. I have permanent ar- Tftngementa toiell tbUbruul «t QUw neresttcr. •• i ' ••.. ..- -: JOBHiumt. ; Ot.KAVEi r BOOKSELLERS AND STATIONEBS, street, «>' «M«e Cele. *encll» from the manufactory of 1. i. JtehbacK, to Begendmrg, Bavaria, they ai* oirefally anarted. and *ach grade]. dtoUngutthea ry i^opnlir teand. tPartlcnlar attention U called to lie "Sppo.!. «onJPencU,»<ronnd Wack gilt;) *&&' to toe !>?&£,,>, BencU,";tronnd red^Ut) also to theUEnElneer'aSen. en," (hexagon gtlt.) All of *hich will befonnd eaperl. or to «ny other pencil In the market. , , - ^ Alwaw on hand a complete aMortment of black and wlored lead pencn. ofaU the desirable grade.. , A4H, count »Uowed to the Trade proportioned to extent of ^""•^ _ - . . - ^1 . apt28 , Harper Brothers, ALLJBONE'S XHCTJONAR1T "" OP AUTHORS. of Snaliih tUerattrt an* HARTFOHD INSURANCE coaieAN v, . '-•-tMtt^OTtfjOonneettniV'' •> <> Cash Capllal afia-'Barplus....... '. ..jft8S,6S* 00' : ilOME INSURANCE COMPANY! \ Of New lork City, H .Cash Capital Una Burplus,.. .....»1,OIT,990 49 faoWARD INSURANCE COMPANY, Of New Tort . , INOOEPOBATEb M 1826i "oiah Capital and Surplus.„'......,. ,',,|SSS^M 33 " PHOENIX INSURANCE COMPANY, ' . k v WHartfoisdtCbnneoUent, - i . Cash foplUUndaorplia,... ,....$419.08468 LAMAR FIRE INSURANCE CO., \Jr» Capital andignTptas**?.?! |25S,OC9 Si^ RESOMJTE INSURANCE COMPANY, ^\i T OfHew torkCUy, Cash Capital and Surplus, VUSJsya SB CITY FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, -Of Hartford, Connecticut, Cash Capital apd Surplus, ,,-.,... ,...$308,231 48 3 solicit business for the above named Oompanlet) en' Btely npon their own merits and responsibility, and refer to their prompt and liberal settlement of aU Losses heretofore, as $t guarantee for the future. Policies Issued without delay. * " ' W. HENBY HOLLAND, Agent; JOEH HoLLDrn, Ass^t. Hortbweft cor. Main and »» t. WumuLL, Surveyor. Wisconsin sts.. Milwaukee. •Itplo* /VE^ and after Monday, April* th, and nntil further no- V^tlceaPassengcr_TralnwlllleavfciIllw»ukc« from FJlQdpAke;ptxuroBU*wocK rl W_atertowB* Lowell, aad Col* m. e. tTontaremade at W4tertown,wtlijstasw for RAIIiROADS«& TRANSPOR'N rie, Cottage Grove and'Bladison; hti+ili,&crto!*,U*ego, r Sun.Pral' aiOolumbui d'S Corners, ., Piuengtr. arriving a* the Junction «Vom'lhe-tbo?e piaom make connections h the illlwiok« t MlMte- «lpp|[JU B., for JaneiYiU*i Madlton.ead ftaWeda Cblnt and at MUwaokM, wltb roadi to the South, Wen and Sortb. < »,,,,: apff a.ftMKB4n •\ Kacine & Mississippi 1C. K. OPEN TO DAVIS, >*O HIIL.ES. 114 JT«« from Preeporf.) ^MONDAX^ DEO. 6, 1868, Train, will ran aafoiloirj, viz: , .flOINO WET. Leare Baclne for- DarU-frrelght £ ice., 8 i. v. Leave Kacln* fbr Belolt^Pafcenger,-.--- " ,.. a P<»i •• : ••;='.- •;.-.-:,aoo»&«ASTr, ...- ,.. - ... ..; Leare Belolt for Baclne—faMenger, " T:<iOi.M. leave Da-su'for Eicine^-rrelglrt * ACK, ^ ~ SiSO r.-". P*"eog«ra H? JaWng ;the I :i. n. trala on-.the take- Shore RKilroad at M!lwanke«, connect at Eaclnewlttt train to Day Is J arriving at Darla at 3:SO>. u. Stage leave. DovU for Wreeport'on; arrival of trains 8:80 *.; K. train frpnrDarla cqnneeu »t Baclne with afternoon train, on the Lake Shore Ballroa4iforlh'ana South. ~t3F~ Freight forwardea wltb dUpateU::^'- T ' : decit L.E-S' Pittsburgh, GPott 5 Wayne &;CBicago ited Stale* s u. dt f. Ins. Co; .']... '..$100,006 00 *29,'66$ 00 v Office, ander Mitchell'. Bank, corner otEait Water and Michigan street*, - - f —AHD— -; .- -, j G» Western (€Jana«ia vi fTV&ilNS leave the Great Central -Depot, 1 Wot of Lake JL «reei Onl«agjfcB«_foJloira;--:.;;.- : i;:; , l; ;..j- ; . ' daya e*«pted),;»rriv4ai Detroit &00 k P.M. : ••• - : " i-;:"--:"!-.'- I--->.' ..: r. 7iOCI A.TTI.—ClNOIWlTATr"EIPKSS8; : '(Sundays , exceptcd.)'Arrive at InUlsnspollj 4:00 ' ' P. ».; CincinnatifcSOr.U. i . *:OO,A. M.-LI<!HTOINGKa>KEsfl,(Sundays excepted,) arrives at DeU&tt7-DO *.».;: l Suspension Bridge or.Buffalo 4.-p}.t. «.£ Albany 3:00 r, «.;iH4tt-Tort JtfO r. a.; Boston 11 p. a. • j: j- SiOO P. M.-NILSM ACCOMMODATION; except Sunday. ' - - : ; j> "•- 8:00 p. fflf.—NBwyoaK-ASDjftffiroirBxPiEas, 'at Detroit or Buffalo IiuUcu, HODSK : 8IQN, BHIP, OABB1AQK AND OBNAMKNTA1. Painters, Glazicra & Paper-XbtnifeM, IMITATOKB 07 WOOD AND HAKJiLK, NO. 39 ONET1»A STKETET, J fXW&OORSSASTOf TBE MARKZ1 BOUSS. JONES & WJIITKHKAJD General Load and Inrorancc Agents NOTARIES PfJBMC, *€„ OPHOK, corner of Seed and Oregon jtreeU, MeyroM 1 . Block, Fifth Ward. TTU1 atteadto the baying andeellinrof Beaiatate. Insuring Goods and Buildings In responsible Companies, Attend to the Collection of Account*, Maklnir on t of Deeds, Mortgages, Contracts, Leases, Ac. All Collections made on accounts pieced In-our hand will be promptly paid over. tAenineUtntn Century. Contain- TJlriy JJunaand SiograpUet VoKeetfvmF^ta ^ Sayectt. J-rtce $4 , to all who Bead, alf who Physician*, all IT IS A HOUSEHOLD COMPANION. F0HNI8HEDBT SamnelBale, H. I*. Palmer y. it J. A. HelfenrteSn, K. Bandenron, B.B.D»ggett, . G.D.Doiumaa, Edwin Towmand, i aolomon. Adler. * - J. A. EELT1W8U1M, PreiUent. Q.D.DOnHMAH.VlcVpreddent. «^«, W.T.EAUIKR, General Amnt. 8.0. WgT.SecretKTT. BUM , , - B.8. DAOQITT, Treasnrer. a. t-^Aiiui, Attorney., * MILWAUKKE CITY INSURANCE CO., RAHL UUB new*nd direct Route flow, open to-New Xork t J. :Uoslc,n. Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, 'Baltimore and Wasoiligion city, Cleveland, Dunkirk; -Buffalo, Niagara falls, and all eastern cities. Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, Springfield, Urban^ Zanesville, Eteubenvilie, Newark and Wheeling, and all Interior townJ'ofOhlo, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, KeWJerseyVAcr.:;' j JUukuig one GTaud Unbroken It. 11. 1,inc si. NOYES, ' . . -• EYES QggSESD IN THIS CITY, AT &R BAT SAC RIP I CBS, FOR THE NEXT SIXTY DAYS. ,TI1E STOCK IS HEAVY, Ai\D MUST BE SOLD I 218 and 220 East Water Street, ' ' A r KEH; _ WISCONS.JM. MISCELLANEOUS. . S;OO P. Bf .— OIHWNMATI AND LOD PRES3. (Except Safemlay.) Arrive at ' BOOK & MTAXIONERy JOBBERS, 135 £<ut Water ttrtet, In jnilchell BaUding, Michigan.*U MawAtntn, Wisoannr. (Trom TheophlBtParieni, L L. D., Profeajor ofl** in .Harvard DnlveraHy.J SCUNCECKEt & BR0NOTTO, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, £eoi Afofe ami Monty Srofort, KOTABIES. PUBLIC, -MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN. Or/io«—No. 4 Market Square, oppoiUe the Old Post- Offlce. f D. COKSON, ATTORMEY AT tAW. HAS removed toJOfflce, No. 6, Blate Bank Bonding, corner of Gttt Water and Ifichtean ctreet, MUraakee. and oarrtedJt t . ere * nlutty » nd wtth ^wx" judgment,— ""S^ • CC1 "» C J' 9f «» Information wicemtag anthor. «nd Their rnnitbe orsreattatereit*nd value. oriu,»« Indeed rema ]edwyonrbook man does cot f— "oir— [From a Irenseti Prime. D.T>.,Xdfr>r H. r. Observer.) SUIOKL»TT. J*O.L.DO*JJt... DOKAN <6 Attorney and Counsellors t Law, TS7T1I. ff spe CAPITALISTS ftnd st my office a Register, open to thetr inspection of Bonds and Mortgagesand other se- ll. L. PiLttn, n --.-";-» • ' * f 200,000 Paid in, $100,000. DIRECTORS: '" • J!?-?•.?*'?=• ~ ~~ Cincinnati 9:W> i. M.;' On» train on Sunday at V-'i"-! , and 8*0 ». IT. .trains connect at Paris with tht Buffalo A Lake Burpa Railway, for Buffalo and all points enat; at Toronto with Qrind.TrtmS Hallway, toKingsUn, Ogdenibnrg, Montreal,' Qa'ebce and Allpoloti In Canada East, northern : Vermont,' New HampaMre and Maine. :•. • '- , 1 ,: '. : I3T! Baggage chec»«d through. . .- ; i .'j ; j ; ,".'Through tlcketi for tale at the principal Railroad office* tn the Weil, and at the general <BHce, corner lak<r*J)earborflitreet<,ODpo»Ite the J Preaont Home, Chicago, and at the Depot, footof Lak«»lr»tti "•! ,.; •' • B, Hj RXOK-Sap't. H. t .' Bmpno, Gen. Fan. Agt. ' r \i~, apria '. Betroil & Jttil. j raE Steamer ClcVclaE^a will >0te. _ ,her place In line of the Detroit* Mi! wan- ivay, on Monday, the 14th March.": PaM-ngera through ticket* can be iapplied <ri> and after Monday next, at 230 East Water itreet,?or atthe office- on the dock of the Detroit 4 Milw»ukc<- Rcllwcy Co.— 1)a» nottce of the time of departure will be iidveri.' Thl» : will make the ahortest, cheapest and qcickest toate to aHpolnuEait. "" ' -'VnurS"" i 3rASB A3 LOW AS AMY OTHER , BST Those desiring-to go by this Route will be particular and enquire for .Ticked via Fort Wayne, thereby: Avoiding the annoyance of rechetklng their ~ TRAINS LEA YB DSPOT OJf VAX I ;: r DAILY*AS HOLLOWS: 8:00 r. K.—Night Express, dally, Saturday* excepted. 6:001. M.—Morning Mail and Express, dally, Sundays l excenteo. ', • ., . ..-, . ... . With bat one change.of cars to Pittsburgh. • ontciraQ Bioaios THaocoH ' To PUUburghj-pblladelpbla, Baltimore and New Vori, connecting directly with trains on the great Pennsylvania Central Kailroad,. to all eastern cities.-. Also, with Cleveland £ Columbus Bailroad to Cleveland, Dunkirk, Buffalo; Niagara Falls via New York Central and New York A£rle Sailroads to New forkand IJoston. Persons going east will find this route by far the most desirable, both from the adrantigala point of distance, variety and beauty of :tlie country througji'which the roads pass, as well as the less frequent changes of cars and the; annoyance of re-checking baggage required by other routes.'•- .' .. d ' i. j •Facilities for the- transportation of Freight andUvs stock by this route are tunsnrpassed. Bates as low as any other route, and with equal dispatch.-~i • Tickets for gale at ailt he principal tlcketoffices-In the WesVa&djM Company* Office, No, 30 Dearborn street, opposite Tremont House, Chicago, and .at the office of th» Lake Shore Railroad, Milwaukee, by A. Q. Leland : = : ••:•.-' .: ' JNO. J. HODSTON,- Qenefal Fre^ht Agent, PlttsborEh, Pa ' ••••''••' _. , ,,„ .D.W.BOS3, • . , - Qeneral Western Agent, Chicago Ohleago.Marcha,lSi59. ' . - -'• :' mart I>R. H. W.REDHEAB, VETERINARY SURGEON, FORITEELT OPCLEVKLASD 0., respectfully - informs th the citizens of Milwaukee tha having located la thli place he intends practicing his pro fission. All diseases to th Horse treated in a most scl entitle style, and general sat faction warranted. In con nectlon with his practice he will Prick and Dock Talb In the most approved style; and to gain the confidence of the public, he refers to the follow ing gentlemen, who have em ployed Mr. Bedhead many nes professionally Jn the course often yean. We feel justified In saylnglhat his practice la superior to the general rnn of Veterinary Practioneera. • - -•' SI1LWJCIIS. .John C. Brpdhead, ' .Wm« Jamlaon, : ' Murray, Pryer A Co., vffilwankeeAi Chicago Jt. E. SUMMKR AJKRANQEMKNT. M. JLB.^IAUUS C8Aa.GBs.iaa,' OOa»H7_" o£.T*£ H. L. Piuna, Hrftre and I *|C9l ~K. TOWNBEND.trejldeot, Jtor n eyr t - WAL3UTH>8ecreUr 'Marine Risks takes at current ratti. JJTAfllWE AND FJBE . flXHK pndenlgned it prepared to take Marine HIili JL andKreJUiij on Produce In store. In the North Great United States ; Mail and Exprus Route. ftlHE only reliable and; tu. Eoim TO inz EAST, Sons . JL and NOBTH-WSST, and the only Line making sure connections. Baggage checked through to principal ""«*"*• Qn and after .; ; tlmesi Judge Wilson, : " Bishop, " Kelly, " And-ews, " VUden, • «iCI5J. James Kelly, . IIJ05H1. N; A, Brown, James Foley. UVZHT MCI Or CLjiV-ILl.lD. W. J. (iains, 1 ] • Geer 4 HarrlDgtaa, White * Newel,. C. H. Seymour, - . MSHBIJ13 or TBI HQRBIC BBEBDia'j iuCISTf. J. K. Curtis, Wm. Patu, BllasMerchant, Wm. K. Adams.: B^" Office, Klrby's Livery Stable, Main street. ap?18-d*wtf •; DocUH. A.Adi ley, " M. L. Wri«ht. " M. L. Hewlt, u Reaner. Jno. Kirklanil, cnioiao. Tim. Downac. DKT301T. C. BrKdroril. SUMMER ARRAJNG: t I, -_-_• . ^ Miliraukee TtttonUhmfeni aod h«VBlone dellred toSve, and author Pmons wishing to obtain Loans or having Bonds, Mortgages or othersecnrltiesfor sale,mavfinditto their , Interest to Me wlti m« their applicaOooTor statements ftomr^d te^r op oTlCl»m"^m5 « we S^y?" ao commonplace an acknowledgment of Its first rec Ipu Ofall the atorehouse of InteraUne and 'eaaaDfe~inattertbe' M D^tlaaary^)f Authora"aee"a:sto me UjEBiastcaptivating. Thegoodtaste,Indastrv,and ^^f^^^s^^&m^r '— 1JJJ ™- 4 -e amends In print for my rate* as by other reliable Companies. The repntatlon 'of this well^hown, long tstabl&hed Company entitles I Uo public confldence- HOHATIOHILL, Agent, PQV3, . at office of H. A J. y. BilL Quaker City Insurance Co., OF PHILADELPHIA. ADTHORIZKD OAPITAL,.....„.:...,...$500,000. FADJ TJP OAPITAL AND JkflSETTft ' 2n^«. Qffict, t franklin JBuUding, So. 409 If a/nut street, FhiladtlpkSa. i T HE onbscriber has been appointed agent for! this Company for Milwaukee act! Tlcldlr. —• • • onaafavorablelermsas " BAIL SHORTEST AND MOST EXPEOlTIors ROUTE! 1 ' TO :-' /I..! .!}.' i. -.:.: Sja.nntug) I^a Cros&c, ; Winana, Bead's Landing, ^d BT, PAUL ANb:ST. MONDAY, APRIL ?5tl», 1859, Trains leave Depot, comer of Florida and Barclay sis., . .10:30 A. IH.—Exrsjaa PasaUBxa—arriving at Chicago at 2;10r.». 3.15 P. 31.—Esrusa Pissaasn— arriving at CM- ; - cago at* &ld P. K:, and making close - connections with Evening Trains East . and South West, and with the Eaclne r ;' vand Mississippi Rallroac", at Raelno : .. ]unctlon> Sot lielolt and otoer stations . on that Line. ^ Freight Train leaves at&SO i. x~, arrives 5:001>. x. Freight forwarded with despatch, and at low rates. -Passenger Trains leave Chicago for Milwaukee and tie North West at 9rf» A." *., anil 8:15 T. M., arriving here at 12-Mr.n. and 12:15 Lu. ' ' "^ ITm " apr!4 JNO. T. MOODY, Master Transportation. Change of Time, Monday, April 4, TRAIN LEAVES 11*0 A. MT Arriving at JaaesvOle 230 P.JM. '• Uadlsob s- WHITE, Agent. corner of £ast Water and Huron streets, qp stalre. OTOT the Marine Bank. - treets, q majrfb GHANOK. HOCSE AK» LOT FOB SALE CHEaJP. T ;H« undersigned will uell his Home and Lot, sow occupied as a Taven by him, situated on tlaln it> Kacine, Wisconsin, near the Steamboat Landng and the E. t M. £. B, Depot. The house Is located on th« best business place, and the House M well as the situation of the Lot, would answer for. any branch efjjusi- nee,especially for Wholesale fitora, which branches already now projected at that very locality. Those who like to make a good bargain, are requested to apply «the undersigned. JOHN BABTH. Racine, January 25,185>. }ang7-d6a Camber Vessels for Sale, Scheoner Fashion, 224 tuns. Schooner D. Newhall, 190 tons. BcowSchooner Bugby, 168 tons. The above vessels wffl be aold at very l6w satisfactory aecnrlty. GoodUtle. TAYLOR 1 SKWSn, Enquire of B. B. Joras, MU ri, faithfully, Ai\J> HAY 1 AKI>. Q. H. JLAMBEBTON H AS just opened, for the benefit of an who may become Ms Oustomera, a Market for WOOD and HAY, at the N. E. Corner of West Water and Clrbtmni Streets,' (Office with Messrs. Mabbett f Breed.) His Stock of Wood Islarge, Dry and Hard, (Out and Split or uncut.) 8. Austin Allibone, Esq. may 19 Aunt Judy's Tales. Parables from Nature. Motes In theBun Beam. Fanny, the Flower €ttrl. ,-t Uncle Jack the Fault Killer, yorssteby TEEKrAOLEAVEB, NEW BOO K S —AT— TERRY & CLEAVEKS, ', ICT ZAST WATXS SXBSXT. may IS SttlPPEKS Of PKODUCK riAN supply themselves with Bills «f Ladlnfc at .. I TEEErftOLKATEtt'S, , ijBTIast Water street BOOKS N.B.—Wood Pedlara, and those who ah!p laree quantities of Hav will always find It to their advantage to buy of us. We wUi sell ao that dealers maymake a handsome profit by Helling on the street. * G. H. LAMBERTON. BY STATE AUTHORITY. WISCONSIN GENERAL, INSURANCE AGENCY CUABTER OtK VI RE INS. «."»., . Hartford, Conn. CASH ASSETS ................... fSll^SC 93 WORTH AITIEHICAN FIRE IflS. CO., Hartford,' Conn.' CASH ASSETS ..... ....... ........ JSM^GOO* WESTEnN OTAS8. FIRE IW8. CO., - Of PiUsaeld.Mass.' OAIH ABSCTTB ................... $205,«» 41 ^., . . fWcnleavePralrlsdn • Culen on the arrlral of the SKJO P; H. Train. 2» TRAIN LEAVES nnLWA ! ilKI '. JUL, ^rrtrtn» •* JanvesvIJIe 8«5 P. il. \ I Madison , — -—••*» all"points on the JIlsslsslppj Bjver3aj low as any other Koute. . T '• ^T . W ? i " u «afi8 r LaCrosse & Mi I. Railroad. TtTEi the undersigned, having been appointed agents TV for the collection and delivery of Freight far ttlj company, beg to inform, merchants and others that an office (No. & Wisconsin street,) opened oh the 1st of April, where orders can be left, and will receive prompt attention. Our authorized collectors will receipt goods at the warehouses of shippers. Information respectim: Freight tiansportatloa on this line can 09 had bv atv- " -• - -- — ' L*. M Bnnnr . . * " DETROIT & MILWAUKEE Railway Steamboat Line ! SUMMER PLEASURE SAILING! DRY. GOODS, &C. 1839. SPHIM8 ANO SUMMER 178 MILWACKES,. The Latest Hoveltiea Our m We ,„ j,,,'^ t £ y ?*™^ L THB LARGEST AA/OD.VT plication Mtheoffiee'of Mr. A. PEBW, Agent. --^•rf«.'«nifcc«,"aiar'c : 'rr§d,'"Ili9. aprl NOTICE. OFFICX OF BISHOP t CO., MORGAOEHS, j FJBETIKSITRAKCE CO., Of Conway. tlasa. CASHABSET8 ......... f^..!!7....» OHANOE OF MH- •oad, depart at •a.8.iftgBJLli. ! 8i^'tL «. »arp3-<]tf NEW HAMPDEIV FIRE INSntArTCE CO., Springfield, Mais. ! CASHASSKTa.^......^...... ...... $223,000 CIUARD FIRE INS. COiriPAWV, CAHH ASSETS ................ .'.,.- J284.T89 73 J. W. Grain, | books as inned from the Press. romcE, HO. a, MAETIN BLOCK, op OTAIB& marO _ MQwankee. WlsconSn janiW CTKICKALNDACO. Schooi. JBooks. GENTLEMEN'S FURNISH'G. NEXT DOOR TO A. B. VAN COTTflS. Q Ed es fl 00 H. RUSSELL. ianio 8TBIOKLAHD A 00. B H i BIND UP YOUR MAGAZINES I W^SSSSi"* 3 to oar S'ntoy "> »nd MagaHnes, nUv f*™««l». or tnytbing else In the fora of a Book, to neat and durable atylw, at low rates. . STKIOKLAKD A 00. Stereoscopic Views. I* ""e'olof fiterescoplc embraefag Tiers of Interesting localitiM in HTJSSIA, SWIT2EKLA3VD, SPAIN, MILLINERY GOODS. EAST DETROIT & MILWAUKEE R, R T (Now opened to Lake Michigan^ 1 .'. \[ 1SD ' , 1 -j , [ ; 5w(fl tme-Pretfure ftrst-Clots JSieitm^ • \ 'City of Cleveland," & "Cleveiand, 1 * (Thoroughly refitted far this -note!)-!' : >> O N AND AFTEK MONDAY, June Ctb,-ISM"' P., tenger Trains will rnu as /allows;™' ;*fl ' GOING WESO?: i ! i N Milwaukee, April S, 1553. r|Nan*aner April 9th, 15S9, and until farther'ao, V7 tice^no person Is anthoriied to make purch'a-cs' or contract for naterialj for the UUwjukee and Chicago Railroad without a written order froo the undersigned. Bills will be paid monthly and account will not be coo tinned with any concern that oeglecti to recdtr monthly bills. " • . - C. B. IIALL, Qen'l Agt. Mortgajees J.T.ilOODY, Master of Transportstlon. O N and after 2J May next, parties will be carried by .the swift an4 elegant Steamers City of Cteteland and Cleveland, to Grand Haven, thence by trains to Grand Kaplda and back at cheap excursion fares, and time afforded to view the beautiful and romantic scenery on the Grand River around the City of Grand Rapids, with 1U extensive (JYPSUM BBD3, and other Interesting features. Fares (Including rooms or berths) for parties of flve—to Grand Haven and back il'2,10 For parties of flvje to.Grand Bapids and back.... 1S,75 Meals can be £ad on board at fifty centi ench. TIME. Parties csn leave Milwaukee twice djily, and havs tickets made valid to go and return any time within one week. Ilourtr of Sailing & Running of Trains. Ceave Milwaukee 12:00 i. *. S.-flfl P.M. Leave Grand Haven S:45 r. x. 4:10 i. M. Arrive at Grand Rapids 10:3u P. a. 5:^0 i * Leave Grand BapMs 2:35 i. M. M5p.ii. Leave Grand IIIT en 5-^0 i. ». 9-00 P a Arriveat Milwaukee.., 12:15 p. ». 6:SO \. a. There Is a new and comfortable hotel 1 abov^ and in the Baliway Depot at Grand Haven, where Excursion Psrtles (desiring to spend a few honra at Grand Haven, or on the Beach which la quite close to Depot,)., may (8r* fartiesfrejn Colleges, Schools and other kindred Institutions, will be carried on very low terms, which can Be had on application to the subscriber. SST' Tickets can be had at Deck Office, or from Pur- lers onboard Steamers and IT. K. MOIH, w. GRAHAM, General Superintendent, Dock Offlre, _Jap'". >-<llm Detroit. Milwaukee. Coach and Saddlery EL -a. Z?. 3D "^57" ^a. It I£3 OUR rJOODS tainlnif li/ac,'; VD,| ?„. . - .-lai-ies, Chaille, i;,,>, Organdies, ItoDe- -,j,,. P '. ' OUK White & L3ne« . Line _ ^ U1 be found Iris Table Cloths, Cra Counterpane, Embr CLOTH Jean.q, Ac. ' Eaue3, DP,,J, I ' N OLJU Shawl* and ^3^ 1859. IS39. TIME i\OUTI!KU;\ TRANSPORTAtlON COMPANY Win, during the present Season, run their iwoll " known and popular Line of First Class Screw Steamers, ' " IN LIQUID 1TION Bargains in Dry tinodt THAT IMHESBK STOCK OF : Mall. Bap. Bridie, depart fcio' A. if. •Detroit, depart..— ....'. 7rf» *Oiwexo" arrive '10:50 .Bt. Johns,' 'arrive.. .12:1(5 . Grand Eipld'. arr. •Urand Eaten, arr.... , 3:10 .. S:0» f. ! A If : " Mnwankee,'an1ve..:.-..... ! . 2:51 Mixed.: A. K. ' . T.X. iso •'7:40 ; A. K..:2:SO ' 4^0 •! Tfoon. i 12:00 i; 1030 r.u. ii' : qo ; i. st. lo^a 4^0 . Noon.' 12:00 Wo. 187 E? »t Water Street, MOST BE CLOSED OBT NUBIA TT|eFAOLT having been made Jnthe .condition of a iTT f"** I °P r <"ni««'ry 1 note, bearing date Beoember .-, executed by W.B-Htbbard ^Bd Jol»n B. Harris, and also te the condition of a wrtaln vessS ^ 5? ""w^ata executed byeaid HIbbard 'osecuretbepaymentofaaldaote. Notice by given to an parties (ntewsted that we shall f°r Bale and sell -on Tuesday, the Cthday of * ,& D o» 1 , 859 ' *'*'*<***• '"«» Wenoonofthat day, at the^prtogstreet bridge, In the city of Jdllwan- kee, file Schooner William H. fitephens, tier naMa, bowsprits, calls, boat,, anchor, -cables, and all other necessaries thereunto appertaining and belonging, to satisfy the amount remaining due .on aald note and mortgage together with the costs and expenses of sale. MOSE8A, JAMeg.anfl JOSEPH JAMES, " ^ *»•— J» ' Mortgagee*, 0 _ _ JBy W.TT, BBO*JC, Agent, i "OTUSJ.BDTIWOI * Coniutu Attorneyj. mayz9-dtt * KGYPT GBEXOX, ITOB&x Alio. large varfety of new American Views. Hew and very desirable Werof Btereosooplc Jnstro. ments. styles of gtereosoople ICELAND ft CO., Booksellers and Stationers, WISCONSIN For sale at febl» • BEPOBTS 8TBICKLAJJD4CO, 134 East Water itreet; PIKE'S PEAK. A NEW H^, »howl»g the Jlonte to gions la Kansas, just received by febl» *# . eTRICKLAND 4 CO., 18« Bait Water itreet. fHE NOTICE- * INSPECTOR OF FISII, ' -Oocncll ofthe.Clty of ' let of Jtbe Infill ; BY THE AS&I«Nli,K ; . -so- (ireat Bargains maj be Expected. aprlT-dtf JOSEPH CAB1T, Assignee, GOING EAST: OGDKNSBIJRGH &OSWKGO, AND THE I7PPF.R I.AKES ! Forming a Seml-Weckly line: between OgdensburRb and Oiswego, and Chicago, MUwaukec aad InteTnifiiale 1 orts, connecting at Ogdenjburgh »it}i the OGDEN3BDRGH i YEEMOST CEJiTKAI/KAILHOAD EOUTE, Between Ogdensburgh, Burllnglon, ConcorJ -JI»n- chester, Nashua, Lawrence, Lowell, Worcester and Boiton, and at Oswcgo with the New O3Weg» Line of Thirty First Class Csnil Boats on the Enlarged Canil between '••••'. ° > 0»wc£o,6Troy, {Albany & New Vork, i , iOonnectlng also at Dunkirk with 2TKW .YORK AND RAILROAD, And forming a Tri.We*kly Railroad LU, e between Dunkirk, MilwaHkee & Chicao, BARNES BKOTHERS •NO. 6 ALBANY BLOCK, WooJJ Invite the attention of the trade to their»c and superior stuck. 6( SADDLERY HARDWARE —AMD- TRIMMINGS Patent and Enameled Leather, EnjmeleJCiotli3, all qualities, j. Whips, Horso Covera, Kly ne(3, 4c. Oarriaga Springs, Axles, Slalleable Iroa, Ac., ; BfiTff, Felloi*, 3polte.j, : "' Shift.), Uubi, io , Of the best El3t;ra^;Inb^^. 2OO S^,<3.c3.3.©s, Just re«<ived froa ona of ihe ]jr»wt Eastern manufactories, the quality *n*i workmanship anaarpadaett, to which we would invite special attention. HT" ,0ur stock throughout will l>e faund curapiete and oirjrea a: the lowest prices. BARNES BROTHER:;, mayi^S MicW^an at , oppotlto '^ewhait H.^u?^. of 1858. JOBBING DEPARTMENT ''"* C?IU ''U.1LL7 3-TJU. or .,, ,.„_ DBY GOODS Io CHEAP FOR CASH 100 FAAULIES rj for sale, *^»r itfercd i Merchandise, marked **TV T PBESS," wiU be forw.r.dtd fro^ N « JWfc. o«r Milwaukee, depart ........ Grand B»plJs,arr...... . Bt. Johns, arrive............ Oir oiio, arrive. •Detroit, irfiT*....;... Bus. Bridge. arriTe......... Mail *xpr's P.M. - A. X.'., 8:00 , . 4.-20 6:40 ,7:55 . 11:40 T. V. . 9*5 JILteii 'Eipr's. B:SO ' : 9:5s] 11.-20 i A; K. : 4:00'] And promptly forwarded from Dunkirk} J. Mvsss, Agent N. T. Co., 177 Broadway, New York. J.JL. WARMB, Agent N. T. Co., S Cantles Slip, New York. Cots. S.TAVMS, corner 6th and Chesnut it., PhUa. io i. M. 1:18 2.-20 UNITED STATES MAK8HAJ/S XhefarmersLoanArTmstCom'l . . pany, '• vs. TheHIlwaulfee 4 Superior Rail- ChrUtlanHahmand Gottfried Wootach. day of March, 18 ! reby gives notice that* wei a.M v< k.- > y dealing in H«h to give notice to the Ins Walker's CROSSE AND MILWAUKEE RAILrROAD , COUNSKLliOfi® AT LAW, ratlTCHEtt^S BANK BOIX.DINC, Water and JfUM0anJto., xqua tROM DEPOT FOOT OF PHKSTNUT «TEttT; " * r ' *&S 'JL. JHL and 1:5O P.M. A. Close con AND 2:36 F. JM» A Swain,, OF THELATEFIEMOF/ MAG IE ' WniL remain ^ to wnie tbefrajrona. of the establishment. In the cause, and described as i "All tto~ touSEfcpSt'St and to fntore to be acquired, real-and perSnal prope?! tyand real estate ol the said defendanCtte MUwankw ss^M^^s right of way, —• •—• - ; * -™ on Saturdays -— -• -— —w» >WT V WU !->MUmiJ». -• ' . - • i > Tralni leave termini dally, Sundays erceptid.j THE TELEGRAPH LINE Is now open for PtmuoBn- : SIVCSS. i • • - • i . ! . l CONNEOTIONsf " i i . AT DETBOI-r-GaEAT WESTERN BAltWAY Points East-MIOHIGAN CESTKAt an£ ,.. a. D. CAinwnx, Agent, Dunkirk; H. Y. ttuinjaus,' CaiwrORD 4 Co., Cleveland, Oj Jons Hocmo, Agent N.T. Co., 95 State it., Boston. ™ 138 EAST WATER STREET, MILWAUKEE,... WISCOX&IX Manufacturers and WKoUsalt and Retail DtaUri i ".a.'aor,,. ,n 10tn r,,C rn " '^/wr 1 " 8 , 10 "? Md "bor'aow .^^^Jsr^-r SSSr^-- " '"--11 O'.j '••>,! i»-,rraut,..i not : O.V ild :, ar . i:r, m ilc« , : , •,,,!. 1 "J.V pr-plni , K. itiiD, ThirJ -- ^ =^o it U r. Alcott'i Ura-~*, ' lairj ltr "' ! . G WAS;'^^-;MK'' MM ^'- sprlj-jtf ' ' Hr ^"o". 15c per ,,««. J. F. CacBCH, Agent, House's Point, N. f. Q«o. PiEUB, Agent,0gdensburgh, N. TT. B.B. D™f- T> MUwMt «' HI» ? office LaCro,se * M J. II. CRAWFORD, f .i,, >> O. J. HALE, "" L -}:.. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, » il ov, ' <"Soe near M. A M. K.B. Depot, i «-.f--Snippers are requested to see one of the above .^^^t??"^ «»«"«»» " they are prepared iiw, mnu tneir connections with the ^fS? L 7 ? 0 ^' »?il especially with for Porla on : Laks Mlciigan. •nd . West and with Steamers ™. marlS-dSm-lastwlaw , defendants Stewart, Allardlnft Hahm Wootsch. or either of them, maTnavTnad, »t tt of making said decree, to land upoa which a»U ^UfJfe"V*l Ioc * ted Mi "«»•. »=4 tor whlco comptosatlan has been made to tocm,) together «th the sapentrnetore and track thereon, and all rails and other matetUOi rued thereon, bridges, Passeogm for Great Railway go on thriEall- way F«a»T Snunn, at D. * U. E. Dock» leavlnff! "ock at 8.-00 A. K , «?<» Noon and I-Mp. * le ? TWg ; NIOHTtaAlNS have BLEJePINH ClES attached. 8 ^«^W««3r'»»m«-TabIe.canbehad Many pfthe Oen'l Bop't. BOOTS. THK GKNUINE ARTICLE" : i MASOTAOTCHED BY . J; Q iH N P H A L E N , mHB only one authorbed to manufacture the abVoe ,*B. named Boots, at -•-.--.! i 72 EAST WATER STREET. /'ThePhalen Boot is one of the'most unique and efe- Eant coverings for the fiet that has ever been Invented. They are.made of the best of stock-and most finished workmanship, and are warranted to cure Corns, Bun-Ions, Swelled Feet, Swelled Head, RhumstismT Gout, '"HOtJSES TO J i W E have several Brick and Frame'Houses torrent ,on very reasonable terms. : Wt have also for sale? avaatquantrtt or real estate, constating7f HoUSi y u t improvee and onlmprovsd Farms, School ; Lands, IT .^'""MACTes near th» City, with House, Barn «., for Ihe jm»ll rent of 430 usd taxes. • ' mayl JMKast Water Street, h . , _-- B ^nt for these latt Invented Boots in Ihls^Clty. Is to be found:at 72 East Water it.', wlfere, also, may be found a general assortment of < r BOOTS A: SI1013S, OA1TERS, &c., rorOentleman and Ladles that there Is In this market' all manufactured under.the supervision of thesubscri- ber. ;• [may£5] JOHN PHALEN. W OULD respectfully announce to their old customers, that they still continue to fceep the lar-est and best selected Stock of Goods ia their line to be found In the State, and will conduct their business, is heretofore, with the Intention of giving aatiiOiction — To as many new customers is may feel inclined to give us a call, we would say one of our ftnn resides \n jiew York, and w« have faculties for lha purchase »nd manufacture of goods that can not be excelled. W e &ra » all times ready to take advantage of Eastern Markets, and have been enabled to. reduce 'the price of many kinds of goods, whlca we «hill continue to sell at- the lowest prices In We4>ro V^rketa. Wo are constantly, receiving addition] to oar stoci, and! will keep It so .complete is to be able »t ail Ume3 to Oil on!er« for any kind of Saddlers', Carriage Trim- r^.-ri.' , , irunV- Makers'Stock, and will do so In a man- nei. ,iu s'Vc aiimactlon in respect to quality and prices. We also keep an assortment of Bent stuff, Poles, Shafts Felloes, Spokes, Hubs, Ac., Ac., and have constantly on hand.onwlll make wcnier, any kind of Coach, Car rlage, Wagon or leao Harness. Call ana see for yourselves. no Carpenter, Jotaer and C JE H^^i-;^----;:™;, ^^^^SSr^^^- such aa the erection of <m ' 1 lo a " ">rk ,u Sit i !a! .. ^NG HOUSES WAREHOUSES ii rent* and .Income to b«"L« frtwi,ina«lt e«riKir»t« ana other .,™«u«ni »ndjprivne£fe»ofih«wia Baflroad <toihST 'or'eoncwBlBgttesam*."' ' , v«m p »nyi 1011] 8TATK Of WISCONSIN, ' 1 Circuit Oourtj Milwaukee County, I Meye^Shoyer,, J ." fa—" g0lED [. Vanacr. J to JtW -.ttRUlCMkiQ: ' the Oolm.y'fef Milwaukee *od Bute of Wlacwi- •- WESTfiBJSiJi^a^H I s, •*']}!• - ^-ftaXIhru s^«-;^-^ -> _. j|yrt.?Sp^°^Stt« D r»nd' tbt<&w5 f &auSZiu. ^i^iSffawi fie Hie & Pleasure Excursions! BROCK WAY'S LINE : ,':• • :' .. : .—OF- ' - • •..-•'.--. ORtNlBUSSlilS AND HACKS. T>ASTIES wishing to engage Backs or Omnibnses for X the purpose of visiting the Gardens or for Pic Nle Parties, cjfi be supplied with first claii rehiclesnn Iho shortest notice and moil reasonable terms; A Una of ;OinlboB!ej will commence running on the 1st of June for Forest Home, leaving Van C«tt's corner at»i. M. and 9r.x^ The Omnibus for Wauwatosa leaves Van Colt's atl2tl.andfip.if. :*T.B ROCKWAY, 1 may20-dlm Foot of Mason street. REMOVAL SV . F . , B A Y' L E Y Has removed to his old stand, fO.T ISO EAST WATER {STREET, :l(Ofpositt J. 2f. BonmtccPi Ery Qoodn Stort,) And 1 having made, such additions to hl3 4 facilltles for executing t 1 I N E IP O R T R A'l T S I As io enab'e him to say to the public with confidence lat he Is now prepared to furnish them with every de- Irable style or Plctara known to tha community, and at such Astounding Low Prices as to defy competition, for example, Daguerrolypes tor 19* Cts. Caps aad S{raTT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, WATER .WISCONSIN. SIGHT ANJD HEARING SIZE F1XQTOGKAPHS For only |1,00 tha flrjt one, ; and Me for the Dupllcntes inELAlNEOTYPES, AMBROGRAPHS At din fact every other style of picture, at corres- ': '.- ponding low prices, " IMPERIAL PHOTOGRAPHS, Colored la either OU of .Water Colors, and finished In •• thehlgheststylsof thaA«4 - , , * THE STEELOTli PE, A"new and popular'style-ot Picture, Colored In Oil which far excels In Accuracy, BoldneM and Beauty of flnlah,any; other Picture ever offered td the Public — Theso Pictures navn only to DQ seen to b» admired. All Who are desirous df saving money ar» respectfully solicited to call and examine Specimens at tha 01< Stand, • • . - . . , , - . No. IW-Sost Wattr strttt, MUwautee. WUcoatin . marlS-dflm W. F. BAYLEY, Aitlat.& __ ATLANTIC CABLE FALL U ai? J for 1SSS, on VTl-JL3v*, . Water 8 a,, , al , stvl Beeho .t Co o ,7^ el B. THUOOI 1 . fT1H2 public -i. and mi equal if HL. .._, . adapted to ChorSieir JIoteta,'"»lo"es,' Scadlntr' Koomi" o-'-— DweUinKS, itaiiroad L'ar,, ic., Ac. A trial mil lolic is now favtsreil with the BKST, 8A7SST most KCONOMJ«.VL WillT ever produced not .superior to thu beat Coal S.IM. it i, /\ <*>,».-,...- ,r._. . . . -. . _ _ ,~ ... " " '•* Private the Principal Towns in Marquis, Architect, JU&KAU, BLOCK* - J SS-Sf^F^I^F^ss %Esgs^***&««p* i 'a^ni».«ili.B ?«,»• «.^V«W J «-^ **- — nt^fc --- - t ^. "^l . " t * «4 ^nWDDvuWieu*"* ' " • M r- «ervi«w are appre- Is, that h« Is dally vecelvlae new plalfents front y, and diamaisinf , *«• ouwd, hta . ~ . ..-...:. , ; . Is reijulred fo^aa ezaminaUeQ or crplnlon^— 0»'oi-»Bfvlee»e>a»«re«so« ««octfgVi,aj will »hea tba .patient Is received HUt» Sxtra Kuajlr gloaj ETJHH4 *OR. F. A; CADWELfc, i formerly ot Toronto, at?., now of'Chlcago.Ill the' ^ ^eminent ao4 skinful operator mo the , ' ." ' " : No. $9 tonaolph, corner of Dearborn street Is AN1V:SCOTLAN1) FOS $30. - '• J ''.: The powerful Irp CITY OF BALTUIOHE, •'•"• CITY 01 WA3HIN6TON. Will sail: from New rprijor, Cork .direct snd thence • ' - . to Liverpool, 'The CITX OIMANCHESTEB ana TOO will sail from BEUAfT and COKK to New York once a Month. •;-;/»'|'V.'; ;B»te,of Passage, from New Tork . • : "'.;T<> Cork, Liverpool and the principal towns In .,--... jIBELiNDi ENSLANDA30SCOTLAND: Cabin,.... .|75...... .....'..."..... ..Third Class. ...J80. tif" Faisengers forwarded to Havre, Antwerp, Bramen afid Hamburjr for $?8 In Cabin, $39 Third Ciaja. TO PARIS (In Sihoura front Liverpool,) Cabin |S5; . . .. firsons wishing to send for their friends can obtain Certificates of passage from CORE or BELFAST to NBWVOttK for «30, from UVKaPOOL?*). for passage apply toBi J. Oortls 4 Co., ITT Broadway, ?. Y., John G. Dale, 15 Broadway, N. Y^ or to ; ; -.-.•. . . - : EBWTHY wi -'n -•••• K- iv , . - H. B-— PMsengars by thla Line avoid tha risk and ta or plic pi aoe O f biulnes or all kinds for sals • 3nUola ' baroimJ aigit - Coffln Trlm - P R S A JL, K C I-I K A P uad e r3lffued will ,«U. fonr- BlllarJ Tables T/BUTS, City '

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