Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 22, 1930 · Page 5
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 5

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 22, 1930
Page 5
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ne »«*nt «n thi IP m that keep out of o the in ot to them In ecome mor* the methods of th» P co-opwulon CT fl city offioUh in nn of tho country IB hlbltlor taw. ared it was eat uticura. ' Htnpfcs. XbM to wer* mostly in If th*y wer* IM* wt* , Ohio. Sample ««h tie*. lows that tASTINO kt Ray. f-ett* you it tobac- EN--' ^^M lot »« harm* Irrhatlon b« t -t UECATUR HERALD WEDNESDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 22, 1930. DECATUR HERALD (furry Yerkes Presents His New Orchestra Over Colombia Chain; Chicago Radio Show Broadcast their debut over Uw ·» » o'clock thl. th» ptogram. Four will hav« then i of "Jwa America," :«wBh«nlc Jft/i oonipo»ltton by Al- ILrtChlfi"»rilll. which has not been Tuttd «ln«o '*» flMt P" bu ° prw ' Son l» A*o!l«m Hall, New fork, in iwa, l» taw ol the«« fit progrftin will bo TIKG n ( ' ' f U M j t Mlmut tn I WHIi I MI 'f»mli*urm Uilnoi Mil froti, 1 iCntilut 'f» J 8Bi»rw««M« I flllHlO'* (!}BH)lMUy | i(uiti*l miiiM'iiiii '(111! 1 Qnt tit "finiiuKtHir Rbylhin from I fuliio's I" ft MftflomUt, tKilu tr fonit"«*f Hi"' ttniili at ' J«« ^^^^ Joins Ilonni M*k«i* Duncan, vctbrun actor toil jwduei]* 1 an*! brothor of the lit* I»W*fw Duncan, has Joined tho itiff »f tht National Itndlo Homo* Uik« u tUfdctor «t pronrnrn* (vii tht Columbia network anl WABC. Mr. ftincan wo* born on April 17. jIB, In San Prenetoeo. Mis stags bogiin whon ho was twnnty old. fl* ft nwmlMir o( n stock wy In Jtonry Ouy failnton's "To Katly Tiwihle'. If« mndo Mo lint apponrnnce In Nsw York it Rlthnri Mansfield'* protluotlon of M*nry V Ha appaurod In th« ·Bonfllt Btlcr Buoh", and ui i xr of th» Fwttlclit Wllnor, Com- t«tsr ho polndd the Charted Iva Cobuin'n 8hftl(*spMH ean C'oni(innv n* dliortor nnd nctor. Afttr ipendinpt sonto time tbcoirf Mr. Duncan r« turned to Am«lct to appear In, M» il»ter Is I In "Ondlputi Tl«x". Hi also (oc Wlnthiop Ai««». Wnltor Klch/ird Harndon nml tilt Thoalifl Oulltl and dli«ct«d nanr play* Including "John For«u ion" by St John TCrvlnfc nnd 'Th« ftitt Unit" bv Eugen* O'Neill i;entt Annette Hnnwlinw, contralto wll rtpe»t h« lntcrpr»tatlon «f th Jtnct halt idrl's lumnnt, "T»n Contd t Dante." a« A rwiue*t featdru over tni NBC Otnln at 4 o'clock ttiln ove- Frank parkor tonoi , Billy bl« oiulientra, find Gorman are in the proitruw thluh follows i l ilwtn' tl *n tot Unity -Oi hnrtia ! Att ll.H 1 1 l.rno to Mdko roil MupDir--ritrtiir I Jwt n T.lttlu fJloHur-- Oprtw«tf» ( T«i C*ntn ^ lmnc»-- Mmmhuw t Re»min' ihroiiKh ) h p Uont H-- PUT* IT I Of fnr*fii Wtlh Thcto ItjWu-- Croh. Mint, t SnMfl utritnlitr PiifiX-- ll*n«h»w I Out ot · Cl*nr Alii* t«kr-- Of«ht»lr» 14*** Undo Quln'H Punch and Judy ibvw ovar WON, AIM* W Andy ovor WLW. Th» Crockett family present* tnftram of "hill-billy" wings over WAIU. WFTJM and KSCJ, Brtwltoff «nd Wa orchestra will prtuent a ehoit program o* lively done* melodlis over, The Mlectlonn will bo J. It's a Great life, /ioni "Playboy I A Plaoti of ft Pair, from "Follow "rtirc»tf(h", I That's My Sweethe 4 Sing a Happy 1 title ( Wondering Whv UXTRA. ILovwV Molotly, Lll and Ulyn^fH. will tnt«r upon an umisuitl ndventuie »h«n tl«.y itreot listener* ovor WHICC WHK, WMAQ and KMOX Little Ulysies who hait boen getting TilmsoK Involved In tnanv sit- tMttonii becatine of hlu parslHtent question*, ovutritnp his marh on Ihlt * W-Tho Dic-ft-Ooo enterlalnericwlll n program by a piano tluo, Radio Dealers* Daily Directory guide btt vhith to RADIO SERVICE « All HKT* FRANK SCHUERMAN mm r. llnroln VAI.UK 1'LWSt Sityertone RADIO H«M th* N«w i Now On Ulsptey , ROEBUCK * CO. HI South Mnln 8t DECATUR'S MUSIC CHP.R uuss DECATUR MUSIC SHOP «. William it Community Chest "Voice" Is To Be Heart Over Radio The "Volcu of Community ChoKt" will be broudottst over radio station WJBL uvtry ovonlng nt 1:*B o'clock, oQimunity Ch«at hoatlquuitore an- touncatl Tuesday aftetnoon. The ' t piogr*m WM blond oust Tuet- Idy evening, Jouy Burton. mnnoKer of tho ra- dig broiukusUnft station ttere, comei from Tot re Haute whore ho hod «x- norienco with brotulcaBtlng In con- nouUon wltli Community Cheat pro* Jeotu Mr. Burton hns voluntoeted the vloe ot the station for a short period each evening. The name of tho peison who will become the "voice" up to and during the Chtst Cfcmpfclfii) will not be revealed, ohwt offIc lila said Tuesday Etpeclal piosrams are being planned each evening by Mr, Burton to use th« "vokft", to entertain, and to bring a Chest menange to tho radio audience . 4 ,-,..., WJBL PROGRAMS ttleo, -- too 'Jlmg Tunu» At4(V-- Iwlllelit OfB*n Hniltnl (li tl^*talfK9tti(l Jtv^or^llrvi, nt4 it-- World Kuok Mnn ItftO-- Mrs Men Viatic dole" WlUnilur Illit-- Olll IlOlllltUi) 11 HUH flnlultll 111* -llniiy QlugmlutHt 1'ulliu- V G 1'kkntll Cor ml Cllf--DjRltilHIIir 1U!) KlliliaU Wuo Alv«r tn Pluhorty niil.'B HtriiKB" Prollo n K TtombflnUt 1|IO -.J^ -- Kl(t!l Off Mvialiii 1)011 -(! Multllll)! th C'tdl.llfllll UtO»-- t o l l y K rintin Spcul Oil*-- ( llnini athool · MB-- Km I] ill" 10 1 M- Ilotmuhfllrt Chut! IOHS-- Hlvto ItliitM t Id, tml tl(i 1!|M~1 nrm lloiit H l W - (ll«i IWMHl iiiilth 1*1 nn« IIWV M l r l n t n H W l i l i Mini tiff Utllr ft girl's trio, ti mixed octet, and Sttx Smith and bla Carallera over KWK. T,SD--Nate SHllktet's otchestra will a ronrert, featuring Royal , baritone, and Henry M Ntely HB master of cetemonioa, ovei KSD, WOW, WON, WHO and WOC '0»_Muriel and prcucnt ft «ioup ol I'Oddi nntt InMttiPiontal duo num- ben ov*r WJZ. Thd Chlcnjto LIKIe Symphony or- ehc«tra, dli ected by George Duiohi prssents a conceit evur KSD, WOCJ, WHO and WOW. Kuth Hnnna Molormlch -will moke * «4tmpalgu addron* over WON. heard by tuning In KSCJ or KMBC M:lS-Th.B Radio Household Inull- tut* cornea In over KSD uid WCW. MiMMCarolyn Cornell will dlscusa "underwear to order" over KSCJ and KUBC. 11;»--Countess Olga Heaolago Al banl, soprano, and Fred Hufsmlth, will give a program of vocat and Instrumental numbers oror KYW, KSD, WLW and WDAF. J. 0, Clarke, chief of the centra) Utotrlot of th« (god and drug ad- mtnistratlon, will be hekrd In tallt on food adulUratlona and Mrs, Rowena Sohmldt Catpcnter will give b«r weekly Fatm and Home hour talk over KDKA, KFKX, KWK, WHO and WOW. 11:30--The Manhattan Toweis or- choatra may bo heard In a program ol dance music by dialing KSCJ or KMBC. 13180--June Meredith will give a pi ano concert over KSD, 12:10--"Bualnesa Toduy and Tomorrow" will be discussed In the Merchants' association luncheon. Speakers are Metlo Thorpe, ID. E Shumaker and Lincoln Ciomwoll, This program will be on WbN and WTAM 1J:3»--Haiold Starn'u AmbaaaBdor oieheatra -will broadcast over WHEC Tho Brako Conceit ensemble a the Blacks tone String quintet will give a luncheon concert over WON. lilS --The Home Music leaaon will b* conducted by Harriet A. Seymour oror WE^P and KSD. 1!W--Tho Melody Thr*o string trio and Stella Wronn, conttalto, will be heard over WWJ, KSD and WEIAF. aslS--Rlchmdson Wright will discuss "Roses aa a Recreation" ovei KDKA :3»--"The Larboard Watch" will bo played at) a tiumpet and trombone duet by Johnny Wolfe and Jarou- lav Cltnera In the Chicago Serenade that may bo tuned In ov«r KBKA, KJK, WLW, or WLS The detailed program follows: 1 Wlna Womon ftud PIIV--orelLQHtra " Larbostd Vntoh--dtlot I Unddr tlio tiiuvon--oicUontra E IlurtcUfio--\lnllu »o!» V/ Hurry Kot njoiuom Tlmo--«ishuBtia T, Whan You nut) I Wurs Young, t Faiatla o( thn Woodnn 3oIJIqr», » I'm Ijimnlne n Lot dom Tou (r»m ^T^ovn In tlii Jtouvh '. 10 Ailtonn.--on lioHira 3:00--Nat Brusiloff anil hl» oichostta broadcast over KMOX and KSCJ. ' v 'off and his orchcs- tta broadcast over KMOX and KSCJ. 4'00--Tho Dean Slaieis, Welcome Lewis, RobcLt Simmons, Walter Proston and Hugo Marlanl's ot chostrn will be heatd over WEAF and KSD Don Catloa and hi a marimba band, and Alesalo Parcels, soprano, ·will be heard In a Brnrl I Ian-American progiam over KDKA and WLW, 4:SJ--Stock moikct find agileulturnl upoits ovei WJZ 8,3(t--nultKild Werroniath and Billy Hughes, bailtonci, Mnry McCoy, ttoprano; Wlllard B obi neon and hli Deep Elver otchestia; Hcty- ton and Scbutt, piano duo; a malo chords of 18 voices, and Charles Pievon'u otchestiu enteitalns over KDKA, WI^W, KYW and KWK «:!»--Oliver Palmer, soprano; Elizabeth Lennox, conttalto; Paul Oliver, tnnoi tho Revelers; Lowh Jamws and Jamsn Melton, tfnors, Klllolt Shaw, baritone; Wilfred Ol«n, basti, In a program directed by Ou*tnro Maenschen will bioad* past over WON, KSD, WOC and WOW. 0:M--With (irnhum McNomee pre- shllnjr BS announcer, Mai Stevens, Yule football conch -will be Inter- vlflwad by Oiantland Klce, Chester Oayloid -will Blng solo* and T,eonard Joy'» otchestra will btoadcast ovcc WSAT, WOC, KYW, KSP, WHO and WOW. tO:M--Vincent Lope* and hli Hotel St Regltf oichoatin btoadoast over WHO, WOW nnd KSD. 10:S» _ GDnevlevo Tobln, star of "B:o«dwny" and "The Trial of Mary Dusan " will be Interviewed bv Will Wing, vnlter of Hollywood gaaatft, dutln^ tho bioadcast of Ctillfornlit Mfloclloj fiom Lot) An- gnliiH ovor ^VFBM, KSCJ and WCCO Jnck Al!ln and his llole) Pcnn- tiylvuiilnN ovor WJSAI'' Amoa 'n' Andy over WMAQ, KWK, WTMJ, KYW, and KTHS, Jl'OO--Ouy Lttmbiitrio and bis Royal Canadian* present dnnco rausk over WABC. WIXK WEAN and WNAC 11:30--Hotel Governor Clinton or chestra broadcs^tit aver WEAF, WKC, WWJ and WPJC, Ihuraday Morning Felbol will give an otgn reveille of populat music over KSCJ and KMBC I'M -Vlnc«nt Sorey's orchestra may bo heaid in "Tho Melody Paiade" ovei K3UJ and KMBC, »tW Dan Stetvsrt will ctoon "Morn- Ing Melodleti" over WOY, WOC and WHO, B;W* -Ray Perkln*, novelty vocalist, I* heard twice weekly, on Thursday and Friday mornings tn comedy song! and humorous chatter over KDKA, WLW and WIBO. 9:W-Ida Bailey Allen, In the National Radio Honie-Mikkera hour, w(l) dltiouss the Importance of adequate tables In the interest of efficiency In horneo. This program comes over KMOX and KSCJ Paulino Haggard will sing and a woodwind orchestra, directed by Thomas Neely will play over KYW and WOW, W iW--Emery Deutach and hi* Col umbl* Salon orchestra may b« fotia/s Cross Word Puzzle t 1M*, TIM Bill ifwtk***, IM.) ^ 7T li fr*. 71 1-- Butr»nooil £-- Utopian. 9-- pwiMkga lor ·rooke 11 -- Cogaltant 1( -- 8ph«re It-- A m o 4 i AOIIOHS ( n b b r 4)--Touns uiltnul 41--For vxunpla 45--.mokfl fttftokn lit--putlny ""fllcolTie of wttlah IB thg vonlta of ln* lltornl ttnnft 1J-- A p p i o T o and nnnctlim levant Ion :t~-Ta pJdod out iC--Shall ttmt fallj to a* plod* 28--Hpoili 38--Beam it--Voh union t 31--Fool «--Criminal 35--Antftrlik tl--Daubed mill tft--OIOBO frltnd i Xonenmr) 4--flolf «*--Mwnors 01 ir*t (0--Tlpptnj. 61--At nil [4--Unit SJ--Kicl»m»iton 16--JB«v«rBi[« Ed--B u t) t o a ftttm of J t 4 V g dlLtllll (rum mi Impoi tnnt avftnt S--Affirmation W-itop 4J*~l*All}tloUI 6S~Ch»tt«tur KT--Attnck *(--Alllulo Of f'l'l.l 7»--Aot forbljdi i) by l«w, 71--Fuml opldtmlo rilAPMia 74--Rmi To--Pin t-boltiun DOM *--Grand chaplain (abbr} pro* I-- unueuiil 3-- Glvo now Itfo to. J-- ruttitrly 4-- 'Numerical fix t-- '10X00 Ufa I-- flea ongl* II -- It* contltuatu -- 'Drottii 10 -- ISuroiwan cap- Itnt tl-- Diamond ID lit natural atnto IS -- trspoctoil H-- SJnl»m under 1« -- uutd* at isen- fly IB^^ntlor* 1 tat*p DO«:r 33--PomiH Jj-- OHHt 1!--CmnpUM point }»--Not nt home 43--inciting pity, «--VOUIIK find. IT--precitiiioui is--Suto (ulilir) 4fr--ltok Blvnllaf to ti--Sniliari 1 El--Wind (combining form), E(-~On the aummlt at 64--1C lid Inn ot tilt mporUth* 67--Bo ft It. so--Curv* 01--rormit In Your Kidneys .»d Bladder iboold be dMdnd M once. H't dM- gftma to neglect tbm wtrninf DUM, Night rising, back-adiM, bunilnc patM can turnlh; b* cjoieklr nUrreo by M(BC Suital MWy (DM) all OTW the world for nearly · cem- tvry). Get MUM fmn your fltnggitt *t oae*. (MM.NOKJB RADIO GENERAL MOTORS RADIO CORPORATION ANNOUNCES THE APPOINTMENT OF Bachman Company, Inc. N. Main Street AS THE EXCLUSIVE , GENERAL MOTORS RADIO DEALER FOR DECATUR YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED TO A SPECIAL PRESENTATION OP THE NEW GENERAL MOTORS RADIO NOW IN PROGRESS AT THE SHOWROOM AT THE ABOVE ADDRESS COME IN TO SEE THE FINE, HANDSOME PERIOD CABINETS AND HAVE A DEMONSTRATION OF RADIO'S NEWEST DEVELOPMENT . , THE VISUAL TONE SELECTOR A FEATURE OF EVERY MODEL S T A N D A R D O P Q U A L I T Y DECATUR DRY GOODS Ci I THURSDAY Ston for Ml Bloomcft ·trip* MBOBMM Mtemwt with ootor. IteM M toM. fflmt flM» IOC Site Toilet Soaps oo 3 for U Th* Dcoofw Dry Ceotf* Co, h ThtTaUtTalkof AllD»catm\ OLOVM Button «r knit wttet, thtokiy Hoed; »|| itow for oMMrm, --H»t n»tr GOWNS 1C ntftit »wn»- ptnk wd WM «lrip«4f nwtt* um AM iM *!·«·, Thunday! JliWt Winter OVERCOATS Featuring the W*w Plto P»brie WinUr Co«tl A Pttihtent WJBIMT of Stylg The pile coat hoj been-accepted by ( well dreaaed m«n ui the mo*t lm , portont of vporta garnMnta. We hav* It In fleecy warm and light-weight fabrlo In natural camel hair tan . . , full belted mode]!). All lined. Double brea«ted . . . the pile coat In the one coat that l« ae long wearing aa It I* attractive. Other Wtntw OvtrMMt* ranting from $»,« to $19.00 , Mn'* Work SHIRTS tiood '·quality blue; Chambray--full cut, I well raad*,» special 24c. Blxei 141 to IT. l --First Floor 1 »»TM« v vmwvu JACKETS Fleeced line* Jack- at* In gny and ten| heather, b u t t o n ! front, ribbed bottom' -Special Mo. Blaesj M to «. i, \VE ARE ^ ready to Outfit your Boy and Girl For. School GOATS Nicely tailored. pllo fabric with* auede belt*, coatj tor dras* a n d ^ school wear Attractive red, blue and tan colors OIHIX' DRESSES Edeul for School-Jersey*, 2 piece-- :weed«, Smartly tailored in red, blue and green-- fllzes 7 to U yra nitiiA Kr»mi DRESSES Newest printi and 1 plain colon, one a n d two-piece ityle effect*; sit- M 2 to t and T to If years. nftvw A O LUMBERJACKS Alt wool, pretty, plaid, with I waist band, ilies I to IS years. The; price Is only We --Second Floor' cmMHtrv* PAJAMAS Heavy q u a l i t y f l a n n e l e t t e , In blue and pink, atripee, Sixes *2| to S years. --Second Flonr BOTH 1 flMM'Hir.l A NEUETS H e t v v «ua11 helmrte. w l foifflet Uwt c be wtorn with or. without; all «l to 14 yews. K» WM« tl'TIN FLAKNEL Waihes * n d i weare well. Pot eomtortera and yowne, In white and fancy; special, yard, I7e. " Alt linco "p" quality o r t i h toweling- Bleach* ed or unbleached with OoM, Green. Blue, ROM border M IN. woitm PERCALES N«w f l o r » l , i check*, atripet, In light and dark patterns, tot lie « yard. Our regular quality -- Heavy I white «)at«4 «4l cloth and pretty j printed dMriftu Ftatnw « proof,! bin* Md wMte 1 ·trip*, tin* quality, ratd, «t Me. onlyj 4tnM MKIt . PILLOW OASES BlMCtMd MttMl Pillow CUM --1 iwctlr htmmed-- ·IMW Kovdty Rajon. ·PFMM In AOM.I OTMM, BhM, O«M J «r Otchld, BMl- 1 |of*4 ·*«·, ftonl RAtOM, ObotM of m»»,, OoU, Bhk,OM (MUM. RftT ·UtehaA «dt*i -Lace Cnttaln PaiMit { 5*Piece Ruffle Curtain Sett 42 Inch Shadow Ue* Twlovtd Buick 2J yards long! Rufflt Mt» of Voile or Mtrqumtto with ttncy v»J ··nee. Choice of colon, Chok* otc, ·_0MMMM' ·uMFAnwoot DOUBLE BLANKETt tfcM I DouM*, part wool -- IUM bloefc patterns ot Mut, ·««,' grow, row or oreMd. l l B I . , _ . "M»i f t bottttt. !·!· priM ; *\IIH't-ica'S P i o n f ,11 J i ' r s t ' l Ims; S t o i c SPAPFR .FWSPAPFR1

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