The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 16, 1923 · Page 12
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 12

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 16, 1923
Page 12
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• MONDAY, JULY 16, 1923 THE HUTCHINSON NEWS PAGE THIRTEEN. MUST PRODUCE , THE CASH NOW Checks Don't Go for Auto Licen­ ces With New County Treasurer. Frank Lewis, newly appointed coun ty treasurer does not be-llove the law Intends him to bo chasing'down bad chock artiste constantly ami for tills roitaon has established a now rule providing 'that only cosh or barfk drafts -will lie received at tho auto license window hereafter. "It has made some of them mad,' Said Mr. ••Lewis. "Ami will probably peeve some of tho others, but I do not intend to be forced to take up with Ilia county attorney and sheriff the collection of those licenses. Tlio rule applies for everyone. There will be no oxcoptAons." Overton Hickman, who served two terms aa Rono county treasurer, went to work today as a deputy In Mr Lewis' office. He will begin at once on writing of mull receipts. There la a good month's work In getting out receipts for taxes paid by mail on Juno ill and the work has been held .up for a week, ponding tho check of the ofl'ico, following tho change. Statements from the banks have now boon received and show the county has a balance of about $890,000 on hauO". h. J. Adklnson. former treasurer, Is still assisting in tho transfer of nffulrs. Tho distribution will be made as usual ou July 20, it Is expected. wood-tan satin crepe foundation. Bod- Ice as well a» skirt consists ot the alternate panels' ot ribbon and lace, whllo tho sleeves conBlst ot a single brown ribbon running from ehoulder to wrist and bound about the wrist with a ribbon cuff. From the top of the cuff falls a frill of brown lace. 1 GOSSIP OF THE STREET NEW SWIMMING POOL OPENED AT RESORT DEFEATED SPANIARD. William Tilden Won Famous Cup at Tennis for Third Time. Indianapolis, July 16.-—The long string of tennis achievements of William Tildon II, of Philadelphia was increased yesterday when he. won the national clay court men's singles tournament at tho Wooalock club here, for the third time and gained possession of tho championship cup given by the United States Lawn Tennis association. Ho defeated Manuel Alonzo of Spain lu tho finals In a sensational four set match, 2-6, 8-6, 6-1, 7-5. Alonzo put up a brilliant fight but woakoned as tho match progressed. WAS AN EXPLOSION. Several Persons Killed In Artillery Depot Near Belgrade. Belgrade, July 16.—A numbor of persons are reported to have been kllle'd and others Injured and considerable damage caused to buildings through the explosion yesterday of a largo depot of artillery ammunition at Kraguyevata, sixty miles southeast of Belgrade. Tho disaster is believed to havo been duo to spontaneous combustion. \ Complaint for Boy—A state warrant was lsBuod today charging Charles Johnson with tho thoft of a Dodge coupe belonging to Emerson Carey Jr. Johnson and Fred Newton were caught at Minneapolis last week tho day after they had taken tho car. Young Newton who is but 15, has been paroled in Juvenile court and has been entered in St. Jbhns Military acedemy, Sallna by his parents, —x— - — Charged With Desertion—M. A. Burtram was brought back: Saturday evening from Cottonwood Falls by Undersheriff Fay Brown to answer to a charge of child desertion sworn to by his wife. - JC— Broke Into Box Car—A Missouri Pacific box car was broken open sometime last night but a careful check this morning dlsclosod nothing missing. The contents of several shipping cartons wore strewn about. It appears the thieves were looking for tobacco. Hay Caught Fire: Tho fire department was called to B2G Fifth west about G o 'clock Saturday afternoon to. put out a bale of hay which was on fire In a barn. Only a small amount of damage was done to the barn. —x— To Address Dairymen: L. V. Williams, an export dairyman from the Kansas Stato/Agricultural college and E. G. Blllng, a specialist in livestock feeding will bo presou'. to spuak at the Keno County Dairy and Agricultural Improvement association's picnic which will be held on August 8 at tho homo of Fred Williams, near Darlow; s —x— Called Home by Death: Mrs. Wilda Welch and Miss Joalo McKenzle of Long Beach, Calif., who havo been hero ^.visiting their sister, Mrs. OBCar Jones, 410 Avenue E east, loft this morning to return to their homo, culled there by word of the death of Mrs. Welch's husband, Mr. Frank Welch. Boy Bitten by Snake: Chester Smith, eight-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Delno Smith of 1504 First avenue east Is in the St. Elizabeth hospital under treatment, having been" bitten on the foot yesterday afternoon by a snake. (His physician stated today that ho felt that tho injury would not bo a serious one. A largo crowd turned out for tho opening of tile new swimming pool at Careys Lak<i yestorday. Ed Yost, superintendent ot the Street Hallways Co., says that tho pool will be run on tho same basis as the other amusements at the lake, that is, free to patrons of the car Co. There havo been no dressing rooms provided as yet and it will Ibo necoBsary for thoso desiring to use tho pool to dress before coming out. Later on It is expected that dressing facilities will bo provided. Due credit for making the pool possible should be given to IBmurson Carey, according to Mr. Yost who states that Mr. Carey took a great Interest In tho building of tho pool. Panelled Gown of Ribbon and Lace. A new importation In gowns having a great deal of smart simplicity has panels of brown lace alternating with brown moire ribbons falling over a Apologies Accepted. He kissed her. They were on tho porch, Just outside a path of white moonlight, says Cougar's Paw (Wash, State). It was their first evening together, and as he did up want her to Ithlnk that he was In the habit of kissing girls, ho said, "I'm Borry." She looked rather hurt at that, of course, so he tried to make a recovery. "Well, that isn't what I mean, hut you know—ah—«—ah—It is the first timo I've been out with you and—Oh, shucks!" "Perhaps I did work a llltlo too fast," was her confession. School Warrants. > All school warrants bearing serial numbers up to and Including No. 4S706, aro hereby called in. Interest ceases July 16tlj, 1&23.- J. E. GBYER, Clerk Board of Education. No Sunrise, So He Lived. Some of those American soldiers who stopped off In England for a time wore so exuberant In spirits that thoy refused to have them dampened even by the well-known and much advertised foggy weather, says the American Legion Weekly. The colonel of a regiment, making a night our of a certain camp, was challenged by a sentry who find been Standing for hours In a driving rain. "Who goes there?" demanded the guard. "Friend," replied tho colonel. "Welcome to our mist," said tho sentry- A Matter of Color. A lady was entertaining hor daughter's caller who was Just back from a summer outing. Tho conversation had been somewhat spasmodic and finally she decided to try him on some of tho new books. "Have you read 'Freckles,' Mr. Johnson';" she ventured. "No, ma'am," he stammered, blushing, "mine nro the brown kind."— Medley (N. Y. U.) ye/. No man is old who still retains' his enthusiasm over sports.- Such a Question! Mrs. Mulcahy—An' why did keep Mickey lu after,school?^ Teacher—I asked him who George Washington was and ho only Btood and looked at me. Mrs. Mulcahy—It's dumfounded tho poor b'y ivai at yer ignoranco, likely. —From tho Boston Transcript. ELKS NAME NEW EXALTED RULER A Welfare Worker. Lawrence, Kas.: Miss Agnes Husband, who has Just been appointed dean of the University of Kansas, served during the World War as a welfare worker. Character Records. Boston: llipon College, In Wisconsin, will hereafter keep character records, to assist in the carrying out of ft plan to limit tho student-body to BOO. Advises Many Girls. Cleveland: As president ot the Southern Women's Educational Alliance, Mrs. O. T. Hatcher Is adviser to more than'10,000 girls In tho South. Women Promoters. Peking: Women who help promote Industries or industrial banks in China will be decorated with medals by tho government. No Chance to Win. Tho 'Government in Berlin has prohibited tho gambling in marks. That Isn't gambling; It's a total loss.— iFrom the Louisville Courier-Journal. James G. McFarland, new grand exalted ruler, right, and J. Edgar Masters, retiring leader. James G. McFarland, practicing at- 1 Edgar Masters. McFarland was born toruey of Watortown, S. D., Is the; In Dubuque, la., and Is a graduate of now grand exalted ruler of the B. V. tho University of Wisconsin. O. E. Ho was elected to succood J. L Women Are Painters. Pfirls: More than 75,000 women In Paris aro earning their living as painters, sculptresses, musicians o- actrosses. « It is a cruel doctrine that assumes that cares and pains are essential. And yet it does seem at times that misfortune is the only .thing that can make some people think- and appreciate good fortune.—Atchison Globe. BIG SEVEN OF BRITISH LABOR PARTY HOLDS RALLY OUT IN "WILD AND WOOLY" FAIR DEPUTY MAKES SPECIALTY OF TAMING BAD ONES Long Time Yet for Summer Shoes Bring $1.00 to Welch's Shoe Store; perhaps we can fit you in white pumps or oxfords. Bring $3.45 for one or two strap white canvas puwp. Bring $4.95 for white reign skin oxford, white sole, military heel. These are all hi-grade shoes with big reductions. , ' Miss Aim Spokane, Wash—"Out In the west" out In the wide, open spacon," etc, things are even yet just a woo bit wild. Thoy are wild enough in places that there are two-gun men still at large; where stag*,-. COSICIUM carrying Ireas- pros from the mines lire still held up now and then; where men shoot to kill and where -fugatlves seek protection in the wilds of the hills. It is not exactly a land where one would expect to find a woman peace- officer. Yot Spokane county. Washington, has a young woman—a rather gentle, good-looking young woman, who wears tho badge of a regular full-fledged deputy sheriff. And she Is not afruld' to draw her gun, or to snap her handcuffs- on a desperado. Her'name Is Miss Alma Sundln. ^>ho wours her star and she carries hor gun when she Is on duty, but sho la extremely modest and unassuming. Requested to pose for a picture lu hor "war togs," sho flatly refused. She is first, last and always a good, wholesome American girl and. that Is the way sho wants to be known. But— She has served as a regular deputy Bhorlff under Sheriff Clarence Long of Spokane county for two --years, and In t« North Main ZB North Main COUNTESS CAUSES FORMER ARCHDUKE , TO. ASK RELEASE FROM CELIBACY VOW a Sundli Hint time she has made some import ant arrest;:,. She hay on several occasions, been sent thousands of miles to return women desperadoes, following their capture in other sections of the country And In all this service she has never been compelled to shoot, nor haa sho over lost a prisoner. Miss Huiulin—pardon Deputy Sheriff Sundln, recently was sent from hero to Arizona, to return one of the most desperate women criminals ever tried in Washington. The woman, tried for murder, was acquitted, but later convicted of forgery. She made her escape, and went into Mexico where sho was a fugitive for months, on!y to ho captured when she went into Arizona. Sho was a desperate prisoner—-yet Sheriff Long did not hesitate to send Deputy Sheriff Miss Alma Sundln after her—and Miss Sundln returned her here. Another time Miss Suudin went into the Dakntas and returned another woman fugitive from justice. "Well. It's Just work," Miss Sundln said. "That's what I am supposed to do, and so I do it. I never think anything about it." And that is the way she is—refusing to talk about her work—but Just going ahead and doing it. BREVITIES. Mr. and Mrs. IT. B. Sills of Twelfth avenue west left yesterday for a two weeks stay in Colorado. Mrs. A. D. Coffman left yesterday for Sylvia where sho will make her home for the present. Will Markle, Miss Helen Markle and Myron Yaeger are making an automobile trip in the Colorado mountains- a. A. Ruckel, of tho rtuekol Engineering Co., left yesterday morning to spend a two week's vacation hi Colorado. H. B. McMullon, a pioneer of the Buhler neighborhood, who has been in a local hospital since January will be removed to his home this week. Larkln Has a Strike. Dublin, July 16.—A strike on tho dock of Irish free state ports was begun today. James Larkln, the Irish labor leader, recently deported from the United States, apparently Is' di­ recting the operations of the striking element. Card of 7 rian ks. We wish to thank our kind friends and neighbors for their assistance and sympathy through the illness and death ot our dear wife, and mother. Mr. J. J. Deadmond. Mrs. Mattle Lav lei le ami family. Mr. J. E. Deadmond and family. Mrs. M. L. Baker and family. Mrs. It. L. Burtch ami family. Mrs. S. FJ. Atwoc-d and family. Mr. J. W. Deadmond and family. Mr, J. H. Deadmond and family.. Diamonds. London: On Coiirt nights at Buckingham Palace Queen Mary war* diamonds valued at (noro than half million dollars. Many Women Travelers. New York: Tho outstanding feature of ocean travel this year is the increasing number of women travelers. Countess Thcrcsc (Jaugcitz. Rome, July 1G.—ttaek In tho-old 1 he met Counters Thi-reao Haugeltz, days when he was Archduke of Aus- j who boasts about a -i much pulchritude trla and not "ox-yrchduke." Eugene j as Austria over put Into any one of was quite certain that women wuuld \ ltn daughters. never interest him. | MUL-CUO looked, saw and decided fn fact ho took a vow of celibacy j that perhaps he had been Just a hit -which In time was duly entered in tho j hasty I nvowiug celibacy. records ot the church. But women change their minds and so do men sometimes, -particularly when women enter lute the case. Kugonc was somewhat-of a "woman- hater." Was until one fine day ho joined tho ranks of tho "oxou." Then On second thought he docldod ho bad boon wrong, all wrong, But a vow Is a vow. So now Bugene has* applied to Pope Pius XI for a release from his vows so I hat ho can marry the Austrian beauty. l.rft tn rght. ct'Antlnc: OMo Wells, Conon Adderly, Mr. and Mrs. fihlnwell and WUI Jhorn. Sitting) <ui: iltwk'rson, Counters ul Warwick, lUmsrjr Macbonald and liudolf Breitscheld., Tho "hly seven' - ot Creai. n.ltaiu's I tho major portion of the group i changes attending the changes In the ..ItiUoivparty mat recently during a rally I above. Tho party has played an lm-1 "premiership. y{ tUo uarty in l&islaud, They ioria inorUutf 8 »rt (A JoliUcal surprisea and LIGHTING REQUIREMENTS MUST BE SOLVED BY INDIVIDUAL CASE The homo-maker who endeavors, to he "fashionable" In her lighting equipment will usually defeat her own ends. For Instance, you may hear ouo woman remark that "overhead fixtures are going out ot date" whllo another will bo equally emphatic that "wall brackets seldom give enough Illumination." Aa a matter of fact, neither statemeut is correct. Each typo of lighting has its own particular place ami fills u peculiar need. When considering any changes or additions In your lighting equipment, it is well to bear in- mind that only by careful study ot your own particular problem can you hope to attain the result you desire. Certain rooms In the house havo certain definite lighting requirements and, naturally, the lighting requirements of tho different rooms vary. You would scarcely expect to furnish your homo In toto with one kind ot furniture, would you? Similarly, how can you believe that any one distinct type of lighting will adequately till th* needs of rooms which aro radically different as to size, shape- and use? Another thing to be borne In mind 1B that "light" and "fixtures" are not (ynouiyinous. Too often docs It happen that you are taken by a handsome fixture and remark: "What delightful lights you have!" when what you really moan Is that the particular floor lamp or torchlere la peculiarly effective and striking. If you had considered whether or not It afforded correct or sufficient Illumination, you might havo found It less satisfying. If yoa study haw best you can bring about certain desired effects, deciding tn advance Just what are the effect! you wish to produce, you will be well ou tho way towards obtaining them. For lustauce, your hall should bo "cheery",. your living room, "Intimate", your dlulng room, "hospitable," and so on. You can obtain lighting equipment, fixtures and shades which will carry out such impressions minutely. All you need Is Intelligent study of your problem, a little patience and tho services of an up-and-coming electra- glst, or fixture - dealer, who can not only carry out your ideas correctly but can aid you-in obtaining them. But don't Imagine that tho lighting of your home Is a simple matter which can be approached at random or Installed haphazard. ' If -fdu leave It to an outsider, whether It bo your builder, contractor or olectragist, and do uot show a comprehensive "knowledgo of the effects you with to obtain, you are in the same position as the young bride who, knowing nothing about cooking or marketing, goes to her butcher and lets him suggest, choose, and weigh her meat. She may obtain a good cut but chances arc it will ho either too llttlo or too much for her requirements. Realize, too, that you cannot spend 6 to t per cent for decoration costs and only 1 per cent of your total building cost for lighting and hopo to obtain adequate, pleasing and satisfactory Illumination. An additional per cent or more put Into your lighting equipment will more than repay you In lack of nerves and eyestrain, as well as in beauty and harmony, for the amount expended. Bo, give a thought to the lighting ot your home this summer. There's no need to resign yourself to this— The bother and muss of washday, the troublesome supervising of the laun-< dress, or the worry as to whether she will actually "show up"—you can eliminate that by trying this more Sensible, more ecoqpmical way of wash'ing. Just gather up the clothes—everything , that's washable, and have us call for your bundle. Your things will be carefully washed 'In an abundance of pure, soft, sudsy water, 'thoroughly rinsed, dried, the pieces which need it starched, and the flat work beautifully ironed. Only a few of the lighter pieces are left to be finished at home at ryour leisure. We have other services, too, which well be glad to explain—one to meet .every size pocket-book. Phone us today. DRY CLEANERS gHtW.ft Smnd Waller Botka, U$t - PHONE 44 '.'

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