Dixon Evening Telegraph from Dixon, Illinois on June 2, 1955 · Page 2
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Dixon Evening Telegraph from Dixon, Illinois · Page 2

Dixon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 2, 1955
Page 2
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The Dixon, livening Telegraph Thursday, June 2, 1955 Page 2 RADIO THURSDAY AFTERNOON 3:00 WGN-News: Nightingale WBBM— Rime Does Pay WL&— News: Barn Dance WMAQ— Backstage Wife I Fluid Lead I PENCIL K erase/. Jffk Choiceof I ~Jglt barrel colors. , f. T[ Get Youf* TODA; I CHAMOIS A real OQc value at. vB SILICONE Iron Board Cover WCFL— Scoreboard WIND— Scoreboard 3:45 WMAQ — In My House WBBM — Rosemary O'Brien 4:00 WGN— News: S. Doweil WMAQ— Just Plain Bill WBBM— Paul Gibson WLS— Jack Stilwill WJJD— News; recoids WIND— News: Goodman 4:15 WMAQ — Lorenzo Jones WCFL— Music Sportscast 4 :30 WGN — Bncknouse-Simon WBBM— Paul Gibson WLS— News; Stilwill WCFL— Marty s Panv 4:35 WBBM— Fahev Fiynn 4 -45 WBBM— Shop with Missus WMAQ— Wed Howaid 4:55 WGN— News 5.00 WGN — Sgt. 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Stone, news WLS— Bill Stern s 30 WGN— Sports Time 5.5 WGN— Newscast WBBM— Magazine of Air WLS— John Vandercook WIND — News: music WCFL— Bob Elscn 8-15 WGN— Leslie Nichols 50^ Official Softballs Leather covered ... 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WMAQ— This I Like WBBM— Tennessee Ernie WIND— News, Hubbaid. 5 WMAQ— J Holtman D WGN— News WLS— World Tomori ow WMAQ— Howaid Miller \\ BBM— Harrington WCFL — Evening Seienade WIND — News: Hubbaid 5 WGN— Sa\ie Doweil 5 W BBM -Ai 1 Mercier 5 WGN-News WBBM — Edward R Murrow WLS-Music for Eveivbody WMAQ— Barrv. sports WCFL — Invite to Relax 5 WON Norman Ross WMAQ— Howard Miller WIND— News: Lombardo 11.15 WGN -Buddv Black \\ BBM ^ -e" M«« c WMAQ— Jack Eigen WCFL — Music You Like 11 30 WGN— Buddy Black WBBM— Showdown WIND— News: music 11-55 WBBM— This I Believ< Expensive Push GRAND RAPIDS Mi Jeirv Allied only wanted a push for his stalled car But when he stalled to flag tiaffic for assis tance he set off a chain reaction that ended with thiee semitrailers. tnicks in a tangle Police made 'a consei\ati\e estimate or 41^-500 on damages, then gave A-lred a push. 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"The public inteiest and the personal safefv of these helpful citizens de- nd the zealous protection of ir confidence Unlike the totalitanan practice, mfoimant in America serves of hi3 own free will, fulfilling one of the citizenship obligations of our demociatic foim of government." He asserted that to abandon use of such informants would be "to \ ite destruction " Hoover expressed his views in a signed editonal in the monthly FBI s law enforcement bulletin. He made no dnect reference to some renewed criticism of the confidential mformei system which followed the iet.ent action of foi-mer Communi't Hai\ey Matusow and other ex;Reds who have ap peared as government witnesses m lecanting testimony given under The federal government is currently defending in the Supreme Couit its asserted right to piotect souices of eonndenual information in renewing emploje secunty. RESERVATION AREA The Rosebud, Cheyenne River. 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