The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 17, 1914 · Page 4
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 4

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, July 17, 1914
Page 4
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' Page Four T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Friday Evening, July 17,1M4. An(l Carpentier Wins Fight in Sixth Round--Blow Not Intentional. London. J u l y IT.--OeorgeB Carpen- t e r , t h e n u n q French c h a m p i o n a n d me o n l y p u g i l i s t of premier rank 1 ranee has ivpr c o n t r i b u t e d to the :,amp, w n p n w a n l C ' l t h e decision last n i s h t ow-r G n n b m ! S m i t h , t h f A m e r i - a n f i c h t i ' . on .1 f o u l In th" sixt i t o u n d of t h t - f i r s t l i r . - n y - w p i p h t f i g h t or.e:s h a * o s"~-n i n m a n y year? T H A G E P V TO SMITH. T h p rrnr^h b e t w e e n t h e t w i h e a \ y T . e i r . h t . - "as roilght at O l y m p i a and F'-l-t-'Hileil to go t w e n t y r o u n d s ' I n Smith n n r l his s u p p o r t e r s t h e t i n - i.h was t r a g e d y , because t h e blow for v\ n:rh ' ' · · A m e r i c a n was d i s a ' i M i f i e d v v n s nei!he ; - ptii'li.-.l n o r i n t ^ n t i o n ' i l . !· w t is l a u n ' h e f l i n th* 5 h e i t oi the ^ h i r l w i n , ! f i ^ h t i n - ; w h e n t h e F r e n c h - !-nn h 3 l ."Up!"""! to h i ? knee;, and the .--pe.-tatoi.- F;:\\ the g a u n t sul'T re- oi] a m i a t t e m p t t n d r a w byk almost as h i s .I'm f l e w o n t Xevr-rth*'er-s t! c e n d i n g of the [ight: . f i d s a n o t h e r t o t h r i m f o i - u m a t " rh:il'- 1,,-s of I r t e i n i t i o n i! s p o r t . b « - a n ~ e i t h a s k m ' l l - 1 b..l i c f l m g . a n 1 is l i k e l y to be f^lloy. Pd by Jong d r a w n - o u t ar- pKEjrri'~Er). There b i s been ';n t i n - l - ^ n - t i r r e n t r.e.l'Jdke a c a ' s t t h e A m e r i c a n boxers .imong K.nsli.-li ' i n * M l l o w c i f . a n d however i n t e i n a t i o n a l . G u n b o a t S m i t h ' s breach of the r u l e s was. it probablv b" c i t e d m support of t h i s pre.Tldi-'-. touched Carpentier it was unintentional, and the blow did not hurt his opponent. Any other boxer, he said, would have continued the f i g h t . As to the blow w h i c h knocked him down In the fourth round. Smith said that while it was a hard one. It did not put him out. and he had elmply remained down to gain the benefit of the rest. HOPELESS PROTEST. W h i l e realizing- that is IE hopeless. Buckley it making a formal protest against tha referee's decision on the S ' o u n d that it has been arranged for the seconds to remain out of the. rins v n t i l a f t e r the referee had given his decision. Des Champs, the Frenchman's manager. Buckley points out, disregarded this arrangement and jumped into the ring Immediately up' on seeing there was a chance of w i n I ning the bout on a technicality. i EXPERTS DIVIDED. ' The boxinp experts of the e v e n i n s ' · . . - \ \ p p n p e r s t o d a y are as divided i n l o r i n i o n 1" respect to t h e force of (he i t i , i l l blow given by Smith as were I t h e ? ? of the morning newspapers. Men i v i t h actual ring experience such as f r e d Welsh, the lightweight champion, however, say t h a t C a r p e n t i e r was not :iurt and that the scene which followed the foul blow was the result of b r a i n s of C a r p e n t i e r and his seconds K u g r n e Corri. t h e r e f e r e e , i t is a d - m t t e d bv all. did the only t h i n s possible a f t e r Des C h a m p s had claimed 1 fo-al CRITICS FAIR TO SMITH In t h e i r editorial c o m m e n t on the r r a t r h . all the newspapers declare t h a t i t was clear t h a t Smith did not m a k e ;. ny i n t e n t i o n a l a t t e m p t to s t r i k e a t o u t blow. PROGRESS OF PENNANT RACES THBBE-I "IF 1 TABLE. Club- Davenport Springfield ...... Peoria Decatur Dubuquo Qulncy Bioumlnston .... Danville Won. lait. Pet. Win. Ixse. 58 28 ,«45 .659 .640 45 33 .582 .548 ,57." 4(i 35 .5GS .573 44, 3S .500 ,5511 33 .523 ,531 40 .532 52 .350 42 35 28 27 .853 .343 .501 .643 .MB .M7 .34(1 .233 GAMES SATUKDA¥. Daca-lur at Paoria, Danville at Bloomlnston Dubuque at Springfield. Davenport at Qulncy. THTCRSDAY'B RESULTS. Feorla-Dscotur called in iirst inning because oj rain. Ouincv-Davenport; rain. Dubuque. 0-10-1; Springfield, 6-10-3. Bat- I0r lts--Carroll, Delano and Hamm«r»chmldt; \Vllhelra and Jacobs. Eloorr.lngton, 3-9-0; Danville. l-i-O. Bat- terlet--Bluejacket and Beheld; Belby and Er- lotf. IN MAJOR LEAGUES. American, Cmb-- . Philadelphia 49 Detroit «o Washington 43 r h i r a c o 4- Boston ** Club-- Xew York .. Chicago . . - · St. Lou;s Cincinnati .. P h i l a d e l p h i a Brooklvn ... P i t t s b u r g h . Boston I c l u b -i Chicago . Indlnn-ipolls ! Brooklvn ... Kaltimon 1 . B u f f a l o i Kansas r n v . 1st Louis · · · Pittsburgh · Xational. Won 44 43 42 39 34 33 Federal. Won. 40 42 ;;s 41 SO 33 30 Lott. 82 3T 3T SS Lost. Ill 40 43 34 34 07 3« 44 45 44 Pet. .580 .534 .5i8 .531 .KX1 5 IT* Pet .587 .538 .510 .494 .4'B .47U .4ol) .434 Pet .Vin .553 .4.-M .43^ .40.-' SMITH AGAI?i. Tin! Carpenter Hold.,. Off -- Experts ni- ·\irted on Blow. London, .luly 1 7 -- G u n b o a t P - ^ i t h .nd his nunager. "Jim" Buckle:. =aid to.rtay t h ^ v i n t e n d e d to :rn!:e a f i r t h e r r'Tort to ..rranso .i r ' f u n f i t l " v \ i t h Ooorges r i r p e n t i o r . f h p Freno'-, h ^ ^ v v - w e i g h t . v h , . y e r - t f i lay was a w a r d e d t h e dev: i-'in a t Olympia. v ^ h e n S m i t h v*3s dis r n: i l i f i e d in the s i x t h r o u n d for h i t t i n g t h ^ F r e n c h m a n v . h i l e h e w a s on the t-rn'ind. W1XNE.E TAKES ALL. The A r o T K i n boxer declared he was w i l l i n g to meet the Frenchman a n y - w n e r e an,-] at any time, and w o u l d pre- f e r t h a t t h e w i n n e r phnul,-| t a k ^ i t h e - n t i r e p u r = » or gate m o n e . NO REPLY. C a r p e n t i e r - u e ' i l a m a k e n o r e p l y ti Smith's o f f r r t o f i g r h t ag.un. T h e m a t - t ^ r , he s a i d , was one for the consid- ' r a t i o n of his m a n a g e r , who had not :d tim.- et to t a k e th* m a t t e r up. LJGHT BOTHERED SMITH Smith f"dav asserted t h a t he nc-ver -n.'jld f i g h t again before a cinematograph. He said his eyes- were weak and he h i d to wear glasses in the sun- i i g h t . Last n i g h t the srlare of the l i g h t s puzzled him anii h^ t h o u g h t t h i s possibly had something to do v.-ith ! ig s t r i k i n g Carpentier w h i l e t h e F r e n c h m a n was down. BLOW UNINTENTIONAL. Smith insists 'hat even !f his iglove | Billy RasK Brings Steppers from Memphis. Sliver Stone, : 14% Is the star o£ the r t a b l e which Blllv Bash b r o u g h t n o r t h f i o m M e m p h i s Rash is w e l l known in D e c a t u r , h a v i n g racer] here a number of time?. He won two good races at M a t t o o n . the weik of the Fourth, and a d d e d a n o t h e r to his s t r i n g at Slen- dota So far t h i s y e a r he has not been b r o u g h t near a drive, but a c i a like a fast horse. Bash worked him In 2:11 and 2'10'^ b e f o r e leaving home. | He is a son of Walnut Hall 2:OSVi. i rtam Silesia, by Alcyone 2 : 2 7 . grandam S i l h o u e t t e , by Hambrino 2:21ii; hence rorr."s f r o m the F^ime m a t e r n a l family ' a s P i h k l . 2 : l U j . M a n r l c o . ". 2:0714, Don Pronto, p. 2.02 : -., Silicon. " t l S U , etc. He i = of m e d i u m size but very blood- like in all ways. He Is staked doTvn t h e Eastern I l l i n o i s C i r c u i t a f t e r his Illinois valley engagements are filled. j HAS HIRAM B. | Rash also has Hiram B. 2:11H. and 1 worked the son of General Forrest | 2 OS in 2:12', at Mattoon. He will give the free-for-all t r o t t e r s a race before the circuit ends. For pacers, Rash has E a r n e s t Blaise 2'!4*4. Onward Son and Hal TViggins. The l a t t e r two are g r r e n Onward Sam is a handsome s t s l t i n n and one t h a t will take a low mark. TODAY'S GAMES. National. Xe^ "York st FiUEhursh. Boston at Cincinnati ·Brooklyn a: Chicago. Philadelphia at St. Louil. America R. Chicago at Philadelphia. Et Lonis at New York. Detroit at Boston Cleveland at ^aahington. Federal. Chicago at Kansas City Indianapolis at St. Loulp. Baltimore at Buffalo. Brooklyn at Pittsburgh MAJOR LEAGrE~BESt'I.TS. National. ,, ,, ,,, Philadelphia. 6-10-1: St. Louli, 3-5-r, i in innlnssl 'satterle.-Tincup,, Alexander and called at the »nd score . t a n d l n s of Mh fourth innlns w i t h the score ttar.J 1 to 1. on account of rain. Open dote for New York and Chicago TENNIS Our Tennis Goods Stock is Complete--Our Prices Right. White Khaki Trousers, pair 51.75 White Flannel Trousers, pair $6 Tennis Hose, wool, pair 75c Sweat Bands, each 50c Rackets SI to $8 Tape. Net and Balls, Jersey* Shirts, Sweaters, Golf and Tennis Garments. GET US? Haines Essick 217 N. WATER ST. Both Phones 1256. Clearim Bargain are now flying in every direction! Some stores will give you honest discounts and unusual "bargains," while others will not! HERE'S A STORE THAT WILL The fact is generally understood and our special sales always attract a host of buyers. No exaggerations. No misstatements. Nothing to disappoint you! This sale has one purpose only --the closing out of Spring and Summer stocks to place our house in order for Fall and Winter wearables. $10 Men's Suits, now $ 7.45 $12 Mer, 's Suits, now $ 8.95 $15 Men's Suits, n o w . . . . - $10.95 $18 Men's Suits, now $13.95 $20 Men's Suits, now $14.95 $22 Men's Suits, now $16.95 .$25 Men's Suits, now $18.95 $28 Mean's Suits, now $21.95 S30 Men's Suits, now $23.95 Men's Trousers 20% off. $ 3.00 Boys' $ 3.50 Boys' $ 4.00 Boys' $ 4.50 Boys' $ 5.00 Boys' $ 6.00 Boys' $ 7.00 Boys' $ 8.00 Boys' $10.00 Boys' Straw Suits, now $2.35 Suits,-now. . t $2.75 Suits, now .-.. $3.15 Siu'ts, now $3.55 Suits, now $3.95 Suits, now $4.75 Suits, now $5.55 Suits, now $6.15 Suits, now $7.95 Hats at Half Price. CLEARING NEGLIGE SHIRTS $1.50 and $1.75 Shirts $1.15 $2.00 Shirts $1.35 $2.50 Shirts $1.85 $3.00 Shirts $2.35 $3.50 Shirts ^ $2.65 50c and 75c Shirts 38c Everything bought in this sale will be a splendid buy. 240 North Water Street. Citizens Bank Bldg. --Pleh, Brown and Sweeney; Baumgardner. James. Wellmn and Asnew- Detroit. 5-«-0; Boston, 2-T-S. Batterlss-- DB.USS ana Btanago; Ruth, Johnson, Coumbe and Carrlgan and Thomas Cleveland. 2-4-0; Washington, 0-2-0. Bat- teries--Hauerman and O'Neill; Shaw, Boeh- llng and Williams Philadelphia, 10-17-O; Chicago, 6-1B-1. Bat- tsrlsi--Bender, Bush, Brenler and Schanj; Ruisell, Faber and Schalh. Federal. St. Louie-Chicago game called at end of the second Inning on account of rain, with St. Louis leading, 3 to 4. Kansas City. 11-11-0; Indianapolis, 8-8-3. Batteries--Stone, Packard and Bnsenroth: Falkenbers, McConnaughey, Ossendort and Bariden. Baltimore, S-ll-0; Buffalo. l-S-3. Batteries --Smith, Quinn and JacKlltsch; Schulz, ·Woodman and Blair Brooklyn. 6-13-0, Pittsburgh. 2-7-0. Batteries--Houck and Land. Dlckaon. Leclalr, ·Walker and Berry. Second game: Brooklyn. 5-11-2; Pittsburgh. 2-W Batteries-L a f t t t p and Owens. Barger and Roberts. Blues, Come Across and Monarchs to Play. Tha Blues, Come Across and the Monarchs are all bookad for nut ol town games Sunday. The Blues win so tn Mattoon in a u t o m o b i l e s . The Corns Across return to Ivosflale, where they captured their f i r s t game t h i s reason in twelve innings. They will leave on the 12:30 m t e r u r b a n cars for B e m e n t . In the lineup will be M o r o n . P a r j a n i , A u g u s t i n e , R- TVrtght, B, Rushing, C. Rushing, Goessler. Cryer, Kruse, and a substitute. The M o n a r c h s cancelled with Monticello a n d go to Tuscola. taking along the usual lineup. Wins Springfield Cup -Moore and Cadwallader. Both Roy Moore and H. W. Cadwallader shot In the third day's events of the Illinois Sportsmen's Association at Springfield Thursday but neither were able to capture any prizes. In the first event of 150 birds, Moore among the amateur* broke only 127 birds while Cadwallader among the professionals got but 130. In the second, a. f i f t y bird m a t c h , Moore broke f o r t y - f o u r while Cadwallader was tied for second place- among the professionals with forty-seven to his credit. CONNOR WINNER. A. C. Connor of Springfield was the winner of the amateur shoot for the three days o£ the trap shoot held for the past three days by breaking 528 targets out of a possible 600. He was awarded the b e a u t i f u l silver lovtnst cup for this honor, donated by Dr. Wheeler of Auburn. LEWIS IN LEAD. Bart Lewis of Auburn was the winner c! both-, events Thursday in the third and closing day ot the shoot In the first event of 150 targets, A. C. Connor system of money division, Lewis had a score of 136 targets. T. R. Kelly of Armington was second with 134, and A. C. Connor of Springfield third with 133. In the second event, the eighteen- yard state championship amateur and professional f i f t y target match, Bart Lewis of Auburn was the winner, with the almost perfect score of 48 targets. 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Orders shipped same day received. AH Our Straw Hats i Price INC. DECATUR ILLINOIS s All $5 Panamas for $3.75 You Understand, of Course, What We're Doing in This -Summer Suit Sale S ELLING the finest clothes in America away below regular values; clothes that are tailored by THE HOUSE OF KUPPEN- HEIMER and other famous makers-the greatest values obtainable at their regular prices--every garment an up-to-the-minute style. They're what we call critic-proof, dollar-saving bargains, and we're offering them with our well-known guarantee of SATISFACTION OR YOUR MONEY BACK. 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