Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on May 9, 1993 · Page 14
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 14

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 9, 1993
Page 14
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-THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL SUNDAY, MAY 9, 1993 SUNDAY MORNING 7:00 A.M. In Touch ) Meet the Prats g Sunday Morning g CD Qood Morning America/Sunday ) Mister Rogers g I Pirates of Dark Water ) Los Qatos Christian Church ) CM) Kenneth Copeland Prospectors s Is Your LHe ) This I I Homeworks SportsWeekty I Janies Kennedy I Paid Program Eureeka r s Castle ! COS) Happy Days ) Cartoon Express I Star Search I Welcome to Pooh Comer g OWL/TV flovie **% "Circle of Iron" (2:00) 7:30 A.M. CD Sesame Street g (Jo) Captain Planet and the Planeteers Movie *** "To Each His Own" Pet Connection ) Paid Program ) Lassie ) (:35) Movie ***Vz "What's Up, oer 1 (2:00) (DJSN) Wuzzies g Adventures of Tintin g (SHOW) We All Have Tales g - 8:00 A.M. CD Romper Room CD News g CD Hidden Keys to a Loving Relationship CD Old Time Gospel Hour Cap Cartoon Classics ) G<D Robert Schuller DuckTales g Paid Program Movie **V4 "Design for Living" "i ) Low Cholesterol Gourmet (ESPN) Sports Reporters (FAM) Popeye ) Healthlink (NicJT) Count Duckula _ ! Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous My Little Pony Tales Babar ] Movie *** "The Magic Pony" 8:15 A.M. (MAX) Movie **% "Falling From Grace" (1:40) 8:30 A.M. ) Bay Area People ) Health Matters ) Bay Sunday ) Cher Presents Lori Davis Hair Cara Shining Time Station g Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers g [Unity, the Best Is Yet to Be ) Great Chefs of San Francisco Sportscenter ) Super Mario Bros. HeathclHf Mouse Tracks g I Plnocchio g 9:00 A.M. ) Around the World in Eighty Dreams ) NBA Showtime g ) Face the Nation g ) House Doctor ) Day of Discovery ) Barney & Friends g ~) Leave It to Beaver ) Paid Program Ity, the Best Is Yet to Be j Tale Spin g CoTsc") Nature Watch I Captain N ) This Week In the New England 1 of Medicine j Dangermouse ) Andy Griffith ) Bonkers CHBO} Movie *** "Home Alone" (1:42) ^^J Movie ** "Tarzan, the Ape Man" 0) 9:30 A.M. (D King Arthur & the Knights of Justice CD NBA Basketball Playoffs g CD Working Woman CD Front Runners } It Is Written ) Lamb Chop's Play-Along g ") New Leave It to Beaver faa) fjo) Paid Program GgjPopeil r I Food Dryer ) Mr. Bogus forsc") Earth Journal J Running ) Wlshkid g ) Family Practice Update J Looney Tunes ) (:35) Movie **V2 "Savannah s" (2:00) I Street Justice I Quack Attack g (SHOW) Movie *** "Back to the Future =irrn"(1:47) 10:00 A.M. ) Saved by the Bell g ) fjD dD C») P«id Program ) Sunday on 7 ) Search ) In the Mix g 1 Dance Party i the Adventurer (AMD Movie ** "Blues Busters" (1:30) ) Movie ** "Never a Dull foment" (1:29) (oisc) What About Tomorrow? Battling •at Cancer j Tennis ! Inspector Gadget ) Internal Medicine Update l Doug I Movie *** "Mother Goose 'N' Rhyme" (1:30) _) Movie *Vi "Beastmaster 2: trough the Portal of Time" (1:47) 10:30 A.M. ) Harry and the Hendersons ) E.P.A. Clsaner Air ) Hooked on Phonics Gd Life Choices With Erie Chapman g (D dD Paid Program ) Adair Dehydrator Q4JG.I. Joe (FAM) Legend of Prince Valiant g ) Physicians' Journal Update ) Rugrats ) This Week in Baseball 11:00 A.M. CD American Gladiators 00 College Gymnastics g CD CD This Week With David Brinkley i in the World Is Carmen ib'CfDPaid Program ._-. -WorldTomorrow GD Not Just News ) Penguin Island CFAM) American Baby ) Lead-Off Man ) (:10) Major League Baseball ) Movie **Vi "December" (1:31) _) Movie *** "The Wind and the on" (2:30) 11:30 A.M. ) WHd America g He) CM) Paid Program . _ _ way Supplement ) Family Ties g ~) Movie ** "Flight to Mars" (1:30) (AMC) Movie **Vi "No Man of Her " 1:38) Healthy Kids SUNDAY EVENING 6:00 6:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 BROADCAST CHANNELS 3D 3D CD OB CD CD OB m o m ID Star Trek News Sisters News Siskel News Design. Ghos- News News Hogans GhosMission: Impossible Holly- Kids Deep Space 9 Untouchables Star Trek Gen. Secret Service 1 Witness Video 60 Minutes 60 Minutes Videos Videos Cosmos WKRP Dinosaurs Dinosaurs Newhart Ed Sullivan Parker L. [Shaky G. Deep Space 9 Star Trek CABLE CHANNELS A&E DISC ESPN FAM LIFE NICK TBS USA WGN Year-Prov. Cont'd Family of Chimps I 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 ••••••••I Herman News Sports 1 Witness Video (Saturday Night Live Mother's Day Saturday Night Live Mother's Day Murder, She Wrote Murder, She Wrote Day One Day One Nature "Labor of "Labor of News Next Step Love: Ariette Schweitzer" Love: Ariette Schweitzer" Movie: "The Tommyknockers" (1993) Movie: "The Tommyknockers" (1993) Masterpiece Theatre Movie: "The Apple Dumpling Gang" Movie: "The Principal" (1987) In Color Roc Star Trek Gen. Married... Herman Time Trax Ed Sullivan Untouchables mm*m^m Miss Marple Dolls in Playland Major League Baseball Cont'd Big Jake Cardiol- Dble. My Dog Medicine Guts K-9 Cop Ob/Gyn Looney National Geographic Explorer Two Two Skies Family Looney MacGyver Kojak [News PREMIUM CHANNELS DISN HBO MAX SHOW Replay •^•••M "Cloning-Joanna Little Duck 's Tale Sportscenter Stallion Paid Nick Earth Mansion Paid M. Moore Paid Murphy "Death Back- News Untouch. News "Avalon" Pushing Hands Twil. Paid News Twil. Paid Sports Kung Fu: Legend Beauty & Beast Firefight. Left, Aretha Arsenio Paid ^^ma^mmmmm^ Year in Provence: Spnng Parenthood Game Baseball Cycling Scott Ross Talk Paid M. Moore Paid Paid M. Moore Paid Movie: "Fatal Exposure" (1991) Know Bull ^••MM^^ ••M Avonlea [Salute to Mom Movie Movie: "Second Sight" "Star Trek 6-Undiscovered" Movie: "Back to the Future Part II" Kojak ••••Li Family of Chimps Aerobic Champ In Touch Paid M. Moore Paid Paid Donna R. Paid Counterstrike Marple Dolls Sportsctr. B. Haden Paid Dragnet Paid Stalkings Movie; "Human Feelings" (1978) Child of Mine [Rose Kennedy (Movie: "Maybe Baby" (1988) Movie: "Home Alone" (1990) "SnakeEater III... His Law" Movie: "Straight Talk" (1992) Movie: "Lethal Weapon 3" Movie: "Grand Canyon" (1991) Movie: "What About Bob?" (1991) CD CB- for Ft. Bragg & Mmdodno viewen only. I (LIFE) Cardiology Update (NICK) Salute Your Shorts (relT(;35) Andy Griffith ) What's Up Mom? I Mother's Day Under the i Tree (SHOW) Movie *** "What About Bob?" 12:00 P.M. ) Movie *** "First Blood" (2:00) ) NBA Basketball Playoffs g ) PGA Golf g ) (T) Stanley Cup Playoffs ) Nature g 1 Bonanza Courageous Kids: A Story of Hope ) Movie **V4 "Stripes" (2:00) ) Head of the Class g ) Captain Planet and the Planeteers I World Alive (ESPN) American Muscle (pST) Waltons l Dentistry Update J Clarissa Explains It All g ! Major League Baseball IWWF Ail-American Wrestling j Kids Incorporated g ) Movie ** "Sunday Dinner for a er"(1:26) 12:30 P.M, ) Perfect Strangers g (so) Real News for Kids (pise) In the Wild With Harry Butter I Internal Medicine Update ) Welcome Freshmen j South by Southeast I Movie ***% "Arthur" (1:37) 1:00 P.M. ) Fire on the Rim g ) Movie **** "I Remember Mama" 0) ) Mom USA ) Catwalk ...J Young Robin Hood (ME) Movie *** "THX-1138" (2:00) (DISC) Mac ft Muttoy J Legends of the Brickyard I Waltons I Infectious Disease j Wild Side I MacGyver g -) Danger r CM) Pirates of Dark Water (AMC) This Is Your Life (DISC) Those Incredible Animals (ESPN) Road to Indianapolis fLWl Internal Medicine Update fjicjD Fifteen foTsNjZorro (MAX") Movie ***Vi "How the West Vis Won" (2:45) ) Karatemania V ie **Vi "Westbound" (1:30) 2:00 P.M. CD Movie ** "Death Warrant" (2:00) GO Maxine Hong Kingston: Talking (ae) Movie *** "Yours, Mine and Ours" (2:30) Qo) Movie **% "Fletch" (2:00) Movie ** "Teen Wolf' (2:00) Faerie Tale Theatre Movie **Vi "The Mating son" (1:41) - lof Waltons Heart of Courage Family Practice Update ) Kids' Choice Awards MovIe **% "The Good Mother" (:10) Tenth Inning _ Movie **V4 "A Mother's urage: The Mary Thomas Story" (1:30) V ' 2:15 P.M. (HBO) Movie **Vi "An American Summer" (1:39) 2:30 P.M. CD NBA Basketball Playoffs g iisc") World of Valor jSuperbouta ) Medical Programming ) Twilight Zone 3:00 P.M. ) On Scene: Emergency Response g ) CD Senior PGA GoM g ) Adventure g I Harry and the Hendersons l In Search Of... (pjsc) Wings (FAM) Waltons I Medical Programming ( NICKJ Roundhouse ) (:05) WCW Main Event Wrestling 1 Movie *** "The Phantom H"(2:00) (SHOW) Movie *** "Mildred Pierce" (T-39T (TNT) Bugs Bunny ft Pals 3:30 P.M. ) Weekend Travel Update 1 Hoggin's Heroes pjD Cycling IT Medical Programming I Are You Afraid of the Dark? row) Woman Who Raised a Bear as rlsr ! 3:45 P.M. fpisfD (:55) Disney Channel Salutes the American Teacher g 4:OOP.M. CD Star Search ) Home Again ) To the Contrary ~) Bonanza l Movie *** "Trading Places" 3D Movie **tt "The Karate Kid, Part Two" (2:00) Auto Racing ' Real Wear Movie *** "Belles on Their oes" (1:29) UtUe Duck's Tale Sportscenter Waltons Physicians' Journal Update You Can't Do That on Television • for TIA only. ) Movie **** "Bonnie and Clyde" l) ... J Gosslpl Gosslpl Gosslpl (DJN) (:05) Movie ** "Mother's Day onWalton's Mountain" (1:55) (HBO) Dave: First Look ~~ 4:15 P.M. (:20 Baseball Tonight ** "Coach" (1:40) 4:30 P.M. ) New WKRP in Cincinnati g CD McLaughlln Group CM) Wonder Years g CM) Extremists (LJFE") Milestones in Medicine ) Arcade I Just the Ten of Us I Movie** 1 /* "1941 "(1:58) 5:00 P.M. 7) CD News g Ti Designing Women g T) Runaway With the Rich and Famous CD Inquiry ~l Inside Washington ) Highlander The Series ) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ffania: Behind the Shells ) New WKRP In Cincinnati g Year in Provence Parenthood Game Major League Baseball (Thls Week In the New England Dumal of Medicine ) Wild Side ) Double Trouble Street Justice (SHOW) Chris Cross g (TNT) Bugs Bunny & Pals 5:30 P.M. ) Bay Area Backroads ) CBS News g ) Marketplace ABC Wortd Now* Sunday g j This Week in Northern California I Paul Bunyan g Siskel & Ebert ) Movie **** "A Tree Grows in 3rooklyn" (2:08) Cure) Family Practice Update ( NICK ) Fifteen CUSA) My Sister Sam (SHOW) Ready or Not SUNDAY EVENING 6:00 P.M. m Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous 55 Sisters g CD CD News g •signing Women g j Ghostwriter g Go) Mission: Impossible ) Only In Hollywood ) Star Trek: Deep Space Nine g I Untouchables g I Star Trek: The Next Generation g j Family of Chimps ) Big Brother Jake g ) Cardiology Update J Family Double Dare ) National Geographic Explorer g I My Two Dads g DKojak j Avonlea g j Movie *** "Star Trek VI: The llscovered Country" (1:51) (SHOW) Movie *** "Back to the Future ParTIr (1:47) ffjiT) Movie **'/: "Macho Callahan" (2150) 6:30 P.M. CD ABC World News Sunday g I Hogan Family I Ghostwriter g CM) Real News for Kids ) That's My Dog ) Internal Medicine Update jGuts ) My Two Dads g ) Movie * "Second Sight" (1:24) 7:00 P.M. CD (ID Parker Lewis Parker's junior promts ruined when he's stuck chaperoning his sister Shelly. (S) g (T) (Witness Video Undercover agents come under attack during a sting operation; a father and his disabled son bike across the country; flash flood traps motorist on top of his car. (S) g (D 60 Minutes (S) g CD CD America's Funniest Home Videos A child with a bad haircut; a bride who almost bursts the seams of her wedding dress; a tribute to Mother's Day. (S) g (T) Cosmos Voyager's expeditions to Jupiter and Saturn are compared with explorations undertaken by 17th- century Dutch sailors. © WKRP in Cincinnati Bailey allows Johnny Fever to temporarily move in with her. Cjjf) Ed Sullivan Guests: the Carpenters; Tony Bennett; Robert Klein; Albert Almoznlno; George Bums; Harvest Moon Ball; Sam and Dave; Mary Hopkin; Montego; the Muppets; Mike Douglas; Ron Carey; Lucera Tena. g CM) s t*r Trek: Deep Space Nine O'Brien plays a pivotal role in the survival of a Bajoran village; a 15-year- old faction leader gets advice from Nog on settling a dispute. (S) g CM) Star Trek Capt. Kirk and Mr. Spock try to prevent an unexplained humanoid from altering Earth's history. (JJJ) Mis* Marple Miss Marple investigates after several residents of a quiet village, including a supposed suicide victim, receive poison-pen letters. (Part 1 of 2) 1 Dpjls In Playland The story of i doll, from 1959 to the present. Rin Tin Tin K-9 Cop Steve fights CALL OTT OWN prejudice when the father of a local Arab family is accused of murder. (S) g (TiFF) Ob/Gyn Update GnRH analog therapies: pro-operative and other snort- term uses. (R) (NJCK) Looney Tunes (USA) MacGyver MacGyver puts himself indanger when he tries to prove an accused murderer's innocence. (S) g [WON) News g (DISN) Disney's Salute to Mom A tribute to mothers from Goofy, Pluto, Donald Duck, Mrs. Jumbo, the Wise Little Hen and other famous Disney moms. (R) g 7:30 P.M. CD GD Shaky Ground Bob reacts to his rapidly thinning hair by shopping for a cheap toupee. (S) g (T) CD Dinosaurs Chariene creates a stage show using human children to impress her parents. (S) g (20) Bob Newhart Howard and Carol have an up-and-down romance. (FAST) African Skies Rory and the class discover that an "ugly duckling" can really become a swan. (S) (liFEi Family Practice Update Management of dysfunctional uterine bleeding. (R) QjTcjD Looney Tunes (WGN) (:40) Instant Replay 8:00 P!M. CD G<D In Living Color Wanda the ugly woman returns in "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly"; "Thelma and Louise (Jefferson). 1 ' (S) g (T) Saturday Night Live Mother's Day Many of last season's best sketches with performances by cast members Chris Farley, Phil Hartman, Mike Myers, Kevin Nealon, ancj Chris Rock and their real-life mdWaVa,, (S) g (D Murder, She Wrote Jessica becomes involved in ah internal police investigation when a colleague is left for dead in an accident in which a rookie policeman is killed. (S) g (T) (D Day One g CD Nature A look at the wildlife that has made its home in the abandoned gold rush town of Ruby, Ariz. (S) g (20) Movie ** "The Apple Dumpling Gang" (1975) Bill Bixby, Susan Clark. An 1870s cardsharp agrees to take possession of some valuable property for a friend, unaware that three orphans are included in the deal. (2:00) ® Movie ** "The Principal" (1987) James Belushi, Louis Gossett Jr. A newly elected principal and a no- nonsense security guard set out to restore order at their crime-ridden high school. (2:00) (44) Star Trek: The Next Generation On a secret mission to a troubled planet, Riker questions his mental stability after experiencing a series of confusing vignettes. (S) a (so) Ed Sullivan Guests: the Carpenters; Tony Bennett; Robert Klein; Albert Almoznino; George Burns; Harvest Moon Ball; Sam and Dave; Mary Hopkin; Montego; the Muppets; Mike Douglas; Ron Carey; Lucera Tena. g (AJE) Movie *** "The Cloning of Joanna May" (1991) (Part 2 of 3) Patricia Hodge, Brian Cox. A middle- aged divorcee learns that her ex- husband has created a trio of youthful clones to replace her. (1:00) fibac") Movie **% "The Mating Season" (1951, Drama) Gene Tierney, Thelma Rirter. A woman moves into her son's home in the guise of a servant to conceal her Identity from her society daughter-in-law. (1:41) (oisc) Little Duck's Tale A man-made pond in Tokyo's business district is home to a mother duck and her hatchlings. (R) (ESPN) Sportscenter ("FAM) Adventures of the Black Stallion During the final race of the New Zealand season the Black must go linst Black Tide. (S) g Paid Program j Nick News: W/5 j Network Earth What zoos are doing to save endangered species; electric boats. E Movie ** "Fatal Exposure" l) Mare Winningham, Nick ;uso. A woman vacationing in the Pacific Northwest is stalked by a killer bent on retrieving an incriminating "taw? Q) CD QD (3) Q) (•J) RK OMQJNO » NBC CUMU MC MNFMNCKCO 41 cw UNPtWNcnco a CW EUMKA AK tANFMNCOCO « ABC FTMUOO AMERICAN MOVIE CLAMICt CONSUMER NEWS AND IUKNEM CHANNEL CABLE NEWS NETWOm KTVU (OEM KflON Kra KVK) KOO KFWU KOED KC«O KOFY KKU KTXI KBHK KFTY UM MODESTO IT MO SANFIUNCnCO 47 NO SANJC4S t7 FOR SACMMENTD NO MNFWNCncO II MO 1ANTAKMA H TMEOMCOVERY CHANNEL THEOKNEYCHINNEL ENHRTANCNTtVONTIFf »«i fgf) THEWMLTCH»MH.(CBN| 1£D HOUIMKomcl 00 HEAOLNiNEWt CMEMAX UUMTUVWON MCKELOOEON (]B) IHOPPtKI NETWORK OB WTM HO WV/NTA USE) THE LSAHNMt CHANNEL Qgg) THENASHVU-SNUWOm <HD TURNER NBTWOtiCTBJVBWN <HD THi WEATHER CHANMB. UBANETWOFK VDCOHITtONE CH1W00 Phil Jackson _ch Phil Jackson and Dan Roan examine the Bulls' past and present opponents. •oTsN) Child of Mine: Songs to Our Children Female vocalists, including Gloria Estefan, Carole King and Mary- Chapin Carpenter, perform lullabies for children. (R) (S) CM) Movie *** "Home Alone" (1990, Comedy) Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci. A precocious 8-year-old stands off two bumbling burglars after his vacationing parents accidentally leave him behind. (S)'PG'g(1:42) fiiiAin Movie *Vz "SnakeEater III... His LW' (1992, Adventure) Lorenzo Lamas, Minor Mustain. Vietnam vet- turned-vlgilante Jack Kelly wages war against a gang of outlaw bikers. (S) 'R' (1:49) CBHW) Movie ** "Straight Talk" (TS52i Comedy) Dolly Parton, James Woods. A case of mistaken identity propels a small-town woman into the public eye as Chicago's most endearing radio psychologist. (S) 'PG' :31) Movie *** "Nevada Smith" 6) Steve McQueen, Karl Maiden. Inspired by Harold Robbing' novel "The • • •larn.engoaM«ndoc>ne«t«mno lEl£VWD« MWOVtrfNT WMCUTKM (ml M *p**cm?*, tm Carpetbaggers." A man sets out to avenge the brutal murders of his parents. (3:00) 8:30 P.M. CD GD Roc As the investigation into the snooting continues, Roc and Ronnie Paxton remain the prime suspects. (S) (Part 2 of 2) g fFAM) Maniac Mansion Turner has a chance to become one of the world's greatest wrestlers. (R) (S) g (LIFE) (res) Paid Program CNlcKjMarv Tyler Moore g (WON) Kojak An out-of-town businessman unwittingly gets Involved with a pretty smuggler and the syndicate. 9:00 P.M. CD G<D Married... With Children After learning his stolen car is worth a measly $100, Al falsifies an insurance claim. (S) g CD Movie "Labor of Love: The Arlette Schweitzer Story" (1993) Ann Jillian, Tracey Gold. Premiere. Based on the true story of the first successful American case of in vitro fertilization. (S) g (2:00) CD CD Movie "The Tomrnyknockers" (1993) (Part 1 of 2) Jimmy Smits, Marg Helgenberger. Premiere. A Maine woman's discovery of a long-buried object leads to the release of a sinister force. Based on Stephen King's novel. (S) g (2:00) CD Masterpiece Theatre "Doctor Finlay" After completing his war service, Dr. John Finlay returns to his Scottish hometown in 1946 to find it much changed. (S) (Part 1 of 6) g (47) Time Trax Darien travels to Hawaii to stop a white supremacy group led by a familiar 22nd-century fugitive. (S) (so) Untouchables Mike Malone wakes up after a night of brooding and boozing to learn he is the prime suspect in the murder of the mobster he blames for his wife's death. (S) g fA&F) Year In Provence "Spring" The spring installment of the seasonal miniseries. The Mayles' English visitor overstays his welcome; the mailbox is stolen; the village baker's loaves go limp. (R) (Part 2 of 4) (pise) Parenthood Game The sea turtle leaves its young to grow up as orphans, while the sea lion is highly protective. (R) ( ESPN i Baseball Tonight (R) (FAM) Scott Ross: Street Talk "No Place Like Home.!' Scott Ross ; / addresses the shortage of adoptive • •' families for special needs children. (R) (S) (LIFE) (fas) Paid Program (NICK) Mary Tyler Moore g l DISN i Rose Kennedy: The Best of Times, the Worst of Times From 1974. At the age of 85, the matriarch of the Kennedy family recounts the events of her life to journalist Robert MacNeil. (R) 9:30 P.M. CD GD Herman's Head Herman strives to win the affections of a single mother, while dealing with her resentful son. (S) g (ESPN) Cycling "Tour Dupont" (R) (UFE) (TBS~) Paid Program (NICK) Mary Tyler Moore g (WGN) Movie ** "Human Feelings" (1978) Pamela Sue Martin, Billy Crystal. An angel talks God into giving him seven days to find six righteous people in Las Vegas before the city is destroyed for its sinful ways. (2:00) (MAX") Movie **Vi "Grand Canyon" (1991, Drama) Danny Glover, Kevin Kline. Racial tensions and societal differences complicate a white lawyer's friendship with a black tow-truck driver. (S) 'R' g (2:14) (SHOW)(:35) Movie *** "What About Bob?" (1991, Comedy) Bill Murray, Richard Dreyfuss. A pompous psychiatrist's vacation is disrupted by the arrival of his new patient, a lovable but aggravating neurotic. (S) 'PG' g (1:40) 10:00 P.M. CD CD News g QT) Pushing Hands (20) Twilight Zone (5a) (UFE) (TBS) Paid Program GO) News (44) Kung Fu: The Legend Continues Qjjp Beauty and the Beast g (AMC") Movie *** "Belles on Their Toes" (1:29) (5isc) Family of Chimps (ESPN) National Aerobics Championships (FAM) in Touch j Mary Tyler Moore g (USA) Counterstrike aisit) Movie **Vfe "Maybe Baby" (HBO) Movie *** "Lethal Weapon 3" (1:58) 10:30 P.M. ) Sports Wrap CD Next Step 1 Twilight Zone ~~) CUD Paid Program aeorgeMichael's Sports Machine ( NICK i Donna Reed 11:00 P.M. I Murphy Brown g I Bay Area Backroads CD News g Movie ** "Avalon" (2:00) ) Firefighters ) Left, Right and Center ) Aretha Franklin: Duets g ) Arsenio Hall g =T) (TBS) Paid Program (ME) Miss Marple BJjp Dolls in Playland (ESPN) Sportscenter QAM) Ben Haden ) Silk Stalkings g I Movie *** HThe Spoilers" (2:00) 11:30 P.M. l Love Connection I Sports Final ) CBS Sunday Night News g ) Sports Extra ~) Late Sunday Night With James ! San Jose Today Cure) CM) P«W Program Dvle **** "A Tree Grows in Sooklyn" (2:08) John Ankerberg Alfred Hitchcock Presents Designing Women g (:35) Movls *** "Bachelor othnr" (1:251 MONDAY MORNING 7:00 A.M. ) Mornings on Two )Todayg I This Morning o l Good Morning America g j Sesame Street g i Woody Woodpecker ^ 700 Club Go) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles g i DuckTales g (so) Robert Tilton I Movie **Vfe "No Man of Her '(1:38) ) Travel Magazine j Sportscenter I Augle Doggie ft Friends ) Movie **% "Love, Mary" (2:00) ) Yogi Bear [:05j Movie **Vz "The Morning ' (2:00) [Cartoon Express (WON) Perry Mason (DJSN) Adventures of the Gumml Bears (MA*f Movie *** "Time After Time" fns fsiJow) OWL/TV g (TNrTCHIPs 7:30 A.M. ) Jetsons ) Beetteluice g ) Stunt Dawgs (pi§5) Great Chefa: The New Garde ) Flintstone Kids ) Looney Tunes ) Adventures in Wonderland g ) Thumbelina g 8:00 A.M. ) Mister Rogers g (26) Fllntstones I Paid Program I Ahrln and the Chipmunks g ) James Bond Jr. g ) This Morning's Business ~) Fugitive 1 Low Cholesterol Gourmet j Fitness Pros I Inspector Gadget 1 Peter Pan ) Joan Rivera j Fraggle Rock g ) Babar ) Just Friends Zhartie's Angels 8:30 A.M. ) Sesame Street g I Leave It to Beaver . , ) Paid Program • • ) Psychic Answer ''••• ) Teenage Mutant Nlnja Turtles g ) Headline News ) Graham Kerr J Getting Fit )Popeye } Welcome to Pooh Comer g ) Pinocchio g 9:60 A.M. CD Family Feud CD Live - Regis ft Kathle Lee CD CD Vickil CD Sally Jessy Raphael ~) Little House on the Prairie ) (so) Paid Program ) I Love Lucy I Widget D Defvecchio ) Movie *** "Shall We Dance" i ) Easy Does It j Bodies in Motion ) Waltons ) Moonlighting ) Eureeka'a Castle ) (:05) Perry Mason Gerakto Under the Umbrella Tree I Skinheads U.S.A.: Soldiers of We War g ) Movie *** "The Horse Soldiers" (SHOW) Movie ***Vi "One Foot In eaven" (1:48) Wj Movie *** "Silk Stockings" 2:36) 9:30 A.M. ) Whoopi Goldberg ) Barney & Friends g Cjjb (so) Paid Program (Sol Who's the Boss? g I Brady Bunch (DISCI Homeworks ) Bodyshaping Dumbo's Circus 10:00 A.M. I Joan Rivera ) Jenny Jones ) Price Is Right ) CD Home ) Reading Rainbow g ~l Bonanza I Simon ft Simon I Mama's Family ) Richard Bey ) Paid Program Rockrord Files g ) Pasquale's Kitchen Express Motowortd ) 700 Club Supermarket Sweep ) (:05) Movie **** "Ben Hur" Murder, She Wrote g Newag Mouse Tracks g Movie **V2 "The Philadelphia xperiment" (1:42) 10:30 A.M. I Instructional Programming 227 g Headline News I Great Chefs of Chicago Road to Indianapolis ) Shop 'Til You Drop Jump, Rattle and Ron 11:00 A.M. sT) Divorce Court assic Concentration I Young and the Restless g I Loving g I Newhart g ) Cagney A Lacsy ) Bewitched I Leave It to Beaver I Montel Williams I Paid Program Movie *** "The Atlanta Child JuTders" (2:00) ) Movie *** "Carefree" (1:20) ) Low Cholei Gourmet ) Movie ** "Warm Hearts, Cold 1 (2:00) I Sharon, Lois & Brent's Elephant l Perry Mason ) Adventures of tin Gumml Bean

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