Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 22, 1930 · Page 4
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 4

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 22, 1930
Page 4
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Viwf; f L TK w W aw^r #"W 1( WPftifF!F'F,',' t I V y I In * UECATUR HERALD tVLIMING, UUlUbfcK U 1930, jtUATUR HtRALU CHINA'S LATEST MASSACRE MAKE RIVER OF BLOOD Stream Turn Red w Sixty Thousand Victuu V- AreJKiUcd r; REDS BLAMED *ftir J nil trf Pt?** I SHANGHAI, Chin*, Oct. 22, --Report! received from apparently reliable source* here Wednesday estimated that 60,000 pennni were masMcred when the Fourth nnd Fifth Red armies captured Ktang, Kiangti prov- tnce, on Oct. 6, Thn reports Mild that the K«n- Klang river was r«l with th« bloflrt of the victims, Corpses, It ws» said were *t*ck*d In ruigfl Til"'foreigner* JMd Tho nttiiclc occurred In the province where bandits and Communltl* u'cently have been making exorbitant demand* for the release of for- Manors* cupti^rod by them, The lutrwt demand, nftd the hifth- ftt rocHvwl KO Nr, \* for flO.OOOOOn MiMlonnrv nfflcers were advlwd Wodnf h *'tlHV th'*l joifh ^ 3*iim would re jwwMtrv tw the release of *slx nun^ nnd t\\w prtAflls kldntpsu m the pinvlnren of Klunjwl an) Klftii- t»i, Amnrlrain ITeM Ati Afnerlcan, Ttnit Nolson of Min- nonpoMs, IM nnnth«r boinR heltl for n rnnjom -MOflOOO In this n«i». A rwwii" Mpotlltl«n of Natlonftlht troop* WM reported n»»rln|( h»(*(l- (limrins r( the Cnmttnml*t tiantlli*) hnldltv' NHsnn, W' Is » member nt thn llnll'"l l.nthcron mliskw, Tw« H t l t l n h women miwinndrlnii killed In tho Fuklen ftrrift r '· i- n f t f r t h n v hn«t bft^n cnjitiiri'il l a »hlp. A flnpor of oni of thr ni wnd *ont tn ofdolnln with * fv| for rftn**m boforo tho woiu- en w«rf killed, Two Quizzed About Parole Fee aonntot Victor F. Michel of Peorla (left) nnd C, H, Jenkins, former stats official, wait' Ing to ha culled before tho Chicago crime grand Jury to toll what they know about $11,000 parole fees paid for the release of "Red" Barker, gangster., who 1$ now serving out the remainder of hts time at Fontlac. 32 YEAR SEARCH ENDED; LOST IN ST. LOUIS STORM /V ipj-rtv of t»8 Amwtrdns left he" 1 (in 1 tht loteilof recently, dddplte On- wnrnlt's ot loftnUnn (ifflclntu thn' ItWI l'"\ lull Wit* M!t" f" )^|lM3lwllV HlMhlcN i 1 hfni ivnttilil(it could »'' he uc"t diirtnff thn win I f ) . ll"ilnK to siipprvits tliv bund 11 nt [('"ikfuv WmlnfiMlity that It tm'l n^KhtlHipid n Innn of tl.BOOOOO l f ! n n m f nn oxpndltlon titurtlnff cut on Nov. 1. llavltijt ArntlMi Hrmlfls o( Chinese M)tl bnixlltx ttuvo In fnctint w«fkH, it ninlor problem rhi'f'W'In'f I" ovM u hii(ttw lh« civil warfnid trom which ihn eoiiiiiLy hm mffetfrt fnr *n mtmy ysnrx, They have changed from loo«fl- [!nlfil hnrden ot rftldlnfr rift'" 1 1° itti (iin'f renMy orRnnliod foi'on niim- bcilntt ftt len»t 10,000 m«n. F,w\ riirurcit refitvidlnx Oils «(rdn^th (ire not avnllnhta, but the mnln force of thfi nrmy appears to hnvfi tetn cmployntt In the rt»cnt cnpliun fttw! lfftlnj( of innvlm'hil cuplttil nt Hiitinti I nee. Vn|Mtintnda T'ounri CteitnrAl P«ntt Is of the »o-«!«tl«1 Fifth r(-d ·whleli flgilrod In Hint nfffllr, Joined ·with hl« nnm« Is that o( HitnnR Peng snd Himnp hnve propMgandn lutndbllls found at To«how and elsewhere, The United Pr««N cflri'wpondent M Kiingkow believer tcn»r»t Peng to b« the prlnftpnl leniler »r\i\ hf lenrnx «hat the urmy ti w«ll otg^nlxeil nnd ·quipped with 111 to (Into arms. Tlwt aetuel ctonmitinlsin and not m^re NindKfy Is a part of the new srmy'ti ·nhsme e«eme born* out by reports that there havo been wholesale eon flxoatlons of private propertiee in areas Inundated by the latest red wave, togelhtr with ptrseeutlon of landlords, shop proprietors and others vlessett a* "capitalists," while at Chan(»hn and In other captured oltlts special attention h»» been paid to destruction of xovernnt«nt build log* and tax of firs*. H«d VlMft~ttMn Rtd (IftK* have been Itolslnd nt points taken over by the nuw KIOUPX whllo handbills and pamphlets ti nounclnfr "oapltsllsni 1 ' nnd "lmp«rlnt Ism" are; freely broadcast, AntUforMftnlsm Is np)(ir*ntly a feattue of the uprising, but ropoits as to thf motive* for thin nve f i n - prov- tondot army (01* Cnltal Pi Hit) j 1RVINO, Oct. 22--A OBiirch ot 32 y«nrs for a sitter from whom If. H, Crlglpr of horo, was supamlfld In tho St. Lriuta torneilo (n 1S9S has ended with tho finding o( her In Alton, Kan. Tho tornado wccurrod when Crlgler wiw six y««rs old. The niater was four, Theli- home wai In the tornado belt and WAS wrecked. Both parents and two other nltitera wove killed, CrlRlci nlw»ys tallevod that Mao, his younger sinter, was picked up by rexoua workers. A tow days ago ho vlalted tn uncle nt Hard In In Cnlhoun county ant) there tor the ftrst time ten mod Ms sliter was alive, had mnniod and WAR living somewhern In Kantma. (UcllnB. Ct *ooin« oloar that fordgn ]roporly hai been the object o( wnn- tun ilonti'uctlvfnoss, nnd muny foreigners have been made captlvca, but the cnptttre ot foreigners has In ninny Inntsnces been rather In hops of money ransom than because ot unlrnim toward them as foreigners. Tho provinces ot Hunan nml H« peh have been-chlotly affected thug far with Klanpil receiving th« overflow, IgnorUnt Soldiers many ptefer to rewei rtt rn th^ jMilltt^ftl-eron^ri ot (he new movement, ntresa- Ing Its bandit aspects, the Commim- Ittifl (nature nppenrn tn bo coming increasingly lo the fote in all teports from thn affected districts. It appears" a fair guest that white many ot the troops in the new ted group ing are ordinary Ignotant soldiers-tit- targe pinked up from roving bandit gAngs, as they are Incorporated In the Communist army th«y ate being ftlven tt least f. mcMura of Communist teaching)). In the past, many outitges have been jmrpetniUd by soldiers and the label of "Communist" has been fast ened to them because It eeemod to oatry opprobrium to the average p«roon. It se«mu clear, however, that In the new organization there Is some genuine effort toward Communism ttlthough of a crude and undeveloped variety. HEAD COLDS CHICAGO BANDITS IN JEWEL HOLDUP E s c a p e With $64,000 Worth Stones^At Hotel (lly United rtu* ) CHICAGO, Oct. 33- Three bandits who resembled and worked Ilkethott who recently held up the wile of Mayor William Hale Thompson, held up two wenltlly Chicago couples early Tuesday, and cucaped with f 000 worth of Jewelry, The victims of tho robbery were George B. Grande]I, broker and former vice-president of Montgomery Ward and company, Ralph Gardner, broker, and Mrs. Crtmdell and Mrs. Gardner. The cdbplea had attended a fashion show at the Slovens' hotel and went from there to tha Drake Tower hotel, whore the Grand el Is live. AS they got out of n taxlcnb on ft turntable motor entrance nt the flltle of the hotel, the throe banditti held, them up. Gran dell and Gaul nor were forced to sit Inside the cab while tho women were searched. From Mrs. Crandcll the bandits took two diamond rings, one of which was valued at $30,000; a bracelet val uod at (15,000 and a (3,800 necklace They took a $10,000 diamond ring from Mrs. Gardner and a (0,000 ring and 150 In cnsh from Crandell. Mrs Oatdner -was allowed to keep her wedding ring nnd Gaidnei A ring which he tal(t the bandits Ms dying father had given him. All of tho jewelry fxcit Mrs Crandetl's $30,000 diamond wan Insured. The banditti escaped in im automobile which they had pui Ued ncni by "My Wife's Sic*," Holdup Says; . Wealthy Victim Now Aids Bandit CHICAGO, Oet M--it WM near- Inj midnight as A, C.- Uayerlt ap- proichtd his Ivoms, walking and ·lone. (The street WB* dimly lighted. It was cold. ' He compiled quickly when a man stepped Into his path, pointed a ffup at him and ordered him to put up The robber'* hand trembled n he reached into Mayerl«*f coat packet nnd withdrew a wallet. Maytrlo to him, Onttalki Holdnp "There 1 * ISE In the wallet," he said. "It'i my week'a pay. If you take It all it's golni to be pretty tinrd on the wife and kldi, Could you let m* have pui of It' back?" The bandit's hand trembled more violently. "Thl»--this la all new to me," h« stammered, "I've got a wife, too. Bhe'o sick. There's four kids and I can't find a Job. We've got no coat and no groceries. I've «lmply got to have part of this money, I'll take (10 and give you back the rent," «iw Help you* "Maybe," Mayerle told the bandit, as he returned the *2fi to hie pocket, 'If you'll put ths,l gun s,way wi can talk a little. I've still go£ a Job and maybe I can help you out,' The man, still trembling and thoroughly ashamed, gave hie name and address ond agreed to meet M eyerie the next day. They met as agreed. Having Investigated end learned the truth of The rule that makes MmornDoughnuts is the rule in roasting BROS COFFEE BY COOKING doughnuts a ftw rt a timt in the hue fat, every one » cooked *nd browned evenly. By roasting coffee a ftw founds at a timt instead of in bulk, Hills Bios, roast every berry of their fioe blend evenly. No other roasting process c*.n develop che flavor Hills Bros.' continuous process-Controlled Routing--does. frith from tht pack Entity tfttitii wttb tiii tt), Ink fir ttt Ar M tht tm, Your Father Traded Here The Decatur Drug EatMtkcJ 1895 354 N Water PBOXB Relief Tk* BKnt»nt thtM* pitr*. ef il-HOK «nl*r rout xMttlli flMM nt no etMtlM M · w»l. tine, *. LINN SCRUGGS Style Leadership Since 1869 Bclding's Canton Crepe $ Our Anniversary ·pedal we believe, is one of the best v*1u« ev er offered for the price. We feel «ure you will agree with us that it it a regular $2.50. Black Inky Green Wmlerblw Manila Brown Blush Beige Bison Brown Rubytone Winelone Japanese Red For a Limited Time $1,6? Yd,--5«onrf Floor tho atnaUur holdup man'* »tory, Mayerle thro told the truth -- tbat he U a wealthy manutwtur- Inf Jeweler. Hunt* Vat Job Ifayevle had tho tnan'i slok wife Uken to a hogpltal, bought food and coal' for the family and raised a fund ataong hli friend* to aid thtrn further, Wednesday he WM looking for a pemtanent Job for the rtan, whose name he refuaed to tell, "Perhapa It'* a and example," the jeweler said. "Perhaps Mine folks would argue about the moral of )*· But Uiere'a one thing they can't argu* about-- tt do^ show what oondltloni are coming to," ' ILLINI STUDENTS DOWNJVTTH FEVER ' (By United Fruit,) CHAMPAIGN, Oct. 32--Three itu- dento of the University of Illinois were under quarantine Wednesday suspected of having ocarlet fever, white five others were under sur- velllapce. Three of the latter group were under observation for scarlet fever and tho 'other two for typhoid fever, One of those suspected 1 of having typhoid fever Is a member of Theta Delta Chi fraternity, whost members are being Immunised against the disease. Prince TAKAMATSU Driven from the Frankfort opera by * itench bomb, Prlncn Takamatsu, (above) brother o( the Mikado, wu *aved from pos- slble injuries when German eu- thorttioi rescued him from a riot that followed ihortly afterward. Woodcock CMm Dry Agents Musi : Adhere to Lows iff v»*tt Prttt,} gPRINOFlBLD, OW. »,-- Prohibition tftnU mutt tdM** to the, dry law Jutt like otfcer cltlien* and If they drink liquor they miurt b* prepared lo pay the penalty, *ccordl«t to Amoe W, Woodcock, IMeral prohibition director, BOW on » neHon*) tour of Inspection. "Any agent own ht drinking wilt b* fired," Woodcock told n*w«paptr laUrvlewer* here. Will That torn* Important* 1* attached to thli ptia** of the life of a prohibition sleuth we* Indicated by UM statement of Woodcock that It will ^J!««££I.Y.TM, . **i IMM ot tti Mtioa*) Woei tanati wat e B s * t ^ referendum, to be heM November. H* staled that only watted to keep out el nut alto desired his afett? -'"-' to de thT^ that M E ' NM.CS.zl ta tataae? * Twe First--To visit the bureau uid uik to that they may bi department, Beeond--To urge tuts, county end cwv oniMth L. «e«h ot the seetloni of tbe MMuLS eoforoins the prohibition law" * Woodcock declared It wu to say thet prohibition is elMe tor crime, Pimples on Face Caused Great Pain Healed by Cuticura. "W ·J" -t '* my trouble bt«w ill the fora of pbnota* 1ht.4ropU.iw. " arwnd iny *Wn and touched, *" *'* ' "" more, and alter «sin« them for three moMbi I was ««B (Signed) MbiP1oftnttWokh,l»CI*volind$^ 'You have laid the firmest of foundations for success in using the Ultra Violet Ray in the 'Toasting' of Lucky Strike Says CLEMENT O. MINIGER " InduetrUt leader and ptiltinthropbt. Pmldent Electric Auto* lite Company. DifectoriWtUyfeOverland Ccmnaar "The demand of Americans for theutmostincomfortfConvenience and safety has made the Electric Auto*Iite standard equipment in many of the finest of American automobiles. In using the Ultra Violet Ray in the 'Toasting* of the LUCKY STRIKE tobacco, you have laid the /trmest of /aunda* (tens for the success of your prod* net. Because you are rendering Americans a service which they appreciate most-- the benefit of modern science," Ev«ryon« knows that sunshin* meHows-that'swhyTOASTINQ Includes the use of the Ultra Vtelet Rey» LUCKY STRIKE-th» finest cigarette you ever smoked/ made of the finest tobae* cos-the Cream of the Crop-THIN-*WS TOASTED/" tveryene knows that heat purifies and soTOASTINOremoves harmful irritant* that cause threat Irritation and coughing. Ne wonder 20/479 phy» sfctans have staled LUOCUS to be loss Irrllatlngl toasted - M a rt MBC, chain at Frt»k P" 1 t'MM U» ore! ·rtfttafhln ara wtlkto toUowt: ibow mut wo AlMevJtf'Andy TM Orookett I l4tt-*utdy. Lit emttr ttpoa en when, they fi WKBb,WHK, Ltttte Ulysses, ttnt Umtelf In uaQiMu becaue queettont,- ow thle oeeaatoa. · Throot rot»ctloii-oflotn»t IrrltqHon^aoalnit CeMiah ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^f 4^^^^^^^^^miMk ^·^··^^···^^^·^^^B BBB^^HHPHMBi^v t^^^^^^^^^^^r

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