The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on July 10, 1859 · Page 2
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 2

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 10, 1859
Page 2
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fcuxuy "BAia.^*.^.;.^:...;^,.. jni» «, — — — - •- fjfyfyKvff, ««TO^5--3?w;5a : ,rj^3jB; oiroamsUneesi, »«5«noh; ithatvthsL facts should be known, 1 naheBttatingly ask tbe _ «r»ni»rt «u* other UtdHM%»1bi»jr COOK before It— Bach A»«n^jr itetwtt will be raHUM to «e=4 two Aekcita to nil 8tala itelwiilWl^ prortaea Out uteo Hart, Niifiomi-Jnly 6,1859. To the Editor efthtlf^t: - " \ will forgive my obtruding myself before the A day or two before t left this city tor Mil- WWfkee, I received * 4nplteate,difip«ch from )••» sm* * ^ *.-*•? iJ* * *> * C J&<- l * _ I*, f i * 1 V 5 .*** x^ii. * * *•* i—one ItmVr. W.H. Watson, Private ^eotfllary ^o the Oprwnor;, the other from Mr. Boggles, Depaty ^eereiaryofSUte-1-apprialng me tint the Commlflslonership of Deeds for Wisconsin, held by'*die, wis'revoked by tNtf Qovemor^s : 'command, anl £be note Wai oa' record. Now & word ia regard to this oom- OiBSIUBPAlEOHlLD, TH10DORI OON^Ef, BIOHAKD F.CSBMC, 0 W.PItCH, Xbe Policy *rttoe Democratic P«rtr. -JudgeDdHglas, in Ms Dorr letter, expresses ilia firm cpnrioUon, that the democratic parly wfll •dfaere in the ricrtlPresidential canvass " to the principles embodied ^ the compromise measure* of 1850,and ratified,by the people In the. Presidential election of 1852, andre- affinnedin the Xansis-Nebresfca »Ct of 1S54, andinooipowtad Into theGinctowti plstfonn in 1856; M expounded by lir. Bncnanan, in his letter accepting the nomination, and approved by the people in his election." The Wasbington Conj^rirfion, inoomment- mission." J New of Milwankee. assnreii jne'ihaf they ionld throw bualneafl % pjjlw.ay,-5f. .L obtained tbe pntbt|HP«tobl< vboae only crime is poVerty, leauld I knew the nan. for the gubemaloria^idiqi I knew he woulif Slsgfioe thW chaiir ;" and ^fe^a^-^^^-ySW^^P^W***^.^*, c-^sn-j^piSK.^ * W-S. "*#* *T-^wv-e jr Ou'EHtortftbt AW ; fin ooonjred ttt-Uri9 f»h<» at threeVdock morning in ^efoltro^ ^loop,' occupied by 'A; ^ Rho.ie8»Jind.oiTneaj);r,H Tie bttUaingdaftroyed ttanly.-wortli " Ing upon Jsdge Douglas' letter, says ..that "nobody knows better than Judge Douglas that the democratic party are decidedly opposed teX«5virsf«f the sUre trade, or fo the enactment «f a CongresEional slave code for the territories." Judge Douglas probably knows a* much as the Constitution is disposed to give him credit for knowing, *»4 he not only maintains that, the democratic party we now and ever-have been, "decidedly opposeij to* revival of the | slave trade, or -to the enactment of a Congressional slave coda for the territories," bnt he says, "I cave-fall confidence- that they will idetermineiathePrjesidential. election of I860 ito adhere" to their position^ decided hostili. Ity to both of those measures. ;What more i could he say ? He cannot positively assert that the party will in the future-occupy the identical position that they have in the past on tho*e qnesSons, bnt be. declare* 'that he has !' fall Mth that they will/' and no reaponable ~ inortal oould do more, fie jutlgtv of th.- future by the past, and there is fertility ing in the past history of the <iemi.u ratio patty, to justify any one in believing that tbe : party will abandon the sound cooatitutional , ground upon wh'itfh they ^ave stood so ; nuua- folly and battled so sucoeBsfully since 1850, L and plant themselves npon an inverted plat| form in I860. They, will ..not ataltify .them- : selves, and Bubitituie interrention for non| intervention; .So confident is the Constitution. i that they wiQ not recede from, this position, : that it cmugns Judge 0ongl&s for | hypothetical allusion to ihe possible change of j the party, upon the questions of the revival of | the slave trade and the enactment of a slave : code, as a. gratuitous assault npon "the good i intentions of i.fie democratic party. . . i If wefettoalltd upon to defend Judge Dong-i las, or enpposed ; that the letter itself, or any i part of it, could be so construed as tg warrant j the Constitution in d r * w * n k.^ i 'y finch, infer enee, '"* -'---•- -* : --••-•--•-•-: S. Seuate-on .the eve of the ftdjournment of ; Congress, to thaletter.'of Governor Wise^ -and ; to the position of'some-leading Southern pa- i pers, as forniauing a soffioient excuse for the allusion which he makeslo that subject in his ' ; -letter._ ;' : ' -' : "';' :; - : '•'"--; :^-^--: •'• -• •• ; The fact that a change in the phiform is .: openlyradVocated by some leading Sonthern Statesmen, is notorious, although we do mot ; apprehend no more than Judge Douglas and i the Wasjiington Contlitution ; do, that the ; Charleston Convention irill the de• \ mandsftf thetaterventionigts. -: ;We have full ; faith that the State of Virginia will listen to tbe i counsel of awiser• Stateaman"thin"' Wise, and : abide by the principles of the CincinnatttPlat- ': form. We know the pretext upon which it is ; urged that a change of the peatform hia. be; come nsoessary. It is said that by the -D.~i.-d Scott decision, ''-old >-thihgs hare- passed •;J *w«y, .^iii~behold, all thtogs have ;be: come new. 7 ' Happily for the democracy and the friends of ttm Union, the Supreme Court • j did not decide in the case of Dred Scott, nor 1 in any other base, tthat it was thejdnty of Coni • gress to'iBBact a alava oddeftrMthe Territories! n The Conrtdid not even decide;, that Congress \ possessed the power to pass laws for the pro.-'• tection of slarery in them/' 'It;^313 not decide ; that the people of a Territory jmsy not like jtbepeoplev&f a§tate;, Decide^pr' themselves whether they will hare-slavery or not within • their own-limits. In fact, the Supreme Court has never made a decision all npon : that question. Bat if the Supreme Court had so decided, it would riot follow thai the dem' ocratlc: party ehonld incorporate that decision* ' i into a national political platform, as that could, . -' j in no ev«nt, give 'additional fOrcefand validity to the. decision.. .When the ^Supreme Court: deades that th* people of ; a Territory cannot ; decide iiisiqaestion for jthsmaSireg, every one! • .should Jtnow that such a decision is paramount to all rasolrrtiona of political .conventions, as' well as to the legislation of Congress, and the anriety of the ad vocatsa of a ilave code to secure a recognition of the doctrine by the son, and immediatelyV rw*eiv«d-« reply, Uiat as Boon as i had' ii3ooit' ihaWtation and a seal, and forwarded anhnpressofthelatter^withtlie oath of ^office .attested, lhat. xay* coni jiiggion would iBSue. I went to BOiae Seven dollara expense for a «eal, received toy cpmrnigslon npon that day.--Tin the'gatheringin of La Crosse. railway -proxies, t found the offics" a iuneoure without proyisfon, and not^one cent did^I re- Celv^ diraotly or Indirectly, from Hit honor ot being a Com'niiSsioner for Wisconsin!, : ', ' ' Some^tiro months ago, a correspondence ia your" paper With -Hr, McQraw, '-one. of Mrl' Bandall's Btate offloers, -vraa,' J ,believe, the only correspondence held by m»ifith any Ont^ in the State, and that correspondence told ibj own %tory, viz r the"imbecility of ihe State Prison keeper, and the depth" of lying to which a man can sink to save himself from the jeer^ of those who read his hignly moral, instruct ive and philosophical sermon, addressed to myself, without invitation or desire on my Part. „< . , .' '\' "ilidu, exposed to all thelrjeers. Had tost tOi art, «nd kept tl» eira." Thus, when I read the despatches, I gathered together Mr. Watkins' note,, the commission, instructions, &o., and enclosed them to Alexander W. Bandall, the Governor of Wis-l consin, with a request that he should inti-,' mate the high crime or misdemeanor for which! I had been executed, without charge, trial or oonviotion ! has" been received, -whence I ask' the enlightened citizens of Wisconsin, from whom Alexander W. Randall expects to receive a re-election for Governor, whether such an Executive officer is worthy of the slightest confidence, who executes judgment without the semblance or form of trial! If my correspondent -with Mr. MoGraw was the bead and front of ay offending, then I accord to Mr.; Banfiaii th-j exclamation «rf 'Dogberryj ass.",.: .If thscorresponf j- bad nothing, 'i to' do, wita il, then MK Tal^e of th^propertyr;^ Insured p follows;—, I&vintHw .Company, -Hartford, , jEfria; Insuring ^(Jomjaajr, Hartford, r j^ft th, .. ._ w 9<^f thpgreatci, partoB cansa.ft ! doe8 a thitsecs-kt tnftery.-f" s To t&p people of Hayti, and (0 tbe batter ao, olSPrfflldBat OrfDratd^ liberal ^nothing could bojnoro e cofidns Jot anott 'emigrants NOTICES |r^rf,Sameaiately nps^ haa ppon9<$ wide the doors to imiri dan of cl^r.-foreaight, iotf. That ;ea"t vlews',1 - $ ' • a * ^i. — i«a—,1o>arktBic|moei'of corrnpttpn that haft eaten lt«r VW Into the vsjy «sajf of the popnlstlon of Haytrslocb Sou- lonque'e Inauguratlcm. While amTbiaon, tEt Jhirst tor lnore.^9 ridicnlons craving fog titles, were fostered an^ - • <• j " on * wu Oisprroundedthe perors throne, and It-came the inst^ WsBorattd av|rlc6, {ha people, left to them-' pentSjO^ ' • - ^ -,-* —' T^"»"*J T«W JfWjfUJ^ Idtb fcO lilCBl^nblntored. and ancared forjesoeptim irhea mowgoia Waji wanted for tbafoyal oo; fera,or acre,men for ihe starving ft. dergtaad, obtained last Monday, i. There was another small wooden bnildhig-inrned.-worth €150, belonging : to Passage, Aram 2 & Co'. Bat by the a'otSve exertions of oar'oitizens the lumber yard and Varanonse were saved. This is no'donbttte work ol an incendiary^ * ~s , ' "Toari, '~jri « returning to the savage Strfe, In' f ustry had become a,myth, sgrionlior* disappeared f|om, 4 lhelana, and ldlenes*8; ofctaming lull control of the masses^ brought Wth il its -~ ? 5r^' > i ? President Geflrarl immediately Invttea the on. ojf not ionly iieople of h|s nuse, but , f* 0 ** alt oonntries, principally me^ chanlcs, artizans, and agricnlturisti. Jfe hag ° t Extract* from Tom Cornrln'* Oratlou. ' 1 "Wtf mike the&Dow|ng extracts from'Gbver- nocCorwin'a speech as reported for the Cincin" iJiljill. professra, not the virtue of either ,tj,' iit-ptirpoae .as "a Oovornor, or the command of that discretion -which should characterize a Governor, and that one of such n State as Wiaconain. I believe it is a constitn- tioaml rulo to beliera every" man innocent tin' found guilty, and 'our constitution accords' to every, man a fair and honest trial, whether!; be by a'Jury, pr by a properly constituted judiciary. In this remarkable'caee,'I am ip- snlted ml/tout tvert tJiie notice of a charge standing against jnc I and my commission revoked, 'because--it .'was 'Alezauder W. Bandall's pleasure! Well, sir, if this said A. W. Randall, who took twelve long months to pay me ten dollars for inserting his card in the Daily Aiiitrican., that celebrated card, pat .forth as a 'blind*, that as a briefless lawyer, he purposed to settle in Milwaukee for basinfss, having no idea of a nomination, &o., &ci^ whilst he was curry ing favor, and caught the innocent eljqne who tbotight of Eolton, .Mcln'doe, and other honest politicians—men worthy of the honor, but secured the nomination by~ trickery.. If thii said immaculate Governor will Only return sue the seven dollars for the seal pf office J will cry quits, and "let the dirty cur sneak to his kennel." Tho meanest police magis. tratethat ever lived would have told hia, prisoner what charges were brought against hip, but it is reserveil fyr Alexander. W. Randall to sink below the polluted surface of meanness :as.a-Governor, to displays bias".<>nly jc-qnailed by the incidents of ^nis pravious career in the State.. From the tonr I received the commission, I felt uncomfortable at holding the signature of this contemptible .officer, and, ir'hen called on to cease office, the tfiere Was in nb tradition, no Cotlon, no fable,, that represented anything kindred to the Fourth of July It was' the great effort to ( make law and Hbdrty coequal with each other. It was the instinct oT man to believe that he-was e^nal f6 iiny other man. The Hindoo reUgionrwhleh prescribes the duty of man to God, also gives ihe-law regulating the intercourse between one man and another. The religions code is always incorporated with the «!vU. The Taw-giver of tbe Jews did not ast them to take the law as coming from him, bnt from that God who haft delivered them from captivity.. < " ~ Our fathers' proclaimed for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. IIow Strangely that must have sounded to the old world? The infant colonies deolarUg that they were equal to any people ! They appealed to the God of Nations Tor tbe justice of their cause, and th'en went to the field of war. Tile gallant Frenchman came to our aid, and then they kneeled down upon the field of.- battle, and^ asked God tO'bare his red right arm In "defense* of the people. Tha Heavens were not-brass, and that prayer was heard, The proud Eagle soon had the British Lion crouched at his feet ! The God of Heaven raised np a kingdom. I believe the legation of George Washington was divine, as much as David ot old. If it had not been so, he would have been whipped. Yon cannot make me believe that his little army could have whipped the hosts of England, had not God been with him,- That was bss thought, for establishments where yarious grades afid arts will be taught ; his agents are m eveiy'city, Jaboring. zealously to forward nis" views; and'oflertng protection t<| every in- dnslty. t fSuoh men as the passengerton tbo Brewer Will be an acquisition to ^ajit more acceptable' fhaft white men ; originating from the samajface, they have, besides, fhe-advan- tage of speaking the language ot the* Hayliens — 'Prenejh— an^ of bringing with them the de- stderatoa expected from the whitesK-divHiza- Oon-^-wlthOnt the danger of giving umbrage to people nqt of their own qolor. * f ' .-So far '63 onr^oommnnity is concerned, although ;ohr tree colored 'population Ifaa-always been WwJ&UdtHg, peaceful and industrious, it is still en Undesirable element to keep Among ns, aa they would always remain in (he* equivocal position they now hold between the two races ; and if they can find more happiness elsewhere^— aid in the work of civilization — we caaoniy jrejoice at this movement, [and hope 1 to see it encouraged t>y all proper mea ns. ^ TITE hove several Brick and ^Pramc Hotacii to rent- If eicetdingly chehp. We have for &le n y»»t Quantity of Keal £9tate, comutlug of Honio «nd LoU, ImrroTcd snil OnlmproTe4F»rnn of every s »tzs to snlf porcfiuerj, School Lscib curefally teleclcd at »a e-*lj U»y. TlmsTwlll be given for part of the garchaae money, c'ettr titles and vamntce deeds. . • QSEGOEY Jt CO., , j 224 But WtStr ft. I and I believe he was right. Mr. Corn-in referred in a beautiful way, to the struggle of Luther, and then proceeded to discuss the individual responsibility of every man, as to.the manner in which he exercised the .rights and pri vil ^es which had been guaranteed by the Declaiationaudthelaws.- Every man was a King. Not a jot of power had the rulers, bnt what came from the people,-and SQ- long as they were tiuetb Uirmselves in voticg, no nation could inl« rfere with their liberties. Bnt when.tbe BepnVHic did fall,".if ever that tour shonld'come, .it wonld sink -lower, to tho gulf of oblivion than the plummet of history ever sounded, ••'•'; -'•".•• : '-'-: ..-. '•.-": •• •''<•-• ;Er«ry thrie yoK.Jdepoait; iyoteJnithe-bil- lot ben, God's eje is : VDO», yon, and as you jr__i_,_'—^. »».—*,... .i_* ' . -,..._ ttt _ • •_-•• .*.. . «r. SOS ,T1 O Nl» S, SOLE PSOPKJETOB * MAN0PACW0KKR OS'PURK OHIO CATAWBA BRANDY, mills Brandy has been • manufactured forf several JL years from the pnre jalce of the C*Utfb$ Qrape, thus iffordiBg additional evidence of the (impress of American, eaterprixe and Industry.and of oar sillily to " produce article? at horae eqnil" to those madiSby my other nitioh. ' S " The Ohio Oatauba Br»ady not only eqdali bijt tictij .the best Imborted BrandJei, in purity nod flkTor. It Is In fact tho best Brandy tnotrn. This statement Is follj- eorroborttid by tho certificates of our most <Jist!nEuIi}i- cd analyUcal chemists. ! ' TbtBTintof Pure Braady has long beeo^fettln this eountry,anathelntroduction of an article of inch qnaU- tyjutosaperscedethenLle anil use of those vile com- pooniJshlthtrto sold under the mmr of Bran.Iy,ciji only be regarded, a great public good, TJie-OaUwbaBranily -Rosse«s« yiUiejgood qnnllUis claimed ftp- <!ic best imported liquors, and Is of perfect purity arfd sSii.jsrlor naror.iina k soTeriRBina sure remedy for Dyspepsia, flatulency ,'iCramii, Colic, Unpjor, Loir Splriu^ttcoer- ' " • - . JOU. OT'tAHE'S o CELEBRATED TIgMI?OClE AND LIYHt PJXJJ3. - . &T4. itaeuUr combination, but yery «ffectna],a» the following will shoir: aiw Toil, KoTember20,1SS. Knowing, from eiporlence, ths vaJuaeta-qualities of J>r. Jt'Lane't rcrmi/#g« and Mcer fait, prepared by Healing Bros. Pittsburgh, I have for sometime back considered It my duly, and sSade K my traifneij, to m»ke those article! Inoira wherever I went among my friend*.. A short ttaewro 1 became acquainted wltt t he c«e of a.young gW,• who seemed to be troubled with Worms and liver complaint at the same time and had be»n suffering for some two months. Through my peiriBisIori'ihe purchased one bottle of Dr. £ant'i Vermifuge, and one box of iner fills t which she took according to directions. The result was r sbe passed • large quantity of worms, and thinks that ono box more of| the Pills will restore her to perfect health. Her name and residence can le learned by calling on E.t. TheaR, Druggist, corner «f Bulger and Monroe streets. &f~ Purcbaiors will be careful to ask] for DR. JTiANrS CELEBRATED VERMIFUGE, manufactur- ADVERTISBaiENTS. SALE; Of WISCONSIN, » \ Circuit Court, Mlbvsaleo County. ) CewbBUke,-- ; ) agalnn ' V Jndjaient Foreclosure. Wllll»m W. Keltk. V I N virtue ofindpumant to a jadpnent rendered In lalii Oottrt, In tlid above entiUe-1 action, dated February ST. 13i8, 1. thall expose for sale- and <elt at Public Auction, at tbe Post-OSco, In the Cit; of Milwaukee, on Haturdayt t&e 9J3» Jay of July, 1S5J, it the hoar of 3 t. M., or that day, tile following described mortgaged premises, or to much Uiereofaa may be necessary to- nisa the amount of said judgment. Interest and costs, together with er- pen«e* of ialei to wit : • •• "Tlie equal undlTiJeJ one-lillf of lot No. ono, in block No. ninety-five, and the equal undivided^ one-half of lot six, In block No: one hundred and eleven, all In th» Fifth Ward, of the City of UUwaakee, la'the State of Wisconsin. Dated aherlff.'a Office, Mi!w»ukeo, ^pril 9, 1S59.^ |:,» 1 *«a«a, » A. J. LANQW03THT, PlftAtfy. (..,.... • sh'ff. Mil.' Co., Wla. '"' ADVERTISEMENTS STATJ! OP WISCONSIN, ) Circuit Courl,Mllff.itikeeCounty ) Joseph It. Tn."U, TIinmiM A. I,yne, Caioline J. Lym>, k. A^ l*nllonv . * I U virtue of and pursuant U> ,_ , "f 1 ' 1 Co '«'; in thB nbovf, eatl [ .V f \V ed bj a BEOS, of Plttibnrirh, Pa. All otBer Veralfirses In comparison are worthless. Dr. XTLane's genuine Vermifuge, also his celebrated, rjver[PUIs, eaa now be bad it all respectable drug stores. Jfone FLEMING BROS. NE11VOU.S ilEUIJLITV. This Is ft complaint very common, especially among females. • EoaflaniFs German BitUrs never falls to ;cnre thlsjoUseasc; The eyjtem, under Its nje, Is restored to fits original Btrength and vigor; the appetite becomes food, the spirits become cheerful, and In body Bail mind yoirfcel the full restoration of health. For sale by druggists and dealers In medicines irerjwbere, at 7S cents per bottlo. diwlmo_ EM F 1-, O V M • K N T . 850 a Month and all Expenses Paid. A N AGENT Is wanted in every town and county In 'J\. the United States to engage In a respectable and etsy ba»ln«», by which the above profits may be certainly realized. For farther part culsrs, a.ldre'3 DB. J. Hi»bTWimta, corner 12th Street and Broadway, ew York City, enclosing 6t?t Postage gtanip. jell-diw-ta . I S hereby given that C. C. Hurray has withdrawn Irom the firm of Mnrray, Prior 4 Co. light in J interest In si hiving sold all his firm it 'Wi'IIam M. Kimball. O.C. MDRRAY. The business will hereafter be conducted under the styleofPrinr.HarblckiCo., who wllljettle all accounts nf Murray, Prior & Co. A P.PR10K, J. P. UARBICK, 306 - • -, -WM. M. KU1BALL. 8. FADE COOS..niDtOSU. nOLUSTEK..ClliBLC3 C. COTTOS. COON, HOLLISTEE, & COTTON. Attorneys aud Counsellors, NOS. 4,5, AND «, PEUEidX BUILDING, <197 East Water Street,) al Debility, ic. NO FAillLr ;SHOUT,D-BK \VITH6.Ui 1 •-• Hetoii Ptico, »i*a6 I'er dlBoharge : ihat - - will reap the re- pommissTbii ,was^ , ten '_ minutes:/ '*uoli Decision, but that : thefnenaBorth^oode^ow that Unas not. If {they-hive secured:e^oh a decision, th?n they are already in "full--'posBwsion of the right i which they claim, and it is net* tnitteroftb* feast earthly oonseqenoe to them, whether the ^CharlestonContention passes any resolution !lnwgaiiaioJtx>rjibt. jWien, thayiake thair •j islaT« ijito * : TerrftoryiwJ»ere slavery t i& pro-; ihibitedjliy Territorial .enactments, they trill not'Ask "what did the Charleston Con- ventions'resolve i in regard in the Tarptories 1 " They will My desk smelt sweeter, and my mind" wag re: l lieved, and I rejoiced that this teryract .ipnlii show-up the depravity, meanness;- and "whttej- liverbd duplicity of A!. WtiKuidall, I cannot ' dime out for this contamptible treatment. sie-l^p^qrtiiJJtoirith Jthe^malght:;of a .pen thattold Ms de6s»t,-and hejkndw 1 f t; '*ut; again, he was saved by thfl herculean exertions of—wbpnx.? L Why, of the' men "who, M aslced • Democratic ^i' ' whilst' theyi voted fora Blao^.ilepnbiican;';^ A E^pnb- licaa, dldj;f sa>;|_ '' ' ' been one of iand to inouth, feeding from the cribjof the Whig, Abolitionist, jDemocratic and BepnblicanpartiesJ - Such a man deserves bnt little respect, and less sympathy, in to ionestyj his vmdictiveness', cihibits .the despot :» his whole life shows the . man v who '' ' ,r; gfad fer Wb^hmy remrineratjonwftfl— inotone cent to tjbtid i bonr,J -Now I bearfi,wheniaiMilw!ttikee,; ai! ,spreajl'by.tue Jawyett«fthe; / hadfaen ht-v the , «t t not imiiitethos? black ^republican* who qnote ward ot j^d «t>ndn«, thai ahali; eithiir'exalt yon, or in God'a gooJ'tirnej-lj'andyod oxer to the gallows. The power ,ha», been given to yon, and withheldfrotn every one else.- ; ; If yon are unworthy, it v will 'pass*way. .Every student of history has of the strength of the Roman Empire. Where sow are the Roman conquerors ?V Where the tronderfol women Who could swallow coals of fire rather than submit to a tyrant 1 they are represented by the Opera girls f hut daneefbr our amusement. 1'iiaanini, wild his fiddle, is the rvpresenta- siv,- of iU*> onitt.poworfal Empire .of Home ! •."The curious travtJ-r flndH the owl singing iuithe pilaca of the t'u-sars. t .Qpd determined that those who had bren unfaithful ehonld be prostrated. This will be the .condition of your children and mint^ unless we are faith- fnl to the power placed Iu onr hands. , ' I speak of no party, no eectlon, but have something to say which shqnld ba altered in teairs. • There are people who :t»ke the American constitution, and .hold it np as having some great defects. Snch people discovered defects in the law of Hoses. Tbe expounders put in things that God nor Moses never thought of.i We;have such people in- oneway,.! fir that instrument, a Court of the United States was established, that shonld: have jurisdiction over the laws of Congress—a tribunal to execute the laws. Two years after the constitution was made, Congress enabled a law, that 1 where man, owed labor and service, no Uw shonld be enacted to prevent his return, Those men understood the constitution. The South ore my brothers',' bat,they must, not undertake to override law and establish the African slave trade, or.they; will atone for tbe act on the gallows and the gibbett. Wherever opposition to law exists—Korth or South- there is only one thing to be done—(atro/f his 'iceadl Whenever an effort Is^jniaile ~ i tp' 'sever this Union,' the fltabbflr with'Jits poigaard stud the incendiary with his torch' will go forth at noonday. Let the Angel of Death pass over, 1 bnt God" sate .ns from lifting' oar, fratricidal hand.against oar mother's bosom.; IM was Etnpercr, the tongrw of the disu'nionlst should be. torn out, and hlsjlry bones ratlt,; in the .wind.! Let as hold lo the Union aa tli8 ark. of oar safety. . ", , \ . ..';"Qod help to ; preserve. r _the. -Sabbath- of our nation, and iiiiythe time come when triere shall Velio slavery..•:«'•! no oppression.-- Qod protect ns all 1 ..-•••.^•i-:;:---:-; •••.-..-'.•'' '--.*.-••• Jv- ..;-- it. - ^Sf ReeiuBiDCaded by the physicians . anft d|nggisls 'G;Simmotidshu appo!ate4J--P- 4 P. S.ILjtBY, No. UlCast Water Btrcct, sole aseatifor theEta,U »f Wis- eoiuln, where dcalrra and ctunoiaerj will pleiiie fr.r- irard their orders. - , ; . ; .;i)y csJMnj on the «Kenl», the public sill" ieciiy4 kiac. pte KTatulomty. - •.: ... i: :. ••-•'•'•' —• : -.-' \ ' lafl 9 'ANY ' of IiLitrotsenti, fronlon^VoJ i'tirerity-two, for JlaJls, Parties, ParadisJ Excursions, Ac., 4c., at reatonablel or Stolen. A PBOMI50EV NOTE for $30, payable to Barbara Held, eight moothi after date. EiccuteJ by JFrelUerich Froegel and ilarla Ch. Froegel, dau-d 1111- Tankee, October 13, ISD3. I warn e^erjboily not to buy said notti as It will not be pafil to any one except tome. [j<;3] . BARBARA HIED. J. A. , ti , address American Cornet Bindl br a JIusJcbtore, 17% East Water st.; { \ ,|c4 & VAX , Attorn^s and Coansellors' at Law. ' '•''' --•••~8TSm.\'3J'OIA'T,...WTSC&JfA]y, : \'Will practlca In ineTsrioes Oomrtj of the Serpith JEJI- cial Circuit o(l Wisconsin, and, vlU fmlttifnHy atle3>l to '_%\\ bosicess Intmited to ui, renltUaceK promptly . ra»r.e. Und\V»rranVs Iocs.teHntclseUd.Uan> Tor those at » distance., l ' • • i ' ; •-, =. . . • Utrreant 4 Scnirrea, Ugnker», Stc7«tu J. E. SHASPSTIIX, Ejq., Mlhf aakee. Uon.J B, Ott»wi,Ill. Ai\, i»D MTIIL DIALta i.1-1 Gentlemen's, Misses' & children' Boots, SHOES, SLIPPERS & RtrUBRRS, WE SOOTS~7VAl>E TO OKDER. No. 225 r,n«t Water »trcct (Opposite Wilier Hoas*,) jnHVADKKE, .[raaySlJ.. WISCON5IN. _ RKKAT AND FINF, ART GALLERY, : 171 Hast Watfr Sine:. H AVISO secored t!ie ajjlatjace of the nldeat and ino«teSperlKsce.l operator lathe WcsUU. (law- ken*, (vho«e ISUI b> nil department 13 veil knowo to many of the cltlzruof M.iraolcec,)! aa now prepared to offer to the paollc every desirable style of Pictures knom to the community *t lower rate* »nj erecuted laa^eUer-m&ooer th&n CSD b^? -lane iu &a; oilier «j- tAhllstentnt la Uic Wciu : Cl3FFQRD'j» DAGCTaEKAr! OALLERT, J71 East Water «tr? t, formerly knr.wn as S<-eIey T s liooiuf. . carli Ia Equity. »ALK. Armand Je KaCarty,- : vs. •• : John"DalTl», i Mary 0. DavB, ', Frederick D. Clark, Catharine Marl* Clark, Edwin Town-end, John 0. TonrnsenJ, | WiUiam Barlock, I Walker L. Bean and The Juneau Bank. . j I N punuonce and by virtue of a decree made by the District Court of the United States for the District cjf Wisconsin, on the seventh day of June, ISi'J, In tlj« above en Hied cause, I shall lelt at Public Auction, a the United Statii Marah&J'rf Office, in the City of Milwaukee, In said district, on Friday, the thirtieth duy of Septembhr, 1359, al three o'clock in the afternoon, the following described property, to wit: "Lot number eight (S), In block number one hundred and ufty-3even (157),'in the Third Ward of the City of Milwaukee " 3Iarshal'd Office, Milwaukee, June 25, 1X3 I M J. THOMAS, O. 3. Sl^riha;. OfiDSS, ISmnf j 4 OODJN, Corap tVi . J oHc,t.,r3. ilecreo r«ucler '-- 11 action, date. of may be nece3_inrv to r.iix« UMJ ^ m meats, Jntfi'eHt ;»nil ch^t,?, tn<r..t], ( ., aultf, to wit: - M»-'^'--' •• '•The north one half of Int.* m.mber ten(l»> and twelve ('-), In block nuruln-r. forty-ajx: Aoi in the Ki^hth W.tnl nf t?)-; s'liil oii.y nf Mihvm' kee, beiaij oh Wallcer'i Point AilU.tinn t,> ^^1,1 city i In the County of MilwriuUt-e, .St.'it-.r ui" Wi i- consln." DaleUaheriff's nlTur-?, Milw.nikt'e, April I, KV. Fiscwpia, I.T^DK A, ( A. 3. LAN'GU'ORTAY, Plaintiff's Attorney. ) HittriirMil. Cn., Wn. aprl-Jailin-w g^T* Thr- :thov,* a.-i-f i? fi.'rfj>v [imtpon.Ml to .^Unr Jay, the'27Ufuay of -August, 1-?GO, :it Ihe 'f^rn<- pi:i.-. noil time of <!ay. D:iteil SlitTiirj OUI-'-?-, MUwiuUetf. July L', IS,j3. A. J. LANfi'-VOHTIIY, jyu StitrU .Mil. Co , \\"-t. I N ylrtue of anil puraqant to a jaW Court, in the :itiov« entitle tl THE UHEAT ENGLISH K!$ SIrt JAMES CLARKE'S Celebrated Female Pilis. Prepared a prescription of Sir J. (.'t,ikc, M. D., PAyxiciuit Extraordinary to t!n Queen. Tbls invaluable medicine IsaDfjilin^ in the cure of all those plinful and -dangerous diseases tj which tl^e female con?titutl'in .s subject. It moderates all excesi and removes all obstructions, and a speedy rure may be relleil on. TO .T1AKUIEU I.AOIIi.x It U peculiarly TOitedi It will, In a short time, brlns on the monthly period ;wllh regularity. Each bottle, price One Dollar, bears the Government Stamp of GreaVBiitaln, to prevent eotmterfeiia. These Fill* ituruJil not be taken ^'jfemalea during Uie fllt&TTlIRSK XOX1U3 of freynan^-y, a, w«j are sun to t>ring tm JfixramVi^a, l>ni tit ftny ot\er timt they an tafe, the Back and Limbs, Fati^-ne on ilight e-:ertlon, Pilpi- tatlon of the Heart, Hysterics, and Whiles, these Pills will effect a cure when~all other means have fiileJ, and although a powerful remedy, do not contain iron, calomel, antimony, or any thing hurtful to the constitution. Full direction in the pamphlet around each pack ij<- hich shouM be carefully preserved. Sole Agent for the Cnlted States and Can.ida, JOB JIOSES, <L»:e I. C. Baldwin 4 Co. ilcchesier, 2|. ?. N. B. — J1,CO and 6 postage stamps enclosed to aoy authorized A$rent, will Iniiiro a hottle, containing over 50 pills, by return ciiw- for tals ty QSEKS4 UCTTOM. C. UAKalNdTUfi, liUSWOBTH ±.suNf<, aortZ-diw J.1I. ALUOTT. & BELDEH BANKING, Laud and C'olleriion <)J]UM- U3J XJIKUJVK'-S !SAf,E. [?i«w STATK'OP WIHCON'aiN, i Circnit Court, Miiw;iu!cee Connty. f" Alon^o Pottt-r, Taylor, Icliubo.i Smith, The F.-irmHn' HM . Millun* Bank antl George W. P^ckham. - Foreclosure. ud^inent r'-ii'l.'re'l r --, ... „., ,„..-.... action, 'lat^ii o.: tober'A135S, i shall "expose fnr^ilt! ami ic-n it P-J|»II, Auction, at the Post-OlIlCL-, in the City of Mllwnuk.'*', -i sainrd;iy> the aa day oS July, is:/>, t the hour of ii P .v., of that flay, tli,; tollntrlni; J.-^-rih.-. mortgaged premldeBor jo much. tht?r»of aa way i»- ,<• ceaaary to tliu .imount of aaitl juii^inoii!, itit.-r-^i and^oaty, toother wi'.li the o^penat-a of->aJf» t«> WL '*I,o£ number two [-J, in block mnalH-iv! cl^fity seren [ST], in the Fourth U'ard of th.> rity -i .Milwaukee, in the Cn;inly of Mll-Tauk--- in.i DatPilI Sheriff's Ollic.% MilTai^Jcec, \pnl 1, IsS'J BnOVNA OdDKN, | A. J. LANfeWU.'tTHY Prffj Ati'y*. l Sheriff MM Cn., \V -.; ^^ The Abuvusau- >* tn-r-.-by p.^t (; .) -,i •,, yijm day,the9th day of July, IST.9, it the nm<- ;>i:u - . P - •< time of Jay. Dated HheritTa OHict-, Milwaukee, JaU -', l-»..-j. A..I LANOWOK 1'H V I>'3 dhernr MIL 0-'-, T .Vi3 oiucurr cuuitT ,-r County uf CoJumdi't. j John Furlong an-1 ) Morgan Furluny^ 1 John B. Vliet, ( Joseph Bailey, j Caroline C. Vli,-t, ) : ui:iiT:Qnrt. — cor ii"t«-f Wisconsin Riv-r ii/- *- iConi -i«t --T-r-i draulic Company, [ Edward apauhlln^', | NVI.ion Joy, Josialt A., Peter McNab ami Anjier J.ickaon. State of Wi3»-nnsio,' tr> Kdw^ni ^j and Atijler Jack.-oa. Y OU are hen:by .-'ain[n''>n^'l in, the ^iiiuplaiiit , i ihia it*ij.>i Uie 10th -lay Al;.y .., -tif-.-n 'Mlinir-.l lh* .xllcr- C'Humhi i «:o(jy uf y in yn »urt for , I.. K J f tlie .Clerk- ..f rlin Cir-mt L'o jc ;(i.- i.'i, , ,i P,rt:i.-.-, s;ifcu I.KJ--S N v j.-,; ST 1 l'>: <)H rt'lHCONSLN. I mhl9 (i FEED THE HUNGRY," LANDS AND WATER POWERS, ..• ,. . ,.. Choice Farming and Fine jLafids. ' ' ^' Free .' Black EjnlEraUon-.Trro : Hnridred Free Segroei) leaving • fVew Orleaii* for ••••• •'' ' '"• '"'" '"" "" \[ From the New Orleans Picayune, Ja >e 22i We tooki.wttiK^dowii the'laree yestertkay' afternoori to see jthef -schooner A. C. '' Bcewer leave bar "wharf. The Brewer, Capt. i-Cor; cleairea Monaajr for Port^au-Priijce^ Hayti. and takes away as passengers two hundred ties persons of, color from this city, who ^ Voluntarily emigrate, induced, by tha teaiptiDgipros. peols offered to. them in Hayti, nqder President flefTrard'* government; ."': ;;.:•-.! •••;--;-•'>•:•-• ; '•': •••• .rjThia iihporl,ano"£( of this morementi an-d ' Its probable tafliience on. the welfeje of the i Hay- tien people, as welli aa on the fate of the >blaot i"aoe:Jn.gener8l,-ina especially on that of 'the tree jsolored , population, which occupies a sort of nncartaln, nndefined position in onr midst. Ss well=worthy ;of reflection and stridy.^kThe two hundred who;1«ft Jast ufght belong to the' inos^rUjdiistiioris and rispectaWe olass of onr colored people;' - ; --* . •-i.:".- ••-•• . ;••'.• -.'. •} ' ••! •••-• . < f -They emigrate mctttfyja iamiHea, and all .*«« Mjtlivtheni. a ; small .j&pttal 'whereBpoiiio *PM* their fature lortntie. The greater part are young, able,bodS<5d and iDtelBgent y SELECTlip jeirt ago from lhe ; tticnl GorerptDcnt 5 Lands lit that f Uie, are now offered' }• ? ;^f[FOB'iSA^JE ; , |4 ! : ; .: •..,-.,• -. , • . UX-XJIE, ... .- - .. .. . Fox andjWisieonsiJi ImproVe:mrat;iCo., At Low Prices, o» Liberal Terms of Credit; am):'; in . ' large 1 ' oYtmall quatllles to suit purchasera. p ' THEH ^AKMINGK L,ANlX$> " -Comprtslni the 'different varieties of Oat opening, Prairie *hd- Hard Wood Land«i "are well WateMsJ by Springs aud: htver-Il'diDg Brooks, and are "mthe vicinity ot good markets. - -_.. , ; :;: •;•'-•;.;;-• «?XIIE1?INB LANDS ;.' p;. . Are eztremejjr valuaWe.bciin j located la ttic very jieart of the- P|nd :EegIon of Wlscousln, and ! haylnt' been choien ttlth 1 J)irtlcnlar reference to the qnalltyTof the timber and Ihe vicinity of logging itreami. i i! . WATKRPOWEKSJ ! I; '••• Tbe alteatlUn of Eastern Capitalists i< DewlnVited to the WaWriPoirers owned by this Compaijy.! These Mill rrlvilcRCs itre' situated illrectely along side the Canal -which" unites the Mississippi with *hi (heat 'Lakw, so tHat good « may bo «hl pped by steam bo m reetly to smil ^frosa tha Mills. ;• , r T^i::;: ThcictPoffers will be jessed for a tera df Jciri as may bedetlred. ;' : i 1..:; t3ff~f»Tf&ttltei Information, enquire olBbSERT SMITH, Agent of Trustees, «r .DANItB C. JESSE, General Agent, at the office of the Lantl Departn^h*. at Appletbn, Wis,, of of ' ' - • ' * —„, WAfKKST.!H \arAIi' StfiEET to CMtoere. 1 A ; jonraal »}:five Tf i y«u«'l.n Atia, Africa»nd Eoropt j trltiIQOTliltu- tutiona from ElietchcJ made on tbe tpot by John: fl. Ire* Una—14,00. ii -•'•••.. ' • .'! !.j' UfeindTlmesof Carey,Hsnbinan and Wirfll • Embracing the history of the Senmporc Mluion'; by: John O.lUnhmsh, .Price 6 00. :•-.,::,•.. •< TH . UanVi Baencejof Double-Entry Book-kecplnt,'! 50. Lectnje on Uet»phy>ics aud Logic, by Sir William Bamiltonj.8:<8).- . •- -':V.1 "'•:.." u •_•••. j''!,'---.-' ThcSmplroof Austria; Us use (tnil present DOjrer bi? :jfohnfl.0. AbiX)U,l'60. '; i ' T p • J Wvomlnn-Us'tilsLorr. stirring lDr.hlf>ntii «nil TAtri.r.:' , „ , H» history, stirring IncldcnU «nd risnian- tie «dTentnre«, by- George flock, D. D., I 60. I j! '•:• %ie U»rp.>TttThomand Strings; or tho qutnUirine* f f "human »ty waggery autt iriidom, 1 25; i- .\f'\ , Army Llfeon the Pacific, .i A Joarnal of il|e Kxpedl- Oon*gatn«t*tlienorthern Indians, the tribes or the Oceor D'Aliries, 8fK>Vana »nij ftlouiea, In the 5U of!858, by lAwrence KIp r of the U. d. Ar4y.? Artpf JUtofcpore Speaking.: Hints for thejB*Blt,lhe tHtfta *nrl lt« RIIIP li« %F ~U*n^Hlt> D^1-_1'A»T . '. Eenate and <Jre Ear, by M. u. Price 1- 0<X ' ' V Dfary ofLaay Morgan, 1 25c. -, ; , The Uoroaoeo or a i>oor young Man, 1 oo. : •' Neif Illustrated, Barn! ManaaU;. comprbldg -ithe Houst, the Q5r<l«i, the FarpTand I>om«Ua iinlfa»l».— PrlWl W.';,;: ,' ' ':•!•'••' ••_•-••-. j 3j-'i,. Hint* io#6rfl»'Pbyiical PerftctI6n, ; or Uie ftiiloso'phy of taellnmaAfieauty; ihowlng how to acquire }n4 re- life, and aro;5 the iafirmltles and defarultiu of 4 ft: by D.IL jaeqaet/roo: • . '- ', -•' : . - : -. "•-•?-.?-,'!• •• r-Bpnrgeozt'(8ermons,-voIamefiTe. 100. 4 '.* • .Love Me Little, Lave lie Long,- by Chat. Eiade r t6c. Uiitory of tte Dominion oj the : Arabs In 8i«lir, 3 75. - A Journey: J>ne North, being notes of areJUeuce ID Uo«»Ia,by06irgBAngu»tufiala,l 00. ' : ! f IlHlfl injanction, divine In its origin anJ r obl!r^atory JL ft* ft duty U[>cu us ^11, Is noic L^iiig oi^eiTpil to the fullest extent by . I UVAIAf & 'CROSBY, «43 EAST WATKIi STKE1ET, JULWADKEE, v WISCONSIN. Who are jut >n receipt o! tte cbe»p<st, test a;;oiteJ tail most complete stock ol Family Groceries £i!er exhibited In this city, theaame having been bought recently In the New Tors: and Boston markets FO H CASH, At sri-h prices a<3 enable us-, to undersell all competitors In the trmile, and still afford as ahinJsnme living profit. Oar programme embrace] every article In the trade, both FAK.CY AN». STAPLE, Sach ft< Sugari, (a'l kinds and at the rery lovtst prices,) Tea?, (a T. for SOe warranted better th?n can b« bought elievhere for 5 shillings, or »II1 givs yon a pound for nothing,) Collets, (llocha, Old Government, Jar»,»ira«Bil Rio,) \Yaltut and Moabrooo Cat- tups, all kinds of fauces, snch aiSoho. Worcestershire, Reading and Pultana, (the latter being a refreshing and pleasing stimulant to .the appetite, composed principally of Tiirtlsh condtmenu combined with various ca(=nary prodnettom.of tBe E»it. U ii an exiaislte rel|,h with Fish,Meats, Poultry and Game, aad forma a valuable addition ID Soupn, Mlncel. Bashes, Stein and Meat Pies, aswe'l. as ialada. H«J;o Imports a hlpWy delicious flavor to t'teaks and Chops,) Barton «nj neuitera Olive Oil, t.'anFtuin of all kinds, Croale 4 Bljclwcll'3 flctles of evtry descriptions, Tickled Ixi^sters, Fresh Salmon, Sardines, Little Heek Clains, Oof e Oysters, Corn Starch, Tapioca, S»go, Rice flonr, Coopers Ehred Isinj Glax, Maccoronl, Vcnaacelll, Hg»,- Rai?lnj, Cltrop, ic , 4C. We are .also Sots Asents In \Vi»cousln for Macombcrs Salad Cream. A irery popnlar article which should be In every epicures family. We have also ! , aoou SITGAK cnuF.i> yki best ever offered In this city. Also i j JJ5 BBLS. MESS PORK ^otnp expressly for our trade. i FKESH GROUND Always on hand from the Empire and New Tort Slills, * n PV. CUT A LOSQ STQR? SHORT, Tbabtst 5took of Groceries from which to select from in lima and at the lowest rates i AS WE SEJUL FOft CASH, And make CO bad debts, we can afford to nndrrjelt our neighbors who do a time trade, and of course loie more or lesj of their prodts in that way. i Call anid Examine Our slock, whether yon want to tray.or not, and iv» wtlj freely show jon our goods and prices-which ire kio> cannot fail to please yod. !'j<S,'':'• --•••' HUNff * CROSBY. ___ HOTELS, &C. "L O U I S HOUSE- uv •'ion it is LOUIS, H URON, near F.lit Water street. The Loulj Hoasu was established In l;-"43,andha3 been continued by th?same prijprietur, who to^es this occasion tn return his acknowledgment to his rriemli and the public for their patronage for so many years past, and solicits a continuance of- their kind favors The Louis House contains maiiy roocis, wtll suited fur families, newlj faraiahrd with iilovts and every convenience to comfort. Tlifrc nrj «ome. four or five such rooms in the house now vncusit. ttirtt can l-e obtained, if applied for soon. : nov30- ALBlf4Y RESTAURANT — AND— BJJLLIAKD ROOM. k, corner of Jfain und Jtir/iigan &tx. Opposite- Sewhall Hou*c, ililicautee. Ladles Entrance secopd dunr ou Main strret. deci .11 y ]I YATT JANi.-VlLI.K HOUSE. ... \nsCONSIN The FrankliQ Chemical Work*. ! NO. 231 NORTH FRANKLIN SSTREET. CHICAGO. - ;. ILLINOIS. inda»lrjiorw,4»flbit«. proSdea were beng jtc§d^ .lair-pt *ilett«r ; -/l; who U Jgnorant r,f T/htle Borne have tscaJi-V are ma» itt liare, fen b myjremoval WM niade wUtoiit the of stating-whit he heard, asking from OH an explanation,or,oniny<>wii«rplaiiation,aotirjg Bcoording to Hght, /law, an'i tha nsage in snob , : . Lamoni's Medical Adylicr MdMarrlagfColdf, with «>e»rtjJOOengr»Tlpp. Price 125- \< , I j.-s ; The PJlUr tfPlre, orl«ra61"ln Jlondage; by Ber. H. logralnuni S S5. - ': : - rj - ••'• ' {' ' •." can people. Thtlr behavior, at Irving'* UWof WashlnftUif, volame flvp, Allibone'i IflctlonMy of Authors,: S 60, •'•• ' j"-«- f ' -r-'-± • 4J*-': '"J-t^ '.'•? '-" ^-T^.'ii'i' : . JJfe of K^t ;,Ch'nob, i ;00. """''• ' "''''"•'"• "•!" ' *^*- ' • OTl bean Uken when,,all the conseqnenooa tad iheSaprenfeCtonrt has made.^ thew are «everal good and:snbst»ntiaLiea80M Exprets- waa inieried'tn rei>ly to nbnter- •' aH*^" fc - -•-."•'•-.-".- **' "'' '• \ -••••-. P EV>-4 !».-?*• A:. T. f-'Ttf fZrz+j-L i= s T S Their pogitlon among -ns waa one attended ./onpleaaaiitSassooiationS;- Above the by though well and kindly treated by the whites, B n«ioO«a«'WW6i'fiitfed-a dniviytothe Courts, to whom-*lonfi be- ~ -^T. F. ••'.'• '.'••-• i"^-^*; '••&•.'#••.,:•* ,--:•: ,<• 1-r-..' .--' • , •' .-'.'.. '"*. W H O i U5 S A -Jb . long* lite power to intorprA'ihe laws. •'*•'.- •'-\j«i-^'.v^-Jl\^ i i«;;';i ; i^:' J '--i -C.-:^:^£':iic]3*^:*' ; ii'l r : •;'4&e,-tB»-TBaJFBK8T STOCK of : - . i»"Xed ' with net Ini' places of pnHio Ksori or ; jdebarrod from oain^ any pollt Foal s &Qunsellor3 at MleitBanaall'td'i .....,..„ .. Dmo*o, snd Up. »au»tCiu>Tr>iT»,..t...raptlg]..... beg leave t'o announce to our customers, and to . . : tke trade In general, that during this season no traveling agent wilt be dispatched from our works.— We Invlle our old customers and others to favor n» by letter with their orders for ,' Essences of Liquors, which, as Uirayi, w)U be executed to their entire latls- faclioo. Thoosapds appreciate the plan upon which our Eisences are made which ^relents the following ad> vaniapei and facilities never offered by others : !"I. The lEftence,; from th*se works are actually gained by distillation, therefore. Healthy and Pure— totneUtlng that others cannot or dare not claim for theirs.- 1 •••„. '•' - •••',' ' ' • { 2. theCotts are ranch leis than others; because these B»sences nre put up In packages, each containing 'enough for forty gallons, and comprising not only all the required Ingredients, lut alia the coloring. • Addreu letters to CAJtL EELKR, Ma&ager, rrankiin Chemical Worki, Chicago, 111, P. O, Box, Z3-13. , HARDWARE, &C. ;EAct.E & so TV; SIGN OF THE RED KETTLE! -- J '"'..'B'BAIJSM TO : ;,-'''. : '-. Slieat Iron, \ Tiny Hardware. —AND— - - '• '- - - • GOLD respectfully Isfonn Uielr frlemli and:ihe puWlo generally, thatthey have opened a Store at. Sf08,..;......WEST WATER STBIET.. ,...,...2018 • Var th; ialq of the abore named ariiclef, togethe BPADE8, SH07IXS, BAKE3, HOES, 1. Ajricclttiral ^ Implements.- generally, aa wen aa all ..'- 1 - «orts of : 8KEET IKON ANBTINNEKS'WORK, '•t ''• -,;.,-•,."- - ; • etc. *f«. eta. j. --.-: -'• BtOTM pot up to order. J3BT Hootog. EETAiaiNGof all klnOs, and erery lort'oif work ta 03*-Una punctually atteoded to. . ~ „...-...- - '•> __ ,EST" Order! IcftwUI bs attended to witboot delay.. -.' "' ',.:,:•'•:;-,:• •-.MEAOLi:.* BON. ; s> E t T s c ii', &; w. k » Kx E K , AND CfjqSpXLOBS At LAW, r'e Block, 2Z1.K East Water su- ' ' ' nouNDs fllHfc- ^•fLp.-.r.JD I'JOTKL has recently chaagsd pro- J. prleu.s-(i^Dtrral Mcilanman retiring, anil Uu- llessrs. JL07U Kaccwding him tn Its manajMn^nt.— The Messrs. F. are both well known throaghuut the western country as gentlemen of experience in Hotel keeping, and no other assurance ia necessary thai tht- Hyatt House will hereafter be conducted in a style ,!<.erring the patronage of the public. octiJ-J-'Uf LOOK, HERE, YE WEARY TRAVELERS C'rSW IXGH AH'S DINING SALOON! L OCATED near the Milwaukee A Mississippi Depot is just the place Co procure warm and substantial meals, for tae small sum of S3 cents; and the tables will be supplied with the choicest viands of the leason. OYSTEKS ASfD fiA.TTE Serred np In every itjle, on short notice. The Bar is always inpplled with Ihe choicest Wines, I.iqann -\ad Cljrars. «' Trarelers npon the Milwaukee i Mississippi Rorv-l nil! a nd it a neat andiBonTenicnt place to procure their tn eals- Warm Lunch &om 10 to .2 o'clock every d<iy. sept it3 , C. CDNXIHeHAM. Proprietor .1 ^a,.i L',.,irt, „ :.-,' j.try 11. , -.',- l ^J| i iii.'tj>»fi, u rri.. I'ori :Ii.. hour of ' ;• M Jd il.i> ^. '.o -Tit : Oi.i ..'r (i;,i t-ii .1 .•mm -1.11^ .'Ji i,:n' •;,. r.'oi (IU) -Ii iin< r,--i h:;,. .r place of TnuMiS L. O IM'tr's Altur aprl— iinlin ^T The Jay i^f lOcb lime of lay. TlMJj L S vjrtue ••( an.i purju:i-nt Ci» *aiii Court, ;n tbt; .vbovtr March l> t !-S. r »9, I -ih ill lie Auction, «t tJie l*ost-0iii' Tor j ia>] at th>: hnur nf rn itie City -.if .Mihv £•! <l<iy os' July f that -i;iy, *>:,. fMllowin I preiiumd i.s^ th.; IU1.' mch nt l [lie City of Dati-.l O'iD..s. ii ,-urth W t: uitv .; Jl,. -, .tnnl 1, ISuJ. l..lMCiWi)ltrUY u a I*. € A JOSBEK IN D. Y AND Yankee IV o t i o n s . STOCK ALWAYS FULL. . MERCHANTS Are reqnested to call and^examine GOODS AND PRICKS. H. J*. CADYi je2-dly Qustifm's Blocic, Tl S. Water at. THIS WAY WITH YOUR MOSSY JOHN W. LED YARD, :C!ash Grocer and Wine Dealt r, NO. 1GI EAST. WATER ST. fflHE BEST PLACE TO BUY FINE GaEKN AND X BLACK TEAS; ; The best place to buy OLD JAVA and MOCHA C JK- FEE3; • The-best place to buy nice SYRUPS; Tbe best place to buy all kinds of MOLASSES , Tbe best place to buy all kinds of SCG AK3; Tie best place to buy all kinds of SALT KISU ; The best place to buy Cross A Blackwell's PICKLE?; The best place to bay alt kinds FOREIGN SAUCES; The best place to buy all klnda PIS KUUIT3 ; The best place to buy SCQAK CDRICX UAM.H; The best place to buy SMOKED BEEF; Tha beat place to buy CHOICE BCTTE8; The best place to buy PALE ALE ; Ths best place to bay FOREIGN ALE and POETES: The best place to buy TOILET SOAPS; The best place to buy alliklnds WASHING BOAP3; -The best place to buy best STARCH; - The b?jt place to bny FIGS, HAHIMS, PRUNES; The best place to buy all ilnds NUTS; The beat place to buy nura LIQUORS for family use; T&a best place to bay Native and Foreign WISH ; The beat place to bay ft, good boi tUGABS; The best place' to buy Sleerahaum SMOKIJJO TOBACCO: " . • ' ••'-'.. ":'.-• The bestplsce to buy-high and loir cojt ClISWlJtG TOBACCO; Th« test placato buy Weldhim Pino Apple CHEESfe; The best place to bny English and American " The best pl»ce to buy gcod OfJODS; The best place to bay GQOD3 CU£AP; ~ The best placo to buy ajtkinds GKCCEIJ1E3 • We ufc t&« cltlzeni ofMllwauttej to try na—r poor. •", . • . .;- ;je24.- ' !: ' '-'•:. JOHSW. | J u .| v ~n, HT ' I.' mil ••[I ST.VTK OF WISCONSIN, Tilbil C. D.>uim:in. } Oily d, ' Mary J. Gulf, Lucy F liai,., Julin F. Gal*. Ella Gal,I N virtni' ,-if in,I pnriu..|i '•lid Court, m rue i Jua • -H, Isriit, I >h;iil ,.\j Auction, -it tho Post Otfif 'in >:itllr(t.-iy,thc Stji ,luy ai t)i:tai>fr','\^:,-i at tho linnr of •• p M l() r Lhat ,1-ly, Mi« foll.nvnii; l,^,- n he,i iiiortijagetl preml3L'3,or-i. : [au,-:i t'ler'^.f ts-inay f>.> i,-- Oi-a:iary t.. rxiiao tlu. irnount ,,l <anl ,uili;meril ' -nicr—i 'in.! coats, tnceth^r ivllh- Hi..- .'vnens.M ,.f i:»l,-, in -ru "The c-iat fi.rty feet Ion sixi-jMn .in.I •HV I 'n(f..n in lilm-li Ihirty-livf, n, ;h,. TI,ir,| u-,r.]. ,,- . h .. - Citj of M,lwiu>.-,., C.uiutv il Mili»-mi,,.,, mi State of Wi.^i- ji;;-,!!!, li.madetl on tlut -v-.-it i.y- t ilne raninu^' jjuralk-l Tith ;lie -,vt-st linv )t ,,,; tant tliorofrorn." Dif<-.l ?herifl"i Offic... Mll-riilhi—, .JuJv :>, K'fT" K. UAklxxa, ( .V. J. l.A.NliWOlll'UY, Pl'fTatt'y. _( Sli.-rhr Mil. Crn., VVVj. J:.\ITED STATES ;TIAUSHAI.'XX..-H.E. James GoL^i KIFza ffo^gin, Ich ibml ^mi[ Itiram f:irmi Kpliriim SLlc John J tirt u, ,>r th^ last \vi; I anil Allison Lewis, accoinud in.l |' The Globe B™u. | 1 ?J pursuance uul by rirtuc of ,t ,1,'cr^t.. iiia-l.- i>\ D'striot Court at tlta ly'airetl c*tau-.i for (In 1 UN of VVIacon.ihi, on the jjxiti il.i.y oC October, I:-C,^, i: stwve entitled cauxe, anj -i iiipplt-uiental J.^n foreclilfure against Flora Ann rersons, mailt!; by Uie Court, on the e!;,'hl day o," June, oi^^tet-n hundr- .1 ami lirty uluc. In aaia cause, I shall sell at i'ubMis Auction at the United SUtea Marshal's Oilier, in Uie City of W|- waukf.e, in salil district, on ThurjiLiy, the ekwcnth ,lav 01 Aug'iat, 1X3, at tlircn o'clock in the 'ifturnocm (•,„ fuUawlug deacribvd prupsrly, to wit : "The north half of lot number eleven (11), in blcii-U nuinhereil thirt- «ven (0-7), in this Titit-,1 Want, of tin- C'ly at Miln-iu , Marshal's Oilice OIJD-:S, DIIOVTM .Miiiviuki.e.Juni'L'J. l:\VJ M. J. THOMAS, K. 3. JU Oonief, I'oinpltM i>oli,-ilor.i. 11 ;?0] STATE OK WISI County Court, Mihrau* John Carlitf^-^ - Richard L. MulforJ, Neville Stoughton and Geur X e W. IfVaser, Cyru^ H. iohnson and John Gray. - County, l v Judgment j ; j rbonirs l.u-n. .€BARI,ES Domestic Exchange aad Spccift rj\fiE highest rate* paia/or ilrkladi of GoM and SI. .. .... Wiio tfe aathorlied to receive Adrertlsemenu for this u TtU aa all of the most Influential and largest clrca- »Unj paptrs.thrpaghgut the entire North- West. le «t the low^t pnces. Aa I maK dealing In Specie and Excnanse my entire ana exclusive biuinesi,, I am able ta glje my crato- mersaoodtantage-over current figures. List of prices wlllbefunilabed.atinroulCf, , iib, sa'wiscossiw STBEEOT, Under the Baptist Church, otarly opposite th» Custom House. , s'crlbeil premises, to wit:. , "A'cerhilh building .situated on the '.veit half,of lot four (-l),ln block one hur.ilre:l ,in*i t.'tirty- Jhrse (!3a), In the Focrth IVard '<! thu City u f >n¥ivaukee, and alt the ri^ht; ijtro ana in- ttirt-3t of the said uWemlanta in in'l to the rtaid Wt45 half of lot four (4), in block one-hundred and thirty-three (IS)), In the Fourttf-Ward, of the-" City of Mllw:\ukee v County of MUwau-cee r»t.!il Sheriff's OlUc-, Jiilw.-iuke.i, July 2, IBM. J. V. V. PLarro, | A. J. fcASUWORTITlr, Pl'IB AtL'y. i ' ShcriiT.jMil. Co., Wla. jy--lawCw i Contract pcpartmcnt, July.7, l::^£~'£ S KALKD PKOPOiALS will bt- received at thla afflc* until Monday, July 11, 15,7J, at ID i, »^ f«r filling the crossing of 7th. street aail Beaublaa .street, in tha $th Ward of the City of llilwauKea. ™7-,ut 2. L'H.o,ianiMv» Comptroller

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