The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 20, 1916 · Page 6
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 6

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Monday, November 20, 1916
Page 6
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THE CHILLICOTHE DAILY CONSTITUTION, MONDAY, NOV. 20, 1910. THE CONSTITUTION Including the C h l U I c o t h e C o n s t i t u t i o n Tb* Mall and Star and Chill Ico the Democrat. Owned and published by J A M K S E . W A T Iv I _N . Entered at the Postofflce at ChilHcothe, Missouri, as second-class mater. ly increasing. It Is a mistaken idea, to consider the prison f u l l of Sunday school teacher^ and little angels, yet as this is an age of pi ogress in every walk of l i f e and business endeavor, the b u r d e n is placed upon us to press every ounce ol' r e f o r m possible « ith the inmates of" the penitentiary--to bet our stakes, high and use the best methods that will best aq. complibh those ends. Educate them into the paths of right and good citizenship. Give them a chance TERMS OK STJBSCRIPTIOX. DAILY by Carrier in the City of ChilJlcothe, per year K5.OO Per weelc 10c IAILT by Mail. Postage paid In Livingston County, per year $3.0O DAI1.T by Mall, Postage paid outelde of Livingston County, per year S».OO WEEKjLY, postage paid, per year *l.oo CIRCULATION. Adetalled sworn statement of circulation -will be furnished at any time when requested by an advertiser. OF-FICIAI, OP KEWSPAI'ER OS COUXTV ITow's, This? "W"» offer One Hundred Dollars ue_ ward for any case of Ctarrh that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh ilad- icine. Hall's Catarrh Medicine has been taken by catarrh sufferers for the past thirty-five years, and has become known as the most reliable remedy for Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Medicine acts through the Blood on the Mucous surfaces, expelling the Poison from the Blood and healing the diseased portions. After you have taken Hall's Ca- I n f a n t s and Invalids HORLICK'S THE ORIGINAL H A L T E D M I L K Rich milk, malted grain, in powder form. For infants, invalidsaodgrowing children. Pure nutrition,upbuilding Ibe \vholebody. Invigorates nursing mothers and the aged. More nutritious than tea, coffee, etc. Instantly prepared. Requires ho cooking. Substitutes Cost YOU Same Price - .-.J QUICK REPAIRS "^'"hy ^ n i t t h i e e tjtiys, -\ihen j can iyke it in one iftur? Why pay two profits, when you cdn D l i y f l o m t h e f a c t o i j ? FYUPT n i l P I IPHTC Send the broken glass. tAAliI U U r L l l A l t i g u a i a n l e o an exnot , UiplicEite -without your piescription. | MURDER MYSTERY TO GRANDJW TODAY liVVESTIGATIOX STARTED IX THH CASK. tarrh Medicine tor a short time y o u ] Fumes repaued also. Roy H inter] iftev TIeld Fur the Ue of Olney, Jll., Girl--Strangeness of JeaUi Arotied Comment. Olney, 111., Nov. 20 -- The now famous "air bubble" death ol, Miss Elizabeth Radcliffe, seventeen and pretty, ior which Roy Hinterlitter is in jail here on a charge ot murder, will receive the" attention ot tho Grand Jury which, convened here today. At the trial the- state will seek to prove that H i n t e r l i f t e r , a y o u n g l a r _ mer, in attempting to prevent Miss ihfte f r o m becoming a. mothe 1 - will see a great improvement in your general health. Start taking Hall's Catarrh Medicine at once and get rid frei of catarrh. Send for testimonials, F J. CHENEY CO , Toledo, O OITITICIAI. NEWSPAPER OF ( THE CITY OK C1HLI.ICOTHG THE TBAJIXG STAMP AND COC. POX ISVIii. Trading stamps, coupons and other similar "catch-penny" schemes and devices have no place in legitimate merchandising; they are simply leeches that take blood money, first from the merchant and eventually from the customer.' They "lure to impro- . ridence" on the part of the consuming public, and in the end the only , - one who profits Is the man behind the !' i,- , Mheme. The United States Supreme ?J.'. ^court has held tn em to be misleading, and ruled that a state may regulate to prohibit them. TXWER COSTS. Misso'm-i State Poultry Show. One ot tho features which mada the Missouri State Poultry Show so popular with the exhibitors and tho general public last year was the free admission to the show room, a n d the officers of the Missouri State P o u l t r v Association liave decided to again throw the doors open to the public at this year's show which will be hel 1 in St. Joseph, Dec. 5 to 9. The premium lists are ready for distribution and every poultry breeder who expects to enter some birds should write to Fred Crosby, secretary, Mountain Grove Mo , at once for a copy. Among several innovations which will be tried out this year for tlie first time in any recognized national pou£?ry show in the middle west, will be placing; name and address of ov-u- er and variety of birds on each coop i as soon as the bird is placed in t h ~ - ONE MILLION KINDS US o p v r .VS£ am £ Man k i n d s of lenses f r o m the rough glass. Come ana ee. U A H f l R n C R s Pack all the broken paits M A I L UnUtttO m A b t I O n K box. I r e t u r n glasse3 same clay by parcel post C. O. B. Lowest possible charges. C. W, PALM SPECIALIST IN OPTOMETRY S13 Webster St., Chillioothe, Mo. Phones: o ff ''-''. 903. Residence, 1450M Closed Every Tuesday -! Improvement of roads in eight selected counties in different sections of the United States resulted, in the j exMDit ion coop. This will give ex- aggregate, in a total gross annual saving in hauling costs of ? 6 2 7 , 4 0 9 , according t 0 recent economic studies made by the Office of Public Roads and Rural Engineering of the department. The cost of haulage for the group ot counties is lower since the roads were improved, U was found. even T^hen charges are made in the comparative computations for interest maintenance on bonds and annual costs. The results of the stuaies. ·which extended from 1909 to 1915, hibitors a full week of Cree advertising and will greatly stimulate interest in better poultry on. the part of the visiting public, who usually have to buy a catalog to find out any thing about the entry they are looking at. This plan has been tried in a f e w , eastern shows and received very fav-| orable comment. Poultry shows are held for the purpose of competition to learn who owns the best birds in each variety, for the advertising value, which in the annual Missouri and which included other effects of | state poultry Show is very import- Improved highways than those^ on, ant as c o m p e tition is open to the world and entries come from a great DR. J. M. McKIM DENTIST CHILLICOTHE, MISSOURI P Y O R I U I E A SPECIALTY (iO'l iO.'l attic, are shown in Department Bulletin 393, recently published. The average gross annual saving In hauling costs due to the road im-l provetnents in these eight counties was found to be 17.9 cents per ton- mile, -while the net saving was found io be 11-6 cents. The investigators many states. XOATWIBTIIR "\VEATTrKTJ. Early cold snaps, storms and sleet snow and slush, cause coughs and colds. Foley's Honey and Tar acts quickly, cuts the phlegm, opens air passages, allays irritation, heals in- CHIROPRACTIC is the philosophy, science and art that accounts Ior, locates and adjusts the cause of dis. ease Any information will be gladly g i \ e n at my office free. H. H. HARWOOD C H I R O P R A C T O R Lady Attendant SEISBR BLDG. --Opposite New Post Office-- Phone SIS Seispr Bltlp. CHILUCOTltE, MO. j pumped air into her veins with ;\ I catheter and that a bubble oL air reached her heart md killed her. An air bubble in her heart was the cause of her death, according to a commission of physicians which examined [the body. Hmterlifter, the body of the girl across his knees, drove madly up to a sanitarium at m i d n i g h t July 21 an I begged attendants to revive her Tip said she had fallen unconscious in hi-, arms as they were driving a l o n g a dark road. She was dead Search revealed parts of two catheters beneath a towering oak, in n j stream bod and slightly off the main traveled road footprints showed signs that a struggle had t a k e n place. T'lie, authorities insigjt they can prove Roy and Elizabeth were beneath the tree the evening of July 21 and will attempt to prove that the I young f a r m e r i n d u c e d the girl to let! hint use (he catheter. I The strangeness of the girl's death has aroused much comment amon^ noted physicians, some of whom have taken issue w i t h tho f i n d i n g of the commission, holding t h a t the air bubble could not have caused the death. The state refuses to go into the do- tils of its case but promises startling disclosures. Hinterlifter, arrested July 22, is held in jail w i t h o u t bail. He insists he is innocent. For Infants and Children. Mothers Know That Genuine Castoria Always .ALCOHOL 3 PER CENT. AVegelaWePreparalranMs. simllaiing UK FbodaoIRegufe: ting u IB S lomaclis aiiiBowds of Promotes Digesttaiflieflfiil-» ness and [test-Conlatas neilter' Opiuiu.Morpliine nor Mineral NOT NARCOTIC. ApcifectBemedyforConsHja- lion, Sour Stomach.BlaiTtei ·Worras,Convulsions.Fcvcnsh- ncsandLossoFSlEER Signature of TUT CENTAUH COMPAIOT, XTKW YORK. Exact Copy of Wrapper Classified Want Ads PUH t,ism row. nu INSERTION. LOST. LOST--City license auLo tag. Finder return to Constitution office 20-6 L.OST--Gold ntck chain and pendant, v. uU small diamond setting in JOD envelope with Macdonald's name. Liberal reward f o r return ot same to the lYiaeclonald jewelry store. 17-tf TOUND. FOUND -- Auto State license tag. O w n e r may have sameby identifying property and paying for this no- tico. 20.3 WANTED WANTED TO FEED FOR WINTER --Plenty of grass, good wind-mill water and good stalk pasture. Phone "OF12 or see Jas- Barnes or Mrs. Blue. Jt'UK KKJNT. FOIt RENT--Storage space. Henderson Son.. 10_tf FOR RENTV in. Phono -Modern rooms, close 20-6 Public FOR RENT -- Furnished room, strict. !y modern, 615 Vine. Phone C 9 0 . FOR RENT -- My shop on S, Locust St. Mrs. Henry T. -Miller Phone 96. Faving decided to q u i t fanning, we will sell at p u b l i c a u c t i o n , 6 mile-- i ·southeast of Chillicothe, 1 m i l n south of the Pleasant G i o v p C h u r c h .inJ 1.2 | FOR RENT -- o room house, cellar, lightb, living water. Phone 77S-M. 20-C . point out in the bulletin that an ac- nama tion and enables the sufferer to tual cash saving to the amount indi- .breathe easily and naturally so that cated is not effected, but that this is , sleep^ is not^ ^bed^by hacking the indicated saving when the time fa · of workers and use of draft ani'mali and equipment are given cash values at the rates prevailing in the several communities. THE CONSTITUTION IN SYMPATHY WITH PRISON RT5FOKM. The Constitution has received a letter from Mrs. Henry Ess, pres- Idetn, and Mrs. C. Chas. Clark, secretary of the prison reform league, complaining about an article appearing in the Constitution prior to the election, which stated that their vigorous action against the management of the penitentiary just before election, looked very much like anti. democratic and pro-republican propaganda--at least it had that effect. We are in hearty co-operation with the aims and objects of the prison reform league, but if the organization had been thoughtful enough to have waited until after the election with the vigorous arraignment of the rules and policies in vogue at the peniten. tlarj- it would have impressed the people in a much more emphatic way that the organization was in no way iuterested in politics. The propaganda was not started until a . few months before the election. Out of it came the unjust arrest of Warden McClunr, who came out of it clean- handed and the victor, while the vicious reports charged against him were found to be absolutely untrue. \Ve want it understood that we have no sympathy for basless accusations made by prejudiced and irresponsible persons against prison officials, but we do have the strongest sympathies with the genuine mission of prison reform with which these splendid worn en are connected and we want to assure them that we will co.operate with them in their work of bringing about any just and reasonable reforms at the State prison -which mod- era thought and experience may have worked out. No douTt Warden McClung would be glad to adopt any reforms that had a prospect of bettering conditions at the prison. Frederick A. Gardner, governor elect has repeatedly expressed his sympathy in the movement and he can be depended upon to co-operate with the reform idea and to give it his active- support. Ours is the largest prison In the country with near 3,000 inmates and they are constant. Extra Have cook stove and other house hold good now for sale. ,15-3 Frank Scruby. Office Phone Residence Phone 283 . . 1538-J DR. J. E. CALLAWAY SPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO TREATMENT OF DISEASES OF Nervous System, Digestive Or gans --· All Chronic Ailments and Diseases of Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. Office Hours--8 to 11:30 a. m. 1.00 to 5 . 3 0 p. m. Office: Second Floor Peoples Trus Company Building. LOCOS! ST. PHONES -- Office 916; Res. 15O7-AV DR. J. L. JOHANSEN Dentist Chiropodiist (Foot Specialist) Corns ..... oOo % Club Nail . . . .75c TAKE YOUR Optical Question --TO-MACDONALD FOR OVER 20 YEARS A KNOWN QUANTITY, in the successful correction of DEFECTIVE VISION and Eye Strain. Modern methods. Reliable S e r v i c e . Reasonable Price. A. B. MACDONALD Mr. F. F. Cooper, representing the Troy Laundry Machinery Co., of Chicago, while in town last week visiting the ·$ · ? $ «* SL I F E B .«· said. "This is the most §· ·? date Laundry, doing the most ·.' 3 nearly perfect work that I -3 *» have seen in many davs." k\ $ Mr. Cooper -was in the ·?· 5 laundry business himself in · S Chicago for a number years.--Adv Callouses. . 50e to 75c. Bunions. . . 50o Nails trimmed Hammer Too .50u Ingrown Toenail ...... 75c properly ........ 50c Massage ol' Foot ...... ,. ....... 50c Special attention and care given in all cases. Calls answered promptly in all parts of the- city. - HOURS 9 a. m to 5 p. m. - Twelve Great Serials in 1917. Somo of tbeso aro story-groups like those inimitable stories if tlie oild home down_ in Maine in which C. A Stephens shows himself a ma=ter. There will be serials tor girls, serials for boys, seiials that bold the rapt attention of all readers ofc either sex anl all ages. And the fiction is only a corner of The Corn-pan ion. It is brimful and r u n n i n g over with all manner of good things There's not a better ? 2 . 0 0 worth ot periodical reading anywhere. Send for the Forecast for 1917, which discloses some of the d e l i g h t f u l secrets of the new volume. New subscribers for 1017 who send $2.00 now wil] receive all the issues Cor the r e m a i n i n g weeks of 1D16 f r e e ; also The C o m p a n i o n Home Calendar for 1917 By special arrangement, new subscribers tor Tho Companion can have also McCall's Magazine f o r 1917, both publications for only This two-at-one-price offer in eludes: 1. The Youth's Companion--52 issues in 1917. 2. All remaining- November and [December issues ol The Companion | free. 3. Tho Compaion Home Calendar for 1917 4. McCj-irs Maga-'.inc -- 12 fashion numbers In. 1917. 5. One 15-cent McCall Dress Pattern--your choice from your first copy of McCall's--if you send a 2- cent stamp with your selection. THE YOUTH'S COMPANION, St. Paul. St., Bo'ston, Mass. New Subscriptions Received at I his office. milo rortti and 3-2 m i l e west of. Norville, the following: proper!v, on Saturday, Nov. 25th I'i HEAD Of HOUSES AXD Mt'I/RS --1 extra good spall of mules, c o m i n g S an i 3 0 years old, wt. about 2 0 0 0 p o u n d s ; 1 gray mare, c o m i n g 0 yMr- old, bred to horse; broke to all harness; 1 three- ear-old horse, well broltp. j wt. L'bout 1200 p o u n d s , 1 sorrel sucking m u l e colt, 1) hand-, lush; nuvro (i years old, in foal to horse, wt. 1400 p o u n d s . 1 g r a y horse, old, wt 1100 pounds,; 1 black h o i s e , 4 e £ u-.s old, \\ t. 1 2 0 0 pound"*; FOR RENT or SALE -- House close in. Address Mrs. John Milbante 01 j phone 170. 11-S I _ -- |l''OR RENT -- Strictly modern, furnished room. Close in. Phone 287. after C o'clock. 16-3 1 grav S o.iri 1 d r i \ - ing horse, i a m i l y b r o k e , G years old, wt. 1200 p o u n d s ; 1 c o m i n g three-i car- 1 old mare, 1 c o m i n g three-year-old horse; 1 colt. All tliu a'uoj a hoives- ami mules aro good ones. "It: H E A D OF CATTIjK -- 1 red co\v, c o m i n g 4 years old, w i l l be i'rebli a b o u t December first; 1 red cow, coming 4 years eld, will be Irosh a b o u t Januar.. 2 f l l h ; ] red yearling h e i f e r ; 4 calves, 1 steer and ? he'iCers; 1 Shoi thorn bull, lii months old; 3 red cal\ es. I I HKAD OV HOGS -- 1 sow m t h 9 pigs by side, pigs about i m o n t h old; ! sow to larrow in about 30 days. OMIClvl^XS -- 4 dozen prize-winning Langsliangs, be^t in the vv'orld. HAV (VXD OKA1X -- About 250 bu of good corn i c r i b ; about 00 bu good oats- - 2 tons of good timothy Uay. lMV!;E3rKXTS AXD HAJtVESS- -- 2 wagons; 2 buggies; 1 Blaoli Hawk com planter, good one; 3 riding cultivators; 2 discs; 1 gang pU\v; 16-in sulkey pl\v; 0 walking plows; 2 smoothing harrows; 4 sets work harness,; 2_ seU work harness; 2 sets single harness; 1 saddle and bridle. HOUSEHOLD A.VU KITCHEN FDUXITURK -- 1 Monarch lange, almo.-t n e w : t-ook stove; 3 heating stoves; 2 oil stoves; ?, bedsteads; i book C-I-T; 2 dressers; 1 safe; 1 kitchen cabinet; 1 rug; and many other articles too numerous to mention. Sale to commence at 10 a. m. Terms made k n o w n on day of sale. -Lunch served 'by ladies ot St. Joseph's Church. A. W. CIES, Auctioneer. FOH RENT -- Store room w i t h fu'I sized basement at corner of Elm a n d Webster, fine location for grocer. ies or feed. Chas. H. Grace. FOR RENT--7 room residence, 3 lots and barn on north side ot Jacltson street and west of Dickenson St. 30-tf J. E. Watkins. FOR RE.VT--S room modern house. Bath; full basement, furnace, paved street, 8 lots, garage. Rent by year. Address Marlow Bros., Chula, Mo. - . 25.« FRANK SLATTERY FRANK McBRIDE. Owners FOR RENT--Six room house, thor. %.' oughly modern, every convenience. *· close in. Desirable. Will rent either '**' furnished or unfurnished. William x H. Hamby, 418 E. Clay. Phone 73. lott SA1.B. Public Sale Having sold my f a r m 1 v.'ill sell at public a u c t i o n , 5 1-2 miles south FOH SALE--Overland Touring car; good as new, only 4 months old. Phone 21. 2_tf FOR SALE--One Double Standard PolMOurham bull, 14 months old. W. T. Hudgins, Utica, Mo. 17tf FOR SALE--team and wagon, horses in good condition. Apply at Coulter's Grocery. n l T d t f DR. W. R. SIMPSON Practice Devoted to General Medicine 25 Tears Experience In Disease ot the EYE, EAR and GLASS PITTING Calls Answered Day and Night TELEPHONE 38 Office * Residence--416 B. Webster CHIIi.ICOTHB, MO. DR. T. G. PHELPS THE OSTEOPATH OFPICJ3 IN GTJNJJY BU)G. 2nd Stairway .north of fjeeper House CJUJjTjICOTHE, MO. 'jl'HOXES: Residence, 208; Office, 14i y I Calls answered promptly day or night of Chillicothe Lodge 3VO. 91, I. O. O. P. JHEETS EVERY MOSDAT ??IGHT CASTORIA For Infapts and Children In Use For Over SO Years DR. S. BLACK DEPUTY" STATE VETERINATUA.N PHONES: Office, S41; Residence 716 | Private Calls Promptly Answered W. D. WANAMAKER EEAL ESTATE Loans, Exchanges Insurance of all Kinds. Office 685--Phones--Bes.Sfil-W CHICHESTER SPILLS W,-TM. THE 1*1 A H ONI* BBAN1. A ~"^ ^ radlc-1 Auk your Dr-aaalst for Chl-clicH-tcre l»umond Ur I M J l u in R«d and t-old mci botes, sealed -with Blue Rib Tnkt) ho otftcr .Buy of y Drneetxt, AikforCin-CirES-TC J01AAION9 JtlEANU JPILLS frr ycais kiiown as Best. Safest Always Jlc!n SOLO BV DRUGGISTS EVCTOKD i have contracted with the international Harvester Co. for the lull line of M c C o t m i c k l i n o of l.irm machinery. Any one wanting repairs f o r ] any part of this line, including gas engines and cream separators will be furnished by inc. E. H. LAKE, Phone 818. 506'E. Webster street, Chillicothe, Mo. NO ooTjr-T^Av.oTJT Tins Foley C; thartic Tablets are just a plain, h n n r . t. oHl-fashioned physic. They act pro;-ipt!y and effectively on the bowels without pain, griping or nauses The- keep the stomach sweet, the live 1 ' active, anu the bowels regular. Tlipy banish biliou 1 - 1 ness, sick headacii°s, sour stomach, indigestion. Sold everywhere. C h i l d r e n Cry FOR FLETCHER'S and 1 1-1 miles west ol Cliillicothe and 6 m i l e b n o r t h e a s t ol' D ? v n , the Col-1 loving property, on Thursday, November 23d to Head ol' Hoi-jes and Mules--1 ro,m mare, 7 year*; old, wt. !:300 p o u n d s ; IbUek marc, 7 years old, v/t 1200 pounds,, in roa] by horse; 1 black maro, 3 3 ears old, wt. 1200 pounds; 1 'black hc-r'e, 2 years old, wl. 1100 pounds; 1 block mare.colt, 6 months old; 1 black lillcy, 1 y e a r o l d ; 1 2-vcar-old black horse m u l e ; two 3-year-old bl.ick mules, 1 horse Jiicl 1 mare; one 4-year.old black hoi so mule. O Head ol' Cattle--i roan cow, S years old; 2 red c o w f . .! years old, all givir? m i l k and all to be tresh in April; 3 early s p r i n g calves, 2 bulls and 1 heifer. These are extra goo'J calves. ·i Head of Hogs--4 Poland China brood t,o\va, w e i g h i n g 300 pouud-3 each. Jinpli'ments and Harness--1 farm wagon; 1 Velie spring wagon, soo.l as new ; 1 McCormick mower; McCormick sweep rake; disc harrow; 2 14-inch walking plows; 1 walking cultivator; bob-sled; double shovel; roll- in; coulter; 1 set good heavy work harness; 1 set plow harness; 7 collars; 1 saddle; 1 Hat boat. 'jii-ain, Feed and Chickens--Some corn in crib; about 90 shocks of tod- der wUh corn on; 10 tons ot hay in stack; 1 straw stack; S dozen P l y m o u t h Rod; hens. Household Good--2 heating stoves; t water cream separator; 1 belli wood churn, and other articles too numerous to mention. Ladipi Mt. Carmel Church will serve lunch. Sale to commence at 10 a m. -* Terms made known on day of sale. J.J.FAR.NER, Owner I FOR SALE--Horse, buggy and harness, Extra good horse. Inquire Cleveland Livery barn. 1S-3 FOR SALE--Kitchen cabinet, 6 d i n - ing chairs, one rocker. Phone 157S-M. 1530 Webster St. 15-6 FOR SALJi--2 houses and lots, five blocks from square. Call at this office for further information. 3-tf TOURING- CAR in first class order. be sold at once. Best offer taeks-it. At Wilson Bros. Barn, 72S N. Locust St. 16-2 A. W." CIES, Auctioneer A. T. WEATHERIJY. Clerk FOR SALE OR REXT--5 room bungalow, new, cheap if taken at once. I n q u i r e 43"3 E. Jackson, or telephone 732. 28-tf ^'1 SALE OB RENT--Modern suburban property, 10 room house with 5 acres of ground. For particulars phone 1454-J. 10-tf FOR SALE--Encyclopedia Brittanica, 25 volumes, fine oinding, good as new, ?20; 1 set McCauley's Histor." of England. 5 volumes, ?3; 1 vacuum sweeper, A''gy!e, almost new, $5; 1 'green velvet Davenport-bed, $ 2 0 ; 1 loathcr covered office or library chair. Telephone 2 4 G . Remember tiie Mills Son Sale at .Blue Moiuid, Tnesday, Xov. 31. . td SAM M. JARTIS. FRANK B. NORMAN Norman 6c Jar-vis FUNERAL HOME Day Phone 417 Night Phones "153 - 569 EMBALMERS and FUNERAL DIRECTORS A. W. CIES hIVK STOCK Olllce Rooms 10.20 \V:ilHirunil Building TEll.MS REASONABLE Odicc Hours: !:OO a.m. to 3:00 p.m. CbilUcothe, Mo. i NEWSPAPER! EWSPAPEIl

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