The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 5, 1971 · Page 32
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 32

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 5, 1971
Page 32
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FACTS, Frccport, TCXBS. Sunday, December S, 1971, Section II, Page 8 HGMEMAKfNG Choosing safe, practical toys By BETTY PINKERTO.V Bratarla County Home Demonstration Agent For the safety and health of children, Santa should be a sharp shopper. When eyeing toys for Christmas this year, look' for durability, washablllty and quality constnietipn nlonfi with 'educational and fun aspects. Seasoned mothers nrc usually aware of these things from both health and economic points of view, but sometimes even they are misled. For the new mother, or relatives and friends who are either childless or whose children are grown and who have forgotten the punishment toys must take, a checklist of practical factors is as valuable as an idea of what toys arc most used and cherished by youngsters. Safety features are a must, especially for young children. Since little people tend to taste everything and any object may become a temporary teething ring, painted surfaces should be guaranteed DEAR ABBY To forgive ' r \ or not By Abigail Van Buren I* tWl »f CkiciM Tll»w».N. Y. N««t SrW., IM.I DEAR ABBY: After 14 years of what I thought was a good marriage, my husband [I'll call him "John"] asked me for a divorce. [We have three children.] He said he had fallen in love with a woman he works with and wanted to be free to marry her. * I went to pieces. I had no idea John had ever looked at another woman. (He isn't the type.) I told him I wouldn't stand in his way. He moved out, but 1 couldn't bring myself to go to a lawyer about a divorce. The next two weeks I hardly ate or slept [1 lost 12 pounds.] Then all of a sudden John came home! He said he couldn't go thru with it, he still loved me, and if I could forgive and forget he would spend the rest of his life trying to make it up to me. Now, my problem: Even tho all the time John was gone I kept hoping and praying he would come back, when he finally did, I was so hurt inside I couldn't turn off the , bitterness and hate, and turn on my love. How can I forgive and forget? I really love him. TURNED OFF DEAR TURNED OFF: If you want to gel over your hurt, you can. Don't dwell on the past. What's door Is done. God heard your prayers. Now. pray for the strength to really forgive and forget. Time and a forgiving attitude will do wonders for you. Good lock. DEAR ABBEY: My boy friend Il'll call him "Victor") ls 21. Same age as myself. My problem is his hang-up about eating in front of my family! I know it sounds crazy, but he says he gels nervous and feels funny when he eats at my house because everybody watches him. (They do not. It's just his imagination.! Last Thanksgiving I invited Victor to my bouse for a one o'clock dinner. We were having lots of relatives, and 1 wanted them to meet Victor. He declined the invitation, but said he would come AFTER dinner. He came at 3 p. m. and had to leave at 5 p. m. because be was "hungry." We are planning to get married, and I would like to know when he is going to get rid of this ridiculous hang-up? Or will he have it ail his life? When we eat out, be is just Tine. What could be the matter wtih him? NEW JERSEY GIRL DEAR GIRL: Victor U probably salt-conscious because he's unsure of his table manners. Ask him to level with you. and if that's the ease, offer to leach him. And it it isn't, don't marry Victor until be has overcome bis bang-up. (It would be bard to explain the groom's absence from the bridal dinner,] CONFIDENTIAL TO VICKI: To some girls the no-bra look U one big bust. To others it's a flop. What's your problem? You'll feel better If yon get It oil you chest. Writ* to ABBY, Box JS700, Los Angeles, C»L MM), For a person*! reply enclose stamped, sddreued non-toxic. Toys should be spllntcr-and shatter-proof and able to take the treatment they are likely to meet when a tot tries tossing, dragging, rolling, jumping and pounding. Smooth construction is important so that the youngster can't cut or scrape himself on loo sharp edges. Examine a prospective purchase carefully to be sure it is well-sanded, edges arc rounded, moving parts securely in place, seams and joints tight. When selecting a toy for a baby or toddler, be sure that it is easy to grip and that there are no small parts that might be removed and swallowed. It is belter to avoid metal toys until a child is old enough to have goal muscle control and eyt-mution perspective as well as be less likely to chew or hammer on the toy. Then choose heavy guage metal with smoothly-turned edges. Thin metals are much more likely to bend and crack leaving razor-sharp jagged edges thiit will cut the unwary — or if rusty will cause serious trouble- Toys that are highly durable and well constructed may cost a little more, but besides "2>> to P'* O M '«"£+'%***. ^ OPEN TIL 8:00 P.M. WACKER'S Hate to write letter** Send *) to Abby. Box V7M, Lot A*f ttes, CaL MM*, for Abby'i booklet, "How to Write Letton fcr AO OccartMi." These were the ones pictured Those pictured in a story Thursday of a shower honoring Miss Rebecca Lynn Day of Lake Jackson were: Mrs. J. E. Tipton, mother of the prospective bridegroom, Randy Willis; Miss Day; and Mrs. Bert O. Day. mother of the bride-to-be. Hostesses for the event were: Mrs. Howard McNair, Mrs. Joe Talbot, Mrs. Harold Cox and Mrs. George Bryant. The wedding is planned for Dec. 21 in the Lake Jackson Church of Christ. Shower.,, (Continued from Page 6) serving. The hostesses presented the bride with a red carnation corsage and to Mrs. Badger, Mrs. Barclay, and Mrs. Barclay Sr. A corsage was also presented to Miss Bedie Badger, The hostesses gilt to the brid/e was an Avocado green Electric Roaster and Oven Broiler. SCHOOL MENU IWAZOSIMWT SCHOOLS MOMMY: Meat balls with spaghetti; vegetable salad; English peas; cookies; cornbread, TUESDAY: School pizza; purple hull peas; green salad; brownies. \\KS-\\ T.ON'KIMIII WKJJNKSDAY: Barbecue on bun, potato salad, carrot slicks, vanilla pudding. THURSDAY: Turkey with cornbread dressing; 1 MM li\IIV HKKK MKAT AT IWK'S giblet gravy; green beans; cranberry sauce; celery sticks: spice cake; hot rolls. DmMbool menu |iuUU)ml tiiurln) ol RECK'S Lucky 7 st TKHMAHKrrr ,»l SJH 111 MAIN t I I'TK having built-in safety factors they usually perform well In the hand-me-down category. A little freshening up may be needed as one child outgrows the toy and a younger one eagerly lakes It over, Wnshablllty Is Important for all toys that may be Involved In rough n*ul tumble floorplay. Blocks, small push-pull toys, cars and construction sets may be Immersed in sudsy water and drain-dried on clean towels, Larger or more intricate pieces can be suds sponged. Children love to help with the washing and it starts them building good cleanliness habits. The longest-loved toys are those that invite imagination nnd creativity Building blocks link creativity with dexterity training. There art- many typos to choose from in brightly colored wood or plastic. Toys that feature push-awl- pull or put-ami take uciuiis are popular with lixltllerv Ttiose to ride on arc moat wanted and used Washable, child-surd furniture I* a long wearing and sound investment. A child can do his "work" much better and more comfortably at table and chairs scaled to fit. Even very young children show great Interest in artwork. They begin with scribbles and it Is Imperative to provide tltcm with only nontoxic nnd washable crayons ami paints. Not only are they npt to got noine of the material Into Iholr mouths, but floors and wall* are often the target of murnllstlc efforts. To lessen the possibility of spills, there are water paints In non-spill containers and paint sticks that are solid, It possible, it Is wise to designate one area where art supplied may be used. As a child grows, his Individual personality helps determine choice*. One youngster may be an In- veterate builder creating whole clllei of block! and populating them with mini* cars: another may construct complicated toy ears, another may race them. Some little girl* like to take on mommy role*, Washable dolls, doll clothes and dishet let them practice keep-clean efforts. Both boys and glrli may be tunetMn to art* and crafts work, delighting In projects featuring paint, colored pencils and pro-cut put-together*. The choices are it multitudinous thai II if easy la] become confused In a to: department, However, can be eliminated by keeping] your checkpoints firmly tni mind. The age and Interest* of! the child, the learning provided by the toy, plus construction, safety, si dines* and washablllty of toy shouW be your detent' mining factor* on any t through Santa's worksnap. || t 9W^XSW^fKS^^^Wiy» * - FALLS CASCADES $ 13" / v^m,u, WIGLETS WIG CASES • WIG BRUSHES • STYRO-HEAOS BRAZOSPORT BEAUTY COLLEGE 203 S. GULF BLVD. FREEI'ORT. TEXAS 2J.VW95 fl In a world looking for answers maybe God is the place to start. God is hope. God is now. PARSONS TABLES 16" by 16" rog. 15" 16" by 24" rog. 25" 20* 5 24" by 21" rog. 30'» 24* 5 Those and many othor thoughtful Christmas gift ideas can bo found AT. . . M»-A I 1 AHMM, WAY I..AKK J At KWIN •s opon 10 till lato until Christmas -INSTANT ft INTERIORS I a dramatic approach to comfortable living Spanish Sectional in fabulous velvet 't bring* you t »luw»!o| »we*i> at U»ulj iix) kuuo Uttl will do HWX)«TB lur »uuJ room w <teo wi* *• atnlk* <4 naiun. t-wb t<M *«i«t wiu, «uU »«i MM* b»ci (jlk/t.1, ctrycd wood {**!*• mtnibli Kf I ciwUMM. Two icjlio* Krtion, tana uLW >mJ * fMMNPM*^^^^^^P^ WBWMi^S^^^^^^VW ^^^^^H ^^^^^H ' 9* flHBHiMIMlW W^^^^^^BSSf ^^^^B^^^^^ Lack's will he open every night 'til 8:30 from now until Christmas, *«• Dixie at Plantation 2974237

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