Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on July 23, 1898 · Page 3
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 3

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 23, 1898
Page 3
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SATURDAY MORNING. JULY 23, 1898 lienjs of news frouj fill Pa.rtE of tlj Couijty Solicited Uo«--r t"7s Iic«tl. ARrtiVAL AND DEPARTURE: OF MAILS B T . \ M -- Vi.l D .'v I". R It for r o l l l l s X o li 31 A M -- Via fj A. K V. tor PoiutS We -t t).'JO A M.-- Via H .\ X. K U-i I'oinls »M-,i 1 J . 1.3 .\ M.-- Vn leKiin:r, lor K:\--r r« ut^ 1 (.'O i ',1 -- V'T ^taije, lo- j'^ion 1 '.IK " M --V.-. D ^.- I" 1'. ' . fn: i'-rul'. X o i t l l 4..jO V y,.--V-n. Q. A K. R . (or Pimil^ « LSI O.'iO 1'. M. -- V i a ij. A. K V, Sor I'oi'.-K l-'asl MAILS AK.RIVI: T 537 A. M.-- Via Q. A. K.. X., from Points K ist 9 -1O A M.-- V:a Q. A. K. K.. from Point* V»-;, 11. OO A M -- Vm Stage, from Prtstou. ll.Si A. M --Via btennn-r trom '-.\er loml^. 13. O\ -- M.-- Via D.Jx C.K.U , Ircm Voinls North 5 SO I'. M.-- Vi.l (J. A: U !.., (ruin Points !·' ·! 7 28 I J M --Via J A. K. K.: Iroin Points West. 8 00 P. M.-- Via D.^V C K.K , from I'oiir.; North PUBLIC BUSINESS CALENDAR. CIRCUIT Cour.T WILL jmiiT. OCT. '3. iASs' COUKT V/UJL MKET JULY 27. LEVY COURT -WILL, MEET JULY '37. SCHOOL BOARD WILL MEET Arc r . 2. THE LOCAL DEPARTMENT, DASHES HERE AND THERE. Road-W. E. Brown's new advertisement, and profit; by it. Lightning struck JUr. J. S. Koy- nolds'-barn, near Donton, on T h u i s day, and did considerable damage. A statement of the condition of Donton National Bank is published in tho JOUENAL today. The heavy rain ou Thursday · badly washed the Willistou road ·which was recently rebuilt in several places. Mr. James Wothers' horse ran away at Ringgold's Green on Saturday evening last. His carriage was demolished. Mr. A. T. Porter, committee, desires us to announce that one of tho inost desirable tent sites on Chilton's cainp'-grouud is yet untakon. Receipts of wheat in the Baltimore market are light, but the quality is somewhat better. The price is 80 to 81 cents. Corn is worth 36 .to 37 cents. Dr. J. L. Noble, health officer, has sent to all the physicians of the county the proper blanks on which to report births, deaths, c., and hopes the}' will be used. .The third annual convention of tho Maryland Bankers' Association was hold at Ocean City this week. Mr: Thomas W. Jones represented tho Dontou National Bank. Raymond Rhodes, aged eight years, son of Samuel T. Rhodes, of Easton, was killed Thursday of last weok at the residence of his grand father, William Boyle, at Willoughhy. whore he was visiting.. Wheat threshers report tho smallest crop ever known in Caroline county. We havo hoard of casos whore one bushel per acre was all that" was realized. Half a crop is about the best reported unywhere. ·The trustees of'the poor, at their meeting on Monday last, reconsidered the vote by which 3Ir. Allaband was some weeks ago chosen overseer, and appointed 'Mr. Samuel T. Norris to that position, four of the five trustees voting for h i m . ' Have you forgotten that Dennis Fpoks, Preston, keep one of the best and most complete stocks of dressed lumber in tho county? Prices right! Goods right! And if you want to be treated right try them ! Their yards are near the railroad station. · . " Young men of Denton will give an excursion to Rehoboth on Wcdnes- .day, A u g u s t ' 3d. Tho train will leave Quoonstowu about noon and arrive at tho beach about two o'clock. Tho return vail be by moonlight, starting-from Rehoboth about 9 o'clock. A good shower of rain put an end to the drouth in some sections of the county on Sunday last. On Tues- clay another and more widespread rain fell, doing much good. Corn, grass, vegetables and other things bad suffered much from the, dry ·weather, and there will be few full crops this year in Caroline. Mr. W. M. Conn, manager for William Hopps Co., advertises for wheat. His agents along tho Qaoen Anne's railroad are authorized to pay highest market prices on delivery. Mr. W. H. Anderson represents Mr. Conn at Denton. Other agents along the line are noted in the advertisement. Read it. Mr. James H. Brown, of this place, has received notice of tho death of his son, Walter Broffii, who u a s a member of Company A, Seventeenth Infantry. He was killed in the storming of the works about Santiago. Mr. Brown was an active, fine-looking young man, aud was well-known here. Several wooks ago we published an extract from a letter received from him by his father. Tuckahoe Conclave of Heptasophs will celebrate tho seventeenth anniversary of its institution ou Wedues- ' day evening, Angust 3d. Choptank Conclave'has been invited co. participate, and Mr. James A.^Trazzare, secretary, requests'all members of tho latter conclave to notify him at once of their intention to attend, in ·order that he may communicate to tho Hillsborough Conclave the probable number.. v Mrs. James Spence, upon whom , an operation for appendicitis was pe'rformed on Thursday, died Friday evening in Easton,- Talbot county. Mr. and Mrs. Spenco had just moved into :v handsome new house when she was taken ill. Mrf. Spenco was Miss Pal ma Thompson, and sho was one of the most beautiful women that over grow'up in Eastou. She loft no children. Mr. Speneo is tho proprietor of a carriage factory in " Easton;-- The Sun, COUNTY COMMISSIONERS IN COURT. TliL- C:iic of Tro.isuror Wlillhy--Mr liowu- liiff's TnxcK. On Monday last the dork-treasurer mand.inr.iR case from tins county was arcrncd iu C e n t r o v i l l e before :i f u l l bench. Mr. A G. Towers, ropio- sentimr t h t (·oiuniis ! ;ont i r;. a n d Mr. llonrj R. Lewis a p p e a ' i n g for Treasurer W h i t b y . Thu ca?f" grew out of a l a w , i n t r o d u c e d by Senator Messi'-'k, and passed by tin* last Tjogi^hi- tu:c, defining t h e d u t i e s of clerk to the ijominissiouers and limiting his pay. This law was part of the suheuio to divide Mr. W h i t b y ' s salary with a R c p n b h a a n , which .scheme was exposed and f i u s t r a t o d by Delegate Hcddon in tho House. By tho provisions of this act tho clerk was to receive a salary not to exceed' $800, and he was to receive no extra compensation whatsoever, while under the treasury law tho clerk received, in addition to his salary, fees aggregating possibly $200 for the assess- m e n t of personalty, w h i c h w.-is inado one of his duties. Necessarily this work was performed by persons other than tho clerk and treasurer, whoso dual duties made it impossible for him to drive all over the county and assess improvements and extra property. This work was consequently delegated ro others who received tho pay for it. Under the new law, as the commissioners interpreted it, Mr. W h i t b y must pay 'or this work out of his salary, while hoy did not propose to pay him any salary as clerk, as the law provides. This is the strange part of it, and he part to which Mr. Whitby ob- oetod. The court decided t h a t t h e rensurer must act as clerk, but that ho commissioners must pay him for uch services, thus, sustaining Mr. iVbitby's contention. He entered ipon his duties Tuesday. The county commissioners again all upon the court. This time the "udgos aro asked to say whether the icrsonal property, which is now in his county, of William J. Downing, * resident of Wicomico, is subject o taxation in Caroline. The. com- uissioiicrs of Wicomico have this amc property valued and assessed here to Mr. D o w n i n g , aud he has ong ago paid tho taxes levied t.liero- on, aud, through his counsel, Dew- neso Owens, claims that Wicomico is the proper county in which tho property should bo assessed, it not being permanently located in any other county or city of this State. Tho act of 1S% provides that "personal property belonging to a resilient of this State shall be -valued and assessed to the owner thereof in the assessment district in which said owner may re.sidc. except goods and chattels p e r m a n e n t l y located in any city or county of this State w h i c h shall bo valued and assessed to the o w a a r thereof in tho city or c o u n t y n which thoy are so located." The commissioners of Caroline claim that this property is from a legal standpoint permanently located in this county, for tho reason t h a t it has been here about all tho time for tho past two years. They claim also that Mr. Downing is using the pubic roads of Caroline, and that that is an additional reason why ",he should help bear the expense of \copiiig them in repair. It should be stated in fairness to Mr. Downing that ho is perfectly willing to »ay the taxes iu Caroline, and would rather do so if it is in accordance with the present tax laws, but he does not want to pay iu two counties on the same property, and that the tax must be paid in Wicomico--if the court shall so decide--is no fault of his, but of the Legislature .that passed the law. I'ublic School Now rt. The school commissioners held a. busy session on Tuesday last. Tho following appointments wore confirmed : E. J. Nelson, principal at Fcderalsburg ; Miss Lulu, Gullett, teacher at S m i t h v i l l e ; Miss Lclia J. Cos, at Chestnut Grove ; Miss Addie Whitely, at Smithson ; Miss Winnio Griffith, at American Corner; Miss Bessie Deekins, assistant at Hillsborough ; Miss Ella Harrison, teacher at Poplar Neck : Miss Mary Stafford, at Hynson ; Miss Leacy Roe, at Barous ; Miss Cora A. Hony, at Edinburgh ; Miss Minnie Noble, at Bridgetown ; Miss Latie Draper, at Lowe's; Miss Bertie Noble, at Grove; Miss Mary H. Mooro, at Oaks; R. Wilson Allen, principal at Ridgely. It was ordered that Commissioner Jones be requested to place under private contract at tho earliest practical time tho addition to Ridgoly Academy, for which no scaled proposal had been received, and that he be authorized to make .such changes in the plans as aro found to be necessary. E. E. Insloy's bid of $587 for the building of a new school house at Union was accepted. Mt. Zion school is to be tho model. S. Nowoll's bid of $430 for tho building of a now school, houso at Snulsbury's, with that at Andorson- town as tv model, was accepted. The bid of $29.50 of J. W. Bryant for the old b u i l d i n g was accepted. The contract to b u i l d a sehool houso, modelled after Barcus 1 , at a point near Wesley Jarrcll's, was awarded to -David Morris, at $4-18. Frank Barnhart was awarded tho scholarship :it Western Maryland College, and Wilson Saulsbury that at St. John's.. Miss Clara Con way, of Now York is spending some timo with he g r a n d f a t h e r , Mr. William Williams Misses Hessi" Fanlor and Louiso l l a y d o n , of I ' a l t i m o r e , are Miss flouvietta Ilaiib' g u o s l . Mr. Will.ird Clark, of Los AngolfS, C»l.. is no« at tho homo of hif f a t l i P t , M i . A n d r e w Gl.irk. This i Mr- ('lark's firs I t r i p Kast since he loft, t h i r t c o n year* ngo. Miss Maud CVuall, of Philadel- p h i a , is the guest of her a u n t , Mrs. J. .Boyer. Mr. (rcorgi 1 T. Tvhisselman has been .-ippointed :i mail clerk on the P. W. £ B. r a i h o a d , and loft Monday to enter upon his duties. Misses Emnm. Hall and Bertha Price, who are .attending tho summer school at Dover, wore home Sunday. The y o u n g folks and visitors in town enjoyed a pleasant straw ride on Wednesday eve. Misses Bculah Daws and Eva Doakyno, of Clayton, aro spending the hitter part of tins week as the guests of Mis. E. E. Daws. Miss CecilKI P r a t t has returned from an oxtonded visit to Greenwood, Dol. Miss Sara, A'. Heather entertained her young friouds w i t h a vory delightful "lj;i\vn K?lr" i;n Friday evening of last week. Tho lawn was beautifully illuminated with Japanese lanterns, and the national colois w o r o seen about the porches. Concord. The Epworth League closed its sessions on Sunday n i g h t last until after the camp-mooting season is over. Lightning wrecked several tele- phono poles opposite the Dixon farm, between this place and Andersontown, during tho storm on Sunday afternoon last. Wo woro visitod by a delightful rain Sunday afternoon, which was very much needed, and we also had ft showor on Tuesday. Our camp promises to bo as large in tho number ol tents as any previously held at this old and time- honored ground. Oar bioytlo Heel, excepting a few auxilliary craft arc not seen cruising around so m u c h on Sundays as formerly. They arc now without an Admiral. Tho G r u b b i n g Nock and Pinetown Racing Association meets regularly each -week at Covey's track. Wo have not yot leamod tho time made. Mr. C. E. Tadd is h a v i n g window shutters placed on his building, w h i c h will add greatly to tho beauty of its Tails ol 11 NL-ir Stu.imer. The official Sxvi-.d i.t tho Queen Anne's Ikiilm-ul Company is now interested in » s t u d y of specifications bearing u p o n ii:e construction of n new boat. N o t h i n g definite, however, ha? :ts yet been determined upon. There is very littlo likelihood of any change being made in the operating arrangements of the company this year. Tho rumored withdrawal of the Favorite and immediate substitution of another boat is doniod bo the company. President Bosley says that new boats, such as will meet the demands of that particular traffic, aro _ neither easy of purchase nor charter. In fact, it is difficult to discover a procurable boat which will in ovory'way answer the purposes required in service pn that line. What is actually needed can bo provided only by the construction of !i new craft designed in accordance with the company's ideas. It is that which the official board now has under consideration. Whatever may be t h e i r decision, no new boat will be bought or built before next season. "I have used Chamberlain's Cough Remedy in my f a m i l y for yoars and always- with good results," says Mr. W. B. Cooper, of El Rio, Cal. "For small children we find it especially effective." For sale by W. E. Brown, Denton; Hugh Duffey, HilJsboro; 11. J. Colston, Ridgoly. ictfctli u? Mrs. Dunning. Mrs. Ella M. D u n n i n g , widow of tho late Charles A. D u n n i n g , and daughter of Mr. James G. Redden, died at her home in this place on Tuesday evening last at half past nine o'cldclr, 'aged 5(5. - For several years sho suffered" fro in a complication of diseases and for six weeks past has been confined to her bod- Much of her timo her norvos were prostrated, for which she received- treatment in a Philadelphia hospital some time ago. The deceased was a most estimable w o m a n , and had many warm friends. In addition to her parents, brothers and sisters four -sous, C. Percy, J. Hubert, Brown and Carroll D u n n i n g survive, and those havo the deep sympathy of all 'their friends. Tho funeral was- hold at tho homo of the deceased at 10 o'clock a. m. yesterday, and interment took place at tho cemetery. Rev. Z. H. Webster was tho officiating clergyman. I'resUm. Miss Susie Elliott Sisk' and Miss Bossio Phillips, teachers of Talbot and Caroline counties respectively, spent last weok in Washington, D. C., attending the National Educational Association held in that city. Miss Nellie Douglass, of Frederick, Md., is a giuist at Dr. J. 14. Phillips', Preston. Mrs. Dr. J. L. Noble has returned to her home in Picston after a lengthy visit to f r i e n d s in Baltimore and Taylor's Island. Mi's. A. W. Sisk and Mrs. Dennis, of Proston, · woro guests of Mrs. J. F. Sisk last week. Obituary. On July 10, 1SW, Paul Russell, in fant son of Alonzo and Pearl Anderson, diod of.consumption, aged !) months and 2 weeks. Interment took place iu Hillsboro cemetery on tho Monday aftornoon following. Ovir first 111 IK'avcn'. Another sweet flower lias wilhere'rt, A £cm fromllic caskcl set tree ; A l.imlj 111 the Told of Hie Shepherd, Who baul lei tliLiu conic iiulo iiiu. · CAMP LIFE Or_OUrt_SOLDHin BOY 1 ?. Their :\r* MIIIIJ M .iy in "Which T l i c \ Amuse Tlii-i-.ih^Uos. Corporal J. Prod. Wallace.- of Co. F., First M a i y l n n d V i l u n l f ; i P , in a letter to i h e JOTIJN-AL, d n t o d J u l y 18, describes the order of procfodiugs fit Fortress Monro". anil t o l l s h i w ; Ilio soldiers spend t h e i r t i m e , ' ' i h c J , first thing in th^- mornm"." ho viy, . i. "we havo r a i l - c a l l . ;i 5 3 0 ; thoi' n, \ short d r i l l find f-vi'ioi-i'. ,md bivak-'' 1 Krilu.'Kil : ij:im;-;aoi l t jitf at KniiiUolli filh in- 1 . elo?o Hm und* 1 ;- tho manai'o- . ·:. I-:. A d m i m , who : -I,moo of some of "· '-.I l i l l c - l l t Ol' i ' l C Tin- i,ui- fast at l o c k . FUJJSI 7 !J(i u i i i i l !» | n !·_;.; 'i ' v i'ltotidi d i .. · ! ( i ·. u.'re ;JI j l.i^Ub for the SOME POINTS Vl-il I'.c'ly A l i ON ^TATE POLITICO 'iim -ill StlJfRrsLoil -lo.l Asuie iroin loan.} issiu-.s above- .-( l o r l h , then- are ntlior 1 * of m o m e n t o u s j i n l e t e s , t to Democrats generally and I to ·':·'Kite i C c r m j i j i n i liiesi . M i ' o i ;· '.'mu.v' imjn :i. It i*'' the -]nn.)n of sliii.^nuMi, hi;rc ;^ ! i V i ' l l n s Hlppwhu!-' 1 , that t h e ' wjn policy . . I n , id there is a company d r i l l , am! n f t e i , ''!tr..,e that we can go a n y w h u i - o wi- please, i ; . t ^ i 0 provided wo are back at 3 o'clock, j ;..uch If it isn't too warm we have a u o t h e i . i.ioril.- and (.· . ..--MMMflce that t o promote- 1 , good i age Chrisiiii"!. in ' « . f t i l - . | ;IPM parly j has, boon disposed of, i cia 1 probiom h.r- boon Tlw the t r m it f Anmn^ I h c ChurHi"4. f 'iH» of Hie largest and mosteiijoy- .ililo excursions of the season was- that 01' the C c n t r o v i l l o Protestant rjpisi'.opal y ' l n d n y School, over tho J.uoc!i Aime-V Railroad, to lieho- both; on Wednesday. A b o u t one J i u n . h r d a n d twenty-live Dantonians ·oined t h e parly. Altogether there ·voi-n owr live h u n d r e d pleasnre- soekers and j u s t pleasuro-Cndeis in the PERSONAL AND SOCIAL NEWS NOTES- Colom-l ttryn ill's Itlrthilay-'-VihiKirr. Here ami lCl-ic\vJior«. Messrs. James Howes, J. E. Triblo, Eugene H. Harris, Howard liryant, William H". Abrams and John JV. Bncl: left yohturday Baltimore Ur O a k f o r d , Caroline oor-ncy. Md , the c o u u t r j i f s i d c n c c (if Mr. Bryant'-? father, (Vj! .f.^liua W. Bryant, fov about that many | l ' le purpose of assisting 1 iu celebnu- party, if a j iu S Colunei Bryant's sixty-first birth- d n a n - I merry company d r i l l , and s o m e t i i u u s n b a t - f tl, 0 .-utaii,.,u n; of t!to highest g i f t s I This i r - to be decided by ' -. To b.-rvo tlio spir , ail who intend ilio l.-i.lioti drill. tho major, who, by tho w a j . it, q u i l o ' i t u n i !iiie:et :i young m a n . Ma.ior Evans h a v i n g j mneungs is tho one idea in view, promoted to the l i o n t o u - ano thu excursionists who have gone to.liehoholh d u r i n g llif oamp-moet- jeon to the l i e n t o n ant-colonelcy, Captain Lawudosison of the Governor) wax made major. Ee looks to be only 22 or 2U years, of igo. We had a jroneral i n s p e c t i o n 8aturd:ij r . The whole inarched out on lho parade g r o u n d n heavy m a r c h i n t j order. Wo had our blanket, one-half of a day- t o u t , rum poncho, havor.vick. w i t h our lishos in i t , c a n t e e n , w i t h wsitor. ind gun and belts. TJ'e i;i.spectiuu was hold ;it 1.30, and a l t e r t h a t we ind 11 ball ganit- w't!i L i t e hjrht rir- illery from P e n n s y l v a n i a , stationed at Newport News. We were detent ed by u, score of 19 to !). It was t h e irst game we havo iobl. "We arc expecting m-dors l o m o v o :o the front every day. Th« bo; s ire all anxiou.s to get i n t o active ervico, and seem plo.-vsed w i i h the prospect. Wo have a little o v e r ."»00 wounded the hospital at his post. Some of thorn aro injured leriously, but a great many are hurt mly slightly. They all seem anx- ous to talk about tho battle of Sau- iago, which occurred July 1st, and n which most of them took part. ?he poor boys have at all times a crowd around thorn, asking ques- ions. One of tho patients iu the lospital is a Caroline boy--William In in bold, of He has ma- arial fevor. It looks like real war o see' so m a n y able-bodied men imping around. Wo have preaeh- ng in camp evory night. The Y. VI. C. A. of Hampton, Va., has a ent hero in which thoy hold mect- ngs. They furnish the boys with ens, paper and ink fren, "which we uro very t h a n k f u l for. They also iavo nice gainos and reading for tho oys, and last, but not least, is the co wator, which is very acceptable hoso hot days. Wo havo had a lumber of Talbot and Dorchester onnty visitors jit camp d u r i n g tho ast week. Why could we uot have i few of our Caroline f i i c u d s visit is. We w o u l d l»o very much piea.s- d to sen some ff t h e m . By the t i m e his roaches some of the- readers of he J O U K X A L w« j may be fit the i r o n t ghling- foi o u r lives aad the in'o- om of Cuba, unuor the St.ith and stripes, the flag that we love." Mr; Frank JlcShane, of the rog-u- ararmy"hospital corps, was in town his weok. He expects to go to 'orto Itico with the army now at iamp Algor. Mr. McShano receut- y-wrote a long letter to his sister t llidgely, describing camp life. peaking of tho soldiers' diversions, 10 says: "The boys have quite a deal of amusement. We have hree shows on the grounds which \re open day aud night, besides oth- r places to spend our money. The dace is crowded w i t h stands, and ·ou can buy anything you want, rom a pin up. Then ld-timo fakir, who wo havo tho allows 'throe alls to bo t h r o w n at his b l a c k face while ho has it placed in a wooden rame. You likewise h a v e a c h a n c e 0 knock down tho babies, throw ings across a gold-headed cane, .raw some present ' w o r t h its weight u gold 1 for a small s u m , test y o u r trougth, aud all sorts of places to ass your time away are here. But he only man on the ground is he who has invented the idea of arranging all the noted Spaniards of the day .in a row and allowing the boys to knock their heads oil. For *live cents you have throe throws, and the boys spend their cash trying to do General Weyler up. They are as glad when they hit him as if he were in tho flesh, and are regarded as a kind of hero." Speaking of camp fare and accommodations, tho writer continues : "If you believe all you see in the papers you w i l l wonder how wo stand it. I never heard tell of such gross misrepresentation. One papor said a nurse was giving a sick man soap' l i n i m e n t . Another said that wo only had one tin cup and two plates to feed twenty men. 1 do not nui'so myself, for I have a very nieo position n,s acting steward and work in tho field dispensary, yol I know wo have good nurses, and that every man has good attention when ho 'is sick." Mr. McShanc thinks it. would bo n, fine t r i p for some of "tho Caroline people if they would visit Camp Algor. He bay? five dollars would cover the oxpcTn^-e of such a trip, and t h a t it would be enjoyed by those who never looked into cainp-lifu hfi it. c e r t a i n . The route is to W a s h i n g t o n d s y o u please, thence by electviccarsto Fall C h u r c h , where you aio o n l y u fa-v miles from the camp. It takes loss t h a n tv.'o hours to reach Baltimore f r o m the camp, and it can thus be seen how much time Ilio traveler would h a v e among tho soldiers iC ho loft Baltimore early. i M g i i ; , v t i d t ' i i i i e d to t h e i r homes H i L l i tin- ipaiizalion of a day of rpcroatioii iimlfi- d e l i g h t f u l influences. Tuesday, A u g u s t 9th, w i l l 11 (i observed as Prohibition d a y , and l(ier r - i.s :tu e v i d e n t d e t e r m i n a t i o n co m a k e t h a t a great ouca.-iiou. Thursday, the H t h , w i l l be devoted to Sunday Ht-hool inleicsts, and there is some prospect ol h a v i n g llip Hon. John W f i n a i p a i i i ' r to speak on that day. A h o l i n e s s convention w i l l bo held on the loth. lo'lh and . 17tli. w h i c h Chri.--ti;Liis from every part of Delaware and Eastern Maryland aie -.\poctt'd ro i U t i ' u e i . A n E p w o r t h League c o n v e i i t i o i i w i l l bn held on the llnh .ind 20Mi. to w h i c h every chapter in tlu 1 W i l m i n g t o n Conference is i u v i t f d to scad delegates, and all Loatjno meiiib^rs will be welcomed as part of I h e convention. Excursions will l)o i un on tho Delaware Division of the P, W. B. Railroad aud on the Queen Anne's Kiulroiid on those special dates. Tickets w i l l bo on salo, for ouo fare, toidale trom Aiigiibt Jrd to 22nd, on p i n c l i c a l l y i s o l v u d , and Laufrhl v e m a l u s b u t (he j ·inuo\,\lH)H policy. A !,i;^ority oi the Democrats i u Congress havn n n - iiounced their opposition to MI L"C- tcubion of territory but the're us a very resjicctablc 1 m i n o r i t y that t h i n k otherwise. Ou the Republican bide a similiar condition prevails. A majority indorses the President, while there arc others that think it a mistake to add to our possessions. k i n g d o m , in old Neptune's watery a vigorous attack upon day today, t u r n to thc- The party r-xpoel to r e City Monday. Colonel W0l] . jllle(] j - b ! i s k o t s a u d a d j u n c t s Bryant W t l 5 bou, Ju.'y^. 1S37, in · b o t h of the above-named loads branches and A ."Ulim's TcrrUlr I'owcr All l e ^ t r i c t i o n s placed on vessels e n t e r i n g ar.d loavinsr the harbor in crossing the mini 1 fields h a v e been w i t h d r a w n . VHJ«U tho n i g h t block.".;!(' was rai-ifd tho order requiring vessel's of laisjo d r a u g h t to bo towed over t h u mine fields was (.·ontitntod in force. As all at the mines have removed this necessity n o l o u g 01 oxibts, p.nd such vessels may now enter and leave the harbor using t h e i r own power. The mines taken up have beer, stored ready to be put d o w n should an emergency arise. Three o' 1 th/j tnmo-. wore exploded u n d e r thj iiiporvision of Lieut. . Kurt::, in oharjjo oMhe l d t n K eriLiuec-rs' office iti B a i t i i n o L V . This was dnne for os- p f . · i i u e u t a l pnrpnptis, to note the t'flfi t t/i the in in its. Tbo tost proved ilir t i ' i r i b l y d e s t r u c t i v e powor of tho nuues, is i h e o*:p!roiou caused an iipiie; 1 va; A h i c l i wiuiliJ h a v o de- t t i o j ' e d any v«*se] n i t h i n rjinge. · An i'iea of water ovoi 200 feet square was t h r o w n up in a massive column !o a height of over 101) feet. It is not t h o u g h t t h a t any great destruction of fish occurred in the channel in which the mines were placed, owing to the constant stirriug up of the water by passing vessels keeping the (ish i u shallow water.--Sun. Peninsula cump meetings will be held as follows: -- Siloam, liov. W. K. Matthowp, m i n i s t e r in charge, beginning July 23 and continuing ton days : Ellwood, llov. W. B. Jndo- fiad, c o n t i n u i n g ten days ; Wye, Rev. ID. C. A t k i n s in charge, July 26 and c o n t i n u i n g tcu days ; Camden, Rev. C. F. Shoppavd iu ehargo, July 27, c o n t i n u i n g fourteen days; Leslie, Local Preachers, July 28. continuing lets days ; Brandywiuo S u m m i t , Rev. W. L. S. M u r r a y , July 28, continu- i n g ten days ; Chiltou's, Revs. IT. W. 1). .Toh:isoii and C. 1C., July, 2Si, c o n t . n u i n s ton d a y s ; Etiualls, ]iev. T. V. Tabler, J u l y 2'J, c o n t i u u mg ton days ; Sand Hill, Rev. J. T. V a u B u r k a l o w in charge, July 29, c o n t i n u i n g ten days ; Hebron, Rev. W. R. Gwinii in charge, July 30, c o n t i n u i n g teu clays; ·Woodlawn, in charge, tan days; Rev. W. R, Mowbray August 2, continuing Concord, Rev. V. J. Cochrau in charge, Angust 5, continuing ton days; Wheatley's Grove;.Rev. J. L. Johnson iu charge, August 5, con- t i n u i n g t u n days. \\'ni Alli-i-ii. t'ohsUiiH. \Var has had ihe effect of raibiug tho pricji- of m a n y edibles, but very fpw pec.plo k n o w ih-it the Irish potato is already h i g h e r t h a n in years past ;ic the same season. This is not due to a shortage in crop, for reports coming from various sections show t h a t it is about n o r m a l , but entirely to an increase in demand. The war with Spain has been largely responsible for this increased dem a n d , for the Unitod States Oov- e i n i u o n t is b u y m i e v e r y t h i n g 111 tlio way oC .ld potatoes to forward to the t i o o p s o n c a m p r d is various parts i ! i h e c o u n t r y , ,ind tliosa engaged : .n ih' i n v a s i o n ol' Cuba aud the P h i l i p p i n e s . For several m o n t h s past g o v e r n m e n t .agents h a v e been j securing vast stores of old potatoes. j The gap iu t h e regular demand caused ly ihit drain iuis been filled u i t l r ordort. foi n o w potatoes, and they have, consequoutly, risen in price somewhat, and should tho war c o n t i n u e much longer, are liable to go still higher. Harper's Weekly of Saturday las-t gives a picture of General Shaft or, in command at Santiago, and Lion- tenant Noble. Tho laltor is a native of Foderalsbuig. Jlo is on General Shatter's "Yes, I know Hellers. He is a pessimistic Pharisee." "What is the difference between a pessimistic Pharisee and any other old Pharisee?'' "Instead* of t h a n k i n g the Lord that ho is better than other men, he is grieved because other men aro like icf-crofiui. etc., count anything n: -.umuiius; up the pleasures of a picnic day. The excursion was a luiauuial as well as a .social succesb. Tire official organ of the Protestant EpiscopalDiocese of Easton, "Church Affairs," which has hitherto boon published in -Eastou, will hereafter bo issued in Centroville. The printing will be done at the office of the c- , ,- , , L , , r , , Centroville Record. The editors of .Singularly enough, both Mary and , T , ^,. L . ,, o , ,. . , . . paper are Rev. James A. Mitchell, oenators disagree w i t a their r e - ' - / - - -11 j » -n n -n- -, i or Ceutrovillc, and Rev. E. R. Rich, spoctive parties. Senator Wellington has openly declared himself an anti-imperialist, while Senator Gorman is just as warmly in favor of an [ extension of territory. The position t a k e n by Mr. Wellington had, it id believed, much to do with his defeat ill tho meeting of the State Cential Committee. It is not likely that history will repeat itself _ia the case of Senator Gorman, inasmuch as he will uot afford those who oppose his views an o p p o r t u n i t y to knock him out. Instead he proposes to bring all the party leaders together and feel the pulse of his constituency. Not until after the meeting of the State C o m m i t t e e will the Democrats make known their candi- datesf or Congress. John Walter Smith has still u n d e r consideration the proposition to run iu the Fifbt district. He will announce, his decision, it is said, at tho coming meeting. In the Second district the names of Es-Cougressmau Talbott. Dr. Heriug aud John Wirt are mentioned. Mr. Talbott will probably carry his county, but his chances of capturiug the nomination are de- c i d e d l y slim. Either Dr. Bering or Mr. W i r t can w i n out, if either will accept. Some life has boon injected into the contest in the First district by the a n n o u n c e m e n t that Wilbur F. Jackson would not decline the n o m i n a t i o n . Mr. Jackson has uot yet formally declared himself, bill his friends believe he can ' m a k e it interesting for Dr. Barber. The Doctor, by the way, does not ap- poai to be alarmed. A correspondent of the Sun writing from Ocean City, s.ij-h. It is be- li-.'vuii now t h a t the D e m o c r a t i c c a n d i d a t e will be taken from one of the I'ountios south of the Choptauk. There are t h r e e uieu more talked f i b o u t iu this c o n u o c t i o n t h a u a u y other three, but not one of t h e m has declaiod, nor evou acknowledged, a candidacy. These aro John Walter Smith, of Worcester, William F. Applegarth,of Dorchester, and James E. Ellegood, of Wicomico. Democrats generally, as one meets them down hero, believe that any one of these three gentlemen would be elected unless he assented to a-"fool platform." Messrs. Smith and Applegarth are State Senators, the latter a hold-over from a doubtful county. This, however, would not alfect his nomination, as he could easily carry the county for a- Democratic successor to himself. Several a s t u t e politicians claim that Applegarth is 1 the strongest possible man that could be nominated. It is known that Joshua W. Miles does not want the nomination, aud that Somerset county will not ask for it. It is probable that Caroline will send a delegation to the congressional convention for Mr. Bates.Stephens, tho present school executive officer of the county and a most worthy man. It is said that neither Kent, Queen Anne's nor Talbot will present candidates. Kent would sond a delegation for Harrison W. Vicke r b i f h o wonld^iave it so, and so would Queen Anne's for Philemon E. Hopper under the same circumstances, but they will not, it is said. It is known that ex-Senator Chas. H. Gibson would take kindly to a nomination again, and would prissa it highly if his county should bring up his name, but his friends in Talbot are hardly in a position to do this for h i m . According to the Itoltimore News, lion. Lloyd Wilkinson will not bo a candidate for the Domoerfttic Congressional nomination if "Colonol John Walter Smith consent:; to r u n , but will favor tho Colonol. Iu case Colonol Smith declines, then he will c u t e r the contest with all his energy and ho expressed confidence in his ability to win the n o m i n a t i o n . Other p r o m i n e n t candidates for t h e Democratic nomination iti thn Eastern Shoiu district, says the -Yiir.s, are State Sonator Applegarth of Dor- chestei. Mr. Henry IE. Lewis and Ex-State Senator Thomas A. S m i t h , of Caroline. The desire of the leaders is to h a v e the n o m i n a t i o n made w i t h o u t a contest, and should Colone! S m i t h decline in advance, Mr. Wilkinson's f r i e n d s hope to bo able to get the others to w i t h d r a w so that. ho can be nominated by a u n a n i - mous vote. · Tho JOURNAL, only $1 a year. I not as good I Enqtiiror. is ho is."--Cincinnnti ' The Democratic State C o n t i a l Committee met at the Carrollton Hotel, Baltimore, on Wednesday last. The meeting was called to order at iioou,'by C h a i r m a n Vaiidi- ver, aud a roll-call showed if complete representation in'person or by proxy. Tho date fixed for the congressional convention for the First district is August 25th, and the place of meeting is Ocean City. of Eastou. Mr. Edwin H. Brown, Jr., of Contrevillo, is the business manager. Tho Maryland State Sunday School Convention will ho held this year in Baltimore city, October 13 and 14. The Third Reformed Church, corner o£ Saratoga ind streets, has been tendered for the purpose. The committee has arranged a program, the o u t l i n e of which is as follows: "The Field: tho Seed; the Sowers; the Sowing: the Harvest." Kohoboth's now M. E. church will bo dedicated on July 31. The building cost$1400. War "o\vs is Scarce. The calm which follows a storm has been prevalent in army circles this week. The only thing which betokened tho least disturbance was a little cloud just visible above the naval horizon, the sullen rumblings which accompanied it proclaiming t h a t Admiral Sampson was on his ear because the army wouldn't let him scoop in all tho credit for the surrender of Santiago, together with the prizes in the harbor. There is no telling to what proportions this little thunder-head [or swelled head] m i g h t have attained had it not been side-tracked at Washington. The President stopped the foolish Admiral's pouting by peremptorily ordering him to furnish a convoy for tho Porto Rico expedition, which he had delayed two or three days. Gen- eial Garcia, tho Cuban leader, is reported to have resigned because he was uot allowed to occupy Santiago. Col. .T:u'khOii Will Kan. Col. Wilbur F. Jacksou, of Castle Haven, Dorchester, says he will accept the Republican nomination for Congress if thn convention which meets at Ocean City on September 15th tenders it to him. He says: "I will uot announce myself as a candidate for Congress, although I have been urged to do so by a number of political frieuds. 1 will, however, accept the nomination if my frieuds insist upon bringing me forward and I will muke the condition that I run as an unpledged candidate, free from all factions. My course on the penitentiary board has been indorsed by a large number of people of Dorchester, who are anxious for me to go to Congress. I would not bo averse to it if I can go in the manner I mentioned. Offlccru Installed. Officers of Caroline Council, No. 175, Jr. 0. U. A. M., were installed Monday evening as follows: Councilor, H. B. Mason; vice-councilor, T. Fred. Towers; secretary, .E. J. Nichols ; financial .secretary, Carroll H. Dunning; inside sentinel, H. N. Clark ; outside sentinel, Ira Butter. Officers holding over are C. H. Stewart, treasurer; C. K. Evans, warden; R-.' liooue Boauchamp, conductor; Z. T. Hutchiuson, chaplain; Fred. R. Owens, J. T. Cooper and J. E. ^Jichols, trustees. Edmund L. Melvin became the Junior Past Councilor. Tho installing officer was Deputy State Councilor N. L. Tribbett. Orplmn'B Court Proceedings. Otphaus' Court met on Tuesday, Judges Sigler, Orrell and Wright, present. William H. Irwin, executor of Henry I r w i n , presented an interest account and first account of administration, which was passed. Clara N. Todd and T. Pliny Fisher, administrators of James T. Todd, presented an account of sales, which was approved. Tho will of Adaline Spencer was admitted to probate. Moonlight Exctirglcm to Oceitu City. - The first and only moonlight excursion to Ocean City this season will bo run by M. B. Nichols on Wednesday, August 3d. Train will leave Kaslon at 11.30 a. m. Persons wishing to go dowu ou the D. C. road can make connections. Teams can be -oied for at ton cents each at Faruieis' Shod, Easton.'' Excursion' a i l i v e s at Ocean City at 2 o'clock p. ru., and, returning, loaves the ocean ,\t 9.30 p. m. Fare, $1.00 round-trip; children, half-price. Our baby has been continually tioubled w i t h colic and cholera ia- f a u l u m since his birth, aud all that wo c o u l d do for him did not seem to give more than temporary relief, u n t i l wo tried Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. Since giving that remedy he has not boou troubled. Wo want to give you this testimonial as an evidence of our gratitude, uot that you uced it to advertise your meritorious remedy.--G. M. LAW, Keokuk,Iowa. .For sale by W. E. Brown, Denton; Hugh Duffoy, Hillsboro: R. J. si on, llidgely. Col- Anne Aruude! c o u n t y , ' n e a r Elk- lidge Landing. His father was the owner of ore Lauks .it Elkridge and a furaiico at H-iv-iv d. Giaoe Whet: nineteen yoars old, ''ol ru:l Bryant graduated at Dolaw.irsCollege, Newark, Del. /Jlic-u Ju i-ead law with the late'Otlio Scott, ia Belair, Afd.. , and was admitted to the bar in 1858. He went to Caroline county to practice his profession, and was State's attorney for tho county "for- twelve yeaiK, having boen elected to the office three times. In 1887 Colonel Bryant came to Baltimore and has lived here ever since. His title of colonel was received when Governor Hamilton appointed him on the Governor's staff.-- Tfie Sun. The Sacra-meuto Xow» of Sunday, July 10th, was a special industrial issue. Many of the proniiuent buildings and industries of the city are shown in cuts and described, aud group? of the prominent lawyers, · city aad county officials and prominent business and professional men are also given. In the latter group is Weather Observer James A. Barwick, who was many years ago a resident of this county and town. Miss Addie May Whiteley, of Preston, left on Monday last for Washington, D. C., accompanied by her sister, Mrs. A. J. Messick and Senator R. M. Messick of Bethlehem. Miss Whiteley will fill tho position of copiestin the department of publication at Washington at .1 salary of $720 a year. Miss Ethyl B. Moore, daughter of Mr. Oreorge C. Moore, of Quoeu Anne, is spending a vacation at hoi- home. She will return to North field, Massachusetts, Seminary at the opening of the fall session. Mr. Henry R. Lewis, of this place', was one of the many well-known lawyers who heard the concluding arguments in the case against Senator Kenney, in Wilmington, on Thursday. Mr. James H. Nichols and family ' will spend the mouth of August at Rehoboth. They will occupy Mr. Walter Sparklin's cottage ou tho the camp-ground square. . Miss Delia Melvin, after spending a "few days with Caroline relatives, has returned to her home in Ellicott , City, accompanied by Miss Nannie- ~ f Garey. Miss Anita and Elsie Smith, daughters of Thomns A. Smith, Esq., Ridgely, have boon visiting Seaford relatives. Dr. and Mrs. Clarence E. Downes, of Baltimore, wore passengers on the evening train to Rehoboth Saturday evening. Mr. Eugene Graham, of Baltimore, was in Denton Tuesday. His mother Mrs. Sarah Graham, is Visiting friends here. Willard E. West, Esq., will be one of the lecturers before the summer school to be held at Rehoboth next mouth. Miss Eunity M. Pratt, of Dover) is being entertained by Dr. and Mrs. Kobley Hackett, Qneen Anne. Mr. W. E. West took one of his children to Baltimore- yesterday to bo treated by a specialist. Miss Gertrude Heath and Miss · Laura Palchett, of Grove, have been visitors iu Eastou. Mr. G. Lacy Stevens has - been at Rehoboth painting Mr. James Swanu's cottage. Miss Mary Garey, of Williston, has been .visiting her aunt, Mrs. Frank Towers. Mr. Thos. F. O'Neill, of Baltimore, was registered at the-Brick Hotel Tuesday. Miss'Sallie Field, of Philadelphia, has been visiting Miss Mary Emerson. Mr. Lee Carey, E.astera agent for Ginu Co., was in town this week. Mr. F. R. Owens is visiting Dr. Terrell, Perth Amboy, New Jersey- Miss. Sewall, of Baltimore, was" Miss Mary Hobbs guest on Sunday. Rev. C. E. Dryden attended tho camp-meeting at Qlyudon this week. Mrs. L. O. Eaton, of Norfolk, Va., IP Mrs. M. F. Aliaband's guest. Mr. C. Harry \Vhiiby will assist his father, Treasurer Whitby. Mr. W. W. Nicholson, of Baltimore, spent Sunday in town. Mr. WillG. Field, of Philadelphia, is visiting Denton relatives. Capt. R. W. Stewart, who has been very ill, is barter. Soft coal for sale for threshing · and blacksmith purposes at Donton Bridge. L. B. TOWBBS. Royal mates the iood pare, ' ·«hol«3ocie und delicious. POWDER Absolutely Pure BOYAl BAHlHi POWDCR CO., NEW YOHK. SPAPFRf

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