The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 16, 1923 · Page 11
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 11

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 16, 1923
Page 11
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•JPAGF. TWELVE. THE HUTCH IN S ON NE WSJ ociefy Of lnti'ivst XrlomlH of llic f l.i •pros'-lli-'' friend.' i' <]>onlgiin. C. Klein '; "The 1 In Own.' gown of boqtli't 1 COHtlHilO T ekaroiln.; i t 6ciii ui- "lninit-ii inoiiy a ii -t luiu'lo'oii Marunrei and I'ulh where I'I' V I «w«cts, '•'" 1 vunt-n.i.T llli.i.-': beautiful -- lollowlii:: 1 omlimvoi i-- offl .'f'" ol 8VOioi nil rhu-lii, inn 1 to their .-,.11 » thov will '-i"' "Mrs, Miil- llfo In i Kvlth 111- y-i 'i: ate of Hi- i iv ClllSH of l'llll In (In' public Mai > i-r.r.-i. '1' tho firm of I. Biwl lii'i.-i m.ol lllg to 1 1 1 i ;i best wiiih"- i aro extendi- 1 Upon (lo'ir !•• homo in t)i: - lo UIO wide oil ilo of i groom hero In I In; nil- j JHinncomi 'iil of Dm mnrrliiK" June 30 | or .Miss Mildred l>imlg:ui nml Mr. Clen A. Mil).-', of IIWOHSO, Mich. Mr. Mills' Is a former Hutchison young IIIHII, son of Mr. mid Mm. II. XI. Mllle, of Nick Bison, when- ho wan employed In tho Oftlro of Un 1 l.nrahen mills. , Tho rnllnwins article was carried In itho (hvn^n Argns-Pross: "One of tho lovollost weddings of rtho week w.ts that of Miss Mildrod, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dori- Igun, to (;i"ii A .Mills. The coro- inony look at t.ho homo of the J>rliie'n j in r oil I s, John street. Friday aftoriKMiii, at -1 o'clock. The bridal party dir. untied tho wide stairway to tho strain* of Iiohengrln'n wedding inarch, tool; tholr places before an itn- Tirovlrici! altar ol roues and ferns, and the beautiful marriage service was read ! hy H"v. \V. H. lHmny, pastor of tho C-uutrei-.atloiial church. In tho of immediate- relatives and Hie yeing -peopln. Miss Neva -i.-i - r of the bride, and lOfnll aiti'iided llir> young i>eo|de. id", 'un- of tho preftio.-it girls i. wa ' lovely in a v.-oddinc l.i-.i-ii-l.-i- georgette crepe. A i--'. n s <-oiniiK'fed Uu- hi id.eunahl was equally i-i- g'.wn of georgette, in iole of croon. 1. fillowini; the ceve : y llni'e course -wedding ' >.erve,l by the Mi.-;«.'J -i win, Violet l.ainisUeii il. Tho small iali!.-s, : were laid for tbirt.v-five v-ry attractive vvllh their uf roses in hud vases, t.ilde was eelltt'iei! Willi a Cdiiii; eako. Ilninodiaiely :.ihi -oii the bridal collide lo e-eaiie from tho "kindly lie;v fiiendj and al'ler the nipt sm-ceoded in < Indian in,; to Bay City, onrou'e no- .it 'Pawns Beach whole -ml i !i--tr honeymoon. !. lias lived nearly ail her and is very popuiur ::i;.-r set Hbe w .is a gradu- and Mil), Ceorge Bldwoll, Dr. and Mra, Cuy Walker, Mrs. Forrest Hoborta, Miss Virginia Glascock, Mlas Mildrod I'ayne, Dr. C. XV. Hall, Mr. Trlpler Child and Mr. Paul I'hlllliKi. * * * «• PERSONALS OF SOCIETY. I MONDAY, JULY: 16, 1923 evening for llrookfloM and ^ftnsftB City, Mo., whom Tio will upond tho wook vlalttn,^ frlonda and relatives. 4" • <& I TOMORROW'S EVENTS. 1 IKII school w iUi thf aii'l has ho>'ii a tearlui- s« liouls for thy ]>;iM s ,i vi.-' !;room Is a inouibor ol' (.'. Wright iiiiil Ciunpany, 1 iiniTiy fi It .Miflti rilnc.i' roin- *;;>• two yearn ago. Th<* :t larjic clrrlo of 1'rU'inU tu Mr. and Mrs. Mills. Hini tli '-y will iimki' ihiMr < ity. MISH Ijiicilo H. Smyser of Wichita who tlanceti hero during the Pngeant of rrogrosa la .studying umii>r tho personal direction of Duth St. DetU* UilB fiunnnor nt PelerMhoro, N. II. Mtas •Smyaor already has had awvoral stago oiffTH, pasBing up an opportunity to appear on a promlm-nt booking in Now York, 'Itromon, Heriin and HamlmrK. Un account of unsrttled l-"uropcaii •I'ondiHons it was (le <Mn 'Ml more favor- a 1 > 1 o to Hpeud tho summer furthering her education. MLHH Hmy.sor will return to Wichita in tho fall to rutminu li«r High school SLtidk-.i, ^ ! The following peojilo attended a pirnic Sunday whlrh was held out uortliwoRt of tha titv: Mr. and "Mra. Kr"d Vlckers. Miss (Madys Vickeffi. Mr. Klfjyd Viclcnrn, Mr. and Mrs. ^ehufi.'ld, Mi^H M.n jorio ClleUner, Miss .U'iin VlWMwr, Mr, Vernon lliek- i-rson. Miss Korn liatlon, Mr. Loreu Vi'iuney and Minn Knua Humhert. Mr?. (\ H. Smith and daushtor, VI- v-Mii of Tope.ka who have heon liero visiJinj; friends returned to their homo thin morning, They woro ae- i.'iunpanied ( by Mrs. IJ. J. Wilson and dnuKhtrr, Virginia, niul 'Mrs. IX K. Ii(;ii ''i "iiri -wha will he her guesta for tho week. They motored through. Mr. Oeorgo Smith who 13 attending tho snmmor session of school at tho '\'-,ricuHural college at Manhattan .spent the. wook end liere visiting his niother. Mrs. Floreneo Smith of Kii'tfenth uvenuo eatit. Mr. C.eorge Kirchoff of l^iwronce spoilt tho day here* yesterday v'.iiting at the homo of Mr. and 'Mrs. .). W. '.iowaiiH. Fourteenth -avenue east, ifi- U returning from Colorado -Spriuga .xiid I>.-;, Colo. For Noxt Wednesday • U. 1 — 1 w innvctniciciicicinictciJCLCuajcuciaaDJ JMUMIJIIJI,JUIJ!UMOIJilJI^!UUUU|U Open at 8:30.- Closo At 5 p. in. gjj Mm. O. WrlRht, Mrs. G. It. Gagu, Mrs. W. 1.. Hosier and Mrs. -Chalmers Fair will bo ho .itpaR for luncheon and brldRO at tho Country club. Mra. A. M. Jowoll will preside as hodtoun to the niembors of lier Sim- day school class of the First Motho- dlst church at a ton o'clock breakfast at her homo, 20ft Avenue K oast. <s' r <* Y. W. C. A. NOTES. A group ol Bills from tho Business' OcdleBo spent the wtjek end at -.Linger- nook. Sunday morning Mis3 Norris camo out and held a short service. Tho girls who went were. Miss Cor- 4nne S-panglcr, -Misn lniogeno Jolly, Miss Margery Grove, Misa Vuolina Austin, Miss MJIlh Seal, Miss Margaret Dlllman, M,iss Helen Schlikau, 'Miss Bertha Keller, Miss I ^evoro l^tdd, Miss Sarah Williams, Miss Winona Simpson, Miss Mary Casslevens, Miss Jessie Halm. Miss Orphia Jonea, .Miss Mary Corinlck, .Miss Chryatal Wheeler. Miss I.ucile W 'bCKiloi', und Miss Otea Johnson. <!-• -j| '> Friday evening there was a swimming party at Stevens composed of the members ol the advanced swinimlux class of tho Y. W. C. A. Miss Margaret J^awson will spend the coming week at Lingernook. '•• * <!> .-.,™ 5 v-,_.,_^| # CHURCH NEWS. « The Queen Esther class of the First Uniled (Bretliern Church will meet with -Mrs. C. W. West at her home. C30 East Fourth Tuesday «Itornooii at two o'clock. FOR SUBURBAN DAY at SAWYER'S\\ • — •. ; 1 1 : - - . • I £ inlet homo wedding tool: iiay at the holtio of Mr. I. Caldwell, BIO F.ighth when their dauiihler. Dortithy Anm-». beeamo the -lirlde of Mr. Jen> I-: 'I'niyer ut Stlgh IKWII. Rev A very yilaco >e-. «ind Mrs. tfvveiiue i Hoi 25 c SUIc MQC Hose ....yCidd Choice of all our finest silk hoso, from $3 .1 )9 to $4.9S rogu- ' larly. Black, whlto and colors. Z.95. Sleeveless (1 00 Sweaters ¥ ' "«0 Wash «u no Dresses tPHiOO Charming stylos in now" voile, organdlos ttnir ratine drosses. Regularly $0.95, for $4.98. Bath M AQ Suits .. «J>tiU3 The usual - $6.00 rjualatles in all wool bathing suits for women and miswoa for $2.89. Fiber Silk Hosa. Firsts and 'perfect. Black, while and grey, for 26c. SUIc MQC Hose ....yCidd Choice of all our finest silk hoso, from $3 .1 )9 to $4.9S rogu- ' larly. Black, whlto and colors. Z.95. Fifty wool, silk and wool and ico wool sleoveloss Swoators. Assorted colors. Values to $3.98, for $1.93. Wash «u no Dresses tPHiOO Charming stylos in now" voile, organdlos ttnir ratine drosses. Regularly $0.95, for $4.98. Bath M AQ Suits .. «J>tiU3 The usual - $6.00 rjualatles in all wool bathing suits for women and miswoa for $2.89. Apron *4 jQ ' Dreases <P II ID Fine black null no ap- plitiuod trimmed, also fino ginghams and percales. Values to $1.98, for $1.19.'' mouses . $3i48 -Latest stylos In erepo do chine, trl- cos lawn and georgette allk overblouses regularly $6.95 for $3.48. Up to $5 .00 $n nn Wash Dresses ......... r *«.«»0 Organdlo, trimmed Qlngbams, Hatinos. Linens, Damask Aprons and Drosses worth to $5.00, for $2.98, Dresses $19i75 A beautiful assortment of now $30.60 Silk Dresses in black, navy and light colors for $19.75. Costume #1 QQ Slips ... I &I I JO Extra silk finish s l'ln.gott6 costume slips, petticoats and bloomers. Our $2.49 to $2.98 numbers, for $1.98. RAILROAD NOTES 0. 11. Woo • Brethren n. J'OUIIK full little Cello lirlde. can-1 (Cludud mil; of the > on. Mis. TIO HOIlior ho. of the Church of the el lite ring ceremony. 'Che le v.i-ie unattended and love Rood, cimslti of ih-e -i! the ring. The guests iii|ii" )inm.<dlato relatives ^ ei'llplO. . -.- Is a irraduate of tlie soil ml boro ill the class of limij nii'l is a very popular youio; •woman of tho city. Mr. Troyer is u won of Mr anil .Mrs. J. S. 'I'roycr, of , <.\ast,Kiion, ami is an employee of the {Santa 1'-.-. lie served ovei-Hea.> willi llho :ir,ib "livi-iou 'luring the World i War. Mr, and Mrs. 'i'royer will in;.he i *helr hoin- at avenue ; ' east ! Mr. and Mr iKlovoillh in'.-: jday pur!y >.-, 'joBophlio- l'tii j limit ed I-I a l. friends ol ihe jYurious l.iii'ls Hater a iiai:ii:, [Those iii-.-s--ii Itllmer Swain. Oharles Hon j Miss B.nii- 1 \ Purlnloii, the Jiost and h-.isiess. • \> i -Miss \'i]\i.r:uia Conklln and Miss prances Conklln tiresidod as hostesses |*» the in, of their bridge club ,*t Huii'-heini Malurduy at tholr hoiiie, I&IO «ixlli ..\f!iM« east. Tho afternoon '"nan spem |.u> lug bridge. The -prize tfor htgli i*' or.- --vas won .by (Miss ]Hir->- ithy Cap," Ml is Catharine Simmons I«V8K the oul., ijiifitt of the club. Next ,'fliui'Hiia;, t!;e u.eiii'hi'rs of the club J illl gailior ai liie home of Jillss Cage, 01 Avelie-- A '.1st. s. K. 1,. Mettlen of 91(1 me west gavo a hirih- lei-'iuy In honor of Miss irtton. The guests were iv of tho most intimate honor guest. Games of were Indulged in ami dinner was serveil. I vvero Mr. und Mrs. Mrs, iM. C Hodrlt-k. Mr. e-. Mr. Orvillu Shultz. iiiut, Mlas Opal l-hleen lioiiur guest and the There will no prayer meeting at tho Church of the Brethern Wednesday evening at eight o'clock. The Ladies Aid Society of tho Church of the Brethern will" meet with Mrs. -Ulckur at i>05 Fourth Avenues east Thursday afternoon at' two o'clock. Mis. Tom Searcy of ••itnn east, had as their yesterday, in honor of veiidlux anniversary, Mr. !•:. Searcy, Mr. ami Mrs. ol Harlow, Mr. und Mrs. r, of Nickerson and Mr. aries Duolllg of AlbU'iuer- ;ico. Mr. and eeventh in 41ntier gins ! tholr first ? nd Mrs. , li. L.n.i- i(W. I>. You, j and Mrs. li UlUO, N, Me: i ••• * it- Mrs. Ii. I-'.. I'liillips and Miss Mar? :aret Joie ; > have issued Invitations or ft bieaUfast to be given at the RorahauchWiley Tea Koom at nine oVlock, Wednesday morning and torid^o at their homo, 006 Avenue A east, complimenting Miss 'Marginet Playtiey uf Pittsburgh, i 'u. •;* •!> * Mr. and .Mrs. .1. E. Conklln of 21.0 dlxt'li iivemie east had aB their dinner (fcuosls last evening, -Mr. and Mrs. \Y. Conklln and diiughler, Marion and ^pll Balrd, of Cameron, Mo., ,Mr. and fttrs. Stewart Conklla and daughter, Dorothy -loan, Mrs. L. D. l'olloclt and JMlsa lniogeno Bollock. *• -$> >y The members of t .ho Kill Care Uirls <flub will have a thicken dinner on JTrlday oveiiing cimiplbnenting Miss Mlldrinl .Sinclair of Ft. Wayne, lnd., A former ineiiiber of tho club who If viHi1111>'. here. The club members Will motor to NIckui 'Bou whore dinner jjtlll be nerveil. I «> * * . Mr. and Mrs. Q. F. Lupardus, Mr. •Bd Mrs. Hen Iteed, tttid Mr, and Mrs. 0. B. laipanliis motorod to Blllnwood •oBterduy, where they wore tho guests ' <K Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Held. <?> * A picnic i arty to tlae oountry last •Voning liicludeil Mr. and Mrs. Albert fifeed. Ut. and Mrs. jjsslla Caiu. Mr. Mrs. George Cole and children of El l\irado who have beeu visiting at the home of her sister. Mrs. Harry Goodyear and Mr. Ooodyear of ii'27 North .Star street, will return- to her homo this week. 'V «• *•• I»r. and Mra. Elroy Scruggs and chll- 'ii-en trom Paris, Teiin., motored here inn! me visiting at the homo of Dr. Serums' brother, ?dr. and Mrs. C. -M. .eiugiis, ll.y Avenue I'" east. Miss Margaret Blayney of Pittsburgh. Pa., came this morning to ^peiul two weeks visiting Miss Mar- gaii'L .lonos at her home, C'lU Avenue A east. She formerly lived hero. Mrs, ('. B. Ladd ami children. Graco and Arthur of 2111 Tenth avenue west, were the week end guests of Mrs. I 'ole Hendrlckson at her country home near Partridge. Miss Katberlno Dillon of tho St. Klinabeth hospital will leave for Kansas City, Mo., tomorrow to be the J guest of Mr. and Mrs. K. II, Dillon and Miss Florence Dillon. <•• ••Mr. Con Rollings of Pasadena, Calif., is here visiting old friends and relatives for several weeks. Ho is a former resilient of this city, having loft here four years ago. <?, 4> * Miss K'atherltio Huffman, Miss Ha'/.el K. <Tluunbers anil Mr. Itobert Chambers aro spending a short vacation in fMaultou, and Colorado irtprlngs, Colo. <?• <?• <•> Mrs. A. J. Pursol of St. Joseph, Mo., came yesterday to spend several weeks here visiting her sou, Mr. C. J. l'ursel and Mrs. Pursel of 208 Fourth uventic east, 4* •$> <?• Mrs. .T. T. Scott and . daughter of d'onea City, Okla., came 'Saturday afternoon for n Bhort visit with Mr. and Mrs. C. J, Pursel of 208 Fourth avenue east. ^ <J> •& Miss Caroline Harkrader of Pratt was a week ond guest at the home of M.j.-s Miriam King and Miss Francos Kin:', 121 Thirteenth avenue east. f * * Miss Katharine Vandcveer of Ash- laud is spoudlng some time here visiting Mr. and Mrs. F. L. -Martin at their home, -213 Sixth avenue east. <$• -J. <•< Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Wilson and daughter, Tholma, loft this morning for a six works trip to Kentucky. They will -drive through. * <& Mrs. J. C. Brady is planning to leave soon for Lo Orange, Ga., whore she will spend tho remainder of tho summer with her parents. 4> * Mr. Horace barter of Pratt spent the week end hero visiting at the home of Air. and Mrs. John M. Starr bu North Malu street. •Mr. and MYa. IT. E. Larson liave as their guests ifor a few days, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Thayor and son 'Bruce of Abilene. <$• •$> Mr. Dan II. Taylor of Wlcbita was here yesterday visiting at tho home of Mrs, II K. W«ruer, 208 lOlghth avenue \w-llt. * <$> '•> Mr. Frati'k 'Bond who (ravels out of Wichita npent the week end here with Mrs. l'uud and daughter, ICllzabeth, * * •'» Miss Pengy Donbo spent Ilia week eiul In Cluflin visiting Miss Mary Jay llerthel. <f «• Mrs. Karl Motiruo went to Humboldt, j'ostorday to visit lier parents. * •*> * Mr. Eu-staco Smith has roturnod .from a vlait at Atlantic City, N. J. * <p * Ut. Paul <i. llaula will louvo Uila There will be an lee cream supper Thursday evening at 7:30 -at the Cburch of the Brethern. At eight o'clock the .pastor will glv-o an •illus' trated lecture on his Canadian tour-| and his visit to Y/ullowstone l^ark. WORLD TRAVELER TO LECTURE AT Y M. C. A. C. W. Ilest, a world-wide traveler, who has recently nunlo his home at Honolulu, ii. I., will £lve an interesting aterupUcan loetuit; on the Hawaiian Islanila nml Samoa at S o'clock tonight at (ho Y. M. 0. A. Mr. Host will dniSH in the yarb of tho r.slandt-r.s and will Bhou' 7T> i ;lidc3 of the typical scf -nofl of thiit co 'intry. Mr. Best is aLso a vary talentod musician and was here seven years ago with on tho Artist Series Course which -was given at tho Methodist church. J?c_ will play a series of musical selections tins evening. His speech this evening will only include the interesting phases of tho life on the islands mid be will not take up the dry facta of the government of that country. No admission will bo charged but a froo will offering will be taken up. COAT SUGGESTS ARTIST'S BLOUSE Starting today F. A. Hobble, "saTeTy agent Tor the Santa Fe Is going over division to give tailks to Mexican labor- ; ers. He also has a number of reeords In Spanish with safety talks on them ! tor the benefit of the Mexicans who ! cannot understand Kugllsli. Tho rec- j ords are played on a little i>ortablo • Phonograph that Mr. Hobblo has with j blui. I 1'Vom June 1 to Juno 15 this year 'i.934 new freight cars were placed la ' service by tho railroads of the conn- j try. This brought the total number ; of now freight cars .placed. In service [ since January 1, fl23, up to 70,594. j A total of 1-13 now locomotives -were also delivered and placed in service | during the first fifteen days in June, I which brought the total nunYber of j new locomotives delivered since Jan- j uary 1, 1»23, to 1,840. . Of the total uumbor of new freight j ™ ears delivered by car 'builders to the j 3| railroads, now box cars numbered 29,- j MS 1; new refrigerator cars, 3,40(», and ' now coal -cars, 2S.757. j The railroads on June 15 also had I on order and awaiting delivery 104,- OfiS new freight cars, while they also I had on order on the same date 1,!>93 new locomotives. C. A. Ames of the local express office reports large shipments et • California grapes, easfbound. By the-, time tho California gTape slflpments' 1 are over Michigan grapes will he going west, according to Mr. Amies. This seasonal demand keeps tho express office fairly ljusy as products are being shipped both ways at different seiis-ius. Flsli especially, are shipped from the east coast to the west and w -f .-,t in turn ships Its fish to the east. A. J. Uagar, dock foreman at the ItocU Island, and wife, wont to Dalhart yesterday. Mr. Hager will go to work there. II. H. Landes, agent In the nasoengcr department 'of the Santa Fo at Chicago, was in the city yesterday. C. I. Itntes, who has been working In the ear repair department of the Santa Fo, Is oft today on account of an Injured foot. Charles Lereau lias gone to work as car carpenter at Uio Santa Fo car repair department. A. II. Bernie, master mechanic of the Santa Fe, called at the local offices -today. O. J. Ogg, Santa Fe division superintendent, Is in the city today on business. Five of. the hoy3 from the local Santa Fe freight office went on a fishing trip to Cow creek Sunday. After a strenuous day spent in pursuing the elusive fish, five were finally captured and brought Into town. However, the members of tho party discreetly forgot to mention how big the fish were. The ones who let the big fish get away wero, Pete Peters, Owen Partridge, Roy Bbersole, Oeorge Dltrwoodte, and Cloo Partridge. Tho passenger business Is getting better according to reports from some of the local passenger offices. New White Silk Hats Justin For Dress and Sports Wear. Special for Suburban Day $ 2 95 and $ 5°° O. F. Sawyer & CO., Corner N. Main and Second Streets For wear with the filmy summer dresses and for early fall this coat which would seem to be a cross between the cape and coat Is very smart Tho whole coat, loose klinoim sleeves and all, is gatbereu Into the neckband. Tho low standing collar of rib bon Is tho very hi test word lu fash- Ion's decrees French fashions. The model suggests the- artlsts's blouso very forcibly. A narrow tie of Belt-material finishes tho neck and the cuffs as well as tho collar are trimmed with bands of brocaded ribbon of a •contrasting color. The material of which tho coat ia niado 'is roshanara crepe of a heavy weave. Tho length Is another Innovation, It being hut three-quarter leugth. For traveling it would ha idoal ami would make a practical wrap for many occasions. MULTIQRAPH1NO Mailing, Folding, Addressing. PHONE 670 We write advertising campaigns. All kinds of Malllno Lists. EUGENE RANDLES ADV. CO. Eugene Randies—W. Raymond Alien 3 WEST SHERMAN Many people aro going away on vacations, and quite a few are going to Colorado and California. The through pessenger business is very goad. E. P. Dudley Santa Fo trainmaster is in the city today. Tho peak of the eanteloupe ship merits has beeu reached and shipments will now- gradually decline Is the information obtained from the local Hock Island freight office. W. L. Ellis, Santa Fe operator at the Missouri Pacific tower has been transferred to Belpre. G. IJ. Trego will take his place here. Ernest Powell went to Kansas City, Mo., yesterday to take an examination for Santa Fe telegraph operator. Bettor havo your Ford overhauled now. Wa use genuine Ford parts and i employ expert Ford mechanics—24- hours-a-day service. Phone 51). Uag- land-Klngsley Motor Co. lC-lt Seneca has improved wonderfully the last threo or four years. It Is woll paved,.well lighted, has pretty homes, and good stores. It has become as pretty aB Sabelha, which always acts so proudly.—Atchison Globe. * HOUSEHOLD HINTS •y MRS. MORTON MOTHERS BIRTHDAY Is coming soon. And you're all puzzled as to wliat to get for her. Sho'd just fovo to have ono of thooo new eggshell iustre tea sots tlint we're showing—they make a most charming breakfast sot as woll. And considering the Quality, they aro most delightfully inexpensive. A number of dainty designs to choose from— S17.50 to $35.00 per sot of 23 plecaa. -; Phona 3800 18 North Mala MENU HJ NT. Breakfast. Musk Melons. Toasted Corn Flakes. Poached Egea on Toast. Fresh Jam. Coffee. Luncheon, lva. Croquettes with Tomato Sauuo. Itaulstiea and lettuce. Rolls. Cookies. AIlllc Dinner. LSeef with Leftover Vegetables. MHrshmallow Ice Cream. Cake. Tea. Saturday evouing <lance Stevens ponds TODAY'S RECIPES Par Croquettes With Tomato Sauce — On cup peas, oua chopped ontou, one tablespoon fat, two beaten eggB, ono tablespoon fat, two beaten eggs, ono and one-half tablespoons butter, two tablespoons flour, salt and popper, bread crumbs. Cook the peas untH tender; strain nud press them through a sieve. Fry the chopper onion in ono tablespoon of fat, and then add them to the peas, to "which have beeu nddod the butter, flour, salt and pepper to taste, eggs beaten, and enough bread crumbs to mako stiff to form into croquettes. .Brush over with .beaten egg, roll lu bread crumbs and fry in deep fat. Serve hot with tomato suuee or with while sauce. Beef Balls With Rice -- Cook throe- quarters of a cupful of bread crumbs with half a cupful of the gravy until pasty and add two small cupfuls of minced, leftover beef, half a toaspoon- ful of salt, a quarter of a teaupoonful of paprika, ono. beaten egg, half a teaspoonful of onion Juice, a few drops of kitchen bouquet, one toa- spoonfuis of chopped parsley. Chill tho mixture on the Ice, fbrm-luto balls, roll In flour and brown In hot pork fat. Servo en a bod of steamed rice, moistened with chill sauce or thick to- iO-Uluialo catsup. Marshmallow Ice Cream Scald three cupfuls of rich milk. Beat tho yolks of threo eggs, add ono and a I half cupfuls of sugar, a lew grains of suit, combine with the hot milk and cook over hot water, stirring constantly, until of the consistency of thick boiled custard. Cool, pour In ono cupful of rich cream or undiluted evaporated milk und ono teaspoonful of vanilla extract. Freeze slowly aurT when the mixture beglns s to congeal, s.tlr In half a pound of fresh marshmallows cut in quarters and two tablespoonfuls of chopped nut meats- Continue freezing until firm and smooth. SUGGESTIONS To Removo Wax — To remove Wat from garments, place clean piece of wrapping paper under the spot, cover with a blotter anil rub hot iron over the blotter. The.heat will melt the wax and tho blotter will absorb It Strawberry Bar -le-Dup—Take two quarts strawberries, one quart currants and three, pounds sugar. Waili currants without , stemming, place over fire with Just enough water to start Juice to flow. When well cookod, drain through Jelly bag. Return Juice to flro and cook ten minutes, add sugar and cook five minutes longer. Add a fow berries at a time and when they seem tender and clear but whole, remove them with a fork. Place In small Jars and pour syrup ovor. them after liolliug It down for five minutes more or until U congeals when tested. When correctly made the berries will float In a sea of crimson Jelly. Raspberry bar-le- duc can be made tho same way. Both are delectable served, with, cream choose- SPALLA'D RATHER BE A BIG FROG IN LITTLE FOND Erminlo Spalla, European, heavyweight ,champion and.'native of Italy, aaya he'll lleut In America It he can Eastman ' Kodaks Edison Phonographs Change of Thought on Watches People are finding out that nothing is more extravagant than a cheap watch. They are buying watches today— not as mere piece* of Jewelry, but for what they are really worth as timekeepers. Be sure and see our beautiful Bulova Watches before buying. Expert watch repairing. Santa Fe Watch Inspection. The Zinn Jewelry & Optical Co. The House of Quality. Henry Zlt.ii Jno. P. Blrchfleld get a battle with Jack Dempsoy or maybe Luis Flrpo. But back In Italy after on'offprt to make bis name,In the U. S. lii Bays he's much better off thero. Fights oftener for more money and 1B the Idol pf tho natives. A Good Salary. Philadelphia: Aa chief stenographer of the Pennsylvania Highway Department, Miss Ann Eldortbn, ot, Philadelphia,., receives a salary ol' |3,000 & year.

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