Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 22, 1930 · Page 3
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 3

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 22, 1930
Page 3
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· Ruth an Hcsn nomlnw, MI in ttw leader* DECATUR HERALD WEDJ^SDAY EVENING,/OCixiBER 22, t9jo. r utCATUR HEftALD VE SOMEONE A JOB," MAYORS LEJTER JO EMPLOYERS VRGES , at Limit ol Re- loorce*, Appeals To TEMPORARY RELIEF Initead of appomting » com- m ,ltee to vmt Dectttiir iitduilnea B «iry out « »uBK«atior. made tLulav by » committee from th« SST k L»»or Awembly, -«M SmitK flnd the city com- out nn upp«nl to it «M pointed out In lh« letter - l « n liiut com- about All ol It could th * d«pl«wil w lhal llitl* more 1ft Wit cinpU.wi» in* If at nil p«wlW»- th. prohibition hck hai no right L Sh« te}l« von H I politically, hh« not a»klng the Bitted In the *te«. -- you heard her Oter to vote W? i A Vmme-«p t the referendum I* pninoiB dry voter*, Bced by tho a**cla- trohlbltlon-yet the |o step up and *ay ! result I* Mr*. Me- you he 1* tor tb» lltecnth amendment, ·i referendum. I ad- who ha* oonvtc- r -, to stand upon and I tell yon that I the repeal of the dment under Any fevlewed her record khe Illinois legisj* Ifcra. In which *h» ·on in the interest Fculture and Jntro- hii-h provide* for ppled chlldron «t tv«r Spoon* n with n. silver ipoon she said. "I have io prohlsms of thefr Jiving by the nds, j think you ^presentation from than from a er of Mark Hanna. cCormfeJi wo* a reosmnn at Inrge, saying that *he Is itlcian mil want- 'Ice to praottw her ·ntloning the port? tion to join with gang of Cook iff practicing het i belief that Mm. ' ie denied a aeat in ected, Mrs, OTTetll of seat* to Lorl- f Illinois, and the u i e ndoptod by the swberry «a*e. "In i, tho senate frown- tidllure of 1190,000, E ick voted for the tl. luftliffed ndidntes for th* _,e, I nm the only y take the o*th of icd." asserted Mr*. aes lhat each and ore taking his seat, ie faith and alle- institution, without B or evasions. a nor Mr*. Ruth it can take that ·vat Ion*. 9 openly deolnaed the Eighteenth mnny of his talk* tion. bllcan nominee. It announced her- telved her itomlna- she 1* willing to the United States nbcrshlp milllflw clever In evndlng opena hs door* to , who are willing i for a «eat--then ·eptescntatlve gov \ of Illinois ready goveinmont OVBJ y hall gangsters' lection of Mrs, Me- inpllsh. HMl Scat y to elect to tht te with « a talent for .Ito permit this utal' by fleeting one who bo refused a *etl lla in th* nature ot , ^ Ihose. voters who Vmerlcnns, vote fo , opposing the fed- for this office *· »uphold the Oonstt J amendments. Any Is position la an «'· prlcan xoventmnl (rail house-cleanln* Lof these badly-taf achinM«nd«tMt» i u*e her owe ««lnd , nouf h to 4« ttt" ' no » J?,trl« In th* l i y 1. ai fallow.: Th« City Council I* oon«tuntlx d to i «'"«*· lha unom- (Ituailon. Th«M i«- COWB to m by *«y o( ldfld trom "Ut* afltl nft- n WIMP-MI: from eommltww appolnt«t bjr our public itnd ptl- wiTwtihoritl**. W» am ditto dp- Mtldd to (01 relief bv muny him- dr«d ot rjeoninr clttans, Council ** M'»U This city nn» (ontmoncfd anJ itont roiwpluicd nil the public Lmprowwwnt* peimlltwl under Ihe complex (irnvlsitoni o( the few, W ihit iinwnl l«l« ' wortt thl» mid full than (otmetly In this (dmlnliitrMltin, (ind dome of It wwdone imilly In onlcv to give wir itllo clil/eiui employment hytvhli-h to nifilriUIn their (»i«- tl|M. But our city budgnta lire MpltlV *xti«H»t«l find we nr« nppe»llnft to your c ompftnv ft* one of the malrruU »mploynte of lAbm to tiwo ynin host r f f o i i * tn provide «» mtuli ^mp1nvtiunt CHEST LUNCHEON TICKETS ON SALE IN HERALD OFFICE Tickets are on salfl In The Her- nkl builnoss office for tho Community Chout pep luncheon to be itervHl In Ihu Masonic temple next Monday. *!. 15. Oreklcr pvomlsr* lh(»t Uinrhuon will h« sorvtid pttiiniitly o t 12, nnd will be over In time for tmtilneua men and women to get bad: to their of- flee*, Tile PliulncSH and Profcwlonnl Women'* club ID In oharffo i( the sulu of lUkets, and tt giant many AlltiiidV have been taken, Tlckota «ro 7(1 c*nu pitrh, and may be had In The Heiald, the Community (.'host offlpc, tha Review, and any of 111* bunk*. Circuit Court Grants Decrees On Nine Pleas Nina divorces w«m grantwl Wed- nosdny ntoinlng by Judge Jamea S RttUlwIn completing a three day docket of default coses. The following com pin I no nt» won decrees' Molvln Ufaid doni Anna Beard, drunkenness Joseph K Williams from Emma B Williams. deneiClon, Wlllmn Worknicn from James Workman, dcueitlon. .llllftn Hendenon (torn George A, Hnndeisun, dosoillon. Evelyn Louts* Taylor from Wll- llum A Taylor, desertion n i K A i e t Scott (rom Paul Scott, ci wily. LMn flatnen (torn Roy Bnrnus, da- inrtinn. 1hfl K Tujloi fiom Helen Tny*o». tiet'rUon csnlis Cunningham fiom Don Cunningham duHeillon. FIRST LEGION AUXILIARY HEAD DIES WEDNESDAY Mrs. "Kitty" Duncan Took Attire Part In Relief Work For_V«t«rans ILL ONLY SHORT TIME Mrs, Catheiino Elkmbclh (Kitty) Duncan died In Decatur and Hacon County hospital eoi ly Wednesday morning following u short illneas. Mta, Duncan had been 111 for about u month and had born In ciltical condition tot only about two weoks. She wnt ttihen to Deoatut- and Macon County hospital Monday. Her detith a caused by Icitcocylliomlti, a disease In which the white corpuscle; ot the blood aio greatly Increaned at the expense ot tho red It produces an unuvmlc cuuJltlon with tendency lo hcrnoi i Imjfts, It la un uncommon cltsouse anJ uctfld ao swiftly that IVmiwmry Wo innll/e that Ihn itltiiaHin ^ nn ccfitiomlc prnhicm of world «W* scope and ihowiforn you. tlone «.nld rto UUlo to mllovtat* th* duirenslng condition, but Ihr ilntf nnd nntloii In liirak II»N nipnt- fully t i t n u f f w d i v »l»(innllnn Mny we niipciil t* you to *ni- jtoy nil inbci po^'dhl thmttth It mljfhl not b» ult'lv p i n f l i ' t h l " t(i vo«c Iftsllui- llon, tn n ronrcrtpcl effort to ; bnrk i omnierrtiil nnd In- nctti'ltli'it to a m m * normal condlMnn Finish Grfttlmg on Drive Through South Side Park ftnulm; f-n thf»t pnrllun of lh"f HU« pnrl( hnn hfcn i nmplciicd, h i t t j »(tm# ndiltllriiifil xtrtdltig n o i t h nntl, *nnth of the rtrlvfl on pnrk t'ind l« Mnfi ilbnit tn lltn nplplibothood (if the foot fi[ JnMcuofl dlrcrt ! Mo (tttthor jTiennlon of the dtlvti »m Is c-ontftlipltttvd tlilK f u l l The i!rlv» mill nut bp K'livolcd Ihh year, bitt will IKI ullowofl lo sMtlf during the wlnlep whern the MK (111* St. James Church Speaker Urges Frequent Communion Mnn of Holy the subjeot or A Ahn, nf f'nrthrinpenrv. O, y nhtht In St. JftmcK 1 Tntholle In the fdrtv h«ur tUwntlori wrvlt* H»if. Mr Ah» »pcil(p h(f(ire n the n. Mo thit piirrnt* shonUI the sncic. *wt«t nf Holy Km'ImiHt ftt lerdt «nc« pneh munth School Boar/ Will Meet Friday Afternoon him i d )irbAltlv will nj«iln Vtktftv i«rtiinoon lo take nuittdrtr ( if |ir ( ijiilri),' litiportnnr' t CFinnot lie pu'mttted to utand i until rho nr-fl u'lftitui hicrtlng of Ihe iinmuil recent I ' n r l Wcllcitp )-rM|d»nt.i nskwl f n i MORE ATTEND W.H.M. MEET Sessions of Two Day Convention In Grace Church M(«i than 200 dclcgjitc-i are fX- pr-clcd lo nttend onnfeienpc mcotlnR of tlio Women t Home Mh.ilonn.rv society In Hi urn Mclhtiill'st chinch Tlutrsdnv und Pildny lhi ^iilonc w i l l b(Kln nl 3 o'clock Thutsdny moi t\h\K ArnmK' 1 !!" 1 ' 11 ^ a | f l belnj; matin to BfrpmmodnlIons for nt len^t klPKn.lci frtim ntit of town n h o ta cppiid the two dava licrp. Jn n nt Ipfi't 1*0 othpr riMrgnta 1 ari plnnnlni; to n t i c n d d t t v l n g bark nnd forth to tho wanton* I, T, Ulnltrr, Oftlcshuip cnn- pifililcnt, w i l l preside at thf RESERVE DECISION i IN PIPE LINE CASE Coal Companies Fail To Appear In Hearing T h e Illinois Commerce commission yoMrnifty look nndi-t nilvlsemptit the implication of the Panhandle Illinois l'lt*n Un* company for a ceitlflrate o( noces-tlty and oonvonlfncn to con- ati'Uct and o]erut« a natural gas pipe lino In IhH state, Whan the ««su WJIN culled for couv pletlon o( Iho hearldK yesiteidtty, no one aupeuiod to present evidence for the coal Intuiest*. fj. J. Quascy, at. Lorney for the Jlllnols Agricultural nnsoclMlon, stated that he had no evidence to offnr. and the «ac wan taUftn undci advlnement. An early do- cliilon In thit matter has bnm a»ked, since It In tho Intention of the Fan- handle to stnil work this year If the application Is granted. Child, Injur^n Fall" on Stake, Is Improving Ftcd Kinifmnn. Jt , who fell on a flown bud sliike and pleiced his ab- dmnon lnMt week. It out of danger nnd MtoniillV I r n n t o v l n g In fit Mtuy's honplinl Kr«( K ticrldent waa tlie nccond he hfla imdi'tKone thin yeat Hcveinl monthn ago h* waa hurt tn M\ niilomobila accident. H* is four old 2,800,900 SEALS TO FINANCE HEALTH WORK RECEIVED HERE 2,800,000 of them, for the Decatur Christmas Health Seal salt, which will open Thanksgiving day, have arrived In Deeatur and an being folded for mailing. All supplies connected with the campaign are on hand and »1- vanoe prcpe.ra.Uohi are under way. To conduct the «al iale properly this year, and to exceed last year'H record s*le of 17.000 -by machine an objective of $8,000, the Visiting NurBoa association ban been supplied with; TOO health bond* to soil at from Jti to *1IW; 460 posters for distribution; a moving: picture trailer, slides, WO stories for school chlldron. Abe Martin Says-- . ««. ivlll ln« t n k n n u p In t h i n meeting 1 ·no i Papers Prawed In Tuberculosis Manual new* M m i i f i o m lr,iinr limn fmtn nnv o'lip'r ity cerimmtMi IH (he brmight out bv th» N n^oel/itlnn In * n *Hi 'h* 1(130 C h i h t i m u ·s«it9 U W im iwiincd M o n d u - ntphl B,k,i W f" 11 *"" ilmlpt twi-d In the wwtcmton win i. n o m Th,. u«i*lil. W wlllaiitti M i n t e d In The I In- anKin" VM "' ' ll *° WWIelty rasnutil. ·wtannn illy ( ( , « «»*» nil over the '' U 'I'll* miinimt United SUnte* to n( *t«rlM in connection with the "«i Wto. The hnndbonh I* prapnted tt *' f l " ' M ( ' 1 ' " ' . J f . frmn over tho J ln tCTfi · Knat evening nt 8 morning of it J«me» CailMille church. What's barome o' the olc-fashlon- fl mothet who used to catch her Vkla nn' knock ther hends together when they woift bad' "Oh, Iwouldn worry about a little thing like that," fold Constablt Plum, when Lite Kite rcimplftlned that * cow had tramped down his pony golf links. --.I'l , ., In I IIII'IIIIIKI iii,| l l y i v u l d · MRS. KITTY DUNCAN manv of Mm, Duncan's friends did not know that sho wut 111. Actlvu legion Worker "She ha a played the role of ·mother' lo the AKICI Iran Legion here" one mcmbot ^nlti Wcitnoadny morning In malting « tvplcnl exptct- ston of shock nnd ]I"H on tho part of tht Lrglnn h e t e She Is Ihn moth"t of Wilbur Duncan member nT Mfijor Lut* Ki ighntim i Decnl ur o u t f i t wliicli fnitRlit ovei IPCI M* (. JJuricaii v a t n [a-t ;)rei|r|ent of Hu« A m r r l t n n Lotion m i t U l n t v , tinU had ueen a mcmbci of the me- motlfil committee since that ftroup vrfW nrKtiniiscd. She liiel been active In evfty plmTO of niiJtilifliy work hut WBI pfLil[rulr»tlv inlf-rested In HIP memorltil trnn planlnd ofonK the IjBltft Shore d i t v f , tin^l In icllcf work (or e^-HoMlrtt Ni-ver llefiined HHp Fellow-membcis of I h e n u x l l l n i v anv fit her tint «he nevei luinrd down nn ox-icivtee rtinn. It help wa? not nvallnbln for them through the aiixlliniv or tome other chnnnel, she helped out o( her own pooket. without questioning thelt worthlneSH. Icit dtJC deny aid to some roim who really needed nnd deioiwl K Jilit lust week her f i l e n d s any, on ex-scivifc man nntl hin family wetc stranded In Urea tut and other agon- f\tt dpnlfil them help Tn desperation the mnn went to Mi"). Duncan who mvr that they hint n place to Bleep lor the night food to eat enough clothing to tovoi them, and guvi) them tnoney fot gasoline for their little old «ai Mis Oiincan is tho first past piesiauut ot the local auxiliary to dio, Born In Grt*nu|i 9ho was born on Feb. T, 1874, 1n Gtecnup She was Ihe daughter of Mi. snd Mm. J. IE Wftl«h, Decatur, Hff father, who died a vonr ago this month, -was past commander of the G A R , and wns prominent In veteran activities She was mart led lo George n Duncan on Jtme 12, IMS She was » member of tha Pltst Baptist chuich. American Legion auxiliary, tho Mnc- abens and of th* Women's Relief corptt She loavt") her husband and four c h i l d r e n ' Mis Cht»r1en Crcekmnr, Maroa, u n d Wilbur N, Geoige D ,Ti , and .Tuck W,, Duncan, all of De- icatitr She letivns four giandchllflren and one biolhor, W B. WaUh, a!uo uf Doc at u i The body wiw taken to J .T Moran A Soni chapel where It wilt remain In tho reception room wbeic friends may call after 7 o'clock. Funeral so i vices wilt be In the chapel at 3 o'clock Fiiday afternoon. Burial will be In Gmcotand cemoteiy, ARRAIGN DEFENDANTS IN COURTJTHURSDAY Prisoners At Liberty On Bond Will Appear Dt- fond ants numcU In Indictments lotmned Tuesday by the gtand Jury wilt lie unsigned Thursday morning at 0 o'clock, in the circuit court for pleas before Judge James S. Baldwin. Sheilfr Thi 1ft wa-j busy Wednes day mnklng arrangement* for the np- peatanco of defemlanti who have tnen at llbetty under bond, Araong these are: Lenla Qarvln, foimer employe cf the Macon County Supply company, who Is charged with embezzlement and forgciy. Ernest and Lansing Threkhaid, charged with the robbery of Leo Suez Lloyd WnlU, charged with robbery ot Ban Ulbrlck, A. D Ward, charged with an assault with Intent, to kill Golly Morgan. Kay Hnrrlu, earged with canylng concealed weapons and with assault upon Alonzo Mot On with a 'deadly weatmn West Eldorado Residents Fight Bus Proposals Protest against the propoietl discontinuance ot bus aervlce on W-st Eldorado street west of Van Dyke la being made by residents ot tho noithwost part of 'Deeatur. Petitions requesting the conl nuanoo of the BUi-vlee, or the nubslttution of one that will give bus ttan»poilaUon to the territory contained, are being circulated by W, M. Mdttln, 1100 West Noith Hit out. Tho first copy of the petition 1!»nt has been returned filled to Mr Mm- tin bears ttlgnatuics of 63 ti-t(dcnU of northwest Docatur, Klvj othw copies have been loft In tfm fire department station In Went Eldorado street and Falrvlew avenue, and in grocery stoios north o[ W*t N o i t n alroet and west ot North Van Jiyk* 'Mt Mt Ma:tin plina to dlu- tilbule eight additional copier Vbtn filled witli nlnnatuies, they will be presented to the Illinois Power Ms ht, company Barnes Portrait Being Painted For Country Club A portrait of Dr. Will Barnes In being painted for the Oefatur Conn- ttv club Robeit Root of Shelby- vllle baa Ihe comnliifon nna !· now n r ' w o t k on the painting, which will have the old Country club as n rnckRround. DC, Barnpt was one of tho foundeis of the club and for many yunrs was president of th* Country club, totliing onlv when Ihn ilftte of his health ond his In- cienslng woik In Decalur nnd Macon County hoipllnl. made it Impoi- libl* for him tn continue A briwic plaque of Dr. Barnes lhat IB now tn tho Art Institute li tn b* moved eventually to the hospital WESTMINSTER PUNS SERIES_OFMEET1NGS Ellen Melvose Leader of Sunday Discussions An inleiMillns series of open meet- Ing!, hai been planned by the your,),' people of WosLmlnsSi, to MtHit Sun- dny rvenlntr, Oct 2B Lunch la lo be weivcd as usual at 6 Ui The subject next Sunday night is 'SrlenlhH Who Know God" Miss EIHn Meliose, leader, A study in to be madd of lyjies of men and women, who air truly jeptesentatlve of the floldH of life today, »m h as solencift, health, finance, music, and liow they have appllnd to themselvcH the principle)) at Jtstia. Young people ale making plans for their future careers Thoy natuially are ashing the questions "What shall I do with my life" For what vocation am I best fitted? What oppoihmltlcs fot self-development and for service do thoie vocations offer?" Young people *i« anticipating thcne Sunday nights which begin Oct. W and close Dec H, omitting Nov 9 and 30. The subject* and leaders are Oct. 2B ."jSolenllst* Who Know God "--Ellen Mclrosc Nov. 2--"What Religion Docs, L n Modcrn'Everyday Life"--!. W. Pai 1 - ilnh, Jr. Nov tfl~"How Religion In Buai- ne»a Concerns tfs AH"--Dell Davis. Nov. 23~"The Itellgloun Attitudes of My Most Helpful Teachers"-Helen Prultt, Humane Society Will Meet In City Hall Members of the Macon County Htmmne society will meet Thursday afternoon at I o'clock In the clt^y- hall. The meeting U usually held at 3 o'clock but an hour's postponement has boeh found nece-ssary for Thuisday's meeting. CHILD BECOVKB1NG ' Mwy Wendell, D years old child who wag severely burned last 'wnek, Is recovering tn Decatur and Macon County hospital, according to physicians. CORN SHUCKING IN FULL BLAST; YIELDJN DOUBT Farmers Generally Disappointed at Returns From Field* END SOY BEAN HARVEST Corn Hhuchlng IB swinging into fit)! blast in Central Illinois and. at- rivals) of new com are increasing dally in terminal markets, though light In Decatur 'a* yet. Not enough corn ha* beun hulked to give any good idea of the average yield, but reports generally are that furmorH are not getting M many bUHhelu per acre at they expected. Bnd Soy Bean Harvest Whll« th« t hi imp of nubbin* be- glntt to be hoard for and wide, the but of the Moy bean irop in coming to market, It la thought that this week will uee the last of the beans threshed and binned or delivered tn thn el* vo tors, unlemi rain Interfere. There ie still n heavy movement of bcana to market, Decaiur groin concerns repoLt. PtoceBsIng was started by the Shellaburger Clruln ProUucls Cotp, In Ha plant on Brush College road, Tuesday. The company nus, enough neuna on hands and enough In pros* pect lo keep the mill tunning steadily for Htvcial months Prospects at 'the ])rosont time aim n i r for a larger bUHlnosH than was done last y«ar, the flrat the company was In business Kccclitt N*w Com II also la bundling coin (his yeai and la bcfflnnlnff to take now corn Grade and quality ot the Kraln are rcnnitcd excellent *i fur, with vary little damage in It. One car of No. 3 corn has been received, some No, t and none lew than No C, except the [list one, delivered exticmely early In the year during hot weather. The grain In that car was not *our when it arrived. Only corn of low moisture from tho new crop la bolus at copied hy the ^tatey rompimv, which 1ms not started Its diving equipment, Th)s will be done when the new crop movement Reti heavy and cara ar- ifvc at the mli of scores dally, and then Ihe hlch tnolatuic grain can be token care of. it the jtutth article by The Htratl for tcltool fttptlt on tht Community Cliest and itt allied agenda.-Ed. " 'Learning by play' u ju»t a term u*cd by grown up* to describe what children would cnll 'having a good time,' " the Decatur doctor told hi* granddaughter. "You nnd 1 have talked a good deal about th* old day* comparing them with the present, We have wen thai new and better ways have been found to get the same rnulta that we wanted when I was young. "Tou remember the story about ;he men stopping the train to get :oal for the poor and of th* old fashioned way of coring for the homelee* Well, they were trying to reach the same goal* we ir^to reach now, but they didn't hove a Community Chest, or an oiganlwd relief ·ystem, or temporary receiving Conditions for maturing the corn have been almost ideal thia full. Theie was dl'V weather early that seasoned the grain to a condition In which the killing freezes of last we«k helped .further Instead ot Injuring the rrop. The ootd (map put the griln In line condition for shucking and cribbing With ttw bean i-iop otil of Ihf way and fair weather, next _week will see every farmer In the' field ·with his (thuckirjg wagon and the gieat coin hnrvest lull be on In earnest Park Pavilion Contracts To Be Let November 3 Conttacli for the now pavilion in NclTOn jwik, for which grading woili uhcndv ban been completed by park district tvoiltmcn, -will bo let sometime Nov. 3 acuordlng to officials Wednesday, The jwvillon IH to rosl In the vicinity of K0,000 or J.W.OOO and will be financed from the $150,000 bond iHuue which wan sold last week Specifications for the pavilion have been taken by several contractors and vroik Is expected to be started an the pavilion shottty alter the contracts are let This Is in line with th* park board'H policy or voting the Improvements to relieve employment situation in Decatur and to spurr business this winter, Two Decatur Men File Bankruptcy Petitions Two Decaiur men filed petition* In bunktuptcy in thoU, 8 federal courl In Springfield Tuesday, Hai old E, Ray, I Hied $831 11 In liabilities and $400 assets In his petition Claude A, Murphy, Decalui, allowed Unbilltles of $2.332 SO and osceU of ' Zohak Grotto Will Have Special Meeting Tonight Momheis of Zohak Grotto will complete plans ^/or the ceremonial the loiter patt of this month, In a meeting In the Masonic temple tonight A smoker will follow the the business meeting, v "~TO BKAB FOKMS ' Mrs I^ayne of Loving ton will give a lecture and rend several otlglnal poems Friday evening In the Long Creek Methodist chmch The admission will be 20 cents tor adults and 10 cents for children. Basement Walls of New Armory Rise Rapidly; Fear Bad Weather "Weather conditions permitting, basement wnlis of "th« new National armory on the cornoi of Eldorado and Jackson streets, will he completed by the middle ot next week The east wall has been poured end three-fourths of the wall footings aiound th« basement ate complete. Forms are being built for Hie east half of the north wall. Another concrete mixer has been put on thq job to make the work move fasteri A steam shovel Is digging footings foi (he hugn aolumni that will support the weight of the flrat floor ot the building, Some ot the column have been pouted on the side of the basement. There will be 60 eotumni when they have been completed. Most ot tho first flooi space will be taken up by thed ill flooor, which will be wood on a concrete bass The remainder of Ihe floor space will be concrete. Concrete woik run be carried on until the temperature getb down to Id degrees abov* swro bv (heating the mn tor lain Heating has 1 ito be tesrored lo when the temperanire I* at 10 dmnta or kolow. ENTRIES FOR COUNTY HUSKING. CHAMPIONSHIP MEET DRAGGING Although aeveral Ifamn ' «mmtf com button an known to b* at* tempting to qualify for tha county hulking eonteet mom hai entered, E. H. Watworth, county farm advit- or *ald Wednesday morning, Sinai arrangement* ' hava been mad* for tha contwt with th* appointment of judge* and other of- flclaJ* and committees for tumdllnf Ui* affair, Tha contMt Will *Urt at 10:30 o'clock Tuetday morning. Oct. 20, on the Horace Brown farm south- ·west of Warrcw^tirg , Draw F*r plaeta Contestant* mu*t b* on hand al 9 o'clock on tn*t moralnr lo malt* elf drawings for place and to g*t final tnfttrucllon*. Judge* for th* event wni be, Walter Howe, Archie Mclntoith. and Hurry Robert*. Assbtent Judf**. L*)and Bngtan*, UtnMH BknUtM, Qtef«« L*hn rad Howard Kalrter. I, H. Walworttt wilt b« tlnekttper, and J. T. Tuekcr, *Urt«. OflfeiMt NMM« R«feiMt-a. K. Janvrtn. Howird Lehn, C. R MejMt», Will gib- therp, Dave Faith, Jot DMrtch, John A. Brown, Lewlf .Nauman, OMTfe Albln, A. J, d«m, Cal Lehn. Welfhen--dark Stuwbury, Barl William*, Ray HcOraph, A*tl«Unt* "Caorr* lafham, WOmer Gulp, i. B. Kajor. aieaneti--Harry Baum, Jr., Irvln Albln, Leo Lovelett, H«M Halting*, Tom Steward, Roy Oambrll, Kltm Hfckit, John Bovtr, Wagnw, L*hn, Donekl Col*. Lynn Baum, Ottorg* Blnklcy, Eatt Clem, ArnoM N»«-~ man, Alvln Dlckroeyer, Jim Ha*t- mg«, Fred Jobntr, Herb CM**, C, A. Charle* Hurib, Clean Play, Good Health Taught To Youth Throughout the World School and CW SWIM TODAY'S MEETINGS Decaiur A«rl« No, MT, V. O, B, Illlnolff Tribe No. S0», Improved Order ot Red M»n. Habalc San tht No, «0, K. of A. Ixdge No, 2*4, W, U. L. L Decatur Council No, W, R, A, Degree of Honor No, TT, Degree of Honor No, HI. Ancient Order of Ol*anera, Trine ol Ben Hur, Faithful Endeavor Lode* N*. ITT, . A, to B. B. T, Local No. 424, Electrical Worker*. Canton Decaiur Lodge No. Id, L O. O. R AuHillary, Canton Decatur Lodf* No .19, L O. O, F, Local No. 3M, C. * B. ». W Stephen Decatur Lodge No «7«, A, F. of A. M , third dfgr«e, T p. nt 4 .. ,,,. Formerly Txarned By P«»J .,otf when I watt a boy we had to loarn by play, just as children do oday. We boyi trapped, and hunted, and ptaycd in the fields and wood* , Tho girl* played at housekeeping and teaching Khool. But w« all wasted a good deal of time and often became discouraged because there was no on* to direct u* to new games and *»orta that would teach new and better lesson* "You hoar older people nay; 'W* didn't have Y. M. C. A'« or Boy Seouts or then* other organisation* when I was young, and we graw up to be (food eltlsens,' In living thl* they are admitting how poor their childhood was "When they wore young their world wax *, very «mall place. They Ived In their little community they raw only the people and happenings of that community but today radio and automobile*, and moving pictures have broken down Ihe walls around these little communities W* know a good deal of the big woild ouUlde of our town. We know that customs that prevail her* do not^te- vall elsewhere. We know that truth telling and bodily cleanliness on which we put such a high value, or not so highly vntued tn some of the backward counlrle* and the bach- ward communities of our own coun- tiy. Spreading Gospel ·( Play ·The Boy Seoul*, the T. M. C. *,. and the T. W. C. A. tiy to *et \tp standard*, and game* and lewon* that can be learned tn China an well as In Decatur. Last summer the boy* from Decatur taught th* boy* In England how to speak lh« Indian sign language. And the boy* from Holland taught Decelur boy* how to walk In wooden ahoe*. "Now you would nn«ih rather play these games and earn the Midges nnd promotion* of your club than to be learning dry ItMons or to waste time flkfpplnff tou* or playing Jack* until you ne out of High school. "So it I* boeuue you Ilk* th* or- ganlxed kind of play thai mlly tenches you something belter than the old kind that th««e organisation* appeal to you. And it I* b*cau*e they appeal to you and teach you etBona.ln cltlMn*hlp and ability to b* better women and m*n, that grownup* give their time and mon*y to keep thtae organisation* going In Decatur.'' _ REPORT CARDS FOR FIRST PERIOD ISSUED Report card* went out to iarents of Dccntur school children Wednesday noon after Decatur school children had finished the first atx week* of the autumn wemestcr of school. No stntlttlci will be compiled M to grade average of Decatur school children until the rnd of lh« tern**ter, but school official* Wednuday, ·iler *n Informal Inspection of the list*, explained a belief ihat a high average had been maintained. Order Secret Probe In Indiana Mine Fiekb (9V IlKttfd Prtlf INDWNAPOMS, Oct. 3J-A ·*- cret investigator was sent by .the governor'* office to Sullivan county Wednesday to scan the alleged mine warfare there and report back to the governor. It w*» learned at tha ttatehouM, This action wa* decided npon after a conference late Tuesday between L O.. Chasey, leeretary lo Governor Leslie, and a delegation oi non-union miner* from Snlllvin county. They wan accompanied to Ihe ntatehouie by Roy Prtc«, ol Indian a poll*. Town Briefs DEATHS MRS. FRED ]. NAtETOKI Ur*, Fred G. Nulefikl died Of heen disease at 8:50 O'clock Tu«*- d»y night In the family home, IMS Easl Clay street. She hid been In IH health tlnce the birth of her ton Richard nearly three month* ago, C*Ilie Ray wa* born 8*pt. 21, 1WW In Decatur where »he had lived all ot her life. She wa* married to Fred O, NAlefskl April II, 1M1 in St. James church by Father A. Tepp* tin, Naletikl waf a member of Bt Jam** church and «f St. BIlM both *odallty; always *h« we* Inter- eited in and took part In all ot the ROCI*I affair* of the church and b* cause of thai for one reason ihi wa* one of thr bent known member* of Ihe church. She leaves her huiband and the following named children; Mr*. Marie Schuerman of Decaiur; Mn, Lucille Bttrgcner of Mt. Zlon; kllM Marguerite, a novlite in St. Joitph convent, Milwaukee; Irene, Ruth, Mildred, Betty, and Dor)*; her son*, Herbert, Raymond, Kobert and Bloh- an); her mother, Mrs, Minn I* Grab* tki, and one slater, Mr*, Kile Welly of Decatur, She alia Icavt* five grandchildren. The body was tak«n lo th* undertaking room* of J, J. Moran * BOM. No announcement concerning the fu nera.1 b»i been made, FUNERALS B1JNN, Amanda M., i o'clock Thursday afternoon in the family teiidence, 320 Weit Wood (treat, KINCH, Lillian, 11 o'clock In J 3, Moran It Son* chap«l Thursday morning. Burial In Qretnwoad cemetery, NALEFSKI, Ur*. Cirri*, » o'clock Friday morning 8t James Catholl* church,, Burial In Calvary. Body will remain In the horn* In NXJS Beat Clay street until funeral time. OOODALE, Lillian, J o'clock Friday afternoon in th* »wildtae« In Blue Mound. Body wen removed from J. J. Moian * Son* to Blue Hound where friend* may call In th« homo. ESTKS, Mrs. Sarah J,, 10 o'clock Friday morning In the Leon Monaon Chanel. Service* formerly were for Thursday but the date ha* * chanted. BIRTHS' CAMPBELL--Born to Mr, and MM. Cheater Campbell, M» We*t Harrison avenue, Oct. £1, a daughter, HISE--Botn to Mr. and Mr», Ho) 11* Hltte In »(. Mary'* honpftal, On. IS. a daughter. Th* child died thoitly after birth. CHURCH NOTES Mlarionary Society Member* ot the Foreign Ml IN! on ary society of th* Grace Melhodltt church met Tuesday afternoon In Ihe paraonage. Thirty-four p«r*otn *i tended th* meeting. A program «f entertainment followed Ui* builtUM meeting. Th* pa*tor*«t th* church, R«v. Walter Brlggi, gave a talk nn the work of the miMlonarlea. Member* ot th* Pattori' Aid *o clely ot th* St. Peter'* A. M B. church met Tuwday In the pMlor 1 * ·rtudy. The meeting waa tn* flrat of Ihe conference year, and wa* confined to builReti, Sitter Te*) Thureday » Clrcl* No, 3 of th* Plrtt Cwgreg* tloral church will have a illver tea Tbunday afternoon from until I o'clock In the borne of lira, Joitah Qelger, 371 Linden place. MARRIAGE LICENSES Mack Glbton, 3S, D«WIU, Rue** Jensen, It, OeWItt, Chrlf Oouto. M, Decatur. Harriet O'Malley, M Deoatur, ' . / p i Kf ' DISCUSSION IN SCHOOL SESSION IlLbm and EXPUINSJOCAL PUN j t AttMlien of perMM intatMt- ! ed in High acKool a*hkdc» in Uinoi* will be focuttd upon LV e«tur Tbunday «· icheol boud member* and tuptriirtaiidttiM from all over tlKnoti eonvww for the loth annual nwetbig of lh HlnoJt Sat* School Board aifoola* Ion. P«alur*4 in th* ftTUrnoon mtttlM At the High Khool atetlom o* tha convenUon will fc* tn* report ·! r. B. WUHaraMW, jw*tW*»t of th* Of ban* adiool board, on IM pr*t*nt »utui ot Hl«h wtbMl aUitttlea hi h* itat*. DJncu*»I«m will t* o|Mn*4 mmtllat«y follow! i»(t th» addraw, and I* «jtp«cltil to be both pointed and heattd, Ta Study AMMlattoK Mr, WI1llam*cm i* «nalrn)an of a committee appointed leal year by the awoclathm In P*oria t» InvwUfat* acllvltie* and relation* ot the IIH- noi* Hlfh School Athkile a«»ocla- Ion, An orgwilMtlon that ha* frowa n HM, prectlte and pow«r for th* last lew ytare, member* ot th* School Board nwoclnlon charted It a*t year with becomlnt dictatorial. l'*«ti regardlnf the froundit tot iuch chare**, together with a pro* poaal for actl«n to b* taken ky th* fthoc-l board member* If any b* ad lnablf, will be brought out In Thursday afternoon *e**loa, KiplalB leca(«r 8)»l»m "Decatur wilt pr«*ent tin admlnl* ratlve exhibit (or tnipustlon ot th* board del*Kut«* when th«y nrrivD IK Decatur ThurmJay, 1 * William Harrt*, utMrlntendcni c-t Dtoatur ichoolt, Mid Wcdneiday. board member* rom all over ih« elate will «ludy the elcmrnury and Junior High tcbool mem which D«r»tur U developing "A map bat b«*n prepared to *how th« *chool fcc-URlng Mfluatlon In De catur before a uniform and profreft- elve plan of contraction w«* adopted." Mr. H«rr)» Mid, "A necond map will indicate the piscine *f D»p»tur erhool* *t present, »howinj the flrtt- tbl* method of MnHmlBg dlatrkt*. Still a ihlrd map will Indicate the Junior High ncbool program which, will be completed In Decaiur wlih th« conilructktn of a 8outhwc*t Jun or High chool. Thl« Khoot ha* beta tor ih* coming year, Verl- school form* and rtcor* eyitem* will be ntudled by th* il«t» board auociatlon, Open «n Th*)r*day Tb» convention will open at W o'clock Tburaday moinlng; with rtr- ·U-allon and g«t together In th* Hi- tel Orlando, Thl* will b« followed tt 10 o'clock by a joint tmion ot all dol«rat«n tn Ihe ball room of the howl, W. C. Urban, Orantle City, pr«M- dont ot ih* Illlnol* Atau Bthool Board MMMiatlon. wi)l prMlde In the meeting, The morning wilt be given over to C. K, W#ll«i|, prcaldent cl Decaitir board, W. C. Urban'* annual president addr«*«; A. D. UcLariy, Jrbana, *«fC*l*ry'* report; r. K. Wil- llamion, Urban*, ir*a*ui*i-'i report t end appointment- ot comttlttm, Open dfttueilon wtll follow the** report*, An automobile lour ot th* ciigr and luncheon In Ui* High Mh*M caletcrU, will follow ih* mornhv Mill an, In addition I* th« Hlffh itehool ··«- tlon, an tlemmtary aoltool wetlou will be In profr*** Thttnday atuo anon. Prank J, Petru, vie* pr**ld»ht ot the aMoclallon and pronddant ,cf Cicero aehool dlatrkt, wni prealde In hla option. O*orR» A. BchwtM wilt talk on "PolietM of Bmploywemt «t itehMl reachera," and I- fr, Rra- hardl, Qranll« Oly, will talk w tht Uniterm Balaiy 8ch«4u1«." Tht *v«ntn(t will IM taatural with a banquet In tft* ball room ot th* haul, The convention will lut all day Friday, cloilna- with a bunlmt* ·**· ·Ion Friday atUrnoon, Kaox Voter* Defeat Gravel Rotdt Itnu i»v rlMit* priH.t OALRBRURO, Oct. S3 - K»« county voter* defeated a propoaal M MU* WmWft m trand* tor tin ««*· ilnictkw ct » ayalem of ffrav*t roade at a aperlk) «tMtilon Tueaday hy ft vote of MOS to J,M5. Dial announMmeni WedneMay a flihtrmeu w*re kwt In th* vterni it September, tmvlnir AT wMowc and IM orphan*. ^ ,, _ WITH THE SICK P, U Berqulut, 3W Korlh tMtMu4 avenue, wiw receive* a fra«tur«4 hf and back Injurie* wnm itruek by u auto In Ptorla, It ewmlMohit J» the Proctor hetpital tft Paoria. Ill will b* removed lo nla horn* tht latter of till* week. . LOCAL HOHCES | Weaver Tlr» Oa. flreaW* Tlrta, 0*al, «o aack, kMU*«, tto buMto Open day and nil*. COMUIMM IM Co. Uaaouerad* tpritMM* tor Hftl ew, up4Htatt, P»ka» raaWHkd* ]·» E. John*, MJ41 , . Mt*, C, ft HBihet, UH lati Koor* itntt, *J|rattlit4 rfk 9»» fM ·ate In The, HtfteVl "Uva«o^F«a| ] Him an4 aoU Ihtm UI with a MM. t Urn* aO · '·* MEWsPAPERflHCHIVE*.. NE W8PAPE iuBBCHIVE®

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