The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 5, 1971 · Page 31
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 31

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 5, 1971
Page 31
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********** 1 *********^******^*^^ * Volunteer of the month vt Jt.'Miitl Volunteer o( the roi/Htb i* Minn Jariiri Nwrtfl id flute ,Shc lui» v.nriml for over two year* ft* a mei/iber of l/w group <i< yuur>« volunteer* who «Mtil altw K-hool arid weekwMh al Hrnwwpori Community lldijiitjil The daughter of Mr. nrxl Mr*. It I. .Norrcll of VA N. Slmnk*, khi' i« a memlx-r erf tlii- Of fir •• Kiturnti'm Asin a/id H«iurt-r of SI Mark Church Waller l»<-M<J<*!t ii iin tiiMiraiKre < liiilNl.iv HIM) ii THE PERFECT GIFT FOR MOTHER! Clycles Jewelers «R ._ un^.1 lunnJw La Leche... ar'. Mfl SJ.rJ.i(J i". ?|l a-'fr* '< J.' IVi '.',' Zii'.'i Babies can NKWVOHK(AI')~Talkto itn Inland liable* don't un- demand anytJilng. You've got lo b« kid/ting! Mitt till) Krncmon fin'l kidding. "If you don't educate a child from birth to nix year* you might as well forget It," in: My*. "A child develop* 80 per cent of his measurable intelligence Mutt he it live. Ami his capacity for learning ran be i-normounly increased during Dial lime Ttien a child can go on " Kmemin nays parent* can bewfil grwilJy from knowing intuit to expert from their balm-s al dlftereul iigen, A* vice )»i-sijJml ijf |wbb«)i)ng for Tht Ix-arwnjj Child, hi* bumm-M in making a practical translation of child <k", elojHnrjU information for |ari-nlls Atiii although lhaf in- (urmiitiun isn't nere«»arily m-n rttiK-h of il can Ix? iiMiAan'Jinj! ""i"l«- day you bring your Ic/mr from (he )>oti|)iUil tx- <ji. f»»K'-ivr all iim>x.». Kinttvun w) little fellow has 12 sets of eye muscle* ai;d he works like hell with them. By the time lie Is a month old he can already focun on objects up to 12 inches away " Surprisingly, Kmerson reports, babies like strong colors. "They don't even see tlmt baby blue or pink," he ob*erve«. Arid he also points out it'* absolutely useless to have things for babies lo look at thai are farther away than llx?y can focus, A good toy for a month-old mf.'ml. he rioltij would IN* a tnotiile -*n(i a variety of slti|M->> ULH haiitu over hi'i rnb To iK-lp parents in &ele<:tiiig play ituitertals for various age Itielt, The Ix-armng Child ntakes kits willi a toy ar«J an illuMraletl guide for parents ti-lliitg Oiem »/wl IjK-ir babj- M capable tA doing in a given I wo-month |x-rnxj KincttoriMya t)iat a* tabu-* f,fi a little older, they slari prf-ialkni|>. winch isn't juit a lui of funny IX>IM-» coming (rom the crib THE fiKA'/OHI'OUT FACTS, Freeport, Texan, Sunday, December 5,J«J, Section II, be astounding yjj "learning in talk U quite n pcnihtf, this can be a horrible <1IH|x"TM W \NU HIC\N\ ffv«-n r ?r<t' r JTT; ;(>*-v 7Y'r iTVl ii W. for T jfr' p ;-, j?, tj.r It's the ghost of Scarlett O'Hara THIS Yl-AR, WHY NOT GIVE COMFORT? THE KIND WE CALL TELL CITY ROCKERS h Al- Thi- jm :> twn'i m K!t- it!** f!M^'i* up r<'R-iri|.t.«TS hll uondmnt; lu>» Start*-'.! " H.irj nuiuffcd Ynu t'l'iuUhi t *;l <lti» n Hut \ixir (Liming; i\ir!iH-r frel U>o lunu-vs UKr .> V«j U««k >>(! !h«' 't .it »!|;hl In iiwi iji-i-ji rot »;r<iii\(-4 in >«ir iiin I'.nilirx- Tri|Jftr ii((r(Ti .1 >( UdrU skirts, ttilh »iu,ill vertical piiMts ,irv>umi »ai>t ThtTi 1 is a coal IK nulih The skirls an- flutter atxi pcrfcvtly clut nur.j; Uit ,1! UAIS! is ;> fur ihom « T vo t Vi':<i>«lul(| irijiiOj; twv juw ct IrH Cilj^ i, *oli!«- bcHj lilt V jprv i|f \ wm- i(t 4<-,;l Irtl-'o'. * t ', From 53.95 FURNITURE INC. COLONIAL SHO W. Mulberry 5u Angleton IT* 1 shurl cri.i)^«.-\i )aili-! is si.ur.nj; lor spring .it Malcolm St.irr .'iIK! .i f ;.iin :'. h<-!(n to !.<• ri.uri.i-* uln-rc lln- jackft tirc.iii* .M !}«• IH-H 1'irrrr (Virdin II xpurt.Hurar luv. Ihi-n- is. ;t Milnl ulfcrir.); n( p,ints and vkirtj »ilh high «.us(.« Trx>> an- tf>tnnii uilh \or> short mairhing jackets Sumo t;iriorum blouse* sprout uide statxi up ruffles a! the mx - k 1'nnt.s often turn up in i palli-rns Tngt-ro iJiK-s linri'onlal slri[M's in white cm .1 gri 1 ) 1 ami » hue co;il dri-s.» TYtc I'lauttia for liixirgi- Halli-> lino, includi's iho samp crisp nral waisi in day clolhcb. wilh dre^M-s and little )ack«-ts, llul sumo t'\i'nip.g si>k*s Mill skim tht 1 luxly in one lorn; fluid lino leal," he nays, "And when they're lying there gurgling, what they're really doing is practicing their vowels and consonants by the hour, Jf you realise that," he goes on. "you know it's atmolutely ridiculous lo talk baby Ifllk lo a baby." IJy eight or nine month*, a baby is crawling and at this ag.e, Kmerson say*, a parent ran completely rum his child's spirit of adventure "Jf a motln.T in cornliin'.ly wjying 'no' to Ihc baby, it's terrible." («• ifwlar'fs "What «!«• has to do is baby-proof the hou»c get i-viT)thing that ct-uld hurt a baby ijut of his way "At n or i i iii'mtlis, a baby might !>iart dropping things from his high chair," he contiotKf "Tlii!! is a great '•xp«rriiiK.e for him. since he's learning about grasp and releav;. awl -Ah'-n hi» moth<-r gtji-K wild o\cr llie mms. that rriakra a great show /or him t<xj Tin' motfwr can arid s)»ould let IKT baby kn</-* she <i«-,n ! like it, bu! the baby <l<A"!i!i t care." KmWM/ri point* i>ut Uial al 22 fnwilhs :t baby will sijd- <k*nly grabcvrryUimg in sight and s;i> "rniitc " "It a mother doesn't V.oo* what's h«'ip poning, experience for her," he say*. "Hut there'* nothing wrong wilh the baby. He's jusl beginning to understand hi* identity and to claim hl« tctritory," Kmerson, who was the last editor of Saturday Kvening I'M), is a Santa C'lau.i of a man, with a bushy beard, twinkling blue eyes, a friendly southern accent and five children of his own. Me was one of the founders of The Learning Child, and to prepare himself for the job, he wwii through a year'* crash course in child development, Hewyx he is most horrified by ihe kind of mother* who ask. "Ho** can I punish my nine month old baby for pulling something in his mouth""" "Habit's have to put things in lrn?ir mouths," he exclaims. Just ix: sure they hav things llui! can't hurl them This is how babn.-s l"arn It's (hat whole iw-iisory experience "Hut," he continues, "everything it predicated on the basic assumption of parents' loving their baby. You know the English discovered during World War II that babies without attention just died. "Without a loving environment you can't do anything," he adds. "But besides that, you can make the baby a part of your environment. Communicate with him, and enrich his life by doing very simple things, "II parent* know how their baby grows, they can work with nature and make the whole experience of raising a child more fun.'" OPEN TIL 8:00 P.M. MU\ MUM » V I I \ f II ( HIM- I VI W ACKER'S I \M I \< K»<>\ FACTS Mr awl Mrs Norman !) l-'inl'.'y. SWKKNV. annwnce !>»• l/irih of iheir (bu?,fi(er a! C'.i!7ii!:U!;it;, Hwpila! Nov 30 Shi- *<-i(!i/<-<l wM-n fxjurxls 15 .'>Sr jrxj .Sirs. Jan;t-i 1) MiAn-Jrc*. KIIKKfiiin . anr,c.*j!H i- !}«• b-rth of their cljLit;hiff .tt C"ouiitiunil> M<npil:,i Hit- J Shf wi-igbtl <"!Rli'. l.KK.jiKi'i. vu t<uncr-s iKirtn-! awl l>-jn,"Ui J<«hn«on w! ltl(\/nsl>ii|{-r ;H!</,/.!II(; ,-, (•*!.. -t, .-,-1; t ,id l>j) •* h« ,irn\ i-d al '.hi-ir homi- ;!.-.• <ia> U-fore Tlijtii. ••£;•. 114; arid who ttis NT;, r.artn-d DarT.i-i lxi><i J's'.-i'-'f! Jr Mr jr«l Mrs Juhnny K Kr*..p (I.I Tl.. amKujnce the i'irih K! ihcsr diiUjititer. i'»T^> -vie. a! i'«mmunit) liirspiial .Nu'. I'.i SiH 1 *rtgf>cd tliCtc f«.«jml>. 1'- ounces don't buy a color TV until you see a demonstration of Insta-Matic COLOR TUNING ••: MOTOROLA $ 569 'Tl "" Quasar. T D "works in a drawer . color TV SONNY'S TV 23 S. GULF BLVD. FREEPORT CRONEY'S MEN'S SHOP of Lake Jackson ViILL BE OPEN UNTIL 8 P.M. EVERY DAY INCLUDING SATURDAY TO SERVICE OUR REGULAR CUSTOMERS AND *OULD §£ CUSTOMERS *HO MAY NEED THE KIND OF SERVICE YOU CAN GET AT 113 N. PARKING "Hord to lit customers can get service here like no other 297-3231 place," "Exclusive But Inexpensive Learn More To Earn .More 1500 Hour Complete Cosmetology Course... '199.95 Smart \\onu>n I sc Our ric-t' umt Saw! KUZABKTH AUNKW Owner-instructor ( UM> o»nrr and uptralw u/ Agnc» Beauty Academy J6Wi Trfrphon* Kd. 64M7W aud Agntw Beamy Schout 1205 fvaldc 15MUI ui Houslunl 121 Circle Wiiy , Free Job Placement Jackson 9 Transfers '4

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