Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on November 4, 1941 · Page 11
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 11

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 4, 1941
Page 11
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Tuggjgy, November 4, 1P4I Starling Daily Gazelle STMILIKG DAILY GAZETTED STERLING. ILLJNOI3 p. ir>i! ,.,^) Daiiv f;v. •<--!! ~STF.RI.INCi DAIl V ST %M)AKT) *rfr v .'t fnough It. J Thomp'-on t*il i. but th' onlv Consolidated June 24 1916 4ft Oppo^!!<" Po'itoTflrp St/Tun? Ill ^^ —— Lippmsr.n »r T.O W thit. VM rvpn now yo/1! find an or- wh klrt onlv t^o bits .«»ron<! Matter rtar to Qr»ndon General Manager D W Oranrton As«v:im* fVinTMhir.jt tfil ll": that S k>t of ]v>op> wiii say n'xt March 15: • "Lock - mf up i! you •s-i<h I *lmp'y MEMBFR ASSOCIATED PRR88 Rot it, » n d r*n t R't it." The A^i'-ia'^d Press li exc'.uMv*- ly entities ;<; 'he uw for republiea- tlon of «:: new. di.«patrn*s rrfdlt#d it If a. ne« «. ai.»paicn F 5 uruiK-u .. .. . 3 or not other^l*. credit^ In' 'f .you 8 -, fer In Pa'.ienr*" l« not R virtu* 1 , hfi*«v?t. IA u or nufc ot;i^i w '^? w^uiv*'^ "» . . . . thlf t>*p?r «nd «lio the iocAi u«ws,^*n: of murug' to rfbfl. only for 1>of ' happen to know A Thought for Today An lonit *s I Bm In the world. I »m the llRht of the world. John 9:5. God is truth and light his shadow. —Plato. t Tomorrow's Birthdays C. H. Woodburn. Jo.<*ph B. D>-son Paul C. Eiek. James P. Daly, Paul J. Loos. Mrs. Frank Eimendorf, D»r leen Wc-ber, Fred Boise. Mrs. Robert Myers, Mrs. Albert Ferris. John Rob_ erts Aper, Benjamin Dftvis, Mrs. O«orge Pvnhollow, Tony Miller. Paul Allan Yarbrough, StcrlliiR; Violet Dudley. Rock Falls; Newclla V. Eddy Erie; Fred Willman. Robert Hubbard, Mllledgevlllr; Joseph Burden Tampico; Robert Allen, Lyndon; W M. Hsyen, Coleta; Mrs. Susanna Howe, Morrison. Today—Marjoric Ann Day, Rock rails. Monday — Mrs. Frank Graham Quillen'i Quips 87 Robot Quilien A man want* others to be M h« |i, unl«M IM in conceited. StiU. people o» th« coasts mijht be imlaUoaitU If th« Nazis could • reach iu only through Kansas. Stilt » pretty MM it pretty In cotton, and tllk MVW bvau- tlfied ft pi|w«tMa or pi»no Icf. '" A neotulty li^jomething we rc- lucUntly do without because we •pend w much for little luxuries. You mustn't tell Junior, but kids didn't mind their ptrents a darned bit better when dad was a little boy. The Japs are more civilized in one way. Those who have colds wear fmuae masks when they go .out in public. The average man's idea ol thrill to to aave 13.50 on shoes and endure 11000 worth of misery. ,•»•'• Dixie is that region where the •cook thinki .everything Is improved , by adding tome more lard. The difference between talent gmlM k that pee pie ean re«e«niM Uient before yeji ftr» 1 Zero in sympathy U that given to ft rich old guy whose young wife plays around. Isolationist: One who is caught between the Devil and the deep blue '' •»* and is furious about it. We shall do better when we face the fact that every defeat and failure can be traced back to some official's dumbness. ----A jitck town ii ft place wher* the •iren on ft kld'i bicycle drive* you [STORIES IH STAMPS) C m French Ignored Order To Disband Assembly A LTHOUGH the lights of liberty ** kit out in France, 40 million war-»ick Frenchmen are thi* month marking the anniversary of tht Legiilative Assembly. - It Wftt 152 yearn ago that the •Vate*-General was ordered to dUband by Xing Louis XVf . The .king had closed its meeting place, but that didn't stop the determined anembers of the Third Estate. Retiring to a tennis court hear Ver»niej, then capital of France, . IM MMmbly solemnly swore not to dlafcand until they had cstab- liihed • constitution for the fchgitrft The 1939 stamp above picture* the members taking the famous "Tennis Court Oath." Th« clerical-garbed figure in the lift foreground is probably tbt, Abtw Sieyes. famous revolu- tkmat who urged the clergy to |OU) With the commoners in their mutual atrugglc. i ,. Tht Estates-General evolved a f«niUtu|Uon patterned after that ol DM» United States. It was a mid- instrument duected and the priv- jpijntt tfMe4 THE Cl,ASftlFl£D ADS. * °whP«^rr!nd?o r !n w "v Pr«»ou. Korku of drfnie ma- Rv mm in Wnlteiias ann iiujoin- • , . . ' . .. ln« countl«i - P«r yf«r 1500, ilx '"ml *rt «or«d in un»\i»rdfd firt- months 12 75 three months 11.50 one traps? month 75 c*nt» C««h with order. By mull oii'sid* VVhltei)d« »nd «d- lolninff countie*—per rear $7XW, six months 1.1 " ^ threw months «I2.00, one month 7!^ cfnts CftKh with order Per B-MK delivered by-cirTler in either Sterling or Rock rail* 80 oenti p»v«b!« evtrr Saturday raorn- Iner No n«p«ri §«nt through the postofflc« In the city carrier dlitrict of Sterllnf or Rock Fall*. TODAY'S MENU SUGGESTIONS Ity % Nt»t»4i r««4 Aethwfty ! fuliy r-o that, baron remnins )nf»rt! rr>!d t Ton-. s to «nd Ifrr.on minrfd on:on, 1 teaspoon ^*lt. 1-8 'rprfr. 1-2 yxtund r»c"n rr.'jrk, milk sn<1 rF.y. f-nrnng »nd m:x IP]} Line tM** 5iri < '.' and bo'triTt! nf nr.iffm 'II'L" »it:i ion <;hrrr1r!<-H. 2 r .hr>rt 5tnp', of harnn. Fi'! . around mr*t., Prrve riaht Md» up. BftkPd b^-^a^ with libfrs! Bmount. 1 ; of salt pork ran cut b'.idcft.i without ruttinR To^d vRl 1 )* 1 .'. r -r PT;V,; plfR.'surp. HTP arf two banR-up !'"- cip^.t for B family of FIT, r^irh a marsin B»an< Sslt Perk i,"' r \ r ~ t • navy Sc-sn';. 1 UrRf on* j hours a* f»]t r-^rk. fi o; 1-' cup mola.v.^. 1 -X ! r p.5r' ryri ri mu.-- tr> n tvv, !<•!.5-n-;v \mfil K r ' rtv; r,v. I>r-in ar.d on:<">r;. rr, r >'.fl!-s-r~. rrn.^tard :-.rA f-il* R"iTif, ^ :;r,d frnm ?.«'.' v^iK nnr! !sv TIDTX n' hnt;r>:ii r>' < "i:. •••>.'. < r '-, - a;v"«! M'i. r ':n pan «" j'rir.K p .--, ;v,--k! r d P'.f. co'Iff R;\f> ;<v,i, -rfv.t muftis < family will Rft •: !':!'•>'' nifty !:?:!•• -Maivfii :r. hacon. Yovir Bakf in « i tnrd 2 t»-.«ir.poons ' 20 minutes. Rerrc-. r from tim r*rp-' niRht. I>rsin snn ro\ rr < . T :' v i f R:-ik' 1 another 1 ! -: :. ,,,,, ;ir:a .. U-H Bakrd u^rvr* fi' rir;*d h^s toh>.'•po-" 1 '"'f'rri. 1 s^ a ho 1 , P. Mix m^ 1 '. i: ri v.ith a Utt'.e h^t ' n• r • Iv^n' V Ao'd •.jnro\r: rd. arid sHo^' both b?an* and pork to hro^-'n a-rll. Architect Succumbs CHICAGO— 'APi — D'a-iRhf ^Ifald pe-rk:n.'. 74. nationally kno^n nrrhl- trrt ^hf> rif.'.ieri B ri morf thsn 200 '. \r, ?;r>-.v ry.rn ' 'V"»1 j ft'. r d fVlf.flftV ftf!' R »'• 7 ho-ir.< Acid ::i !.->: ri:-.h:!i R. N. T:. r :•».'•' ?iei-:r r>f I M. r; r nd'. i e ed. 1 ]wrk '^ t^p <",f I -—• and rormk';'* 7-1 t:i. Tfieir srp 255 e''irn to the nvrn, I hrowni in Florida r f, brirf M . friends here (black food . . Muffin Pan One snd a hai: po'ir.d.-. ground I churk. 1-2 cup rr.iik, 1 egg. 1-2 rupj .v»ft bread crun-.H',. 3 t PH.spoon*. \ HOLD EVERYTHING! "I broke my buple, »ir—and I have to get V>m up somehow!" SIDE 6LANCES By OalbraJth "Here come your Uncle Dan. Aunt Maude and the kids t They're pretty prompt about paying back that aiinimtr • THIS CURIOUS WORLD William ABOUT WHAT cwsrrusrv vs^s THK CMSCOVEHV MAOK THAT THSt «IA«TH ||(*4 T. AMSWER: About the Ith century B..G.. by the Greek phUc*oph*r, STERLING DAILY GAZETTE'S FUN FAMILY — - — -- -^—• OUT OUR WAY BY J. R. WILLIAMS OUR BOARDING HOUSE with MAJOR HOOPLE OUT Of 5 ' I't-u A ;"tOP TO TH MK. 1 VJA.S. T'TAKi IT DCV.M iL '/ THIRTY VEACS TOO /( YOUR. REVOLVING DOOR- y ,VNT OPERATED. BV A WlND- 7 MILL IS REVOLUTIONARY, ALL RlGMT, MAJOR WQOPLB/ , HOWEVER,I'M APRA,\D WE / WOULDN'T CARE TO T&KB A WHIRL AT IT^^ MA HA/ TOO MUCH WlMO IH THE PROPOS \TlOM,' GOOD DAV/ <300D DeV BUT, MR.50CKMORTOM HMP-V<APF/f VOLJ DO GRASP THE STUPENDOUS . ..._.. - • -.OP , IP THAT'S THE WAV YOU PEEL ABOUT VT, T HOPE MRS. OUT OF THE HOUSE- WHEN VOU WALK IKJ WlTH DOE6KT GET MUCB OF A LAUGW J WITH HIS JOKES»| BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Not Like Him BY EDGAR MARTIN FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS The Advice of Youth BY MERRILL BLOSSER Mr HOV>/ TO r ITS EAsy/Jusr I Of W« sg XXJ Sue EVBM GO OUT vwrrw ME IF KNEW REAL QO s «Ju WASH- Tb Twi MILUe TMiNKS I'M A 6LAOT/ DlSTANCe Of - Fivr HERSELF/ ON A FLOOR youu. DO rr WASH TUBBS No. of Course Not BY ROY CRANE JUST tMAIYlL VOO HEARTH'6OOD , CABOL! THIOPPCWTUWITV o A. HF ETIME : V AM' A LOTTA 6-MEM ARC AT TH' PLAMT. I *AW 'EM! AM 1 6U6SS WOT- AFTER. SABOTEURS, AN' IKNITED TO HELP flf cooewi rr HA^V " A1AV * rtt A rcw MUW.T*, SUT WON'T M«P, WILL voavc/Mtr RED RYDER Crofty Banjo Bill BY FRED HARMAN ALLEY OOP Nothing Would Surprise Him BY V. T. HAMLIN AM06CAttSRAW»JTC» AMDAV.L /WNNV.MV JiA/A/T OH D&VIL. fvm U/P 7L4CA/ OL/T TO A PRAOOM..7 XIE MMPilS M^T HK COULP BE OLD NICK. HIMSELF.'

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