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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Sunday, July 10, 1859
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-v, ; :;^ ;: ff^i^^ NUMBER 242 $$M -,f.- •i U .-»^-'.-.-.....---At^j eoc^eaaBooliteawitb 1 •and editorial ; :»«n »yaM^^»ifaioii. w^^^at^flcg ai^lgatten^^ BiJ>y;»4>w,^ijilsneXe?^^ Iri-W»tkly Paper 'for one yeirjayable In »3vMC«42,CO Wecldy Paper Tor one year," ptyable in JMlrsnoe-. KATES OF ABVERTJESnCQ IN »ABLT 1 iqure, 1 day . . do. do. do, 1 ao." do. do. do. IJCO .£,00 ' Sdayi. 8 days, •':«!toy«:.'. 6dar>..... B.VU lw«t..... «^0 Swerti.... t,00 SwakJ.... 6,00 1 square, 1 month.. .9 4,00 1 do. Smooths...10,06 I do. B months..12,00 J Li&O. *. ilDOnillB.*. ULOO 1.-- do. Ctnontttf^. !16|00 1 do. Smooths^. SOjOO 1.. •. do.,; 1 yew..... 80JO& 1 ft5 Randolph Street, art mtOuftMdtort- cttet MvtrUttmniti Jbr «tft and all U* Leading Paper t ^th^^m^iabat, and art Ou (Ai.ramd*x. iLnavrxa -avQiarlied Ayenttin tht KorOtuwtfor a "' pioes, the paper cannot fail to MhieveiW jarittopjami^^ t «nd we wish the new management success. ton to 8«ve Plttmmer, tbe matlneer of Ihe Jn- nlor, who is to be executed on iPiiday ^ of, fl» JbBed. » writ ;i of ' ground that the Snpreme.Court has no appellate jurisdiction in criminal ?&ea ithe <S^t ; X)OTUrt8lC;A ;etitlop: to jodgment get toide on aooohnttif the; errors ^ has ieen filed, and the arguments npoa the petition were to l^^eariSVonTuaEi; '.^ Xhe.long list of errors assigned have Bot ' or we learn that shooting affray, wbuired in"that place ori the 26th ult, arising from'a fend existing between IN TOWNS AND OUT OP IT, MARK it POMBROTi Record, for July »,'o» kept by C. H. GAEDIKEE t 00., BruggisU, 19 BprlnE .-street. ' -.' •. '..''' • ':',: '•'•• ' ' __. ' For Telegraph and Canmtrcial matttri tee fourth Page. . X • ^ m^n^^^m^m* • ...-..;-; , 4@^-4:-Blight'frost *m the .morning of the 4th, damaged corn somewhat, fa the vicinity S3r The Mxantoa Star says the prospects for a bountiful 'harvest are highly flattering at. the present time. •" ' . ; ' ' :' .-- ; . ••.-; ' Th? O?hkosh Courier "states that the steamer Pearl is about to be put on the route between that city and Green Bay. jRg- The Bostonlans, after all their opposition, have decided to place Powers' statue of Webster fn the State House Yard. who lives about three miles from the village ;Me.v : iiice, »ni cpnBoloxisness, to sea wbat we fflo«y if jany apirlt, ",or aayiaips of «BO- etated spirits, are_ employing us as a line by Whichjto tejtfgtaph troth 'froift that sphere to thls,'they are doing it withoat our knowledge -prponSent.'^e protest against the operation. And, i|s we c*n imagine no way .in which to take tb e law against them for trespass, we take ttjsnei rspapert ?ifid wo "bete bring no rallin; aoousa ipn against any or Bnndry spirits tha 'expostulate with those mischievous sprites that amuse themselves at the expense of these so tlemen. It is not fair. It ured a r pirtpt, Jand meeting lortrinatdy missed jhiBtnark. , He wasarrested, but as no complaint was entered against hint, he was released. «•. : -;^- :: : : : !-. - .'-.- !••• -• '•:"••. ;j' ; V\;:i ;Strawbiernesire";BeHing^at Ttroqua "for ten '' ''' JEg* MAKKIT BAM , TSBATBR.—Messrs. Lyne & Montgomery are deserving great credit for their eflorts to establish a gocwi theatre in '' J. C. Conorer, offefiereon, has obtained a patent for a new shingle machine, said to surpass any invention of the kind heretofore got up. in the absence of any other^' has'been renovated and cleansed out, till now, no^one feels the leasVTiesitation itfigoing .there.,;A really tal- entecl company, in all probabilities the beat ever on the boards here, will appear on. Monday night, in choice plays. lfr>& Mrs. Leighton and Mr. Dfllon, acknowledged Etais from Chicago, will : appear, and pur ; citizens will" lave aohanoe to tfitnear some, excellent de- lineatione of character. TSo and see how well the old Market Hall- looks, aad how able* company there is engaged there. • It is reported that Hon. Charles Stunner., now In Paris, is.about to be married to Mrs. Thayer, {nee Granger,) widow of the late John E. Thayer, of Boston. Supposing tbe DeriL were to commence the study of law, what book would he be most likely to pick out 7 An Angell on adverse enjoyment. • xm n IT?—The W«yauwega Herald say« that Wanpaca county is perfi If the Inhabitants-w^—^^rtaiQe condition, Waapaoa wtiufofbe a nice county io live in. J9*The editor of the Weyanwega Herald it rusticating in Ohio, after ithe labors of the editorial convention. He was on a-h:gh-oh, while in Milwaukee, and kept in good spirits. Elder .Warren will lecture at Good Templars Hall, in Bowman's new building^ north-e»Et of tbe Post Office, on the Harmonial Philosophy, Sunday, at-2 1-5 and 7 J-2 o'olosk. Admission gree. _._ : . Jtsjj^ Stewart and Heraha's eating house at Hartford is always well filled with passengers, when the trains usual ,for refresh meats. • The way the hoys there have of cooking frogs, is -hard to /beat, \ as we know from experience. Ker chug 1 '-'-. -'...... _ _ Pomeroy, In the JTew*, tntimates that the editors of this paper are . stupid. If we had a crazy clergyman to help us re might be M sharp as the editors of the News.—ltaditpn Journal. •-• .':' . '• ;•.••' •;•/'..". ." By all;tneans get a enuty; clergyman; and if possible/ half * dozen of them—anything to sharpen up a little, ," •'".",- '! '• -- - / ••-•"•" LECTCKB AT GOOD TzMpLAas' HAXL.— The Eev. Mr. Love, of this city, will deliver the opening Lecture of a series, at Good Tem- plars Hall, Bowman's Hook, next to the-Cos- torn House, on Milwankee street, this afternoon at 4 o'clock. The public are respectfully invited to attend. - ;' - i , ' -• " S&* SEOOBD WAED HIGH SOHOOI.—The examination of this school will be continued, on the coming week, closing with an exhibi- ,tion -on Thursday -evening. The Principal of this school, Prof. E. P. Lartin, as well as the efficient corps of teachers, by whom he has been assisted, are .entitled to great credit for the success with which their efforts have been attended. SSf' On fhe morning of the fourth^ as they were firing salutes at Otsego, Colombia county, with » email cannon, Judeon LoomU, son of Jostah Loomis, of tha£ place had both of ,Ms bands no seriously injured by a prematore explosion of the piece, while in the act of ramming down the charge, that amputation of the two fore fingers of the left hand and the thumb on the right "had to be performed. So says the Columbus Journal. ' 63TGMAT TAME ABOUT Poimos.—The Madison Journal AonnAen «nd sputters away at a great rate over the fact that D. Htwbsch- man did sot sign the call for tbe democratic State convention. If the Journal had inquired into tb« tiusta of tbe case, it would have learned that Dr. Huebschman sent in to the Chairman Ills written wrignation, declining to act as one of the committee, nearly & year since. We eertfilnly think the Journal can keep Calkins io check, if stupidity i« a qualification. A HANDBOKS PAPER.—The handsomest weekly paper now published in Wisconsin, is the new quarto style Madison Patriot^ wad its leading matter Is every bit as good M its mechanical or typographical appearance, if yon want * good weekly paper from Madison, by all means take tbe Patriot, If you want the belt Milwaukee weekly, take the Ncvi.- fhese, with tbe Ledger, of course, and « few J&agaciaet, will keep you to good eeadlng matter all the tune, -, " ., J®> TH» BILLIAKD MATCH.—Tuesday evening, at Albany Hall, the two best billiard players in the State, play a match game of 1000 points, for the championship, and §400. The contestants ars Messrs, Coan, of Eaolne, and Parker of Janesvillc, and from the great repntation'of each, we erpect to see some very beautiful playing, and unusual skill on the occasion. The game will - commence at 8 o'clock in the evening, and continue till fin-, ished: An admittance fee will be charged, to those wishing to see the game, for the purpose of helping pay the expenses attending tbe putting up of a table, and arranging seats in the Hall. A number of players will be present from JaneSville, Madison, Bacine, Chicago. go.Detroit would jriot be regarded as .8|oare~lfl the body, and:we, don't l«lleye ; it js so out of Jhe ;body v And, as for using us as a go-between on such indicrous'erraridsi the epirits^knowlvety well, that ills on the flly.^lf at all. I; And, if it ts not stopped iminediately^ we will find put some way to out the.jrirea. " \ ''''•-'.- '.':.'',-.'•'.. .Thelinijr thing that connects us with spirit. nalismiJa the^pnblirr.t'.-m nf . x '«yery- sermon which iwe-' prcaoh - in one or the'other of -the 'spiritail 'papers. 'But thte is: their ; arrangement, and not burs. If.they can .stand , our •sermon^ we bin stand their papers- And, as yet, weihaVe seen no messages from the spirit- world alongside ;of the sermons which put us to the ;b' lush. iBot this putting evejyjsermon -Into. Jyjpe , : is" ,;n»naiing.,a "ininister' rather sei- verely. , .-.-It gives him no chance to preach his aermonfe. over again. It -keeps him to thene- oessity jof good sound work ; for there Js ma.- ny a showy sennon that would do well enough if only \htard, that would ill bear careful reading. Bjat-if spiritualists ohopsetobnildpaper pulpitajfor orthodox preachers, /why should we flinoh at mounting them before an audi. ence-of a hundred thousand people 1 several new "shots.}' -We shall iave a complete report of tha proceed- Ings after the trial. 1 "? CEOPS.—The'general character of the reports ,we hear from the crops in this county is of an encouraging character. In Bome^places the straw stands -thin upon the. ground, and in few will there be a .heavy yield; but at present the prospect for a fair yield and s superior quality is good^ It Is true, the grain is not yet beyond the reach of accident or/injury; bnt with good weather there ia every reason to hopi^ for a paying pro- The,/Chicago Journal'says of the reports Which are now coming in from the west generally— «' We could present columns of extracts arid letters to our readers, but when we assure them that, wlth'wry few exceptions, all accounts agree that we shall hive a wheat^liar- Test of nnparalleled plenty, and that the prospects for the corn, aUover the we$t, could not be better than .they aw under the present favorable-weather',they win, we trust, excuse ; us from filling our columns with news about the cr °P»." ';"• '"'••.. • • "•' ; ' ,'.--.;' '...; PKKSOSAI.— It 4s with s great deal of that we find our friend, J, M. Pross- wan, architect, ooxHy located in .Goodrica an'd ^**«ly'»b|oBk,*ajolnteg the NewlmU Hon»e. Orogjman was one" of tbe ' unfortunate *tf ;fti' btirning of Toong'j blook, and «« «» 0»dlo find him again to a oondiHon to ' HBNKT WABD BEBCHSE H ; DKOLIHES SPIBITUAL luTEaootmsK.—A great'many reo- pie there are!who do not inow what; they be- Ihfve, on many intricate subjects.! i There are many, probably, brought up to believe a great many things, jwhlch, if keenly^^ examined, Hhey do not believe.; Bnt, neither:bf^ these'pbsi. tiona is BO perplexing as that of finding Bone's Self believing armly and religiously what he had always snpposed'himself to reject, so that he is living in a doable state, running parallel; a state'of unconscious belief, and a state of conscious disbelief, upon the very same sub ject. These remarks are suggested by the par. agraphs which are .flying about the country papers as to our belief in Modern Spiritualism. ItseemaaMr.Chase declared that we were a real spiritual medium, and preached by help obtained of spirits. We have seen this quoted Mores of times, and' we have before us a Mich- Igan in which a Mr. Everta, in some explanations about his remarks on Mr. Chase, «a.ys : '1 am myself a medium, and I-always know when I am in a magnetic state, and if Mr. Beeeher is one, it would be impossible for him to go Into that state unknowingly. Mr. Beecher preaches about the same doctrines as other spiritualists, and in so doing, is also a medium. If he believes as he preaches, he certainly Is a teliever In Spirituausm." And, again.: , . , ... \ "M Mr. Beeoher, then, is a medium, and his conditions are such that he can "hold direct communion with the spirits of departed men and that said spirits do, influence him to speak as he does speak, he certainly must be conscious of hU fate." • Tfe are sorry to inform Mr. Everts "that- we Interesting Letter* on tbe Naturalization - - -] - Question, -'•"•• ;. • " B^ferenoe having beenymade to the conrse puranecj'by Mr-rFillniore/B administration in relation^ to naturalized American citizens who return to their native homes, we'publish, oh this BUbieot, the ; recorded opinions of Daniel Webster and Edward Everett, each of whom was Secretary of State during that administration, -j . • ..-.,•••.•-.. \_Extraet.]—Mr.^ Webster to Ignacio Tolm, N^Y. i Washington, Juue*25| 185JZ J The respect paid to any passport granted by this department to a naturalized citizen, formerly aisubject of Spain, will depend upon the laws of that nation in relation to tbe allegiance due its authority by Its 'native-born subjects. If that government recognizes the right of its subjects to denationalize themselves, and assimilate; with the citizens of other countries, the usual passport will be a'sufficient safeguard to you j but if allegiance to the Crown of Spain tatay not legally be renounced by iis= subjectfij yon mnst .expect to be liable to the obligations of a Spanish subject if yon voluntarily p\ace yourself within the jurisdiction of that government. " ,: ' -~"*^'t Ml WASHijiar05, June 1,1852.' j .Sin : ! I have to acknowledge the receipt of are quite vneotuciota of having had any per- aonal intercourse with the departed spirits of men; nor, from iheinits of such alleged' in- tommrsein other .cases, bare we an^partic- oTat desire to do 1 j». We have noticed; attentively, for *ome .years, the messages sent hither, as it is said, from the ^ther world, .from some of the most eminent names, and we are satisfied that, if tbey are, genuine, then either death has been" a great Jnjiry to them, or else their wisdom is much damaged by refraction In being transmitted to this sphere. ' Weare far from Denying that these\messiu «BB did not come from tbe disembodied spirits of Jefterson, PtanldinjTFaBbmgtoa, Joaatkan your letter to Mr. Beddall of the 27th ultimo inquiring whether Mr. Tictor B. Depierre,,a native o( France, bnt a naturalized citizen of the United States can expect tbe protection of this Govjernmeot'in that;.country when' proceeding thither with » ;i s- -jjort from'- tJL : -< D(»: partmenj;. In reply, 1 have to inform y«u that If, Sas :is understood to be the fact, th Government of France does not acknowludg the right of natives of that country to renbnnc their allegiance, it may; lawfully, claim :thci services when found within French- jurisdic tion. ' ° • lam, kii; very; res; ; . i- Your obedient servant, ; DANIEL WEBSTEE. To J. B. JOKES, Esq., New York : 'The letter from Mr. Everett was addressee to> bur riiinlster-at Berlin, under dats of 14th January, 1853, in reference to several case which had beek presented by that minister "The question ralBed,". Mr. Everett writes "has; n»|elved the partifcular attention of th President." The following extracts sufficiently state the doctrine • If, then, a Prussian subject, born and living under this state of law, chooses to emigrate t a foreign; country without obtaining the" certifi cate whiih alone; can discharge hlto from the obligation of military services, In takes tha step at h^s own r6k. • He objects to go abroac under the burden of a duty which bo. owe* to his government.. His departure is of the nature of a? escape from her laws; and if, at ani Bubseqneht period, he is Indiscreet enough ti return to his native country, he cannot com plain if those laws we executed to his disad vantage^ His case resembles that of a soldiei or sailorlenllsted by conscription or other com pulsoryjwoeess in the army or navy. If h», should desert the' service of his country, am thereby render himself amenable to militar lay, no 6ne would expect that he could returi to his native land and bid defiance to its laws' because fn the mean time he might have be come a naturalized citizea_of a foreign State. For these reasons, and without entering into the discussion of the question of perpetual al legiance, the President Is of opinion that, if a subject of Prussia, lying under a legal obliga tion in 1 that country to perform a certain amount of military duty, leaves his native land, and, without performing that duty or obtaining the prescribed " certificate of eml gratlonj" comes to the United States and is naturalized, and afterwards, for any purpose! whatever, goes back to Prussia, ft is not com petent for the United States to protect him flrom thte operation of the Prussian law. The case ma^r be one of great hardship, especially if tbe omission to procure the certificate arose from inadvertence OT ignorance; but this fact, though a just ground for sympathy, does no 1 alter the case as one of international law. SSF'fl&BT StAGB FBOM BATTIBLD —Mr. -Alyaren Alien, of the Minnesota Stage Co., arrived in this city yesterday, in charge of thi U.S. mall, and the first stage coach which ever parsed between Bayfield or any other point on Lake Superior and St. Paul. Mr. A was nve'daya in making the trip, a distance of 200 miles. The speed could have been materially Increased had it been deemed advisable or necessary, but the passengers who came thronghl amused themselves on the road by fishing And hunting. Mr. A. represents tbe road between this city and Bayfield as in good condition, and easily traveled; it is neither "rough 7 ? nor "rugged." Bnrbank & Co. will hereafter send ont stages weekly to Bayfield. ! . 1 Welealrn from Mr. Allen, that^on.H, M., Aioeand; family are spending the .summer on' Lake Superior. He is now at Bayfleld, but expects to reach this city early In September. —St.PAilJ)emocrat. If-y^ttv r ^ eek _n4ntioned that ihe Cheyenia had made a desert, upon the Pawnees, pij_ destroyed-. th^vllwse^of Ihe laTter, BKnapd about40 miles w$ii,6f this;city, ^he fir Ji '"' • : frayvhas sijioe.; be also gather from .tween ith'er Pawniss^ Omahas,* IPowagi",« YaqotonSioux,'a»»d. that a sErong war".part., nnuibering ab»ttt]6,000'bf th% bea ifarrtors bf l those tribes 1 , are^alfeady on the'wftr, (rafl^'.wltjl' the intention of making reprisals'- Upon thrir mutual enemies,'the'Cheyenn«s. With toe exoeptionj perhapa, bf the massacre of a'fesr Btraggfera from- tls4 Cheyenne tribe;,^It Ji n|>t likely that thia. expedition will ambatit to anything more than a mere predatory escursion; the trophies of wWchi will | be Bowes and net Boalps.- : In view Of the almost unoeastog aa- noyance to^h> settlers ;in th« Platto i" ' from th'e petty, raecalities of the Pawi could almost find in our heart ibe wiah j that the present hostila expedition will ^iave a mote ihat the prcsei.ce of thievitig' bands of eavagea In o'nrjmidstj'dpea *ot comport wftn.the cbni- fort'Or security ofjthe whites.; For four years have';th'e ; 'ent^rprifiing ;'settlew;'qf; the Plitle Talley ' suffered ihnoyance after annoyance, and grievance after grievance, at the hands of the Pawnees who' have been permitted ; to r«- matn trespasser^ upon government 1 lands," *~ rriAn Irish ladnamed . 12 ; years, was drowned in fiast' Elver, <>u Tuesday morning last, while bath- 'Ing with o nnmbsr of other boys. Jt la sup- 'posed thai ha "was taken with .orampa, as he 'con Id «wlai, and was. bat a little ,way from wbTorg; ; • i His bt»dy f was found about two o'clock In ' • S®~ Jfis MHWAUKBE Jfiws.—ThU paper, !n-th» line of the best and most reliable com- inerciar cewa, fa fast treading on tho corns of :U Milcraalcee cotemporaries. Its bommerofal reporta i^s the best-and.most reliable of any paper in Jbe. State, which are characterized by ' d diseretioa and Iridomitable Those -of' our friends' who rely ;on' the most: accurate oommercisl reports, had better eend for the Newt. As a political pa- tier, it IS V "sound" democratic organ, second b ! ao japerJn'"the v State i JB^-'save the Pi- ' ^Col. A, ,^T. .Hart, for- |nerly ;of Jhe Mllwankee Daily, American, ao- corapanjed, the Light Guard on their reiurn MAP OP THE PKIOK T WKNTY^KIVK O'IS. Strickland <& Co.'s. or lie rounded by the , And'' the pifesenbeof three or four thousand semi-hostile .savages!, bias not ' tended to i the rapid -development ..- of ontj'of, the most .fertile and beantifal sections of thifl lerritory.' IThe dwelllBB;bf the Esttier has not unfrequtintly been .pmaged, his stock butchered .or drivea off, his crops destroyeSj arid himself and family 'too often menaced and insulted 'by the ly^Pavniees neaie wboni Oalhotin, ««<Stc. we*ope,io aourtftjvw. tbe wnbio w&Jcb grcatoesa 0000^ •*&*> throw anewWd mell tbatSoripj tu Wiwsongiti, a TC!D of AmmocU, two feet thioj: and almost aolirf, has been dTscover. ed within two miles -of flt. CMrsvUIe. Am- monlali one of the ingredients of type metal- worth about 40 oentBa poabfl-aSd It has beenanpbpsed tfaaMt was only found In Ger' , We notioe Uw abore ^tem ia about twenty pajiers, ejrery day, ( bat aever kne?t; before that {hartshorn,) T»»g »ssd in the mann ' •««-«.« ""•; ' * f ».,.** •faotare oi ba Governor to «ffi>rd same protection, if o u «. ' 0 «O the vngp nflllDfln., nD^ iM$tf "" t*"^ -• -• — „ < r ~ •ti.'i-i i ~~ 4. y_, "•, "2, irh ' >' i - *. ' . —^ iWiJiii **-* ~^^^^Jy *fv*i,tuii} I tiisHjT v€f* fiOmntAMnit 1" halni* -rtoVnsfW *^?S?KS^\v^ ;\ \'*£\ rJtl^^v^^^^tf^f!^^^' ^ 1 ^^S^^lS ; ^oS^' ^^ r ^"V^S^" he may; have ha(Tthfl jolafdrt-dd : tV B«kot i hoins for Iiisfamlfy*:, where ho might live and prosper by the frrilfe of honestIndustry. Ho?r ; delusive! He has ieen'the accumulation? of i year's hard toil' deitrdyect Ih'a 4 8liigki"]todrl' and that replaced !by\another.gear's nnreinHi ting industry, and: pri?ations,' perhaps. wer« before «xperiencei, haa been in its torn snatched from his jjtasp by the red BlcinB, wh3 prowl aboftt his ddmains, and exact,tribqW from the rightful occupants of the soil. '' These, and-a huia : dred other evils, haVebeen suffered in silence long enough, and-weoaanof wonder that the white inhabitants of the Flattd Vallejr most earnestly desire either the imme- diatti removal, or thu annihilation of the ear- ages from whom they have 8nffered:"so severe^ ly.. Respecting recent oatragta, an. esteemed friend at Fontenella, In a private letter under data of Jane 2dth, writes aa follows ; 'j ll ll hj^now about 3 o'clock in : the morning:? about one hour.siwje Mr. Uriah Thomas, one; of our best citizens,- residing naa? the mouth! of login Creek, .s:pme seven miles north of iere, came to my house informiDg me that hej bad been^robbedj by the PaWneo ' Indiana J about dusk last bight. The \ oiroumstanceS as related bjr him L in substance are as folJ ra : '' --'."' . i The Pawnees, to ihe number of .about two! ;honsand were temporarily- encamped some; Aree milea above f hls residence on the Elk4 horn' Eiver west side—at dusk- some nine In4 dians mounted and -naked came near to bis: house and .took from him a 0ne pair of work- cattle, as he was driving them hi from pasture. And notwithstanding his resistance,? searched his person,- taking therefrom a money^ >elt, containing §100 in gold, then turning; him in an opposite direction from his housed marched him off some distance. Left him andi went to his cabin which is probably ere this; searched and destroyed; containing provisions,'^ some valuable papers--about £14,00 in money and articles for housekeeping. He, Mr Thorn-] un th'e first part of my hasty letter. Mr. Thomas thinks the set- : !ers along ElkhoHi'above him must have snf-'l 'ered from them. t = - , ' J ' ! On Friday, last, Ithe Pawnees came to this i icinity with tho tale, doubtless true, that the" •heyennes and Arrappahoes had burned their 1 illage and compelled them ta leave. They werngoingona Bufiklo Hunt, also to make^ war ou those Indians ag soon as they could be- r, iuforced by th« Omahas. They broke up, their camp near here this morning, moving' northward, after snMeotingthe whites to many; spnoyanc^s. I uiiaerstand that two young mentv.-. •„m hfire, were shot at by them while vnwiui; the ;Elkhorn, and it has been' New York. 'The Rochester; Demo- frat relzles SLU Incident, which occurred at a i'banq.uet| given the L. Q. in that city, >he after- Isrteotf <jfi:Whlch ws? not.told at the time, ( and ;ln which Cot. Hatt figures conspiqnously and It is as follows : We will here relate an incident which might *^hfcve been referred to with great propriety at a •dinner givpn to th'e Milwaukee .visitors in this ?qlty.: -Those who read pur hasty, report of the :proceedings will perhaps recollect'that ia the re- [sponsa to » toast given by Qeii Swan,, Col. A. •Wellington Hart took occasion to refr» to the ^kindness rendered him by the General, at the ;t!me the; steamer Gen, Pike blew up on the ;3Itsslssipp) River In 1854. ...i ..". j : T he remlnlscisnofl was so unexpected to the -General, that in the excitement of the moment iheneglefted to return the compliment, by relating the fact that on the same occasion Col. Hart, fa: defiance of the commands of the Capt. pf the eteamsr, who even, menaced him with Seath, galjaatly..seized, upon a boat, and by great exertions rescued seven ladies .through the 'ndowa.of the cabin, where they mnst in'fal- ' hav« drowned, but for his resolute deter- mlnation and the conrage with which he car ried it out.: . The circumstance is well worth f'ecording. i : .--'-.- ' I NEW i ADVERTISEMENTS: This Map comprehends the whole .region country .oa ithick the f resent war will ' waged.. '.':'T B.K States which- figure on Uw Map are Ciedmoni and Lombardy (n the North Tuul South of these, Pirmi,. Modcna, Carraro, Lucca, and parts of Tuscan; aad the Papal States. On the north we have glimpses of Switzerland and toe Tyrol; on the west tha Alps shit out the scene from France; on the east we see Adriatic The war wilt evidently t>» confined within thoe limits. The territory comprised in lambsrdy, Tenlcp, Piedmont and Savoy, rarmit, Jfodena and Tuscany, though not quite as large as the State of New Tort, containing • population or nearly 18,000,000 souls. Of these, only «,SOtt,000-ai»d,nlan»-«r«fre8 Jrooi tbe direct or Indl- r»nt siray of Austria. -Lombardy, :whlch is part of the Austrian empire, and which 19, In some respects, the finest country—in point of natural advantage*—lu th« world, contains a population of 5,000,000. It once had twlee or thrice a> many. ' The Austrian^ crossed the Tlclno, we are told, at three points—threateciag Novarj, Casale and Vercelll and further north, Brllla and Jorco, and the northern extremity of the railway from Aroma, on La!ce Maggiore to Genoa. Of these points, the'only one of any strength Is Cwile, which ia an irapottaut military position, and has been strengthened at consider,-bin expense. It Is the neare t strong place to tho Lombard frontier, and was in olden tl-i es the scene of miny a conflict. : The population at the lut cjnsua was 21,000. Novara 'Is unfortified, though a place of note, with about 20,000 Inhabitants. A railway connects Novara with-Turin. The French have entered Piedmont on two sldes-by th* Mont Cenli and Qenoa. Kailroada from Soia and from Genoa, will enable them, If they choose, to concentrate their forces on Turin m^a few hours.— The Genori road pastes -through Alcatahirlv whk-h, next to Genoa, Is ihe strongest place In Piedmont; so that, i fit be thought advisable, one corp d'armee may move dtrectly northward front theoca. Thef e are also roads from-Alessandria land from Turin to Terc<iHl, which would enable the Firuich to c;.llsct ihtlr tioops there also. The first battle j>f the present campaign Montebcllo, May Slat., The gr«at battle which decided the fate of Napoleon's Sr*t Italian campaign, was fought June 14,1500, on the plsin of Morengo within sight of the fortress of Alexandria. ieUU ., , , f . . :SIX NIGHTS ONI.Y ! JMA;lKET HALL !" Moiday Evening. July 11,1859, tr'lththe-accqmpllshed Mrs. LtlGHTOS, supported by * good Company from McYIcker's Theatre, Chicago.— fhe excellent: Comedies of tbe I \^ four Sisters^ the "Fool of the Family." I Mri. Lelghton will be supported by Jfr. Dillon, tbe Jdpular Comedian from. McVUlcet's Theatre, r '- &tf~ For fu 1 parttoulara, see small bills of the d jr. r^w; : ;: • NOTIOfc. CUT CosiFfHOLLsa'a Orrics, I Contract Department,. July 7,-lSJ9. f FiluE Common Council by resolution of June 20tb, JL having adopted the recommendation of the Street Commissioner* of 9th Ward, It Is ordered: That the following named and Jescrl&ed lots In the 9th Ward of the City of Hilwaukee be, and the same la hereby declared public nuis^ncts the same ordered to be abated within twenty days from the publication of this notice, according to the estimate on nle in the office of the Cltr Comptroller, viz : lots 5, 4,3 ami-, block 112, lots 1 and 2, block lift, Eneeland's Addition; lots 17,13 and 14, block 13; lot 4, Mock 4; lot 4, block 8, In Vllet's Addition; lot 7, block 9; lot I, block I; Jots 2,8, 4, Band G, block 91; lot I, block 91, In PlaoWnton'j Addition; lots 1,3, 4, 6; (!, 7 r 9,10,11 and U. Owners and agenti of the above described property are hereby notified to abate :ai<f nuifances iriihln twenty dajs from tnis date or the Street Commissioners of the 9th Ward will cause the same to be done and cbirged to the respective lots or part of lota, according to law. jyjO-d6t E. L'H. GARDINER. Comptroller. H DIIBOLDT'3 C03M03, oo» complete. received. Price 65c. Vol 5 just t Poctlcil;Wotkior Edgar Allen Poe. I5c. •; HUtory. of ; »he Bepabllc of the United States, »s traced In the writings of Alexander Hamilton and of His cptempbr«riej; by John O; Hamilton. Vol. 3 iojt racelTed: $2^0. i Thq Vagibond; by Ad»m Biciein; $1. ; The Testimony of Modern Science to the Unity of STlnklnd; beiaj »»amaiary of the cooclusia na announced by themgfie»t authorities In the several departments o£ Phyilotog/; Zoology, and comparative FhHoIoer, in ' «elf; (l. reis Catherine H; wHtten by h-r- ' ~ . quite common for Uiem to menace the settlers; with their gun? and arrow*.. For Jf r. Thomas- who is an old and highly esteemed citizens of onr county, I sincerely sympathize. What can be done.t Is there no redress but in powder and lead., from this copstant annoy, ance of these devils.: Where la the agent and' is he a man of Etraw or bone and sinew?— When remonstrated with by settlers for iheir abusive conduct of late, they renlv "whltn W? 8 ^'" "?%* Chief at Washington no good."-"HeapIndians," &o. ! , In their march np the country, these Paw- neesi drew a revolver upon a lady whose husband was absent from home, and stolB the olotbbw of Jno. C.i Seeg a few' mUeV "ol?h of here. It will not surprise meiy noon to-morrow, to hear of morfr robberies and probably murders among our friends above." We bslieve the Pawnees are under the charge of M»j. Dennison, agent of thes OtOea, and one of the most prompt and efficient agents In the west, and we have no donbt that now the subject is brought before him, measures wffl ba adopted.for the redress oMhese grievances and to prevent thei^jreourrenca. ' LATEE—HosTiti^Jss CoM«EHCED.-i-Yester- day afternoon, and! after thei above was In type, two men, whdso :names we do not now recollect, came into]the city in great haste bringing, the intelligence that a party of eleven Pawnet!S had attacked four, white settlers the night before, near tha town of ^DeWitt, podge county, some ten Wiles northwest of Fontanelle and about forty miles from this city.— The Indians were impulsed with the loss of four of their number!killed. One of thewhites was wounded, but not seriously;, : Our informant says that from .700 to 806 Pawnee warriors ifjire encamped but a short distance _from the iskirmWh- referred to, and seriotiadifficulties T^ereapprehended. - All of whites in that regioa had j armed themselve.? and were momentari^ eipicting a renewal of hostHities. They brought a petition to Governor Black, urging ^ha nejessity of calling out the militia for theiriprotection. ! A email body of men, well armed, i left this ctty for ithe seat of war-last sight, and others: will follow -to- da y-. ; : '' • W" - - • •-• i' ^ • It fs believed that : these sajviages are a por- f Tbe Convalescent; by N.Parker Willis; $1,25. • ;To Cuba and Baak: by Richard Henry Dana- T5c. j Ihe Bertrams; a Novel; by Anthony, Trollope; t! :SWch Cjwsi aad Dairy Farming, comprising the Breed*, Breeding and Management, In heilth anaVdis- eaie, of Dairy and other Stock; the selection of Milch Ctows, with afnll erplaoaton of Guenor's method- th» culture of foraje Plants, and the production of Jlilk gutter, and Cheese; by Charles P. Mint; 1,23. ;IUaU to Honekeepers, a complete manual for Horu- raim; embracing ho» to Breed, Bay, Bre«k, Use Feed Hiyslc, Grcota, Dtire and Hide tfl« llors : an.-l c- ay.' urs on Mules and Ponies; by W. Hcnr, llerb-rt- w th Eirey's methqd added; $1,23. 4 The Bach,t^or's Story; bj Oliver BracE- tl :Ae;idU; a Month with the B'ac N'oscs- b} Frtd. S NOTIQE. Cm CoMPT«?u.Ka'd OITICK Contract Department, Jace '2i , 1359. i t T HE following Is a schedule of loja fronting on the foilowingstreets In ihe Such Wsrd of the city of SIHwaakee, as follows: On Fifth street, from Vliet u> Cherry street On Sixth " " " •' " On Fifth " " Galena to'Sherman atreei On Sixth •• •• " » "Walnut On Fourth " " " " Sherman " On Cherry " " Fifth to Stcth And showing the amonut which each lot Till be benefited by graveling the street In front of aime, according to the plan ol the City Engineer. EBS3T HERZE8, CARL BU3ACK, Street Comm'33ianeT3. Lou on Fity itreet. NOTICB. ~ Crrr CosrpTaoixiin'i Or?ios, i Contrtct Department, Mil., July 3, If59. f T HE following ia a acheiluls of lot* fronting on (he alloy running north and sonth throuijh block 13 in Sherman's »ddtt|on> arid block S, In th-j Si^rth Ward of tha city of Milwaukee, showlr st tho ;\monnt of beneflo to each lot by grading 33.1(1 alley 10 the- eatsbliah grade, assessment ta follows: HSHZ3II, DU3AUK, , 3trs8tCornmls»loncr3. In 3herman'3 Addition. S\'s. Lot. Beneil'.j. 13« 13 48 13 43 13 la Block 5. 3,33 02,01) ISI.iJt; 3,33 t,0i) 10,i](l -1,33 33,00 14,00 12, l)8 12,3fl IG.OG 1033 jy3-d3t S. L'H. GAKDINSH, Comptroller. NOTICE': Crrr Co«i»TnoLi.Kn t s Opi^o;;. t Contract Department, Milwaukee, Juno T, 1553. f T H3 following la a schedule of !6U frnn'.ing on the alliy running North and South, iliroush olock, m tha 3lx'h Ward, and through block 13, in Sherman's additlonln ta« Sixth Ward of the City of Milwaukee, showing the amount which each lot will bu benefited by grading said alley is the established ijrade, naacssment aa follows: ERNST DEnZSH, CHAULKS BC3ACK, Street Commissioners. In Sherman's Add tion. Blk. Lot.Beneflts, Blk. Lot. Be'iln. 2" '34,00 8 12,69 s ia,ee 10 23,66 4 4-.00 28,33 13 13 K. I'll. GAItDINBtt, Comptroller. 1(3.23 I,u6 52,00 3,3310.60 <n,oo NOTICK. ClTT COMPTHOLL-R 1 OV7K3, , Contract Department, Milwauiiee, June 17, '59. \ T HE following 1» a, acheduie of lot-j fromln({ on viiet. street, from 3rd street to 'th itmet, in tha Oth w lr ,i of IhQ City of Milwaukee, and ilsn showing the immm: which each lot^ will be benetltteil by jrvelllng inlii street as per plan of the City Engineer, 13 KHS3T CAtlLBCSACH, Street Comtni Block. •29 •l r j 34 34 28 23 'J3 .'3 Lot. 15 Id 1 •2 II Benefits. 311,00 tOOO 50,00 50,CU lb',06 ia,i!ij 10,38 £|},UO 50.00 50,00 It»<5ti Hi (5U jvO-4:!t 14 lli. Block. 30 llti lit j llti ICfi la ItiS 117 117 177 117 117 177 Lot. 1 11 W H 11 10 1.5 lli rtlJ i7 15 Itl.uO e. L'H. GARDINER, cnmpt liJ.I-5 W.-Jfi ia.cs it;,uti Iti Go m.iji; NO TICK CITT CGMpTnom;-B'i Qy?ics, i Contract Department, Milwdukee, June 13,1SSD. v' T HS folloivioll is a^chedule of loti frontinij in '<V n nut street, from 3r-i to Tth alr'.-etj in -he- -jth 'Vir l of the City of llllivauliee, and also ahowin^ the ;iin .-ant »hich each It) will be ben-fltteJ by irivelllii,- . j,il trect to the wldUi of 12 feet "11 qer plan of the City L'n fineer, ERNST HRSZER, CARL BC3ACH, 1 16 6 10 11 1 4 S 16,66 do 50,00 do do do On Fifta street In Shermin'j Adilltio Cazzenf. jNeir Btanpaperi; or views and experf»nc<-3 of Re. . ^ •„ — - , -»-WMW BM1IM1UW ••.o-.a l/Ul" tion of. toe band sent out against tte Chey- ennes, as alluded ttt above, and feara are entertained that .they will rayaga tlie oettlemeHta near them before starting ont.i A oonple of Pawnee runners, evidently gpiea, were arrested in this oily last OTentog and lodged Jh jail.— , ...», „. »c^ m « u, «. achreiner. dec. They wera-endeavotlagjtoget ont of town jnst ; Jl?' ft>M:wv AToettand-Beimano. c.Kemper. aa the armed force fnjm hire was startuip - ' lrM r " to ""'""' -"~*«"» -• *—•• Omaha Nebraskian.i i ' .. I .- ' < liglous Subjects; by Henry Ward Beeeher; 1.25. 'Plain and Pleasant Talk about fruit!, ftowrs and Farming; by Henry Ward Beeeher; |1,25. iMabel; cr Heart Histories. A tale of truth; l.y EO. jiThe T/ne and the Beautiful in Nature, Art, Morals aid Religljn; by John Raskin; »1,50. ;Martin Elwaod; or Hov Girls tive; ?5c. JLttten from Spain; second series; by Wiilisin Cutlea BSrant; H,25 t JJCuthanMy; or ; Dappy Talk towardi the end of life; by T*IUIam Meuntford; II. r '•Meat Eaters, with joioe account of their Haunts and Habits; $1. f : iOutlines; of .Creation; Illustrated with over 400 en- sravlngs; tl. ! '. iHUtory of frcderlck the Qreatp by Thomai Carlyle; $!.'•'• j ;SpurgBon'» Sermons; vol 1^' tl. , : '.The (iamb of Draughts or Checkers, simplified and explained, with practical diagrams and UlustratWas; by D. ttatt ' ' ; STc. . TCe War In Europe; ; Its remote and reccni causes, wtU» two maps: and ieveral en jravingj; 25c. iAppleton'« New American Cyclopedia; vol.6; JS. iWeb«lei'« Nfr» Iluitrated, Unabridged Plsubnury; Theodora Park'et'i Works Complete • 1 ,„ ; '. i 8TBICKLAND4,'CO., ' ' 6O7] i SHERIFF'S SALE. [.Tew. .'i.: STATE OP WISCOSSDi, Clreolt Court, Blllwaakee County. , Motas A. Cotton, 1 ;-• agalnsti • V - CHristlan Wand. ) ) 13 YTlrtoe of an execution issued fram said Court in JE* the above entitled action, to me directed and delivered against the personal and real property of the •tore »»m«4 defendant, I have seised and levied on the following;: i . ; JSAll tbe irtght, title and Interests the said Cb !i!; tain W«ndj In and to the following descHjcd j real estate^ on the 5th day of October, 1863 . -Sior has ; ilijce ae<jajred thereto, to wit • Two J acres lathe ifest calf of south w*st quarter of 'f. section leventeen '(!'!), town seven ii). ranze hi twenty-two (22) east, in the Ninth Ward of the if City of JUlwaukee, County of Milwaukee' and ;~_:8tate ef Wisconsin." j .Which «U(J property, I shall expose for salaand s-Il atTubllc Auction, at the Post-Office, In the City o[ SHlwanket,-on Saturdaj-, iho 27ih day of AUffUkt, 1S69, at the hour of 3 f. K., of that day. to satisfy said execution, together with the expenses of Dated Sheriff''* 1 Office/Mllwaukee, May 2T, 1369 P-tfaV^ J : A. J. LANGWOETHT. JflO-lawOw i . ' ' °[' . r' Of6] { SHEHIFF'S SAtE. [News ,5 BTATEOT!WISCONSIN, « ;. Circuit Court, Mllwaakee County, f ! _• J' " ' Ii >| • BIdney Ehepard, ' ' ;• • '••'. - ' '! r ; • '• against ~ • ChVUllan Henry Meyer, and Margaret, hlj wife, James B.BrownrDwlu G. Pjwer, Edwird Has.™WulUm ,P. UerrUI, Melsou;,Webiter, Charles A. Koeffler Detmer fUchback, B. Roddit and A. W.Grlswold , idmlnlstr»tqr» of the estate of JohnO.LeKoy, de- I ti!?f cd '?J? iw ! T- c '» I ' e » Ch*'l" F.Bode,"AdmlnU- B I? t ?:^^". l *? e . 0 '- C . h » r '« «• Schrelner.deceM- 41 41 It 41 41 27 116 do d3 do 101 9 9 9 9 9 9 10 10 10 do do Lots en Sixth street. 6 15,00 1G,66 16.60 50,110 50,00 16, C3 16.6S 50,00 50,00 Lots on Fourth 1 1S,S« 10 U 1 S 9 IS 1 du Jo 9 16 2 42 • 42 42 101 do Jo 3 •I 3 10 10 10 6 G tl 5 5 JJ9-J31 w,oo 15,60 do do On Fourth street 13 SherraJn'j Addition. 42 1 15,6V! 43 3 42 4 do 43 3 41 B do 43 6 43 S do 43 T do 43 10 Lots on Cherry sireet. 1 1S.C6 2 do 3 do 4 da 5 do 6 do 42 27 S< 27 27 2T 26 26 • 26 26 11 12 13 14 13 16 OO.OO 18,00 Jo Jo Jo •lo £0,00 Jo Jo •lo lo Jo 16,0.) 16,06 H,5l! Lu,64 16,66 16,66 16,66 50.00 16,66 Jo da do Jo W,CO 16,66 do 50,00 16,66 - do do .io do do IG.fiS do do do do 15,66 do do do do d Block Lai. 10 6 H int cu.oo •10 do Jo |j Jo ID '10 lo I j NO'i ICK. CITT CoM?T.-uji.i. i :a'5 OF?i,_-2, , Coutr^L-t Department, llil., llw-,- il, ;-. r ,». , T HS rollowia^ H l schedule of lotj frintin.- -ii- ill- In blocks 2i, 21,'23, 21, IK, 1 mil b:o,-'< u Shernrin's .v.ldiUon in '.be -i:h.\V-ir-l -»f th.. fJitv ;f 'ii waukee, bencfltidil t>j ^r» grade, 13 follo-ri the amouat ERNST HKR2KR, CAilL BCSACK. E. L'H, GARDCfEa, Comptroller. 1210] SHERIFF'S SAJLE. [News. STATE OP WISCONSIN. I ' Circuit Court, Milwaukee County, j Claytoa Harrington, I i.. xSF^S* 1 >• Judgment and Sale. Mechanics Jacob Rlillne. } Lien. I N TIKTCE of and punaant to a jadgment rendered laiald Court in the above entlUsd. action, dated Jane SO, 1SS9, I sSlll expose for sale anil sell at Public Auction, at tha Post Office, In the City of Milwaukee, on Saturday, the 2Oth day ol An- l?u»t; JSC9, at the hour of 2 p. v of that day, pursuant to Chapter 153 of the HeYised. Statutes' entitled "Of the Lien of Mechanics and others," tho followlrie da- 8(rrh-i!rni]i.'rty, to w!t: • •'.I i en-tin l>u 1 il3f sitaited on tie north east half, ot lot Ho. one (1) In block one hundred ana ninety-eight (I9S), In the first Ward, 6"f the City of Milwaukee, County of Milwaukee and State of Wisconsin, and? also-all the right, title and Interest tha said defendant had in and to the said northeast half of Jot No. one (1), In block one hundred and nine-eight, in th» Pint Ward, of the City of Milwaukee, on the IStadayofMay.lSIU." Dated Sheriff's Office, Milwaukee, Joly 9, IS55. C rusriiH t Hicxcax, I A. J. LANSWOaiHY, Pl'ajAtt'js. f SaeriffMil. Co , Wij. jy3-liw9w I «®f^ LA CaosS8VALHBY » tti .^ In looting at some] of our .wheat .fields near thta village a few daylj ago, we Realized fully, tbe superiority of oes| valley for the oallureof wheat over any Beotiiin of the State we have •etf.t ^rtA^<i«.J A_ Af J '.!». -- -_ * .« ... «-»• . ^.. • , " "* yet Tlslted. On the; Ifarm of L; Wooaoanse» we noticed partienlarSy about twenty acres of extremely thrilty looking winter club wheat, now fllUm> with a large head arid finij berrv standing on an avenge of five feet high, and very thick on the ground.' Wei shall' bo Very much djspppointed If! there is not from thirty- five to forty bushels} per acre; when it comes to beont and, threshed. We have also seen several other Ohblce i3el«s of wiBter wheat of different varietfes, ait looking " unnsaally well llled and heary on the ground. Spring wheat is also doing well anfl will no doubt produce an extra -cropof gfain this Iseasoa. The weather has been somewhat. sh'owerr durina the month of June, but is now[ bidding fair 1 enable both wintari and spring w'heat to and ripen without danger ' " fftrald.'. ;:-.; S ';.T-.'-.?.?. ;-.. .--• J^£i one iffioe, politics Ihrowirasfde, is the vxml-et Nta», pnbUsbed by Sharpstein iMshief, eupported ty jhaif a 'score of tuts, rfflporterSi;etCr'^The--'*In ^Eowri ai *ot &" depeirlment is jniJder theedltoriiJ Islon of Brlok Pouie|oy~formdtly :,, . „ ne Honoon Arguf^^ oceasloftally i lets .off | I f" """«<(i »PO pursHMii io a judgment rendered In 'rjft 3859,1 shall expose for sale »nd sell at Public Aoc- !ti(*i at the Post-office, ia the City of Milwaukee, on "°" •"-~ -"^c Otb day of Jnly, 1&9, «., of that day, the following de- -icf Ibed mortgaged prtmlsti or io much thereof as nay bejofeceuar^tcrraUe the amount of said Jadgment,.ln- «!£iot nnmSer; sixteen (16) and the east half of lot Jonmber; fifteen (15), In block forty-ttro (45), In 1 Ihe BecdndfWard of the City of Milwaukee, be-|tag- on:Tajnar«t strtet, between Fifth and Dated SherUT't Office Milwaukee, April 8,1869. - •, Mi, it the tame~praoe and time ttttea Bhefllhi Office, Ml :«rarikee. Jo ly 9,1SS9. ,h n ' ! t - : AJj.tANGWOaTHT, j»'° '.-.! •-i ••:. ,' SheriffMil>Co.,Wu. t^J: *IUiKIt-F'S HALE. [Note* StATB OF WISCONSIN; i- ' art,KllwattkeeOortnty. f .fionisb Potter. Smlti, The 'Ifnrbiers' anil f : i%e«losareV - ry T '""T''~ ^". .:....'; . - |TS;Vlrtue 4f and pursuant to a jadgmenS rendered la rti'M? l5S! rf j In '™ abpre- entitled action, dated Oc- tobet 8,1S58, t ttuttt-eSpose for sale and sell at Pablle *-"•— at the Poit-Omce, Jathe City of Milwaukee,on lay, tho 8d day ot July. 1SJJ, at . _. of f>;«,, of that day,- the following described ^ :ort<[ajed prenuxei or so rtmch thereof aa .maybene- feajtry to rttw:tlie amount of laid lodgment, tntixesta and WJM, tq»Sei,»ith.flle •rpenlei ot sale, to vlt: . . - ] NOTION. T HE AileMment Lilt for the several Wards, of the th« City of Milwaukee, will ba open for the examination pf the taxablelahabltsna thereof, at the Common Council Boom, at 9 o'clock A. x., on the followlax day for the several War.d», respectively to wit: For the First. Ward, on the fifth day of July next For the Second Ward, oa thp sixth day of July neit. For the Third Ward, on the seventh day of July next For the Fourth Ward, on tha eighth day of July neit' For .the Fifth Ward, on the ntnta day of July next. For tte Sixth Ward, on the eleventh day of July next. For the Seventh Ward, on the twelfth day of Jaly next. • " - • For the Eighth Ward, on the thirteenth day of July For the Ninth Ward, oa the fourteenth day of Jaly And the City and Ward Assessors wai make such nacessary: addition lo such tots and correct the same, by change* la valuation or description. • • . M '< ' GEO.COGSWKLL, je22-dlOt City Assessor. City of MBwaukee. j-.WBW BOOKS. T HE NEW AND THE OLD : Or California and Indi* in romantic aspects, by Q. W. Palmer, M. D. . Mosaics, by the. author of Salad for the Solitary; A Bachelor's Story, by Oliver Bonce.: Uf« of General HaTeloclc, by J. T. Headley. Th»-£lonvalescent, by N. P. Willis. The Sparrowgrasa Papers; or, Living4n the Country, by F. T; Coaeus. - I Just BecelTed. For sale by . . IERH7 Jk CLEAVJtB, . J"2 ; , 1ST Bast Water St. do do do 43 Jo io do 211. JO r-*,()o 32,33 12i,3:i Eiut and W-.-it •223,33 idd.JS lo rlb and Sou:h alley 3.JO :s 52.J3 129.33 a,, ioo,ija Morth 23 do do do do do do i9 Jo 23 do 110 do do do III do do . do 4-1 «• 44 44 44 Jj'3-J-lt K.d'J 4,3,-i I 343,60 2-3 lu " 91,136 Jo 13 Eaj: snd 5V«t iilaj i a ~ 'i42,00 -JS ) » 153,00 do 10 North and 3oulh alley in 1 d,OG iO 13 4 35,00 lo Hi 5 4<3,0"S Jo •• * W.33 Jo 1 9 48,86 Jo -J 13 tl'i >- 42,33 lo 7 -i.'sa North ind South alley in :» 43,60 •!') M &10S H S9,fiB do 15 li;,i!s Eaat lad West alley in. T 1J6.6B i9 I 7-2,00 3 • 55,00 jo in Ila.iiB North alley in t 92,33 110 j '2 91.00 do ,; 1 41,00 ,1,, I * :-i,es jo i South alley in If 10,83 III! [3 Ii 85!33 " 3n ''.l M sa.oo jo io East and West .iiley in 5 lt',S3 -!a to Alley in I 133,33 4 J 4 171,33 4 3 5 171,33 4 o Ia Sherman's Addition, alley i: I 3,33 44 -J •t SO,UO. 44 ; 3 53,33 41 .i 3 'J3.33 44 7 'J £'23,33 .« ?u K. L'H. GAUDINER, ConptroliiTr. NOTICE- CITY Co^prnci.LSii'3 Orncc, / Contract Department, Juaa T, 1359. | T HE following la a schedule of, lots frontlnff on fh* alley running north and south through block 5, Ia the 6th Ward, anil through blocS 43, In Shermaa'3 H- dltlon, In the-Sth Ward of tha City of MiliMukeo, showing the amount which each lot Till be beaetitted oy _ sah{ alley to the eitabllsheJ crade. iu3ejjai"tit as follows .- I-W.l'O •;oo,r>« J3..W l-D.C'i 170,^0 I53,ca 12.33 2T,W 54,UO CA3L BCSACB;, : - Siroyt Coirtmkaioner a. Description of property. Blocl;. Lot. Bene-Uu. 5 •-' M,oo 5 S 12 GO •5 ti ,i» S . t do 5 4 - ItfCfi S 5 1(!3S 4U -2 ;i,33 4o •; .|,o'C laShermaa'3 Addition, la Shennin'j AJditloa, ia«t praying for-. Jfcafi.'n awissfii..,., 'oomj|iefoial"beinK -.«.- *r "• ----•^-'••s-^* t i at &>[«!iti ! ffl*tt*M n the Jfeaf tte wiat wake H the pipe^ for th«' ^^^^rS^^oSderfThSdof aUy m«ae_up eretf » gentlwBan - v ho j -"iot nuuibsr t«o.[2), 1 I • 'MrenTStJ, to the jrtrartb Ward of „ _ S. ;MUwaulcee,\inthe County, of MUwaaite an,i» ' ^^_ffleriff ^ Office, MilWMkii!, April, 1.1S59. ' SherlffiDjl.Co°W^. te-hereby, postponed to ?«nJ- ',183»,at the tame. ' ' CITT CovpTaoLU&'a Ornci, I : . Contrast Department, July 3th, 1359. f (3 BALED proposals will be received a' y thla ofHce un- Ikj til-Thursday, July Uth, 1859, at 10 1.. x. for grading and graveling unfinished portions of Elver street, and for planing the sidewalks and paving the gutters on said street from Onelda to Dfvisten ' street' la tha 7th Ward of the City of Milwaukee. • ^* - Jj-dtt E. L'U. GFABDlSBB, Comptroller. •'"- :•-:•- " NOfUCE. > :•• T HE next monthly meeting of the St. George's 3o- clety «rittb« held on theeleventli day of July next, jtha 4th baing the .Celehratlon of American Indepeud- " Seo'j.- 43 iO 3S,t» JS I 3,33 4!! 4 4.K! 43 5 10,0'fl •IS a 33!oo E. L'H. GAKDINUt, Comptroller. Cirr Cosirr:toLL3ii'3 OFFICB, I Contrsct Department, Jlllwauiee, July 3, ISS3. )" Cf EiLED proposals will be recoived at this office, aa- c O til July 13th, at 10 o'clock, i. »;, tor vrmdin R - o tha MtabU»he,J Kroila the street and jUinralk • in front _QARDISER. Comptroller. 'The toor« saleiJ hereby further postponed to ' .Iheie^dajrofJnly, ' CWr Conwaouia's Or?io«, ( Contract Department, July; 9tb, 1S59. f posals Will b« recelTed at Uils office until July Uth, 1859, at U o'clock Tti! a", to «M..«oa.troction of two sewers In the Seventh WardJ «ne from the west end of Johnson streeV and ona from f? »^ Un «««t.tothe rirerjsiid sewers oonstrncted In accordance with tha plan and ' *™ S S. E'H. OASDIITEK, Comjitroller. O. «. JAVA COFFJ3E lity, a, Uttit Ot» bat in. the LAUGE AS.SOilTIfll-.JJT «F^ ™T^ ITURK AT AUCTION. VlTILI,beioldatHood.'3AuotloaRooma,No.l,gurln? «• ,• t ' , oa 3atorja y morning, Uie Oth of Jtly, at lo o clock, alarRe assortment of superior an-1 householil 12S. i^ 8 ' b0t S. ne '* » nd ""ood hand, conjistl^ of now Cherry, Black Walnut and Mapla. Beadstoadi. Bureaus, Wash Stand Bureaus, -Waahstonds, TaUes 40. Also LouDses, Counten, L ."(ov<! Mattlnir, Desks, .So . Sale positive. Terms cash. , J? 9 . .; '_ J.UOOD, Auctioneer. . A LCOHOI* W per eu af^IanofMtars's fee* NOTICE T'? HSSKBY. given thstby virtue of a chittlu arortgaija JL now In my pOMtssl'on.and by tlm Oon3«ntof the s»Jd mortgagor, I will sell by auction ta tha highest *nJ best blilder, at tha saloon of Hubert 3JUnbr!ds»> <*•' mortgagor, ia th» Fourtfc Warn of th» ijlty of JMllwsu.- Itey, at 10 o'clock; In the fornoon, oa tt» llti -fuly, 1959, tin ftliowlDg described lUt of jroporty » iris: I Pigeon, Hole Table, I Bar Counter *nd Shalvaj, 10 B6d Eteds, 5 Tables, SO Chalnir-3 CoolrSSovfls* 4 Pv*lbr Stoves, a Wash-stands, Basins, Pitchers, 13-Arm Chairs, and a variety o { oUser chattla property. • -JL. McCOSiGC,- ?Wil, Conafih! -

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