Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on July 23, 1898 · Page 2
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 2

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 23, 1898
Page 2
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NOTES. E L V : P 5 O ~ n : c : - J'_ii.V 5" 1'V_8. THT FIRST D1ST RICT IS V. L RIGHT says " Shori j ' h i i i S i i r o -I*' 1 "., -j- i' · .-iim- ]\!. ·!'·;.· land n o u s ';) T j-.-sil'i; . i s^ '-i-povtrM 1 . tl.jii tlio C i t ' - u i-.inH'iii:.' :.'*· s-lij "·!' tl:v c :ti- l i L l s i t l l H t l l J i ! I I f 4 " F ' i s ! i l l . - - it' ''uinlc il !'' :lbi I'o: I 1 ' · f a i r ) ' rtnt is its J l i n ' i . Cnsti:i«r MI i'Vf \')t- rln- iT.! i t is p e r f e c t l y apparent t h a t tlio normal condition in the Fir.-t district is DiMiiooialic tiy : t m a j o r i t y ]" ne;u' nuc, 'ho'i-.nm! " r h c n .:.ivi lj-i'ii \ l i x i i i ' i i . h o. f li.;i! Hi.i jijl ii. 1 , I n t l l l to':r or live- hundri'd to fit'truli IHUI tlrtd, :nui t\\u ycMi'j tliu diblrio ft as given to the RopubliiMii.-, by r suiii'i m a j o i i t y , bocause OL the l i n t i" cawpa.ii;n on thu Deiuoi'ranc side Ti.eie .s :io ru.'LR-ji. . i p j f i r e n t ;U tli: : LitiiO wliy tlio Damouiatt- t-iiould no! h;i\o ,i niajomy ot w e l l u p w a r d ol a thousand for thcii c.iudidaio t h i s fj'/:l. Iroai whatever «ectiou oi rhc d.strict he .n(iy -come. The DOIQO- ciat.- liavu had their lesson u: ,iii ter, anil h a v o realized, too, th'- pi olitabif-uess of coimiimtiiiij e i i b u ; by neglect or actual support to Republican success. On the othi'r h a n d , the Republicans h a v e had a .lepro- ser.tative of this district in Congiess for part of a term, sutiiuioutiy long to avouso against him the aaimosi- -ty of tho scores of uusuecesst'iii applicants for federal positions practically w i t h i n his gi£t; aud for whatever cause a bitter fight against him . is on in his own county. Therefore, it is argued by those not favorable to his vcnoniiuation, it would be a \vise move u set a.^idc- the iet ' d?ut which obtained in the district under Democratic rule, aud give the nomination to some out- olst*. That could not bo do'ue, liowevei, w i t h out a stubborn fight,--a fight to ihe death--on the part of tho friends of Congressman Barber. Taking i n t o consideration the result oi the 10- uomiiiatiou of Mr. Barber, or the- other horn pf the dilemma, a f n i h u o to reuoiuinate h i m , therb MJCOIS to, bo much more probability or ro- verbiug t h o iinioukud-fui majority of tv.'o years ago tiian of luruiit-uiiiug it. Especially n,s there has-jot iraus- pir£] a siagk- event m the- ivorid pa- · litical cK'tiiiiiited in auy wL-c to le^eii uywavda roiled up by the Deiuociain last year la iho counties composing 1 'the First district. Aud to a-ld ro · the chances ot' Di-iuocnitic successj theie is a couuutibtis .OL' opinion fa- . vorable to the unanimous iiuiiiiiia- -tion ol'Colonel .Toiiu Walter S m i t h at the Ocoau City convention On the 23 th or August. ColoiHil Smith is :i Dr. sterHii!? Democrat and probably tin "most vigorous campaigner on t h e last. '] i i i i,.--n: ,ij; ol' Acting Rear Ad I T . - · S,'.inp^Di) toward the officers ', :, :· : Ls- command, both in tho 11:1. ' !:i?il' ;U the mouth of Santiago :.[iiior ,"tid uis report of it to the s u i t h n i i t i o - ,it Washington, becomes moiv p a i i i t u l l y selfish and unmanly as i t is contrasted with that of Gon- oral Mii-s toward General Shufter. Ofiio'Ti'i Allies was lully in cotn- m a r d when Santiago was actually s r . r i f i i d o r e d In his report to Wash- in sj ton lio tfAve tho entire credit to (Ji'tirn! Shatter and his officors. sounds infinitely better than 'n'.i "The fleet under my com- J i^str6yed the entire Spanish ar Santiago," when it is a notes' tact that Sampson was miles y ;itid directed none of themove- t.s ol the lleet. PHILADELPHIA. Monday, July is, isas. Store closes SaUndny afternoons during the summer. All preparations are being cotu- pl«tod for the coming State road convention which will bo held at Uiiworth's grove, Fork, Baltimore c o u n t y , on Saturday, July 30, com- iiioiK-iyg; at 8 a - m . Tho affair will be u n d e r the auspices of the U. S. ajr'-ieultural department, and will be a big event. Tho half mile of sample road now being built by Mr. E. Cr. Harrison, road expert of the K.^vicultural department, will bo ex- Is,bited on that day. When peace comes the people should be accorded the opportunity of paying a personal tribute to the sailors and soilders whose valor and sacrifices have given undying glory to a 10 united and t r i u m p h a n t nation. The gratitude of the country awaits these heroes, and its expression should be as memorable as their deeds deserve.--New York Herald. Admiral Dewey called a little German blutf at Manila with a suddenness that made the "Faterland" ad-'s head swim. A shot under t h e bow is sometimes very effective i;\ impvessiufc a command, and a lesson of this sort will not very soon iiucrf repetition in Manila bay. Trade with Santiago has been re- situicd. aud vessels will soon be ply- UILJ b e t w e e n that port and Baltimore tod oilier American cities. Ore will ;iiii bo shipped to Baltimore in targe qnantities. Haft Something over $200,000 will b« .aid by tliit. government as "head tioii'-y" to the brave officers and ai!oi- \v:io destroyed Cervera's fleet. A n exchange says under tho now a rift 1 you will pay the same price or you. 1 cigar but you won't got he Ea?toru Shove. W i t h him Candidate -*ucce#!5 assuvfd. would be as our doubly OUR NAVAL POWER. - According to a. gieat English authority, the Spectator, our uavy is .abundantly able to cope w i t h that of France, while the German -fleets, ·which alone have assumed a t h t o a t - pninp attitude, would btand HO ,. chance at all in a combat On tho sea. The Spectator says the fight off Sauti- apo shows that the American navy is i\ most efficient fighting machine. Wo did not want lobe told that here, for we knew it already ;md realized of what"stuff the lion's \vhelp were made. They did not, however, k n o w it on the continent, though apparently they know it now. For ourselves we have little doubt that the American fleet could face even that of Franco without any great risk of disaster. No doubt by all the rules theJFrench fleet is ten times a.s strong as the American, aud ought to be able to eat it up at one mouthful. In spite, however, of that, we believe that if it were needed--it will not be, as America will not be attacked by France without o u r t a k i n g . a hand in the game--Sampson and Dewey and tho officois they havo the happiness "to c o m m a n d -- t o use Nelson's phrase--would be able to destroy French ships of vastly superior power just as we did 100 years ago. The American gunners would keep cool and hit every time. The Fruiidi would get excited, aiul fire too high or too low, ;ind iose nJ] tho advantage of the best guns and the bast explosives iu the world. Ah for tho German and American navies, there can, of course, be no comparison. The Germans are fine sailors and brave m e n , but a imval struggle between tho United States and Germany would bo very .short and very complete. It would surpnsi; the Empero:, no d o u b t , who t h i n k s hiii!- seJl" invincible, but his be!f-«ouli- denco cannot altor hUtory. The English luive a habit of w i n n i n g at sea, and the Aicoucans h a v e shown us that they havu inherited thu h a b i t to tho fullest possible dugree. Tho naval battles iu the present war between this country and Spain has developed several heroes--and, one m o n u m e n t a l hog. Not satitJiod ·with unearned and t-cif-bostowod credit for a victory not won by h i m , and thousands of dollars head money coming to kirn by virtue of position as commander, Sampson has delay- i ed the expedition to Porto ilico several days while he hunted around for possible additions to the prize money f u n d . Give h i m - his money ' ''and retire him from public service, ' ^ that his countrymen may be spared " '-/'the h u m i l i a t i n g spectacle of f u r t h e r .--.". hoggish ness- " NEwspApEflRCHIVE® -- - IUrs. Jacob Tome, of Cecil, is tho president of two banks in that d o u n t v . Alan P. Smith, Baltimore's j surgeon, died on Monday Ciiautuuqua. · On J u l y 29 the Pennsylvania Railroad Company will run another special excursion from Philadelphia. Baltimore, "Washington, Eead- inc, 'Altoona, Bellefonte, -Lock rTaven,ShAmokin, Wilkesbarre, Sun- b u r y , and Williamsport, and principal intermediate stations, and stations on the Delaware Division, Philadelphia, Wilmington and Balt i m o r e Railroad, and on the Cumberland Valley Railroad, to Chati- tanqiia, N. Y. Special train will start from Harrisburg at 11.35 a. m. C o n n e c t i n g trains will leave Philadelphia 8.30 a. m., Washington 7.50 u. m., Baltimore 8.50 a. m., arriving Cliautanqua about 10.30 p. m. Round-trip tickets, good to return on regular trains not earlier than August 8 nor later than August 31, will bo sold at rate of $10.00 from Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington, and at proportionate rates from other stations. For specific rates and times and t i m e ot connecting trains apply to noai-est ticket agent. · «·» · Persons troubled with diarrhoea will be interested in the experience ot Mr. W.. M. Bush, clerk of Hotel Dorrance, Providence, R. I. He says: "For several years I have bifu almost a constant sufferer from diiirrhroa, tho frequent attacks completely prostrati ng me and render- in^ me unfit for my duties at this hnU'l. About two years ago a traveling 1 salesman kindly, gave me a small bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Uholet.i and "- Diarrhoea Remedy. MHCU t o ' a i y surprise and delight its effects were immediate. Whenever 1 ft It symptoms of the disease I would iortify myself against the attack u i i h a few doses of this valn- ablo loinedy. The result has been very .satisfactory and almost complete relief from the affliction." For tjilfc by W. E. Brown, Deiitou; El ugh Dnffoy, Hillsboro; R. J. Col- aLon, Ridgoly. liolliiRly-- Ijueenutown. Ou and after June 1st -- tho boati- !if;il .summer resort, Bolingly on C hosier, located at Queenstowu, will be opened for the "season of 1898. ·Special tatOs, over the Queen Anne's Railioad will be given to Sunda}' Soiiools, etc., desiring tp use this d e l i g h t f u l spot for a -day's outing. Ci rounds are being laid out'for Lawn Ton nib, Croquet and Base Ball, for the exclusive use of the patrons. Those .not taking lunches, with them cun be accommodated at the Hotel, w i t h meals at popular prices. Fishing, boating, bathing, crabbing, and all other poplar amusements. For ruilroud rates, apply to C. C. Waller, General Passenger Agent, Pier No. IH Light street, Baltimore Md. HI. J. Marx, is manager of the hotel. We are asked to say why this store is, in many respects, the best of its kind m the world. To answer this inquiry modestly is not easy. Queer how people ask things, isn't it ? But to try-. First--The store is a growth. It is not a speculation or a j u m p - n t - i t , or an imitation of a n y b o d y else's Store. It embodies features not in any other store. Second--There arc principles, settled for every day in thf year, governing the entire business. Right treatment is exacted from the employees to each other, and especially from those who are over them. Nothing is done to lower the manhood or debase the prin- j ciples of honorable bread-winning workers. True performance of duty, in spiritand letter, is required toward the humblest and highest who do business with the house. Third--Smartness, t l u t indulges in trickery or falsehood, is regarded as seriously as stealing. No premiums here for overreaching of customers, or taking advantage of t h e i r ignorance or inexperience. Fouith--We i n v i t e the customers' confidence and endeavor to prove ourselves w o r t h y of it by showing that it is never misplaced. We confess ourselves to be h u m a n , W G sold for $3, and with all safeguards sometimes make mistakes. So do our customers--at least they say so. Fifth--The difference between a new Cunard steamship and the old American liners is not more marked than this store in its management and large portions of its goods. In what particular do you say ? Well, it is so. Sir Joshua Reynolds could n o t t e l J the difference in his paintings and others. He said he did not know. He simply painted a Sir Joshua Reynolds--and his pictures today are all there and are priceless. Sixth--It is true that this store usually shows at retail twice the quantity of any other retail store-in many stocks four times the assortment. This is of great advantage to lookers as well as buyers. To sit down at a meagre counter and think thatthere is nothing else, is a loss to the buyer. Seventh--We have a keen i n t e r est in every piece of goods we show. It is not out of the unsold wholesale stock--i-t is not heavily charged by consignment, but our goods are all owned by the firm, who bought them for quick payment of cash. Eighth--We have no awful messes of left over things raked in from sheriff sales and unfortunate bankrupts. Do our best, such odds and ends accumulate fast enough without going outand offering premiums for them to make catch-penny advertising. The stocks here are fresh, and by large sales ate kept j moving. There are no stagnant f pools o f - m e r c h a n d i s e for the unwary. Ninth--No inducement sulnces here to sell unworthy jjoods. If poor people are too poor to buy substantial goods they will find out some day that the poor thing was very, dear, and we do not want them to say that they got a bad bargain at Wanamaker's. No m a t - ! ter how low our prices we keep up i J(]r) the standard of reliability. .XVU/^ .John Wanamaker. Tferee Great id-Surrjrner It's time we wcio ··lorM-ing 1 out tho odd lots and broken MZCS in S u m m e r goods. Tln a n u u i i l sale · S M I eagoi'ly looked-for event, for it's a great moans tf saving on just Mio right sroods, t h e popular clothes, ;.t T Hint- when lln,r u.^Hij.ess is n,I it's height. f^\^^ I ^' v! i-''lo.seoul this week our s-tock of fiiunmer Ciissimo re, Cheviot, Wor sted and Fancy Mixture Suits that sold up to $15.09--choice of any for $7.50. Suits we Tnudp-to-tT'lt'i. i;it for some reason or o i h c i w,»n' uncalled for, worth u p to $2y, w i l l bo i n c l u d ed in these grcr.i sales at $11. The bataneeoL our Men's Pointed and Square Tob u e grouped into 'ici 3?uss«l# and Tan Shoes, w i l l tfo nt ^$1.50. Those we sold up to $5 w i l l go at $2.50. Ilcltcr In- spry, foi tln-st sliov- ,irv jrreat bargains, anil there arc only fn-c hundred oll pairs left. It FOR THE NEXT TWO WEEKS for Spot Cash £g 1 will continue to sell all Proprietary Medicines at Prices »-| §4 which prevailed before the war tax was imposed. sg ·I-? ^.g |i Hood's Sarsaps.rilla, 85c. Pierce's Pellets, 20c. 11 §f Mrs. Pinkham's Medicines, 85c. - f § |J Pieroe's G-oldcn Discovery Favorite Prescription, Soc. f i f ¥ Chamberlain's Preparations at the old Prices, ff | | Quinine Pills', 5c. a dozen; 25c. a hundred. f f ||j| "\W Imi only thu Best Medicines that cnn be Iviu^ht at iiny nric' jfjr M-i Tryii Glass of R«fr«sbir)jSoa these Hot Days. Sg ~^ W. E. BROWN, DRUGGIST, DENTON, MD. ADMINISTRATORS'SALE --OP-PERSONAL PROPERTY r»Y V l l l T U K of mi oNlcr. of tlio Or- ·*-* plums' Court, for Queen Antic's conn- I ty. tlipumluriigncil, !ulmnnst,r:ilorsorWil- I bam MoIConnoy. 'Iporascd, W i l l sell nt | public s;xlc. on the "Xprfl\uifl" farm, O o i i t i c v i l l c , on We've t a k e n our Men's $1-75 ami 2.00 Belgium Split Braid Yacht, Soft Brim Sailor .and Mackinaw Hats, and made u special price on all of $1.25. Our Men's 75c and $1 Rough Jumbo Braid Sailors and Mackinaw Hats will go at 48c. Other departments are feeling the keen knife of this Clearance Sale, so that there's hardly anything you need but can be had for much below regular prices. Children's Clotliin?, Hnls and Slices. Men's Furnishings and Underwear. Iliccle Clotlies, Hals, Shoes niid^Iosc Battling bmtsaml Trunks. When you're in Baltimore make Oehm's Acme Hall your headquarters. Ladies' Waiting, Retiring and Writing Booms ;~Men's Smoking- and Waiting Rooms Free, no matter whether you're a customer or noi.; meat your frionds at Oehm's. Parcels checked free, and every accommodation and comfort is cordi'ally extended to you. Oehm's Acme Hall Baltimore diaries Sts,, BALTIMORE, MD, All Onr L i n c ^ l*:is- Oil! Dci'ir. commencing at 10o'clock n. m., Uic following lot of personal property : 00 HEAD OF GOW8 nw-t of them younp and excellent milkers; 15 Frc'-li nl, Piiil, with Culves ly their Sides. · 25 HEAD OF HORSES MARES ermipri.sing e.\collcnl lUnd arid Farm Ilor-i'S mid splendid Brood Marcs, most of which arc young and in good condition. woll lircd nrul a looker. EIGHT PAIRS OF MOLES --AND-ONE SINGLE MULE, good workers, well matched and young. BUIIS, It) Our well broken. 16 KILLING HOGS, TWO BROOD SOWS, with I'isrs bv their sides. REPORT OF THE CONDITION OF THE DENTON NATIONAL BANK :AT DENTON, IN THU STATIC OK M A R Y L A N D , AT Till-: H OK UUS1NX5S, | I'J.Y 1 I, ISIS KIvSOVKCKS Discount!) *Jli,i!ir 15 Overdrafts, Secured and Viist.ciir«.il.. . 100 I? U. H Boixls to Secure Circulation. . .. 5'I,|XJO (0 U. S. Itomls to Secure U. S Uepos lh... U. S. lionils on Hntul Premiums on U.S. llamls Stocks, Securities, c nankiiiff House, Furniture IMxlurti.. Otln-r Uenl Kstate . Mortgage.* Owned Due from National Banks, not Reserve Agents 4,aWJ8 Due from Slate Uanks and Bankers... . Due from Approved Reserve Agents... 8,84. 3') Checks and Other Cash Items Exchanges for Clearing House 2 2 6 67500 260 6R Notes of Other National Banks ......... Fractional Paper Currency, Nickels Cents ---- -. ........................... L/VWKUI, MONEY KBSBUVJ. IN HANK, viz Specie ............................. : . .. 16.W50 Legal Tender Notes ................ 5 i,ui(i U.S. Certificates of Deposit for I.c(j.i] Tender Notes ....................... Redemption Fund vnth U. S. Treasurer (5 per cent of circulation) ........... i (,50 00 Due from U.S. Treasurer, other than 5 per cent, of redemption fund ..... Total. 88 LIABILITIES. Capital Slock paid m $ su.000 00 Surplus Fund 3000000 Undivided Profits $3,72J 03 ' Less current expenses and taxes paid 73911 2,98352 Circulating Notes received 45,00000 Due to National flunks, (not Approved Reserved Agents 14,069 20 Due to Slate'and Private Hankers and Banks. Individual Deposits subject to check. . . 162,362 94 Certified Checks ........................ 71 37 : .......................... J304.9S7SS STATE OF MARYLANn.CousTY 01- CAROLIXI:, i.s: I, Thomas C. West, Cashier of tlic above-named .bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true to the best of my knou ledge and belief. T. C W1-.S1 , C xsim:n. Subscribed and sworn to before me tins 2 'lid day of July, 1898, JONATHAN liVITl S, Notary Public Correct-- Attest: THOS W. JONI'S, CHAS. W. HOIUJS, A. K . WRIGHT, Dlrulor-, J O H N II. C. I.lCflO, rn A x I:H Y, I ' K N T J t K V l l . L K , M D . Order Nisi, John H. C. Legg, Assignee, Vi. "William M. Day and Wife. MVirtgunois. In tho Circuit Court for Caroline County, In Er|uiU . Ko. 924. l Ordered on this Tuh day of J u l y , It»!i8, that tho sale of the real ei-lato inun- tioncd and described in the mortgage from V. SI. Day and \iifi- to .Lime., T. ' "\Vood. dr.ted tho 28th day of May, 1878, and iu- cordcd in Liber j". W. T"., N n . -10, folio 1S'2, etc., a land recoic! Imok lor Caroline county, Mrtrylanil, and ;ib.sis:ni:(l by mcnse " assignmonts to John JF. g d C. Logs, ussignoe, mnde by John II. C. Lcscg, ussignoe, iinil reported in this IXIUFC, bo r.itiJiud iinil confirmed, unices cause to thf. contrary lie shown on or before l!:c lUtli Lrv of Hop- tcmbcr, 1898. provided a cop} of this order bo inserted in some newspaper printed in. Caroline county, Maryland, onoo in each of three successive ivouks lioforo tho 15lh dny of August nc\t. The report states tho nmuniil of aixlcs to be $2,000.00. OHA.RLES "W. HORHS, Clerk. True cony -- Tc-ft : CHAltLES . IIOBBB, Clerk. DW You Read It? We told you that in(going over stock we would find some articles for the Counter We liaoe completed our work, and there are quite a number · of articles that will be sold IMPLEMENTS. OHO Engine; N'inc Dcoring Binders; Seven Drills, in good condition; TwoFftrm Wilsons; Five Ox Onrts; Seven Grain F-IMM Si^c Corn IInrvc«ters (Fuller ,|i)!'iiM)ii); Tlnuo Grnw- Aloworf; Eight Spring Tooth llurrnw.*; Four S(onpe; Five Holloiv, Throo Wlu-ut Knkcs; Throe Discs; About Fifty Plow.-, embracing Olivers, Syracuse, and other iniikos, bnth single nnd double; About Twenty Cultivators; T'..irt\ to Furty Sets of Plow Gear; Lot of V/iujon Gear, both brcooh nnd lead; Also lot of Drags. Shovels, Spades, Forks, Single Trees, Double Trees, etc-.; Dniiblo Fnm- ily Ciirriiiijc; mid Sevisnil Sitinll Citrriftges. TBKMS OF SALE. On sums of S10 nnd under, cnsh ; over tlint amount H credit of 12 months will 1m given on note* properly secured, inlorest mldcd, nnd p'lyahlc in bunk. No proper ty to be removed untill terms nru com piiod with. W I L L I A M M c K E N N K Y , W. L. HOLTON, W. L. LOWE. CLAYTON VVRTUnr, Adin'r* c. t. n. of Win. TUcIvonnrsv, 'tec'il. T. !·'. SKWABD, . .. Q ^ 1,,-r,, ^Auctioneers. Warrt) Get ready for it. Don't be miserable in warm clothing ^when so little money will make you comfortable. Our cheapest Crash Suits are all right in every way, fit, make-up and style, #2.50, $3.00 and $4.00, others White at $5 Duck and $6. Trousers $1.06 and $1.50, all sizes. Crash Trousers $1.00 and Coats it.50 odd Crash ii.oo. Vest 50 cents. Serge Coats, Single and Double - breasted $3.00 and $4.00. Serge Suits, none better for the money. $7.50. $10 and $12.50, all sizes in Single and Double-breasted. Double- breasted Suits at $8, $10 and $15, 10 per cent, off prices of clothing except Serges and Black Diagonals. JAS, T. MULLIN SONS, Clothing Sixth and Hats, Market, Shoes, Wilmington. Our remnant pile at 5e a yard has been quite an attraction this weelt,. Old price 8 to 15e a yard* Men's Linen Collars, 3 for - 23c. Sailor Hats, Levoring's Coffee, Table Oil Cloth, Child's Tan Shoos, with Tip, size 2 to 5, Best Apron Gingham, He. kind, Very Good Apron Gingham. Over 1000 yds. Shirt Waist Goods, Jusr Opened, - - 5c Life-Size Picture, Frame worth $1.50, 18, lo and 12c. Lawns, "\vry pretty, will make up nice, sacrifice price, 10 and 8c. Lawns, - 5c lOc 15c l i e 15c 25c 6c 5c 93c PUBLIC SALE --OF-REAL ESTATE, y undersigned will sell At public sale, iv Ridguly, Maryland, on Saturday, the 13th of Augnst 1808, bi'twcnn the hours of 1 nnd 8 o'clock p. 111. thi] following ronl estate to wit: Al tliul farm, tract or part of a tract of lane' situated in the Second election district ot Caroline county, Maryland, on tho public roncl lending from Greensborough to Bridgetown, nnd about .one and a-hal! miles from the latter place, adjoining the lands (lately) of the heirs of Wm. M. Day, the lands of JJoonff Loockernmn and others, known us tho "Alonxo Clark Farm," and containing 222 ACRES OF LAND, more or less. This land is of superior quality, lins'on it TWO SETS OF BUILDINGS, in ordinary repair, well located as to mil- road transportation, schools, churches, etc., and will be offered in three tracts--76 acres, 85 acres and 01 ncros respectively-according to a plat to bo exhibited on the day of sale, and then as a whole, and will bo sold in whichever way it brings the most money. TERMS OF SALE. Oiui-fourth cash on day of snlc and tho bulancc in foiir ei|iiul nnniiiil instalments, tlio deferred payments to boar interest and to bo secured to the satisfaction of tho undersigned. S. E. HILL, 200 Equitable Building, Baltimore, Md., Attorney for the Owner. $Plat can bo seen and informntion givou nt the ollioo of LGWI.S WEST, at- torncys, l)enton, Md. Come find she us. We. can quota low rices on all goods. We buy butter, chicli- ns and eggs. R. S. Crew, Cash Dealer. Notice. All persons' who have repair work in my shop are requested to call for it before the 16th day of August next; or it will bo sold on that day, nt public unction, to pay charges. MOSES GOTTLIEB. For Rent for 1899. Storehouse and dwelling at Fowling Creel;, Md. A good business stand nnd in good condition.' Apply to CIIAS. F. WILLIS, ISO Hanover, St., Baltimore, Md. Money to Loan, in sums of ¥500 and upward. Apply LEWIS WEST, Doulon, .Md. to CARRIAGES, HARNESS, LAP DUSTERS, Galvanized and Tared Fett ROOFING FURNITURE Headquarters for Drive-well Material, Plows, AVhcol- wrigbt nnd Blacksmith Supplies, Building Hardware; Carriage, "Wagon, Cart and Plow Harness, Paints nnd' Oils, Tinware, Harness and Shoe Leather, Washing Machines, Bolt Lacing, and Steam Packing. FOURTEEN HCOHSTiLLjD WTg GOODS! I hiwe a lurge stock of Barbed Wire Cubic Wire Buckthorn nnd Ribbon Fencing, Poultry Netting, c. TILGHMAN HARVEY, Burrsville. Md. CI 5V "''IS S l 1 ^ ifH 1 J I EL9JI M9JI ("· E*^i ^ll£-;$NIHIkiR 1ARING OUT ^£% All Summer Goods must go at some price. V\'c don't intend to carry over a single yard. Now is your chance to save money on all Dry Goods, ilC'lons, Mattings, Men's and »oj's Clothing, Just think of all of the best Percales, French Ginghams and Madras Cloths that sold for 12% and i5c--all go for ice-and a big lot to be sold at 8c. Calicoes, best goods, in black and \vhitc, gray and blue, worth 6 and jc--all go for 50. Light calicoes ior 4c. All of our Summer Organdies reduced--25cgoods for 2oc-- 2oc goods for [50 goods for i2^c. We have placed on a Bargain Counter Hundreds of yards of goods all to be sold for 50. Come and get first pick. See our 290 Table Linens, and 59 and 750 ones ; cannot duplicate thorn for same money. Hundreds of yards of all- wool dress goods to be sold at 25c, worth double to wear. This includes blue, black, green and red all-wool serges, and a handsome lot of mixed dress goods, all go for 25c. All of of our i5c dress goods lo be sold for TOC. SPECIAL BARGAINS In Mohairs in green and brown, worth 650., to close. 49c ; and one piece of gray worth $i .00 for 750 to close, and black, positively the best we ever had, all go during this sale, £1.00 kind now 750; 850 kind now 6oc; 65c kind now 5oc kind now 37£c. Now is your time to buy bargains in Silks. Best plain black China silk, worth 75c to close at 55c. Name your own price on fancy silks. -AH of our guaranteed kid gloves in tan, brown, black .and white, worth $[.25, during this sale only 08c. See our 29c and 500 corsets. P. N. Corsets for 50, 85c and $1.00. Ferris waist only 6oc. CLOTHING! CLOTHING! Just think over 500 suits to select from. See. our $4.00^ and $4.50 suits reduced to $2.98 to close. A special bargain suit for $7.50 in men's during this sale. Look, all of our $5.00 pants in black, all-wool clay worsted to close out at $2.50, and all of our best tailor-made pants worth $5.00 and $6.00, all go for $3.50 to close. Bicycle suits and pants, crash suits for men, boys and children. Clothing for everybody. Suits from 75c to $18.00. Pants 25c to $6.00, all reduced to close out. We are positively giving the biggest shirt bargains ever . offered in Easton. Have you seen our 490 shirts? Only a few of those $1.25 form last season,- reduced to 690 to close. See our $1.00 shirts. Just opened the .latest thing in this line. Link cuffs only isc. If you are looking for bargains in dress goods, clothing, notions, etc. Call and see us, no trouble' but a pleasure to show you. Just opened up a lot of Piques in white, blue and pink, all for 150. Goods must go to make room for Fall stock. Ready-Made Skirts and ready-made Waists at Your Own Prices, to close out. THE BAKGAIN GIVERS, J. C. GODWIN CO., · EASTOB, MD,. iv)l Exclusion to Ocoau forttol tho A n n u a l M. P. Su»d:iy City, August 17th, 1S!)8. .n i-Gx WA YOUR WHEAT See Our Agents, Who Are Prepared to Pay Highest Market Prices on Delivery. P. H. GOLT, | TTT C?* 4.- W.H. DENNY, } Wye Station, S. N. SMITH, JR.,' Willougbby, W. P. PENNINGTON, j nufsboro 11110 ' EUGENE LYNCH, Downes,' W. H. ANDERSON, H. C. HOBBS, W. R. PETERS,. ·M. L. BLANCHARD, W. S. LORD, Q. A. E. R. J. CULVER, CUSTIS BURTON, E. W. INGRAM, Denton, Hobbs, Hickman, Blanchard, Greenwood, Ellendale, Milton, Lewes, Grain also received on Storage in Elevator, Queenstown, and negotiable Receipt issued, covered by Insurance. Particulars furnished on application to WILLIAM M, CONN,] Manager For j WM, HOPPS 4 CO. QUEENSTOWN, MD. J . ( BALTIMORE, MD. Order Nisi, Edwin II. Brown, Trustee, Assignee, vs. Robert B. Roberts, Mortgagor. [n tho Circuit Court for Carolina County In Equity. Ordered this Dili day of July, 1898, that the sale made and reported in the ubovo case of the mortgaged real estate by Bd- win H. Brown, Trustee, Assignee of Mort- gagee be finally nUiJicd and confirnioj, inless cause to the contrary thereof bo hown on or before tho 10th day of Sop- ember, 1898, provided a copy of this or- ler be inserted in sonic nowspnpar, printed and published in Carolina County, Maryland once in each of three successive weeks before the Oth day of August, 1898. Tho report stales tho amount of snlo* Lo be $400.00 CHAKLEa W. HOBBS, Cl.»-k. True Copy--Test:. CHAKLErf \V. UOBBS, Clerk. R. B. BOND, DEALER IN WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, Will give all the benefit of large purchases for CASH! f GASH PAID FOR ES. DISEASES OP TELE SK1U. The intense itching and smarting inci- lent to eciems, tetter, wlt-rheurn, anil othei lifeates of tho akin M instantly allayed by ·pplying Chamberlain's. Eye and Skin Ointment Many very bad-cases havo been «nuanently cured by it ' It is equally efficient for itching piles nnd a favorite rem- dy_ for sore nipples; chapped hands, chil- lains, froit bites, and chronic sore eyce. for Bale by druggists at 25 cents per box. Try Dr. Cady's Condition Powders, the? ue just what a horse needd when in bad uondi HOUSE UHLER. --DEALERS IX-- SEASONED PINE (ORIGINAL GROWTH) Framing Sawed to Correct Sizes; Shingles; Laths; Flooring; Siding; Lime; Hair; Cement, Etc, AT OUR COAL YARD, AT THE RAILROAD STATION, Will be kept on hand a supply of First-Class Morea Stove Coal. It is the best! Farmers are informed that we furnish Kerr Bros.' Wrightsville Land Lime. Now is the time to vniwiu jiuraeiieuuBwiienin iKuiuonar · , f» · t .· . 1 Tonic, blood purifier and vermifuge. J give yonr order. Satisfaction guaranteed. SFAPERl

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