The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 25, 1956 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Tuesday, December 25, 1956
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I State Iowa la* aeoitty By HUM Waller -' ••' « • U « A local business man 90! a beautiful Chrismas card from a Kansas City firm, the other day — and inside the card was tucked an invoice stating "Unpaid Balance $9.57." The local man returned the greeting with his own Christmas card, and inside it he tucked a copy of his credit memo previously received from the same firm saying "Paid in Full $9.57." 1 " » • • i A salesman stepped up io Ihe door, knocked, and the door was opened by a beautiful blonde. "May I speak to your husband f,or a moment?" he asked. "I'm sorry," was the reply, "but my husband is:away on busihess and won't be back for a week." The fellow took another look at the blonde and replied, "That's all right, I'll wait." . * • • Chuck Lawson, parts manager at Kossuth Motor, got hold of one of those "fake" Rose Bowl tickets which are making the rounds, and knowing that Orville Wicks was Rose Bowl bound, he phoned Orv and told him that a single ticket had come in from one of their suppliers, and would Orv care to have it. Almost before Lawson had hung up the phone, a car skidded .to a stop in front of the garage 'and out hopped Orv. He grabbed ' the ticket, gave it a quick look, arid they say there is still a dent v in the, ceiling where he blew his -. • -top. . . \, ...'••••;••»- -;• "•' ,' , News reports tell us that there will be nine faculty advisors on the t%vo special student trains from Iowa City going to the Rose Bowl game, inhere will be 650 students. That would mean 4l£ faculty advisors on each train. Each train will have at least 12 ears, or one faculty advisor to each three cars. We predict the faculty advisors will be busy. « • • O14 Jim Wychor. our sashaying radio major domo, isn't one to lose a bet lying down. Having lost one for this season to this column, he now has edged us into one for the 1957 football season. He bet $6 that Minnesota would make the Rose Bowl trip in 1957. Thinking, over the prospects for 1957 in which Ohio State, Michigan and Michigan State will be eligible, and only Iowa will not, we accepted this wager. ' • * * • • There are some families on the "Adoption" list for Christmas that better have plenty of storage room in their homes from what we hear. Some of the adopting groups have pollected so much food and clothing and gifts that they themselves have been hard pressed to find temporary storage space. The Junior High came up with a novel idea — they gave a play and admission was by a gift only, for the adopted family of the Junior High. Those attending the show got out of classes 1 for an horn- and attendance at the performance was about 100 per cent we'll estimate. * * » While some of our editorial brethren seem to get pretty net up about Des Moines troubles over its council and city manager, we fail to get excited. It's Des Moines' own problem, and doesn't particularly concern the rest of vis. * * * Algona's Rotary club and Lions Club will have a two weeks holiday from meetings. Rotary meets on Mondays and the club voted to eliminate the meetings the day before Christmas and New Years. The Lions meet on Tuesdays, so they're automatically out. The Kiwanians, meeting Thursdays, thus stand alone — and some Ki- wanians will say that is as it should be. * * * Right before Christmas, with the Yule spirit predominating, the State Tax Commission sends out 750,000 income tax forms to brighten the day for citizens and postal service . . . and a tidbit in the daily press adds the joyous thought that the interest on the Federal debt these days is more than all the total government expenses in the New Deal days of 1938. * » * A man from California has come up with a solution to the problem of postal deficits. Here is his solution: "If postage were not required for mailing a letter, there would be no cost of printing those 23 billion stamps; delivering them to 38,000 postoffices around the country; recording and keeping track of the stamps; selling them out at one or two at a time; weighing the mail to check proper postage; running it through a cancelling machine and returning it to the sender for postage due. All of these hand operations cost a lot of money." And, he has been invited to attend bearings on the proposed postage rate increases j n Wash- inJjrton. t t » Famous Lajt Line—Is that lh« REAL Saute Claus? ISTA8USHCD 1163 Entered all second clam matter at the postofflce at Alton*, Iowa, Nov. 1, 1932. under Act of Congress of March 3, 1879. ALGONA, IOWA, TUESDAY, OtCtMftCR 75, 1956 4 SECTIONS - 26 PAGES VOL. 93 - NO. 52 Charge Irregularity, Kossuth Vote After 6 Postmasters, 48 Yr. Service, Don Smith Retires It was six postmasters ago that the man shown here began working in the Algona postoffice. He is Don Smith, Sr., clerk, who officially ended his duties here Monday, Dec. 24, when he punched the time clock for the final time. Don is pictured above at a duty he knows by heart in the Algona post office. Mr Smith thus retired after 48 years and five months in the postal department. He a clerk with the postoffice here Aug. 1, 19p8, when Skin Laird, former well-known Algonan, gave up his job locally and entered Iowa State .College. Gus; F. Peek was postmaster then. The postoffice at that time was located in a building on State Street. It was later moved into the building occupied by the Davis Paint Co., then into the former First National Bank building and finally to the present site upon completion of the new building in 1937. , Postmasters locally since Mr Peek include M. P. Weaver, Ike Finnell, Sid Backus, Jim McDonald and the present postmaster, Wade Sullivan. All are deceased, but the latter. Mr Smith's record number, of 'years of-..employment, has- never been threatened by any previous employee of the local • postoffice, and the number of weeks sick leave accumulated by him down .through r the 'years' would' amount to over a year's time. He) of course, will not be able to benefit from the sick leave from now on. , • • , Another member of the Smith family, Mr Smith's better half, known to everyone as Det, also retired with, the close of business Monday. Mrs , Smith, who has been clerking , at Christensen's for the past eight years, worked prior to that for the prisoner of war camp, Botsford Lumber, Pioneer Hibred, Steele's men's store, and Hub Clothiers here. Whittemore Man Injured In Crash Whittemore — Andrew S. Elbert, Whittemore hardware store owner, is recovering satisfactorily from injuries he re9eived Friday when his auto collided with another auto head-on near Holy Cross, a suburb of Dubuque. He is at St. Ann hospital in Algona. Elbert suffered two broken fingers and neck injuries when his car rolled down a 40-ft. embankment following the collision. Elbert was enroute to St. Edmund's College, Dubuque, to pick up five Whittemore boys who attend school there, including his son. The accident occurred very near St. Edmund's. Details of how the accident happened wepe not learned at this time. Elbert had left Whittemore Thursday and stayed overnight at the home of Frank Rochford in New Hampton. Elbert is expected to be released within a day and will be home for Christmas. Haubach Has Heart Attack Lloyd Haubach, 59, well-known custodian at the county courthouse here for the past 13 years, suffered a stroke after reporting for work at 6:20 a.m. Dec. 17 and was rushed to St. Ann hospital where he is coming along as well as can be expected. Haubach was found lying in the corridor on the ground floor of the courthouse bv Leonard WnrnfT. head custodian, who investigated after he heard some- thine fall. He evidently went over backward right after remov- ; nsj his overshoes, for he had them, clutched in his hand when £orm<j. Warner immediatelv called a Hoetor end an ambulance jyxd Haubach was taken to the hospital. The stroke caused'a partial paralysis. 450 Register At L-R Open House Lone Rock — Open house was held at the Lone Rock Co-op Elevator Saturday, Dec. 15th, and about 450 registered for the drawing. The board of directors, the help, and the manager want to take this means of thanking all who called and stopped in to visit and look over the new office. Turkeys were won by Mrs Roy Bierle, Ted Jensen, Pat Lynch, Mark Johnson, Alton Pettit, Chris Dahl and Eldin Marlow. , The officers are Delmar Fischer, pres.; Andrew Thomsen, vice pres.; Ralph Bierstedt, sec'y.; and Raymond Laabs and Henry Schroeder are directors. L. W. Geitzenauer is the manager, assisted by Fritz Newbrough, James Marlow and Lila Schmidt. $1,600 Damages In Car Crashes Three cars were badly damaged in a pair of auto crashes in the county Thursday. No injuries resulted to the occupants of the autos. The first occurred at 5:15 p.m. a mile north and a mile east of West Bend at a county road intersection. Cars driven by Urban L. Kramer, 33, Fort Dodge, and William F. Busch, 55, West Bend, collided. Kramer was traveling north at the time, the other vehicle west. Busch reportedly was blinded by the sun and Kramer couldn't stop in time to avert the crash. Damage was estimated at $700 to the Kramer vehicle and $600 to the Busch machine. A car driven by Donie D. West, 25, Wesley, .hit a patch of ice a half mile east of Sexton at 10:30 p.m. and skidded into the ditch on the north side of the road. West was travelling east at the time. The auto hit a fence owned by Henry Bailey of Sexton, causing unesttmated damage. According to estimates, damage to the auto was $300. Sheriff Ralph Lindhorst investigated both accidents. What to do after retirement apparently •poses no problem for the Smiths. First of all, they are leaving on an extended trip to the west coa^st and other western states Wednesday morning, pec. 26, with Rose Bowl tickeiS in. their pockets/They don't/ know for sure when they will return home, but a question ,from Don about the income tax deadline indicates they may be' gone until the first of April. . Mr Smith will undoubtedly devote plenty of time to his favorite hobbies, which, include golf, fishing, hunting, bowling and gardening.' His efficiency with golf clubs has been known for years, "33 he has been club champion here many times in the past, his latest trophy being won in 1953, As a gardener, he specializes in sweet corn, tomatoes and cucumbers and raises flowers of most varieties. Both the Smiths are avid sports fans, and Mrs Smith enjoys sewing and is a member of several organizations, including the D.A.R. Prior to her full-time devotion to a job outside of the Smith home, she was very active in church work at the Congregational church here where both are members. When asked what they plan to do in retirement, each answered, "Spend a lot of time with our grandchildren." And you know, at times they are frisKier than any of those five grandchildren. (Upper Des Moines Flasn- foto - Engraving) Revenue Service Offers To Help "Self-Help" will again be stressed during the 1957 filing period, as a dominant feature of the Internal Revenue Service's taxpayer assistance program, Robert J. Welter, Administrative Officer of the local Internal Revenue office announced today. Revenue Service employees will fill out returns only for those who cannot read the English language, or are physically unable to do it themselves. The necessary help for a taxpayer to prepare his own return will be given on certain taxpayer assistance days. The assistance days for the local office will be each Monday during the filing season, plus Jan. 2 and April 12. Telephone inquiries for advice on technical matters should be limited to the above davs. The office phone number is 652 Bones Broken In Basketball Tilt Whitiemore — Howard Medin, 13 year-old son of Mr and Mrs Russ Medin, broke both bones in his left wrist and arm, while playing basketball last Wednesday night at Bode. He was taken to Lutheran hospital in Fort Dodge where his arm was placed in a cast. He was released Thursday. The Whittemore 8th gr»dc boys were playing Otto$«n, iutf as Howard wa* backing up he tripped over the referee's foot, giving him a nasty spill. Dolliver Files Contest Over Goad's Victory A charge uf "irregularities" including one specific charge that such an irregularity _ occurred in tabulating votes in Kossuth county, was among nine points filed by James I. Dolliver of Fort Bridge, in formal filing of a contest action Friday over election of Mcrwin Coad to Congress from thfc^Gth Iowa district., In .-Dolliver's 9-poirit outline of ent.rges, he cities Uliat in' Lone Rock precinct, Kossuth county, there was an error in recording totals in the precinct tally book. • • r CUims Error of 10 A; check with Kossuth officials and' interested parties brought out'the fact that uv the first unofficial returns, V Dolliver was credited with 88; Votes in the Lphe Rock precinct and Coad with 85.. At the official canvass the Dolliver total dropped to 78, while Goad's vote remained 'at 85. £ngiis Cotton, Republican county'.chairman whose home precinct . is Lone Rock, said Friday that he thought there was an error of 10 votes in transferring the tally totals from a rough tally sheet to the official tally book turned in at the" county auditor's office. In the final vote _'credited to each contestant, Dolliver, incumbent Republican congressman, was given 5,538 votes in Kossuth county, while 'Coad, his Democratic opponent, was given 5,921 or a margin of 383 votes for Coad in Kossuth. . County Auditor Marc Moore said Friday he had r^c-rived no official information or instructions on the contest. Fil«s 9-Point Charge Dolliver's petition for a contest is being submitted to the House, of Representatives subcommittee jjiv elections in Washington, D, C. • -The state canvassing'board's official canvass of the Nov.' 6 election showed Coad was the winner by a margin of 198 votes over Dolliver. ' . Coad, a 32-year-old minister from Boone, Iowa, .has already named his staff and is planning to move- to Washington for the cpenirtg of Congress. Dolliver's chief charges, according to the petition prepared by his attorneys, Burnquist, H el sell, Burnquist and Kersten, are as fol; lows: 1 — That "illegal, false and fraudulent ballots" were cast in the congressional election ir. several counties of the district, that ineligible voters cast ballots, and that the count of some election officials was "illegal, false and in violation of the election laws." 2 — That many ballots were erroneously and fraudulently counted and returned and irregularities marked. 3 — That in several counties Dolliver lost votes "by the capricious and erroneous decisions" of election boards. (Here was mentioned specifically Lone Rock precinct in Kossuth county where an error in the tally book was charged). 4 — That in many counties representatives of Coad provided brtllots to the voters that w -re already marked and voted 'for Cord. 5 — That a fair and Jawful county of duly authorized ballots would give the election to Dolliver. 6 — That in many of the counties Coad promised appointments to public or private positions in exchange for political support in violation of Federal law. 7 — That Coad by coercion, threats and pressure obtained contributions for the financing of his campaign in violation of the Federal Corrupt Practices Act. 8 — That Coad promised employment, compensation and benefits to persons as consideration for or reward for poltical activity and support for himself. 9 — That preference was given to Coad by radio station KVFD and television station KQTV of Fort Dodge in the use of their facilities. An immediate investigation of the allegations is asked by Dolliver. A further request is made of the sub-committee to arrange for the recount of absentee ballot? in the counties of the distric* where voting machines are used and a recount of all ballots in all counties. 15 Counties Involved The official vote as finally approved in Iowa for 6th district Congressman was as follows: DOLLIVER COAD Boone 5,128 6,473 CaJhoun .- 3,399 3,308 Carroll 4.471 5.15J Crawford 3,302 3,766 Emmet .- 3,525 2,658 Qrewe 3.476 2.864 Hamilton ------- 4,937 4,143 Hancock 3,718 2,958 With all the happy wSb«i fr > .<*, * '" i " <,' That come io you todar oi A MERRY CHRISTMAS DAY1 it - * 1 5 year Sentence, $900 In Fines. District Court Kossuth district court had a surge of business, Thursday and Friday, as a year-end cleanup of the docket took place. James Clifford Sirohman. 21, former resident of Emmetsburg and more lately of Algona, was sentenced to a five yoar term in the state reformatory at Anamosa, Friday, by Judge G. W. Stillman, on a plea of guilty to a charge of larceny. He had previously admitted participation in break-ins in Algona and at Ottosen, the largest of which netted him about $200 worth of tools from the Kossuth Motor garage. The smallest was 18 cents taken from the Bryant school the night of Dec. 6. Order $2,000 Judgment Fines totaling $900 were also assessed in other cases before the court. Albert H. Peter, Burt. was fined $300 and costs on a plea of guilty to a charge of selling beer to a minor, a case that had been pending for some weeks. Raymond Goehring, Sioux City, and Glnnn Edward McVay of Algona, were each fined $300 on pleas of guilty to charges of operating motor vehicles while intoxicated. A judgment for $2,000 was also entered against Mrs Daniel N. Meyer and Clarence D. Meyer, of Titonka. Mrs Meyer is Clarence's grandmother, and she signed his bail bond over a year ago when he was facing a charge of obtaining money under false pretenses. Meyer failed to appear in court wh^n ordered. Later he arrested and sentenced last December to a term of not exceeding seven years at Anamosa. However, because he had not appeared as ordered the bail bond was forfeited, t"ne court ruled. 40 Cases Dismissed In one other court action, a motion on the part of the defendants was sustained, in the case of Irving and Phil Diamond versus Mr and Mrs Kay Sett-hell, of Eldora. The defendants asked Humboldt 3,235 3,023 Kossuth 5,538 5,921 Palo Alto 3,104 3,863 Pocahontas 2,895 3,353 Webster 9,108 10,741 Winnebago 3,575 2,378 Wright 5,016 3.995 Totals 64.427 64,635 Judges of election in the Lone Rock precinct of Kossuth county were W. G. Flaig, J. M. Blanchard and L. H. Seegebarth. Clerks for the precinct were Erich Seegebarth and A. D. Newbrough. thi't 'the case, involving legal action over a lease and contract of a business building in Algona, be transferred to the court in Hardin county, which is now the Setchell residence. County Attorney L. W. Nitchals, who will end his term of office as county attorney on Jan. 1, has -thus pretty well cleaned up his.own criminal court matters before his successor, Goi'don Winkel, takes office. On the civil court docket, 40 cases which had come under the two year rule, were ordered dismissed by the court, considerably reducing the total number of cases still carried on court records, without settlement or termination. Girl, 14, Found In Colorado An Irvington man, Sammy Schneider, was returned to Algona from Sterling, Colo., Friday night by Deputy Sheriff Don Wood. He was to bo charged with operating a motor vehicle without the owner's consent. Schneider borrowed the car of an Algonan, Eugene Dawes, Friday, and sometime that evening apparently began a trip to the west. He stopped at West Bend and took along a 14-year old girl, who was apprehended by Colorado authorities with Schneider at Sterling at 5 p.m. Wednesday. According to all available information in the case, Dawes loaned the auto to Schneider for a short length of time, and .when the latter failed to show up with the car when the time was up, Sheriff Ralph Lindhorst sent out a bulletin which resulted in the apprehension of Schneider and the girl. The car was reportedly abandoned for some reason at Casper, Wyoming, according to a statement given by Schneider to Sterling officers. How the two traveled from Casper to Sterling is not known. Wood left early Thursday to pick the pwir up and return them to Iowa. It was understood no charges were to be filed against the sirl and that she would be delivered to her home in West Bend. ' . . . . Time sad da£e for .the preliminary hearing in the case h,a(i uo^ been set at press time. "" Joyous Noel! 44 Families Are Adopted The one remaining family to adopt for the 1956 Christmas season was taken this week, with the result that all 44 of the families up for "Adoption" this Christinas have been taken. A complete list of the groups who adopted the families follows, and many, many thanks to those who have so kindly entere'd into the true spirit of Christmas. Family No. 1 — Adopted by, Newcomers Club, Algona. Family No. 2 — Adopted by P.W.O. of Algona Presbyterian church. Family No. 3 —'Adopted by Ninth grade Sunday School class, Algona Methodist church. Family No. 4 — Adopted by Delphian Societv. Family No. 5 — Adopted by the W.S.C.S. of Algona Methodist church. Family No. 6 — Adopted by the W.S.C.S. of Algona Methodist church. Family No. 7 — Adopted by P.W.O. of Algona Presbyterian church. , , Family No. 8 — Adopted by Izaak Walton League, Algona. Family No. 9 — Adopted; by Mr and Mrs H. H; Lindeman. Family No. 10 — Adopted by Izaak Walton League. Family No. 11 — Adopted by anonymous. ' Family No. 12 — Adopted by Alcona Junior High. Family No. 13 — Adopted by W.S.C.S. of Alg6na Methodist church. . Family No. 14 — Adopted by V.F.W. Auxiliary, Algona. . Family No. IS — Adopted by Trinity Lutheran Ladies Aid, Algona. : Family No. 18. ; -r-^Adopted .by- Art Kadow; Burt, la."" ~ ""--.•-•-.• Family No. 17 — Adopted by Algona Lions Club. • Family No. 18 — Adopted by First Lutheran church, Algona. Family No. 19 —• Adopted by Catholic Daughters of America, Algona, Family No. 20 — Adopted by Trinithy Lutheran church,'Algona Izaak Walton League, Algona. Family No. 21 — Adopted, by Trinity Lutheran Ladies Aid. ; Family No. JJ2 — Adopted by Family No. 23 — Adopted by Irene Chrischilles,,, Algpna< ,, . •, Family No. 24 — Adopted by N. W. Bell Telephone operators. Family No. 25 — Adopted by Zeta Xi chapter. Algona. Family No. 26 — Adopted by anonymous. Family No. 27 — Adopted by Algona V.F.W. post. Family No. 28 — Adopted by Bob Schoby, Algona. Family No. 29 — (Adopted by Alrrona Aces 4-H club. Family No. 30 — Adopted by student council, Algona high. Family No. 31 — Adopted by anonymous. Family No. 32 — Adopted by St. Thomas Episcopal Guild. Family No. 33 — Adopted by Mr and Mrs Schattschneider, Algona. Family No. 34 — Adopted by W.S.C.S. of Algona Methodist church. Family No. 35 — Adopted by children of Mr and Mrs Leon Martin. Family No. 36 — Adopted by Alfjona Lions Club. . . Family No. 37 — Adopted .by Plum Creek Elite 4-H club. Family No. 38 — Adopted by Moose Lodge, Algona. Family No. 39 — Adopted by Algona Lions Club. Family No. 40 — Adopted by St. Thomas Episcopal Guild. Family No. 41 — Adopted by Soroptimist Club, Algona. Family No. 42 — Adopted by P.E.O., Algona. Family No. 43 — Adopted by Fifth Grade, Lucia Wallace. Familv No. 44 —- Adopted by Anonymous. Alqona Doctor Is Stricken Dr. P. V. Janse of Algona, one of Kossuth county's best known physicians, was stricken with an acute intestinal hemorrhage Wednesday night at his home. According to reports Friday, his condition has improved. He is confined in bed at his home during his recuperation. Slight Stroke For Woman, 91 Mrs Hattie Witham, who will be 92 years old in July, suffered a slight stroke last week and was taken to St. Ann hospitaJ. She was in a most critical condition, due in. part *o .the fact that she was also suffering from pneu* monia.

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