Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 22, 1936 · Page 4
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 4

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 22, 1936
Page 4
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FOUR THE JPAMfA DAILY NEWS, Paffipl, MONDAY EVENING, JUNE 22, llS6.' Foreign Official I HORIZONTAL I..6 The president of Mexico 13 Kiln. 14 Rental • 'contract. 16 Salute. 17 Before. 18 Challenged. 19 Frozen water. 20 Thrives. 22 Beverage. 23 Extolled. 25 Native. 29 Austerity. 33'To corrode. 34 Oat grass. 35 Artificial silk. 36 Domesticated. .37 Rock shelf. 41'Watch pocket. 44 Blemishes. 48 Duet. 49 Examination of accounts. 51 Hail! 52 Nobleman. Answer to Previous' Puzzle 53 To exchange. 54 Ana. 56 Having a handle. 57 He has his chief political enemy; VERTICAL 1 Behold. 2 To affirm. 3 Cipher. 4 Afresh. 5 Ancient. 6 Anxiety. 7 Toward sea. 8 Scarlet. 9 Wickec!. 10 Fastidious. 11 Class of birds. 12 South America 15 To dine. 20 His military title. 21 Muteness. 23 Scolds. 24 Long speeches 26 Constellation. 27 Plaything, 28 Stir. 30 Bugle plant. 31 Diamond. 32 Unit. 38 Paradise. 39 Club fees. 40 Hottentot instrument. 41 Sable. 42 Land right. 43 To proffer. 45 Mohammedan judge. 46 Grandparental 47 Network. 49 Devoured. 50 Golf device, 52 Father. 55 Paid publicity. Talmadge Asks Smith to Line Up With Him ATLANTA. June 22. f/P)-—Gover- nor Eugene Taimndge, new deal rritlc. today urged Alfred E. Smith and other discontented Democrats to "line up with me on my plan to fight the new deal and Roosevelt within the Democratic party." The Georgia executive made it plain he did not Intend to bolt the party ticket. "I am a party man," Talmadge said, banging his fist on his desk. "I am opposed to Roosevelt being the nominee of the party. "I am opposed to new deal policies. I think I've been of great assistance to the American people in bringing cases to the Supreme Court in the name of the State of Georgia in order to defeat certain new deal policies. 'But I want it understood that I am in the Democratic parly and there to stay." HINDENBURG SETS RECORD LAKEHURST, N. J., June 22 —The dirigible Hindenburg grounded at the naval air station at 4:15 a. in. (Central Standard Time) today, bettering its previous record for a westward crossing of the north Atlantic by 32 minutes. It was 61 hours and 25 minutes out of its home port, Frank Fort-on- vlain, Germany, when the ground- ng ropes wera heaved out. Dr. Hugo Eckener was in command. By JOHN SELBBY Vincent Sheean's "Sanfelice" is probably the book of the week, for those who want to make choices such as that. But there will be those who believe Mr. Sheean and his publishers both are getting the cart before the horse in what they say of the novel. For "Sanfelice" is a historical romance with a tragis denouement, and should be read as such, and not as an expression of Mr. Sheean's "problem of revolution conceived as the violent acceleration of historic processes." This seems obvious; there Is a school of historiographers which will not even admit that there are historic "processes"; to them there is only chao.s. They can pretty well prove their point, too, as readers of Charles A. Beard's "The Discussion of Human Affairs" will know. "Sanfelice" is the story of a woman of the upper classes who through tricks of poverty and a chance meeting at a hall finds herself in love with a lawyer's clerk and In the end the unwitting apex of the revolutionary movement in the Naples of 1799. It is difficult to see in this anything but luck, good and bad. Nor does Mr. Sheean explain himself in the book any more convincingly than outside it. But as a historical novel, 'Sanfelice" Is tops. The portraits of Sir William and Lady Hamilton, of Lord Nelson, of Queen Caroline, are extraordinarily lifelike. Some of the proletarian characters do not fare so well, but what matters that in a romance? Readers of Sabatinl may not care much for Mr. Sheean's latest, but readers of Dumas will. Thumbnail Reviews "Green Mountains to Sierras," by Zephine Humphrey: a motor trip from Vermont to California and back again; charming in a way, but if you expect a reason for the book to emerge, you'll be disappointed. "What I Left Unsaid," by Daisy, Princess of Pless: a third volume by this Englishwoman who married a German prince; quite vivacious in spots, in a very English way. "So Long to Learn," by Doreen Wallace: first rate English novel about a girl who loved farming and the two men with whom her life was shared. "Uncommon Law," by A. P. Herbert: Mr. Herbert, by means of a set of imaginary cases, points out absurdities and loopholes in the law. "Mary Thomas' Embroidery Book" she wrote first a dictionary of embroidery stitches; now she tells what to do with them; a kind of needle- worker's thesaurus. "Sheldon's Way," by Wynward Browne: a vicar feels his Christian duty to his two unpleasant spinster sisiters so keenly that they rule him; the book, Mr. Browne's first published in this country, is also a satire on British church mechanics. "How to Build Motor Car Trailers," by A. Frederick Collins: instructions and small-scale working drawings for the construction ot either a tourist trailer of a luxurious traveling home; 300,000 people live tn trailers already, says Mr. Collins. "This Gun For Hire," by Graham Green: one of those delightfully improbable, hard-hitting stories of villainy; a harelipped man who kills for hire, a little man and has secretary, both dead, an actress—etc. $25.00 REWARD Will be paid by the manufacturer for any Corn GREAT CHRISTOPHER Corn Cure cannot remove. Also removes Warts and Callouses. 35c at Cretney Drug Store. —adv. M. P. DOWNS Automobile Loans Short and Long Terms REFINANCING Small and Large 604 Combs-Worley Bid* Phone 336 All makes Typewriters and Other Office Machines Cleaned and Repaired. —All Work Guaranteed— Call JIMMIE TICE PAMPA OFFICE SUPPLY COMPANY, Phone 288 Your Record of Service Is Valuable to You at Our Store! You paid your sacrifice during the World War , . . If you'll bring your identification of service to our store we'll prove our appreciation to you!. SHOP OUR STORE FOR UNUSUAL VALUES IN HOME FURNISHINGS TEXAS FURiTURE CO. GUY E. McTAGGART, Mgr. 210-12 N. Cuyler Phone 607 CAPITOL JIGSAW By HOWARD C. MARSHALL AUSTIN, June 20 (AP)—After threatening to punch Dr. Rexford Guy Tugwell, New Deal "brain truster," in the nose, Rep. Eugene Worley had another thought. "I wonder how big a man Tugwell is," he mused. "But no matter. Regardless of size, I'll take a swing for the honor of the Texas Panhandle." Worley objected to a motion picture made by the Rural Resettlement Administration depicting scenes in drought-stricken areas of the United States. "It's a libel on the greatest section in the country," he said. Rep Harold Hankamer of El Paso, smallest man in the legislature Is opposed for re-election, he said, by R. W. Page, nearly seven feet tall. "I hope to whittle him down to my size and get most of the votes as usual," Hankamer said. His district is the 90th and Includes part of El Paso and all of Hudspelh and Culberson counties. W. W. Bridgere, a member of the 28th and 29th legislatures, Is running, unopposed, for a full term as representative from the 89th district, Place No. 2. He was elected last February for the un- expired portion of the term of Rep William Clayton, who resign- ed to accept a counts' position. H. P. • Jackson Is without opposition for re-election to Place No. 1 In the 89th district, composed of El Paso county. Directors of the Centennial by resolution thanked Gov. Allredfor his services in publicizing the celebration' in state and nation. The resolution noted the value of nation-wide publicity was recognized by the setting aside of $500,000 for advertising and said that to back up this fund and produce other publicity excursions of various kinds were promoted. "To dignify such excursions and obtain desired publicity by the presence of Important state officials," it said, "it was frequently necessary to request the governor of Texas to accompany such parties and be the principal spokesman for Texas and the Centennial" Neither of the Governors Ferguson, James E. or Miriam A., attended the breakfast tendered Secretary of Commerce Daniel C. Roper at the executive mansion by Gov. Allrpcl. They were not invited. On the other hand, former Governor and Mrs. Dan Moody were Invited, although Moody was out of town. No one would comment on the ommlsslon of the Fergusons from the guest list. Others invited included: Bill Yeager, aide to Roper; Former Postmaster General A. S. Burleson; Mayor Tom Miller and Harry Hines, chairman of the highway commission. Read The News Want-Ads. OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS /THAT SIT- RIGHT THEEE NOW VOU'VE GOT THE ft PRINCIPLE OF BOULDER. PAM- STICK A BOARD IN TMEC.E FOR. TWE GATES,,^ "at PILE TME MUD A LITTLE HIGHER, AM 1 RAISE TME WATER A LITTLE MORE T. M. PEC. U. S. Plf~OFF O "36 BY_HE* ItBVICE. INC. THE LOVE TMAT NEVER. GROWS COLD THIMBLE THEATRE Starring POPEYE THE, JtEP I HfNNJE MftDE HUNDRED THOUSAND AHD I SHfcU. BET IT ALL OAB TO BEKT ;'s TH&T ?umy- SWVOR I'M GOING TO FIGHT— Y>^N—' "'"GOING kff\ 'I'm a Sissy!' . ._ . . S&\D _ 15 GO'NER UCK C^AE-l GOT By E. C. SEEGAR ''V^y ->.rf/>f,J JO J95S.TangBeituta5«, " ""^cl^. ''*??. ' World " rf g'"« raSvtS. ^ BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES SOHK- K^OCH^D VOO SURE I Cft^ UCK LOOK IDHKT V\E D\O! ~ J \ J » *^ > TV vwiSl 1 »»»^^« "'•/\ OUT W LEAST (JHE OEEP 5ft\D v V. UUIN- YOU OJILL CJUIN Not a Bad Idea, Either By MARTIN 5AV,V'CQU\-D VaY AM ON YW BACU OF ^1936 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REO. U. S. PAT. OFF FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BO/, IF YOU THINK RDLkS ARE GOWWA BOTHER LOOKIWG FO» , EVERYBODY IW TDWKJ IS EX- ABOUT THAT STRAKJGE /AKIIMAL \~THAT'S RQAMIMS POODLES MOW, YOU'RE GUCKOO .' EVERYOKIE WHO HAS SEEM IT SWETARS THERE AIN'T MO SUCH AMIMAL! EVEW PROFESSOR PECK'S FORGOTTEM ABOUT FIWDIMQ POODLES-' WHAT DOES THIS STRANGE ANIMAL LOOK LIKE? IT'S KINDA LIKE A DOG, ONLY IT ISN'T.' IT HAS A FUNNY HEAD, AND IT'S SCARED THE DAYLIGHTS OUTTA ALL THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE SEEN ^YEAH .._YOU KWOW....OWE OF THOSE THIWGS WfTH THE IWSIDES- Mo! THATS THE FUWMY THIMS.' •THE EiODY OF IT SEEMS LIKE A DOG, BUT THE HEAD LOOKS LIKE A SKELETON! OLTT ANDTHE OLfTSIDE MYRA NORTH, SPECIAL NURSE Serious Business By THOMPSON and COLE IT'S STRANGE I CAM'T FIND MV PAUGWTER-I'M 6EEATLY WORRIED--IF ANJyTHIMG SHOULD HAPPEN TO MERLE, IT WOULD KILL ME / SEE HERE/ DEVRIES -YOUR DRUGS MAY BE ALL RIGHT BUT WE CAM'T AFFORD TO RISK AMV MORE SLIP5 BY THE GIRL/ PAY CLOSE ATTENTION), MYRA,,. PO NOT LEAVE MERLE-OH, MERLE! ANSWER ME.' SHE MUST E-E IN HERE, SOMEWHERE I'VE SEARCHED THE ENTIRE CAMP- THOROUGHLY / DOM'T WORRY, SIR EDMOND" PERHAPS SHE'S EXPLORING THE TOMB- . SUMMON YOU --UMDER- STAND? TAKE A FEW OF THESE TABLETS WHEN) DROWSY YOU'RE RIGHT, HYSTER-FROM NOW ON, SHE MUST KNOW NOTHING OF OUR PLANS/ , IN THE -PASSA6E UWDEfc THE CHAPEL OF ROHATEP'S TOMB/THE FRAMTIC SIR EDMOND SEAECHE5 FOR HIS PAU6HTER ALLY OOP WHILE EMDEAVORIMG TO F-IKJD AM AVEWUE OF ESCAPE FROM SAWALLA LAKJD FOR OOOLA AMD HIMSELF, ALLEY OOP, CLOSELY WATCHED BY KINO VVUR'S MEM, SUCCEEDED IK) ELUDIWG THEM.OKJLY TO HAVE TO GO TO THEIR RESCUE VWEM THEY ARE TREED BY A JUMGLE MOKISTER.; THUS, OUR. HERO MAS \wow THE GUARDSMEN'S ETERNAL GRATITUDE So That's It? Well, Well! By Hamlin LISTEW, DOM'T TRY T'KID ME IF THERE \S MO WAY OP ESCAPE FROM THIS PLACE, WHY DID WUR SEMDYOU T'KEEPAM EYE OM ME.V BECAUSE HE'KNEW VOU'D TRY TO HMD A WAY OUT AMD HE DIDM'T WANT YOU YERSELF KILLED/ HUH WELL,( PLEWTX-y'SEE.HESGOWWA SUPPOSIN' V MAKE OOOLA HIS QUEEM, I DID -WHAT5 7 BUT - BEFORE HE CAM THAT T'HIM ? ( DO THAT, HE'S GOTTA FIWD HIS SISTER A HUSEAWD - HUH? WHAT'S THAT Y'MEAM THAT I'M PER VOU,EH?

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