The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 16, 1923 · Page 9
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 9

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 16, 1923
Page 9
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PAGE TEN. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. EN THE MORNING Stockholders May Decide on Reorganization Plan. DIRECTOR IS ARRESTED SUGAR REDUCED $1.10 LAST WEEK Reductions Come at Opportune Time for Housewife's Canning Season, Warrant for Guy Glascock Came j Lntc Saturday—Late Develop mcnt May Clear Him. Tomorrow may drtonuino tho fu- Inrc of Mm Fourth stnlo mink, which <'io !5p (i Ks doors (rii days IIRO UH'T •\V;il!nr (ininrly, jih.seumJiin 1 , pn.'aidout, •W.IM iliscovt IVM ] to huvo dl^aplViin-d, IravinR behind him n IOFH of appro*)- innlcly $17;'),000. Tin; Hl<irklioh1«vs »»f 1he bank will ninet in tho mortiiim 10 o'clock in tho Ohuuibor of Com- iiHTct' rooms ami will hoar of a pro- po «t.M[ plan uf ro-orKHiii'/.atioti. Many aro optimistk: over tho ro- orK;inU;ition outlook. This, it^, is pumtnl out, would ho by far tlm most, s^it i-f:ii'loi y niiJustinoTit .to tiio t.aimiOj I.H any jilan of re-organi/.ation won 10 ; InrlU'lr taking up al! qurril.ion.'il>;<i; jmp'-r ami start hi}.; on a. suum! fiuan ( rial basis, if is a ei'i taint} that Lhcr. will bo no to-oi-^idii/.al ion uiib.'ss tin ThP fuel that sugar dropped $1.10 a hundred last wook will intcroyt. the housewife with tho «'anuintf season looming up UH tlic principal part of !inr work for th» next fi»\v weeks. U. K. I'.atrd, m.uutgor of 'Ins Jett & Wood antral Mtr(-:uitiiV Co., reports that ;iii ; ;ar is IH»W Htdling on tho local whidr.'.=a!t; market at $9.05 a hundred for bi.-i'L and $:> 2T* for cuito. In tho riH-ont. advanro In sugar prices, tho wholoKab.' price, went up to a p«»ak pricu of fll.itn per hundred. It rrachod thai price only ;;ix weekn ago and fiinct.' Lb on jt hat* gradually been dropping. Tho, reductions rnmo thick and fast lust week, totaling $1.10 u hundred. Sugar was soiling at tho local groceries today at tho rat<t of nine pounds for a dollar, which is only a fractioin than 11 cent.-; a pound. DEATHS AND FUMEitALS I'il'lll i li.nik. to llCUil tho Director Is Accused. ! he llilm iilT.-st in cnimi'ctinn with tin- IMHU ml' fort'cisled I'Tiduv mill SaIm en v liv rln- N ---.VS. r;nn" ;t:- C \|M -l -l--ll. (iuv IJiurcnck. clnse u:itc al (.iiindv and ilirr'-tur iu tin' 1 limr!;i sl.i[.\ was arramilfl beton' .la,.! It-.- K. 1'. 11 tt'ilflill a hunt li p. in. av .mil i-.-l.-ii--.r-.fl on SiU.O'lll l.'iiilin^ pt'clinnnarv exaintr.:i- '•i.ti-mlini- n li.inuonls ; ha aliened .1;, hail thev haii- |..i-,--al.,ll I< 1 i-iilllil nialioi ill.- Ma'e bank liv K. K. Kiti-ln 111!'-. \-ns -,.'M |av. All Counts Based on Onf Deal. aliu-Illal mil against Mr. Clu.- "lilainhnr three i omits. w.,s o liv J,.".vis Wilson, i-lii-f ,1,-link fx:,miner. I we of ;ha ih-al wilh all,'tail aidina anil . "I Lninnv m in 1-1.1 i-hnii'iia- >.vi'iio u! hank final.- and tla? Satu;-,;, iiuii S Dev. is-11 li ; Cl.'i.'ee lainlil IVaijil as l.-il, pivi-n wll Th ester.luv connected niisil'.-ilinK of Mr, • t .i -i-nrrcil w.itunl.-iv. .stall...1 his arrest, uf lna stiirv. ^xainih"! '.v;n I. an ml scent tlilnl i-li 1 /1M r-'iiht- a Mi-, ill, JS.IHHI hi . the uf : .ll-.-UM. h i .•nnelt 'hi •>\ilni,|lt liiud in- - h.'iik. -.I-ihlHI In till' i-li in th" v iirat'd HI in ami .l ll 1 in I tin Jl.'i.'ii BH ai; tlu, ,• f.nini fill •ail :i:,d h" wi with intti t ill,.11 rall.-.l 1- 1 with .'ill- All tinea ,!.<• deal, wlitna- a rhi '.'k for .. Im al iirokers ..11 Mariano Oil Willi wlis.-U to >rv lohl liv Mr. Ilk I'Ml'.lllll' I's. hnv .Marland lake ;i hip riini ruin Mr. Illas- dnl not have snl- told hnn to would lalio i -are oE i.inev of Ins own. K Kltehi-11. his HUTCHINSON PIONEER DIED THIS AFTERNOON George 0?ilver Had Been Resident of Hutchinson for Nt.=i- Half Century. '""ise H. (Imver. who camo to 1111,,-ain-ou when the town was in its ,M >> ""•'»••>• ana has lh-.-d he,-,, i-ver -•.Inn' died tans ai'ernoon at his homo. ast after an illness of WICHITA MAN, ON VACATION, MISSING Ray Kennedy Rented Ford From McVay Co., Saturday, and Has Not Been Seen SSnce. - Hay Konnerlj-, 32, son of Ilavo Kennedy of South Hutch1n»on, In mlsslup mid hln parents nnd tho mithnrities four lip may have mot with foul piny. Kennedy rentoil a Ford car from the MuVny livery Co., Salurdny cvonlng. Ho was lal«r with Mmyr Su'tun, wlin i .s now lioinp dRtainod at tho county jail, pemllni; fitrthor InvestigiHion, and frimi tlici tinio Sutton says lie let him out of the enr no word can be had as to his movenionta. Tho faot Unit Kennedy owns proper ty and lins inoney in tho hank at Wichita tondfi to discredit any idea that he may have stolen Hie car. In the opinion t.t Hepuy Sheriff ,1. 10. Uurgesse. Kennedy hud no coat at tho time ho was last, seen and despito the fart that county authorities scoured the surrounding country yesterday, no one rould be found who had seen anything of Iho missing man. Kennedy is einpUiyed by the Kansas (las and Kloetric Co. at Wichita and was spending a two weeks vacation hero, the authoritios were told. Sutton declares lie knows nothing of the missinir man. He says Kennealj^et him out at his home Saturday evening. •lit IK' f.i a Mine I! ..• t nllvrr was horn in London. I on April ;i, ISM and camo to a while a small lad. His li"d Chilver, camo in -lahnsn.-d a home for , o: and Fred and '•'i-'.iI's lal er. was Instill- TALK ABOUT AN $800,000 "GATE" FOR PRIZE FIGHT Effort Made to Get Dempsey to Go to Buenos Aires for Firpo Contest. Xe Waco. TVx . th"ii imb-l.tod to him in the sum of $l»i.r.n:. and asu- od p'M-nn*-.sion to draw a draft tor Rs Ouo ThN was giv^n and tho draft w:oi iir:ov:i. When tho dr.if; arnvod (l'.y Th- AsHtviat.-d Vvw) York, ,luiy ]U.--Promoter Tox Hickard today nuuie a dnfinit* 1 proposition to -Lick Kearn.;, manager of Jat'k Dempsey, thni the heavyweight ehampion lumt. I-uis Kirpo. tin 1 South .American yoinig'^f«'. i r, wln> knocked out Jess Willard last week, in Hue.nos Airet; as Kirpo wishes. Kearna an- mnirued he would make known hiri decision by Wednesday. •Kirkard said that hi? agents in tho Argentine capital, had Assured him November 1 would be a good date for the fight, and thai a ?J$nn,fiO0 gatf- awaited a match b'dwe.Mi 'Firpo and eitln-r DomjiRoy or Harry Wills, negro boxer, whu has been necking to meet tho champion. WORK COMBINATION MOTOR FIRM SAFE Robbers Touch Superior Company for Close to $1,000—Got Cash, Checks, Rings. .TI.nuulo Valentino was at work In Hutchinson Saturday night. Ho opened tho safe lit the office or the Superior Motors. Co., comer Washington street, and First avenue and ijot away with loot close to $1,000. Entrance to the rear of the building was ohtninnd through a window and a glass panel to tho office was broken. Kxcellent finger prints were left anil those were photographed by Un- dersherlff fay Drown. Tho rubber was reported to Sheriff Jesse Langford yesterday nioriiing. The safe had been opened without damage to it, the burglar evidently being able to manage for the combination lu some manner. Kxact figures on the loss were not available but a diamond rlns valued at $400, about f.3t!0 In cash and about $200 worth of chocks were taken. Payment was stopped on the. chocks today so that the loss will bu confined to the cash and the gem. —* tho neicl session begins In necombnr. Ho holds that the authority of congress Is ample to take such a step, regardless of the attitude of foreign governments. OFFICIAL OF RESERVE BANK TOOK OWN LIFE LARGE ATTENDANCE AT FARMERS UNION PICNIC Expected That 12,000 People Will be at Wamego, Wabaunsee County. Wameso, Kan., July 16.—Farmers ami members of their families by the thousands flocked hero today for tho fourth annual Pottawatomio-Wnbaunse county farmers' union picnic—said by H. K Smith of "Wamego, local union manager in charge Of tho affair, to 'be Hie largest of its kind held annually Iu the Vnited States. Smith estimated tho attendance by evening will exceed 12,000. An ext.ei.Mve program of field and w.-.ter spirts, band concerts, a chil- dron'y parade, ball game, movies, pavement dance and addresses is being carried om under favorable weather condition!*. Those on the program for addresses include Charles S. Barrett, national president of the Farmers' X'nion; John Tromble, Salina, state president and If. ( S. Senator Arthur •Capper. CATTLE DIPPING WAR DOWN IN MISSISSIPPI William A. Daily, of Kansas City, Shot Himself Twice This Morning, Knnsaa City, Mo M July 1G.—William A. Pally, B6, secretary to Carroll A. Worthlngton, deputy governor of the federal reserve bank here, shot nnd killed himself today. Friends could give no reason [or tho Bhootlng, which took place (n thd bank building. Dally fired two Hhots, either of which would have cuuaod death, physicians sfild at the hospital whore ho wag taken. Daily appeared cheerful when ho arrived at tho_b*M*k at his usual Umo this morning, employes said. After talking over business routine he went to the men's room. Courtney Emerson, employed in a. restaurant adjoining tho rest room, heard a shot and rushed into the room in time to ace Dally fire a second time. Daily was rushed to a hospital, where ho died without regaining conBcious- III 11-.. 3i 1 Mr. i •o it I!ie: •d how. ver, ntlv :i:ent:il m n; :K a •s 'M .yed Mr. (Mah-eock 's rhwk. iKi.^.-nek siib.-:rque?n Iv rlt>:l"d iii.-i d sioe.k. latiiML! a Uir.A i.i ap- proxmiaieh- M.OU . The rr*-dit he stip 'M ^fd tie ; ; ! ill had until he claimed ll. and round that llemieU Lo.. claimed tli*-v bad an "in< r from hnn to trun.shT tho credit to na'die & I'o.. Kansas ( it v. Mr. lawcoei; sav« lie never authorized tue transie.r ano sup- Qtoaes tirunilv niu.-u have turned hla name to th>' f>n;rr. Teod to Disprove Conspiracy. Tin- appearanre of Mr. K.ifh'dl ves- tvdav. nis ai luiowlcdmnenf of a debt of $l(;.."»u:'. to finir.dv or the bank ad tend to le ;-M 'ii tue btaie. cnargi? ot eun- npiracv ii wiii.-'i Mr. (< lust oe.k. 1 was admitted last nu:nt bv Mr. Wilson ibeforo )\» b-ft. He declined to com- f^'is on Uio new dovcinp- •er. Mr. Wilson declap-d dl 'H r.talerrient. If true, s tiirther that (.•nindv was piayiti^ v tn-.-nus tor a sucker, lie would -!;i;e ui" eiP'ef lie considered tho de\t'idpiii'mts have an the airalnst Mr. Ulascock. .Mr. Wilier 1 fiprdta. but. will dav if ULft j.roliml- il iiadddey. cashier [ as .scheduled. • >ck. l!l;o Mr. Ilud- tho victim or Walter ilrun- io m l ii"ral belief held inside. Xon-n altrl- ot the-jio aeeustrd of- in the alleg- th oii- number of FJng- thi-: community hamtiwr-rk many ; !;e pr-'se'.n iiav t);iihiijigH were i,f. \\f invented heaviiv in local- op'-rl.y r.- ; pec;ally on >!iermau fctreet d Avenue A cast nnd lived to see it conic very valuain". \N lien he died lidi. a goodlv (•iiinimtence U) his i lil run and gave tnee legacies to pnr-ws, nieces arid children of old ends. m CM T ai t at Inn Kit I (i^'omo H. Chilver was associated in ] fjusiitess witb IUH father for many I ve.irs but .if late has retired from ! in* i ve business. Ho was inar-rifed iu j l'.uo to Mi^s Minnie Uessler who sur! vivos bun togetlior with a brother, i Krcd Chilver l} { Angeles. Calif.,' 1 and a sister. Mrs. 1-ila )Cngland of To- ! No Him I made av;; i Uvea. • al arrangements have been i liit, word from distant reta­ in Hon lelt q -t :urn le"-re J'inu li.iry hen Hi'.- ot I* o! t In. 1 linnh is he! That Mr. Clas di lev dvs pcrtidv. is ;b\ t hose on t bines to eitlie licjala criminal motive v.\ tn-.s-dvaUn^f. '1 bat -Mr. wlas- ock js himself broken jlnaiM -ially by (..rundys pertidy bus ibec .'i admitted by hirn Hiueu the bauk clo-ed. 1 i r> was a si ock bolder and director. lie admitted he has been left s-io.000 in debt by his traitorous U:- •aiclate. Works for Bank's Interest, Mr. Glascock and his brother, Halj>h (.thiseock, another stock bolder hav« only recently returned from Kansas •City w)iere they went hoping to l>iek up some loose end* of tJrciuly'fl deals •which would reali/.e bom.vt hhifl for the l>.-t:lt. Mr. (inmdy is t.-alrl to have made the, state in en I ho would repay c\ "r> I bin::. "I would bo rlad to make a full Mat omen t," said Mr. < Uuscock, "but lr:\e !>ee;i advised by m\ counsol to ii;i'. nothiiii:." Mrs. Grundy Defore Diroctoro. 'di 'H. Helen Grundy, wi'u of t,h« mlfis- hu; ba tik president appeared boron* iJe- diieetors at a meeting Saturday ai'ierjioon. She admittod bavins tiiik wilh her husband on the night of June 2? but said she thought ho was i.di.irig from Ft. Worth, Tex., ins tend of Kansas. City, Hanking doparLnieut o'.'iie.l.ibi have cheeked the two calls, ] ,Ai\er according to Mr. Wilson and in',v Crundy called from i\ Knnwaa C!t> hotel, using unotber inun's room. Mrs. Crundy could supply little la- i'lirmalIon, she claimed. Site turned ov*r 10 Mr. Wilson Hie KHcliell notes, v.Mch a|>pari'iitly belong to tho bank and which Mr. Kltchell said would ho p;.':.l. One is for $10,000 and the • oiI; s r is 1 or - - . , j j RALPH L'AM BERTH DIES. End Came Suddenly Yesterday for Pioneer South Hutchinson Man. Juilpii i-anihcrUi. -Ui years old. a well kimwii n-sident o! South Hutchinson, died ; udd-.nlv at iu.-> hoiil i ai tcnicon at -1 ; --!,•;do* Th I bold tuinori 1 from the c.r I Kev, W. H. 1 McCuire in O. It. Shaven went to Stafford today on business. - Mrs. Mildred Hrevoort return(?tl this morning from a week's visit in Kansas City, Mo. Mr. and Mrs. Hun Snider of 132!.' Fast Seventh street announce the birth of a baby boy today. The small son of W. K. Or id ley of 730 West First, was painfully hurt, when three fingers of his rii;ht hand were cauyht in a washing machine which his mother was operating. The little fellow crept up to the machine and before his mother could stop him had stuck his hand In it. An informal party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. s! Green at 111 A west, s-ervod a double purpose Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. John Ticdtke celebrated their fourth wed­ ding.anniversary and the engagement of Miss Dorothy Feoee to Dr. Dave Uraco 'was announced. Dinner was served to Mr. and Mrs. Ron Howell, Mr. and Mrs. John Tiedtkc. Miss Dorothy Fcoco. Mr. Dave Ibaco and the host and hostess. The Dions club today gavo unqualified indorsement to tho proposal to vote bonds for utticti needed new school facilities In the south -part of tho city. A. 1L Tuttlo brought up the subject at tho weekly luncheon today nnd the indorsement resolution went over with a bang.' It was the •otated opinion of the cubs that the city cannot afford to rotroaeh where tho education of children is affected. All members pledged themselves to vote tomorrow. It was decided by tho club today to stage a banquet at the new Stamey hotel, just as soon as the fine 'banquet room is ready. It will bo an affair for wives and cubs. A committee composed of II. J. Quigley, Frank Knight and Steve Johnson was named to ttia,ke arrangements. JHEXICAN SLflN WHILE ASLEEP Hi-Jackers Get Away With Proceeds of Newly Cashed Check—Companion Fled. IArnod, - July 10.—Pedro Dla», n Moxlcan section hRnd wjio canie to tamod Saturday nlRlit TV«B murdered by stlck-up men wh.Ua ho *as sleeping In an A. & N. box car and all His monoy stolen. No trace a.i to tho whereabouts ot the murderers has been found other than that thoy had a Ford touring car hidden tor a w-hilo In tho Island near the railroad In which they mado tholr get awas'. Diaz and a fellow Moxicqn camo to Lamed Saturday night with their pay chocks to get thorn cashed. Thoy 'took In a picture nhow and expected to go back on tho .night train, but missed It und went over to tho A. & N. yards and crawled into a box car. Sometime in tho night the robbers attacked tho two Moiicaus, shooting Diaz In tho toaelt and a shot also grazod his forehead. In tho shooting moleo the other Mexican ran away and returned to Pawnee Rock where the officials questioned him yestor- dny. All of Dlaz'n monoy had bosn taken Mil some chocks which were ou his body were loft unmolested. t19* JfltU Am grateful for tho date* new taken, but havn open dates and will use my best efforts to t;vt full value for properly Belling. Calf mo aa It ousts you nothing. Phono 6& Sterling. • K J3. 'POTTKU, Auctioneer. — " 18 27-25t l'\)lt SAUi—Buslnt'ss building, boat suh- urlmn location in tho olty; wlii pay good returns on investment. Addresa M-69, caro News. 24 JG-^l FOK roo week. RENT—Two s for light h._. 200 East Third. luodern room«_jfor_ Hght_ houSpkucnlng, $5 furnished per a ie-4t I'*OH SAL]fi=3iCQd baby buggy, r'hono U70 \V. ,. 18 16-« WANTED-Somo good party* to accompany nu) in my car to Minnesota. Phono 3405 aftftr 7 p.m. lti-lt FOIt SALE or trade- ciuKit condition. Second. -liUU C>akland, f!rst- Inqlilre 700 Kast 15 16-«t FOH ItlONT light housekoepfng East Third. Three furnished rooms for ' Thona 404 vy, UU UONS CLUB FAVORS SCHOOL BOND ISSUE I SAY HE USED FISTS , t , ON FATHER-IN-LAW Education no Place in Which to Retrench, Members Agree—To , . ,, ,.,.„.„ . J „„ '° 1 John Griffith ot 112 South Adams Banquet at New Hotel. I was arrested this noon ctiarged with disturbing tho peace. Chief ot Police \V. E. Long states that Griffith, engaged In a fist fight with his father-in- law, after the latter had Interfered In an argumont which Griffith was having with his wife. GOSSIP OF THE STREET '.BTOiMMWnmmfflasnio^^ Protest Pavement: A remonstrance Is being circulated against the proposed paving on Thirteenth avenue west and will be presented tomorrow when the resolution conies up for a second reading. WANTED—Tour liulldinif and any kind of repair work, cement and foundation Work. . Hluu prints untl estimates free. Phone 780. G mwf 16-21 WANTED—Sowlnji; children's togs a specialty. Mrs. MeKlnney, S28 East Fourth, phono i4!l&W. I'OH SAVE hy owner*—A modern cottaeo with five larso rooms with built-in features, full basement with laundry ae- eommodatluli, fine well water, chicken house, KiuiiKo with front drive, close to school and oar line. Will price to sell with or without furniture. 81(1 East B. '» 24 18-101 FOK .S A li IO—Five-room, modern except furnace. 31X West Thirteenth. Tl 7-8:4 that classifltd ads can B_* II anvthlnr you have to sell, secure anything you wish to buy. gel VJU a position or secure help to- -our A.ny time you are In noefl ff any of tin-Be Mitngs. call number 3, clasotfled department. Tl 21-2or Wo want women to canvass 7Iutchln- BOII and surrounding territory tor a guaranteed national prbiluct. Tou need not make a wale. Just Ucinonatmto the product. The salna cornu afterwurds. Wj want wonvm who liavo a plcaslns personality and must b« ahlo to mix with tho housewives of tho city. Must bo neat and ekrnn nd have Kood education. L^ave your name and atldreas at Tho Newa office In box H-GO and we will call and havo a ]>er »onal Intervlow with you. Tl 10-17 One Man Killed Wben He Had Tried to Blow Up a Dipping Vat THIRD SON MAY BECOME HEIR TO SPANISH THRONE sterday ck. following n >; funeni! t >crvicHS will he '» iiMcninou at 2 o'clock oi -lii-.r funeral parlors with Stevens nd Rev. S. B. iliargc. The Woodman NulgTM of isiiich the (Jeccased was a imuuber. will linvc charge of the ritual. Burial will JHJ IU I'.astsldo cemetery Mr. Lambei -Lh was ljorn October 10. IS74. In I'fnii ooimty. .Mn. ( and 10 years later (ninj with his parents to HtorlinK lo live, Inter ihe family camo to HutclilriHim to make their home. He was niarj'k-tl to Miss Oillio Hook In 1905,-who survives together with neven children, William, Harold, Eulph, Vivian, Mnxlne, Ireno and Vernon. Other surviving relative are the fnther, W. .1. Uam^nrtJi, no-w visiting in (Colorado. f<nii* sisters, Mra. Homer Parks and Miss Agusta liiiinboilh of Moiitoituiu.i., Mrs. Clifford J AVIilnw-)- of lli)ilt:i' Vity, Mrs. Arthur Hnso of (k-ottM'ilie, Va.. and a blather, .1. H, Lambcrth of Lawrence. Mrs. lli'iiry Wllllzell, all aunt, living at Sterling v.-as visiting at. the bamborth home when the death occurred. End Came Suddenly. Thon. -Kimball of Uia Angeles, died very audil.'-nlv Sal unlay at his home according to a tt-ifsram received by Mrs. Will <'-ri«ra of llils city. His wife was fonvnily Mlt^ lxvuis Cross of llutc.hliison. Mr. Klmkball was » Pullman couilui'ter. Moro '-AtiscB for war exist In Europe today than In ifll 1, Senator Underwood snys. And ihere aro nlso more reasons why l-kiropo should not have mora war .—-Prom tho Pltttahurgli fjazettu Times. Operating with a gun and blackjack as a hold up man is cnida and raw. The more refined way 1B to run a 'bttcketuhop—Proui the Pittsburgh Cazeltc-Tiiur* Prince J^hn of Spain, Prince John, ten-year old third son of Xluk Alfonso of Spain, may succeed his father on tho Spanish throne. The holr apparent !» a cripple nnd takos no part In pv/bllo affairs and tha second son, Prlnoe James has luipodl- tmnentB or speech and hearing. This leads to belief that Prince John may »ucceed his father. ' Ja.-kson, Miss., July 10. -Armed witii machine c.uns and rifles, a fed:ral force has "dis^ In'' in Amite county, whore a Tattle dipping war" Is in progress, a. corrlini: tu reports reaching here. Henry Pruiek wa? Alio! and killed hy officers v.-hcii it was alleged he was attempting to blow up a dipping vat with dynamite. Forty eight, vnt.- have been blown up near liberty during the last fow wo;'ks by unidentified persuns. l>r. Wilbur Mel'hi'rson, agent with the bureau of animal industry, announced today machine guns had been mounted to protect the remaining vats. Tiie officers iu charge have orders to protect life and property, he said. Cattle dipping is a federal requirement. In fever tick infested areas. Many stock men refuse to dip their cattle. SOME RESIGNATIONS. tho Philip- Political Differences In pines Now. (By Tl;e ,v-s-«iat<<t Press) Manila, July Hi.—The political dif- feru'.ces in the Philippines reopened yesterday with the resignation of Secretary of the Interior Laurel, waxed '.vith-a rumor today when according to reports in official circles, all other departmental secretaries except Vice Governor Gilmcre, notified Governor General Leonard Wood of their intention to quit. The governor-general declined to confirm or deny the report. Laurel's resignation followed an order from Governor Wood to reinstate Ray C'onlcy, United States secret service officer, who recently was cleared by an investigating commission of charges of bribery preferred by Laurel. None of the resignations have yet been accepted. TELLEGEN HAS BEEN SUED. In the Attorney Wants Large Sum Farrara Divorce Case. New York, July Hi.—Three motions filed by Lou Tcllegen In. lirooklyn supreme court disclosed that ho had been sued by Harry N. StelnfeUl, an attorney, for $10,0'TO for legal services, presumably in the divorce action recently won by Geraldlne Farrar.- Although the attorney's suit docs not state the nature of ids services for Tcllegen, the dates he names cover the period of tho Farrar-Tellegen divorce contest. The Tcllegen motions seek an extension of time In, which to file reply- to the $10,000 suit"; a change of venue from Queens to New York county; and an order directing Slelnteld to suhnat | a hill of particulars describing wliat j ".^.T™ he was. engaged to do for the actor and what sort of contract ho had. Glvon a Divorce. New Torlr, July 16.—Mrs. EJeanor Burrill French has been awarded ft divorce from Francis Ormond French oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Amos Tuck French, It was disclosed today. Supreme Court Justice Glegrich has signed a final decreo. For sale—Stoiuway Imhy grand piano, good aa new; has received excellent care; must bo seen to appreciate value, Mrs, H. G. Welsh, CO North Walnut. Tl 11-41 FOR RENT—Sleeping room to Rdults, $12 per week. Writs Mrs. Sam Hirst, box Manitou, Colo. Tl l0-6t FOR SALK—Ford East Osborn. roadster body. 324 Tl 16-4t Notice, M. W. A. Members are requested to attend tho funeral of Neighbor Italph Lamberth, at Crocker's funeral parlors, Tuesday afternoon, July 17th, at 2 o'clook. - H'lt JNO. S. BLAIR. TOO LATE TO CLAltirY A LAHtlB rei'd baby busffy. Thone 714. IS 16-4t YhlUy desirable modern sleeping- room; gentlemen preferred; 317 liaat First, plume !72S!W. <l l6-6t LUST- -Two steel fish poles with reels and lines, on er near North Poplar. I-Snder cull 3B47J. FREE FOR ALL FIGHTER. Battling Slki Is Having a Difficult Time With Finances. (By The Assaulted Press) Paris. Jury 1 b\—Battling Siki, although impoverished because of legal attachments against bis fighting Income, is again running wild since his victory over Marcel Xllss. The Sine- galeso pugilist was tnken to a Mpnt Marte police Btatlon last night alter a free-for-all fight in an all-night resort In which the battler made a great showing and caused much damage. The trouble arose when Slki's female companion claimed she had been robbed of 4do Siki's wife has gone to her home in Hollund with their b:iby. Do Fremont, Siki's manager, said that, the battler had been entirely without funds ot his »wn fur months and lie had been dispensing food and monoy to Siki. A PHILANTHROPHIST DEAD. Big Soap MANY STORES ROBBED BY YOUNG NEGRO BOY Clyde Lacy, a member of tho Cha nute police force, arrived here today with Alonzo McCullough, a 16-yoar- old colored hoy who has been sentenced to the reformatory, after being found guilty of robbing 16 stores. His robberies were discovered Just before the 4th of July when ho stole a large quantity of firecrackers, and hi B accomplice, a young white boy, told ou him when he confessed where he had gotten his firecrackers. HAVE CONGRESS DO IT. That Body May Take Up tha 12-Mlle Limit Rum Runner Search. Washington, July 16.—If tho state department fails by negotiation with foreign governments to establish tho right to search rum-runners 12 miles off shore, the next session of congress will he asked hy tho dryg'to accomplish tho "Bumo purpose by statute. Senator Sterling, Republican, South Dakota, one of tho dry loaders In th« senate, said today he wag preparluc to revive his bill to establish a 13- mlle limit In. prohibition enforcement unless the treaty proposal ot Secretary Hughe* should succeed before David F. Gamble Was i Manufacturer. Pasadena, Calif., July ill.—David V. Gamble, 75, tnemiber of tho firm of Proctor and Gamble coap manufacturers, Cincinnati, died hero early today. Mr. Gamble, a resident of Pasadena for the past 15 years, was a phllantrophlst, deeply interested In church activities. He was a trustee of Occidental College, Los Augelcs, formerly president of the board and a contributor to tho college endowment fund. Was Out of Luck. A Hartford Jeweler who wished to test tho Btandardtlmo law In Connecticut sot his sidewalk clock on daylight-saving time, wtts arrested and fined five dollars In a local court and, having appealed, will bo called to account iu tho higher court next September, the month in which everybody is to go hack on winter tinio. The Connecticut law, with its unconstitutionality strongly suspocted, comes mora than ever under the head of ridiculous enuctmcnts.—From the Providence Journal. Willie and black English Terrier puppies, bobbed tailed. Phone 1167. 18 l(l-2t WANTKD—Married man on dairy farm I. T. Shcppard, phone 17K2. 16-lt FOR SJlbli- Fast (J. One calf. C. C. Plcroorf 734 18 1G-11) MONEY to loan; small amounts. Welfare Loan Co., 15i4 North Main. 23 lC-tOt GUARANTEED rebuilt typewriters of >ll makes. Wo do cleaning aril repairing Klutacl Typewriter Kxchnng-e. Phono 402 Ti 4-abt TYPEWRITER ribbon, fur all maKes 0 t typewriters.' Keut2el Typewriter .Ex- chance, 24 West First, phono 402. ' Tl 5-!5t and painting. F. M. liuaiu, piTono 590W or 101 West Sixth. Tl 25-ji, We clean, size and nerub ruga. \Y» flo all kinds rug repairing. Phone 263. til We»t First. Tl 2U-26t BOYS EARN EXTRA SPKNMNO MONK! BY SELLING THE NEWS AFTER 4 P. M. EACH EVENING. 10c STARTS YOU. APPLY TO MR. ailACO. .NEWS OFFICE. 19 is.JBt Western! SUsta OIJ3 Atv"D NEW WINDOWS CLEAN KW, RUGS OUR SPECIALTY. No money ir work In not satisfactory. PHONE 351. 115 NORTH MAPLE, HUTCHINSON. Ks Tl 5.2 Jt Carbon papor. seconil sheete. etc. Golden Rule Press. 7 Sherman East. Tlmwf25-25t Ought To, That fl o'clock etirfow law which tho Belgians have imposed on Duisburg ought to oltminato some of the dangers of night life In that part of Germany.—From the Kansas City Times. A Difference Noted. There Is a difference between the umpire and the average candidate. One I* kept busy dodging bottles, and the other's specialty is dodging Issues.—From the New Orleans Times- Picayune. Invest in a Company Which Shows Continuous Growth As far back as our records go, we can show you that each year, the business done by 1 this company has increased. It is in such a company that you can invest your money with safety. Each day, the demands for electricity and water increase, thus assuring us and the investors in this company of future safety and earnings. Invest Your Savings in the Preferred Stock of United Water. Gas & Electric Co. . Cuetomer Ownership Department

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