Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on April 5, 1969 · Page 77
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 77

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 5, 1969
Page 77
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651—Personal! LOOK LOVELIER toOAY C«n 'Fashion Two Twenty ANNEBELLE. please call me. won money Injhe KRDS Social Security No. contest and I new your help — I don 7 t know what to do with It. Frederick. P.s. Listen to KRDS 1190 on the radio, they may say my name again. sa yfi WIG Styling, my hoi York stylist. 2654707. Saks New £RENE CHEKIHANY YOGA STUDIO «?;fi. MISSOURI , ,937-0328 Classes now forming,, semi, private, ^club demos & lectures. After 1. TAXES, long form $3, short $1. 3937 w M«J l *™'an. 272-SJ52. ... i now. Custom Furniture of ai n Mfg. Co. JOHN c. LINCOLN HOSPITAL A full-service community hospital PROFESSIONAL typing, minor editing.. 945-5046. EXPERT Alterations.^Men's and Ladles' garments, 955-8385. COLORED penciled portraits drawn from schoftl pictures._$25. 278-0242. 3RAPERIES and drape italled.. For free estli \bhey Interiors. 254-9781 OOKf -rvTodTjn- flmates Call LOOKING for man willing to accompany same on hunt for Abominable snowman. Write 1231 East Diana, Phoenix. I CAN teach voy to dance so thai anyone will want to be your partner. Call Miss Dane, after 1 p.m. S SEWING, 266-WTT WlKL.contest. II you have No. 7 on we have, the rest. Will the $10... ... ..... . share. 942-3433, after_S._ 947-6301. CuifivatlnB. Ml NOW alterations, reasonable. 956-2535. 4236 North 36th Street. _ . VA BROKERS PHX GLENDALE Contract: urti loan $19,000 $1,000 dn. VA properties are avail Buallfled buyers without regard to their race, color, creed, or nationa cr The best qualified offer will be accepted from those received within 3 workdays of the public appearance of the initial or revised listing. Purchase contracts will not be accepted from brokers from whom we do not have a signed copy of VA, Form , 26-8433 ,/'VA's policy against olscrlmlna t lor," on file. RETIRED lady to live in, care for 3 slrls 10, 8, 4 In exchange for room and board. Call after 5 p.m. 264-4781. DUE to high labor cost of upkeep the .Poo Cemetery, at 4001 East Washmgon Sre.t Is closed. NEED female roommate for same. 20-25, 266-2163. Camelback High School District. TWO mature sour orange trees free, remove from 5818 W. Orangewood, Glendale. 655—Nurseries * Child Car* NDERQARTEN - CHILD CAR! First Southern. Baptist Chi First Southern Baptist Chi .. . Enroll now, for Fall Tei 120?. N. 3rd St. 258-5348, n~i fi i , *. i Ju^.. . •. —, ' '^.'. -' j .• A—sr.T".'- urch V5TTTING. 945-46127 16th-Glendale. 944-0448. EXPBRTENClD~mbther "will care for your child, fenced yard, day or nlghT.~.997-0270. BABIES, Chris-Town area. 265-519"07 MY HOME, any hours. Reasonable. Southwest. 272-9910. BABYSITTING wanted. Inquire 1710 West Roosevelt, Apartment 4. CHILD carS days^ nights, wMI board-and room. 272-8238. CHILD care, my home, Maryvale. 278-9117, CHILD care, my home, northwest side. 937-6500. cmlo' care <arm home. Westside, Glendale. 939-3195. CHILD care, my home, $15 weekly. 3826_W_est Eva. 937-6563. Northwest. SABYSirfWG my home. T008 West State Avenue. 943-5286. CHILD care, my home, sunnyslope. 944-9850. MY home, any hours. 997-0474. CHILD care, my home. One-$2 dal IV, more $3. 278-0079. BABYSITTING, one child, mv home. yard.937-2160. NEW:-West Glendale Baptist Church Child Day Care Center, 6401 North ,7th Avenue. 937-5085, 934-8507 EXPERIENCED baby sitting, my home, 37th Street, McDowell. 275-7?.?. BABYSITTING after school, 956-43957 BABY sitting, my home, days. Low rates. 1958 East Villa, Apartment «97. CHILD care, my home, days, even- Ings, weekends. Motorola area. 949-5193. BABIES under 1 year, my home. Vicinity 20th Street and Osborn. 274-6782. 659—Domestic Work HOUSECLEANING, also Rentals 278-1609^ CHILD care, my home. 937-4476. _ IRONING, $1.50 dozen. 1025 East Jones., trailer In rear. 859-DomwtlcWork BABYSITTING wanted,, vicinity jith Street and Duniao. 943-73.1. BABY sitting my home.. 277-8717. 663—Misc. Jobt JO ft JSEPH commercial lawn service REES removed, cheap. 955-17M. irccca removeu, cngap, y PAINTING; 944-7059. ' LAWN work. Repair lobs. 253-2040. iraEr*** 1 I anytime.' eldom over WORK any kind. Trees topped, moved and etc. 275-2153. HAULING . FURNITURfe ..ETC. re- HAULING FURNITURE ETC., 4 ROOMS. $25 - 16' VAN 277-3969. PLUMBI COOLIE. Fj9-«-.u.p- r34-6. BING service. 266-2660. S s e r viced, painted Elmans Cooler Service laullng. 278-6551" LAWNWORK. Mowing,trlrnmlns edging. Call 992-1655. dwork, cleanup, hauling 1867, 253-3833T RINDO'S expert lawn servTcer~Reho- vatlng, clean-ups. 271 LOT cleanup, 276-7628. Muling, yardwork hauling, trimming, 'ART'S Lawn service. 278-3686. trimming, cleanup, yards :USTOM Pools. 955-7826. SEPTIC tanks, leach beds excavated 956-1562. BACKHOE, dump truck service, in sured. 956-1582. RTrg-femoved 956-1582. COOLEft service. 273-0215., HAULING; appliances from J5 FURNITURE moving. Very reasonable. 997-0229. AMlC tile. 943-1909. BLACKTOP Paying. 254-8151. Exterior. Reasonable. FURNITURE ?74-5045. hauling, reasonable KNEIP Lawn Service. The. test of service. Reasonable prices. 276-6147. ARGEJLawns. 254-2 lYYIIJ. f^f^J-. hauling and cleanup IP-loader, mower, disc, cleanup ms? MTI6, iBpmiii HIT, irrmi. [S trimmed, removed. 264-1297 HAULING, anything. 275-7108. Top soil-Fill dirt-Granite 943-0133 HOUSEHOLD Fix. .Faucejj lavatories, window glass. . LAWNS, reasonable, northwest area 66-860l,after 6_p.m. ~' CUSTOM lawn service year 'n Cleanups and trimming. 277-0496. 'round Trees, hedges 266-2956 (Ya7d~ trimmed, cleanups, removed ^oo-^yjo. .__ RETIRED, expert upholstering, hal price. 258-0512. . PAiNTTHG. InteHor, exter. 253-1854 ** * n n ~— ' !.__ *t^_ t?i«.A« •trinnlnn rrtl ITI I I It VJ. '" IPI jyi / s/\i»i CARPET cleaning. Floor waxing. Windows. 278-6538. TREES removed. 956-158J7 AXtts-nr^c t., nr L- Sail CONCRETE work, patios, driveways, sidewalks. Free estimates. ~ 8-1993. WATCSwashed, windows, floors. Housecleaning. Experienced. 268-0906 fREE trimming, lawn service. 276-3428. cleanups, tree trimming, roto-tllllno. 944-3254. ?EMOD¥LTNG, repairs, add _ room, free estimates, flnanclnc available, licensed and bonded, cat 278-1180, ELECTRICIAN, jlcensed * bonded, =ree estimates. 942-3746. AINTING and spraying. 277 874-9797, 943-5211. removed. HOOFING, reasonable. 276-3428. PAINTING, reason»ble72M-0725. LANDSCAPE gardening, all types, very reputable, 252-2572 >A I NT¥R does ownwork. AM 1-90L6, 75-04.V. ,_,— DRYWALL texturing, plastering. 275-0206, TRASH hauling, lot cleanups, corrals. oleanders. 276-4311. roia. uieonucia. «,c--uii. Cooler, refrigeration service! Rea- ;onable. 275-0653. 278-3657. :ARPET cleaning, floor stripping andwaxlnB, lawn service. 252-8375. "cA PI M 6, rockscaplr*. repairs and painting. _____ trimming, topping and remo"- val. Free estimates, insured. 168-1993: _ ,,____, .AWN renovating, rototilllng, level ng, mowing, trimming, pruning, clean-ups. 274-3527. PAINTING. 264-6106. FTREP~ Gi ror.kscaping. TATTD s c A p 943-5592. P'AINTING. residence and apartments. Your satisfaction. Estimates 139-7170, 'ATCHING. stucco, plaster. 267-0740T ' WEE'b controlling, $20 monthly, '47-6301. AASONRY. Reasonable^MBJOlg _. .WNS. 276-3376. LIGHT hauling. 902-1160. CERAMIC tile, 997-4926. r , dependable, re* LANDSCAPING. 947-6301. COOLER service and supply, 2213 West Van Buren. 271-0508. HANDYMAN painter. 253-6533. COOLER service; new pads, oiled, painted Inside, adlusted. $10 up 278-7578 78 TREE surgery, 956-9511 trimming, 'AJNTING, 264-6106. A-l, reasonable. LANDSCAPING. Complete ervice, 254-8335. lawn REES, free estimates, experienced. 25£P936_ JONES lawn service. Oleanders, ree topping, trimming and cleanup, enovating seeding. 272-2904. CARPET cleaning. Fast drying, one hour. Spots removed. Free estimates. Prompt service 266-1935. PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS SERVICE DIRECTORY GUIDE AUTO REPAIR Comp'ete auto rebuilding Johnny Essex, 2002 E. Van Buren, AL 3-9513 BATH * MASSAGE QUAL female & male tech. Royal Therapy^. Appt please 1-982-2742 FONSINES Massage, Male 8, Female Tech" 9-9 jeven days wk. 1-986-0066. STEAM BATH & MASSAGE 20036 N. Cave Creek Rd. 942-3.1Q Mesa Massage. Male""* Female Tech. 9 a.m.-10 p.m.. 7 days week. 964-2593. KELLY'S Elite Studio, female and male . technicians. Appointment. 1-932-326U SCIENTIFIC EWEDISH g35 N. 7th Ave. BUILDING CONTRACTORS ADD'Ni patio roofs carports, real- dentlal-comm. Remodel Non-union, Lie, bond, work guar" 253-3296. We specialize ! rial Remodell I'LL Beat an I lnhome ami no and repairs, UPIIIIM onu repairs. *,,-,«vr _— any gualified written bid you show me. Lie. Cont. AM 4-3921. LICENSED Contr. FHA approved emodeling, add-a-room, porr.hes. 37-5344. re Fr ee estimates. Competitive 937 . Small 278-6132 or 253-220 REMQPJLJNG. Any^Job Large or Deal Direct - complete remodeling service. No money dn. Also custom homes • vour lot/ours. J-lc..* Bond Contractor 956-3300 eve 2< ...,,.-.., .,—--... Add-a-Room, Carports. Small lots or large. Custom homes on your lot or oura. llcens^ondeJco.gtr.ctor. BEAT the, heat. Alum-patlos-sldlng awnlnflS. Bill Casto, 944-0279. CAR SERVICE PROTECT your car's finish Slmonzt paste wax special. $5 this a8..» a.m,-4;30 P.m. No appointment needed. Car engines steam cleaned $3.95. Kar Kare. 447 East Van Buren.258-2051. £ARPS Small CARPENTRY NTRY ret... ... lobs a spacla CARPET CLEANING __ FoTrth"e~best call 24S-3330. All work guaranteed. iFTEARS In Phoenix 4. Work iquara ft. 252-4636. ix Sc per guaran- 3"ROOMS & Hall US. /re* ,^ 5fi mate. Free pre-spot 4 .deodorizing. All work guaranteed. 2 CARPET LAYINO —ACT! BSTOrO CEMENT WORK m CEMENT WORK estlma "''' types ci : work, any kind, 944-0100. k, Vary Rea ffi KS ATIOS, DRIVEWAYS, SIDE ree estimates. CUSTOM HOMIf CUSTOM HOMES ., Your I*, or .Ours... Summer Homes, 0 DINTIST fiR. EDGAR 0. Pease Dentist. Any fentyre repfIr. |j f nd up. |j«-}94| f DIRT 6EST _ oll-fjll.jirt, Yard levalln» wllli tractor. A' " SA " ILICTRICAl IT.v iHTjllf". Y r r'lrw: — B^|T"wlrTng";A.nyBair rat*«. Prompt aarvlca. ta-On, FERTILIZER STEER manure for your lawn, also light hauling. 254-2698. FLOORS BEAUTIFY your home with seamless, waxless floors, walls 8> patios. For tree Info, call 277-3329. GRANITE GRANITE — Red, gold. Driveway* t yard beautlflcatfon. 939-7067. HAULINO Johnny's Hauling Miscl. cleanup- Dump truck serv. Also van-trailer t. pads. Reasonable. 944-1351. LIGHT hauling: Garage, yard & misc. cleanup, 7 days week. 272-38M. Home Cleanln HOME REPAfl.. PATCHING FIXING REPAIRING Just Call CHARLIE 254-7463 INCOME TAX E-Z tax. No 11 nes ,no waiting. Completed In vour home. 944-8634. TAXITONSULTA'NT: In"Your Homa. FOR APPOINTMENT. 945-2932. TAXES. 253-4900 AFTER 4 P.M. A6C-S. Medlgovich-,747 N. 27th '958; 2404 N Uth St, 2534209. JANITOR GENERAL cleaning. Floors stripped, waxed. Homes, offices. 268-0061. EXPEl NABLE. M MASSAGE SPECIALIZING ResknnuiII__J AUu ilntlng. DON 2794)028 Inslde-outildt, do own sJda-o.«T»lda, do own MTU "pnWsTrJaf wKera you live" Repairs, remodel ng. 279-3461 Refrigeration, c able. 275-045, irvlca. Reason. 663-Mise. Jobs ICENSED cooler service. _265-2869 '47-6301. pads, Cooler aervtces JIM'S complete Lawn Service. Mow Ing, edging, trlmm mo, renovatina rojotllilng, cieanup5._27i-0838. FREE estimating on. Interior or ex teMprpa lntln!L_2i5-7494. TJPST an vthln3^254^B40. CL ...._._ LAWN service. Northeast, 956-1047. SEWERS, drams unstopped. 278-4584, COOLER packing, $7.50. 275-1472. CONCRETE removed. 264-9201. LEVELING. 264-9201. DEMOLITION. 264-9201. "treesuprooted flran PAIN'TTNGT'TnsTderouTsTde. SI2 ay erage room. Clean, neat, prompt 274-2354, 955-0538. # MOVING? Furniture hauling, rea mabie._26S-9652. flf painting ASH hauling, reasonable. 268-0725, BLOCK, cement work. No lob too small. 943-1083. . RACTOR WORK. Pre-pour, yard grading,_939-0313._274-098?.__ r __ SoWfiLLI&G, planting^ Kelson able. 279-1013. . POOL sanding, removes all stains algae and roughness, leaving POO smooth and white. 964-6012. 272-8178 HALLLING,_$7j>jCkUP. 254-3742. ENMOREand Whirlpool washer ipair and others, 274-3815. ___ RMNOVAtlH •ertlirzlng. ., rototilllng, seedlnq ledge tree...trjmming .awn service, cieanupii.252^6273. HAULING, Cleanup. Steady, rell able. No lob too small. Weekends "4-4935. 254-4935. AWTHU iRTHUR'S Law service. Cleanups free estimates. 937-0047. 667-BuHding Trades GENERAL rernpdelinp andcarpen fry. Custom made cabinets. 956-3664V ADDITIONS, rei 277-0046, a, patios, II ,_.pgng.u. ^/p-poir. ETS, carpentry, remodeling BACKHOE service. 264-9201. . footings, miscellaneous trenching. J64-9201. SEWER trenchln REMODEUNG.Jree plans. 945-4641, 1 *^r*j^.Tr^r~...!•.->. . .——_..- 1~ -—fa. PATrTTlNG, interior, exterior. Rea ')le. 274-0410. , MINTING - Interior ,& exterior al work guaranteed - work can be com pared - free estemates - reasonable rates - Call after & pm. 254-9916 254-1872, 275-5615. INTERIOR, exterior work guaran teed and can be compared. Reason able rates, free estimates. After P.m. 276-9722. °AINTING $12, average room, Inte rlor-exterlor. 2Z8_-8831. REP RIG E RAT-16N7947-6301. CARPENTRY, mason " PLASTER, licensed.. PAINTING',!. 274-8775,. PAINTING. 94f!<ilp_! ^_ BAcTffiQETlBump Truck service, sured. 956-1582. ._ CACTUS custom eablnett, 9_4?1»T67: PAINTING, overhangs-997-4509. CONCRETE Work -.All Type* : ree Estimates. 277-003Sj. 136? drywall texturing. Day & Eve. — 77 E. Camelback LVRGEJ5R^ALL^39_-3540__ MODELING, add-a-room. Home REMODELING, add-a-room. . ind commercial. Very reasonable, .uke Harriet, In Phoenix 23 years. 279-8856 Interior-exterior. PAINTED. ELECTRICIAN. T licensed, bonded 253-1347 CARPENTRY, odd lobs. J74-8TBZ /PirV'hlnfk musnnry. 272-7210. ~" _ -BUILD~R"EAAODEL ANYjHlNS LIC. BONDED NON-UNION 955-1523 SPECIALIZING in "'ormlca _;ops kitchen cabinets, vanities. 276-3478. \ii i»i ic 11 1.0 M 11 ic i at » o'J" "•"L *• • " ~-" - • .— CEMENT, block, carpenter work Specialize In small lobs, fraa ast! matesJ276-5272. ELECTRICIAN, licensed, reasonable 937-3498 HOUSE painting, interior, exterior lomes, apartments; minor repairs Will Hoover, 967-2437.. PAIMTING. reasonable. 943-7951. TTLE I nstal (edj_waj]srf1oor». 275-9509 CATRPENTRY, ramodellna. cement 172-1488. . =>AINTING, paper and vinyl hanging specialist. 275-3820. ; BLACKTOP paving. 956-0860. 'ARPET Installation. Fast courteous ILECTRICIAN,' quality, reasonable, ""-7068, tile_insta!!ed^94_3:651.?! JEMODELING, home building, pa- los. 966-1876, 266-5104 or 967-0563. IU3. 7OO~IOfOt *OO~JIV^ w *v """"•. ROOFING, repairs, "hot work, fast service, 273-0929_ ADDTTlONS. remodelinov drlvewavt, •fanters. fireplaces. 252-1528. •• ; ^_ . .' — .— —, ' ' t^iL- •—»ljJ^m*l a t LICENSED painter, residential, ommercial, brush, roll, airless ommercioi, pray. 268-1982. 'AINTING, interior - exterior, rea .onable. tree estimates, 254-5416. PAINTING interior/exterior. Efli- Cient z i;«Knn»blg.Jj3.4797; 254-4460. ._ REMODELING complete, patio*, aroorts, concrete. 943-5510. ^DD-A-ROOAA, kitchens, enclosures, ny remodeling - 5Va% financing • 1 years in Phoenix. Free estimates MINTING Interior, exterior, go<xl rork, reasonable, free estimates. ,»„, , „_„„, remodeling. 30 years xperience. Licensed and Bonded abor and material. 934-1478. :LEANUPS. 266-8209. =ENCES. 947-6301. __, . Tl NTI NG. Interior, axterlor. 42-3611 IPRINKLERS. 947-6301. CEMENT woric. 945-8370/: TILE ceramlc._S43-1909.___ , CATTPETffRY, remodeling, frea esti mates. 272265-95 Interior-exterior. BLOCK Laying, patios, fireplaces, tone. 265-0455, iOOFING-llcensed, sood work rea- onable. 939-4848, ELECTRICAL work old, airs. 942-4686i — new, re- )esign¥Builder 254-0089 47-6301. SV75~Deserj^landscaplng. CONCRETE wo~rfc. Free estimates, 254-7841. EDUCATION and JOB PREPARATION Clatsaa Ml ttirouah <fl 682—Schools Local Class er Tutorlnt IBM KEYPUNCH 6 to 8 weeks AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY 3420 N. CENTRAL 244-4483 ASA'S DIESEL DRIVER TRAINING VA Davs 2 \ Tarmi LEARN BARBERING CHELOE 51-4255 CECIL LAWTER REAL ESTATE SCHOOL BASIC REAL ESTATE (36 HRS) UESDAY APR. 8th 7 P.M. WEDNESDAY APR. 16th 10A.M. Brokers (96 hrs) Apr. 8th 7 P.M. (RESERVATION ADVISED) 1628 E. OSBORN 277-4841 277-1478 lih, y«ur home. 682—Schools l»tai clan «r Totorlnt WHY NOT FLY?? „, A REWARDING CAREER Commercial - Flight - instructor .. Call for demonstration fllqht NORTHWEST Aviation 942-401 IBM/360 Gov't Insured Tuition Loans (1st pmt 10 mo after gradution) Approved For Veterans Accredited by A.C.B.S. 2 Computer Systems For Student Use Full Time Placement Service Day and Evenlno classes Aptitude Testing.*- No obligation CALL, VISIT, OR WRITE AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY 3620 N. Central 266-4483 'repared while you wait. Typists Counselors & Printing facilities available. LOCAL - NATIONAL lob campaigns -- available for ttie 3 ROFESSIONAL PERSONNEL. E " S 'fNltociATl"!nf ' AUTO MECHANIC SCHOOL TRANS-MATIC SCHOOLS, INC. 333 N. BLACK CANYON, PHX 252-6767 AUTO AND DIESEL MECHANICS AIR CONDITIONING REFRIGERATION AND HEATING COMMERCIAL - RESIDENTIAL New Classes Start April 21st STUDENT LOANS AVAILABLE Payments Do Not Start Until 10 Months After Graduation CALL 266-2427 For FREE Booklet or Visit LINCOLN TECHNICAL INST. 8121 W. Weldon Phoenix VETERANS APPROVED ;L p 25'2-7304 PHOENIX SCHOOL OF WELDING OR BUSINESS MACHINE REPAIR , DAY OR NIGHT CLASSES. 603 South 1st Ave. ARIZONA TECH. Modern Training In Electronics " ---.. Classes—VA Approve 264-61S DURHAM COLLEGE HE LARGEST SOUTHWESTS :OLLEGE ANNOUNCES OUR NEW CLASSES ITARTING DATES April 7th IN: —COMPUTER —IBM MACHINES —KEYPUNCH po V -BUSINESS MACHINES WE SPECIALIZE IN TRAINING SECRETARIES FOR ALL TOP POSITIONS DRAFTING 'ERMANENT, responsible, . family man desires lob. Experienced heavy equipment operator. Back hoe, dozer, front end loader, truck etc, 25M447. SPEEDWRITING earn Shorthand in 6 weeks, The only college In Arizona teaching speedwritlng Is Durham HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS,,.,,, ENROLL NOW FOR JUNE & SEPT EDUCATIONAL LOAN NS PLA AN ACCREDITED COLLEGE WE GUIDE EACH STUDENT IN OBTAINING _ THE BEST EMPLOYMENT For information about enrolling " "252-4868 001 N. 1st ST. PHOENIX CORNE R 1st ST. & ROOSEVELT ED FORD SCHOOL REAL ESTATE 30 Hours approved Instruction WON. APR. 14 9 A.M, VION. APR. 21 7 P.M, 2859 E. THOMAS LAIR College of Medical & Dental .SSt. 102 W. McDowell, 254-6653. VA APPROVED WELDING 1M 6. Buckava Rd. ARIZONA MEDICAL & DENTAL ASSISTANTS COLLEGE Medical Sessions Open Now Also Dental Enrollment t elng Taken For April PLACEMENT SERVICE Member Ariz. Priv. Sch. Assoc. 400 N. CENTRAL AVE. _ 277-1451 $$$$« $$5SS$$$$$$$S$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ UP UP-AND ON YOUR WAY LAUNCH YOUR FIRST CAREER.. OR BEGIN A NEW ONE AT: LAMSON BUSINESS COLLEGE -Arizona's Oldest and Largest- OUR 80th YEAR REGISTER NOW FOR BEGINNING CLASSES riedical Secy Jr. Acct. xec. Secy Legal Secy ligher Acct, Key Punch 8 WKS. G.E.D. COURSE Tuition Loans Available Payments & Interest do not Start until 10 months After Graduation ATTN. VETERANS RECEIVE FULL VET. BENEFITS WM.Wft**"' *!&fe!% a& £S.ntral Ava. DIESEL DRIVERS ARE NEEDED 682—Sthaels Local ciatt vr Tufartnt FRUSTRATED by lack of skills, se or phone. GREGG Business College 408__N._Cen'tra j 25JM33. 680—Schools Corrtspendenee * Out_ef Stata RTGinchooi at Home ph. 944-T84? American School .tun Box 455 Mesa. AIRLINE SCHOOLS PACIFIC 3003 N. Central, No. 1604 258-8511 603—Employment Servle.. TEACHING POSITIONS Arizona Teacher Placement Agency :overing Ariz,, Calif., New Mex., «v., wash. A Oregon—23rd " 140 W. Jefferson, phoenix RESUME 332 JOB HUNTING-USE A Professional Resume Service E. McDowell 254-3462 Open til 6 700—Situationt wanted-Cauplet COUPLE desires apartment manag. ment position, experienced, reter- ences. 947-6961. 703—Situations JRO'NlMG. Wanted _ Pamala IR O NI NG.,946-8042. washed, windows, floors, Domestic housecleaning. 268-0906 276-7905. DAYWORK. 268-2020. PRACTICAL NURse, versatile kindly, unencumbered. 277-3021. IRONING; 278-4722. ABMfNlSfRAtTvE Secretary. Write Box 40-PK, Republic and Gazette. ExFERTfNCEb~~Cook~wants~WSrk" 276-4600. MAID Work. 254-3990. OUTsTArJmN5~SECRE'YARY. Box 69-LX, Republic & Gazette. 707—Situations Wanted—Mala D ROGRAMME~R/A~N A'L Y S T S/360 :obol. ALC, with commercial pilot's Icense, SEL, MEL Instrument rat ngs. Desire programming position nvolving some corporate flying as slgnmems. Resume on request. Write Box 32-JX, Republic A Gazette. EXPORT TraTtlc Analyst desires position In Phoenix area. Thorough vorklng knowledge export regula Ions, foreign collection, financing and world-wide export documenta ion requirements. Wrlta Box 36-MA Republic and Gazette. RIVER: Class A lie. 18 yrs. ex erlenee. Want steady work 267-0874. RELIABLE Aggressive 4 years chanically Inclined, has o learn quickly, desire )03ltlon w-rellable firm. 956-5121. 37-yr-old .. amily man — 4 years college. Me hanically Inclined, has the ability o learn quickly, desires permanen 3 HARMACIST avallableTCR 4-4635. RETIRED Master Sergeant wishes ocation out on farm, within 25-50 •n I les of the city. 272-9000. 3 |LOT. Highly experienced retired Air Force pilot desire full or part Ime flying and management. Conventional and let experience. Call 945-8975 or 959-1983. YOUNG man, 20 years In Phoenix, would like to learn enloyable good ob with a future. Local references, ^52-1861. _EMENT skills: organization, recruiting and training, systems, =DP concepts, communications, reporting, customer relations. Degree +. Reply Box 22-JX, Republic and Gazette. BUYER—MERCHANDISING , Desire to relocate. 16 yrs. expert ence in buying & merchandising with a ma lor Chicago based retai and catalog firm. Knowledgeable in all phases of buying, manaqing, Inventory control and selling. 36 years old. Box 41-MA, Republic and Gazette. JOU R'N EYMAN Baker, 24 yrs. old 944-7.897.. ... MAN7 new to Phoenix, 34, with bar restaurant and country club management experience in Midwest. Has lad own business and wants chal enging lob. Will discuss any sa^ry arrangement. Box 83-PK, Republic md Gazette. FEW nights week after 5. Any work, prefer Sunnyslope area. 1 5BIM7B9, aEAUt'lFUL, affectionate geldlns $75. 6334 North 64th Drive, Glendale. ^./.Ji_jgJO*a nm m_.u*»iM._*•*'»• "_r|-wi**'•*•*•'•*•.. YOUNG family man, 24, with man agement background, seeks to locate n Phoenix area. Interested In buy ng business. Approximate salan necessary $20,000. Brokers or inter ested parties please contact Box 38-MA, Repubile and Gazette. WANT a challenging position In the justness management field where iard work and a lob well done would work to our mutual benefit 37 years old, married, resident some college, 15, years business management experience. 946-3640._ 715—Help Wanted Employment Agencies COMPUTER HEADQUARTERS OVERSEAS, FEE, TRANSP. PAID 3 Structural designers to 20K Sanitary (water sypplylE. 12K Architect also hydrologist 16K Soils E. and Electrical E. 21K PACIFIC NORTHWEST, FEE PAID Subdivision computers to 12K Civ. Engr. draftsmen sev. to 9K "tructural designers to . 17K ill engrs. & draftsmen for designing ulp & paper mills. Arch. 2 yrs..xp. or new grads 10K SERVICE 13 - 31 ^^afhM^O 7 , 07 700 N. Central Suite 317 264-4171 CENTRAL employ. 40 N. Center 69-7239. All type lobs avail. Mesa. MISS LEE'S AGENCY. T836_E._THQMAS 864-0564 ADMINISTRATOR man With at east 3 yrs. exp. in hosp. or nursing lome, $1000/mo. - Resum> required. CENTRAL EMPLOYMENT SERV- 0 N. Center, Mesa 969-7239 FFICE Mgr. woman, full charge .kpr. nice personality, nursing ome or hosp. $500+ Resume required eauired ENTRAL EMPLOYMENT SERV- 0 N. Center Mesa »69-7239 " EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 602 W. GLENDALE 934-7261. "MANAGEMENT RECRUITERS 64-4111 3003 N. Central Ave. 7th Fl WHEN YOU SEE THE SEAL OF THE NATIONAL EMPLOYMENT ASSOCIATION you may be assured that It stands for DEPENDABLE & GENUINE Service Arizona members who display the NEA SEAL are bound by a CODE OF ETHICS to serve conscientiously both tha employer and the applicant, Arizona Private Employment \gency Association Members ARE: |NE MESA G * SNELLINO ABLE PSKSONNCL ACE EMPLOYMENT, INC. WESTERN PERSONNEL AN OPPORTUNITY B & B EMPLOYMENT SVC. DOCTORS OHFICB PLACEMENT BUREAU DUNHILL OF PHONEIX FAR WtbltKN PLACEMENT BUREAU HOYT, HOY,ER & FARREN 'HOENIX EMPLOYMENT, INC. ROFESSIONAL PLACEMENT '••otvo si ore you tea a member of the APEAA—NEA this coming week. They know tha employers who seek your skins- Agency Fee 37$ N. Central 715-Help Wanted Kfflpiayment At«ncl« between employer & applicant CONTACT EMPLOYMENT SERV. ARE WE THE BUSIEST IN TOWN WE DON'T KNOW BUT A BOOK FULL OF MAK JE °S B U°S R T D H E , R N S K SO HEADHUNTERS - PERSONNEL CONSULTANTS 3033 N. Central Suite 1604 274-3561 _SE 1 E 5 SU'NDA'< Specializing' In the Placement of professional accountants. EVALUATE YOUR EARNING POWER Better lobs with better salaries are low available In Phoenix. Are you jeeplna,,pace. with vour ootenial See us Monday WESTERN PERSONNEL (Formerly Acme-Southwest) 3800 N. Central, Suite 604 279-5301 "apago Plaza Scottsdale 947-740; Chris-Town Center S. Mall 279-4148 EDP EQUALS ESP 00 XP W. O RS Clarendon Suite 22» ownehouse _ Call, 279-7343 Electronic Systems Personnel Agency "RONTIEOOERVICE 10 E. 6th ST. TEMPE, TOPE TRIED THE REST NOW TRY THE BEST DAVIS PIONEER EMPLOYMENT 40 E. THOMAS 264-3477 i W. GLENDALE 934-3239 SEE OUR WEEKEND ADS •~SXC.ELLENT.POSITI.QNS.NOV^ D EARN $1000. PER MONTH "Jo exp. necessary. Age 25-30 yea/i Sell Toyota, sports cars 8, used Im- jorted cars. Scott Toyota, 7520 E AVAILABLE; 'JOBS" UNLI 303 W. McDowell, 252-5BO_8 A TISOR EMPLOYMENT 3404 N.__4th_Ave. 277-5763 MANY JOB OPENINGS CAM.ELBAC^ EMPLOYMENT^ EVES BY APPT CA-N-YOU QUALIFY FOR~ (PS? Secause IPS Is retained fcv Malor, National Corporate, Personne .epts., It Is strictly regulated by heir requirements. 2-IPS Applicant references must be Interrogated by a Peronnel Ana- 2-IPS'Applicat!on references must be horoughly Investigated. 3-IPS Applicants must be pro- irammed Into over 100 Industries & 000 open iob orders. Call Mon. : NTERNATIONAL PERSONNEL SERV. 1625 E. Camelback. AUTOMOBILE salesman, make up o $2500 per month and more. We jay UP to 50% commissions, and the jest Inventory In the Southwest. See lerrv at Darner Chrysler Plymouth 137 West Main, Mesa, $$$$$$»s$$s$s$sss$m$$$stt$«s$J$$w$ EXPERIENCED FURNITURE SALESMEN Earn UP to $2000 per month and more. Globe Furniture. 3333 S. Central. $is$$s$s*$$tu.s$s«s$s$$ss$$.$$$$$s$.$ 735—Help Wanted Male/Female Commissions, Bonuses, etc. ED THIRKHILL REALTY Scottsdale office has opening for two experienced real estate salesmen 3 hone Andy Anderson for confiden la I interview. 947-4266. REAL ESTATE SALES HOME SPECIALISTS 40% For listings— 40% For sales— Eguals 80% when you sell your own isting.— Example, sell $20,000 home .ma, $960. The office furnishes & pays foi "GOOD ADVERTISING," prlvati new desk & phone, all your rea estate materials, answering service member of Multiple Listing Service Realtor membership & all the hell & training you will need to sell, lis or close tha escrow. A sharp refrigerated, carpeted offlc in an exlnt location. Plenty of floo time & loads of customers— P.S. The . sales have been very good & you should make exlnt money here. Asl 'or Bart. Evenings phone 277-4019. BARTELS REALTY 264-7074 1 600_W._Ca melbajck _ Ca|L?4_Hpuj5 DISPLAYTD'SALESTEOPLE Young or elderly, for good publlca- jon. Good percentage. 956-6090. _ Licensed sales associate. Private ads, desk, etc. Excellent opportunity or future. ARISTATE, Realtor, MLS & Traders 20J_E J _Thomas _ 956J31 1 HAVE you lived In the Slendale-Phoenlx area five years or onger, and you're still looking for hat opportunity to earn $10,000 or more annually, then call the only authorized factory office in Glendale or details. 934-4951 call 8 a.m. only and ask for Mr. Willis. WOULD you like to sell soups, tea, offee, hot cocoa, cola drinks, cups, etc, wholesale? 959-5410. LEADS-LEADS Local TV, Newspaper and referral rogram has lust started, hundreds f gualified leads and appointments. EACHERS TEACHERS TEACHERS Enloyable and profitable summer vork. Guaranteed income. Call Don Raymond, 266-5642 from 4 PM to ' M, LA CASAREALTY, new name — ew location, 27 years experience In Phx. Need east side/ and vest side manager for residential ales division. Phone Curt Clutf for 45-3408. 20 West Camelback. 45-3408. 20 West Camelback. HELP! HELP! R.E. Sales people needed. We are FHA Property Manager for all of West & Northwest Phoenix + mem- jer of Multiple Listing Service, .et's go to work! GEO. STIKA REALTY 228 W. Indian School 278-5594 HAVE opening for 2 more real estata salesmen. NOBLE & LEE Rlty of Scottsdale. Sea Jim Cain. 945-9545. EDUCATORS Dignified employment available to a ultured teacher with World Book Encyclopedia under our $500 guar- nteed Income plan. Phone 266-5641. WANTED ?eal Estate salesman. Exp'd In new onstruction. FHA & VA 8> conven- onal loans. For large tract. Top ommlsslons. Call Monday 954-6150, Ed Grose & Assoc. VESTWARD Rlty 27&-7613 2«-9744 739—Help Wanted Female Commissions, Bonus, Etc. DREAM JOB We are looking for 6 special women o train as make-up artists. $4 hour MYSTIQUE OF BEAUVILL train 2 ladles to help with ors? a Frer'- l??e *-' ?r * !?aulv coun -* e r ' " ' ixible hours. No canvassing s.^£alLCherl 94.6.7637. HELP wanted. Ladles,earn $40-$60 veekly showing., new line of home ara brcxiucts. No cash. Fun, exclt- HOqSEW-|VES l Wir$5WMTeFm.nTh n field familiar to you. Work at " « your home area. lEAlJTY Counselor with a fabulous fore you buy plan. >tas great lies .opportunity. Unlimited In- PQislblMtlas. Why not have a J™D , "i«» wfi *"&** ..?,"« ry before you ew sales ome poll obby .,tht. ,. ame.tlme la 'Uiewlfe. AVONJALUN_G 266:2914 ARE"" you jboklng for a part time pportunlty? Need extra money? Applications being accented. Call ad les ready to wear you c»n oper ^- -our .own shop without a, cash Salary and commission. • •« i, — r i -ir-v , n wanted for cosmetology, aauty Couri5elor»-934-727». waiting Haca eajeloguas, pick „ ..,.. rders. $2.95 , tier nr, ,, guarantee igalnst .commission. Fuller frusn Co. 277-1604, 739-Help Wanted Vernal* Ceriml«iens, BonotM, ttt. IMMEDIATE opening for restaurant Davld time work. Saleswoman 25-55, will train as studio proof consultant. Hours 4:30 to 8:30 p.m. Two or more week nights and some Sat's 954-4640. 743-Help Wanted Matt Commljslons, Bonus, tte. 743-Help Wanted *•*.•* Man Bantu, att. MANAGfcM.eNt TRAINING At i.OO 9th larflest Insurance 266-4431. . WEEKLY wit EXPERIENCED, route salesman for established laundry and dry cleaning route, on commission basis. J9( uvic, un luiiimiasiuii udbis. av_ weekly euarantee. s day work week Apply In person 7-9 A.M. Phoenix Laundry and Dry Cleaning Comoe Apply In person 7< Laundry and Dry ny. 333 North 7th Avenue. COLLECTOR, part time. Good com- mlsslons. Box 18-JX, Republic and Gazette, stating qualifications. MAN 21-30 )pportunity In promotional edvertls ng field. Will train. Salary + com nission. Available to travel. Cal Mr. Roberts, Consumer's Sampler Advertising. 956-0240. WANT TOl/IAKE MONEY? Do you like sport cars and the fasl selling Subaru? Learn the art o\ selling Imported cars, financing, appraising. If you are well groomed, ambitious, over 2i and ready to work and earn UP to $1700 per Mo See Mr. Quayle at Wallace Imports. Camejback.. Sales Maslcall. Hear our recorded meS ^itrcllf n 26g U 8Wi an<<ln9 ' aleS ITE 100% total cost hospltallza- ^ Apply 550 West Indian Schoo =XPE~RiEfreEDcommercial fire salesman with fleet and commercia contacts. Write resume, P.O. Box 6757, Phoenix. _XP. PHONE SALESMAN $3 to $4 hr. Permanent. 264-499 $253/WEEK PERMANENT CAREER Opportunity with expanding company AGE over 24. GUARANTEED INCOME Phone Mr. Sperling, 275-7550 TODAY! g'450 TOTAL sale. $185 commission and overide. Automatic lead system vorker? This Is your winner (67-0581. ai a, sJLui i i !, jicottsda le. ViUL/wvvuiji_r_j^iWi igua ic* "/dung frian l9~-28 To assist Manage) flJUwk. Before 2 P.m. 277- "E~LECTR~ODJX WILL HIRE cucv-4 Itui-UA VWIL.U nir\c 2 Men for sales department, apply 146 W. Washington or phone 252-6529 or appointment. ______ NEW HOME SALESMEN 2 Young men needed for expanding builder. Openings for May 1st. Excellent opportunity, highest commission. Call Jean for appointment, 266-8463. Universal Homes. LEADS LEADS LEADS Bestjeal in town _ 266-863 TRAIN AT $150 WEEKLY WlffT9fh argest insurance company In Amer lea. 266-4431. BRITANNICA Leads only! 2425 E. Thomas No. SALESMAN Montgomery Ward has an excellent lositlon for salesman with tire and uto accessories sales experience. Good salary, merchandise discount, roup hospital plan Insurance, profit haring and other employee benefits. V\ak personal application at: MONTGOMERY WARD CHRIS-TOWN 1751 W. Bethany Home Rd. MANAGEMENT TRAINEE rtust be over 21 and willing to train n our method of selling. We offer a weekly guarantee of $150 per week with a great opportunity for advancement. Call Director of Personnel. Applications taken only on Monday 9-5 p.m. 266-2075. SALES .A firm contemplating opening 'hoenix warehouse calling on foun- iry, blasting, deburring and mining ndustrlcs. Metal trades experience r equired. Salary plus incentives. Box '8425, Los Angeles. Calif. 90058 REAL ESTATE SALESMAN With license. Plenty of listings 8. advertising. Apply 31 E. Southern o call 268-0281, Busy Realty. RADIO SALESMAN It you are tired, of cut thrqa competition, low rates, Inferior sta lion and are a top radio salesman ooklng for a station with, great ac ceptance, excellent earning setu and California beach living call o write Steve Edwards, VP Gen Mgr., KKOP, Redondo Beach, Calif Money making pulse-rated station I beach town next to LA. Only radi experienced considered. (213 371-5551. SALESBOYS 16 & over to assist field manage for local concern. Salary vi bonuses 959-5206, 4-7 p.m WANTED 2 HARD HITTING SALESMEN Best pay plan In the Valley, mus ae capable of closing own deals. See Jerry Ferer or Bob Wilson ,at Ram ?ler_Tewnj_U44_E._Carnelback. ORE I Home Study division McGraw Hill Book Company has openlna for commission salesman enrolling stu dents In advanced electronic pro. grams. Pleasant, dignified work Good man should exceed $1000 per month. All company ..benefits. Reilies confidential. Write Region Manager, P.O. Box 296, Los Alami tos. California 90720. BE A MILLIONAIRE 966-4436 EXPERIENCED advertising sa es- man. Official monthly puBllcat on. *lew Mexico Sheriff's and Police Association. Give complete resume. >. O. Box 3249, Albuguergue, New Mexico 97110. M$5S$S5S$$$5$S$S$$$$S$$$$$$«$«$$«$ AGENTE MUEBLERO Speak Spanish and English. Earn big moneyl If you know your stuff, come see us quick. Globe Furn. 3333 S. Central $s$$ss$s$$$$s$$$$$$$s$$$$$$$$$$$$$»$$$ YOUNG MAN TO ASSIST MANAG ROUTE MAN~ Established route opening with val ey's leading home laundry & dry cleaners. Starting salary plus commission, paid vacation & group hospitalization. Will train if suitable, 'ersonal interviews, 3192 E. Indian School Rd. Maroney's. I have run ads before with no results. What I have to offer Is no gimmick, I need now 6 men to help me open 2 more offices in the greater Phoenix area Immediately. My company has given me unlimited financing for this purpose. If you ara ambitious, desirous of a true career, of good character, come In for an interview. You look me over and I'll look you over and we'll see where we go from there. Ask at desk for Mr, Crawford, Hollda.y Inn (conference room), ""!47 E. Van Buren. Interviews :35. a.m.. and 2:05 p.m. sharp. rlT..7ln only. Monday, ESTABLISH r part time.: wll iSiir Route/full WO vetrans. If you want a career, ges 22-48, usually successful $509 alary. 964-2062. WANTED! SALES ASSOCIATE REAL . . ESTATE SALES K ASSOC. 137 E. Camelback 279-9541 BOOK men this Is a winner. An ood specially salesman 5125 to si75 per deal. Appointment selling. MAJOR OIL CO. Has opening for college trained pe- rqleum salesman with 2-3 yrs. prior ales experience. Growth company. :xcellent benefits program and ao- ancempnt potential. Send resume Fo ffiii'S'.HrVCk., 1? T , .......... IETAIL route opportunity. Perma- tani, employment. Above *var«W arnlngs. Excellent f_lng.a benefits« wrklng conditions. Awaly In persM erv-ys fakars. 150J fast, Buckeya. :4V« Cpporfunlly (mplovir. BUILDING MATERIAL SALESMAN "ermanent poslttorr available mmediately for experienced build ng material salesman. Excellen' Benefits & advancement opportunity Make personal application at: MONTGOMERY WARD CHRIS-TOWN 1751 W. Bethany Home Rd. REWARD YOURSELF DRIVER TRAINING TEACHER $260.60-50 HR.WEEK No charge for training. Apply In person only, 301 East Roosevelt OPPORTUNITY-retaln , .. . $400/wk 8, UP-STOCK your P-ST ground requTred."264-3573,"'Mr. "Carr sales back 73, •' _._ JSEb car salesman. Goqd_dea I..265-65B5. DIESEL SALESMAN Trucks, Vans and Campers. New German product. See Mr. Horsen. CROSS MTRS. 1401 E. CAMELBACK_ _ SALES MANAGEMENT TRAINEE 35 yr old co will hire 2 men, 21-40 excellent Income Including $125 per wk expense allowance. Must have car, be bondable, & free to trave Ariz. Apply at B-UO, 4747 N. Uth >t. 10 a.m. or 3 p.m. sharp Mon PEST CONTROL CO. SWIMMING POOL SALESMEN Experienced only need apply High " WANTED EX-EMDEKO SALESMAN I .Interested in working again to " ~ ' all Mr SALESMEN .. , DIRECT SALES Work In your own air cond. office Make up to $500 + a month. I riterested_can_Mr. Wayne, 964-2901. R U A GOOD"HUNTER?~~ d r o e ilar eS rn^rt^g e g Se c'o. Is hanging from lending to properly acgursltron 8, sales. We will pay $175 finders fee for «ach property we buy or that the "Hottest Sales LIFE INSURANCE SALES SPECIAL CONTRACT MEN SALES ON SIGHT SEE MR. BUCHMAN MONDAY V-5 4736_N._12thJ5T,_P_HX. SALESMEN MGMT POTENTIAL I am looking for salesmen who are gualified to become managers io one of the fastest growing natlona companies In the nation. All promotions are within. This Is an oppor tunlty for a man to enter Into i tangible service business and enlo business for himself without Inves 1 ment and a promising future. Wor business hours only, 8-5 P.M. Fo appointment call 278-8573. $2'00-$50'0 PER WEEK Part time or full time is easy to men who want to be independen and successful. Two department open in our non-competitive oroanl zation. Call Mr. Joe Newman a ^328_Tyes ._qr_Wed .on |y. __ 747-.Help Wanted _ Company Repr»s«nfatlv«t Direct SALES OR CANVAS~SERS"~ Full or Parllme Phone 252-5656 761— -Domestic __ _ _ ___ SPEND summer on Lake Wisconsi wix i iww^i.r\bC)JCI • VVIIIICr If •"-••/• Excellent salary to highly .ompetent person. Two adults-mus Ike dogs. Reply to Box 37-PK Re public and Gazette full details Inferences. HOUSEKEEPER: Live-in. Mature 'leasant, happy home with nonworking mother, two children. Private room and bath. References. 174-5859. HOUSEKEEPER Live In. Light housekeeping. Private room & bath. Dependable, pleasant. 2 children ages 4 COUPLE 'referably 45-50 yrs. old. Wife to telp In adlolnlng residence — ligh ipusework, no heavy cleaning, ven Ittle cooking. In return for thi; service, couple will have year-round rent free, lovely 1 bdrm home completely furnished, all utilities laid. Husband may continue presen iccupatlon. Box 88-HX, Republic & HOU SEK E E P ER7T)aby~siTteF wFnf ed, 20. Must live In. 946-8177 HOUSEKEEPER """half ~day, cook eyeniniLrneal. $25 weeklXij77-]733._ fABY sitter with references." Avalf- 3EPENDABLE, permanent; unen- •umbered lady to care for Invalid A<ly.- .. Mu ,?f.. bema > len t" 'iff- Three P.m.'s. Own transporta- • — —.•• 'wta«_ wuur OIMCI / iium iiuubc- eeplng, girls ages 6 and 4. Must nIoy_chiLdren._279-4712. __ _ 5RANDMA type' to'Tove arid" care fr,, .... 8 month old son while JNE NCUMB'E RE D°'~Ta"dy: bl"by5TI hlldren age 3, 5. General housework, own transportation. Immediate iyass iABYSITTE'R to live-in. 2"77-0578 _._.,___ TURE woman, baby sitflng, aft- nootis and Saturdays. 1513 East 'aim Lane, afle-jiji.m " -_.._...._ housework. $175-$225 per month. No experience needed. Mrs. Anderson,. 943-9146. Anytime. -,V,^ /'I """, . *LLt VI . *,U--.MU, . .IVE-Iri housekeeper, $25 per week lys benefits. Children, 3, 4, and 6. 74-6140. _ HOUSEKEEPER." Private apartment nd salary. Mature, pleasant, assist , 0 . n ,l w 2#'" 8 .9rMS! mo ' h «'' 1w ° bovs. jO'DSEkEEPER, $250 - $350" month. :xperience required. Mrs. Field, ._, ?i _ c _. _,„ „_______ rABYsiTTER-housekeeper, two 'chli- fren, 5 days, 6:30 a.m. to S p.m. frTERGETIC housekeeper — cook or two. Live-In. Driver* license, eferences.reauireiJ44.1212... __ 'OP wages. Mln. 2 days per wk. |Ctsdl. area. Own transportation, IVE-jn housekeeper to cere for e m -I n v a I I d, 5-day week, aturdays-Sundays off. Salary open. _ Watch girls plus room and . __ ______ ITTE R -houieKeeFeo 4. Salar ges 9 and . _... ___ VANTEE>niye-ln worklna mothers ., ___ __ •LDERLY lady to live In and care or three school age children. Call yinday morning. 934-944?. IELIABLE cleanlna woman, ours Saturdays. 934-2919, W DOMESTIC couple or top-notch hoy ekeeper to live In home, (separate partment). Woman; COOK, K HOI IIII0III/. VVUIIlall, IW*, AVVK ipusa, some care one girl, 12 years. V\an; yard work, chauffeur, malnte- ijnce. Fine salary. References. .1VE inTr 'out~( prefer InrTioTTs'e- :eeper, sltlor, 3 children all school ~~ own room, TV, salary open. /IClNlTYoTjpth-Thomy. Mature, enable babysitter my home. Four jeyi a week. $5 per day. Two chH- " or lay ED/T/ONJ The Arizona Republic Saturday, April 5,1969 51 Parking Problems? Phone! Want Id NumNr 271*8711 761—Domestic Help wanted LIVE in housekeeper. Under 60. $35 week. , Saturday afternoon-Sunday off. Invalid wlf« In 40's. No tmokers. 949-127'. 3ABY sitter"wanted. One Infant, 30 lour week, $17.50 weekly, 35th Avenue, Bethany Home Road area. 939-6250. -iELP .needed in nursery, must Ilk* chi!dren._265:0098. LIGHT housekeeping—Eabyslttina, 2 school age, one pre-school. 3612 Wesf_FJpwer._Refererices. HOUSEKEEPER for" couple, live ft 265^2435. -IVE-IN housekecneK 5 day weeJT. *Jo children. Scottsdale area. References. WH 6-481?. 767-Help Wanted Male/Female Salaried Job* IN HOME DECORATING CONSULTANT Applications row being taken for position of sales representative in home decorating department. Must have sales ability and enjoy working with customers in the home. Must have retail sales and estimating experience In draperies and/or carpeting. * Excellent working condition* * Outstanding company benefits * Earnings commensurate with exp. Apply In person Trl-CIfy Mall, 1900 W. Main in Mesa. J. C. PENNEY CO. An equal opportunity employer MOT EL~~coupie™maid~ maintenance", 20 units. Man can have night lob.• Apartment, $150 month, 253-9040. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY The Circle K Corporation has many vacancies in their store locations around the Valley for both men and women. Excellent opportunities for advancement and a good career in the retail trade. Paid vacations, hospitalization, fringe benefits offered to those interested in permanent employment. Interviews are held Monday through Friday 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. at the following locations. 4124 N. 27th AVE., PHOENIX 5201 N. 7th ST. SUITE 200 7505 E. OSBORN RD. SCTSDLE LOCKHEED AIRCRAFT SERVICE COMPANY Has Immediate Openings For AIRCRAFT MECHANIC ELECTRICIAN Must be experienced In aircraft electrical work. Must be able to read and work from wiring diagrams and technical orders. AIRCRAFT PAINTER Must be experienced In aircraft painting and preparation. ELECTRONIC REPAIRMAN Must have recent experience in the maintenance and repair of Century Series aircraft, communication and navigation equipment. LOCKHEED AIRCRAFT SERVICE COMPANY LUKE AIR FORCE BASE, Ari/. CONTACT WALT REEVE* 935-7411 EXT. 2253 Open Mon-Fri. 8 A.M.-4:45 P.M. This Sat. 8 to 12 An Equal Opportunity Employer MOTEL Management. Couple. 75 unls. 3 yrs. min. exp. NCR #42, Switchboard, reservations, housekeeping. Year round. Live-In. Rply Box 95-PK, Republic & Gazelle. CITY OF SCOTTSDALE Sales tax auditor. Immed. oepnlng. College grad. Apply Personnel Ol- tice, Scottsdale City Hall, E. Main & George, Scottsdale, SALES PERSONNEL BROADWAY CHRIS-TOWN Immediate openings for those interested in worKing on an "ON CALL" basis. Apply Personnel Office 1607 W. Bethany Home Rd, TjsTDE salesman for'order desk for -edders nlr conditioner and Norqe appllaiKes distributor. Minimum two 'cars experience wilh a malor dis- ributor in related lines. Salary commensurate wilh experience. Good frinae benefits. Room for Growth with expanding company. 'hone, 254-5801, Mr. Hageman^ PERMANENT COUPLE Age 35 to 55 Work-in & Live-In .UXURIOUS APARTMENTS 'op Salary % Fringe Benefits 'But You've Gotta-Be Good" HUSBAND— Management, Maint, Sup. & Sales. ,ales, Office, Tele, SH 8, Typing & up. Housekeeping & Decorating. iOTH— Promote, Organize, Accept Respon- Ibllity 8, Smile. EITHER or BOTH qualify? J ox_99 PK,_ Republic and .Gazette. WANTED couple, ones 50-70" forla- n torla duties, MUST WANT TO CLEAN WELL. No experience necessary, 955-8047. ACCOUNTING CLERK. Good future", (xcellent working conditions. Should be experienced In bookkeeping, good ypist. Apply Accounting Depf. ttap- Ist Hospital of Phoenix. 6025 N. J)th_Ave._ BELIEF RN. 3-11 & 11-7 shifts NURSES' AIDES 7-3 or 3-11 Shifts. xperience necessary. WALE ORDERLY 11-7 shift, exp'd. KITCHEN help (CART GIRL) 2-8prn 27.4-3505_ __ NDIAN drlve-ln~ theater" has mmediate openings for part-tim* evenings. Apply l n person after 6 .m. 27th Ave. A Indian School Rd. ASCP REGISTERED TECHNICIAN Baptist Hospital . . — _ _... 20th Ave. COTjNTER' heip~'wantea7TTighTshl?tT Apply Taco Bell, 11th Avenue and ^ameLbesIs, _ ENIOR Systems Analyst/ rogrammer, COBOL experience referred. Opportunity to continue education. Send resume and salary equipments Department 15, Unf- erslty of Arizona, Tucson, Ariz. 5712. We are an equal opportunity mplgyer. : WO raters and processors or un- erwriters, multiple line, amd one War ne underwriter. Sa ary open. £ajl Mr. Billy, 264-7011. GOODYEAR AEROSPA LITCHFIELD PARK, ARI_. :QUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER Ipnolstery, seamstress, upholsterer wanted. 825 N._7th SA.2H-545J. COUPLE for "service station end waitress. Wages plus room and joard. No facilities for children, 'all Dateland, #1, Datelend, Ari-, Mttb'Rd'LAinc7~SemTcondUctof ^HKlucts J31y._ lJ20_H...SJnd_iL. :OUPL.E, exp. Malnt. & Mse. ebti; PLE middle aged to maintain no care for business and home, rlvate quarters plus salary. Grea pportunlfy for rjpRt —-'•• —• weekend*, 6 95VS175".' rlpt party. 373 ' 1 - Evening* >me. S" > y

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