The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 20, 1916 · Page 4
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 4

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Monday, November 20, 1916
Page 4
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THE CH1LLICOTKE DAILY CONSTITUTION, MONDAY, NOV. 2O, 1916. THE OOX2MTION OF EMPEROR FRANZ .JOSEPH SAID TO KK WOBSK MISS RUTH LAW EQUALS TKH AMERICAN" RKCORD FOR AEHOPJ-uVXi: l-'IATNti. C H y United Proa.) Rome, Nov. 20. -- Dispatches com- New (By l n l t e . 1 1-reoi.) York, Nov 20 -- Ruth La\v, Ing from Zurich, today asserted that a smiling little American, took he/ the Austrian Emperor's condition much -worse. The arrival oE German specialists is anxiously await'ed. »,S S LOST--Diamond lavalier and chain ,-Finder please return t o this office. 20-3 LOST--Ladies black shopping ba a ', containing red silk cord and 3 dys blue riboon. Leave at Constitution place as premier Avoman of the -\\orld today when she equaled the American record for cross country flying She lan-ded at Governor's island j at 9:38 o'clock, having flown 8 4 3 miles from Chicago m an old style exhibition aeroplane Miss Law made but two stops--the first at Cornel!, N Y., and the second at Bmghamp- STEP FOR FEDERAL OWNERSHIP OF R. R. FLKbT HEARING MONDAY IX SEX- ATE OFFICE BUILDING. office. 20.3t S LOST--Brown traveling bag somewhere between the Utica Brick Tile plant and Chillicothe. Finder kindly phone 322. Reward 20-3 ThanksglTinj* IHnjier. The" ladies of Centenary church, - one and one half miles south of Sturges, will serve dinner and sup_ ~V*f at the church on Thanksgiving day. They will also have many beau' tlful pieces of fancy work for sale ton, where she spent the night She was forced to alight because she h a j run out of gasoline Fuliy exposed to the wind and cold owing to the fact that the type of machine she d r o v e forced her to sit out in front of her motor without any shield for protection, the plucky- young woman outstripped Victor Carlstrom's record for continuous cross country riding made recently in the very latest type of machine and then continued her journey anJ flew further than any other woman in history. EGGS AND BUTTER UP KT KANSAS CITY TODAY (By United Press.) A good'place to do your Christmas! Kansas City, Mo., Nov 20.--Kan. ihopplng d2wtd jsas City grocers are asking from 45c to 50c per pound for first class butter today. Eggs are selling for 40c Farmers, mechanics, railroaders laborers, rely on Dr. Thomas' Eclec Me Oil. Fine for cuts, burns, bruises. Should be kept in every horn.?. 25o and 50c. per dozen which is also a new hig record. Use the Constitution Want column I If you have something to dispose of. Ciuldren Cry FOR FLETCHER'S O A S T O R I A The Is showing an unusual collection of L A D I E S D R E S S E S in both cloths and silks. There are 152 Dresses in the stock representing' the newest and best -models Yi' the season. All of the higher priced Dresses will be sliarply - cut in price beginning tomorrow. 925.OO will give you eh oice of our finest gowns that sold at $35.00- and $39.50. ATI exceptional opportunity to purchase our show pieces at much under value. Splendid selections axe also shown at $19.'50, $17.50 $15.00, $9.75, $7.50 and $5.00. In every group you will find some dresses that are marked down from higher prices and ever garment shown is splendid value. This collection, offers an unusual variety of beautiful gowns, most attractively priced. ·" £Vef-ffarcHiy D, G. Co. Other current events-THE SALE OF LADIES SUITS. THE SALE OF CLOTH and ...VELOUR COATS. Your Friends and Relatives will appreciate a Photo of you Xmas morning 6NE DOZEN PHOTOS MAKES 12 FINE XMAS PRESENTS -YOU GET TEEM AT- The Watton Studio NORTH SIDE SQUARE TIME IS SHORT YOU BETTER HUEBY- Jin e^tigatiou It, In Response - to a Congressional Resolution Approved by I*resi(lent Wilson. \Vabhmgton, Nov 20.--The first | hearing ot the joint Congressional j investigation into the whole subject I of government regulation and the I proposed government ownership of railroads,, was -held today in the Senate office building. The investigation is in response tu a congressional resolution approved by President Wilson July 20, calling for "a joint sub-committee of the I interstate commerce committees of the House and Senate to investigate the subject of the government regulation and control of interstate and toreign transportation; efficiency ot the present system; incorporation of common carriers; proposed changes in the Interstate Commerce Commis. sion; and the subject of government owneiship of all public utilities, including telegraph, wireless, cable, telephone, express companies, rail- loads engaged in interstate and f o r - eign commerce " The committee is also empowered "to report as to the wisdom or feasi- j bility of government ownership, and as to the comparative worth of government legulation without government ownership " THEATRICAL. orma Talmwge at Empire ToiiijrlH A photoplay with humor, puncli and heart throbs, interesting and entertaining with a pretty and j o u t h - ful screen star is the comment of n, Chicago paper on "Martha's Vindication," with Norma Talmage in the title role It will be at the Empire tonight. A Circus P-icture at the Majestic. The Paramount company will pre-i sent as the select picture offering tonight 'at the Majestic Theatre, a fascinating picture story of the circus, featuring Victor Moore, Tbos Meighan and Florence Dagmar. Gold Fish Free 3 DAYS ONLY NOVEMBER 23, 24, 25 With purchases of KEXALL CHERRY BARK COUGH SYBUP and MENTHOLTNE BALM as follows:-- 25c bottle Rexall Cherry Bark Cough Syrup--Aquarium and 2 Fish Free. 50c bottle Rexall Cherry Bark Cough Syrup--Large Aquarium and 2 Fish Free. 25c jar Rexall Mentholine Balm--Aquarium and 2 Fish 50c jar Rexall Mentholine Balm--Large Aquarium and 2 Fish Free. S - If you want Fish FREE don't delay-the supply wont last long. Clark's Pharmacy THE KEXAJLL STORE P. S. -We sell Gold Fish and Aquariums during the -winter and sprint? but no fish free only during this 3 _ dav sale. Piinlmo Frederick ToniOT-row. The emotional artiste sxipreme, Miss Pauline Frederick will be presented tomorrow at the Majestic Theatre in a picture story of interest, "The World's Great Snare." Miso Frederick will have ample oppor tunity to display her wonderful emotional talent in this production Billie Burke Here Wednesday. On Wednesday, Billie Burke, will be presented in the fifth number of the Gloria's Romance series of pic- 1 tures. "Under Cover" Tlulrbday. Thursday the super-featuie picture production, the renowned success, "Under Cover" will have its showing The prices for this attraction will be advanced. The stars in this elabor ate production will be Hazel Dawn snd Owen Moore. WEAK, AILING CHILDREN Made "Well jurul Sti-ong by -Simple Remedy. Hero is another letter that has just come to our attention, showing the power of Vinol to build up health and strength lor weak, puny, ailing children W. A Smith, o-E.ShanesYille, Ohio, says-^--"My little child was puny, -weak and ailing, could not rest at night and would not eat I learned about Vinol and tried it, and within a week noticed an improvement. The child's appetite improved, it slept well, strength and health were soon built up We think Vinol is excellent for weak, puny children " -% Vinol is a delicious combination of beef and cod liver peptones, iron and manganese peptonates and glycero- phosphates which creates an appetite, tones up the digestive organs, enriches the blood and creates strength. Children love to take it We ask all parents of weak, sickly, delicate children in this vicinity to try Vinol with,'the understanding that we will return your money if it fails to benefit your little ones Clark's Pharmacy, Chillicothe; also at the leading drug stores in all Missouri towns. G. H. S. TOO STRONG fOR BROOKFIELD TUN LOCALS CARRIED AWAY TALI, SCORE SATURDAY. Brookfielid Team Oterw helmed a-ntl Chillicothe Wa*» Victorious 3O to 0. The Brookfield high school football team came to Ctnlhcothe Saturday with the gum determination ot "carrying home the bacon." However, there was another litle veise to thib sweet melody which they overlooked, but which they were reminded of very lorcibly following the atteinoon't conflict. _ It goes--"1 got mine, boys, 1 got m i no '--and the Brookfleld boj s j w e r e torced to "like it. , The two teams played a scoreless, tie at Biookfield several weeks ago and naturally there existed strong; rivalry between them Coach Lewi.3 bent in his best, as did the Brookfield coach. It was a gieat game The game opened by a luckotf tiom the Chillicothu bide. Brookleld lost the ball on downs and d u u n g the remainder ol the tiuartcr, C H. S. niibs, ed three forward passes. However, Winn made 13 j a r d b by an end run, tollowcd by a 15 yard gain by quarterback Burke 101 a touchdown C l a i k kicked complete goal Score C H. S 7 B H S 0 C H S kicked olf again and.Brook- field gained good t b i u the line. The visitors fumbled at a critical point, but regained the ball. Willis camel ALLIES DEMAND CKNTUAI/ POWER AMBAbS.UXJKs J j F A Y K GREEK CAl'ITOL AT O:\Cii. tat V n l t f i l l r r « s . | London,Xov 2 0 -- A n Mhens tpe- ' cial agency dispatch today as-ert that the Geiman, A u ^ t i u n , Belsiin , and Tuikish ambassadors in tile Greek Capitol have been told by the ' allies that they must leave the c o u n - i try by \Veduesday. ! Remember the King's Daughters Bazaar next Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. E. E. Johnson, corner 3rd and Cherry. They will have all kinds ol fancy work, aprons and caps and home-made candies [or sale. A hot lunch will be served Admission 15c Everybody in- v-ited. 1S-3 Use the Constitution Want column i[ you have something to dispose of. Prices for this production will bo the bal1 lor a "nllmnt 30 yard gain 35c and lOc iOr " le vlsltoi 's but their maicli stopped "*The Bohemian Girl." Elsewhere the critics have agreed that the spectacular revival ol Balfe's 'The Bohemian Girl" as it is now be- there and they were held toi downs Winn had carried the ball f o i I a 20 yaid C H S 'gain as the quarter ended The locals were ioiced to p u n t and ing presented by the Aborn Opera! a " tUe lilter "uttered a 15 yard pen. Company marks' the beginning of a M * t o r £oul P 1 ^ 1 ^- C. H S. again new-era in the presentation of stand- afd6'iferas in their country So'Stu- 'peiidoiis is this offering that company, scenery and a variety of animals employed in it, require a special train for their transpoitation "The Bohemian Girl" is among the early forthcoming bookings here' LIVE STOCK MARKET. (By Uiltte.l lre»N.) Kansas City, Mo., Xov 20 Cat- Apples For Sale. Good Gano and Ben Davis apples at Dr. Campbell's farm Sprayed fruit. n9dwtf tle receipts 2 £ , 0 0 0 , market steads to lOc lower. Steei s, $5 75 to ?11 50 cows and heifers ? 4 . 7 5 t o HO 00, stackers and feeders ?5.25 to ^7 25; calves $6.50 to $11 ] Hogs 12,000; market 5c to lOc lower. Bulk of sales $9 40 to $9 70; heavy $0 60 to $ 9 . 0 ; medium $9.40 to $9.75; light .$9 25 to ?) 65. Sheep 6 , 0 0 0 ; market steady to strong Lambs $10.75 to $11 60, ewes $6.75 to ?7 75; stockors and feeders $5 50 t o $10. '25 Money to Ixan. $ 4 5 0 0 . 0 0 to loan on city property. Will divide. G-. C. Carnahan. Phon 1 293. 17-6 Constitution Want_Ads t are winners The High Cost of Living does not worry the farmer. He is a seller of high- priced food products--not a buyer. If you want to turn producer and make money--there's no time like the present in which to start. Let me know whether you would prefer to locate in Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming or Montana and whether you want to take up a homestead, buy a cheap farm or desire irrigated land. It is my business--first, to acquaint you with the splen did opportunities that exist at various points along the Bur linglon Railroad, and second to assist you in securing that location which is best suited to your needs. There's nothing to be gained by waiting--so write now--today. S. B. Howard, Immigration Agent, C., E, Q. R. R., Room 20, Q Build ing, Omaha, Neb, Produce Starkot. Furnished ty Henderson Son Produce Co., 801 Locust street, Chillicothe, Mo.: 'SPRINGS 15^2 HENS 14 cox 10 DUX ' 12 ,GEESE . . . . . - . . .''.'. -..11, JTURK-EYEf '.--.{' ; '''' 'f.'. . ' . . . . ?'.2 J 0" 'EGGS 1 -''". . .' , I .'-'. C . .- . . " - . . . :'"'.''· ·'· .'.'30 ' BUTTER FAT 36 BOI.LES A ROGERS. Healers in Hides, Till low, Wool, Furs, Beeswax and Fc.i * hers. J N. PETERS SON, MOS Wanted all Furs I can buy Market in line with the best. Salt Cured Hides, flat No. 1. . . .24c No 2 23c P«rtly Cured Hides 21% Green Hides 2tc Bulls and Glues 17c Deacons $1.50 t o $2.00 Skunks -. - . . 2 5 c t o 5 0 c Horse Hides Nos. 1 and 2. full mane and tail $8.00 Pony Hides $4.00 No. 1 Tallow." 9c No. 2 Tallow 8c Tim PIONEER PROIH'CK rjTJYEBS OP CHirjjicOTirE. x SWTFT COMPANY ALWAYS PAY HIGHEST PRICES FOR PRODUCE AND CREAM. Today's Market. HENS · -I* SPRINGS COCKS TURKEYS '. DUCKS GEESE P. S BUTTER 28 EGGS 30 BUTTER FAT 36 failed to g a i n ^ a n d the ball reverts^ to 'C H. S Cies added 5 j a r d s thru the line followed by 10 more on a smash. This quarter ended without either scoring. The training of the locals by Coacn Lewis began to show in the next period. The visitors were weakening considerably w h i l e the local sciu,id was going at their best B. H S. kicked oft and Bryan f u m b l e d the catch, n a r i o \ v l y reco\ei-ing the ball. Cies m.ldo a long gain t h i n the hue folowed by a good gaming pasb to Tay_lor. Burke then split the line for a 15 yaid gain and touchdown Clark missed the goal. Score--C H S J.3 B H S 0 | Biookfield received the next kick-1 off but hetd the ball only a short time Chillicothe regained the sphere and scoied another touchdown within the last two minutes of play Clark kicked goal. Score C H S . 2 0 . B . H. S 0 The f o u r t h ciuaiter opened with both playing hard. Chillicothe p u n t ed o a t of danger and Brookfield returned the kick. This followed an aerial attack by the locals, Taylor accepting a forward for a good gam Cesar also accepted a complete pass for long gain C h i l l i c o t h e pulled a take kick, Burks gaming B yards Dennis replaced Winn at left half, M i l b a n k replaced Bennett at right I tackle. Cies split the line for I he local squad's last touchdown aud bla'rk missed goal .Score--C. ,H S. 26, Brookfield 0. Crowell went in for Bryan and Cesar took Barney's place also-m tbe last quarter. It was a clean game in every respect, the locals outclassing the Brookfield players at every stage o f | tho game. i The local High School will go to I Maryville for the which will "be their last game t h i s ! IAL SALE -At the- Farmers Store 1 lot Women's and Misses Suits worth up to $12.50, your choice only $5.00. We want you to see them. "\ Another lot Sultsmarked down to$11.50 Third lot of Suits marked at $14.75. The best WOOLTEX Suits will all go in this sale at $19.75, worth up to $30.00. Some Big Bargains in Women's and Misses CoaJs. i-j 100 .Boys' Suits on sale Monday and all week, only $1.50, worth up to $4.50 Come in each day of sale. Special bargains in most all departments We Save You Moaey Botts-Minteer D. G. Co. Leaders Lozv Prices EMPIRE Steam Heated SCI ISNTf FICALLY VENTILATED 10 20 .11 Glasses "Fcr Clit'i^nms. What present could be more highly appreciated by mother, father, or other dear one, than a pair of nice glasses, made to the special measure of their eyes, and guaranteed to be a perfect fit?' My plan permits them to be given as a surprise. Let me explain and show samples Special X-Mas prices $1.00 to $10 00. C. W. PALM. Barney Bldg. Chi]]icothe: n!8d20w4 LOST--Advertisements in the Constitution Want column helps find your missing property. Use the Constitution Want column It gets quick results. TRIANSLE FILM CORPORATION _ presents N O R M A TALMAGE In a Grillith Directed Photoplay Martha's Vindication FIVE ACTS. AND-.Toe Jackson, big time n a two act Keystone Comedy. "GYPSY JO" S T O C K T O N ' S O R C H E S T R A Shows at 7:15 8:30 p. m. PRICES 5 and 1O Centi T o m o n o w -- F r a n k Mills in a Tr,le pla, ' MORAL FABRIC." Charles M u i i a y in a K c i s t q n e C o u i e d j , "A LOVE RIOT." TONIGHT* COMl.VG COMOKRO'.V-- COMING THURSDAY PARAMOUNT PICTURES Present THE FIVE RKEIj CrKCUS PICTURE STORY, Entitled TKe Clown Featuring VICTOR MOORE, THOS. MEIGHAX FLORENCE DAGMAR Weiland's Lady Musicians will Ren. der a Select Musical Program . . Shows 7:15 - 8:30 ADULTS 10^; CHILD 5^ t PAULINE FREDERICK 7/ 6S2 fj,m*nP'-vr-~ JJ ^ ARTISTE S --IN-- The Super-Feature Cineira Attraction "UNDER COVER" ··} with H A X K I j DAWN and OWEN MOORI;. 'The World's Great Snare A picturization of the renowned stage COMIXG WEOraSUAY-- ~ iuccess - ^ ^^ ^o^tion Beautiful ana TIIM iii.King BIIJJ.K ADMISSION PRICES FOR THIS PIC- BUKKB in THE FIFTH X L ' M U K U m' TORE WILL BE ADULTS 15c and "GrX)BIA'S ROMANCE" CHILDREN lOc. NEWSPAPER! VSPAPERI

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