Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 22, 1930 · Page 1
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 1

Decatur, Illinois
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Wednesday, October 22, 1930
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,/ '/;! ':··''.. · · 1 .; (1 n i ." :-"·'.'·'..' v'··-';'"..' aboratory in the de the surprising ,the inftnence of' ted temporarily Dr. Tuerkel l Research. eat and now**t . a speed t»it. akedown emit* ^P?S!P'if^Pi^^!!^^|^^ A 24-HOUR NEWSPAPER H5TYEAR 20 Pagee Decatur. lUroow., W E D N E8 D A Y E V E N I N G October 22, 1930, Attempt Made for Hoover 9 s Support Fails Pre$ident Evasive In Present Political Campaign Ifiy lltllflt rr*t*-*l .' WABMtNCtTON, Oct. 22--E florin M twlng mode to draw President against hi* wlehei Into I lie eompalfln now no* ring II* MODIFICATION DEMAND GROWS-6LENN Two Chicago Detectives Nabbed As They Attempt To "Shake" Victim Thud far, In face of atronft pres- Mm, he ran fou(fhi off ftll appeals : hum Republican candidate* ntiklni;| Wblte Hoiwf help, ft* vlslUd f o u r i illtff In til* rsoenl sptsklnfr tour but Mulftd ln nn boomlnjr of Kepub- leiR eandld*,Uis. He * void oil oven Btvlfll W pholosmph takon with nun « In »"/ oth * 1 ' w »y conducting » that ho mltfht bo fcy party Avoid* Jo far M ho IK com'wnod, Pftul- Mt Hoover i« tryitiff to avoid bt- tal ai*d» an Istme In ihl». campaign. u w-tlin* food administrator, Mr, Hoover Joined Wood row 'Wilson In »W«llnir for election of a D«mo- crttle flonjrrtM In IS 18, ft rid ho SHW tin ceuntry answer by returning Re- pukllcMiR to power, Prtildeflt Hoovtir ha* b««n drawn tat* th* Intense Pennsylvania povnr- nowhlp context within tho last 24 Oirford Plnchot, Republican for K^'rnor, Is nioled n.» hiving fluid he received word his election w»i noon! for by President H»wr. SecrUry of Labor Davis, Sipubllcin candidate for Senator In Pmniylvanla. has denlid thlt, Hi uyi that Mr. Hoovnr h»s not «von lodornd him, a member of th» cttb- tiwi, *nd ihut the Pi'«*ldcnt, AM the hnd of ihr nation, tun not Indorno Kill lea I curnliduts«, K«rti«M Comment Till WhIU Woute r«fuiiM» to coin- aim t a* ft d«u1fct'uUon ttlthur wny raljhl Imvo tie clou* ropercunslouit, Pluehot, through Kepublkun'cirnl!- talt IB opponed by almost the *ntlra PWltd*lpl1lii party orfcunlKittlon tind sumwou* other Inlluentlul Kapub- 57 New Miles Of Paving In State Poured llnuii of the Th«n« Include ^ ff, AlUrbury, hetd of Ht* Ponnnyl- rallroAd, who re«lKned HM Ite- notional (tommlltxcnum nr« sup- effect The content tm* h* could not Nupport Plnchot. Dtdectlntt Kwpubllcanit prtlon John Uemphlll, : (lUWitt fur governor, Huoiiune of fit itronK habit of purly rosulfti'lty liolilMited lor B*n»ration» In Pnun- lylvml* voters, word from 'In* White Hout* might have a In fevor of Plnuhot, Mgvdtd by both *ldes as clove nnil mil* Hou»e infliiBncc Conceivably ·Mild tip the Valance, Ruth Are Dry* PlnohM atanda wllh President Plnehot *t«nd» wllh Proslclont with Amendment, HwmphlH 1» for wpdftl of the amendment, the Vol- it**d *ct and the ittite enforcement Ml, However, on economic H^uvs and Mr. Hoover are of op,.....,, dohnolH, Utility i'«(((il«tl*n Is t liMllny l»H«e tn Pennsylvania, w i t h PhKhot. advocdtlnf dtrlctfli' control kysa electod fair rate bortrtl, Hump- HID favors the prownt moi'e llbdrnl tppfllntlvo public service eft mm I e*! on. Anethw factor \t that mony KB SPR1NO1T1BI.D. Pre».) Oct, M,--AI- though contractors were hampered by the short days, approximately 57 miles of new concrete pavement \ms laid In the stale during the week endlnjr Oct, 16, It waa announced licr« Wednnsduy. In addition to the paving, several mi leu of gravel and macadam road work was completed Another world's record for the year was established by the Harrison Construction and Engineering Co., during the week, when a total of 2.74B lineal feet of IS-foot pavement waa constructed on route ITS in Me Henry «ounly. There were 14,000 men directly employed In the state In road construction .during the week. INDUSTRIAL* HEADS CONFER ON RELIEF Leaders Optimistic About Employment Crisis tll]t Vnittil Ci'Ais.l CHICAGO, Oct, 22~Am*rlcH'it In-. duHlrial leaders met Wednesday In tlie Hcudomlc nUuosphei't of tlin Untvomlty of (Ihlvngo to find out ·what Is the matter wllh buslnow. Aftnlrs of l«ilu»lfl«» nuv» r sifted the United States to a foremost postilion among th« na- tlcn» of the world In wealth and Influent:* went under the searching scrutiny of their chiefs. As OHO by ona the leader* discussed their problems before the Bthor- ItiK of wealth and power In Ihe vlncu-uovcred go lit hi Mum Id I hail, the tonu was optlnilitUc but frank. Robert Maynard HutPhlns, youthful pruHidont of ths university, Htruclc tlid flrrtt opllnitMlic not«. "If* now possible, with lowering commodity prl(!««," llutehlnn eatd. "for pvofeKBOi'M to live on Ihelr »al»rlen,'' In the audience that laughed with Hutchln* were T. W. Iiiunonl, of thn J. P. MoL-gon company; W. A- Storey, president of the Santa Ke; CtMifU'M M. Schwtth, of the Bothle- hem Steel company: Adolph Kultor, repriifionling the motion picture In- riustry; Adolph Ochs, of the. New YorK Tlmcii; William Allen White, Emporln, Knn., publisher and an thor; on ( l Senator Arthur Capper, TOpromntJng the publishers, *- publican look to Pin oho t, K hi wins, nn a tm;c«s»or to tho We hnttor nnbert M, LaPollctln, list « m(lon»l l»tt(kr of thn pcolfl^tliK ml- GLORIA SWANSON'S THIRD MARRIAGE ENDS UP IN COURT 0 V ANQffiLRS, . Oct. 22.--Glorla Threatened Druggist With Fake Bomb Plot Charges VETERANJHTICERS Illy VnUtil J'l'iun,} ' CHICAGO, Oct. 22~Two Chicago detective sergeants were prisoners In their own jail Wednesday, charged by acting commissioner of police, wer« John John H. "Iron Man" Alcock, with to extort $fi,000 (rum a druggist In a "shake down" opera* tion. The men under at real Seigts. Brnnst Dallege and, McCarthy, both veteran detectives. Their capture was described by Chief of Detectives. John Norton, oa "far more Important even than the arrest of 'Bugs' Moron, the 'public enemy'," Caught In Act Commissioner Alcock said the men had been arrested 'tn the act of extorting money from Joseph Mation, owner of a smalt chain of stores, and thnt he would start criminal action against them at once, He forced them to surrender their ularts nnii guns immediately afUr they wore ori'dated. Alcock and other leaders In Chicago's war nn crime attracted especial Importance to tho because thsy have contended consistently Ihut con vie lion of even one policeman on chiirgos of corruption would Uo more to rlrt Ihe oily of » puiltlco-pollcti-guufr ulliance than the arraBl or conviction of uny number uf gangsters. The arrests were mode after Mason reported to Alcoch, personally, Ihut Da! logo und McCarthy hud ar- nwt.ert him. told him. they wero go- Ing- to 'charge him with paying Kun(st«r» to bomb rival drug atoros nnil then agreed to accept $5.000 from him not to file the chargea. Payment The commissioner said Mason first was ordered to pay 125,000, but that he denied lh! bombing plot, pleaded that lie did not have (25,OW and was slv«n » (20,000 reduction, Da- 1I«K« w»» arroatod «(. Hie drugstore oftor Mason had hunded him ft package cotitulning 60 one dollar blllB. Seven 1 ' policemen, hlddon In the store, wnlched the transfer, Mason iittld thrlr itsmamlH delecllves made him after lh«y Swnnwn's third nmrrlage which led her into European royalty -wo* declared a failure Wednesday In a divorce action In which she charged that the Marquis Henri de la Falalse d» Ift Cotivdrtiye abandoned hev. The actress' charge* against the Prnnrh nobleman wore contained tn ft single paragraph of legal phi-onos. setting forth "willful and malicious pbandnnment," The Marquis went to Pariti a year fif!(» aw foreign expert for a film com- jiony itnd -while thcr* waM se«n often Iti company with Constance Bennetl, atnge and screpn nclrees. When h« vcturnetl to Hollywood, Mios Swan- »cm nnnounced they would live apari. Mis* Swnnson'jt suit fltntnd he de- soiled hnr Sept. 10. 1029, Ml** Swunson'* first hunbtinil was Wallace Berry, character antor. Her wcotiil husband wns HerborL Son. barn. Eight~Arrested On Extortion Charget wirtty in tho V.cpubllcttn pttrty. Many Iwltive he would soek thf. presidential nwnlnftt-lon agiiinM Mr. Hoover, therefor* some .tlcpuWtonn r.ntlonnl p«rty tender* urn unrerinln whether It-would b« h«ttr lo nlwt nn Inwur- lent Reptihliean or hfivw a Dflmn- MKllo gowrnor in Pennsylvania for Uw first Mm« In ·to }'«nrc, CONrasSES'CRiME" ' NEVER COMM1HED TWIN FAfXS.'.frtB.r Oct. M Tno motlv» behind the fakcct "con(emlon H »f Clyde W. Klley to a crime whlrh »«ver was committed WHS siougnt VeitmiMtuy hy author!tic*. Rlley appoarfd at llu rltv J«H »*ntl trtd polldo hd robhcd t!ii F'lrjil Na- hank nf Aslorln, III., of Il.tnO. i niithorltlM reporlMl no such *rlm*. It Iti Ixillcvcd Rlley Is suffor- l*f froii^ nn {ibspttalon or fi^nr of an unknown pnrmy, KREBJPOJi'T, Oct. 22--Eight Free- rutii4iind*"rni utiir I""' 1 m(in ' 1B to 2ft -y ( ' at ' fl ° w - wrrl H V - , r ( , " nrrwlBd Wednesday, charged with t-ONBON. CM. M^An «)tHwiif!*ilh* enlotllon of $2,200 from Charles jlchwcle, B, «Tncho)or of Cedarvllle, Sclirnck, who signed the com- plalnls, snld lhat he hud paid the "hunt) money" to the men during tlie piiJTt ffavorttl months, and indicated thru th* group "httd domcthlng" on him, Retiring General Feted At Chicago OHICAOO,*' Oct. 22-Qen, Charles P, aurameritll. former chief of staff of the sixth corps area, was honored Wednesday nt a luncheon given by army officers ot the arc*., the Chicago Aasoclallon of Commerce, city nnil stale officials. It was a testimonial preceding (he general'* rftllre- m*nt as chief of slatf of Ihe army. -*- nn-esled a man who had In his pouketa n J250 chtck Indorsed by Mnson, Me conlBtided that Ihoy told him the man had admitted the check was payment for bomblns rival stores, Mason said the money was a loan. The miyi lo whom the check was given was sought us a posttlble accomplice In the extortion plot, . CARNEG.El.ERO FUND_HEAD DIES PITTSBURGH, Oct. 2S --Frank M, Wllmol, 58, secretary and miill- Carnegie Hero Funrt died tmddonly at of commission cruisers col- dtapatah "l»!f th«i two lltl*(l In n'nnintvcr* In e( the r.tnpoi-nr of .liipnn. The wns dnnmitcd. Official would not confirm th« r«- THE WEATHER FOB II.WNOW - (onlfht nntt poMidbly to momlnK, Slightly warm** tonight Mid In tKi. *t»tth por- Uo« tomorrow, ' IOCAI, P. m. yt*«rdny .......... 31 HlthMt yesterday .-..,..,.,,, 48 * *. m. today .-,,.,....,,,.., ST Noon today ........ »....«. « ww*«t today ............. '. jg 8un rise* ................. 8;U DICVIAKK DIVIOKKD PHILADELPHIA, Oct 33 -- The board of directors of the Pennsylvania railroad Wednesday declared th regular quarterly dlvldenfl of two per cent., payable Nov. 2», to itock- holders of record Nov. 1. apartment home Wednesday from a heart, attack, A friend of Andrnw Carnegie and one of those who WHS hoquoathed an annuity, Wilmot had been head or th* Hero Fund com miss I on since Its creation. R. L Wilmot of Casey, III.. Is one of thn surviving brother* Royal "WrfSTWiif Be MiUtary Pageant IHV l l t l l f i l Crr'.M.l AS81SI. Italy, Ocl. 22--An lmlle»- tlon ot the military pngcanl to bo pnacted here Saturday sa part ol the csromony of the wedding ol Princess -Giovanni ami King Boris of Bulgaria was given Wednesday when 4.000 troops reached the little hillside town of Th* troops will sUnd »t prcaent arms along the two mile route which the royal parties will follow. One Kiled Injured In Auto Crash ( B j l Unlleil l'r»«-*. OAIJESBURO, Oct. 23-- W. E, Col lopy. 66, ot Qaleabtirg, died Tuesday night after the automobile In whlcr no was riding with hla wife and Mark Dempsoy, crashed inlo Ihe rear nnd ot s.n imtlnhtcd truck near Colilbronk three hours earlier, The three people were takon to the (Jalesbuiff hospital -where It was said that Mrs. ColJopy and Hemp- any, although injured seriously would recover. Daring Bandit Robs Merchant's Receipts CHICAGO. f TVl'flj.) Oct 22-- A flapper young bandit robbed Samuel Eat- nlck, a merchant, of H.OOO In checks $400 In caab and his automobile Wednesday while Egnlnlck was on hi* way to a bank to make a deposit. The mcrchanf told police that the robbor jump%(Ton the running hoard of hi* automobile, forced him to drive several blocks, took the money Veteran Dies GERMAN MINE , VICTIM LIST RE ACHES 231 Rescue Squads Face Peril* of Gat, Fire, Water lit Work 53 REMAIN ALIVE . Bir 7nltd Prat.) AACHEN Germany, Oct, !U,Hope of re*cuing coal miner* *lrap ped In the darknes* of th* lower depth* of the Wilhelm pit, where 2SI person* were killed, was revived Wednesday when unmlalakable *tg- nals from the entombed men again were heard by,re*cuers. The miners, believed to number OS but possibly Including a *cor« of others *till alive, have been entombed for a day and a half about 1,300 feet below the surface. GTSN, WEYLKIt Huiiibtiitl In upirit with the pausing y tiara after he had earned the title; "Butcher of Cuba", because of hln ruthleu* campaign against rebels In tliat country 1 33 year* ago. Gen, Valeriano Weyler (itbovn) died on an army cot in a liny bare room In Madrid; 'Spain, closing another chapter In hlatory. His merclles» turllcrt was a factor In the pre- cIpTuillan of tho SpftrilBh-Amer. lean war. He was born In 1838, GANGSTER SLAYERS LINKED AT PEORIA Official Asserts St- Louis Men. Seen In Hotel (Jty V\tttd PEOTUA. Oct. 22 , Pour m«n held "Bugs' Moran Has Uncomfortable Time In Court Before Judge Lyle OTHER DISASTERS . Bu u+ttrtt Prtii.) Outatandlng mine d has torn of the past Include the following: Place. Year. Dead Scofleld, Ulan ^,,1900 200 Monontah, W. Va 190T 361 Cherry, III 1909 20» Dawaon, N. M 1013 263 Cantle Qatf, Utah,... 1024 1T1 Mather, Pa IMS 196 Neurode, 3lls»la 1030 151 .Hiispotts in connection with the gun slaying of Mrs, Cora Garrldon during an attempt to kid nnp her wen I thy husband, were in Peorla the day she was slnln, offl clals said Wednesday. Sheriff Grant Minor declared the four men, together with Charted Phnyer, Madison gambler who wa« slain nt'itr 'Cost St. Louie, Sunday, were ueen in a Peorla hotel anorUy bnfore the women was killed, The four men were arrested In St. Louis and bought her* for, qndt lion- ing. The attempt to kidnap .Garrison, gambling house operator, was aatd by police to hav« resultod from the attempt of outside . racketeers to "muiwUe in" on gambling interedti here. Chicago Odd Fellow Dies At Convention SPRINGFIELD, Oct. 22--H, J, Reexleger, Chicago attorney and jour nil I clerk of the Illinois Grand Lodge I. O, O. P. died here early Wednesday, Deal.h was attributed 10 a heart attack, lie was Attend- Ing the Old Fellows' annual convention hero. A representative of the Prusiian Government told the United Prei* that re*cuern feoputf to nave most of the men remaining In the mine. "We do not believe the total ol dead in the dtiasler will exceed 231 men,*' lie Bold Rexinrit While rescue squids, recrultei front' all neighboring region* »n working- in relays, slowly penetralec to the region in which Ihn men wore trapped, removal ot bodies continued Th* exact canst of the dtsa*Ur still remain* uncertain, III* Iheor; that a tttore of dynamite exp]ode having been eliminated by the find Ing of the cache undamaged, JBxpert* who entered the mine IB Id Ihe bltd might have been caused by accidental explosion of a dynamite cartridge which Ignited coal duct or struck fire damp area, , BeJfttlvM Tr«n«l«d While frenzied relative* of Ihe miners congregated about the a pot selected for identification of the bodies, workers beneath the earth continued the struggle to reach the entombed men. Air was pumped Into the gas filled fleams of the mine 1 bu progress toward the lowest seam which held the trapped miners, win necessarily alow, Rose UK workers faced the danger of gas, fire, and water a* they made thftlr way through the torn am twisted wreckage of the pita, It wa* feared that water might .through th* cracks opened by the explosion and drown the entombed tTDen before help could reach them The presence of gas in the lower regions of the mine waa considerei possible, with the consequent danger of further explosion*. Wont In Hl»tory The disaster was one of the worst In the history of thi* region, resembled hospital cantonment, with ambulances assembled at the pit head and doctet's and nurses work* ing without rest In treating Ihe In-: Jurcd. The wreckage on top of the ground gave the district the appearance of one' rocked by an earthquake or swept by a hurricane. Mine administration buildings and structures around th« pit, at welt as miners' dwellings and other buildings, were demolished by the force of the explosion. itty tTMlfitf Print.} CHICAGO, Oct. S3-Gewgft"Bug»" Uoran, abdicated gang leader, known a* a. "hard boiled" gangster, appeared before Judge John H. Lyle. known ·» a "hard boiled" ]udg#i Wednesday had an uncomfortable half hour before hli motion for n change ,of venue on a vagrancy charge was put over. Koran was sleeping; In a Lake county roiort when caught Tueaday, He wan dozing In hli cell when called out to go to Lyle'i court Wed- Kdny. H« complained to attendant* that the Jail WM "a, heck of » place for a respectable btitlnesi man Ilk* me," but alood nwel: and Hllent before Judge Lyle (n felony court. "George Moran," Lyle read from the docket. "In (hat thlc man's real name," he a«ked former Judge OalreC. Edward*, Mflwn'i attorney. Police hav» laid "Moran" was an .*lla*. Edward* asked for ft ehanr* of venue for til* client, filing MI *fft- darlt by Moran iceuflnf r.yte of, nr*|udlc*. Lyl* **t the motion ,10* argument: at S p. ra, Ttnirtdty, AatUtent State'* Attorney Harry S, Dlichbtrne reprmented th* state. Lyl* turned to him wllh commendation for DlUshtnimt't *uce«** in having George "Red" Barker, like Moran ft "public enemy, returned 1 to th* Pontiac reformatory to flnlih a sentence for .carrying concealed wHponi," "I want the clerk* of the Circuit and Municipal rstirt* to oo-op*rftU wllh Mr. Dltchburne and^pt* If they can't put Moran away, too," .Mid Lyle. WASHINGTON, Oct. 22 r r Sehtimtnt for modification of the prohibition Uwt it (rowtn( in Illinoit, Senator Oti» P. Gtatn, Republican, Illmolt, Hid EMPLOYMENT GROUP SEEKS WAY TO ADD JOBS FOR WORKERS iKv United Prim.) WASHINGTON, Oct. 22--The n«d 'or a thorough-B«ln(f Inquiry Into the itfecU of tlme-oftvlnjt Industrial ma- ihlnee upon unemployment was «m- h»HiMd Wedneiday by Secretary pf Labor DavlD at the opening aewlonB of th* advisory commillee on em ploy meat Davis described the march of '.he machines Into the strongholds of labor at ai meeting attended by labor' loader*, economists ind minufaclur- ers, who assembled wllh the labor secretary in accordance with Pre«l* dent Hoover'a call of Aug. 12. The committee will advise Ihe labor department's atatlitlcal bureau on way* «f adding lo the 'government'* knowledge of unemployment, At the Mm* time, "General" Jacob S. Coxey, who In 186* led a inarch ot the unemployed on Washington, called upon Secretary, chairman ot of Commerce PrMldout Lewis Opens Chicago Campaign With Old Time flare of Mse CHICAGO. Oct. 3S--Amld the blare of u dozen bands and the fran- zlcd shouts of thousands of his followers, James Hamilton Lewis, Wvt Democrat, will open Wednesday night' th« final drive .In his attempt la win Ihe Illinois sencutorshlp from two women opponents. . The veteran campaigner «nd fiery orator who Is Booking to regain the mat In the U. S. Senate which he held from 191$ to 1919, expects 26,000 persons to pack the Chicago stadium for his old fashioned political rally and torchlight parade. Attendance of many thousand* of his personal following has been assured in advance, Not .since the luts nineties has anything Ilk* the .rally 'Lewis haa arranged for been attempted. 'The Democratic organisations of IS wards In the northwest aide ot the city joined in planning the TOM ting, Those who live In the nearby wards will march, to the meeting place. They will carr.y:torohea and sing campaign songs as they go. and then pushed htm out of the car. There will be college yells for Lewi*, beer, farm relief, the Democratic party, and anything tin* Lewlfonian or Jeffer»onlan the marchers can think of in the excitement and din. The stately .Lewis, veteran master of all the ways and means of Inciting political fervor, will stride Into the stadium at 9 o'clock aharp. The door* will be opcnod two hours earlier to Insure that all the "root era" will be there . when the candidate enters. Lewis, Republican opponent, Mr*, RtUh Hanna UcCormlcfc, had a two days' head start'on him In the Chicago campaign. She has worked fait. Tuesday night the made four speeches, one of them by radio. In each she aiaalled Lewli for making "either Inaccurate or untrue, remarks" about her voting record in Congret*, , Lewis, In downatate oddreate*, had accused her of neglecting her duties by Infrequent voting while ,»h« waa a representative. In ram, Mn. McCormlck charged that herV opponent "didn't know what be waa talking about" · ?. Hoover's cabinet unemployment council, with a proposal of an IB- month moratorium *nd payment of $100 a month to ill unemployed «duU» a* a measure of relief, PRESOTlvfDlNCf OF SECRET POLL ON NORR1S Omaha Banker Paid $4,000 For Unofficial Estimate \Uv t'.id'J Jr«u.) OMAHA, Oct. 2S--Testimony that Walter W. Head, prominent banker, paid $4.000 lor a aecret. statewide poll to determine whether Senator George W. Norris could be defeated In the Ncb*»ka Republican primary was Riven before Gerald P. Ny», chairman of the Senme primary fund* investigating committee Wed nesday. The new testimony wa* given by Vleior Smith, vice president of ih* Omaha, Nations! B*nk and for year* secretary to Head. Smith said Head pnld the money to Victor Seymour of Lincoln, who recently resigned an MS It In nt «ecr* tary ot the Western Republican senatorial campaign committee. Nye resumed Investigation or Ihe Nebraska primary as a, result of admissions by W. W. StebblD*. *l*t* treasurer, that he provided |850 for the candidacy of George W. Norrt*, a ftrocur'i clerk, In opposition tn Senator Norria. The grocer filed loo laie to get on the ballot, however. Authorities Release Rye Slayer Suspects (fly Itttlttd Prut.) EAST ST. LOUIS, Oct. 22.--Four women, and on* negro, who were held for questioning In connection with the death ot Charlei J. Phayer. gambler found shot to death near Ed- wardavtlle', Sunday, were rt)e*»ftd by polic* when they were convinced the prisoners could give no information about the staying, The women were Mr*. Ella. -May Grady, Mr*. Edna O'Connor, Marguerite Carman, and Carrie Smith. · Indiana Authorities Nab Bad Check Artist ODD FELLOWS ELECT OFFICERS AT MEET Batavia Man Named Junior Warden of Order (Gy Vn«r4 Prni SPRINdFlELD, Oat,, slon of plan* for next year, election of officer* of the Grand Lodge of th* r. O. O. F, and the Rebekah Mat* Assembly, and a grand ball for Re bekaha and Odd Fellows and their guests were feature* on Wtdneiday'* program of the annual convention of the two organisation*. The grand encampment of the 1, O. O. f. concluded ft* MMlon* Tuesday wllh election of officer*. I.. L, Urcb, Batavln, wax cho«ent frattd Junior warden and C. C. Poraman Flora, wat re-elected grand fr*aa urer, Other officer* elected were; Grand Patriarch, J, O. ODItn, Wat- ·eka; grand high priwt,- H. Beck, Harv«y; grand aentor warden Jan)*a H. Ylngit, Eaat St. TH)li grand tcrib*, Htmttniton Janw* Kankakee, r»«lecied; grand r»pr«- ·tntallv* to th«aovir«l«n grand lodge, Frank H. Ko*pk«, Chicago. GRAND LODGE OFFICERS Prtti.) Oct. sa-i, Cobb, Centralla, waa named Grand Mauler of tht Grand Lodgt, Independent Order ot Odd F*llow* of Illlnol*. at tin annual *UI* «onven lion her* Wednt*day. T, B. Field* itonmouih, wa« choten deputy grand muter. Oiher officer* elected were: Davli Gordon. Chicago, Oi-and Warden, an John H. Slke*, Sprlngtltld, Grand Secretary. BRAZILIANS PUN COMBINED ATTACK ON NORTHERN PORTS PRESENT LAWS FAIL TO SOLVE LIQUOR PROBLEM SeMtw,' Kim Ai; "Moderate," Rtfkwi '] SHiutie* In State R. L MAN WITH MORROW "I urn convinced nftcr ov«( tlllnolt," O)«nn MM, "thtn U » *en*r» f*tlln* of dtitppalKtmMt V th» wty piwwnt Itquor ItjliUlIwi hu molted, und thtrt mtut N A rt, fonn In (tie fnUtMU «f The tlllnoit itnatar ««v*r bM b*»» conRldtred m nitrenw dry, ·JUwmch In Iht put h« hti gtntmlly ·ujport-, cd prohibition approprfklloni. How* «v«r. he voted tlklitit thi Jt»»*i "five ind Un" enforcement Uw and ·1»o »*»(n*t th« UM of den*turanU In »lcohol, Gknn In In to emtleir, with Oflv«rnntwit olfldil* In an »t* uwpt to pted up public blrildtnx and road eo»*iru«k« In IDlnod ·« ·a unemployment relief mtuure, He hu arranccd conference* with BM rtury of Commerc* Ltmoitt «mk otntra. Olenn aald 'he · pwtteuUrly an»loui to e*t the work under way on the ntw Chlcaf» pttiottlc*, ; Rlwde Iilaod Aipirutt For PROVIDENCE, B. 1,, Oel, »,-' Untod BUtM Smtor Jew* H. Hkt* c*K «U*s Ot Rhod*HWW, r*-*Ie«Uon tt'fttxt months i WtdnMdiy declared hlm**lf !· fivnr of rtpeal of th* MUfKiwnlb, Amend- . M*nt, Metccir* *Und on th* purttlblttoo quMUon, *lmll*r to that taken *om*'. tint* **« by Dwlght W, Morrow, New j*r**y Mftatorlal oiirtldtu, cam* n' i mirprf*« to Rhode bland dry*. Mttcatf* Democratic opponent, form*)' Senator Peter 0. Otrry, I* 4 w*l. Although Cknator M*lo,itf voiced tit PI-HI.) RIO DB JANEIRO, OL 33 -- A Unltrtt Preit.1 TERRK HAUTE, Ind.. Oct, 22- Oliver Rand ell, 55, giving his address a* Springfield, wa* arrested IMF* Wedneiday and held for Sun I van authorities who tdvtaed tht lootl police depart man i he waa wanUd ther* on * chary* of lulling fraudulent ehexiu, Several cliecha and fM,ln c«ah were found on Randall when he W searched. Rock Iilwid Drag Safe Cracked; $6»0 Miufaf I By iriUIMl Prta.) ROCK ISLAND, Oct 42-A. Uf* In th* Scht«Kl trU(T WM robbed of 1600 Wodnwday nlcht by n. burglar, who wu btlleyed to have u»»d a pM* k*y to enter th* *tor*, Police wen unable . to find , any cluei t« lb« robbery. · . . federal offenidve on had and «» noon will be under way In North Bratll, an' official eommunlque Mid Wtdn*»day. The ci'Ui*er Sao Panto I* en route northward lo btcitfn*, the flapthlp of ih* Northern naval unlit. The crulwr carries cannon* for land opertUnn* in addition to )t* i'»ful«r f1(1*tlns equipment. It Is fully manned. The cruUer Rio Grande do Su), xevoral lorpedo deatroyer* and t.roop tranaport* will b* Included In th* northern nival concentration. CLAIM VICTORV the convfetjon thai Umptranc* could., be belt promoted by repeal of th* Eighteenth Amtndntent, h* pl«df«4 hfmHtf lo ftbid* by jMiblle twntlment In Rhod* Inland »» »«pr*ai«d when tha it»u vottn on the prohibition referendum at th* poll* Nov. 4. RAIL'WOWCERTTO ' PLAN HOUR DAT iHu tlntlt* FrtH CVBUkND, Oct. M.-- A mov»* m«nt to *ff«ct *. »lx-bour *ty worh Int Plan for ·!) r*llro«d unfen worto- ·r* will b* dl«cu*ied lii Cbleftfto, Nov. . 13, when TOO' r*pr«*,«nt*AlvM of Mv»» labor Rrnl)p« m**t to cMlldw Un- illu l/Htt PTWB.I RIO ORANDB DO 801,, BrtKil, Ocl. Brat II Ian rebel* claimed h»v« cut railroad communtcation tweon 8«o Paulo and Rio d* Jinalro, Wednesday, u revoluiiorary force* entered flan Paulo fUW. A rebel victory at Cruieelro do Stil, on the B*« P*ulo-Mlna» Q«rat« border, left tht ftrttrml capital without rail connection to Sao Paula, a rcbtl announcement mid, -The revolution- lit* aloo «lalmad capture of M«nU Bello, Miunmblnho. tad QarfanU Tuntl in GertM, A larg* amount of war material waa reported taken, Waukenn Taxpayer* Tett Wheel Revenue *v Vttilrt Prtit,) WAUKEOAN, Oct. M--A tMl of the conntltutlonalfty of antomobU*' wheel t*x*» *·* *Mured Wodnw day by Reuben 1 Harry Strip*, who refuted lo pay m»eh · tax In Wtu- kefan. Strip*, who )· pr**td*nt of U* Wftukegftn Taxp»y«'r* t MtootatlM. wa* tln«d W and Mmmmd bo would Strip* -MrtittBd* Owl tk« fu I* tar th* Mm* pur ·*· m th* *Ut» line tax, »nd UwratoM It tijtatlon. Mor« than MO cltlun* have rvttiMd to ftf Uw lax. DIM «V . - FRKBPOftT, Out 23-nwd W, U«N*M, (1, Mentary at ICcNMo company, mtttututurtri of ptmr- mtcwUMl*, dM «t hki MOW b*r* W*dn«»dky «ft*r · long Ulrmt. The wld»w tnd two chlttna I* employment. n»ll*f libw A. r, Whitney, pr**W*nt the Brottiftrhood of Aallroo/t Trainmen. i«v«n)«d h«r* Th* propoikl for *. plan in ipo*iN6r«d by thi thop craft* , , and cl«rieal union*. Whlthcy Mid, '· D. B. Robertiwn, pr**ld*nt ot th* LoeomotlvA Ftramen nnd Snti«»*rji oi«tnluUon Mid th* plut will b* u a rtillef meamr* dwujn- til to provide employment tot thou* of nil* r»llro»^ workcM, with.- out reducing th* dally wmg* teal*. Epucopal Bubop'i CmtfitiM B«tt* i Kit 0*M«t Prrti.1 t 1CVAS8TON, Oct, SS--Th* «MuU- , tlon ol Btehop Mi*ldon tt. OHiweJ* of th*j Epl*wp«l dtocm «* CWeit*. M IMI* CHttCUl WtdMMtay. ; . A *leht improvwntkt In ht* «·*- » w»* noted TttlMdfty »t th» n hwplul whom h* hu bwn confintd *ln«» *. rwtnt r*. , Up**, : ' ET«wf HtftM Fttrvtlndn WttUAJB, mlrlh pnmktw tWMMta » M from UM owl train In.faU ttt«M ' ' An I, ts AJfaBLO PAIM Bvon _ to WfMlMMt M WM*1)T M I*H*U. -:. "·'*·; .. ; · : 1: DB.*TJUn* aWWOH M t» W^hMttiiiMhilaB KortnvUI*. Pt|« NEWSPAPEJtJ

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