The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland on October 16, 1939 · Page 7
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The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 7

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, October 16, 1939
Page 7
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Quarterly Report Made By Society Splendid work ig being accomplished by the Personal Workers' Society of which the Rev; G. W. Kerstetter is secretary. The quarterly report follows: Miles /traveled, 2,862; calls in the _ Interest of the work, 185; inter- .views held, 70; letters and mail in interest of work, 389; talks and Sunday School classes taught, 27; Bibles sold and given away, 26; other scriptures,'booklets, etc., 80; tracts given away, 3S; homes canvassed, 352; number in homes, 1.352; number attending Sunday School, ,768; Bibles in homes, 655; homes without Bibles, 16; and scripture text calendars, 50. Attendance at the religious services held at the Maryland State Penal Farm, 3,117; entertainment, 300; Bible Class, 95, making a'total of 3,512. Attendance at the Mooreaville Sunday School, 211; Indian Springs, SOS, and Pondsville 209, a total of 1,222. Added to the number at the Penal Farm the Personal Workers' Society was able to serve a total of 4,734. The gospel team visited Indian Springs during the special week of services and was enthusiastically received. It consists of W. E. Cooprider, the Rev. C. K. Clapp, D. A. Harp and Arol Peters. The three Sunday Schools the •ociety is helping have their meet- Ings as follows: Sunday School at Pondsville, 9:45 a. m.; Indian Springs, 10 a. m. T and Mooresville, 2 p. m. The services at the Maryland State Penal Farm are held every Sunday evening at 7:30 o'clock. The J. Spangler Kieffer Bible .Class of Zion Reformed Church and the Clever-Smith Bible Class of Christ Reformed Church have appointed committees to co-operate [Kith the society in the work. Ten denominations are listed in the membership. The Children's Choice For Brother and Sister THE DAILY MAIL, HAGERSTOWN. MD.. MONDAY, OCTOBER 16, 1939. SEVEN WE WOMEN By BETTY BRAINERD "The Smallest Worm Will Turn—" Style No. 29S9 is designed for sizes 2, 4, and 6 years. Style No. 3342 is designed for sizes 6, 8, 10, 13 and 14 years. Send FIFTEEN CENTS (15 cents), tor this PATTERN FALL FASHION MAGAZINE 10 cents extra. All orders for the Daily Mail Peerless fashions should be addressed Fashion Dept, Hagerstown Daily Mail, 121 West Nineteenth Street New York City. , A USED CAl-t 1 3 most easily chos- in ?h £ comparing: all those offered ^i •• >, asslMed Section "Autoi For sale CoK an. KING WILL SPEAK New York, Oct. IG.—The New York Herald Tribune announced last night Leopold III, King of the Belgians, would make a radio broadcast to its annual forum Oct. 26. The hour of the broadcast was not announced. Z5c DOWN NO EXTRA CHARGES 24 Exquisite Pieces CUT GLASS Stemware A complete service for S people In this lovely stemware—each piece with a beautifully cut design! Save on this, but come early; RANGE SET utility .inr with cover, nd uppper »hnk- •M'* "with shiny metal rm'ors! Crystn.I or wild ro.«o color' Polished Chrome TWIN WAFFLE IRON 2 waffles at one baking! Each iron has boat indicator telling when to bake! Wide tt protects your table! Chrome finish! 25c DOWN "Dear Betty Brainerd: "I am a married woman 37 years old. My husband is several year* older. He has a good job, provides well for me, and our home, which he seems to enjo3% is well furnished. We have a nice car, also. Here is my problem: "For five years my husband' has been going to the home of my widowed sister who, I am sorry to say, has a very notorious reputation. Although we have moved 200 miles away from my home town he still goes there to see her. My mother also lives in my former home town and when we go home my husband is miserable until he can get started out to my sisters house. "My sister, X, is two years my senior. She has grown children I have talked to my husband and begged him not to go the home of a woman with such an unsavory reputation but he gets angry and refuses to explain why he goes. Of course he always denies that he goes unless I find out about it or see him go there. "I feel that I have tried every possible way to get my husband not to go to X's. For example, for months I haven't mentioned her to him or questioned him about her. I once loved my husband dearly but he is turning me against him "more and more as time passe*. "Do you think that if I went away for a few weeks or for several months that that would help? We have no children. I am not strong and am so nervous under this strain that I feel I cannot live much longer -under the present conditions, i never have worked and my education is limited. Please help me for I will do anything you suggest. * "Worried. Dear "Worried": Your letter is exceedingly well written and gives no evidence of a "limited education." It does show very clearly that ypu are nervous and shaky. I wish you had told m e what your mother thinks of your sister and of your situation. Would she be willing to confirm your statement that B goes to X's home at every opportunity? Would she be willing to brand one of her daughters as a notorious woman to save the home and health, of another daughter—you? I ask you these questions because it would be simpler to keep it a family affair rather than go to friends and have them confirm your statements about your own sister. I am taking for granted that they are true. If you hesitate to worry your mother you will have to have others corroborate that X is the type of person you say she is and that your husband seeks her company at every opportunity. Go to a first-class lawyer. Tell him your facts. Tell him you wish to sue your husband for separate maintenance and that you do not now wish to get a divorce. Inform no one that you are consulting a lawyer because "forewarned is forearmed." Do not write your mother as you sister might learn of it in some way and warn your husband. If there was no woman angle to your problem I would suggest that, you £6 away for a couple monihs but in your rase that is just v-hat would suitC " ' X. it would give them all the K-^ray in the world 1o see one another. You do need to get away from the strain which may wreck your health. Do not get a divorce. If you did your husband might marry your sister and you would jeopardize your future, financially. Even jf you were fitted to work you could not do so until your physical condition is far more perfect than it now is. Your husband is the guilty party and all legal costs will j have to be paid by him. Just why ' you have endured this unhappy sit- i nation for five years is beyond me! ! You should have gone to a lawyer long- ago. Once you are established in a COME TRUE Regular care with Cuti- cura Soap and Ointment is a delightful way to help win and keep radiant skin-,oveli- /^S ness, FREE sample, write Cuti- £j cura, Dcpt. 33. Maiden. Mass. "LUNCH ROOMS A TAVERNS Get our Prices on "BUTTERED POPCORN" By the Can (IT TASTKS DIFFERENT) CAUFFMAN'S Cut Rate STOnE »0 K*«t Waihlnrton Street Outstanding Value 2 PC. SYRUP SET Sparklinsr crystal with polished metal top a.nd protective metal saucer! A smart set! 40 West Washington Street Phone 784 Down * 2s moniNs TO PBV COAL HODS R. D. McKEE Insist On Tri-Maid Product* Quality Guaranteed. Sold Exclusively By Triangl* Food Store* peaceful home of your own your husband may regret the error of his ways and seek a reconciliation. Make Mm prove his worthiness and his sincere repentance for a sufficiently long time before you even consider returning to him. You have been a worm so long show him in the words of Shakespeare thaf even "The smallest worm will turn, being trodden on." Will you take action immediately and stop being a "worm"? BETTY BRAINERD. Write to Betty Brainerd if you wish help. Send name and real m every letter —680 Madison Ave New York City. France has a coastline of 1,760 miles, 1,300 on the Atlantic and 4o6 on the Mediterranean SPECIAL Angora - Shetland SWEATERS Brushed Wools — Fancy Knits V«fu»§ to »1.95 88C Limited Quantity — Come Early Many Pay Tribute; Big Parade Staged New York, Oct. 16.—In memory of a Polish exile who helped America win its Revolution, Casimir Pulaski, thousands of Polish- Americans from a dozen States paraded two miles up Fifth aven- nue Sunday. The ceremony culminated a week of observances throughout the city —the nation's largest Polish center, with a Polish-born population of over 200,000. Pulaski died Oct. 11, 1779, in the siege of Savannah. after distinguishing himself in sev- ral battles, organizing the "Pulaski Legion," and receiving, by order of Congress, the rank of Brigadier General and Chief O f Cavalry in the American Army. NEURITIS Believe Pain In Few Minufes orMo/ieyBaclt To relieve torturing pain of Rheumatism, Neuritis, Neuralgia, or Lumbago in a few minutes, get NURITO, the splendid formula, ised by thousands. Dependable—no opiates. Does the work quickly. Must relieve cruel »in. to your satisfaction, in few minutes or »our money back. Don't suffer. Ask you* Iruggist today for NURITO on this ruanmtw. The Horoscope (Copyright, 1939, by th« McClure Newspaper Syndicate) LIBRA (September 23 to October 22)—Subject* of this airy sign should strive for habits'of order and should learn not to neglect details. The natural tendency is to be overenthusiastic, to indulge in exaggeration and to se things in their largest relationships. Librans, of highly nervous organization, have imagination and like praise. Monday, October 16 This is a day of mixed planetary aspects. In the morning there is likely to be average success through the signing of legal papers, but partnership agreements should be made with caution. It is not an auspicious date for seeking the assistance of persons of influence. Financiers may be more reluctant than usual to make large investments. The afternoon is under benefic influence. HEART AND HOME: On this date men and women will be more concerned with practical interests than with romance. Th«r« I» m fairly good sign for engMifli tra- ployes, but household servant* may be difficult to procurt, txc«pt At high wages. Workers of all classes will demand larger returns than In the past, but in many lines of Industry they will be disappointed in their hope for high pay. Thi« ig a time to renew insurance and to safeguard property. ? INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS: Economic problems will affect the military plans of Japanese army leaders through the winter as the people in the cities of Japan undergo supreme sacrifices. Dearth of man in civil life is to make demands upon the women who will have to bear heavy burdens. 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