The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 3, 1975 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 3, 1975
Page 2
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THB BRAZOSPORt PACTS PR6BPORT. TEXAS. WED., DECEMBER J, P«9*!A Brazoswood Industrial Arts Club attends region meeting Over 20 member of the Braioswood Industrial Arts Club, Brazoswood High School, recently attended a regional meeting of the Gulf Coast Industrial Arts Club at Deer Park. Neil Ballard, Texas Education Agency director of industrial ars, was guest speaker at the meeting. Ballard discussed regional industrial arts competition which will be "Warrent Men" were si.x fictitious men in almost all the British (ool regiments whose pay was distributed as follows: Pay of two men went to widows of regimental officers, pay of the others went to reimburse the colonel for deserters' clothing, for recruitment and for the personal use of the colonel and regimental agent. The World Almanac notes. held on April 30 and May t. 1976. Julio Garcia, Brazoswood club member, was elected regional reporter at the meeting, Garcia was elected reporter following the resignation of Robyn Beard of Columbia High School. Beard stepped down as reporter after it was learned that Columbia High School had four students serving as officers in the Gulf Coast Industrial Arts Club. The rules of the Texas Industrial Arts Student Association state that there can only be three students serving as officers from any one high school. An amendment was passed at the meeting creating an annual dues fee of 25 cents per member in the organization. Dues will go into the regional fund. A TA.MIU-. of angles is what you set' when you look up into thi- scaffolding on the outside of the nt-w Hnizona Comity CourUwusv addition in Angteton Workmen are now finishing the north side of tht' nt*« building. left pa-lure The interior of the new building, nithl picture, will (*• oprn from top to Hi U> form a pk'lurw|ue foyer arwt snavk t*»r I'll*' it;itpA;iv «ip(Wftttv *il( jjivf vta!kwt an UW>l*i!fWtlt! VU"* smrtUlil lln'JU <>UAA window* Will U: uvt! on Ihv i - .i'*t ami «t~s( ink i»/ tin- fo>vr from the bottom to the tup fl\«ir I'hoJnlU HICK OttO Lofce leaders repeal late hours Your biggest variety of TOYS is always at Some See Our Selection •TOYS •GAMES •CRAFTS •BOOKS •MODELS Major Brands ana T.V. TOYS By ROBKKTA DANSBV LAKE JACKSON - The "late hours" ordinance was repealed this week by City Council action which means that all establishments, both public and private. that serve alcoholic beverages here must adhere to the same state-approved closing hours. The ordinance that was erased had granted the city's two private clubs late hour privileges, but an Attorney General's ruling labeled this as discriminatory since public places w-ere not allowed the same hours. The vote on the second reading. made this Monday night, was the same as for the initial reading; Councilman Vic Vickers cast the onlv vote against repeal Alternative to repeal would have betm to extend the late hour privileges to the public taverns LOT TOHKMM.O Council agreed to lake sealed bids on the sale of a vacant lot that is no lunger needed by the City the residential lot has access from Balsam Street and extends to Highway 332 It was agreed that the I 2 acres would be sold for no less than the $9.750 that was paid for the lot at th«time an easement was needed for a utility lift station About one-tenth of an acre has b»?vn uwO for municipal purposes Councilman Ht-x Colvm questioned if this might be a goo&pdrk location Vity Manager A A Macl.ean said that previous discussion of this idea had rSEMI-ANNUAL" I BBR1C SMI iSAVE % 50% AND MORE 60" Printed Knits 60" Poly Gabardine 60" Double Knits 60" Crepe Stitch Values to $4.99/yd. 145" Cotton Prints \ 45" Shirting Flannel !45" Poly/Cotton Prints MANY OTHERS Values to 91.99/yd. Hours: to 5:30-|| A Uu W©RLD OF, FABRICS 1 :-vs. indicated council felt the nearness to the major highway made it unsuitable for such « small park It wa.s nu-ntiomtl that fur Ihc i>nof this Imwl might bring, a larger ptfce of park lam! might U- pur chased. COlNlill.HKi'OHTS Councilman George Gabriles said that if council had no objections, the Kmployoe Commission, on which he rvpres«nt.s council, <*o\ild like to meet regularly on a quarterly rather than a monthly twsia He said the employer- Situation was. at present. so tranquil thai at recent meetings there had r«?ii!l) bevn nothing loUisciw. If more intfting* are noetfctl. hi' said special ones would U- C4ik-<l (.'•mncilman Vic N'tc rt-at! a e«i>y of th* letter which h« fuul u-»I tij County Judge K H Brewer cotivfrrimtj !hc city't rCTw-wmg iu revest thai its funds .givctv for ffia-Vl? 2 of t)w JJjill! W4.«!r study U; rrturiwd *iiu:c that plui.vr )u»3 not t>tvi carried out Councilman Jim Hrnfru urged ki.<t rollejgur.i to rest! thr minuira o! the BrautificaEion t'om- flU-tSii.i'i »|r«'!ir>i;i He thv ttp'iup Ji <>or that av »<rv«rral things ng a.n> city /until Councilman Frank (Ochvy rrp»rt««l th^t *twn thorough I'udy prior to a vote Nsinjj tjkrn He urgmt any >>t thrm with vhdngn in iiiitkl !i> offer tfisi! tnpul at, tlvp "b«Ui»M" lh*j turtM <>( traffic in Oy'strr t.'rnfk *rre not ai rrflectivif *s Ovry ita-mu! !:*• On the wttirr hand. .\U«>r Hill FrviJtcit «aiU there w»» rcJlective mater till tfwi" nrc'iMj to br r«nov«J Jrwi? t.'w on< way" trltrrtng "( She J Hr taut th.t» j.i tfuiurg -t'. nijjhi City Manager A A ... ordinance wiwit! N- ".-m t« councilmcn in unit- for n;r <>f the ii» thj! have [iro;^.'tr«) for thr city Hr <uiii ihr Motoccycle hte dog, man injured MANVKL An Alvin man. Marshal! Adams of III I, Box 597. was taken to the Alvin Community Hospital Saturday night after the motorcycle he was riding hit and killed a German shepherd clog and then skidded off KM 1128 north of Highway 6. according to Highway Patrol officers Adams was taken to the Alvin hospital by the Gon/ales Ambulance and then apparently released, according to a hospital spokesman The accident was reported at 10:40 p.m IXT'*ood Aiiiitn.ii. 19, of (fon<r towanS J (fo-*nto~*Ti the Mint' aiWrrs-i. vvit.% ,i mti- passenger on the l'>7l Kawasaki mot Hr.' IHH to a drug stores .'», that plan* suffrrwi only .ihrasu.*rvi. -*rre jji«n»{ <<»••* jrd for the officers Mid thinuvs tract THE WOOD-N-CHISEL and BEADS and THINGS Invite you to their first showing at the CLUTE FLEA MARKET. All items especially reduced for Christmas. 103 DIXIE OR, CLUTE 265-2617 f ore/co ROTARY BLADE TRIPLEHEADER SPEED, CLOSENESS COMFORT VIP 40 MODEL 17LB LADIES NORELCQl LADYBUG1 SHAVES SO FAST SO CLOSE, Newsmen seek Briscoe, find him in confab, SAN ANTONIO (APJ night But again, I Gov. Dolph tlrUcoe, if* important to gel «tt responding to articles am) s«« pfoplf. to gel «W«y •bout Ws reclusive habits, from the artificial »t uyii h* iwtto to get away nwsphere *fuefi e.twU m. from tlw C«pitc)'t "ar- the capital ctly, mid tiflcial atmosphere " particularly around Otc An attempt TxwsKtay to Capitol," HMMO* *aid reach Uriacoe in "We talk abu«t Wa»lui^gton, !).(', *hM« inetit being out u he I* attembng a meeting *nh what peop irf Democratic gi>ventof«, tJunkirtg Sometime* I'd tailed My il !i»ii» like Jlw prMi u George ho*ranee, art oul u( touch. U» And it attminitttrattve a.Mittant. might be *ell if they gi>f answered the lelephune turtter in u**ch I think thr and Mid, "He i* btwy *ith recent cofi»tltutiunal the governor'tt cunlereiu'e now Have ymi uicd the pr«s olfit* in Aiulirt' Ttwl'i wtw? i! tfwuld Nf haralkd No rieiip-oiisr So to clearly Mid thai «i»x;r HP olrtatfirU from thr by aflif hu a<Wf*H to ihe Te.tsu Farm Ctmvtmliun ami «<*» atxxrt »n AjvWXiatrU wriea that tlMrwtti fw fwil spent Jy wwiunjt divt !hu year at his INaKir tAtx.h 'j»'.etl n r n t: 0 u .-i I r f D *chr<hj. ! ev.l prc J uf ••• otb*r aying h«r M.iMr !' »'at} rxrtn) that ?w ha* it <•>?'•*• ttvorr trwin t*w m«jnlh.-» IcrSwrrn Capttol news cwtfrfrocrs "Th* AI' *a,i irnUcjl of ftcitn^t -«Jtnp (irsvi- !tw fartftrfs i.nsJ tit tfus »!j!«-, avsn* of tr-.u with ilfi»c>w'« frftjumJ »i»iU la t'vjUir uvii ffjuiter) *R avtV ** v>jiJ!^ i(ri-«•»:«• u utiMrti fluri'v oi trtritjfr 4nt.l O< *^y«r\'I Nc *A* *t-'r i to th*My 4pjNf\»*<:fw«l hitft !«" 4f!cf A JJJTith -At !<-4u! !»>j t'iplt'.-i t c <ft; t ! c f » c -j f !i tss <• .". '. r il ;^ ti^ ch* Al* . Itac) K*<j wr! (j| uf ^! itff. s '>-j a'iwut I4f:wv«5 and hid !?«••!? •'. n ) AS u I! hj.» llf *"* (*,*)•« Us! Jo frt»,*t Jki -hi* foH owing ft a f. '.iff * tlit) foe !.V whrttrvrr ! am ami imvr »! !?'/<• lUt itr 9 ¥ 9 j. i tmist-T l.\\ m It CAKE * .„_ ft 7 ft RARfS BAKERY THIS HOLIDAY SEASON GIVE HOUSE SUPPERS BY... HAPPY IN BONE OR BLACK LEATHER TALLY IN BONE LEATHER $inso 10 DOWNTOWN LAKE MCKSON

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