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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 1

Denton, Maryland
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Saturday, July 23, 1898
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1845. A Family NowapapQr:-Devoted to Local and General Intelligence, Agriculture and Advertising. -Independent on all Subjects.-Subecriptlon, One Dollar per Annum, in Advance. VOL. 52. 1898. 23, j The Victor Bicycle its p! This th Went to the front rank among riding i c h i i i t s years ago, and has maintained if" lo this day of bicycle excellence, result has been brought about by use ·; lh." h~st matenal, the emnloy- I'L of the most skiiiul mechanics and application of such improvements as i he years have developed. It has kept pace with most active competitors, not alone in material and make, but in the more important matter of price. The 1898 prices are as follows : · M o d e l s i | Track Racer) #100 and 34 - 75 and 12 - - 60 3STO, 40, \Vo ;uc pivpjuod to supply your \\iintf in tlm Clothing I j i n o :it I'riccs ihul will stir- ]in«o you. Model Model Model CRASH SUITS, $2,00 (Coat, V.-uiN and V.".. ) CRASH PANTS, 30c THIN STRIPED COATS, 35c MEN'S SUITS ; $1.75 to $10 BOYS'SUITS VERY CHEAP 40 2ST. KTCHOZ.S, DENTOX, MARYLAND.. | l||]l|lllllM|m|l!l|ll^|m fe = THE Bl BIBB ' STOVE 107 109 Light Street, BALTIMORE, MO. HEATING STOVES, Cool; Stoves, Gas, Oil nnd Gasoline Stoves, · Hollow-ware, c. FIRE-PLACE HEATERS. FURNACES, RANGES. Manufacturers of the celebrated EMEEALD, STONEWALL, AND VI11GINIA COOK STOVES. - ALSO l ' Of llio popular Sheet-Iron AIL- Tijrht Stoves TRILBY AND W I L D F I B K . FOR SALE BY Stewart Bros . 1JENTON, MD., TUNIS' MILLSrTALBOT COUNTY, MD., -MANUPACTUHERS.AND DEALERS IN ALL KINDS OF- Lumber and Building Material, Shipments made direct by vessel to all points on navigable water, to inland points by rail. . Save Money !)j Porcludng Direct from Manufacturers, Forth Carolina Pine, Our Specialty! . W E DEFY COMPETITIOR IH CYPRESS SHI8GLES, Saw Mill Daily Capacity, 20,000 feet. Plaining Mill Daily Capacity, 4o,ooo'feet. STATE'AGENTS FOR Correspondence solicited. Orders promptly filled. . HYGIENE ICE. o THE SEASON FOR ICE IS HERE. THE DISTILLED WA TER ICE IS HERE LET EVERYBODY PATRONIZE THE ICE DEALER, Place your orders and let the Ice Wagon stop at your door each morning anil cloliroi 1 you just what yon want. It only costs you On@-la.alf Cent per Found, and tho saving in the use of it will be many times that amount. Don't forget to leave your orders at ouee with Towers, tho leo Dealer. Ice Delivered on Saturday Evening for Sunday, Persons wishing ice on Sunday can secure it by going to the Factory, at the depot. LAWRENCE B. TOWERS. JLIMIIES T. Undertaker and Funeral Director Mr. Coopor's long experience in embalming nnd all the ether branches of his profession, render absolutely certain -the proper performance · t is duty in nil irmtters intrusted to his cure. All calls, either by vlny or night, pr · ·. 'y ,answered. Kcsi- dcncc on Main street, opposite Brown's now drug store. T. W. SMITH, Headache Caused by Eye-, cl. Byes Examined Free of Charge. jn, Many persons whoso eyes and houd uro iv i- ^stnntly nching have no idea what relief scicn- tificitlly-fittod glasses will givo. Clumsily adjusted glasses will almost invariably increase tho trouble for which thoy aro wern, nnd in somb cas08 may lend to irrecoverable blindness. Our ability,to adjust glasses safely »m! correctly is borond question. T. W. SMITH, Ridgely, Qi nO. ES A i ' iii 1'rioc wilh us! Men's Fine Shoes Frmn Vl.00 up. Ladies' Fine Shoes 75c. up. LAWNS, OltftANDIKS. FAUSTIDfKS, INDIA LINENS, IShielf nnd WliiLp. CALICOES GINGHAMS All 6c. a ysml. Hals, Caps, Sliirls, Undorwoar, Notions of all ly-inds, Timvnro and Agntcwnrc. Glass Tuniljlcvs, 2!e. a doxon. Jolly Glasses, 2Jc. a Come and see our Dinnur and Ten Sets. Double sets of 100 pieces, §3. " v R.AVCOLLUSS DENTON, MD. THE SPOT GASU STORE. From FACTORY to CONSUMER. $1,39 buysthlBv'einct)' Kattan Bockor,, the largest size ' dvor made ; per j dozen, ?I-t.5O. Our n e w US-, page catnloj?uo containing Fur- t nlturc, Irapo-' ries, Crockery. ( Baby Carriages, Itofrlgorntors, t Stoves, Lamps/ Pictures, Mir-1 rors, Bedding, etc., is yours for the asking 1 . Special supplements lust 13- ( sued aro nlao Tree. Write to-day. CAKPET CATALOGUE iu lithographed colors is also mailed free, wnto for it. If you wish samples, send 80. stamp. Matting samples also mailed for So. All Carpets sewed py free this month mid freiprlit · paid on $9 iiurciiasc;) nndovor. JAIL FOll STUDENTS. CUEHR PHASE OF LIFE AT HEIDELBERG UNIVERSITY. $7,45 buys n ure All-Wool Cheviot, Suit, expressago prepaid to your station. Write for Ircf? rat a- loguo nnd samples. Ailcresa (exactly na below), ' JULIUS HIKES SOJK, l Dept. 909. BALflMOfll:, MD. Essential GOOD SHOES Must be mentioned with · the first. We have La^'dies' Oxfords, Misses Oxfords, and Men's Patent Leather,Russet and Black. You can secure just what you ,want, to suit your foot, and the price, will suit you. A LARGE ASSORTMENT -- OF-SPRING ·· · * ° GOODS A. AVi'll Selected Stock of HATS AND GAPS. -All tin; Latest Styles in Derbies and Straw Goods. DRESS G-OODS. All-"\Vool Serges, from 32o. to 50p. M.olmirs nnd Henriettas, from :!2c. to 70c. Novelty Suitings, nil-wool, frjm 2.x 1 . up. A Grout Variety in Children's Men's and Women's SHOES. A Good, Solid, Lailic?' Shoo for ?1. Some Miscellaneous Articles well worthy of mention, because of their quality and price, arc: BEDSTEADS, ROCKING CHAIRS, . DINING CHAIRS, CANE-SEAT CHAIRS, STRA W MA TTING, OIL CLOTHS, LINOLEUM. A Largo Slock of Mon's Youths' and JJovs 1 CLOTHING at Very Low Prices. Furniture, Glass and Queensware. In fact anything tho public may need in our line, at popular prict-s.J J.H.NICHOLSSON, a Special Mixture for Potatoes and Tomatoes, a Hock, Bono mul Fish Mixture fur Borriee. "Wo firo selling the ADBIANOE PL ATT Platform Binders, Mowers, Kulces, Etc., which are Guaranteed iii every respect. 1*1. ANDTCKSONTOAVN. MD. THE SCHOOL OF TEDLOOT, FOUR COURSES OF INSTRUCTION: Agricultural, Mechanical, Scientific, and Classical. Each department supplied with tho most modern and approved apparatus,. Practical work emphasized in nil departments. Graduates qualified to outer upon llicir life's work at once. New Science Hull will bo completed nnd equipped by the Fall Opening. Practical laboratories for the Departments of Entomology, Pathology, Agriculture, Ilorticul.tnre," Biog-. laphy, Physics and Engineering. Boarding Department supplied with all modern improvements. "New bath rooms and closets in an annex in the main building. Steam heat nnd gas, hook?, room, heat, light, washing, board, medical attention iplS'i.OO for scholastic year. §5.00 caution money on entrance. ?G.OO for mntcrinl for each laboratory. Payments tnado quarterly. A 120 page catalogue, giving full particulars, sent on application. Daily sanitary inspection by physician to College. Attention is called to tho short course often weeks in Agriculture. Particulars sent on application. Term com- nimices September 14th. Early appticn- . .1 necessary for admittance. K.W.SILVESTER, Prcsidcn t M. A. C. If fill men were built alike tailors might concede a point to the clothier. But ns no two men are exactly similar Clothing made to order is the only way to obtain a perfect n't. It is our uim to make Clothing that is satisfactory, in quality, 111, and workmanship. By giving strict attention to the measuring nnd cutting we obtain icsults that are pleasing to our patrons IMI. TISOZBC, 7 « EASTON, - - MARYLAND, Money to Loan, in sums of §500 and upward. Apply lo LEWIS WEST, Den ton, Md. County Commissioners Notice, Notice is hereby given to nil persons having claims of any kind or character, against the Board of School Commissioners for Caroline County, the Trustees of tho Poor of Caroline County, nnd the County Commissioners of Caroline County, which are properly payable out of the public funds subject to the control of any of said boards, except such ns mav bo pending in any of the Courts of this State, to file Isnid accounts and claims with the pioper Hoards so that the same may hu examined and passed upon by tho said respective boards before the Second Monday in July next, and any person failing to file their accounts or claims as aforesaid shall not thereafter be permitted to do so find shall forfeit all rights to collect the same by legal process or otherwise, unless good and sullicicnt excuse for said failure is given to and approved by the board with which the said accounts or claims are ofterod lo bo lilcd. Uy order of County Commissioners. THOMAS it. GREEN, Cleric. Kome of tho "Status* Which Adorn tho Prison rt-Rl:itcr and tlio "Crimes" For! Uivncm Worn Incnrccrntcd. Tli- !l«!rs of thi 1'lnco. In Eni;];iua tho student's body is committed to piison only by tho civil au- thoi^v. I:i Oxloul. it is true, tlio vice cliumi iii] l(. il i'- \virh ii.'idevfiKiduato iiiiii','h*.in. -x, iiriiu-milly in tho i'orm of debt .-.Jjil ;[is:ibnrli;'::riO!i, tor which ho uiiiy impn c :i momcut-n y pcnulty, but ho «»X'h not cl"iniv rLr !rf;mllur of liberty. Tlioi" i::, or \\ii-j, a U-gcnd that u CLTtuii: siiriTtijiieiit mnVr tho old Clarendon hnilaiiiR Y;a! rosily tho university "·juoii," iuit for it.-, authenticity It is ibU- to vo'ich Cambridge h.i. Us H.iiu.-.intf house for m.ik oin nl TI--is-it ^idy htuilonts, but \« v,-Jid ;-ii;.'!il pro'v » flel«:.iou and a oiid-rc r, I'jf i!!iio ii'iilc njulcrgmd. Then-, if vi- i-xM-pt ttV irksome penally of "ij.ilf]'^ ' (t-.-)jifi-«i".i^ to college or lodRiii.'.'.i ; (: cr si st-i;.'] hour), our ac:l- de;,ii( ofi'iirr.*. at iu":iireri!tiou may lx) shirt to PIIC!. In Gerinnny, however, tho academic dungeon is n very stern fact;. The Hei- (li!)lf!rg"iarc' v" is f.imons. Every reader rf ;[:i.r'c 'J v ,iii will rei-ull hi.s ciiter- t!3iiii,'r ^^"!·l·l:·)^i«JIl ot tho phico and hojvhn r o - j t r i i i V to visit ir', oveuumvit- tinyly onlisti.jy us- his gr.iflo a "Hcrr Professor." His piotoxt was to see n young fri ml who had "got" 24 hours and hud conveniently in-ranged the day to suit Mark--for the; German student convict goes to piison on the first suitable day after conviction and sentence. If Thursday is not convenient, ho tells tho officer · sent to hnle him to jail that he will come on Friday or Saturday or Sunday, as the caso may bo. The officer never doubts his word, and it is novcr broken. Tho prison is up three flights of stairs, and is approached by a. "zugaug" aa richly decorated with tho art work of convicts ns tho cell itself. Tho apartment is not roomy, bat bigger than, an ordinary prison cell. It has an Iron grated window, a small stovo, two wooden chairs, two old oak tables and a narrow wooden bedstead. Tho furniture is profusely ornamented with c.irviug, tho work of languishing captives, who liavo placed on record their names, armorial bearings, their crimes imd tho dates of their imprisonment, together with quaint warnings and denunciations. Walls and ceilings nro cm or_rl with portraits and legends ejxi-utod LH colored chalk and in soot, the, jiri^ou candle forming u. handy pencil. Some of tho inscriptions are pathetic. One runs, "E. Glinicko, four days for being too eager a spectator of a row." If four days were meted ont to a mcro spectator, what, one wonders, had boon tho sentence of tho participators? It uiubt havo been a moving spectacle. Another record (also quoted by Mr. Clemens) has the savor of a great name to it. Of course it is tho sou that is meant, not tho father. Tho legend is, "P. Graf Bismarck, 27-29. H. "74." This Mark Twain interprets as a record of two days' dnrnuco vile for Count Bismarck in 187-1. Had 1874 been leap year one might havo been inclined to interpret tho numeral "II" as February. But tho "29" makes this difficult So perhaps the humorist is right. A third specimen is too tragic for comment. It simply says, "B. Diergaudt --for love--four days." Ungenerous successors to that sad chamber havo dealt harshly with their forerunners' reputations by ingenious substitution of heinous crimes, so that certain prison- era go down to posterity as having been punished foi thett nud murder. Tho prisoner must supply his own bedding and IH subject to various charges. On entering ho ^ays about ten- pence, and on leaving a similar sum. Every day in prison costs sixpence; fire and light sixpence extra. Tho jailer supplies cofi'i'ij for a tiilla. Meals may bo ordert 1 from outside. Every prisou- (.-;· leaves hi.^ caitu do visile, which is fixed wltu a multitude of others on the door of i ho cell This queer album is ginned to protect tho photographs. Academic criminal procedure in Hei- delbeig ia curious. If tho city police apprehend a student, tho captive shows his matriculation cai'd. lie is then asked for his uddrosb and sut free, but will hear more of the matter, for tho civil authority report" him to the university. Tho Oxibid regulation, by tho way, is in certain cases almost identical. In Heidelberg the university court try and pass sentence, tho civil power taking no further concern with the offense. Tho trial is very often conducted iu tho prisoner's abboiico, and ho, poor wight, may havo forgotten ull about his peccadillo until tho university constable appears to conduct him to priou. But thither, seeing he may chooso his day, ho always repairs cheerfully.--London Sketch. PLAGUE OF LEGISLATORS. Why Some of the Stittt-s Onco Ilal Two Cnpltate. Baton Rouge freely translated means rod stick. That is the limit of my understanding of the affair, however. It is a quaint old town, consisting chiefly of fiver When I j=ti:diid gDO."v.iphv K-veral decades ago, I knew that L-wisi- i.Hii hud rwo cav-itaK o.'u, at N",\- Orleans and tho other »t Uaton Rouge. 'J !iry have (;rt l:rel of rat* tJiini.':;- 1 ^isliii-')!.; at KVw O:Kiii. of l-.ra jv::r: unloaded th- who!:' ji,| upon ·'· mid more iiwu-ly rtofon. ,i-i CM- TOURISTS ABROAD. Clio Limkms back lo t!o«i' i LI diiys, I ro- ci'.ll t h a t LoYii-iaii'i v.i-, oi.u of tho very ' \v ;.rit(v; v, Inch rrjuiwd L\VO vcuts lor . iicir legislatures Oon:n ·[ iuut was one, \\ .tli iliirttoid and Ntv, llavi-n as cap- it.tK, and Hhodo I-l^n-l. the smallest of .·tv.te«, v.-ii 1 . another, with Providence .iad Newport. Of Jiiu years there hai oee.'i ii sort oi cciHriih/.itio'i of capitals 7be lash ion of having 0:11: at every en- lerpridu;,' fity in a .state 1-a.s iallcft into ilivj-e Von might (rauri nil over any ni I lie. scute, nowadays ,iud not run tho . L-li of blundering mto a legislature in i. -11 blast where it might have been I -ast expected. I jibktd the Poeatello uum what lie thought was the reason for the wealth of capitals tn earlier limes. "In thoto day;,, " ho slid, "the states wove young and tender and had not fully developed their muscle and their power ot icsibtiug great, assaults. It was therefore) to distribute the ovil of a legislature sitting over u great deal of country so as not to give any particular city tho worst of it As timo went on and a town showed especial hardihood nnd ability to stand great calamity the legislature was switched upon it as a perpetual and permanent institution. Now Orleans and Newport nnd other towns which in other days wcro capitals had tho good luck to draw two aces and to win out, sending tho legislature in the one instance to Baton Rouge and in tho other to Providence. It takes ganio town to stand a persistent plaguo of legislature. " -- Chicago Record. COLOR IN FLAGS. Bed Predominates Largely In the Standards of the Chief Nation*. Though tho policy of military authorities in using less glaring colors in uniforms has been very marked of lato years rod remains tho most popular color for national standards. Of 25 countries 19 have flags with red in them, tho list" including tho United States, England, Franco, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, ilesico, Chile, Portugal, Venezuela and Cuba Tho countries which have blue us an element of their flags are the United States, Russia, Franco, England, Holland, · Ecuador, Sweden, Chile, Venezuela, Portugal and Cuba. Three countries have black as ouo of tho elements of their flags, Germany, Belgium and China, but Germany is tho, only one of three which has black and. white together. Thero are five countries (excluding froii) consideration Ireland, the familiar flag of which is not officially recognized among tho national standards) whieh hnvo green as a color; Brazil, tho flag of which is green chiefly; Mexico, Egypt, Italy and Persia, Thero are nine countries iu which tho flag is partly of yellow. These countries are Austria, Spain, Belgium, Egypt, Sweden, China, Persia, Brazil and Venezuela.' Countries with flags partly whito are tho United States, Franco, Germany, Russia, Austria and Italy, six of the soven- chief powers. ' Thero is no whito in tho national standard of England, but the British, naval flag has a white backgrouud. Other countries having whito in. their flags are Switzerland, Turkey, Persia, Japan, Mexico, Holland, Denmark, Portugal, Cuba, Chile and Ecuador, the flag of which is nearer whito than any other country, being nmdo up of two parallel whito columns, between which is n colunvi of blue, upon which are whito stars.--New York Sun. Money They Spend Amount* to 87OO.OOO.OOO a Year. The amount of money expended by ?3urists in Europe has, if official records abroad are to 'be accepted as authentic, increased enormously of lato years. There has been recently filed with tho Swiss minister of finance and customs i:t Bern a detailed statement of hotel receipts in that country, from which it appeals that tl.c gross receipts of Swiss hotel:- rose from 52,800,000 francs in ]S^O to The entire annual e.\ponst-s of tho Swiss republic iimoiuir in a year to between 80,000,000 and 1)0,000,000 francs (tho budget for this year is given ut tho latter figuro), and it would socin, therefore, very much as if die hotels of Switzerland take in in a year more than tho government itself docs. The Swiss figures ore not tho only ones furnished in Europe recently on this point. A French record shows that every y.; ir there ure 270,000 foreigners who paps from a fortnight to a whole winter o/i the Riviera. Every person is supposed to expend on an average 1,000 francs, or $200, in tho country. In other words, rbo foreign visitors spend in the country every winter tho sum of $r4,000,000. Tho English are put down as contributing one-third of this amount; the French themselves contribute auoth- w third; Germans, Belgians, Dutch, Russians and Americans contribute the remainder. From being a poor country \\ hou it was annexed to France in 1800 Nice has become one of the richest departments of the republic. Some figures recently compiled of tho revenues to hotels from tourists in Paris show the overage number of foreign visitors to be 00,000. It is customary to estimate at 10 francs, or $2, a day the hotel bills of strangers in Paris. Estimating at §2 a day each the hotel bills of 60,000 tourists and at about as much more their other outlays it is to be seen that tourists in Paris can be put down for on expenditure of nearly §250,- 000 a day. The total sum expended by tourists in Europe in a year is probably not very far from §700,000,000, and a very considerable portion of this comes from the pockets, tho purses and tho bankers' balances of Americans, who are proverbially tho most liberal among travelers. Russians come second, Brazilians third. --Exchiinge. BREATHE PURE AIR. Whltohetul Torpedoes. A Whitehend torpedo carries 2SO pounds of wot gun cotton and weighs ready for service 1,100 pounds. Its maximum length is 10 feet B inches and its greatest diameter is 17.7 inches. At a speed of 28 knots per hour it has a range of about 850 yards. Tho torpedo is driven by compressed air at a pressure of J,y50 pounds per square inch, which operates n three stage engine. Tborrjas Carroipe, CONTRACTOR AMD BOILER, Ridgely, Maryland. Contiacts tiikon in Caroline nnd ndjoin- ing counties. Tliirty-tlirce years experience. Plans tliid specifications cheerfully furnished. l}est of references from Caroline, Tulbot mid Dorclicstor counties. Tho men of Berlin havo on odd habit of brushing and combing their hair and whiskers in public. In tho restaurants -nud cdfesmcn pull out their implements and "spruce up" whilo waiting for their orders to . bo filled! They do not toko tho Lvoublo to loavo tho table, either. Trials of Ignorance. Casey--I callciJ one av thim Johmiios a liar, on lie says to mo, says he, "Tu qnoquc." Now, what might that mean? Dooley--It means, "You're another." Casey--Fwat t An I lot 'um get away widout hit tin 'um I Ah, that is what a man gits for havin no education,--Vanity Fair. Costly. "Yos, I'll admit that I thought my wife was an angel before I married her." "And what dp you think now?" "Well, alio's still 011 angel, but her feacuois conic high."--Chicaeo News, .ItiKlo Suru of It. Some time ago I was at a small village in Somersetshire) fitting up a steam dairy. As is well Imowu, water is a most essential thing in a ' dairy. So, being uuablu to obtain n snfflcicut supply from a, well already sunk, it was suggested to open a disused well ueav'ajid try tho water there. Instructions wore given to tho men to be careful on opening the well, as it might bo unsafe to descend on account of foul air. They were told to light a caudle and let it down, and if it continued to burn they would then know that there was no danger in descending. On tho following day, ou asking if it was safe to go down, ouo of the men replied: "Yos, that's safe enough. I took tho candle down with me, and it- burnt beaiitifully, "--London Globe. Tho Original Siauieae Twins. Tho sleepy village of Biddenden, not far from Tenterdeu, celebrates yearly the memory of tho two maids of that ancient hamlet who were tho original precursors of tho Siamese twins. In life they wort) joined together by a mysterious cord of flesh, and they died on the same day, leaving their property to be distributed among the poor of the parish and among all who care to apply for a dolo of bread and cheese on Easter day. This benefaction has been in existence for six or seven centuries, and at present its value is about $300 a year. Formerly tho doles consisted of bread and checbo and ale, but the latter produced so much hilarity in the village that it was abolished, and the charity is now limited to the two first mentioned nutritive articles. The bread is made up in tho form of cakes, bearing a rude representation of the twin maids of Biddeuden, aiid are generally preserved as cinriosities by the recipients. They are baked very hard and are admirably adapted to give work to dentists by breaking the molars of those who attempt, to penetrate their mysteries. The poor of tho parish as distinguished from necessitous strangers are supplied with ordinary quartern loaves and choose.-London Telegraph. A Qpitfnt FIcture ot Harvey. "Ho (William Hnrvoy) was not tall, but of the lowe-st stature, round faced, olivaster complexion; little cio, round, very black, full of spirit; his hairo was black as a raven, but quite whito 30 yeares before ho dyed. I have heard him say, that after his booko of tho Circulation of the Blood came-out, that he fell mightily in his practize, and that 'twas belecved by tho vulgar that he was crack-brained; and all tho physitians were against his opinion, and nnvycd him ; many wroto against him. With much udoo at last, in about 20 or 30 yeares time, it was received in all tho Universities iii tho world; and, as Mr. Ilobbes saycs in his book 'Do Corpora,' ho, is tho only man, perhaps, that over lived to see his owne doctrine established in his lifetime. "Ho was much and often troubled with tho gowte, and his way of euro was thus; he would then sitt with his Icggos bare, if it wore frost, ou tho leads of Cockaiuo house, putt them into a paylo of water, till ho was almost dead with cold, and betake himselfo to his stove, and so 'twas goimo. Ho was hott- headed, and his thoughts working would many times kecpo him from slecpiugo j ho told me that then his way was to rise out of his bed and walkc about his chamber iu his shirt till ho was pretty coolo, i. o., till ho began to have a horror, and then retuxuo to bed, Slid sleope very comfortably."--Aubrey's "Lives." Shoplifting. Nothing has done so much to encourage stalling (shoplifting) as the modern department stores and their methods. The problem presented is a difficult one with which to deal, bnt while merchants havo a right to display their goods the public also has rights and duties in the matter. If a banker dumps his cash on tables outside his desk railings and lets people handle it at will, he would not get much sympathy when ho complained that it had been stolen, and if he continued the practice because these losses were more than offset by 1 tho increased profits which tho display resulted in, as is tho case with the department stores, there would be much justice iii tho claim that he had no right to make profits by any method which tended to debauch the public. In short, it may fairly bo maintained that it is a prime duty of every citizen to exercise reasonable diligence in safeguarding his own property, and that if he neglects this ho becomes in a measure a-menace to society.--International Magazine. The Dome of St. Paul's. Wo do not beliovo there is any truth in tho alarming rumor that there is some uneasiness in expert quarters in regard to tho stability of the dome of St. Paul's. Wo imagine that tho only substratum of fact is this: It is known that a huge iron chain is imbedded in tho stonework of tho drum of the dome. An eminent architect some time since amused himself by describing the consequences which might ensue if the water were to reach this chain. . There is no reason to suppose that such a thing has occurred or is likely to occur, and tho newly appointed surveyors, Messrs. Somers Clarke and J. T. Middlethwaite, aro fully nlivo to tho desirability of finding and examining the chain. Tho first difficulty appears to bo that its ox- act locality is somewhat uncertain. Tho second will bo to get at it effectively when it is discovered.--London Saturday Review. Family Economy. Uncle (to the children, who have just had a dose of cod liver oil a)l around)-Well, do you like cod liver oil? Children--Oh, no, but mamma gives ns 5 cents for every spoonful. Uncle--And then do you buy something nice? Children--No, mamma pats it into tho savings bank. Uncle--And then you buy something by and by? Children--No, mamma 'buys more cod liver oil with it I--Fliegende Blatter. . - Fitctg In the Cue. "My son has accepted a position in Judge Hobbs' ofllco,." "Yes. I met him when ho was running his legs off getting indorsement! on his" application for the job."--Cleveland Leader. Clic Necessity For Filling: tin- Tiling* »t Eacli Inhalation. Breathe pure air always. In tho lungs a most important physiological process occurs. It is from here that the, blocd,.. ladeu with oxygen is sent to all parts of the body, giving off along its course its oxygen and taking up carbonic acid ga, which it brings at last to tho lungs, when it is cast out in expiration. More oxygon is taken in by inspiration and the Kimo process is repeated. So let your breathing be fall and deep, going to the very bottom of tho lungs in order that all of tho blood in them K- ty receive its full amount of oxygon before again starting upon it- tour of distribution through the body. C;ui onf any more forcible argument in favor of lousis clothing than this? It is absolutely impossible to secure plenty of oxygen if the clothing is worn at all' tight, and oxygen is a food which tho bcdymust have always in abundance to ln.ep well. The air leaving the lungs is- laden with that deadly poison carbonic acid gas, · which if given off in a close room when no provision it, made for it:i escape and the entrance of pure ::ir soon renders tho air.utterly unfit to breathe. Perhaps some night you will find yourself uu- nble to sleep and tumble restlessly about in bed. When this occurs, go to an open window and inhale tho fresh air, breathing slowly and deeply. A few minutes- of this and you can return to bed uml probably will soon be sleeping quietly. What has happened? By its restlessness tho body was asserting its need of more oxygen. Now you. have given it what it so emphatically asked, for, and it iii quiet. Wo get as much uneasiness and \ disturbance from tho want of this food as when we do not eat enough, only tlm symptoms aro not so well understood nor recognized so quickly. Always keep your mouth closed and breathe through your nose. Then the air is warmed, slightly moistened and largely freed from particles of .dust, so that when it enters the lungs it does not irritatu . them. A condition often met with by physicians is anremia. In this trouble thy patient is pale, lifeless looking, tired and generally used up, often without being able to tell distinctly how sho does feel. Sometimes these patients say that they havo not enough blood. It is' really only on element of the blood which is wanting, but that is a very important one--namely,- the red . blood corpuscle. When you know that it is only those corpuscles which have tho power to tako up and carry oxygen, you see at onco how important it is that the blood' should not be lacking in them. Good, wholesome food, plenty of it and well digested will give you the corpuscles.- ~ Furnish them with tho oxygen mid tha body will have an important element toward health.--What to Eat. Belgian and German Farming. In Belgium a two acre holding is sufficient to maintain a farmer and his family. The typical' two acre farm in that country contains a patch of wheat or rye aad another of barley. Another fair portion grows potatoes. A row of cabbage grows all round on the sloping sides of tho ditches, with a row of onions just inside, Icavjug bare walking room between them and the grain. Ttio sh'ade trees round tho house arc pear trees. Every foot of land is made to produce, and tho farmer keeps pigs and chickens. In Germany, ont of 5,2,70,000 fanns, 1,223,000] or 28 per cent of tho whole, are each nuder 2}£ acres in extent, and of the farms above 56 per cent aro cultivated by tho owner himself, over 28 per cent partly so, or .about 85 per emit altogether, leaving 15 per cent out of every 100 per cent that are let to tenants. In Germany, notwithstanding this small size of a large proportion of ihc farms, 178 out of every 1,000 inhabitants are nevertheless engaged in agriculture, whereas iu Euglaud no moro than 53'aro thus occupied, in Sect-land only 01, though 195 per 1,000 in Ireland being thus engaged raises tho proportion iu the whole United Kingdom to 73 out of that number, less than ' half, however, the percentage so employed in Germany. Iu the IIousu «f Commons. Members aro not allowed to refer to · each other by name in debate. Tho only'. member who is properly addressed by mime is tho chairman who presides over the deliberations of tho house iu committee. On a member rising to speak in committee ho begins with "Mr.-Lowther," and not with "Mr. Chairman," as at public meetings. When tho speaker is in the chair, the formula is "Mr. Speaker, sir." In debate a member is distinguished by tho office he holds, as "the right ; - houomble gentleman the chancellor of f. the exchequer," or by tho constituency ho represents, as '' tho honorable gentleman the member for York." Some make use of tho terms "My honorable friend'' or " My right honorable friend.'' In case of family relations tho same form is usually observed. Occasionally "My honorable relative" or "My right "honorable relative" is heard, but "3Iy right honorable father" or "My right honorable brother," though no doubt allowable, has not been hitherto used. --Nineteenth Century. ", l Lovo'n Sweet Work. A London paper tells this touching story of Professor Herkomer: "Hisaged father, who lived with him iu his splendid home at Bushucy, used to model clliy m his early life. He has recently taken to it again, but his fear is that soon his hands will lose their skill and his work will show tho juorks of v imperfection. It is his one sorrow. At night ho goes to his early rest, and when ho has gone his talented sou goes to his studio,'takes np his father's feeble attempts and makes the work as beautiful as art can make it. When tho old man comes down in the morning, he- takes the work anil looks at it wid rubs his hands and says, 'Ha, lean do aa well as I ever did.' " To a person who uses tho brain a good deal ii light novel or a u amusing book of travels or social essays" will be found to be of the very greatest value as a res! tonic. Whore one is fond of children an hour spent iu tho nursery will be most, resting. . . Tho vineyards of Italy covet' nearly 1,000,000 acres. " '' ·'· SPAPFRf "SPAPERJ

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