Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on March 3, 1959 · Page 5
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 5

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 3, 1959
Page 5
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News, Ralph ,i« Weather Arspns Lupin Siyn Off KONG-TV Channel 4 fi;30 Continental Classroom 7 :00 Today , 9:00 Liough-Re-Mi 9:30 Treasure Hunt 10:00 The Price Is Right 10:30 Concentration 11:00 Tic Tac Dough 11 :30 Jt Could Be You 12:00 News 12:10 Weather 12 ;20 New Ideas 12:30 Curtain Time 1 :00 Truth Or Consequence* 1 :?0 Hagpi.l Bnggis 2:00 Young Dr. .Mnlone 2:30 From These Roots 3 ;00 Queen For A Day 3:3(t County Fair 4 ;00 Susie 4 :3YT Man of Con f lift ft:4S NBC News 6:00 Ixical News 8:15 Sports 8:20 Weather 6:30 Wagon Train 7:30 Price Is Right 8:00 Amerir-an Telpfn. A Telcg 9:00 This Is Your Life I to :oo News i 10:20 Weather j 10:3n Jack Parr ; 12:00 Sign Off KVfl-TV Channel 7 7:55 Good Morning 8:00 Funz-A-PoppIn' *'•'• ff^vlllJyiff : ' : - : ^.jA, i ^.^/^ra^^b 1 ^ -. $V-::jl?iJiFfe: Inflation, Publf.c Enemy No. One THfiPAMPA ftAlLY Ml.. _ *,, MARCH 3, 1969 ***** Oil The Itvrord e. WASHINGTON — The FBI'S Public Rnemy No. 1 generally i* the flinty.faced hoodlum 'tsrve. Their babies and .children md their elde?-i v dependents, be- tUUlfLA.Vn in? weaker, would suff«r mo«t. Money in the bank would be no pr-olec-tv)h against such a calamity 1 the bank account were. In, Admission* . Who currently has killed the most | tremendon . ast ,. ononi i ( . a , „„,',.„ : Riilh Potts, Miami e "' *•*— *"••-- ••-•-•- " people, robbed the most banks or j fleeced (he most citizens. I Not #ven a .lohn Dlllinger or ft Pretty Boy Floyd, ho\vever. could '"'?.' b " hv " hoes wmlM ™H"ire » The account would need to be so large that a. parent planning to aspire to the monumental grand , , °' ° ( h '" '* lw > to f " com-! n.Tj.'iir; \' i 11 ic iin/fii.iiiiciiini j^iniivi , ,, larceny of robbing each dav all ' ortah '. v if "" * '"*"-> <'™< pocket. Dollar debasement which makes the family groceries ever morel the c-iti/ens of the United Slates, not rohblng them once but Mrs. .Betty Kirk, Panhandle Mrs. Helen Roof, 524 Lefor* St. F. T. ,|>epper. 10«4 Prairie Dr. L. O. Thornton. 420 Graham W. M. Byers, Miami Mrs. Julia Morrow, Borger Mrs. Molly Mtir-ay, Borger K. L. Smith 121 S. Wynne robbing them several times every expensive is one of the pressures! Baby Heidi Newman.' 1923 day, .causing unions at every opportu- Banks On the. record of such whale- i " ity "" Jpma »d «ver higher hourly, M,,«. f . ei ,a Cain, Lefors js-ale grand la^cenjs today's nomi.; WS?e ra!es - 1 ' hwe lli » her W8 8 e: M''". Artie Taylor. Borger Inallon for Public Enemv No. 1 \*\™ lt ?' in ""'"' i " cl ' efls « »•»• P'°-| Mn. Ruby Daw. Borger fhs debasement of that beautiful! item. the ir.S. dollar bill. N. lon ™* if - There Sre o(her Raymond Hassell, 638 N. Sum- inc ' ftl ' c Oosl -"- Ev ' r npr M "- f^aura Williams. Texhoma. M| ' S . Kffie Thompson, 420 N. proper name of this No. i enemv I ,"",'' hm "''. v J<t ' ales flre " • <t(S ''ious K . P . Ridgeway. Moheetie of the people |* currencv Inflation. !^ c ' or - however, in the ir.S. pro- Kelly Don Ragland 1009 Mary Dillingerand Floyd were pike.s ini (1 " ctlo , n ! C!a ' t "P 1 ™ 1 - Aml whal ha P' B««n compa/'ison. ' ! pens l en? The dollar has been debased In- Plenty happens, all or most of it purchasing power from a. value of: had - ^ n fln adverti.«?mpnl finger- 'Starkweather 100 cpnla to just under flO c*n!« in' ln P Collar debasempnt as the No. i , Mrs. Lillian Johnson. Wheeler the past 20 years. There is a! enemy of the people, the. Ameri- 1 Linda Ix>u Smith. 1831 N. Sum- frightening pmspect thai the dol- :( ' an Jlon ""^ Slep l Institute !ast ner lar will Jose half of its present ' week askp d a s°riou.« qneslion: Mrs. 7,ora Sanders. Shamrock the next 20. This dis-i wi " Vladimir Peirov. a Russian! Jimmy Frendenrich. 418 Lefor value in grace to the American economv! s 'eelworker. take away an Ameri- could continue until the dollar' 0 "" •" le ' >! worker's job? ; would purchase nolhing- at all. Hourly \VaRes Differ rr-p«i«uirp« lncrp««e Costs ' I ' ne ad explained like this: If and \\hen that time comes. "Vlarlimii Ppirov earn.- about; Siunner million.« of persons on fixed in- 36 ''"hie* a day. American steel- Mrs. Lillian Davidson 2020 Al- .efors Mrs. Anna Sue Duncan. Phillips Wayne Thompson. 401 Penv Margie Ruth Railsback, McLean Mrs. Ida Mav Par-ii.«. 859 S. Mrs. Vera Forman, SlfJ Nelso* Dalton Shelhurn, Coleman Mrs. Jean Carroll. 82ft E. Beryl W. T. Hill, Lefors James A. Brown. 1107 W. Wilkl Mr*. Patsy Radcliff 10S McOil- lough C. L. BrosdduS, Miami J. R. Clemens, Kelton Mrs. Rosa Lee Cohkliti, Phil' ,llps i Jimmy Buckley, Phillip.* Clinton Eubanks, Stinnett j Mrs. Joyce Walberg. PampA | Mrs. Aulsle Scotl, 84+ W. King** jmlll i CONdRATCLATIOVS | To Mr. and Mrs. Bill Joe Hager•man, 609 Lowry, on (he birth fit :a daughler at 12:iS a.m. weighing S Ibs. 8 o/.. To Mr. and Mrs. Ix)yd Roff. 524 .Lefors, on the birth of a. son *t •8:55 a.m. weighing R lh.». 12' 2 m. \ To Mr. and Mrs. Jerome C. 'Slodi. 112<» Juniper, on the birth of a daughter al 8:03 a.m. weigh- 'inp B Ibs. 3'j o^. To Mr. and Mrs. Allen Kirk, Panhandle, on the birth of •> daughter- at .1:45 a.m. weighing f Ob?. 1(1 1)7:. i comes I go hungry, or may |wife retain the original wood psn- 'eling for the "parlor" walls. But he got hi« way in use of marble covering for the A'hole main floor. j st ' ftl "' ort;pl "• She won n^nin in her- ideas for: '- y -'' u-hal? So this: Many foreign {decorating' the master bedroom workers earn $24 a day four ( ' o '' k times s.« lunch a.« steehvorkei.« in ^'' Western Kurope, more than four times ns much as Vladimir, and seven times' as much as ,Japansse Mrs. Doit-is Heb»rt. S2« N. Gray William Booth. Sin K Craven Mrs. Fern Cable. Lefors June Dieu-. T'JO S. Gray Richard Keelin, nil's S. Hobart ASKS I.VCKKASKI) TKAUK Couple Disagree On Size Of Room counlriei have ^.noiiied their out- i"I Ihoussht di-aping the walls P ul flf steel selling it all ov°r the NKW\RK N r t l?PI i Gov 'would make the room look Urg-;«'orlri and In increasing amounts RO^,., ' B ' Me'viier called Sunday er." ? he. said. "He said no. drap-.«ven in the f.S.A. For instance. nipht for jncrPW ., Pd tt . sde gdd i. erv would close H in. But look." more ha, bed wire Is hping im- tiona , firianH al aid and heller cul- The bedroom seemed plenty polled here fr >rn abroad than ( U ,. a | spacious to me. American rnill.s are producing. AliiKt Have ".Mnxie" "Some. relations with South America. The Deinocratic governor, who American Siellworkers retur-ned from a South American Mrs. Stone, expert enough at In- have already lost their jobs jn.,1 lour last Friday, said on his week- tenor decorating to have "done" for this reason; foreian si»-lv,-ork- ly television show that one of the er* ha\e gotten their jobs." I'PI Women'* Kditor \ NEW YORK il'PIt A good p«.r- lion of the urchitsclural wor-ld re- ^ar'ds Ed\\'ar-d R. Slime as a £(*n- ill". So does his beautiful fl-ir!\- liaireil wife, bill she often wishes he'd misplace bis genius at sav- 'ng on the electric 1 bill. "Two years we've lived in this house," .said Mrs. Stone, "and the 3:00 Shopper- Show !l :00 Coffee Break ' I :.'«> Peter Lind Haye» ''2:M Play Your- Hunch. 1 :ftO Liberate 1 :S() The Shield ' 2:00 Your Day In Court 2:30 Music Bingo .1:00 Beat The Clock 3:30 Who Do You Trust 7 4:00 American Bandstand S:30 Mickey Mouse 6:00 All Aboard For Fun | 6:.'IO Plymouth Welk Show ; 7:30 Ozzie & Har'-iet I ^.0(1 Donna Heed ' X:.10 Frontier j ;) :00 Wi'dne'dny F';!its • d :flO John Daly News 10:00 Night Court 10:30 Onasing J2.00 Nightcap 'ai-r-hilPct still hasn't given me enou°h light." Architect Stone. who«e fin-rent tr«dpmai-!cs are grills and .screen facades ithev-'ve earned him th» nickname nf "Peekaboo" arnonr, hi« del i actor si. uspd diffused 112)11111^ fi'irn ceilin? anrf wnH in- "t.illationi in trie Victorian home Ihe Stone? recently remodeled. Rut his \\ife .aaiil she still longs for- floor «iH table Inmp.s a.-irl good-humoi-edly confessed that the flighting; is one of Ilie "uinning ar- ;gumpnis" they hnve about interior design. | Ixist One ArKiiniPiil I She lost the argument on light- Mnsr "I r-ead the newspaper in ;rny dressing toom. . .it still has 'the only bright light in the house" but she won on others. Slnne. whose, recent works in!elude the U.S. Embassy in Xew ; Delhi and the t'.S. Pavilion at the Brussels World's Fair, Jet his ,tbe N'ew Vork penthouse a part- merit of Sum Spiegel, the movie There i." a g-r-eat siji producer, then turned to her IrtiM.t rnanufa-tur ,no he.u-een for space saving in the nari'ow dressing room and bath. She u*ed Japanese-made., sliding screens to c!o«e „ closet wall. But instead hm ": ,""." •"-' — '--'-* "' , ,, . . home ,ind abroad. The A [•' ..-ftO of the opaque paper traditional of i., QHal . .. „" • , , . .. leaneis rri"etinp m Puerto P.ico .Icpsn. she hart them covered ri „.„„ j no something about get an inlernHtional fl2r'"«'- in all arid foreign hourly u-ages. Americans lose their jobs. Amerii'-tn manufaclur ?rs lose markets at major- t'.S. diplomatic failings in South America seem* lo he that "wf make them feel neglected." " 1 "" "I think the Japanese thought the s ,,eens were fo, a bordello." , . .she Aliened keep B.,1 Stor-es ag ,ee on one qual- "" wo itv anv house should have "Moxie." said Mrs. Stone. She'* Introduced it with red velvet uphol- slery for many of the antiques ' ' '°" h ''"', cnan(;e ' »' • c- '*»"'•'< P H|<1 *"'• po- Mount Ktna. on the eastern she and her husband have gaih- 1 c ' oa ' sl of Sif 'ily. is the largest ac- ered in their world travels. and: llve volca no in Kurope. in touches of gold throughout the four-^tory home. Talking with Mrs. Stone and touring her 1 house is a pleasant assignment. Appari»nily others feel the same way sbout *uch rubber-necking She said there have been 5,000 visitors, on charity tour.'. In the last few months. Check Your TV Tubes FREE! We Hare Complete Stock of TV Tubes if Replacement Needed Miller • Hood Pharmacy •i'i AlciH-k MO 4-8J8H 01'E\ 1:15 TO BAY * WET) ALSO NKWS * CAKTOOJf OPKV 8:1ft — LAST MTK "MY Ct:X IS Q "Gl NSIGHT RIDGE" • ASLO NEWS * CARTOON Miller-Hood Pharmacy ^W.:.*S«Wi * Better Prctscription Service f^EE DELIVERY 1122Alcock MO 4-1469 TTie standard of the world in Craftsmanship So siipctbK (Tnl'ted is the Claclillac for I'J.S'l that on p.tvctncnt or tjravrl , . , railroad ctossinR or rlrtotii thrre is IH-\ er a sound to disturb your travel. '1 hi< is the stillnps"! of n-aftsmanship! J-'or ^iletirc is cffi( iciK s . . . aiid elimination of stress and ur.n. And, it foretells thousands upon thousands ol riononm ,il miles. l)ii\e the new Cadilbu soon and li>tcn to the uumif'tnl *(ui\ dild in .>t/fiuf! Brownfield, Tex. ( Man Reports 3 Bale Cotton l~ H. (Howard) \N heeler, prominent Texas farmer, savs: "I farm 1,840 acres \\ith that much land 1 have to maintain hiyh \ields, \ear after year Phillips ,*>A Ammonia helped me 10 do th;ti. Itiis pa>i \eai we Matched our cotton careftilU . then «.hcn condition;. l<x>kcd right, we went in and Mvte dressed a with Phillips 6A Ammonia. 1 he cotton came riiiht on along, setting it iu^h count ol squares-and ol course that meant a ;;IKKI \ ieid. aveiag- <n»2 J - 4 oaks per acre I use Phillips oft Ammonia with excellent resulis on m\ mai/e, tot")." Other successful St)uthwe>tein farmers have discovered that the\ make IVUHC ptolit per acre, using Phillips w5 Ammonia. They get more cotton thai classe* higher al the gin . .. vteld* of sorghum grain and ensilage are increased . . . prohi< on wheat and small grains are increased through higher jrain sields and improved forage . . . more iiwrkeiabk vegetables are harvested. Phillips M Ammonia can be applied pr»plant or as a side dressing It can he easily applied either b\ you or vour distributor, See us ttxiav about vour s»upph of Phillip* 66 Agiicultuial Ammonia ... it gi\es vou more nitrogen pel dollar ihan an* other form of ten ill/a —» riill 8.?".. Order Yw Supply of Phillips 66 Agricultural 4mmoma Foday/ I'lSlT YOI'R .it IHUKIZtU C.iUll.I.AC, t R TOM ROSE MOTORS II) W{ST FQSTfl STtffT f F4U»*, TU*S • ' '.»"I'..* fvtrj WivJovt •/ Evtr} Catiillai ii Salrty Plait Glflt -' -• ••'•' C, R, HOOViR OIL COMPANY 821 IV. Broua »1O t-6668 t •'! , vf

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